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No. 82228

Share your bad, awkward and embarrassing date stories.

No. 82229

I'll start:

>go to a pub with some friends

>girl friend's friend gets interested in me
>she gives him my number, we start chatting
>guy asks me out for a movie
>he insists we should go to a cinema next to his place even though he lives 2 hours away
>agree to it because cute guy
>d-day bus gets stuck on traffic, train stops working out of nowhere
>arrive too late for the movie, we walk around the park instead
>interest and hobbies don't match at all
>he gets rude and defensive when i disagree with him in any way
>discover he smokes weed and cigs, drinks heavily and uses ecstacy
>starts getting all touchy and making me uncomfortable
>awkwardly tell him i need to go
>guy won't let me leave unless i make out with him
>ghost him after this
>friend who introduced us finds out about the date and goes psycho
>she starts spreading rumors about me being a slut to our circle of friends at uni
>the guy had slept with her the day before our date and she was jealous
>get all the blame and bad rap, lose friends
>feel so bad and lonely i switch classes
>guy keeps liking my pics and asking for another date
>block his ass

No. 82230

not a long story
>guy at my work gets transferred to a new department
>he asks me out on his last day there
>ask him why, he said he likes my smile
>seems pretty wholesome
>he takes me to a movie
>jokingly say i want to see norm of the north
>he is too wholesome and believes me
>stuck seeing one of the worst movies ever
>he actually liked the movie okay
>tells me i remind him of the girl one

it didn't go anywhere because he was a hardcore pure christian boy but omg that was super awkward

No. 82235

>Chat with a guy online (40+ messages, his best friend's father is a buddhist or something, seems nice and harmless)
>Vetting the hell out of everyone after I was groomed and kinda kidnapped by a guy
>That's another story
>Making sure every conversation is long pre-meet, meeting at like 2-3 pm in the afternoon in case guys think it's a hookup (See: kidnapping incident)

>meet at a local bar

>I decline a drink, he buys one anyway
>Talks about himself, I keep asking questions about him but he asks none about me
>End up learning his literal life story, who he lives with, events that happened between friends, his last two girlfriends in detail, I could create a flowchart listing all his friends and connections
>He still knows nothing about me
>Got into hard drugs after leaving LTR
>Is still on them
>Next relationship was BDSM, talks unprompted about BDSM and how great it is for 15 minutes until I have to explain how I'm really really not into it

>Getting really bored of this, my body language is I WANT TO GO NOW PLS

>Drags it on for an hour 45
>We say our goodbyes, I am cheerful about the interview I accidentally conducted

A month later he messages me on the site
I don't recognize him or the username: "Who are you?"
"I'm _____"
He got a job shortly after the date so at least I helped him practice for his interviews
Say congratulations and nothing else about it

No. 82236

Same Anon, the incident that made me quit dating after kidnap, BDSM guys

>Go on three 2-4 hour dates with a guy

>Nerd, seems nice, dates are enjoyable
>Hug him on leaving every time but think his lack of touchy-feely is because he's a gentleman
>He's 35
>Has some slightly dubious opinions (like the race disparity in programming is because of intelligence and not complex socio-economic-race shit)
>I ignore because amicable non-aggressive person

>He sends me a message saying I'm just as cute as a cute Asian girl (wow I'm such a weeb) as I was joking about not being as stereotypically cute as X type of people on the date

>But he thinks I'm not attracted to him
>I point out he hasn't even tried to kiss me yet
>He says he only kisses girls if they're already his girlfriend
>I point out the logical flaw in this plan
>It sounds like he's never had a gf and considers some person at work who "is happy when I talk to them" as some sort of crush

>Realize I'm dealing with a 12-year old

>Say maybe he will nail the whole "dating" thing by the time he's 40

I quit the site and apologize to another guy I just met who was ok, and say another guy put me off

>Never date again

No. 82239

And…How the fuck is that kidnapping?

No. 82240

I think they’re saying they’re the same anon who said

>Vetting the hell out of everyone after I was groomed and kinda kidnapped by a guy

No. 82245

oh my godh anon that's awkward as hell but also cute af. Would make a nice gag in a romantic comedy.

