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No. 82211

I realize this may be an odd concern to have since the people here seem to prefer looking young, but I'm sick of

>being carded when I'm 5 years over the legal drinking age

>getting really weird looks when i'm out with my bf (who's actually a bit younger than me, but looks older) in public
>people at restaurants treating me like a teenager when I'm out for dinner with my parents

And a bunch of other things I can't quite remember. If anyone has any tips on how to look older I'd really appreciate it.

No. 82212

anon, all of these situations are totally normal in the scenarios you pointed out.

people get carded literally till they have grey hair and wrinkles

you likely act much younger going out to dinner with your parents because they're your parents.

again the weird looks are likely not due to assumed age difference, but how you act.

you should focus on acting older in situations rather than looking it.

No. 82213

I wish I knew. I'm kinda hoping the grey hair comes in soon. Maybe wearing pantsuits exclusively?

No. 82215

Really? None of my friends ever get carded. Male friends I can understand since they can grow beards etc., but none of my female friends (all same age, plus/minus a year) have gotten carded after one year over the legal age and we all go out to the same places.

I don't "act young", I'm not sure what this even means? I act just like my friends act in public, I'm not running around bouncing off the walls. I talk to people professionally all the time.

Thanks for the suggestion anon, I might have to start wearing super professional clothing all the time.

No. 82217

come on, you should have enough self awareness at 26 to know that you likely act differently around certain groups or people, especially parents. especially when you're with your parents, you're likely being seen as younger by the people around you.

No. 82218

Again, this doesn't happen when my friends go out with their parents.

No. 82219

Also adding that the legal age here is 19 and I'm 24. I certainly hope to look a bit older at 26.

No. 82220

>Really? None of my friends ever get carded. Male friends I can understand since they can grow beards etc., but none of my female friends (all same age, plus/minus a year) have gotten carded after one year over the legal age and we all go out to the same places.

My 50 year old mom has been carded. It depends on a whole bunch of factors.

Due to the culture on this site, no one is going to believe you look younger. Unless you post a pic, which you shouldn't do for obvious reasons- and even then, people will probably disagree.

The three complaints you listed are honestly such non-concerns, this feels like bait. Getting carded is no big deal, getting weird looks is whatever, being treated like a teen when you're with your parents (whatever that means) is like what?

You claim this doesn't happen to your friends, but they could just look old. Or it happens to them but they don't care/remember because its such a small thing.

You're assuming looking young is why these things happen, like the weird looks, when it could be a bunch different things. Maybe you have bad fashion, or you're ugly, or you're pretty, or you walk funny, or you just stand out more, or you talk more high-pitched, or you have bangs and your friends don't, or you're a different race, or you have no boobs.

We've never met you, we don't know how you look, we don't know if you even look young. So how could we possibly help?

No. 82222

Of course older people get carded too, but the point is that this has been at the exact same places that my friends and I have gone to, even sometimes together.

I didn't mean to upset anyone, was mainly just looking for suggestions like how to wear my makeup/hair or how to dress to make myself look a bit older than I actually am.

No. 82223


no one is upset



if you just want makeup advice/style, looking older is a really popular topic. Ya know, for teens who wanna pass as adults to get up to mischief.

Its impossible to give you individualized advice on how to look older when we don't know how you look. Your best bet is just google. And, again, you're assuming you look young and thats why these things are happening. It could be for a variety of reasons.

No. 82224

Thanks for the link anon!

No. 82232

I know someone who's petite who had weird glasses that didn't go very well with her face just to look a bit more like someone her age (early 20s). I think it worked. Plus it went well with her fashion style. I think contouring could help too but I don't know much about makeup. If you're flat-chested like me wear padded bras if you can. I always wear bras that don't fit because I just can't find my size and it's uncomfortable so don't force yourself if you're the same.

I've seen people my age who act like annoying spoiled brats on a regular basis who were seen as mature anyway because of their looks so I'm going to guess that in her case her looks doesn't help her, regardless of how she acts. No matter how mature you are, if people are going to have a first impression that you're younger than you are, they'll start assuming you're less mature than you should be. And the reverse is true as well, like I said.

