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File: 1526853542583.jpeg (27.93 KB, 540x436, EF8AD041-D22E-41EA-B37A-7157B1…)

No. 83058

We have a general fashion thread, as well as one for J fashion, makeup, etc.
How about a shoe thread!
Any shoe lovers here?
Any brands you recommend?
Any shoes on your wishlist?
Any you think are absolutely ugly?

Shoes are the one area I personally fall behind in. I’m tall so I usually just wear flats or vans. Trying to wear more sophisticated and interesting shoes moving forwards and I’d like to hear your opinions! I did search in a case a thread like this already existed and nothing came up

No. 83059

File: 1526853666879.jpeg (116.8 KB, 960x960, 0AFE5C1A-2274-4A9E-AF57-2031E0…)

Like I said, I know it’s basic but I live in Vans. I have like 8 pairs in different colors and designs. They’re just so damn comfortable.

No. 83060

What are some comfortable shoes I can wear with socks that look normal with skirts? I like socks, but I have so many skirts that don't get enough wear because I don't feel like breaking out flats with those tiny socks. I have some boots, but I'd like something more appropriate for summer.

No. 83075

Depends on your style (mine is a bit preppy) but I wear Mary Janes, pennyloafers or oxfords with socks and skirts/dresses. Not really wear basic anklets though, they tend to have frilly trims or cuts to look more dressy.

No. 83085

File: 1526869045392.jpeg (78.36 KB, 630x630, 377603E4-208E-4A68-BA74-C1496A…)


No. 83086

File: 1526869170548.jpeg (224.51 KB, 800x800, 0A94E36A-D2A9-48DD-B9BD-B5D6A3…)

Boat shoes

No. 83087

File: 1526869254616.jpeg (23.61 KB, 570x875, F24CB797-29E3-4DE1-B1A0-3299F9…)


No. 83088

File: 1526869317169.jpeg (51.58 KB, 473x473, B7755CCA-ACC8-4B34-AB0D-96B8CA…)

Espadrilles, clogs, and wedges.

No. 83089

File: 1526869612493.jpg (33.4 KB, 819x1024, bando-02_1024x1024.jpg)

Grunge Oxford

No. 83090

File: 1526870305063.jpg (44.45 KB, 601x388, 1514845812-5-high-tech-running…)

absolutely hate this type of shoes

No. 83092

File: 1526871226059.jpg (282.31 KB, 2000x2000, white-black-blue-reebok-women-…)

I don't mind them if they're actually working out in them. But it baffles me when people wear them around casually. Even when working out, I personally opt for a more pale, less vibrant shoe.

No. 83103

File: 1526885522701.jpeg (117.03 KB, 580x580, 3CB7724A-0DFD-413F-9468-BE85AB…)

Who would buy these?

No. 83104

File: 1526885539695.jpeg (123.41 KB, 1024x1024, 02C341BC-9EDA-4B05-995A-5F078F…)

Or these

No. 83105

File: 1526885665585.jpeg (44.28 KB, 600x600, 5C28819E-4AD4-481E-9DD6-474D0E…)

No. 83106

File: 1526885826025.jpeg (209.33 KB, 550x1104, D0BFF1DC-06B8-4E52-BB16-04F6F3…)

Now these I can fuck with

No. 83115

File: 1526909089768.jpg (26.91 KB, 513x456, new-fashion-black-color-oxford…)

Black oxford shoes are everything I need.
Best kind of shoes ever imo.

No. 83116

Can I hire you to be my stylist?

No. 83416

hello bigfoot here
size 11 US wide feet
please help me find shoes that are cute
pro tip: you can't

No. 83419

No. 83433

yes it's still a small selection and most of the heels are stilettos
living in a metro area, being able to walk in shoes for long periods of time is crucial. You can't do that with tall heels.