Now when I think about it, I've been on a total of… one date lol. With a guy that hit me up online, but we talked for few months before meeting up.

>gives me a drawing, yup it's me. Super bad but I can tell he thinks it's The Shit

>we walk around the park, it's dark and tenebrous
>he talks nonstop, I barely speak, after realizing this won't be a conversation but a monologue I even stopped asking questions to be polite, I'm just enjoying the spooky atmosphere while he rants
>he doesn't notice, goes on
>"Umm I gotta go", I say after what feels like ten hours, bored and disappointed
>"I'll walk you home"
>"No thanks, it's really close, you don't have to"
>I just wanna be left alone goddamit
>"No anon, I can't let you go by yourself, it's dark"
>he walks me home, but I lied and it's not close, it's really fucking far away
>before he thinks about doing something stupid I give him a light hug, say bye and run

Nothing came out of it of course, though he tried his weird best. Really funny stuff like telling me his cringy dreams (starring me and him) and writing middle school-tier poetry. Mind, he was in his early 20s, I was in high school.
I still have the drawing because I'd feel bad throwing something like this away, but it's buried somewhere deep in other random stuff

Also this guy declared his Only True Love in his life to me recently, after few years of 0 contact so yeah.
I feel like I gave away way too many details lol but who cares, I hope at least it made someone chuckle.

No. 82247

Aww, these are adorable, anons.

No. 82249

Yep that's what I meant! The kidnap one is kinda dark and when I posted it elsewhere on here someone said I was raped… so I think that goes beyond "bad dates"

These guys were just bad dates though. Sorry for the confusion

No. 82250

Wait did he say you were his OTL after that date?
Nice of him to walk you home though. He sounds like he's high autism at a guess, hence monologues and so on

Bless 'im

No. 82261

no, after that date he went from a normal guy to a creepy guy. Now when you said it I think he might be on a spectrum, he pursued me very autistically.

We had a nice chill friendship that went a "infatuated middle schooler" downhill, he was making me uncomfortable so I put some distance between us. When he realized, he stopped talking to me altogether.

He popped up recently, after years of not talking, to tell me I am his Only True Love uwu.
Like, it's been literally about 5 years. Yup

No. 82272

Huh…? She's the one who gave him your number though. What did she think was gonna happen? What a crazy bitch and the guy sounds like a loser. They're a perfect match for each other.

No. 82273

>As cute as an asian girl
What the fuck? That's the most embarrassing, red flagged compliment in the world. Absolute cringe, anon.

No. 82275

Around 4 years ago I went on a date with my friend's friend. Turns out the guy was a huge Koreaboo and he wouldn't stop adding random Korean words into his sentences.

No. 82280

>but think his lack of touchy-feely is because he's a gentleman
did he wear a fedora?

No. 82286

I think the exact phrase was "at least as cute as an asian girl" which I guess was a weird point to bring up. My fault though. I think the guy was asexual rather than merely a virgin based on some other things he said, you wonder why he was dating at all. We actually had an on-off conversation for a few months on the site, plus meeting me three times, it's a bit strange altogether

No. 82287

Sorry about the turn for the creepy. 5 years and then…wow. Well at least you know you come across well. I had a guy I met once (total contact: one hug goodbye, not even an in depth conversation) say "he loved me and I broke his heart" which…

Another guy went home after the date (prior: chatting and a couple phone calls) and said he cut himself because he thought i didn't like him. I'm same Anon as >>82236
so I guess guys thinking I don't like them is a problem huh.

I have more but I think I've repressed most of them. Dating is bad. Makes me feel either guilty or victimized and there's no inbetween

No. 82297

Yeah, that's what I told her… she said they had been fuck buddies since two years ago and always been in love with him. She thought maybe it would be better to let him go but nah, bitch regretted it and screw me over.
It doesn't help I see her staring at me every friday when I leave uni. Ruins my day.

No. 82298

I agree, anon.
I've lost so many chances but don't even feel guilty, dating sucks imo.

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