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File: 1528372352622.jpg (137.96 KB, 716x997, QRbOi.jpg)

No. 84480

Share your daily food intake!
(Maybe add your height and weight + whether your trying to lose/maintain/gain weight.)

No. 84482

Current weight: 92lbs goal:115lbs
The day isn't over yet but this is my plan for the day:
-Leftover pizza for breakfast because I woke up too hungry and woozy to stand up and make eggs or something
-stir fried noodles
-a miso soup in here somewhere
-small steak with spinach and Mandarin salad
-rasmalai for desert
Currently trying to gain weight, my goal is around 2500 calories a day to meet it but I tend to end up eating less but my mandatory goal is 1900 minimum so I'm not running at a deficit

No. 84483

File: 1528376892081.jpg (14.82 KB, 480x268, 5e5801f66c770bf1faac9bb4f56bba…)

one protein shake green smoothie and a subway wrap

I actually dont give a fuck about my weight after building muscle as I'm looking for tone and small tight muscle volume

No. 84502

>an apple
>half a cup of leftover pasta
>a coffee with a biscuit
For dinner I'll bbq a vegan burger and a few sausages. No buns or sauces. Broccoli and apple salad.

I'm trying to lose weight.

No. 84542

(5 ft) Current: 113 lbs Goal:108
>for breakfast/lunch: A low carb Monster, One Pork Kebab, and half a ube bread roll
>for dinner: Lemongrass Chiken tv dinner & two bottles of water

still hungry but ima just sleep soon

No. 84602

File: 1528511678089.png (134.93 KB, 297x321, QZ894j3.png)

I ate a bagel in the morning before bs staff meeting
picked up chickie nuggies and a milkshake from mcd's on the way home
not planning anything special for dinner-dinner, or much at all

No. 84617

File: 1528523504970.jpg (62.07 KB, 500x284, 3928461964jpg.jpg)

Breakfast: Egg toast (lo cal bread) + quest bar= ~390 cal

Lunch: Complete cookie= 400 cal

Dinner: Roll with butter= 200 cal

Total: 990cal

5'4", my TDEE is around 1,900 calories. Trying to lose weight.

No. 84656

It's saturday so
>Cherries for breakfast (fight me its summer and they are at their cheapest so im going ham)
sweat buckets doing some janitorial stuff in the basement of a small nice apartment building. Mom hits me up asking if i can buy her food (i live close by to her) take the chance to walk more. Use the day etc
>Large vegan kebab with medium sauce

>a Twix was in there some where while i snacked out of exhaustion

Overall i'm loosing weight cause water is a gift and being more concious of it while also slowly getting my mood back to pick longer distanced after a rough patch feels great.

No. 84662

· several shots of espresso
· handful of almonds, 7.5 oz can of Coke Zero
· Mini KIND Bar
· Beyond Burger, rosemary fries, a glass of pinot grigio, and a glass of pinot noir at the movie theatre

More than I would've liked. 5'6", 111 lbs. Trying to lose.

No. 84675

As a vegetarian, my diet is so important to me. It would be so easy to not get enough protein or certain vitamins.

Breakfast: a banana, a yogurt (245)

Lunch: normally a peanut butter protein bar, but today I had a mashed sweet potato with a cup of peas and a cup of sweetcorn (420)

Dinner: kale sauteed with garlic and tomatoes, a boiled egg, some chunks of sour dough bread, a meatless vegan "sausage" (520)

Snack: coffee with four small biscuits (280)

Total calories: 1465
Fats: 22%
Carbs: 65%
Protein: 13% (usually the protein bar does the heavy lifting here)
Low on salt (just used in cooking), low in cholesterol

I supplement for B12, biotin, iron, and a multivitamin. I focus on drinking water all day, sometimes I'll drink a heavily diluted smoothie. This is a lot of food. I don't feel unsatisfied or hungry. I am 5'11, and I'm trying to lose weight, so I try to keep my daily calories below 1500. If I go over, usually on a friday night out, I don't beat myself up over it. :) I'm a huge foodie

No. 84677

I'm not dieting (obviously)

Breakfast: strawberry cake
Snack: gummies and chocolate cookies
Lunch: sandwich
Snack: a coke
Dinner: two and a half sandwiches
Dessert: chocolate cake and stracciatella ice cream
Snack: gummies

No. 84690

Is that your usual diet? Sandwiches and treats?

