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File: 1529483983863.jpg (101.31 KB, 610x610, 8S6u1Ln.jpg)

No. 85755

Not sure if this belongs here, or in /ot/…but I haven't seen a thread about glasses, so I thought I'd start one!

I always find it hard to properly style myself with glasses, and I've never felt as cute as other girls. I'm sure some can relate, suggestions and tips are highly appreciated!

>which type of frames do you wear?

>how to choose the best frames according to face shape/overall body type?
>make up/styling tips for girls with glasses
>best hairstyles for glasses wearers?
>cute girls w/ glasses/inspo

No. 85758

File: 1529487605712.jpg (864.95 KB, 3264x3264, glasses.jpg)

I'm so glad you posted this, anon! These are the two pairs I own. They're pretty cute but I find the turquoise ones difficult to coordinate makeup with.

I also have a full fringe so I probably look like I'm triggered all the time lol but I can't live without a fringe, I feel naked when I tie my hair up. At the moment, I'm a really big fan of a salmony eye shadow from Kiko that just gives my eyes a pop of colour and stops them from looking super tiny. But then I can't wear any non-nude lip colours.

It's hard to find a pair of glasses that are stylish but at the same time, don't dominate your face.

No. 85759


I find the latter hard difficult. I have a small, square face, but when I smile it turns into a round shape because my cheek bones are big and they puff out loads. I look like a little bubble! I've tried every shape and don't find any of them flattering - cat eye, wayfarer, round, oval, rectangle. I always look terrible! At the moment I have some clear wayfarer frames because I find if I wear anything dark, they swamp my face and I'm not keen on coloured frames.

No. 85774

File: 1529515218977.png (147.34 KB, 1020x600, 2002541.png)

I have the same issue, anon! I've been told that glasses frame my face really well, but the ones I wear make me look mumsy as hell. They're pic related, I have a heart-shaped face that's usually too small for big glasses (they swallow me up) and too wide for narrower ones. I don't really know what to do about it, any advice would be appreciated though!

As for choosing the best frames, I just go and try a bunch on until I find some that I like. I only wish I could wear headbands and stuff comfortably without getting headaches.

No. 85803

File: 1529539370915.png (1.44 MB, 652x2228, asfsdf.png)

Like the OP pic, I noticed large squoval (square+oval) shaped black frame glasses have been popular for some time. Before it was just black framed glasses that were popular, but the bigger ones are more in, atleast from what I've observed. I think I like those because they make the face look smaller and dont narrow down the eyes. The "harry potter" style glasses are popular in Asia but I don't really like that style. Idk if its just for looks or if they're actually prescription glasses.

No. 85814

File: 1529550037596.jpg (255.62 KB, 1024x1401, 1024px-Malcolm_X_NYWTS_4.jpg)

I've been wanting new glasses for a long time, and I've been thinking about Malcolm X glasses (they probably have a proper name, but you know what I mean) because I like retro-y stuff, but I missed the bandwagon and everyone and their mom is wearing them now.
Before I was wearing a pair of horn-rimmed panto glasses (that I actually managed to snatch up before they became popular and those suit me well but the lenses are all scratched up.
I'm looking for something a bit lighter-rimmed now, any suggestions on what the avant-garde of glasseswearers should be on the lookout for?
I'm ashamed for sounding like a obnoxious hipster, I'd just hate having a style that is too ubiquitous, I'd like to know whats coming in a season or two so if I pick that at least I'm ahead of the curve.

No. 85829

File: 1529562367307.jpg (130.62 KB, 590x596, ray-ban-clubmaster-mad-men-har…)


pretty sure they're Ray-Ban's Clubmaster glasses. they're retro and i looove them. saw them on mad men and had to get some myself. this article says malcolm x and james dean wore them https://www.selectspecs.com/fashion-lifestyle/ray-ban-clubmasters-have-stood-the-test-of-time/ also in french if you can read it https://www.commeuncamion.com/2014/03/12/clubmaster-ray-ban/

pic related everyone hated this guy on mad men but god damn his glasses were cute.

No. 85839

File: 1529567134416.jpg (86.22 KB, 564x705, zdJSqLD.jpg)

>Malocom X glasses
lol anon, that's what I always call them as well. I think they are actually really pretty because they don't overpower your face but still look kind of bold due to the black top rim. Pic related is a more modern/feminine approach

No. 86421

File: 1530074454848.jpeg (78.4 KB, 2000x1000, addieeyeglasses-Violet Magnoli…)

I have these (discontinued) lighter-rimmed, more feminine approach to the Malcolm X glasses from Warby Parker. I alternate between wearing contacts and glasses, but I always get compliments on the glasses when I wear them.

Hayes by the same brand seems to be the closest you can get to the ones I have.

No. 86424

i have those square hipster type glasses, but in black with pink inner rim and pink with clear inner rim from zenni.

No. 86640

File: 1530255931422.jpg (13.3 KB, 650x325, Rayban.jpg)

I have Rayban kind of like pic related.
They're really nice glasses but I always feel so ugly and nerdy when wearing them….I don't get how the girls in the pics in these thread manage to pull them off so well.
Because of my bad sight I have to wear them all the time except for weekends and vacation I wear day contact.

No. 88299

File: 1531465447026.jpg (17.13 KB, 800x316, 7810723-eyeglasses-angle-view.…)

I wear style #7810723 from Zenni & I love the silver+clear plastic & the fact that the parts actually screw together. And the cute filigree on the bridge. Only $30 too!

I prefer angular frames bc squoval frames make my oval shaped face look too soft. I will say that I wish they were like 1cm smaller all around but overall like 9/10 should've gotten Transitions lenses kek

No. 91352

Same. I have to wear my Ray Bans every day. My prescription is strong enough that it limits the types of glasses I can wear due to the thickness of the lenses, so I can only wear ones with full frames all the way around. I like how the glasses make my eyes look bigger, but I also don't like having to look like a massive nerd 24/7 either. The struggle is real.

No. 91353

My eyesight keeps getting worse and thb I'm afraid of this. Full frame glasses look like shit on me and I also have a small face so it's hard to find something that looks nice.

I'd also switch to contacts but they're expensive af since I have astigmatism and have to wear to different prescriptions so it's more expensive

No. 91434

File: 1533681379314.png (857.6 KB, 1242x2208, 2FE9A7BB-3565-46A5-8A0D-82F7C3…)

I fucked my eyes like an idiot by sleeping in my contacts too often, so I’ve been wearing these horrid thick rimmed backup glasses I’ve had since high school. Kinda tarnished my confidence these past few months.
Recently discovered zenni optical & I’m waiting on these to come in the mail. Hopefully they’ll be much cuter!

No. 91445

Anon are you me?? My contacts are giving me dry eyes so much but i hate taking them out because i have to use my ugly old
Glasses. Might check this site out!!

No. 91447

zenni's stuff is adorable, and cheap.

No. 91454

How did you fuck your eyes

No. 91459

nta but if you sleep in the wrong kind of contacts you can get dry eye, which needs medicine to fix it usually. it makes it hard to wear contacts for more than a few hours. same thing happened to me but it was cause i was homeless…

No. 100035

File: 1541240045732.jpg (77.88 KB, 1200x725, angular-square-face-glasses-fr…)

Anyone got good glasses inspo for somebody with an angular face? Most of the ones I'm finding seem like they'd make me look like an auntie

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