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File: 1528412742078.jpg (66.11 KB, 620x349, HP-Life-26Style-aw-20131106143…)

No. 84516

What jobs do you guys have, or want? What do you guys do for money?

No. 84519

File: 1528415588135.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.97 KB, 680x826, 37c.jpg)

I can make as little as 75 a week or as much as 950 a week
I usually make 300-600 though

No. 84522

File: 1528416940674.gif (2.15 MB, 636x477, batgirl.gif)

Pic related. Also freelance web development.

I want to finish my history degree and either work at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale (or somewhere equally cool), or a medical museum like the Mütter in Philadelphia. And also write books on medical history.

No. 84525

File: 1528420455063.gif (1021.15 KB, 290x193, 8B593254-D26F-43BE-967F-98A09A…)

Recreation Specialist/Camp counselor
I’m making pretty decent money, the hours aren’t terrible, but I hardly get time off. The field trips are equally awesome and exhausting cause corralling 30+ kids.
I am ready to move on.
I’ve got my eye on an EKG course because after working with kids I am ready for a relatively isolating job.

No. 84526

File: 1528421641244.jpeg (20.66 KB, 529x278, 46020296-BD01-4EF5-ACFB-6BF0F3…)

Classic office bimbo /Tfw I missed this but being an anime dweeb was more fun.

No. 84547

I'm an escort so I more or less get nailed by bankers and lawyers twice my age for money. I make £6000 a week generally or as high as £8000 if I'm really hustling.

No. 84549

Escort here too. I make about 8000-9000 Euro a month. Which is more than enough for me to live. I’m rather selective with my clients and want to spend my free time traveling and investing more of that time into my hobbies. Not regretting anything.

No. 84554

File: 1528470076831.gif (2.13 MB, 320x240, 3f1vnIy.gif)

Physician, I work 44 hours a week
for $3000 USD a month, I could make a lot more if I did 24 hour shifts but no thanks, I rather enjoy my life with less.

No. 84586

can you tell us more about this job? What the men are like? How do you deal with ugly guys wanting to bang you and then you having to oblige?

No. 84587

what about when you want a relationship doesn't that get complicated

No. 84590

File: 1528499802612.png (967.36 KB, 1286x1406, 7MSBzwt.png)

I'm an administrative manager. I oversee all HR, administrative, purchasing, and accounting issues at my company. I only report to one boss, which is nice since a lot of people in administration tend to be support for everyone on management teams. I make $5000 a month and am salary, so I don't get overtime but if I'm done with my work I can just leave for the day too. Unless my boss needs me for something.

No. 84591

that job sounds really nice, I never understood how people get these jobs though? Where do you find out about this job?

No. 84615

Honestly, through networking. I was working as a manager at a coffee shop and the previous administrative manager of the company was a regular and loved me. She told me to apply as her assistant and she retired two years later. She was the one who recommended me for her replacement.

No. 84627

that's heart-warming, anon. Very lucky.

I'm studying to become a lawyer. After three years I learnt to actually like it. I don't think if I'll like the job itself though…
My Ultimate Goal in life is to be a successful writer. Law is my back-up plan, but I genuinely believe I'll publish a book one day. I'm an artsy person in general, but I'm not brave (stupid? Whatever your opinion is) enough to study art or something in the field.

No. 84649

I work in probate. Most of my clients are elderly and don't see many people throughout the day, so it's nice to chat to them and hear their stories. My appointments are supposed to be half an hour each but tbh I book them an hour apart because I know I might be the only person the clients speak to that day and don't mind stretching out the time they can have.

I'd like to be a writer, but I know that's very hard to get into. Stories are mostly just my hobby now. I hope one day somebody else would like to read them but I'm happy enough where I am if nobody does.

No. 84653

>What are the men like
They're usually no trouble, but it's an imperative to thoroughly screen your clients. I've only had a few bad experiences when I first started and was too naive to distinguish between good clients and bad clients.

>How do you deal with ugly guys wanting to bang you and then you having to oblige?

It's just something you have to acclimatize yourself to. Most men who I see I'm not particularly attracted to, but it's usually not an issue. The one thing I HATE is when they have poor hygiene - in these situations, I try to avoid kissing or I'll subtlety encourage them to have a quick shower with me.