No. 84691

2 packets of oatmeal
green tea
2 hard boiled eggs
half a medium pizza
french fries
half a gyro
cup of beer
lots o water
will probably snack after posting this

5'8 / 130 / trying to get gains

No. 84695

i'm sick so i just had 2 servings of beans and sausage and some chicken broth.

No. 84698

today I've had:

- Homemade banana chocolate chip pancakes (3 smallish)
- small packet of cassava chips
- Tuna sandwich
and currently drinking a cup of tea, skim milk no sugar. Having homemade beef burritos for dinner.

Currently quite chubby, I'd guess around ~170 pounds at 5'7" and trying to lose weight. I've successfully lost weight before, but ballooned after moving out of home and in with friends who don't know how to cook much beyond carbs. I can't afford to buy all my own food as I'm a student. But yeah, I've done it before, I can do it again. Hoping to get a small place with just my partner next year and cannot wait to cook loads of healthy, veggie-based meals for us.

No. 84702

Half cup of Jalna yogurt, two slices of pastrami, a banana, six coffees with light milk, no sugar.

What is an appetite?

No. 84705

- Greek yogurt with noni powder added + multivitamin
- Greens & antioxidants drink
- Quinoa & salmon bowl
- Coconut water
- Broccoli & almonds throughout the day
- A few slices of sharp cheddar cheese
- Small bag of salt & vinegar chips as a treat
- 4-5 water bottles with lemon & cucumber added

5’7, fluctuate between 115-125, 130 if I’ve been unhealthy for an extended period of time.

Currently 123lbs, mostly focused on good health versus weight.

No. 84706

Goddamn I’d feel physically ill and exhausted, so many empty carbs, so much sugar…

No. 84708

Same. It would also blow my calorie budget (unless tiny portions) and Id feel starving. If I ate like that daily, I’m sure my skin and hair would get fucked, too. Idk if that anon eats cake twice a day normally or if it was a special occasion?
And I feel guilty over a chocolate biscuit kek

No. 84713

Only sandwiches was unusual, but otherwise yes.

Like I mentioned, I don't diet, so I eat as much of it as I want.
And I guess I'm just lucky that it doesn't affect my appearance lol
Also, I get that eating like this is childish, but feeling guilty over one small treat surely isn't healthy either.

No. 84738

File: 1528645224032.jpg (111.09 KB, 512x512, 1527270944329.jpg)

5'9, around 70 kgs, trying to maintain or lose it's w/e
>leftover chicken stirfry
>2 glasses of coke
>a popsicle
>2 cups of coffee with milk
>beef and veg stew with rice
will probably have a glass of whiskey before bed

No. 84745

>one small treat
you're not eating anything healthy/nutritious, everything you listed is "a treat." unless the sandwiches are stuffed full of veggies + other healthy foods
I would recommend you start eating less sugar and more substantial things, just because your appearance isn't affected doesn't mean you're healthy

No. 84748

>Like I mentioned, I don't diet, so I eat as much of it as I want.
You should change your diet. Cake and cookies and sandwiches is not a healthy diet. Diets aren't just about weight, they're about health. >>84745
is right, you're not eating anything substantial.

No. 84749

I know that I eat more than "one small treat", this was in response to the anon I quoted saying
>"I feel guilty over a chocolate biscuit"

Just a short while ago I had a physical exam since I'm a member of the firefighters and this requires my to regularly get my lung capacity, endurance, etc checked. Funnily, the doctor there asked me if I didn't like sweets, since my blood test results were very good - so I'd say I'm healthy.

Also, quite amusing how so many farmers took issue with me just eating whatever I want, but choose to ignore that many posters above me are severly undereating, e.g.
>one smoothie and one wrap

No. 84750

I'm that anon and its because I know the sugar is bad for my body. I feel a little bad for putting junk into my body, not bad enough to not do it though kek
>so I'd say I'm healthy.
that's not how health works. That's like an obese person saying they're healthy because their cholesterol levels are fine. Do you take supplements? What's your protein intake? B12? Fiber?
And on the topic of people eating not enough, I've learned long ago not to engage with anons who might be anachans. Its not productive at all and just leads to infighting.

No. 84754

anon you're infighting rn

No. 84755

no, I'm asking questions and commenting on the unhealthiness. If you wanna see infighting about weight, go to /ot/.

No. 84762

Ditch the coke and you’ll feel better

No. 84764

>strawberry crepes
>coconut Icelandic yogurt
>tandoori chicken frozen meal
>cup of dry cinnamon toast crunch
1030 calories. Maybe I'll have some broccoli before bed.