No. 83435

File: 1527299655473.jpg (162.61 KB, 2000x1000, 1492014517-everlane-day-heel.j…)

does anyone have a pair of everlane's day heels? i love the way they look, though a few people i know think they're ugly, and i love the idea of a low heel i can walk in all day.

i also want a pair of margiela tabis, either the heeled sandals or the boots, so damn bad

No. 83436

File: 1527299692894.jpg (173.22 KB, 1000x1522, eac754da4dc058eac2a7db7b50930d…)

so strange, but appealing to me

No. 83437

These are kinda ugly. The blush ones are passable but the black ones are a huge no

No. 83438

File: 1527300117466.jpg (41.48 KB, 500x610, tumblr_p10w6ohbcS1wy8cb3o1_500…)

i guess tabis are not that difficult to find and are still being produced, but if i had the money i'd go for an original 90s pair, or just a pair from before martin left in 2009

yeah the more i think about it i don't really like the black ones, but there's a "natural suede" option that I really like - i think they might be best in lighter colors tbh

No. 83440

Where do you guys normally get your shoes? I'm looking into more minimalist shoes or black oxfords like >>83115 that are more high quality than fast fashion shops, but I don't live in an area with dedicated shoe shops beyond Clarks.

I really like the chunkiness of the heels, but puckering from the elastic is a buzzkill, especially on the black pair. The nude ones are cool, though.

No. 83443

I have a pair of Clarks oxfords actually. They're comfy, look nice and have held up well. I think they're called hamble oak?

I don't know where you live but I've ordered shoes from asos, schuh and office and their returns are pretty straight forward.

No. 83444

File: 1527311237643.jpg (14.32 KB, 507x401, Image1.jpg)

What sort of shoes do you wear in hot, humid weather when you have to walk a lot? I'm going to Japan in summer and I don't want to wear flimsy sandals or flip flops when I'll be on my feet all day because I'll definitely get blisters. Are there any brands that are particularly comfy with solid soles? And that can be worn with dresses/skirts? I can't wear sneakers for that reason, they don't suit my outfit. I don't need anything super pretty but they have to somewhat match.

I even bought pic related in anticipation kek. I know, I know, they're crocs and crocs are the worst, but to be fair people wear the fuck out of them in Japan and the cut/colour matches my clothes nicely. But they don't quite fit right so they're not as comfy as they should be.

No. 83445

I wear Timberlands. Expensive, but super comfortable. They have sandals and moccasins, I wear the mocassims all year round and they look cute with dresses.

No. 83448

File: 1527314104608.jpg (166.21 KB, 683x1025, street-style-paris-fashion-wee…)

i don't really think of them as "sneakers", and they are a little weird-looking - you might not like the tabi split toe, but would you consider the nike air rift (mary-jane style shoe on the left)? they used to show up in a number of ~japanese street fashion~ photos because they were super successful there and are pretty comfy. they're around 100 dollars, if that's okay

No. 83449

File: 1527315066175.jpg (544.42 KB, 730x1000, imgrc0074249702.jpg)

a pair of flat slingbacks might also work for you, and it turns out that crocs does make them for about 30 dollars, available in black and in white as well

No. 83450

File: 1527315453091.jpg (219.84 KB, 1026x520, 665ce5f748089ed585491049f5d44c…)

and if you change your mind about sneakers i think it's totally fine/definitely "in" to wear them with skirts/dresses, though you might like the streamlined look of a white tennis/court shoe and matching socks, jacquemus style (all of these models are wearing spring courts)

No. 83452

File: 1527315588026.jpg (73.14 KB, 660x633, SS14-Jacquemus-Collection-blog…)

extra photo just because I really like this collection and think that the shoes make these looks great!

No. 83453

File: 1527315609694.jpg (84.76 KB, 786x524, sc x jq.jpg)

plus a detail shot

No. 83512

File: 1527366657241.png (1009.78 KB, 1440x900, shoes.png)

I've had half of these shoes on my wish list for over 7 years. I rarely buy shoes, the ones I had before my current shoes were hand me down Nike's from a younger family member.
My boyfriend loves collecting shoes, he got a new pair for his birthday and they look so nice. I should just splurge on a pair or two since most of the ones I have last way over 2 years.

No. 83605

id on shoe you currently wear?

No. 83614

Athletic Works Women's Alternate Closure Sneaker
I found these at Walmart for $5 lol I originally bought them for a cosplay and just ended up wearing them for everyday use since they feel so comfortable.

No. 84118

Those wing shoes are too cute! Source?

No. 84168

I love tabis. I have a collection of 6 so far, only 3 were before Martin left though. One pair is actually a runway pair. To me it's more of a work of art that perfectly reflects his style. Most people hate them, but the conversations you'll have when people recognize them are worth the hate.

No. 84169

File: 1528056923874.jpeg (187.2 KB, 750x1000, CAAC3C2B-82D2-4A37-B597-3E2F3D…)

I’m going to Vegas on a summer girl’s trip. Recommendations for sexy party wear for the heat and intense amounts of walking?? I’m thinking wedges would be a safe bet and maybe boots for the evening? I want to go all “Vegas Baby” but I don’t wanna look like a stripper.