No. 84657

>It's just something you have to acclimatize yourself to

So you just get used to being raped?

No. 84658

fuckin lol, there's always someone

No. 84674

I think all that $money$ might help with that. Not that Anon and not a SW but getting clients and getting well paid is not rape. Honestly have nothing against SW when you consider all the fuckbois who want it all for free. Monetize that shit

No. 84707

Currently working in the funeral business. The pay is hardly liveable.
Interested in escorting or sugar-babying on the side, I’m attractive enough but my very noticeable self-harm scars deter me from even trying.

No. 84710

File: 1528618154444.jpeg (33.39 KB, 598x522, 4E27ECF7-3E4A-4925-8A6C-6BDE3E…)

Was in the United States Air Force for 6 years, now I get to go to my school of choice on the governments dime and get paid for it. Sucks I’m being a bum for the summer, it’s hard to stay motivated/fit when you’re just sitting around waiting for your life to start. Also still triggered onion bot and I shared a career once.

No. 84714

Started as freelance teacher online. Teaching my native language.

No. 84719

I work in an a Games company as a 3D modeller, decent money but the huge sausage fest gets boring real quick.

No. 84720

That’s how I started out when I moved abroad, anon. I started working full time at an international school last year and I love it. I know it’s not for everybody, though. Hope you have fun teaching!

No. 84721

you teached online?
I've started but only 4 lessons so far :/

No. 84725

Yeah, but I found it was sort of difficult and ran into the same issue you did. I joined a language school, taught there, and then transitioned to a classroom. Sometimes it takes awhile for the classes to pick up, and sometimes you have to work weird hours if people you teach are in different time zones. But don’t be discouraged! Do you think anyone locally would be interested in learning your language (if they don’t already know it?)

No. 84726

i wanted to work online because i want to travel and work.
I've started 2 weeks ago. Maybe if had more lessons, more students will come

No. 84728

File: 1528634073741.jpg (102.13 KB, 422x408, 1505970013694.jpg)

No. 84729

That’s a great way to become a digital nomad (if I’m correct in assuming that’s what you mean.) Just give it some time. Two weeks isn’t long to build up a client base. It may take a few more weeks to get a nice schedule going. Good luck!

No. 84740

ER tech. I like only having to work on weekends because it makes it easier to plan my studying/homework time during the weekdays and not having to worry about picking up a shift after a full day of class or something. I'm also glad that I had some hospital experience before starting nursing school and wasn't stumbling through the basics of patient care in Clinicals since I had done a bunch of them at work before.

No. 84741

How did you gain hospital experience? I'm trying to do the same thing

No. 84743


I feel lame compared to everyone. I've worked at the same grocery store for 2 years now. It's a Canadian only small chain so at least the clientele and store are a bit higher in standard so it's not totally embarrassing to mention when asked. Ideally I'd be a waitress in an ok pub or restaurant and in the near future either an account manager or something in marketing, or else I'll be left to being some sort of desperate twitch streamer or fitness model

No. 84756

My job isn't particularly special or high-paying, either. My long-term plan is to get married and be a sahm, though.

No. 84757

I sell a premium snapchat. I’m far from rich but live comfortably. I would like to be a cosmetic dermatologist but I’ll probably just end up an esthetician. I plan on investing in stocks and using that for retirement, I’m learning about it atm.

No. 84760

>Currently working in the funeral business. The pay is hardly liveable.

I know someone who's trying to get into that business. She spends a lot of money on fashion and I wonder if that'll be sustainable with the income she'll receive.

No. 84768

I'm a part time housekeeper. I get paid $15-25/hr depending on what I'm doing. I like it because I essentially work for myself and it's solitary, so sometimes I just listen to music or podcasts while I clean. It's not something I want to do forever though, once I finish my degree (early childhood education) I'm thinking about going into nannying.

No. 84772

it's so disappointing to see people take the easy way out and be whores instead of work for their money.

I'm a software developer at a larger startup and I make pretty good money.

No. 84783

No. 84785

$10 you're fat and autistic lmao

No. 84787

I'm 98 lbs. not sure if I'm autistic though lol

No. 84809

Why is it disappointing how people decide to make their money? You don’t have to do it so why complain? If they like it, then it’s all good and shouldn’t be your business.