5'8 and 135, progressively losing but I'm mostly happy with my body so idc. I usually don't eat this many sweet things though.

No. 84766

>>cheese quesadilla
>>pistachios 1c
>>white wine

family dinner tonight at my moms, but it's too hot for eating

height: 5'2
wight: 112
-Trying to lose, but not seriously

No. 84767

sick anon here again, still sick

had one cupcake and some noodles.

No. 84771

ok, keep eating like that then and you'll get diabetes eventually

No. 84774

a protein shake, a smoothie, and a subway wrap can easily be enough calories for a day.

No. 84778

there is no way that all of you fat fucks are regularly eating below 1000 kcal lol

No. 84779

Why do you assume anons are all fat? We’ve got gym rats, anachans, normies, chubbies losing weight. Not everyone on here is obese.

No. 84789

prob just some bot who can only argue by claiming anyone they don't like and never seen is unattractive

No. 84794

Cause they’re legit obese and can’t believe not everybody stuffs themselves.

It’s hard for heaps of people to eat enough, and only fatties think eating less than a few thousand calls everyday is an impossible lie.

No. 84810

>oatmeal with syrup and chia seeds
>cup of tea, blueberries, apple, banana
>brown spaghetti with jar sauce+onions and spinach
>fries, veggie sausages, baked beans, broccoli
My diet isn't terrible but I want to get more protein and more veggies in it.

No. 84848

Tbh people are probably more likely to post here when they think their day was brag-worthy, but I'm not surprised this thread reads like MPA. I think a lot of people here are genuinely convinced that <1000cals daily is healthy and normal. Pretty much to be expected on a board where cows and flakes who are anything above medically underweight are regularly called chubby.

No. 84894

Curry/egg sandwich
Some danishes
And gonna have a “milkshake” with strawberries, milk and vanilla syrup later.

No. 84897

· lots of espresso
· bibimbap with multigrain rice, tofu, kale, zucchini, broccoli, onions, edamame, corn, and carrots
· Beyond Burger with mushrooms, avocado, and vegan cheese
· 7.5 oz Coke Zero

· more espresso
· Mini KIND Bar
· nachos with seitan, black beans, cumin creme, jalapeños, guacamole, and cilantro
· a few bites of vegan tres leches cake
· 7.5 oz Coke Zero

No. 84916

OT but you probably SHOULD NOT try losing weight. I am the same height and maybe 2-5 lbs lighter, and I'm skinny with curves.

Please do not feed into an eating disorder and take care of yourself. Eating healthy is good, but I have strong doubts that someone your height/weight needs to lose.

No. 84919

relapsing with my ed slightly,not because i want to though.
tmi but i have IBS and my bloating has been insane and it causes me a lot of pain, so im having banana on toast and peppermint tea. thats all so far. any tips for reducing bloa/IBS help?
Im 5'4 and 103lb

No. 84947

Anon of 5'1, 11st here, what do I eat to lose weight? it stopped, I've lost over a stone but the rest? stubborn.

No. 84952

-oatmeal with pb fit and stevia
-2 apples
-1 lavash wrap bread
-microwave broccoli with hot sauce
-an almond milk latte

No. 84953

>two cups of coffee
>cup of fage yogurt with cereal

Post-exercise food
>fiber bar
>a babybel
>spoonful of almond butter

>chicken with spinach

>3 milano cookies
>2 tomato rice cakes
>couple spoonfuls of gelato

>turkey patty with rice/quinoa

No. 84963

· espresso
· KIND Bar
· handful of almonds
· Beyond Burger, avocado, mushrooms, vegan cheese
· 7.5 oz Coke Zero

Also, I drink a lot of still & sparkling water, and take a daily multivitamin.

No. 84972

Lord, what didn't I eat today? I just got over food poisoning for three days so I was HUNGRY. Lost five fucking pounds not including water weight.

>two and a half servings of spinach and kale tendies I got from Target

>Starbucks grande mango dragonfruit refresher
>a salmon avocado roll from Whole Foods
>made 4 pounds of garlic white wine mussels and split them between me and bf with a couple baguette slices
>pumpkin seeds
>three slices of chicken deli meat
>two sugar free pudding cups

I'm still fucking hankering.
Just waiting until it's officially "breakfast" hour so I can fry up a sausage patty and egg and have it over toast.