No. 84171

I love high heels and I have no problem wearing them in autumn and winter. But when the weather starts getting warmer I can't wear my high heel sandals because I get blisters all over my feet. It doesn't matter how old those shoes are or from which material they are made. Literally every sandal hurt my feet and I can't do anything. My doctor told me it is a combination of sweat, rubbing and too sensitive skin.

Does anybody have the same problem and can give me some tipps?

No. 84185

Jeremy Scott x Adidas flats!

No. 84186

Liner socks.

No. 84189

Is it me or are all the shoes in this thread really ugly? They all remind me of shoes middle aged women would wear to the office once they stop giving a shit about their appearance.

No. 84201

Suggest me shoes that have low heels, no pointy heels (I like platforms), are black and can look good with many looks.

I have been wearing only sneakers and combat boots for too long.

No. 84202

I heard the black and white creepers are extremely uncomfortable however you can get them for 20eu at Ebay so I dont see why not at least buy a pair you can wear with some looks. If you end liking it then you can buy a better one that will last long.

No. 84203

Farmers have a bad sense of style in general and I can only imagine how some anons look in public, as ugly as they claim to be.

No. 84204

I'm sorry you are basic.

No. 84206

I'm sorry you have shit taste

No. 84207

Basic? Everything looks like what grannies wear for "support". If that makes me basic, then thank god I'm basic.

No. 84211

File: 1528134218344.jpg (49 KB, 570x600, grunge.jpg)

No. 84212

damn near every shoe in this thread is butt fuck ugly its not just you lol

No. 84214

File: 1528135142286.jpg (30.35 KB, 500x500, blobfish-slippers-2.jpg)

I personally find these slippers pretty cute, I'd love to wear them at home

No. 84217

File: 1528136224936.png (591.94 KB, 934x640, gvhjop.PNG)

>browsing jill thread
>anons start discussing a brand of shoes i had never heard of before
>check out the irregular shoes site to see what they're like
>go on platforms
>this is the first thing i see
>eyes start bleeding because its the tackiest and ugliest shit and i hate every single one of em, and i love edgy shoes.
>200 dollars for this crap
>bruuh even hot topic sells better looking shit than this. FUCKING FOREVER 21 BRUH…

No. 84219

Then post the shoes you like

No. 84221

Who else big feet and no cute shoes exist. Luckily, I’m size 10 and most shoes stop at size 10, but gatdamn, my brothe in law went to Japan for business trips and I told him to get shoes for me and he said he couldn’t find cute shoes in my size lol.
Where else should I look?

No. 84233

File: 1528150084355.jpg (300.96 KB, 1536x1536, Maya_4422-01A_3.jpg)

Irregular Choice has some adorable shoes. These Toy Story abominations don't belong in that Category though (obviously)

No. 84234

File: 1528150182919.jpg (140.02 KB, 867x1203, 4435-02C_3_Forbury_Gardens_Irr…)

No. 84235

File: 1528150303156.jpg (172.86 KB, 960x960, 1faed40e2eca80f71ed86ee04e6dbd…)

These are basic as fuck, I know, but as a Joy Division fan I'm probably gonna buy them anyway

No. 84236

File: 1528150332191.jpg (42.79 KB, 428x500, 7b2fe0f2c1ea94d9e61073a48a7ae4…)

No. 84237

File: 1528150416314.jpg (12.29 KB, 395x395, 61nfU G70cL._UY395_.jpg)

Remember when every ita ever wore these? Because I surely do and I still kinda love them even though they're pretty trashy

No. 84242

these are hideous wtf. no way one can go out in the streets wearing that and not be seen as freak

No. 84248

File: 1528157086892.jpg (51.42 KB, 427x640, Unknown-15.jpg)

>not be seen as freak
If you're hot enough, you can wear basically anything you want. There's that saying about pulling off a trash bag as a dress.
Also different scenes and areas have different norms. I don't own any of these but I bet I could rock them in my area on a friday night without any strange looks and with plenty of compliments. But if I wore some of the other shoes in this thread, I would get strange looks. Fashion is different everywhere.

No. 84254


omg they are kinda tacky but i want them so bad omg. its just the right amount of cute-sy and cheap that i like. not a lolita, i had never seen em but i'd wear em.

