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No. 83742

Fantastic people and not touched upon too much on the board. Related is Katherine Ryan opening Live at the Apollo four years ago, her Beyonce bit is just hilarious. Never thought I'd love someone who mostly riffs on celebrities but here I am!
Other than K.R I find Iliza Shlesinger great, though of her two Netflix specials I think 'Confirmed Kills' is better. Also Mo'Nique and Leslie Jones are amaze. Leslie's 'Problem Child', (also on Netflix can you guess where I get my stand-up fix from?) surprised me for how much I liked it actually. Tall-girl-troubles realness, she is not afraid to get riiight into the audience…

Enough about mine, which ladies are on your likes list? Dudes are hilarious too but I'm sick of their saturation so we can overlook them for now ~

No. 83743

Unfortunately, I don't really have fav female comedians. Come to think of it, I don't even know any that I like.

But here's a vid with Amy Schumer. I don't watch her usually but I found her hilarious in this.

No. 83785

i find her unfunny but this skit was great. I attribute most of it to the snl writers, but I guess credit when due to acting

No. 83796

Ali Wong, both Netflix specials
Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo (leather special sucked)

No. 83801

Ali Wong is alright.

No. 83817

>Amy Shumer

>Chelsea Peretti
>Natasha Leggero
>Amy Poehler

No. 84006

I liked Baby Cobra but her newest Netflix special is boring, tbh. As someone who hasn’t had a kid yet, I couldn’t really relate to it since basically the entire show was her making jokes about the ~horrors~ of pregnancy/parenting without much else going on. I watched it to the end but I wouldn’t watch again.

No. 84022

Does anyone else feel like the "women are not funny because no good female standup comedians lololo" meme has formed because in order to be a female and allowed on televised events you have to be attractive, and some female comediennes made it because of their looks and not their wit? Male TV Personas can be ugly and fat if they're funny but with women you have to be attractive, in a cocktail dress, full face of makeup etc. And they always have to be FEMALE comedians first, all their jokes have to do with periods or being fat. I've met so many clever, funny women in my life that I have no doubt in my mind that women can be just as funny, but I believe the "women aren't funny" bullshit just keeps us from making it in the entertainment industry.

No. 84024

I actually think funniness in itself can be seen as a negative trait in a woman. If you think about men joking around (even in a casual setting), it's usually crude and rude, they're loud and drawing attention to themselves, they might insult people or be arrogant, etc. Those traits aren't necessarily considered attractive in women, so it's no surprised if male-oriented humour is not a skill women cultivate when they're concerned about endearing themselves to men. And of course, like you said, it's only the pretty ones people want to watch.

I think this is why women shine so much in written humour compared to stand up or just being a class clown or the joker of a group. The brains and talent are there, but physically projecting and practicing it isn't exactly encouraged in social settings.

No. 84028

File: 1527852945088.jpeg (33.5 KB, 592x580, 1514510090231.jpeg)

This is a rather common thing. I think funniness isn't a feminine trait at all sadly, but I don't think it's entirely because humorous is associated with dirtyness or smugness or cynicism, these traits aren't inherently masculine.

Have you ever done mini experiments on male dominated anonymous platforms like steam and of course the Chans and inferred or generally act as though your male, basically Larping. I've always done this and you find a ton of people aknowledge your wit, humorous smart remarks when their not attached to the mental image of a woman. It's the sad truth for whatever reason of course there's truth to the idea of many women's opinions being vapid and unsophisticated, a cultures been cultivated around this mentality and platitudinous, shallow shit like seen on Instagram, Facebook and other vapid stupid women social media platforms doesn't help this.

Seeing how women dominate the shallow superficial mediums it's not surprising expectations are unreasonably high for appearances and no one cares about substance.

Who knows if this is a evolutionary adaptation or social conditioning it's most likely both.

No. 84029

I agree with what you and the other anons said, but would add on top of this that women who are feminine/prettier/cute are subconsciously seen as less funny. So we encounter a dilemma where mostly feminine women are comedians, but because of this they're seen as less funny even if they aren't.

Source: I've never struggled too much with making men laugh because I have a deep masculine voice, and overall more goofy, masculine body language. I've met equally funny women, but due to being awkward around (straight) men or being prettier than me, were 'less funny' for men. Perhaps it distracts them to have to acknowledge an attractive female essence.

Also don't believe the whole 'pretty girls don't have to be funny so aren't uwu' meme, since if it exists it applies to both genders. I witnessed staceys in my school who were pretty hilarious.

No. 84041

I think it's mainly the type of comedy that is being pushed. Joking about periods and "I have sex XDDD" are seen as 'empowering' so that's what American SJWs hype up, also mom humor and "teehee so random and twee :333 LE SEXYTIMES" tumblr humor coming from bitches stuck in the late 2000s who draw comics on instagram. I think the reason why I detest them is because it feels like they're the irl version of "girl here btw" and always putting on an act instead of acting naturally. It doesn't mean you have to be a butch bulldyke to be funny, but that's not funny it's just cringy.

