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No. 79913

what do farmers use for hair removal?
i like being completely hairless from my eyebrows down but i often get lazy with my bikini area, but even shaving my legs gets really annoying even though i barely grow any hairs on them
i hear there are creams or whatever for hair removal but i never dabbled in them so i was wondering if you'd have any recommendations

No. 79914

I splurge on waxing once a month for my vag, shave everywhere else. i've tried nair which is a brand of what you were talking about and it was horrific and ineffective. Smells like scented vagisil or something and it just kind of melts half the hairs off and they just break off in the middle, it's ridiculous. Maybe there's something better on the market since then.

No. 79917

I tried hair removal cream and it was a mess. It irritated my skin and didn't even remove all the hairs properly, plus you run out of it really fast because you need to put on a thick layer.

Shaving is too annoying and waxing is too expensive in my opinion, so I've been thinking about trying at-home sugar wax hair removal, it's less irritating and very inexpensive. I'll post an update once I get the hang of it.

No. 79920

Shave underarms, legs up to mid thigh, and bikini but with a patch left in the middle. Hair removal cream for my arms and waxing with occasional plucking for my eyebrows.

Weirdly enough my bikini area is the only place I dont find a pain in the ass to take care of, it's quick and easy and painless as long as I dont shave the middle. The grain there makes it get irritated.

No. 79928

I hate hair removal cream since it tends to dry out skin, I've used it for my facial hair though and it still felt weird
I usually shave my legs and arm pits and my happy trail, sometimes my arms and knuckles, i wanna get a waxer and some waxing strips since shaving often irritates me especially in my bikini area, I tried using sugar wax but you have to be very precise, even "fool proof" recipes only ended up removing a 1 or 2 hairs, I also try to shave my butt as well since im pale with dark hair and its so embarassing obvioua hair grows there but it gets irritated if i dont constantly maintain it

No. 79939

File: 1524416066693.jpg (74.22 KB, 1000x1000, 0202242_l.jpg)

I've never used cream to remove hairs but I've read that it can smell bad when you use it and it doesn't magically remove everything if you're really hairy, just most of it. So you should only use these creams if you're not too hairy to begin with but I would like to try it someday, it seems less tedious than shaving or waxing your legs yourself.

Just talking about body hair, not eyebrows or facial hair in general because I pretty much gave up for that. I try to wax my legs myself with strips I buy while going grocery shopping, it's easy to use but doesn't remove everything all that well because I have hairy legs and bikini area. So I do that first and once it doesn't work anymore I just shave what's left on my legs, and hope for not too much ingrown hair. I shave my armpits because it's faster.

I used to go to the beautician to get my legs and bikini waxed but it's more expensive so I go there just for the bikini when I know I'll wear shorts and swimsuits soon, she removes everything pretty well. What will suit you will depend on how sensitive your skin is by the way. Mine is sensitive so I don't buy just any product.

I read on another thread that epilators can be really useful but someone I know irl didn't recommend them to me at all, and I know she doesn't need one as much as I do but since they can be expensive, I've been thinking about buying one for a very long time now.

I tried Nair waxstrips once and they were shit, they didn't remove anything for me at least. I don't recommend them either.

No. 79943

i shave everywhere basically. face, arms legs crotch, everywhere. for sensitive areas i use these disposable safety razors meant for eyebrows and they work really well actually.

No. 79944

I have an epilator and it HURTS, but if you're not a weenie like me it'll probably work better for you.
I use it on my armpits since that's ironically the only place where the pain is bearable and shaving vs waxing makes a difference (no dark stubble) without resulting in too many ingrowns.
I've tried it everywhere, even the bikini area and there it's ingrown city. Thighs and such are fine but painful, epilating my lower legs always results in ugly pockmarks and ingrowns.

No. 79950

Does anyone have experience with permanent laser hair removal devices like this one:

I plan to buy one but I'd like any honest feedback.

There's also a cheaper version on Gearbest: https://www.gearbest.com/epilators/pp_495845.html?wid=1433363
but I'd rather choose a more trustworthy option.

No. 79952

File: 1524424996183.jpg (53.3 KB, 1000x667, remington mediocre shaver.jpg)

I shave with a safety razor on most of my body.
For my bikini area, right now I use the "Remington WPG4030C Ultimate Body and Bikini Grooming Kit" and it's not great. I'd like to find something better. The problems I have with this are that the foil shaver misses a lot, and that the trimmer with the guard leaves a lot of long hairs. I've had disappointing and painful attempts at using men's shavers in the past in that area, so I'd prefer something meant for the bikini area.

No. 79954

File: 1524425236467.jpg (49.6 KB, 488x488, 14790422.jpg)

The best wax strips I've found are the Sally Hansen strips, but the only waxing I do is my bikini line every once in a while, and I shave in addition to waxing because I don't like letting the hair grow out.

No. 80010

yes! please do!

No. 80054

Thank you so much for recommending a good wax strip brand. I just waxed my armpits today for the first time and the nair brand I got was so bad and left my armpits looking red and gross.

When I was 12 I used the Veet and Nair hair removing creams, even though they both say not to use them on your vagina I still did and I don't remember anything bad happening. The thing about them is that they wouldn't remove all my hair so it would end up being patchy. I am getting back into being hairless but I hate shaving so I'm trying to start waxing myself.

No. 81135

what do you guys do for bikini area??? every time I shave I get horrible razor bumps, and can't shave again for weeks afterwards

No. 81137

i've used these too, they're great.