No. 84811

It CAN be liveable, and highly profitable if you work for a decent home, and are certified. I haven’t made it through the schooling yet, so my position is entry level and solely for experience and connections

Regardless, I have a feeling I’ll need something on the side because I do have expensive taste and love money. Funeral directing is still my dream job and I genuinely enjoy the work, so I have to cope with being broke for the time being

No. 84812

How the fuck do you pay your bills? It can’t be that profitable. You must be either veeery attractive, or veeery supported and taken care of financially by someone else

No. 84818

> I'm a software developer at a larger startup and I make pretty good money.

That sounds awesome. Which languages do you know and use?

I get discouraged because everyone says that networking matters more than college degree. Do you have advice for someone aspiring working in the tech field? I'd be happy to work as a code monkey for starters.

No. 84868

can we get some job stories going or should another thread be made?

No. 84895

File: 1528741809937.jpg (59.5 KB, 500x375, tumblr_oaaean2g811rl8lx1o1.jpg)

I work part-time as a saleswoman in a clothing store. I hate it, the costumers are disgusting assholes with no shame, for example they sort of regularly shit and piss in the fitting rooms and when they don't want to wait to try clothes they undress in the middle of the store in front of everyone. My manager is an asshole, all the coworkers I got along well with left or work in different departments so I'm stuck with the ones I can't stand for the most part.

The human resources department is full of incompetent assholes, they decided recently to hire a bunch of people full-time instead of increasing my number of work hours, which I and other coworkers asked before they hired new people. And doing that is illegal in my country iirc but there's not much anyone can do about that, they just don't give a fuck and they know they can get away with it. Can't wait until I find something better and get out of this literal shithole. I'm looking for an internship so I can graduate at the moment.

No. 84902

I make around $1.5k a month on snapchat, I also take some custom commissions here and there. I don’t live in a super expensive area and share rent with my s/o

No. 84911

Where do you find clients?

No. 84917

glad to see someone else interested! I work mainly in C. Not my favorite language, but the work is fine.

Unfortunately networking is everything in this field unless you're exceptional. There is an overabundance of people who have the skill to be a code monkey, so it's important to know someone to impress.

Try doing clubs or simple programming work within your university. I know a lot of science labs use Python and it's incredibly easy to learn. It's a good idea to work on your own projects, like a website/app/etc. that can demonstrate you have a good grasp of not only programming, but of software design. You could also try attending hackathons, as these will both help you network and develop your body of work.

Good luck anon :)

No. 84918

What the fuck anon shitting in changing rooms where do you live???

No. 84920

I'm going to guess somewhere with a lot of fatties, they tend to have bowel control problems, and they're shameless.

No. 84922

I gave info/advice I think a month ago or so in the “making money online thread”, I can’t be assed to dig for the link but it shouldn’t be hard to find

No. 84954

Sounds really interesting!

No. 84956

How do they wipe?

No. 84964

Anon I already admire you and I don't even know you.

I currently am an English teacher. It's ok because I like working with kids but I want to get into the games industry. People tell me programming is really the only way even though I want to go the art route. I figure if that doesn't work out I'll just keep at teaching and save until I can open up my own cafe with enough of a cushion to survive off no profit for 2-3 years just in case. It'll take forever but I don't want to rush into a new business with no safety net.

No. 84971

Thanks! I'm so jealous, I'd be in cloud 9 for working with a real language. My fear is that I will have to settle doing pajeet tier stuff like WordPress 'development'.

> Unfortunately networking is everything in this field unless you're exceptional. There is an overabundance of people who have the skill to be a code monkey, so it's important to know someone to impress.

Right. I might be fucked. My social skills are null so I'm counting on my side projects.

Thanks anon, I'll just have to work harder. And all the best to you, being a software dev sounds dreamy.

Btw which languages do you like? What sort of projects do you do in your free time and which languages do interest you?

No. 84977

Not even in a place where there are a lot of fatties, it's in a big city in Europe and the store is in a mall where the costumers know how to behave, except in that one specific store where I work as soon as they come in. I guess it's because it's full of cheap articles and it's mostly shameless families with no manners who shop there, but I'm sure it's mostly grown adults who do that. Sometimes they're not even accidents, spoilers for tmi but I've seen changing rooms where there were bottles full of piss or shit in plastic bags so I'm sure they planned this somehow.