No. 84974

>Lost five fucking pounds not including water weight.
how do you know if the weight you’re losing is water weight or not? I’m not sure if I’m losing fat or not

No. 84975

Because I log my weight on myfitnesspal everyday ana-tier paranoia style. Significant drop right after I got the butt cholera and it's stayed that way since, when if it were water weight it would have restored after I ate all that food today.

No. 84976

*Should also mention this is why people weigh themselves first thing in the morning before they start eating and drinking, so they don't have water weight.

Either way anon, I was very, very ill. Sickest I've ever been and I did nothing but sip some ginger ale. Couldn't have topped more than 600 calories a day. Pooping every half hour so whatever I could stomach went right through me.
0/10 would not recommend.

No. 84979

For breakfast toast with honey and coffee
Lunch bread
Dinner sausages and potato salad
Dessert ice cream

No. 84981

That makes sense then. I’m sorry you were so sick! I hope you recuperate.

No. 85154

· espresso
· 7.5 oz Coke Zero
· risotto with vegan sausage, English peas, and mint
· little piece of baguette
· two scoops of Ben & Jerry's dairy-free peanut butter half baked ice cream

No. 85348

I love this thread. I’m on holiday in italy so I had a really good food day

three slices of toast and 3/4 of an avocado
a peach
salad with greens, tofu and hummus
vegan chickpea omlette and half a fried rice ball wich was drenched in oil ew
raw chocolate/hazelnut/coffee and mango ice cream

It was a little too much but I walked a lot this week and ate very lightly. When I’m back home I’ll go on a diet. I’m 170cm, 51kg. I‘m also vegan and I do internittend fasting.

No. 85349

File: 1529012622676.jpeg (33.5 KB, 592x580, 1527852945088.jpeg)

>two slices of bread with hardboiled eggs
>spaghetti bolognese
>a cookie
>a handful of potato chips
>2 cups of black coffee
>one beer
might have some fries or grilled cheese later… we'll see

No. 85362

1 packet of oatmeal
2 hard boiled eggs
black tea
diet cherry pepsi
large kit kat
half a medium pizza its my favorite depression meal
a few handfuls of spinach with dressing

today wasnt so great i should have eaten more but i had a job interview (hired on the spot!) and doctors appt so my nerves messed with my appetite

No. 85363

i forgot i also snacked on guacamole chips and salsa

No. 85364

2 slices of leftover cheese pizza
Half of a small Oreo Sonic blast
One package of those bagel bites pizza snacks

No. 85390


>veggie strudel
>rosemary potatoes
>tomato sauce
~515 calories

~1200 calories

knew id be going out for drinks so only ate one small meal today. its crazy how many calories are in cocktails, jfc. ended up at around 1750 calories for the day, which is probably around my maintenance calories. ill aim to hit ~1350 again for the rest of the week.

No. 85392

anyone heard of/doing intermittent fasting? i fast from 8pm-midday. it's meant to help you lose weight? idk.

breakfast: nothing

lunch: chicken soup & two lemon fish sticks

dinner: probably chicken chow mein

i also tend to snack on small things in between (muesli bars etc)

No. 85393

lunch: Trader Joe's pork gyoza, panfried

dinner: went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered pork spine in adobo sauce. not sure what they gave me. seemed more like a stew. also drank agua fresca.

I've been eating so much lately lol

No. 85424

>sausage roll
>2 yoghurt rice cakes
>tea with milk
~500 calories


>southern fried chicken pieces
>packet of crisps
>small amount of cheese with crackers
>millionaire shortbread bar
~660 calories

kinda ate like shit today but i was tired and it came to ~1200 calories so im ok with it.

No. 85438

>half a bag of goldfish
>an apple
>some strawberries
>a banana

i have a huge lack of appetite and when i do eat more i'm annoyingly picky but not in the good way where you only like to eat cheap fatty food, everything i can eat without getting sick is expensive so me going out to eat or getting ingredients to cook is a rarer thing than i'd like it to be

No. 85439

I've been doing intermittent fasting for a while now and personally find it really helps with the urge to binge. If I eat early in the day or have the normal three meals it's like my desire to consume everything is activated for the rest of the day whereas if I just have one big meal before bed I feel satisfied and of course I go to sleep after so there's no time to binge anyways.

No. 85464

This sounds wierd but intermittent fasting helped a lot with my depression brain fog. I do 16/8, sometimes more, and it gives me so much mental clarity. And it makes weight loss super easy.
When I don’t do it for a few days I feel tired and hungry all the time.