I don't think there's anything wrong with men not finding you funny. They don't have to get it, they shouldn't get to decide whether or not someone's a good comedian just because they personally don't like it.

I think Lucille Ball is funny and is the reason why I Love Lucy is such a classic. Some of the humor is dated, sure, but it's still good. Jeanne Robertson is enjoyable to watch. Also I find Jenna Marbles hilarious even though some people hate the shit out of her for some reason. Tina Fey toes the line between actually funny and tumblr humor sometimes but I like her. A lot of British actresses are hilarious (such as Patricia Routledge).

I think there's lots of funny women but they're not your usual "I'm a WOMAN and I have BREASTS and like SEX, FEMINISM AND BLOWJOBS AMIRITE" type, or maybe my taste is shit idk but that's my two cents.

No. 84059

I agree with everything you said here anon. I'm a frequent poster to anonymous boards and people have found my stuff hilarious multiple times, and I feel like they wouldn't if they knew I was a woman. Women being witty and funny is often considered an unattractive trait because men don't LIKE smart women. They're too intimidating because in most men's minds, a woman is supposed to be inferior to a man both physically and intellectually. Being funny often requires a sharp mind and being observant enough to produce a good routine. So women usually restrict their humor and jokes to the company to their friends. I've noticed myself do this all the time, I'm too afraid of letting out a witty remark floating in my head when in the company of men because I feel like they'll just groan and think less of me as a person.

All the bullshit about women being "too dumb" or "not cynical enough" to be funny is just make-believe and a saddening amount of fellow women force it too.

No. 84066

I think Rachel Feinstein is really funny.

No. 84068

A few of my male "friends" have admitted to me that they think I'm very funny (for a female xDDDD) and I think it helps to be aggressive with your delivery. I straight up insult them all of the time just for the lulz and I really enjoy banter. I don't hold back a lot when I'm making jokes. I could give a shit about what men think of me so it just comes naturally. I like to laugh and make other people laugh, I'm not going to put a cork in it because some dumb asshole might not like how I'm presenting myself.

No. 84080

why can't female comedians just tell good jokes? most of the time they just try to make funny sounds/faces which makes me cringe tbh

No. 84082

Having an older brother shaped the way I act around men and how I joke around them in general. Making them laugh is a piece of cake for me. Sometimes I even have to stop myself from joining in when they're making dirty/inappropriate jokes because the other girls will think I'm weird. It fucking sucks but my humor is pretty masculine.

No. 84083

>because men don't LIKE smart women.
I disagree. Everybody likes someone who's funny and witty regardless of gender. Insecure men prefer dumb bimbos to feel better about themselves. Ime the reason why it's hard for attractive women or just women in general to joke around men is because they take it the wrong way 90% of the time. Like 'if she's going out of her way to appear funny to me must mean she's interested' way of thinking.

No. 84123

look at "Dad's google history"
they're so desperate for a female to be funny they will platform any female

No. 84131

I haven’t had kids either and don’t plan on it but I thought it was hysterical. But I do have friends with kids so I was probably being a bitch and laughing at their expense

I don’t know anyone irl who says shit like this.
Off the top of my head, all the women on Ab Fab, Dawn French, Catherine Tate, Jo Brand, Tina Fey, Joan Rivers, Ellen, and Mindy from the Mindy Project. I’m sure there’s so much more than that. I think “hur dur women aren’t funny” is a male view because comedy relies on relatability and being witty about the human condition, and many men don’t bother with relating to women or their conditions.

No. 84133

No. 84134

NSFW lyrics. But hilarious.

No. 101746

Loved the Sarah Silverman Program, it cracked me up so many times.

No. 101977

I have always disliked that bitch and it was gratifying to have my instinct proven correct re: her comments on Louis CK

No. 102211

There are definitely a lot of unfunny women in stand up though. Whose whole thing is just ohh she's kinda hot but also burps loud and makes dick jokes. But I just don't really like bro humor regardless. The anon who said relatability in comedy matters was on point.

Side note, I recently decided to stop giving unfunny people polite laughs/chuckles and so far more women have made me genuinely laugh than men have.

No. 116062

Everything else itt that was posted didn't even make me chuckle once but it did make me cringe. The one I posted however? It is art (I am shocked) and it is funny (I am laughing uncontrollably hard at her)

But to be more serious: Female comedy never really existed in history and nowadays is not properly developed (yet?). Charisma in males and females seem to be entirely different in proportion too. Partly due society that's to blame both the genders and partly due biological nature. Even if men weren't shit and women weren't a little bit less shittier, most males can't really get to be an oil painting that easily but the average woman can get beautiful with a quick fix and if she worked as hard as a groomed lifting guy on a strict diet r9kroties refer as "chad" they'd be goddesses compared to chad.

I say give it a lot of time before we notice actual funny female comedians. Non-comedian funny women aka your friend that everyone would find funny? They exist in some quantities too.

No. 116075

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