More spoilers because it's still tmi but I feel like complaining: I've also had women with their kids and strollers go in the changing rooms, pretending they wanted to help their kids try clothes when they just wanted to change their babies' diapers, and leave the dirty diapers in the middle of the changing rooms for all to see. Some coworkers told me about a male costumer changing in the middle of the store to try underwear. He ended up keeping the store's underwear, left his super dirty briefs in the middle of the store and left like nothing happened. Other coworkers told me about couples regularly fucking in the changing rooms but I've never seen or heard that. Once they caught a couple doing that and the woman was so shocked that her bf's dick got stuck and they called an ambulance I think? I had a good laugh when they told me because it seemed unbelievable but now I can believe it.

I'm pretty sure they don't. Now I feel sorry for the other customers who are normal and not disgusting pigs.

No. 85006

I’m a floral designer! One day I dream to own my own shop that sits on a gorgeous land that I can grow a lush garden that people rent out to get married in! I think this dream may stay just that though ..
Sadly not a hell of a lot of money in this career unless you are ridiculously busy all the time and charge high prices, in a small town that’s unlikely. But I love it with all I have though!

No. 85028

are you a florist?

No. 85033

I'm currently in customer service and shipping. The pay is only a bit over average and it can be really stressful depending on the day. Sometimes I have to process 5 orders max per day, sometimes like 20.

The program we work in is a bit shitty and it's often a lot of paperwork but it's fine. It would be even better if the communication was better, but nope, my coworkers don't feel like talking so they usually just put an order on my desk without telling me who's going to pick up the stuff, delivery date etc.

The thing is, I don't think I'll stay long but I have no idea what kind of job to go after. I'm not really good at anything.

No. 85731

I work in a grocery store too anon. I don't really mind it, my coworkers are nice and I've finally made friends.

No. 85746

Are there no free bathrooms available?

No. 85750

I work as a pen for hire, writing mostly copy for magazine ads or scripts for TV commercials. I like advertising, and hope to become a creative director one day, while getting rich from writing erotic fiction or something on the side…

No. 85760

I'm so sorry anon, but this is the funniest shit to read. I wish you had a blog I could read.

No. 85761

I work in one of the big supermarkets in the UK as a personal shopper and I fucking hate it. Been there for 2 years since I moved towns and have been trying to escape since and find something a little bit more meaningful. I basically take people's online orders, pick their groceries and set it up for dispatch. It's boring but I get to move around all day which is about the only plus side to it. My manager is an idiot who doesn't provide adequate cover for illness or holidays. Every suggestion we've made has gone in one ear and out of the other. I work 20-30 hrs a week if there is over time, and only 7.5 if there isn't. Because my contract is only 7.5 hrs I am not given any of the benefits of working full time when I do over time, same for holiday accrual. I know it is nothing to sniff at because some people get 0 vacation days, but I work a physically demanding job and I am only entitled to 7 days off in 365 days.

My colleagues are also imbeciles. They're a bunch of incredibly cliquey 40+ year old women who live incredibly bitter and boring lives. They only started acknowledging I exist about 6 months ago after having worked with them daily for 2 years. They're openly racist and homophobic and insanely two faced. They will come up to you and gossip about something, calling them a fat smelly cunt and when that person walks into the room, they have their arms around them for a hug and singing their praises. I stay out of it, get my head down, get my work done and leave.

Though today, I had an interview for an internal vacancy working for the security hub a few towns over. It's full time and they require no experience as they want to train us in-house and their own way. I find out Thursday/Friday whether I have got it. It would make my year if I did, because then I could afford to save for a house with my boyfriend and actually start getting on with my life properly at the age of 28.

No. 85827

File: 1529560793664.gif (1.64 MB, 352x217, crClrO9.gif)


I used to work for Termini Brothers. Oh boy, so many bad stories. We even made up a song for our truck guy about how he gets yelled at so much.

I was a sales girl. Customers ask us for things to be packed "to-go", even though we're a storefront in a food court area so we obviously don't have plates… Like they would stop me before I go pack shit to remind me that they wanted it "to-go". Then their friend Linda hears it and assumes that's how you do it so she from then on she'll always asks for things "to-go" too. Urgh. It killed our souls every time.

