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No. 86372

Like the title says. All my life I've been mistaken for being much older than I actually am and I absolutely hate it. I'm sick of people assuming I'm already married or even a mother and young guys not being interested. My skin is bad, makeup seems to age me even more and I've got no idea how to style myself without ending up looking super homely. Does anybody else have the same problem?

No. 86378

>tfw you get mistaken for your sister's mum and your friend's big sister
kill me

No. 86379

There's already a thread for this, anon.

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No. 86386

I'll share what I know off the top of my head.

Skin Care:
>Wear sunscreen daily. Face, chest, neck, shoulders…wherever your skin is exposed to the sun. During summer, wear hats and sunglasses additionally.
>Moisturize!! It's one of the best things you can do for preventing aging, along with sun protection.
>Don't forget to moisturize your eye area as well, only use your ring finger to pad the product in.
>Don't rub your eyes/your skin in general, be very gentle.
>Exfoliate 2-3 times a week, AHA peels work wonders.
>Exfoliate and moisturize your lips regularly.
>Avoid drying alcohol (i.e. Alcohol Denat., Benzyl Alcohol) in products.
>Use hydrating facial masks or serums, hydration is very important in terms of anti-aging.

>Drink tons of water, it really does make a difference.
>Exercise regularly
>Don't smoke, drink or do drugs.

>Analyze your face shape and find out which hairstyles work for you.
>Don't over-pluck your brows, it might make you look older
>This is my personal opinion but Cardigans and scarves can make you look like a middle aged mom if not styled correctly.

Make up:
>Make sure your skin is well hydrated. If your skin is dry and you apply make up, it might add 5 years to your appearance.
>Use concealer but don't apply a thick layer like you see on YT tutorials, a few dots are enough.
>Fill in and shape your brows a bit. Full brows are often associated with youth.
>Heavy, dark lipstick can be very aging. Nude and soft colors work really well.
>You can use some nude or off-white colored pencil liner in your bottom waterline; never use black.
>Don't apply a thick, heavy layer of foundation. This can emphasize fine lines.

No. 86527

It's probably your genes, in which case just simple ~korean skin care~ won't help.

Skin care/lifestyle/styling/make up:
>>86386 what this anon said. Sun screen is your friend. If you have oily skin, make sure not to get super creamy moisturizer because it'll make your pores look huge.

You should also look up on pintrest or insta or an image board pics of a young/young seeming girl so you have a sense of style. For example, I love Ariana Grande and look quite similar to her. She's 25 and looks 10 years younger - why? First of all, she's very petite. But more importantly, her style keeps her looking very young and sweet and innocent. Also, eyebrows - they're very important. Super arched brows will make you look older. Straight, slightly arched at the ends will make you look younger.

Now, you're probably lacking in fat in parts of your face and probably have an issue with wrinkles or something. If you have deep eye hollows, you should get fillers. They're worth it, trust me. Naturally placed cheek and lip fillers go a long ass way too. Probably the worst thing dragging you down is 1) your skin and then 2) your style, so you need to work on both of those.

No. 86543

The 'plastic surgery general' one? Kek

No. 86555

What are your features like? Do you have a big nose, strong jaw, small eyes, etc? If you have more mature features, skin care, makeup and clothing won't help that much. You would need plastic surgery.

No. 86572

Wardrobe and hairstyle helps a lot. How do you dress? What’s your style? You don’t have to dress for your age group if you don’t want. I still wear hollister time to time and shop in the juniors section at 22. You don’t have to be limited to styles for “age groups”. Korean fashion is very youthful. If you find wearing a different style helps, it doesn’t hurt to try. As long as it’s something you enjoy wearing. Hair also really plays a roll. What color is it? How do you style it? Longer hair is more feminine in my opinion. It helps look younger as well. Bangs/fringe also helps frame your face. If your hair is too flat, try finding a way to add volume. If it’s curly, try to style your curls or maybe consider straightening it.

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