No. 81142

Trim as much hair as you can and exfoliate beforehand, use a new razor, and use tons of shaving cream (I've also heard good things about using conditioner for this sort of thing). I find shaving against the grain gives you a closer shave but can make the skin more prone to irritation, so you might want to try shaving with the grain. Don't press too hard, let the razor do the work for you, and don't go over the same area multiple times. Afterwards apply neosporin (Deodorant works well too)! This usually works pretty well for me and I rarely get razor burn this way.

No. 81176

Lasered my lady bits, it was super great. Used to be really hairy down there. Hoping to laser my armpits next cause it's so cheap (230USD?!).

Otherwise I'd just use conditioner and shave with the grain. The quicker I do it, the less razor bumps.

No. 81200

230 usd isn't really my definition of cheap

No. 81202

I use hair removal cream down below and a razor everywhere else. I used to epilate everything but my epilator is crazy loud and it takes so many passes to get rid of everything…. Ultimately I'd like to use IPL but my hair is too blonde to be effective I'm afraid.

No. 81205

Any farmers wanna share their personal experiences with upper lip lasering?

No. 81218

My brazillian laser was 500, so for both underarms? Hell yeah it's cheap. It basically pays for itself in waxes.

No. 81220

for one treatment, or a whole course? I'd totally pay $500 to never have to shave my crotch again.

No. 81222

Okay, compared to that it's cheap.

My only 'problem' with lasering is that the hair can return in case of hormonal imbalance (such as pregnancy or starting/stopping the pill) or so was I told

No. 81224

That's for a package of six sessions. It was a great deal!

I had hair that was thick and grew back fast, so I was pretty skeptical, but it worked for me! It's only been a month since my last session so we'll see.

No. 81227

How do you go about finding a good place?

No. 81236

Honestly, Yelp reviews.

No. 81239

nta but adding to this make sure to read in between the lines with yelp reviews.

just yesterday i was reading reviews and this lady gave a restaurant a 1 because they gave them the bill too quick? it was nothing to do with the food.

No. 139812

Sorry for necroing a thread

Are there any silent epilators? Is that a thing? Mine makes SO much fUCKING noise. I just want to remove my hair without making all of my roommates aware I'm doing that lol.

Also is it worth investing in a new model epilator? I have a model that's at least 5+ years old and it takes so many passes to get rid of everything, and I hate I have to grow the hair out for multiple days once they come back because my epilator doesn't get them if they're too short.

No. 139824

I wouldn't worry about the noise. Most of them are pretty loud. Any similar mechanical device like an electric toothbrush or clipper makes noise.

You could get a waxing kit. I have a warmer and use wax beads. It's completely quiet, but the warmer itself is large and kind of bulky compared to an epilator. Wax strips don't really work as well in my experience, but some anons up above have had better luck.

No. 139884

Veet hair removal cream works really well on my arms, which have thin hair but a lot of it. I just shave other areas.

But, I always have trouble with irritation when shaving "down there." I've tried the usual recommendations like applying lotion or deodorant afterwards, but I end up with a bunch of small red bumps regardless, especially the next day onwards. Has anyone with ultra sensitive skin figured this out? I'd consider waxing but shaving is more convenient

No. 139894

Spoilered for sperging The thing is that is not just that you've got "ultra sensitive skin" particularly, it's that the skin around the crotch is simply sensitive per se and the hair needs to be there precisely to protect said sensitive skin from friction and the genital zone from infection. Removing the hair down there is the most fucking damaging and stupid trend the beauty industry could ever come up with, you practically have the obligation to harm your body not to be shamed whenever you're wearing a conventional female swimsuit. I doubt there isn't anyone who doesn't get serious ingrowns, pimples and red bumps down there from shaving, even when you are the most careful you'll still get some because you're essentially fucking with the most sensitive part of your body.

Sorry for the vent, but I legit been salty about this shit since I've had pubic hair. It was particularly a nightmare to me to take care of that when I was young and I'm sure I wasn't the only one; but back on topic.

For the bikini area I just use hair removal cream as well (the normal one, not the shower one). I need to be very careful with the time so I don't get chemical burnt (and I've got before), but I still personally prefer that than conventional razor shaving because razors always left me with microcuts and some small wounds and with cream you can at least prevent those as long as you don't fuck it up. I'll still get some ingrowns this way tho. >>81142 recommendations for the bikini area seem ok too. I don't recommend to wax that area because you'll make the hair follicles bleed, and some parts of the bikini zone are particularly difficult and painful to wax on your on your own as the hair grows in different directions (at least for me).

DO NOT use hair removal cream in your vulva though, ever. Just go with a good quality razor and shave in front of a mirror that lets you see what you are doing perfectly and be careful. It may be a good idea to wet your lips with water and a coochie soap so it doesn't get painful when the razor "pulls" your outer labia's hair, but I don't have more advice on this one as I normally just trim my vulva and leave it alone as I'm seriously against messing with it if I don't need to.

No. 139940

very based, i'm the same i finally had sex without hair removal the other day and there were no complaints lmao it's self-inflicted torture

No. 139953

I use a typical cheap men's razor to shave everything - arms, legs, armpits, vagina. I hate hair so much it disgusts me.

I'm gonna laser it off once lockdowns are over and be done with it.

No. 139978

just be aware that depending on hair thickness even removing them all with the laser may take about a year (5-8 visits, with 2 months between each), costs a bit and it's not painless.
still, I would recommend personally.

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