No. 84275

File: 1528182467409.jpeg (87.69 KB, 640x640, FAB6B599-D0F8-44C0-B972-A25F7B…)

I’ve never seen those but these were super popular. I have them in white with pink lace. The pink ones with white lace sold out so fast. And the other colors sold out shortly after. I still really like these shoes with a larme or Hime kaji outfit. I didn’t think these were ita. I had no idea really. Kinda saddens me but oh well I’ll still wear them.

No. 84277

omg anon, i have been eyeing them for like 2 years now but feel bit ridiculous as i don't even need slippers lol why can't anyone give me these for xmas or something

No. 84278

Damn… I just might buy a pair if they're cheap enough where I'm at or at least some similar ones.
If not, I'll pass. Comfortable shoes are a must for me since I have wide feet.
I remember I fell in love with the way they looked when I saw Mio wearing them in K-On lol that was YEARS ago.

No. 84282

File: 1528201527314.png (708.88 KB, 1148x1032, V0ZZ8mG.png)

Basic bitch kei here. I'm going to have to retire my toms I soon and ngl, I'm kind of tempted to get something like >>83449

No. 87733

Speaking of tacking, does anyone know where I can get red-bottomed heels for <$100. They don't have to be fancy, just serviceable, as it's for a costume.

No. 87811

You can get these things called shoelicks that stick to the sole of an existing pair of shoes and give a similar effect.


No. 87826

i have been looking for a good thigh high boot that isn't super pricey, but can't seem to find anything. i am considering one of the Pleaser thigh highs but they seem to fit people a bit too loose and i am looking for something a bit tighter. not necessarily SUPER tight, just hate that crinkly look. my other option was one of the Jeffrey Campbells but i really don't feel like spending $300, i'll go for $150 tops.

No. 87831


No. 87840

Link to those wishlist sandals please, anon? They're cute af.

No. 87983

No. 88131

File: 1531336520541.jpeg (31.75 KB, 480x693, 2B688DCB-FF6D-4F49-8D2A-0550AB…)

I splurged on these during a Ted Baker sale. I think they’re breathtaking but I’m scared to wear them because 1) I’m terrified they’ll get messed up and 2) I barely ever wear high-heels so 100mm heels seems quite intimidating lol. I’ll need to practice a lot before I wear them in public- start from a lower heel height and work my way up, yada yada.

No. 88139

Any Wellie recommendations? I live in a very rainy place and want to buy a pair this year. I like the general look of Hunter boots (matte varieties), but I've heard they are totally outdated

No. 88148

File: 1531352859631.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1279, EEDBBDE3-3029-46FE-A04E-976D9F…)

What type of sneakers are a good investment?
High ending but not flashy would be preferable.

No. 100488

File: 1541864562566.jpg (33.42 KB, 710x533, detail (8).jpg)

I've saved towards a new pair of Fluevogs for Black Friday.


No. 100489

File: 1541864598948.jpg (22.35 KB, 710x533, detail (1).jpg)


Or boots?

No. 100492

These would match more and be more versatile with outfits but >>100488 are cuter, but harder to match with outfits.

No. 100505


No. 100508

File: 1541875975313.jpg (22.58 KB, 480x360, coscos.jpg)

I've never had platform shoes before so I bought a pair of Cosmics from Rocket Dog on sale for 30% off the original price.
They came in the mail the other day and they fit great. I have a bit of wide feet too. A good investment and they don't look tacky at all. Walking in these doesn't feel bad either.

No. 100509

File: 1541876638012.png (320.93 KB, 704x482, luckystep.PNG)

My fashion sense is pretty bland, it's all graphic shirts and oversized sweaters with leggings so I want to dress up a bit with my shoes. These from Lucky Step are next on my list of flashy shoes. I'll probably buy them for myself on Christmas.

No. 100510

>>100508 those are cute! would you recommend these to someone who isn't really into wearing heels, the heel looks kinda high but also kinda low, if ya feel me?

No. 100511

File: 1541877241718.jpg (164.64 KB, 580x580, m_5b84364f12995510e2dbec58.jpg)

I just got my first pair of vans this summer and they're so comfy, sad i missed out on these. They would've been a cute pop of colour and comfort…there was also this skull version with the slip ons but they seemed kinda childish and eDgY?

