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No. 83258

I know I'm not alone in this, share your experiences with girls thirsty for your SO trying to get rid if you.

>husband used to be bffs with this hyper sexualized poster girl for daddy issues from an extremely fucked up upbringing (but the variety that refuses to accept her parenting was horrible even though it's the type of shit child services would have rightfully been all over if they were aware of)

>husband is only male she trusts and he's been there for her through some serious shit (she stayed with him after her sister died because he was her best support system)
>became clear that she wanted him literally day one of meeting her (referenced them almost fucking, ganging out naked together all the time, how she was closer to him than any girlfriend could be our first conversation)
>treated me like shit to a ridiculous degree to prove he would always put her over me
>he dropped her pretty much immediately
>she was genuinely shocked and is still in denial
>years later still trying to talk to him and invite him to her bar shows even though he's made it clear he doesn't want her in his life
>wrote a song about their ~love~ and how his bitch girlfriend gets between them
>hear from people how she still calls him her best friend despite not speaking for three years

No. 83263

I'd divorce him, he has no respect for you if he continues to let her be in his life.

No. 83264

by this I mean that he should get a restraining order. other than that, the best revenge is to live well OP. If I were you I'd flaunt my relationship a bit to upset her lol

No. 83265

But he doesn't let her continue to be in his life.

No. 83280

If you're confident that your SO loves you and nobody else, then it shouldn't be a problem. Yeah, people like this are annoying but they can't love, it's just obsession. They obsess over someone and then they move onto a next person quickly. In the three years that they haven't been talking, I can guarantee she thought she was "in love" with 10 other guys and when all of them didn't work out, she came back to your bf. These kinds of people always want what they can't have. If she managed to break you guys up and get with him, she'd spend three days with him and then get bored because it's not as exciting anymore. I know these types of people well.

My bf has some "friends" who do the same. They won't speak for months/years and then one day they'll message him out of the blue wanting to meet up or trying to get him alone or trying to stay over at his place with a sob story/trying to move in with him or making "jokes" like "Hey when are you guys breaking up? hahahah". I think his problem is that he's too nice and he'll actually respond to them and politely decline instead of just ignoring them/telling them to fuck off. I've had the same problem with some of my "friends" who tell me that they're a better fit for me than my bf (and now I've this strong hatred for songs about that topic lol) or making up lies about him but I've genuinely told them to fuck off and never speak to me again so I've never heard from them again haha.

I think the point I'm trying to make is that if someone loves you and you're sure of it, these kinds of people will never turn them off you. They'll only make your SO love you more because you're not a psycho like them lol. It's important that you guys share these experiences with each other so you can point out their behaviour and see the patterns. Not even just for the "psycho" ones but for the future when you encounter more subtle ones. Sometimes you can't see the patterns when you're just having a chat with someone casually.

No. 83282

… Are we reading the same post? He cut her our, she's delusional and not accepting it even 3 years with no contact.

No. 83283

>restraining order
What OP describes isn't even close to grounds for a restraining order

No. 83284

>when left looks better and has more personality than right

No. 83293

It's usually just funny to see them try. Some girl keeps making profiles, stealing my photos and trying to contact my boyfriend as 'me with a new profile', he never replies, but she always makes the mistake of contacting me with snide shit like "I told you he was mine :)" and "Just so you know, he's cheating on you xoxoxox" which is just so petty and weird especially as she usually does it from accounts while pretending to be me. I'm not sure what her goal really is as she knows I would never suspect him of cheating and he would never do so. It is annoying though, and I do wish she would just give it up and stop trying to be me and encourage him to cheat, it's a losing battle on her part. She's been doing this for nearly 9 months.

No. 83319

Just wanted to say I have a lot of male friends and it's so obvious when their girlfriends get jealous i.e some of them start kissing/cuddling them in front of me as if they're claiming their 'territory'. It's kind of sad seeing them being this insecure, people who trust their partner don't do this kind of shit. Not every female friend of husband/bf wants to steal them from you. If they really try to do that cut their bullshit real quick tho.

sage for off topic

No. 83494

god bless your husband.
I haven't has these issues yet but I'm worried in the future because my s/o is a model. He's faithful from what it seems but you never know. I think he's the prettier one in the relationship.

No. 83496

The right is an improvement, you just have bad taste.

No. 84184

The left reminds me of Jamie Hewlett's work or anyone who's ever contributed to the Tank Girl comics. The right looks like every generic, mediocre deviantart art style that everyone and their mom draws nowadays and the proportions are terrible. I'm guessing you draw the same boring stuff or are projecting with that shit taste comment.

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