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File: 1525861490646.jpg (264.03 KB, 1280x960, 9a4ed32ba97f010068f877224ea4bf…)

No. 82129

Sometimes it's easier to make progress if somebody holds you accountable.
Post your goals, e.g. losing weight/getting fit, studying, self-care/hygenie (if you're depressed/a NEET), etc. and how often you plan to update.
Let's support each other~

No. 82131

File: 1525863429587.jpg (149.16 KB, 1200x904, DFaiIW4XUAEyRrM.jpg)

I don't know if I'm depressed, but I've been certainly neglecting myself for a very long time now.

My goals:
>get up earlier (7.30 on weekdays and 9.00 on the weekend)
>brush my teeth twice and wear my retainer
>stick to my skin care routine (buy sunscreen)
>don't wear things for more than 2 days in a row (and sort out stuff I no longer wear)
>don't sit with my legs crossed
>don't drink coke
>don't buy snacks
>don't clench my teeth/furrow my brows
>always wear (sun)glasses
>try talking with the person who sits next to me
>shower everyday
>wash hair every 3 days and shave at least twice a week
>put on moisturizer
>cut nails and pluck eyebrows once a week
>if the weather is nice go for a run
>don't eat in bed/late
>sleep for 8 hours
>keep my room clean, but also stop obsessing over keeping everything too orderly
>text friends more often
>don't spend too much time on the internet
>don't pick my nose and don't masturbate

I really hope that improving my appearance and maybe even managing to lose weight will help me gain some confidence and be a more social person.

No. 82132

>don't sit with my legs crossed
i-is that bad?

No. 82133

Yes, it can cause varicose veins.

No. 82153

Good thread.

Mental health
>read more, at least a book a month
>stop talking to my ex altogether, we have nothing left in common, it's tedious and yet hurtful

>be nicer to my partner, stop leaning on him so much

>spend less time checking up memes and shit (use ColdTurkey to outright block website without any value)
>learn more (watch all those elearning videos I have stocked up)
>keep a log in a spreadhseet of everything I do everyday

>Try to hit up 10k steps a day
>lose at least 5 kgs before September

No. 82154

well I guess it's time for me to stop doing that too then.
Thanks for the eye opener anon

No. 82156

Some of these are helpful goals for me too, anon. I really want to start getting up earlier, but it's hard. I just bought Anthelios sunscreen and hope it doesn't break me out.

Eating in bed is my latest vice. I'm very clean and never make a mess but I agree, it's a bad habit. It's like the epitome of being pathetic

No. 82182

File: 1525880129440.jpg (1.24 MB, 3840x2560, 1516753294745.jpg)

Good goals Anon, that motivates me to make some too.

>Exercise everyday, minimum 40 minutes on apartment bike, run once a week, do yoga if I have time
>Sleep at least 8 hours a night
>Do meditation 15 minutes on mornings if I have time
>Brush teeth twice every day and buy some damn floss
>Wear sunscreen everyday
>Take my vitamins every day
>Never buy snacks or soda, no snacking between meals

>Air room every day, stop leaving dirty mugs and empty bottles laying around
>Put worn clothes directly in laundry and don't leave anything on the floor of my room
>Find nice outfits to make with all the clothing in my wardrobe and get rid of unwearable shit, organize wardrobe
>Make the effort of looking like I want to look every day

>Study every day until exams are over
>Finish at least one drawing I'm proud of a week
>Start reading one of the Japanese novels I have

>Send postcards to my old host family in Japan
>Definitely stop badmouthing people and gossiping around. Find more interesting things to talk about
>Make bf feel loved and pampered every day

I'll update in a few weeks or a month.
I often try to do stuff like this in my bullet journal, like habit trackers, but on not-too-busy weeks I tend to not use my bujo at all so I forget what I'm supposed to track and end up not doing it. We'll see how this goes

No. 82190

I really just want to stop fucking self harm. I've picked my skin for the last 20 years, I have scars and wounds all over my body and I'm beyond exhausted of it. If anyone has any good tips (besides therapy) or has similar problems, I'd appreciate it.

No. 82198

you know this is a really good idea anon

i think my main one is to not base my weight loss solely on numbers. i'm small enough now where i can notice changes, and not reaching my target goal by the end of the week was steering me toward ED territory to say the least. I think it would be better if I only weigh myself once a month or so. and i want to ween myself off of my depression medications. i have pretty severe insominia as a result of depression, but i've been able to fall asleep without remeron if eat well, don't oversleep, and stop drinking coffee after ~1pm.

i hope everyone else can meet their goals! i'll be checking back to see everyone's progress

No. 82201

i used to pick my scalp like that so much so that i was accidentally pulling hairs to do so. get acrylic or gel nail enhancements if you can afford it. they make your nails too thick and not sharp enough to do any damage. they worked really well for me and i found out that i really love fake nails!

No. 82203

I'm gonna try not being as mean to myself about exercising. All I've been doing lately is blowing it off, beating myself up for it, and that obviously just sets up negative thinking so that it's no surprise when I rinse and repeat. It's self defeating behavior.