Anyway, my manager stole my sales constantly. She'll see me ring up a big order, and she'll "help" me because she thinks I'm retarded or something and then writes up the slip with her initials on it.

Termini's is going through an exodus right now, just like it did when I got hired.

No. 86532

File: 1530151294596.gif (990.89 KB, 500x375, 10594583.gif)

I work in superstore retail for peanuts. My co-worker and boss are cool people, but so many of the other managers are petty, lazy pieces of shit that we're constantly shorthanded. The workflow is completely fucked because of said idiot managers and people wonder why new hires don't want to stick around.

I want to get out so bad, I just have no idea where to go from here. I only have a useless degree (AAS in graphic design) and don't see myself going back to school. Don't want anything fancy, even a stupid, stable office job with insurance would be nice.

I don't even know what's really out there or what to look for, though.

No. 86535

Holyshit, are you me, anon? I am in a similar situation where i work retail and I love my coworkers, job is pretty chill, but the main managers and team leads are useless.

I want a cozy office job too.

No. 86540

Not free but it's cheap and it's inside the mall. Not that people give a shit, they'd rather save a few cents and shit in public.

I'm glad it's making you laugh at least. I don't think I really need to add anything else so I don't need to make a blog just for that but if anything crazy happens again I'll post about it.

No. 86541

Currently living off savings and off renting out my second apartment. I quit my job as a digital marketing manager last month. Didn't last long on it. I'm sick of this shit.

Fuck businesses and offices and computers and profits and all that jazz. This is not LIFE.

I wanna be a ship navigator. I'm seriously considering going to college all over again to become that.

What say you, lolcow? I'm not bothered by studying along with people 20 years younger than me. I am prepared to spend years doing it. I'm not even that worried about future job prospects, if I ever land a navigator job at all I'll be over the moon, if not, oh well, I tried, and at least I'm not rotting away in front of a screen to help sell people shit they don't need. But I'm afraid I won't be able to study as I used to in Uni when I was young, I don't know if I'm capable of studying on that level anymore.

No. 86550

Go for it farmer. My friend's mother decided to change her career from being a hairdresser to a mathematician in her early 40s. She was at the top of her class and after she finished uni, she started working at a brokerage firm.

I myself want to become an electrical engineer. I hate my current work (web dev) and I want to make useful things. I started doing small diy projects with electronics and now this is all I want to do all day long. I don't know if I'll apply this year or next because I want to settle some things first.

Anyhow, I don't think it's too late. I recall my math professor saying something like that our brains are like keys, as long as we use them, they'll never go rusty.

Also, being a ship navigator sounds noice. My father is a gas engineer and he spent pretty much his entire life navigating. It can be tough at times but ultimately it's a comfy job if you get the right company, and there's plenty of those.

No. 86567

Same anon who posted this. I got the job! It's my absolute dream to get into this sector and I cannot wait to get started.

No. 86583

congrats anon! that's great.

I work from home (boring editorial stuff/a bit of translating) and it's both great (I never need to get dressed etc) and not so great (I never talk to anyone except my bf). also being freelance has its ups (I can turn down work I don't want to do) and downs (I often end up working long hours to get stuff done/the fear that comes when work is slow). also trying to be an artist, selling a few pieces but not really making any effort in selling, which is stupid because that's what I want to actually do.

No. 87152

Currently just working at a vintage resale shop to make some money while I spend all my time interning. I'll be studying abroad in Paris this year and staying there over the summer as an intern. Hopefully I'll be my own boss in a few years.

No. 87214

I know you posted this almost a month ago anon, but if you ever come back can you please answer how you got into the industry? Did you go to mortuary school first?

I've always wanted to go but I've heard it's extremely difficult to get a job in the industry because most funeral homes are family owned. Not sure if that's accurate though…

No. 87974

Another translator anon here, I translate manuals for medical devices at a local company. Loathe it and desperately want to change, but I don't have any useful skills other than knowing a few foreign languages (which is pretty much standard in my country anyway). I've been thinking about picking up some coding and/or graphic design skills on the side to broaden my prospects

No. 88084

>I wanna be a ship navigator.
Just my personal experience but I dropped out of a maritime academy just after 1 semester. My roommate did as well. Being in a field with 95% men (many of them very misogynistic and rude, much worse than the quiet STEM guys) is extremely stressful. Also the maritime academies kind of lie to you sometimes about how good the jobs are and how easy they are to find.