No. 85477

· espresso
· soy boba latte
· bibimbap with tofu, kale, edamame, zucchini, scallions, and carrots
· 12 oz Diet Coke
· 7.5 oz Coke Zero

· espresso
· 12 oz Coke Zero
· leftover risotto
· little piece of baguette
· 7.5 oz Coke Zero

· espresso
· 12 oz Coke Zero
· 7.5 oz Coke Zero
· handful of almonds
· 3 little squares of dark chocolate
· Mini KIND Bar
· risotto
· little piece of baguette

There's a pop machine in the break room at work, and my boyfriend buys the little 7.5 oz cans at home, so I drink way too much of it.

No. 85484

File: 1529161473058.jpg (146.02 KB, 799x1200, 011.jpg)

I'm trying to lose weight so
>bag of mini cheddars (128 cal)
>Banana (~100 cal)
>A slice of bread (98 cal)
Total: 326 calories

I have no idea what a good amount of calories is to eat, but for now I'm just eating when hunger hurts, I get hungry too easily for fasting.
I just want nice legs for lolita and Liz Lisa tbh, aiming for legs like pic related

No. 85487

>326 kcal
Is this a joke anon? You’re ruining your body if you keep eating like this. Drink lots of water, eat a balanced diet, avoid empty calories like soda, work out and you’ll lose weight.

No. 85488


- vegan croissant
- cucumber maki
- salad and some strawberries
- brazil nut
- mixed berries and flax seed milk + a small piece of dark choco
- toast with avocado

total: 1200 cal? idk

No. 85489

How tall are you, anon?
Even if you want to be the low end of healthy weight that is too low in a day.
That is almost the caloric intake of a large house cat.

No. 85494

I wont stay this way for long (a month max), it's just until I get to my ideal weight and then I'll go on a diet that can help me maintain it. The exercise I do right now is walk 3 miles a day, but I'm considering extending it to 6 miles

5'6" I think, I have no idea how much I weigh though. How many calories would you recommend I eat a day, but with some what fast weight loss?

No. 85495

anon, you know that cutting this many calories for so long puts your body into starvation mode. you'll gain it right back and more even if you start a great diet. also walking is light cardio and will barely help at all.

No. 85499

eating ~300-400 calories a day seems like a terrible idea tbh, you will get so hungry that you will start binge eating.

to contribute


>bbq chicken wrap from mcds, it has 2 pieces of crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato and bbq sauce
>mango chunks
~580 calories

>bag of sweet popcorn
>iced tea
~600 calories

about 1200 altogether.

No. 85501

It does not put your body into starvation mode FFS. The reason they’ll gain any weight back when they start eating at their normal level again is because they’ve been eating over their TDEE for quite some time (enough to gain weight) and will just do it again with a caloric surplus.

No. 85502

Hit reply too soon. Anon, calculate your TDEE for your height/weight. You’ll see the calorie amount for maintenance, weight loss, and weight gain. That will give you a safe and normal calorie range to shoot for to lose weight at a healthy rate.

No. 85503

Wrong. Even eating as low as 1000kcal afterwards will make you gain weight.
Source: my body

Honestly anon, please don't do it, you'll regret it later and you should be actually already mature enough to know that this is a shit idea if you're really over 18…

No. 85504

Samefag, but I hadn't read your first post…
>I just want nice legs for lolita and Liz Lisa tbh, aiming for legs like pic related
>posts pic of male kpop idol
Wth…? You really sound as if you're under 18.

No. 85507

Your body isn’t immune to the laws of thermodynamics, dude. Energy in and energy out. It’s pretty simple. It sounds like you were just eye-balling your food instead of actually measuring it properly to gain weight back on “1000” calories.

No. 85508

Anon, I was so sick that I weighed every single grain that I put into my mouth, so no, I didn't just 'eyeball' everything, even afterwards.

But okay, if you want to destroy your body so badly then do it!
Just keep in mind that people won't be feeling sorry for anybody who's dumb enough to fall into an ED past the age of 18.

