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No. 85369

anyone else have a similar problem
how do I stop doing this?

No. 85370

i have the same thing too anon. its called a fear of commitment.

also known as in love with the idea of being in love.

No. 85371

Same anons. My anxiety makes it impossible to really accept someone.

No. 85372

post this shit in the vent thread wtf

No. 85373

it sucks because i REALLY want a bf, i just go through this cycle of liking someone until they like me back and I completely lose interest

No. 85374

maybe you don't want a relationship. perhaps you're more into the chase. i'm the same way.

No. 85375

I think you need to give us more insight so we can give advice. Why do you lose interest on them?

Stay pressed.

No. 85376

I'm into the tall dark stranger type and I find myself attracted to these guys whenever I see them on campus and usually I inevitably hook up with them at some party or whatever and we hang out, but when I feel him start to properly like me he just seems kinda goofy and not sexy at all

No. 85377

i'm the exact same way. guys become cringe to me after i'm done cumming so i just use them for sex idk

No. 85378

It's the opposite for me. If a uy I'm talking to (but don't even really like), doesn't start to like me, I get bored, start to get annoyed with them, and throw them away. I guess I like the chase too but I like being chased.

No. 85379

Sounds like every single normie girl out there.

I'm the opposite. I don't give a fuck about sex since I have low sex drive, just want the nice things you can get in a relationship. I have yet to find a man I can stand for so long.

No. 85380

>I don't give a fuck about sex since I have low sex drive, just want the nice things you can get in a relationship. I have yet to find a man I can stand for so long.
Sounds like every single normie girl out there.

Nice projecting. I like how you think you're so much more ~unique~ than anon is. You sound insufferable.

No. 85381

why does every carbon copy edgy girl claim to have a low sex drive…is this the new meme of "im bisexual/asexual"?

No. 85382

if you have a low sex drive pls find a low sex drive boyfriend

No. 85383

So misandry in action basically? :-)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 85384

No. 85385

how is that misandry?

No. 85386

It just struck me as a classically misogynistic thing to say with the genders reversed. That's what misandry is right?

No. 85387

>implying misandry is a negative thing

No. 85388

Sex drive fluctuates too? Like, even certain meds can lower you're libido. It's not set in stone.

No. 85391

some normie girls must have high sex drives

would /fit/ girls have higher sex drives?

No. 85403

Incoming blogpost:
I am this way. I have flirted heavily with guys and lost interest as soon as they reciprocate. I've slept with men and felt immediate disinterest and annoyance with them after. I never dated those guys and couldn't figure out why. And after my last relationship I realised I have a history of purposefully pursuing men I inherently sense to be emotionally unavailable and tossing away men who are stable and actually interested in me for me.

My reason for this stems from (kek) my father: my entire childhood I was desperate for him to pay attention to me. He didn't pay attention to me or my mom or my sister, ever. He made time for his friends but at home he stayed in his office and only came out for the family dinner or to yell at us. He would only interact with me if I showed interest in things he liked and when I got good grades. Cue me behaving like this with every man I've dated ever.

I date the guys who inevitably use me for sex. I date the guys who show up late or not at all and then I cry about it wondering why when the signs were actually there from the beginning. But I didn't see those signs because to me their obvious disregard for me just meant I needed to work harder for them to love me. And every bone they threw me made it worth it. I was like a dog in all the best and worst ways. These are men of varying races, heights, and ranges of objective physical attractiveness.

I recommend reading "Women Who Love Too Much" - dig a bit and you'll find a free pdf eventually as I did, or just work on yourself and discover why you are this way. Or whatever behavioural patterns you've developed will likely repeat, unfortunately.

No. 85412

Holy shit I have the same issue. Whenever I get reciprocated, I stop feeling attraction for them. It's frustrating

No. 85418

I read a theory that women confuse lust with love because were taught from a younge age that we shouldn’t experience lust. Once we fulfill the desire we have via getting boned or emotional attention, we lose interest since there was nothing deeper than lust present in the first place. I don’t know if it’s true for any of you but after reflecting on some of my past “crushes” I think it may be for me.

No. 85420

most humans feel that way because love and lust are super intertwined.

No. 85433

Damn. Sounds like every relationship I've ever been in.

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