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No. 81727

Can we have a comfy toy collecting thread?
Discuss everything related to dolls, figures and plushies here!
>Types of toys that you collect
>Barbies or BJDs
>Vintage toys or straight from factory
>Cute and cheap display ideas
>Post pictures of your collection

No. 81730

I used to have a big collection of stuffed animals, but my parents made me throw em away. Kept a few though, like the stuffed monkey I had since I was two.

No. 81732

File: 1525533675111.jpg (74.65 KB, 876x400, year4_paradise-estate.jpg)

OP here.
I've been collecting My Little Pony since I've been about 13 (am 26 right now). As funny or dramatic as it might sound, I have always found great comfort in this hobby. It was one thing that was always a core part of my personality. Even an abusive relationship with a pedo could not take it away from me - in fact, distracting myself with browsing the old Dream Valley website, the MLP Arena board and taking care of my tiny collection
helped me hold on to tiny shreds of my sanity.

At the moment, I only collect G1 ponies with occasional G2 if I manage to snatch a deal. Not a fan of G4 and the whole brony phonemenon. I must say that as someone who was a ponysperg for years, it was surreal to see adults interested in My Little Pony become mainstream. Shame that it ended up being a disgusting clusterfuck instead of men being ok with liking feminine things.

As I have moved a few months ago, beyond few new purchases my pony collection is in a carton. I'm looking for a nice and cheap way of displaying it. I consider getting some cheap Ikea shelves as ponies are too small to stick them in a glass cabinet (unless I create some kind of stand with platforms to take advantage of height).
I don't have any holy grails, though I would LOVE to own the Paradise Estate or the castle.
Luckily I'm not really into collector grailes like Mimic or Rapunzel. I purchase locally anyway, so I'm just happy to grab whatever pony is available at the moment. The fun is in surprise and watching a stable grow of the collection.

I also collect fashion dolls - mostly more interesting models of Mattel ones (old Barbie, Diva Starz etc). Not a fan of Ever After High or Monster High, though I consider buying one of those 43 cm dolls so that my BJD has a 'company' of sorts.

I also collect Pokemon plushies and anything to do with pugs.

Sometimes I wish I had more hobbies not related to spending money, but I find it so comforting.

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm glad that at least you kept some important ones. My parents threw away huge part of my childhood Barbie collection. It was not in a particularly good state, but I still feel salty about it.

No. 81750

I have a BIG collection of plushes. My living room has 2 bookcases filled with them, not counting the ones that are too big. Usually when I look for new plushes to collect I have a few things in mind: It's from a series I enjoy and it's kinda rare (or cheaper than it usually is on eBay).
I've been trying to stray away from them and incorporate other collectibles like figures, keychains, dolls, and electronics.
Definitely one of my favorite things to collect is video game merchandise. My biggest series collection is probably my Virtua Fighter plushes.

No. 81800

File: 1525580637054.jpg (117.7 KB, 533x533, 8711915027465.PT04-Sylvanian-F…)

Does anyone remember Sylvanian Families? I collected these through my teens, got all the accessories, etc.

No. 81842

I used to collect my favorite pokemon. Mostly plushies and some figures. Years later I lost interest and needed cash so I sold it all. Was fun while it lasted.

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