If it's your thing, great, but just a tip from someone who used to think like you. Going there was one of the worst mistakes in my life.

No. 88085

>I recall my math professor saying something like that our brains are like keys, as long as we use them, they'll never go rusty.

That's exactly why I'm afraid I won't be able to study as well as I should.

I've been zombified doing the job I hate during the day just going through the motions and then drowning my existential misery in booze and weed during the night.

It's been 20 years of that.

My fear is not unfounded. I don't need a pep talk. I need advice.

No. 88087

Thanks, but my entire country is a worse environment for women than your academy.

No. 88088

Also, I already said job prospects and money are of no interest to me.

No. 88096

File: 1531301173408.jpg (37.43 KB, 450x320, haha wtf is this pic tho.jpg)

>had to ctrl f to make sure I haven't ranted about my job before
Huehue, I couldn't remember.

I work as a sales and customer service agent for an international airline making $16/hr. It'll be my third year in October.

I've stayed because it feels like the first legit adult job I've ever had. I have good health insurance, four weeks paid vacation, flexible sick policy, and flight perks. I don't take any of the work home with me, and my duties begin and end within my shift time.

But man I fucking hate working at a call center. I want to quit.
-I'm in the worst physical health of my life because I stress eat and spend any waking moment not at work trying to relax or catch up on sleep. Most people who work here long term are obese or they get bariatric surgery. I would say less than 20% of people at my call center are in good health.

-I have two college degrees and when I was hired I was promised there would be a lot of advancement opportunities. Turns out I can only advance if I'm willing to move to a place that I have no desire to live. This company has blatantly hired fresh MBAs off the street for management positions above me and it pisses me off that I have the "wrong" degree that's never acknowledged.

-The customer calls are nonstop and they're overwhelmingly angry and stupid. I'm a great service agent but I have no patience or niceness left in me by the time I get home.

-We used to have a lot of flexibility with requesting time off but we don't anymore. They've terminated people to cut costs and now call volumes are perpetually high. I've driven myself into debt to the tune of $4k because I had to give up shifts for mental health reasons, and no one would pick up my shifts for free.

-I'm so exhausted from dealing with people that I feel too socially drained to spend weekends with family or friends.

-The work is both the most boring and frustrating job I've ever had.
Boring because it's a lot of repetition and there's really no opportunity to color, read, or do anything else to make time pass faster.
Frustrating because the technology often doesn't work, customers expect me to know ridiculous stuff off the top of my head, and those customers are big fucking retarded babies in general. It's like being a teacher, parent, and babysitter over the phone all rolled into one.

It's just not where I expected to be in life. This job swept me up so finding a better job got pushed to the backburner. Now I'm afraid I've pigeonholed myself to be stuck in customer service 5ever.
I've thought about looking for a different job through the FAA, data entry, or some kind of secretarial job. I'm just scared to leave because I'm afraid it could be worse for me out there, and then what do I do?

Edit: Forgot to mention that my revenue metrics have clocked me as having made more than $2 million dollars for this airline (possibly more due to partner transfers and ticket changes) but I still make a bitter $16 dollarydoos.

No. 88101

I’m the lead product designer at my company and am responsible for creating and maintaining our design system and also designing the end-to-end experience of our apps, websites and software. I make $10K per month, but also love my career choice. It’s been really rewarding and flexible for me.

No. 88102

I felt the same about my first adult job ('what if my next job is worse?'), but that was not the case, it's still the worst job I've had 4 roles later - and they've all been call centre/customer service roles. You've accrued enough experience that you should be able to get a better job next time around. 3 years shows commitment and you have a better idea about what you want in a job, so you can be more discerning in future. And really, what do you have to lose by interviewing and seeing what's out there? Just apply and keep applying until you find something that seems better.

