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No. 87061

As the title reads, it is for followers and fans to talk/theorise about these 2 artists and their recent 'break up' without bothering them on social media! Please keep this thread friendly! Feel free to air out your thoughts on what you think has happened!

No. 87062

File: 1530622127973.gif (722.6 KB, 275x202, 7A413D8E-30F5-4239-95D0-A2CB65…)

No. 87063

I don't know them, but that sucks.
I think when two artists date it's cute.

This thread probably should be on /OT/ though.

No. 87065

Who cares?

No. 87112

Literal whos

No. 87116

I think these two are way too irrelevant to need their own thread. maybe just mention them in the art thread or smth.

that said. I was following both on insta (because I liked their art), and skaii was so fucking annoying I had to unfollow.
How long did they even last? two months? They're both dickheads.

No. 87134

I mean kawonacy has 600k followers and is well known in the art community I don’t see how he’s irrelevant though who cares about a social media break up lol

No. 87163

Drawing themselves constantly is so fucking creepy, chunis like this need to burn in hell

No. 87194

How does Kawa even look like irl? Never found any pictures and i'm curious especially if girls date him that easily even for short times.

I just remember him dating someone from the same class in art school a while back, thought they were still together.

No. 87225

Why do people think they broke up? All i see are pictures that have depressing captions, but that could mean anything.

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