No. 100512

File: 1541877330502.jpg (49.17 KB, 500x500, vans-vincent-vangough-slip-on-…)

>>100511 I don't know though, these could work well with my usual style but these are the type of shoes that need to be kinda worn in looking before they look cool?

No. 100514

I absolutely hate heels and these fit perfect. It's more of a slope to give the arch of your foot a bit of support.

No. 100522

These are lovely. Almost all my shoes are literally vans haha. I think the vans authentic especially look great after being worn in, but I even love the look of them when they are falling apart to fuck. The vans old skool hi are nice too and really comfy and wear a lot longer than the authentic. My authentic pairs last about a year and a half max, but I do wear the shit out of them like every day.

I mostly just hate people who wear vans as some kind of skater touch to le quirky girly outfit and have the huge skater shoes with like a dress or whatever? Really specific people I see do it and it looks so clunky and 2010. Can't go wrong with a plain pair of black/white (not checkered imo) vans and I think the authentic ones like your pic are the only ones that sometimes look good with neat designs like this. Otherwise they look very pander-y and the special edition ones are always work by the ~so quirky gamer girlz

No. 100525

i love the not in your face designs they have! i have the bw old skool and i do sometimes wear them with a t-shirt dress but that's a whole other vibe compared to that avril lavigne frilly dress ft. sneakers typa deal.

It's also weird and cute to see monki carry vans now? but it does add to the quirky phenomena you mentioned.

No. 100547

File: 1541912977878.jpg (245.69 KB, 1939x1939, web_1_107_1.jpg)

I recently got a real adult job and the first (probably only) "luxury" purchase I made is a pair of Doc Martens 2976 boots. I love them but holy fuck my socks have little blood spots on the ankles because they're so hard to break in.

No. 100548

File: 1541914306029.jpg (154.58 KB, 600x600, product-original-520725-190870…)

i like wedges

No. 100549


The oxfords come in black too, but I wear mostly black, purple, and burgundy.

No. 100568

File: 1541950006337.jpg (11.79 KB, 395x199, 81dhw6dsAtL._UX395_.jpg)

I got a pair of Cole Haans very similar to these years ago at a discount store and they're starting to show some signs of wear. I love the look of very masculine cut Oxfords, especially with a little thicker sole because these are very comfortable. Where can I find something like them that aren't $160+ a pair, in any color? I typically would save up but I'm just starting a new job so I need a replacement sooner than I can do that. If you do have the cash, I would definitely recommend them though, I walk at least a mile a day and wear them often- the sole has only started to wear down after 6 years of semi regular wear.

No. 100569

Apply some bandages over the areas where there might be friction.
My first pair where the Polley shoes, and now I also own the 1460 boots.

Breaking them in was a bitch, but now they're the comfiest shoes I own.

No. 100570


This, I also found that conditioning the leather with mink oil seemed to make the process a bit faster too.

No. 100583

I'll try this but I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to remember bandaids while in the process of rushing out the door. The Polleys look like they're meant to be worn without socks too, that must have been really painful!

Mine are actually vegan leather - not sure if that'll make a difference

No. 100595

File: 1541975918935.jpg (138.9 KB, 1600x869, 2725256b-c62c-4886-b60e-095e20…)

I just got my first pair of docs recently too. My mum got me a pair of vegan 3989s as a random gift. I was so shocked because they aren't cheap and she isn't rolling in cash but she insisted. I was thinking I'd have to spend winter wearing an old pair of £13 boots from new look.

Clarks might be worth checking out, though the pair I had only lasted 2-3 years.

My sales rep told me you can't use oil on the vegan shoes. She said something about a water based spray. I think it's the patent cleaner from looking at their website.

No. 100597

File: 1541982539600.png (803.56 KB, 720x761, s9s7M3y.png)

I tried wearing the Polleys with shoe liners, but even a quick run to the store ended up destroying the back of my feet lol

Ended up buying some cute socks from aliexpress instead.
pic very related

No. 100604

you have any recs for winter boots, docs or such, we have actually cold and slippery winters here and my last shoes broke.

