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No. 86368

Is it possible to find a virgin bf that's not a total creep, "nice guy" or neckbeard?

sometimes it seems like mmy only options are between total fuckboys that have gone round every girl in the uni and really yucky guys.

No. 86370

>caring about whether a guy is a virgin or not rather than whether you get along, have similar hobbies, shared values and chemistry
You already lost m8. Why do you need a guy to be a virgin?

>sometimes it seems like my only options are between total fuckboys that have gone round every girl in the uni and really yucky guys.

Where exactly are you finding guys? Most men are average, by which I mean they've had an average number of partners, so if you keep meeting people you'll meet people who aren't total sluts.
However, virgin guys? If you're 21 or more at uni, and looking for guys your age or older, well yeah the virgins are going to be the creepy weird ones. It's not hard to get laid and guys rarely "wait for the right girl". I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being an older virgin but an attractive, happy and healthy man will usually find an opportunity to pop his cherry pretty easily, but just because he's not a virgin anymore it doesn't make him a bad person…
Could you explain why you want a virgin? Is it a fetish thing?

No. 86371

not the same anon
But I would prefer a virgin guy out of pure insecurity, since I'm a virgin in my 20s myself. I don't know, I would find it super humiliating having my first time with someone very experienced, it's like… being looked down upon, or like he scored a virgin wow, being just an ego boost to someone. Or so terrible at it he feels sorry for you, or starts rumors. With equally inexperienced person it's probably awkward but you're both bad at it, you can learn together and not feel anxious and worry about useless shit.

I don't know, this is what I feel at least.
I'm pretty certain though all people who "prefer" virgins have some sort of a problem. You anon have a very healthy way of looking at it.

No. 86376

>But I would prefer a virgin guy out of pure insecurity, since I'm a virgin in my 20s myself
Look, it's going to be awkward your first time anyway (whether you're with a virgin or someone 'experienced'). It's awkward for everyone. Don't focus on something so insignificant when there are so many other important qualities in a partner. If you find someone who loves you, it won't matter to them if you're a virgin or a porn star.

No. 86380

Don't let your insecurities get to you anon. There are lots of sweet guys out there who won't care if you're a virgin or not. A good partner will care about your needs and boundaries sexually regardless of your or his experience.

I lost my virginity to someone who was much more experienced than I was and he was very kind about the whole situation. Having multiple partners doesn't automatically turn a guy into a fuckboy.

No. 86409

Well, it should NOT be your top priority, but it is still possible, and sometimes you'll learn that a guy is still a virgin by complete surprise…

I met my fiance (who is 2 years older than me btw) in college, and he was a 22-year-old KHV before we started dating. He wasn't a creepy desperate neckbeard in any way, in fact he's a cute blonde blue eyed normie I expected might be a "Chad". I could tell he was nervous and inexperienced the first time we had sex and even went on a date, but I was sweet and patient with him. It wasn't till months later that he finally broke down and and admitted to me that he was a virgin. Looking back, being his first is something very special that we both cherish. But honestly if he had slept with anyone before me I wouldn't care or really have the right to, especially since I'd had one BF before him.

I don't have a preference for whether or not a guy is a virgin. I don't mind if a guy has an extensive sexual history before me, as long as he isn't a walking STD and/or trying to use me. And I don't mind if a guy is still a virgin, as long as he isn't an insecure /pol/tard who calls women who've slept with even just one guy "roasties". My fiance and I are bonded by our shared interests and beliefs and life goals, which are more important than anything else TBH.

…Anyways, that's just my personal anecdote. My advice is: if you're still a virgin yourself or not very experienced, and are nervous you'll be judged by someone more experienced than you, then I can totally understand your desire for a virginal BF. BUT if you want a virgin guy just because you'll get jealous of his sexual past, or because you have some weird virgin fetish or Buzz Aldrin complex, then please try and get over those issues.

I don't have any additional advice about "finding" a virgin guy. It's not really something guys bring up on a whim when you meet them either. I just hope you mean someone nice; if he's still a virgin congrats, and if he's not then boo-hoo… AGAIN, IT'S NOT THAT IMPORTANT. But if you're REALLY that desperate maybe try a Christian dating service? A lot of religious guys, especially Mormons, are still virgins :P

No. 86442

Totally, I deflowered… 4 boyfriends at this point. Though only one of them was over 20, of course it will get harder with age, but the truth is there are pleeeenty of virgin men out there who aren't neckbeards/incels.
Now, that said, I don't think you should have to worry too much about being seen as a commodity/score/whatever if you end up with a guy who isn't a virgin. If you're sleeping together right away, something like that might happen, but trust your judgement, find a kind person and make your first time happen after becoming very close and committed, and the odds of that happening will be very low.
Lastly… some guys (especially older virgins) will lie and say they've had sex when they haven't, so you never really know… much better to just go for someone you really like than focus on virginity.

No. 86471

This is all very true. I'm the anon from above and my fiance lied about having sex before me. The first time we did it, he was fumbling to get it in, and when he finally did was sweating and blushing and whimpering like a puppy until he came within like a minute. He apologized and told me he "hadn't had a girlfriend in over a year". I told him there was no need to apologize then we cuddled the rest of the night (and tbh I thought he was pretty cute). Then later, he finally admitted that it was his first time… Not that such behavior is a for sure sign a guy is a virgin or anything, it's just my personal experience.

But yeah virginity is NOT that big of a deal. The best you can do is make sure you are in an emotionally secure spot before you get in bed with someone, regardless of whether or not you or him are still virgins. And focusing on other aspects of the relationship besides virginity can help strengthen that bond.

Oh and of course practice safe sex. Please.

No. 86554


yes. it's not guaranteed but you'll have more luck with that by going for religious/conservative normie men who aren't extremists about it, most of the time they'll be virgins by choice because of personal morals


it's understandable and honestly you shouldn't be expected to lower your standards. not everyone's experience will be like mine, but i lost my virginity to a guy with much more experience than i had and i felt disgusting and inadequate the entire time, i still feel violated sometimes because of it. finding the right person matters more than anything but sex is an extremely personal thing, especially your first time, and you're allowed to have boundaries

No. 86735

You're not helping the situation. This kind of attitude / mindset only encourages more violence and attacks from them.

No. 86736

>I'm going to kill a bunch of people because someone called me a creepy virgin online!!!

How would catering to highly unstable and delusional people help in any way?

No. 86737

>highly unstable
Maybe the condescending and pretentious attitude is what sets them off. Just a thought.

No. 86738

Yes it's definitely not a problem within, it's those damn condescending roasties!

No. 86743

File: 1530387511246.jpg (28.67 KB, 257x320, lindsaylohan.jpg)

No. 86751

I agree with other anons that it shouldn't matter that much, but yeah, it is real. Hard working students would be your best bet, probably someone from med/vet uni or something equally demanding. Douchebags and socially awkward guys can be found anywhere, sure, but you'll find some perfectly adequate guys whom just never had any interest/luck in sex and relationships because of their education goals.

No. 86758

What the hell?

It's people like you who make virgin guys feel super ashamed and insecure about their virginity. People with misconceptions that most virgins are "creepy, nice guy, neckbeards".

Just stay away from them, you sound like a terrible person.

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