I'm just gonna motivate to put on clothes and get out the door. Maybe if I just walk and set micro goals I'll feel more motivated because it won't seem like such a gargantuan chore I've failed multiple times. Just hold myself accountable for getting up, then perhaps it'll just come naturally when it's routine.

No. 82231

alright guys, i've been gaining so much weight/inches it's driving me crazy. i just moved into a new place with a pool, so i'm going to be doing that once i'm all moved in.

i also need to fix my schedule and actually do things on schedule. i need routine, structure and drive!

anyone have any good tips? i'm high-key depressed even though i basically have everything i've ever wanted. nice apartment, loving fiance, financial stability, all the clothes in the world. but i became a neet shit and i need to fix myself.

No. 83194

pool anon here! i started doing pool exercises this week. going for 30 min 3 times a week. very exciting.

No. 83196

6 pounds lost so far since this post! I've been walking everyday and getting on my stationary bike sometimes in the evenings.

No. 83197

Good work, anon!

I have similar issues so my main thing is to:

>be active 60+ minutes 3x/wk

No. 83348

So I figured this might be helpful for some anons attempting goals that they haven't been successful with before. It's a podcast, a little longer than 15 min. about the concept of a "minimum baseline" Hope it helps!

No. 83359

I'm just fucking lazy and think there's always enough time, until the very last second.

>lose 30lb by mid-July
>Fast for a week
>do 100 squats/day and work out with my ankle weights every day
>Get a job by the end of the first week of June
>Start going 3x a week to extra help classes at school
>Study at least an hour a day
>Save up for plastic surgery <- do NOT spend money anymore - I don't need to because mom gets everything anyway
>Get under eye fillers by the end of June
>Pay $750 deposit by 2nd week of June
>Get A's in bio, calculus, and then a B in chem
>No more foundation for a week - start using spot reduction cream

Kill me.

No. 83673

File: 1527537502782.jpg (786.09 KB, 800x1131, 1524542140773.jpg)

>Do 30~60 min exercises everyday
>study at least 2h a day
>go to my psychiatrist every wednesday
>draw at least 2h a day
>be more mentally and phisychally healthy
>give more love to my boyfirend


No. 83887

Went to the gym 3x last week.

Already done once this week.

No. 83908

File: 1527727291913.png (237.39 KB, 550x800, tumblr_nvnl2v0j2s1tyl7fto1_128…)

> stop picking my scalp (this one's really hard because I've picked the same scabs for years and it's a habit)

> bite my nails and nail polish less

> exercise because dieting alone isn't working and I have a flabby tummy

> accept that at 24 it's ok if I'm single and healing over an abusive ex

> go to bed earlier

> be more productive

I'm gonna call myself Pastry anon so if I come back I can update

No. 83919

File: 1527732344686.jpg (45.42 KB, 540x540, a2754767c783bb606ca271f4074285…)

>Eat well and track my calories on MyFitnessPal.
>Exercise for at least one hour three days a week.
>Go to sleep before 2 A.M. and wake up before 11 A.M at least 5/7 days a week (sounds easy but I love sleeping).
>Put more effort into maintaining my beauty routine each day.
>Try to do something fun/leisurely or productive each day beyond spending time on the internet.

I'll try to update in a few weeks or so. Good luck to everyone else in reaching their goals!

No. 84411

File: 1528292777577.jpg (238.87 KB, 1193x1600, 1490321979080-2.jpg)

>Do 30~60 min exercises everyday
ehh I did it almost everyday
>study at least 2h a day
Well, i got to work harder on that
>go to my psychiatrist every wednesday
>draw at least 2h a day
>be more mentally and phisychally healthy
Besides I am eing really anxious right now, in pthe past week I did very well
>give more love to my boyfirend

I'll add something:
>be more responsible and do a schedule

No. 84444

if you want to stop picking scalp scabs AND biting your nails, get gel extensions. it stops you from being able to pick the scabs and bite the nails. it's done wonders for me.

No. 84465

File: 1528353028608.png (303.87 KB, 816x800, Hnng.png)


Actually get my labs done in a timely manner

Wake up earlier during week days

Ask my docs about my fatigue/insomnia/generally declining health

Stick to my work out schedule

Actually fucking work on my art

Have more 'Me' outings this summer (stop relying on S/O's company/friends to come along to events and just go at it alone)

Be a little more selfish. Put myself first occasionally. Stop trying to be Atlas.

No. 84477

File: 1528365811455.jpg (35.05 KB, 785x1018, 8XvoNih.jpg)

>Work out more (at-home weight training & cardio about 3x week)
>Drink more water (I'm constantly dehydrated and as a result suffer from headaches)
>Eat healthier
>Limit dairy and red meat intake
>Lose around 45 lbs. I'm short so I look fat as fuck right now
>Buy new clothes once the weight is gone; completely clear out my closet
>Making sure my living space is always nice and clean
>Being more kind to others
>Improve my vocabulary
>Improve my cooking skills
>Whiten teeth
>Finding a part-time job
>work on my social anxiety and shyness

eh we'll see

No. 84608


please link me?!

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