And don't post about it on here, I'm sure that I'm speaking for other anons as well, we don't need that shit.(mini-modding)

No. 85509

yesterday i ate

>pasta dinner from grocery store (630 cal)

>herbal water (0 cal)
>half a bag of veggie chips with queso dip (~200 calories)
>handful of Aunt annies cheddar bunnie crackers (~70 calories)

way more than i should have eaten, im really short and trying to lose weight

No. 85590


>pork pie
>pineapple and coconut yoghurt with oats
>dark chocolate and cranberry cereal bar
700 calories

>packet of crisps
>lemon swirl cheescake
522 calories

on my period and didnt really feel like moving or cooking
ate the cheesecake to make sure i hit 1200 calories

No. 85606

Mashed sweet potatoes
can of coke
cup of apple juice
60oz of water

No. 85618

A bowl of ice cream. An entire pizza. A bag of chips. Its Sunday idgaf

No. 85654


omg i was gonna say "anon you're so lucky!!" but i realized i did the same last week. eating pizza and ice cream on your cheat day master race.

the momentarily bloat is worth it, fight me anons. tea fixes it for me in a couple of days anyways. i'm 99 pounds now, but when period + cheat day comes around, i revert back to 150+ from years ago.

No. 85673

Fries and chicken
An apple
an omellete
rice crispies
two sweet potatoes
Trying to lose weight but I really love eating

No. 120530

Breakfast : 2 chocolate croissants
Lunch : half a Club sandwich
Dinner : havent eaten it yet but I'm marinating 150gr of chicken right now and I'll just eat that.

No. 120533

File: 1564601984510.jpg (88.06 KB, 800x800, 1564570671028.jpg)

Sounds delicious! I haven't had a chocolate croissant in ages and this sort of inspired me to get one the next time I go to a cafe.
Breakfast: toast and peanut butter + black coffee
Lunch: nothing because I'm lazy
Dinner: Probably tofu with vegetables

No. 120536

Honestly, I'm growing tired of them but I work at a bakery/sandwich/café type of place and always go home with a bunch of free stuff and I'm too lazy to make myself anything substantial in the morning so I just grab whats next to me.
I'm eating so much carbs lately, its crazy.

No. 120608

breakfast: cafeteria powdered eggs, rice krispies serving, half carton 1% milk, sugar-free blackberry jam on toast slice

lunch: couple mini-bites of macaroni&cheese

dinner: turnip greens

No. 120609

Watch out y’all, I literally eat like a child
Sargento Balanced Break (pumpkin seed one)
Coffee with Cinnabon creamer

Nutella uncrustable
More coffee

Dinner plans:
Pizza bagels or maybe an actual frozen pizza, Mountain Dew

Another uncrustable, maybe some string cheese

I drink water throughout the day too, but I can’t really cook where I live so my diet has turned into this lol. I maintain my weight perfectly despite eating pure junk and am not overweight either. Thank you metabolism!

No. 120613

earl grey

chicken sandwich and a gross fruit flapjack

satay greens and brown rice

avo on toast

i'm fat as fuck but not trying to lose weight, obviously

No. 120614

File: 1564694026506.jpeg (17.5 KB, 470x234, D3A3E4D0-26F4-4F32-A145-DF670D…)

Strawberry skyr yogurt and chocolate strawberry granola

Three pieces of icelandic chocolate — I have six of these bars and I try to have one square a day but end up eating three because I’m a glutton


Taco bowl: brown rice, beans, guacamole, roasted veggies, sour cream

Am I gonna gain weight if I eat like this everyday?

No. 120622

Breakfast: Double cream scrambled eggs with bacon, fried mushroom, cheese and sriracha mayonnaise
Snack: Greek salad
Lunch: Lamb heart stew that was left over from yesterday
Snack: Almond milk beef protein shake with extra amino acids and MCT powder
Dinner: Steak, fried onion and mashed cauliflower with soured cream, cheese and hot sauce

Before someone calls me a fat bitch, I'm 5"11' and pregnant, so I need to eat around 2600 calories a day.

No. 120631

Breakfast: 3 sunny side up eggs and 1 peanut butter toast

Lunch/Dinner: Vanilla meal replacement shake with almonds blended in

Snacks: Granola bar and seaweed chips

Came out to almost 1000kcal! I’m 5’3” 118lb trying to lose, so I’m happy I stayed under my calories today while feeling satisfied.

No. 120639

breakfast: coconut water
lunch: dried turkey stick & pita chips
snack: coffee w/whole milk & splenda
dinner: oatmeal & pb2
snack: a mini spicy pickle; pickled jalapeños, cheese stick, baby carrots, 8 mini pretzels & a clementine.

No. 120641

File: 1564718040069.jpg (57.63 KB, 736x736, 1561155146473.jpg)

REQUESTING: meals of people who have a stable weight/maintaining their weight

No. 120649

natural peanut butter, banana and cinnamon on grainy rye toast.
2 kiwi fruits (eat skin as well).
chickpea flour scramble with mushroom and broccoli.
lentil dhal.