No. 100607

I wouldn't recommend docs for winter, it's the fastest way to lose your teeth lol docs are extremely slippery on snow, especially this freezed morning snow. Last winter I literally tip-toed every day through an uphill to my school because it was so damn slippery in docs. They're warm enough though.
I have secondhand Timberland winter trekking boots and they're amazing. Super warm. Not very presentable though, if you need to look clean-cut or whatever. But I think they have some charm combined with a thick sweater. The mountain chick look

No. 100676

File: 1542117577041.jpg (22.11 KB, 680x680, 10016383_3-4_front.jpg)

Not the prettiest, but Ariat's extreme waterproof boots are amazing. They're fully insulated and I've walked through soggy, melting snow and stayed perfectly dry after keeping up with reapplying waterproofing every few months. If you have a tack shop near you, they often sell them cheaper than online. I don't even ride horses but I wear English paddock boots all the time because they're cute but actually durable.

No. 101285

File: 1542868980167.jpeg (123.53 KB, 640x753, F4BFB533-FF80-41D0-B1AF-D42E76…)

Bought another pair of these despite that my previous one’s heels caved in due to one of the heels being very hollow due to shit quality. But they’re so comfy during the cold season and are easy to walk in.


No. 101424

Anon it's time to love yourself. You can find other, better options than shitty Hot Topic boots that cave in at the heel.

I saw your post days ago and I've been perplexed ever since.

No. 104582

bump for winter months. does any one have any go-to lesser alt style stores for boots that arent unif/dollskill? ive been trying to buy a pair or boots for moths and i cant seem to find a pair for me

No. 104585

Any flat footed anons here? My feet literally make all of my shoes end up deformed I hate it and I don't know what I should wear. I got a pair of Dr. Martens last year and the boots look good but they look deformed now do to my feet pointing inwards.

No. 104628

File: 1546461214636.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190102_123231785.j…)

Harley Davidson? I have the two on the left n I love them! But I live in a place where it hardly dips below 50 degrees F so idk if they are ideal for winters.

No. 204211

just buy at dollskill, they have monopoly on so many cool brands you might as well just give in

No. 392688

File: 1713727522534.jpg (47.41 KB, 765x518, asics-galaxy-9-gs-destockage-1…)

I hope it's okay to bump this thread.
>How many pairs of shoes do you own?
>Would you buy more shoes or do you think you should get rid of some?
>What's your favourite pair of shoes right now?
>Do you prefer summer shoes (sandals, flip flops, slippers..), medium weather shoes (sneakers, moccasins…) or winter shoes (boots and other warm shoes)? Why?
>Do you own any heels? What are the tallest and shortest heels you own?
I own about 17-18 pairs of shoes and I actually just bought 3 more. I buy a lot of second hand shoes at a very reasonable price. I really don't mind if they're a little bit worn out or dirty because I own specific cleaning products and shoe deodorant, and sometimes I risk putting sport shoes on the washing machine. I am (hopefully) selling some of my shoes because I don't want to own that many. My favourite pair of shoes are these Gel Galaxy 9 black and purple Asics I bought for 6€, I use them when I go running but I also wear them with jeans and informal ourfits because they are super comfortable. I'm a winter person, I absolutely prefer my wardrobe for colder seasons, including footwear. I own a simple pair of flat leather black boots, no zippers, no lacing, just wide cut leather. They become my everyday casual shoes once the temperature is cold enough. I very much prefer boots than sandals. I also own one pair of platform boots with a 9 cm heel, that's the tallest shoe I have right now. They are thigh-high boots and the heel is square-shaped and heavy as fuck, so these are perfect candidates for the a resell because I have only used them twice in one year. Some years ago I was really into kitten heels and I still own two pairs, 3-4cm tall each. I don't wear them anymore but they are authentic leather so I'm not sure about selling them.

No. 392691

i've been wanting to try asics so thank you for the rec. i mostly wear skechers since they're insanely soft and comfortable so i'd love to find a pair that feels as nice but is less ugly.

No. 392695

I own 2 pairs of sneakers I regularly wear and like 3 pairs of heels I haven't worn in 5+ years, that's it. I need to get a pair of sandals. Idk where I'd store 20 pairs though.

No. 392696

I’ve always hated heels due to how uncomfy they are. Then I bought a pair of 6 inch heels from Japan, just to experiment with walking in I guess. And they were sooooo comfortable wtf. Like super cushioned sole. And a slight platform to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot. I have no idea where those heels are now but every pair of western heels I’ve tried since hurts my feet so bad since.

No. 392702

I'm really happy with all the shoes I've bought from that brand, although I always look for 1 size more than I'd normaly use. I guess it's because it's a Japanese brand.
I have a big shelf in my closet full of shoes (in boxes). It really is a waste of space.
What brand, anon? Would you post a picture of a similar pair?

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