Also, is paying other people to take shifts an american thing? I've never see that in my country, it sounds fucking absurd and I would never, ever tolerate that in an employer. People don't need permission for sick days (which mental health is, or you could at least lie and pretend you're sick), you just take them. If they're short staffed, too bad, they just have to deal with it.

No. 88103

File: 1531308359537.png (669.4 KB, 789x529, jesus this guy.png)

Thanks for the encouragement anon, you're right, I should keep at it!

But ugh, don't get me started on giving up shifts. I will say that most US companies don't allow people to do shift trades for incentives. My company didn't allow it up until a year and a half ago where they basically greenlit it by saying there was no policy against it.
As a result, nobody picks up for free anymore. Why should they when they can hustle a coworker for 10 extra dollars an hour? That's easily $25+ pay per hour, if they can handle the workload. Some people work 12-14 hour shifts and pick up on their days off, but tbh they're shitty agents and it's no wonder customers think airline employees are so crass.
I'd rather work less yet be pleasant for customers to give the airline a good reputation.

The sick policy is flexible, but stupid. One would have to actively try to get fired. I think someone would have to accrue 12 points for termination within a calendar year.
-I get paid sick time but it still counts as an attendance point against me if I use it.
-Consecutive days off up to four in a row are all treated as one point, so it encourages people to take the extra time off even if they're not sick. If you go back to work early after calling off sick, and decide you need to go back home even if it's same day, that's two points.
-We have what's called "family medical leave" aka FMLA, but to qualify I need to have worked 1200 hours within 12 months. I would have qualified my first year but I was not made aware of this until a mental episode during my second year. It's a catch-22 because after my first year I've never worked that much because I've had to give up shifts or take voluntary time off for my mental health. Therefore, I don't qualify for medical leave even though I could get my doctors to sign off on it.

It's a pretty shitty situation. But hopefully one I don't have to be stuck in for the rest of my life.

No. 88104

Not the same anon, but depending on the mortuary science school, they will help you find job placement after you graduate. You're right that the job can be pretty closed off unless you have connections though.

No. 110840

>Trainee Dental Nurse
>Minimum wage (£7.70, or around £1,000 a month)
>38 hrs a week

I love my job, it's so much fun!
I love being a part of minor operations and learning about dentistry, but the pay is a joke.

Everyday I come home too exhausted to do anything other than eat or sleep.

TBH desu I thought it would mostly be me sat in a chair all day, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
Considering I previously had an office job, I've gone down a clothes size and I haven't been able to put the weight back on.

Guess I'll try and get into Dentistry eventually, but I'll be a crone by the time that happens.

No. 110842

I'm doing an internship in recruitment and that's not what I wanted in the first place. I don't know if I'll keep going that way depending on opportunities, but definitely not in my company, my coworkers think I'm retarded because they do the same mistakes all the time and want me to help them without even telling me anything about their problems. They're also very judgmental of my private life because I'm not exactly like them. The company doesn't want to keep me anyway because they want to replace interns with new interns since it's way less expensive than hiring interns as actual employees. I think it's shady as fuck and I want no part in it. I'll have to check so my managers can give me good references but I'm worried they'll say weird shit over nothing or misunderstandings to potential employers in the future.

I'm worried that I'll be stuck in this path because of one internship I had to take even I never really wanted this one in particular. We'll see how it goes, I'm almost done with my internship and my degree anyway.

Not in the UK, but I was shocked to see that people working in the health sector with jobs that don't require an "important" degree have such shitty wages.

No. 110843

36k salary in small office
only other woman in the office is a lot older and kinda mean to me

spend majority of day alone in office staring at computer and then walking back and forth to different gov agencies buildings to drop shit off

I got the job with the understanding that I would be promoted pretty early on so I'm hanging in there

No. 110845

A Spanish patient told me that she used to be a dental nurse in Spain and that it was easy money & highly respected.

It's such a shame that caring for others in the UK is means that you'll be largely underpaid.
It's a thankless job, but at least it's enjoyable.

No. 110853

I know this is old but
>$3000 a month
>in the US

Wtf kind of doctor makes that little?

No. 110854

is anyone a lawyer? what type? do you like it? stories?

No. 110862

Has anyone of you successfully switched career fields? how did it go? was it worth it?