No. 120665

Strawberry kefir
2 eggs over easy, spinach on toast with a bit of Dijon
Veggie and chicken thigh gyoza with dipping sauce, soy sauce/chili oil/rice vinegar
Oven roasted carrots, onions, potatoes tossed with olive oil and garlic
Steamed green beans in garlic butter

I make almost everything from scratch, including the bread, I don't eat out a lot, and the only caloric thing I drink regularly is the kefir. I like to make a bunch of gyoza and freeze them because it makes an easy quick lunch when I stop back home from work or class in the middle of the day. I'm close enough to walk to and from work if the weather is good.

5'3" 107lb, maintenance. I used to lose weight too easily but from managing stress and getting in the habit of eating breakfast I have been stable. I add desserts occasionally or if I'm more active but this is a standard work day, which is mostly sedentary except for the walking.

No. 120669

File: 1564759682053.jpeg (Spoiler Image,192.48 KB, 1024x768, E2C188E8-2994-48DF-B48D-68B84D…)

Cheat day
Half a marinara pizza
Half tomato and rosemary with potato
2 donuts
Granola &aldmond milk

No. 120682

Breakfast: cherry tomatoes
Lunch: yogurt
Dinner: salmon sashimi + naruto roll

No. 120686

Breakfast: baguette with butter
Lunch: half a Club sandwich
Snack: a glass of Chardonnay
Dinner: havent eaten it yet but it will be raw salmon with maybe some broccoli

No. 120689

Damn, that sounds delicious anon.

No. 120700

breakfast: water
lunch: 2 hamburgers with extra extra pickles and sugar free maple syrup + 2 slices carrot cake + ketchup on 3 hotdogs + chili-cheese fries + 2 snack bags of animal crackers. idk calories but i feel sick
dinner: water

>eating with 3 others

>"anon i can't believe you're eating"
>"you're definitely going to gain weight"

No. 120701

Lol, inb4 they get bitter and start saying how your weightloss is due to genetics. Plebs.

No. 120704

Breakfast: cornflakes with oatmilk
Lunch: 1 vegan sandwich and 1 yoghurt
Dinner: salad (no dressing), chocolate

No. 120706

i'm actually impressed by that lunch

No. 120726

thanks, it was lol. I like cooking, I have to get creative cos I'm vegan so it gets boring quick.
today I had the same breakfast.
for lunch I went to this salad bar and got a 1 litre container full of pumpkin, chickpeas, kale, cumin potato, sesame soba noodle, beetroot. so good.
dinner was stir-fried tofu, mushroom, broccoli, edamame and pak choy. I also ate 2 kiwi fruits and 2 Anzac biscuits as snacks.

No. 120727

Breakfast: nothing (intermittent fasting)
Lunch: ravioli
Dinner: chicken and rice

No. 120729

Teriyaki Chicken, Rice w/ soy sauce added, and with a Pepsi to drink.

Also throughout the day I also drank some milk, orange juice, citrus punch, water, and coffee.

No. 120752

breakfast: black coffee
lunch: toast and peanut butter
dinner: roasted zucchini
(common theme is i love black coffee and peanut butter)

No. 120758

File: 1564848565225.jpg (49.48 KB, 464x696, th.jpg)

breakfast: water bottle
afternoon snack: smartfood popcorn 100kcal + 2 diet drpeppers
dinner: sf pineapple water bottle 10kcal

don't feel very hungry trying to lose

No. 120759

Breakfast: Turkish coffee (not really a breakfast person)

Snack 1: Nut Bar

Lunch: Chicken with eggplant and tomato sauce + a bit of peanuts

Snack 2: Blueberry and protein yogurt smoothie + small slice of watermelon

Dinner: Tortilla pizza (a small sized tortilla heated in a pan with pizza sauce, cherry tomatoes thin mozzarella slices on top of it.)

Drinks: Just water (+ coffee in the morning)

Overall: 1171 calories

No. 120763

Breakfast: 2 wasa crackerbread with raw salmon, coffee with hazelnut milk
Lunch: half a Club sandwich (like everyday lmao)
Dinner: idk yet, but probably something substantial because I'm taking molly tonight

No. 120766

Breakfast: Smoothie bowl made from almond milk, 2 scoops vanilla egg white protein powder, frozen berries and topped with blueberries.
Pre-workout: Bowl of porridge, with a handful of dates, shredded carrot and cinnamon mixed in.
Lunch: Cucumber, beetroot and 2 serving of natto mixed in a bowl (yeah it's weird, yeah I love it).
Snack: Pumpkin and sunflower seed bar, protein shake of 1 scoop of whey and almond milk.
Dinner: One sweet potato topped with a can of tuna, cucumber and a handful of green beans.