Something stupid is that I've seen some people treat others as immature if they looked younger than they were and were being happy and enthusiastic, but personnally I think it says more a lot about the people who have these opinions because they were weirdos in general and thought them being pessimistic and sarcastic assholes made them mature and more intelligent.

No. 82233

maybe you're ugly and your friends aren't so they don't get carded because the bouncers/waiters don't care if they drink.

No. 82234

Inb4 200 posts about you bragging for looking young and you're so vain

>heavy makeup (dark lips, eyeliner top and bottom

>Dark clothes with floral patterns
>One piece dresses with frilly/loose skirts
>knitted items
>large handbag

A few of those I actually did when I was younger because I liked the style, eventually realising it was all a little middle-aged

No. 82237

i mean anon is like 25 or so, there's usually little difference from how you look at 20 till 27 or so unless you're shit at taking care of your skin.

No. 82238

Interesting, I don't really wear heavy makeup but I might look into getting glasses. Not really into padded bras but I'll keep the suggestion in mind.

Not sure why you're being so aggressive.

Thank you :)

No. 82241

Any anons that could recommend fashion/lifestyle/makeup sites?

I do have a bit of a babyface but the biggest reason why people think I'm younger than I really am is because I dress like an altfag and the stuff is connected to teens.
I work in an office and I think it would help be taken more serious.

No. 82242

File: 1525940387784.jpg (88.04 KB, 1280x720, Agreed _f660eda73f96a2ccaf2afe…)

For me it's the oppsite, I look a lot older than I actually am. As a child I was super tall and lanky, not even a tiny bit of baby fat, so since elementary school I've been treated like an adult. I've gained a lot of weight, meaning my face is rounder, but now it's my homely body that's making me look old.
I work in a school and one student asked me, in what grade my child is. I know that it was just a kid, who has no idea, but it still hurts so much to be seen as old enough to have a child that's already in school.
Last week one guy from Uni was shocked to find out that we're the same age.
>So, you're also just 21-22?!
>Yes, I'm 22.
I couldn't decide whether I wanted to kill him or myself more…
I live in a country there we have 2 different forms of speech, one formal and one informal, and I noticed that lately even kids who're like 16-18 started talking formally with me, which is hella weird, since I'm really not yet an older adult they should respect, meaning they must think I'm a lot older.
What's worse is that my parents also always say I already look like 26-27… What should I do?
When I was 15 I was obsessed with looking mature, only wore blouses and blazers, now I try to imitate the style of girls I see in Uni, but it doesn't seem to help…
I just want to look cute for once in my life… I only ever get hit on by much older guys, so I really think that I look too old for guys my age.

No. 82244

>I know that it was just a kid, who has no idea, but it still hurts so much to be seen as old enough to have a child that's already in school.
I don't know how old that kid is but chances are, she or he don't have a clue about what young adults do and how they live. I thought it as completely normal to be married and have kids as soon as you're 20 when I was in primary school.

>I live in a country there we have 2 different forms of speech, one formal and one informal,…

Same here except since I look younger than I am people use informal speech all the time with me and another friend who looks even younger (though it's also because of her style) and not with my other friends who are actually a bit younger. I often have customers at work who use informal speech with me even though it's just straight up impolite and awkward. I also had a few customers who thought I was a minor even though it's nearly impossible for minors to get a job so I'm going to guess they were stupid in the first place. If you have teenagers using informal speech they don't know any better so I'm sure telling them to just relax around you and not use formal speech and pronouns is totally fine. They'll probably think you're naturally friendly if you do that so that's a plus.

No. 82257

Wear tailored pieces, glasses with dark frames, pull your hair up in a slick updo. Talk in a low voice.

I have to do this for some events and internships and people respect me infinitely more than when I walk around in casual clothing.

No. 82260

Heavy eye makeup—really, any eye makeup at all ages me up a lot. I can only wear mascara because even natural looks are weirdly not right for me. Maybe just experiment?

No. 82263


go back to crystal.cafe

No. 82264

Is >"Go back to crystal.cafe" replacing >"Go back to PULL" ?

No. 82267

File: 1525972689691.jpg (63.41 KB, 500x500, 1510813422647.jpg)


>Imagine being triggered by a smiley face on /g/


No. 82270

Nothing will replace gb2 pull.

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