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File: 1526114632559.jpg (1.73 MB, 1500x2250, short-girl-style-secrets.jpg)

No. 82391

Post cute or sexy short girls (for style or diet inspo, etc.)

No. 82402

You realize this will immediately be brigaded by jealous tall anons right?

No. 82412

Idk how anons can tell heights of single people in pictures unless there's something to compare them to or you already know their height.

No. 82415

That's why this anon seems to have made a Tall Girls appreciation thread too. I think it's a good idea.

I think that's sort of the point. Short and tall girls both get self-conscious but actually everyone looks normal and everyone can look good.

No. 82416

File: 1526145975770.jpg (12.73 KB, 280x420, photo124.jpg)

Here's Rooney Mara - she's 5'3" and in pictures you can't really tell at all. She looks great in both tailored and and loose outfits, without ever resorting to cuteness.

No. 82417

File: 1526146196366.jpg (27.75 KB, 425x618, 8fae041d76a5086d28b7d48a242d87…)

And as Lisbeth, a character who was written as 5'1" and whose smallness was emphasized in the books but who lots of girls, short and tall, loved for her fearlessness, agency, and tough, careless style.

No. 82426

I'm the OP of this and the other thread and I'm tall - I just thought it would be fair or the best to have one for each group.
Yet you groundlessly accuse tall girls of being jealous, bitchy or whatever - before any of them even did anything. Thanks, really…
Why do you do that?

No. 82427

Try comparing the head size with the rest of the body, e.g. shoulder width or leg length. The taller you get, the smaller your head's gonna look, it doesn't grow proportionally to your body.

No. 91017

i don't get the hate between small and tall tbh.
I'm a small girl but I think tall girls are fucking attractive. I only date tall girls and they're top cuties

No. 91225

Stay salty.

No. 91228

>replying to a post from 2 months ago…

No. 91260

Agreed. I’m short too but I think tall girls are striking. I wish we can all get along instead of taking shots at each other on lolcow.

No. 91287

Same! Sometimes I wish I was at least 5'7 or something like that, but the only reason that makes me appreciate my height is that in this way I get to look at tall cuties like they're… actually tall, not just "slightly taller than me".
Take all my love, tall girls

No. 91315

What is 'tall' to you all? Like from what length on? Cuz to me 5'7 (which is 1.70m, yeah?) is super average and not at all tall. To me tall is 1.78-1.80m+ (for girls).

Last week or so I was watching this program on tv about dancing and this girl goes "Yeah I was pretty unfortunate cuz I had to stand between two tall girls, they where like 1,70m" and I'm like ?? that's not tall??

No. 91316

Yep, I consider a woman tall when it's 175 cm or more. But you also have to take into account that people's standards of what's tall and what not also depend on where they live. Where I live, for example, a woman of 170 cm is considered… not tall, but almost there

No. 91318

I’m 5’2”. 5’7” is definitely not average to me and I would consider it tall. Although not super tall.

No. 91323

5'7 is above average pretty much everywhere, relative to other women. But I kind of agree, on an objective scale it's smack bang in the middle between very short and very tall, so it seems 'average'.

I guess I think of 5'7-5'8 as above average and anything over that as tall. 5'4-5'6 as average and anything below as short.

No. 91325

exactly this. i'm 5'11 so to me it feels ridiculous to call 5'7 tall but i also realize it's above average so i'm not going to act like it's short or average when it's not.

compare it to something like female hair length. let's assume for example's sake that the average female has like, mid-chest length hair. Having shoulder length hair would be shorter than average but calling it short hair would be confusing because women still have pixie cuts and shorter, which is undeniably short hair.

it's just about finding middle ground between letting extremes determine the whole spectrum vs ignoring the extremes completely.

i feel that calling 5'7 tall only makes sense if you ignore that women can be much taller (muh erasure /s) but calling it average or short or average lets the existence of women with a rare height completely tip the whole scale. Simply calling it above average is the most accurate.

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