Totalling at 1700 calories, and I'm meant to be eating 2200 daily to gain muscle. Not hungry at all though, so I'm just going to roll the calories over to tomorrow and eat a fuck ton of peanut butter, I guess.

No. 120784

Breakfast: bite of a bagel my bf was eating
Lunch: 2 small bean enchiladas and a bunch of cucumber with lime and hot sauce
Dinner: Beyond sausage on a huge roll with mustard, relish and chopped red onion. Some potato salad and a couple beers

No. 120789

Itt: fat anons posting images of anime girls like men on the internet.

Of course.

No. 120794

Breakfast: 2 hard boil egg and 2 slices of bacon and water

Lunch: about 15 pieces of small shrimp seasoned. Plus a few teddy grams lol. With water

Dinner: nothing yet, too lazy to cook anything so I’ll probably just find something to snack on.

Been babysitting or working all day so didn’t have time to eat much.

No. 120801

Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: BBQ glazed chicken & fried potatoes with onions.

Dinner: I haven't ate dinner yet but I'm probably just going to have a bowl of some Reese's Puffs.

My stomach has been bothering me something terrible today. I've been running to the bathroom back and forth since I ate earlier.

No. 120812

File: 1564887895920.jpg (103.87 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nkcs9875981qz7t0xo1_540…)

breakfast: sliced peach, blueberries, coffee with oat milk

lunch: vegan chicken mixed with various veggies and dressing, toast with hummus

Snack: bite of dark chocolate and 2 french fries

dinner: small baked sweet potato, veggie burger patty, and steamed broccoli

might have another snack later but ehh we'll see.

5'1 76 lb and trying to maintain weight for now

No. 120814

breakfast 1/3 of a 1kg bag of oven chips
lunch 1/3 of a 1kg bag of oven chips with tomato sauce
dinner 1/3 of a 1kg bag of oven chips with gravy

No. 120824

my kind of woman

No. 120829

Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: wholemeal chips and homemade salsa (400 kcal)
Snack: half a pastry (200 kcal)
Dinner: turkey burger with egg on wholemeal bun (500kcal)

No. 120846

File: 1564921449943.jpg (46.72 KB, 1280x720, 7837289728.jpg)


No. 120880

Breakfast: 2% fat greek yogurt with a bit of honey and walnuts + black coffee

Lunch: a hefty portion of bulgogi meat (220 g) with a portion of steamed rice (120g)

Dinner: only half a serving of protein oatmeal (25g really tiny because I'm still full from all that bulgogi meat)

snack: black coffee with a bit of milk

Total: 1050 kcal

Amazingly bulgogi meat is keeping me full all day.

No. 120910

File: 1564951697660.png (119.23 KB, 300x300, 1564883323614.png)

breakfast: earl grey (ran out of coffee)
lunch: toast and peanut butter
dinner: roasted salmon and broccoli

No. 120914

I had a banana with a bottle of water.
I just had some pepperoni rolls and half a bottle of coke.
It's not time for dinner yet, but I'll probably either have some rice or green beans.

Other intakes throughout the day are another bottle of water, juice, and milk.

No. 120935

SW: 158lb CW: 145lb GW: 123lb

Breakfast: Nah
Lunch: A bread roll with ham in it and a glass of water.
Dinner: Chicken burgers with tater tots and a diet sprite.
Dessert: Some Ben and Jerrys lite ice cream and a kinder chocolate.

TBH Trash Panda CICO may not be the healthiest way to do it, but I think it's the most sustainable way for me to lose and maintain weight.

No. 120956

Breakfast: leftover Chinese takeout low mein, 3 cups of coke, ice cream
Lunch: rosemary lamb, hot Cheetos, mac and cheese with turkey bacon
Dinner: hasbrowns with tomatoes, sweet tea, waffles, sausage, and eggs
Dinner pt 2: 5 layer burrito, mountain dew, two fiery Doritos taco, chicken quesadilla, a donut

Thank goodness for my genes + labor field + me and my boyfriend fucking like animals 2-5 times a day

No. 120972

>vegan alpro w berries
>sliced mango
>vegan chocolate icecream
>a handfull of m&m's
>and a magherita pizza
>water + diet coke w crushed ice

this is like not that much, since i burn thru it fast and/or lose the weight within 2 days anyway

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