No. 110864

I work as a substitute teacher in a private Catholic school in a major US city. Sub pay is pretty decent ($90-120 per day depending on the district) and you get to set your own hours, so I'd really recommend it. Once you get to know the schools and age groups you can strategically pick jobs based on if you want to sit there and work on your own shit all day or actually teach.

I have a BA in International Studies and East Asian Studies, and I previously had vague dreams of working for an embassy or with immigration services, but I didn't take the right steps in school and my degree alone is kinda useless. I'm realizing I really love kids in the 2nd-5th grade range and they love me, so I'm considering going back to school to become a real teacher and supplementing it with English as Second Language stuff so I can still work with refugees and immigrants (my native language is Spanish) and maybe go teach English abroad during summer breaks.

I'm kind of lost because there's just so many things I want to do. I'm also super interested in book publishing, but I have no idea how to break into it. I do freelance drawing so I might start by trying to illustrate children's books. If anyone is in any of the fields I meantioned, please advise!

No. 110878

Either they're converting their currency into USD for easy comprehension (most of lolcow users are probably [North] American) or they're residents.

No. 110887

I'm about to graduate in 2020 with the same degree and also feel lost with what I wanna do, so I was happy to read this. I kind of regretted not majoring in Early Childhood education for my major, but like you I think I'll just go back and get a teaching degree/license. I'm also interested in teaching English as a second language so this is a really cool post to me! Good luck with your goals anon, sorry I don't have any advice career wise lol

No. 110932

File: 1552112251194.jpg (43.62 KB, 500x334, happy times.jpg)

Oh hey, I should update this!

So I quit the shitshow call center job back in November. Took me about two and a half months to be hired on contract for a drug screen collector position. 15/hr, 30 hours a week.
The good news is that the company that contracted me needed so much help, and I had proved myself during the first week, that they wanted me to do some clerical work and gave me my original ask of 16/hr plus full time. I only feel slightly stupid about the 16 per hour thing because I actually could have asked for as much as 18 an hour and had gotten it, but I got put on spot when asked how much I wanted to be paid. I digress, at least I didn't lose money for switching jobs.

The work is laughably simple and stress free. I mean, when I worked for the airline I expected between 60-80 calls a day all dealing with belligerent, ignorant, and nasty people who expected me to be on top of my shit and know things way above my pay grade.
Here? I maybe process about ~20-30 people a day (my supervisors think this is super impressive and helpful), and my hours are from 7am-5pm typically. It's nothing! Most of the time I'm just trying to look busy, browsing my phone, or having a nice cup of coffee. Tbh the worst thing that's happened is that sometimes the director doesn't schedule people correctly so I'll have too many people crowding in the clinic and it gets a bit messy, but I don't much care about that. The work at the call center was back to back and horrible, but the work here is intermittent and the hours fly by.
My dad mentioned that I'm happy and can tolerate this job because it's actually a real job and not a sweatshop–which I agree.

Best of all, I've been getting a lot of respect. The company paid for my work clothes plus a really expensive bomber jacket. They hauled in a new desk just for me and I'll be getting a work laptop soon.
Here's my favorite–although I haven't had it happen directly to me yet–if anyone gets mouthy during the drug screens then they are immediately disciplined by their supervisors and security is called. No fucking talkback allowed and it's strictly enforced, whereas at the call center we didn't have rights to not speak to people who wanted to argue and be shitty.
I actually have rights here. Oh, and I like my coworkers and my supervisor. I'm making a really good impression on them and they think I'm hardworking.
I'm only a few weeks in but I have a lot of good vibes about this environment and what I'm doing.

By the way, I did keep the call center employee social media pages just to check in every now and then. Because I'm a nosy bitch. And yep, everyone there is still miserable. The hours and schedules got worse, and the airline is dropping the ball so many times that more work is falling on the representative's backs to try to calm the raging customer blowback. It's hard to believe that was my life.

No. 111093

I‘m a department assistant at a large global company. Being an assistant basically just means you do the shit no one else wants to do, plus you’re very dependent on other people, but I’ve started asking for and getting into projects that intersect with what I do anyways. Pay is okay, I make 4.4M JPY/year and the benefits are fantastic for Japan. Like I have proper sick leave and can work from home quite a bit, so while it’s boring I’ll stay at least until I have children and those go to school.

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