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No. 87653

After this >>87328 disaster I want to know.
>Do you mind if your partner masturbates?
>How often is too much for masturbation?

No. 87655

please, robot, stop while you're ahead. it's obv you're not one of us. only an exceptionally stupid actual farmer wouldn't have spoilered that unnecessarily obnoxious photo

No. 87656

>Do you mind if your partner masturbates?

no because i masturbate a lot too. i care more about someone's views on sexuality and women. if a man or woman masturbates a lot, it could stem from shame and insecurity but it also couldn't

>How often is too much for masturbation?

it depends. some days i masturbate up to 7 times while some days i don't at all. it all depends on how i'm feeling.

No. 87675

>some days i masturbate up to 7 times
My pussy is screaming at the thought of this. I wouldn’t be able to sit down. How are you not too sore to function?

No. 87676

i'm not scratching my clit to cum

No. 87679

What the fuck? I didn’t say you were? After an orgasm, I’m sensitive and swollen down there. If I push it, I can go multiple times in one day. But I’m not going to be able to go seven fucking times. It would be actual torture. Are your nerves just dead down there or something? Do you not feel sensitive afterwards? Not only that, but I would be fucking exhausted.

No. 87680

i cum, do something else and then when i'm horny again i'll masturbate

No. 87688

I weap for your overstimulated pussy. Unless you’re just dead down there

No. 87689

??? it take me 3 mins tops to orgasm. thanks for the concern tho

No. 87693

>Do you mind if your partner masturbates?
>How often is too much for masturbation?
If it's affecting other aspects of your life/relationship poorly, it's too much.

I'm sorry you don't know the joy of multiple orgasms. You can walk away and come back after the sensitivity has gone down, or try lighter pressure after orgasm until you're less sensitive if you want a few in a row. Not everybody has the anatomy down there to go many times in one day, and that's okay, too. In that case, just make sure it's a really good one, I guess.

No. 87696

Genuine question, are your orgasms underwhelming?

No. 87697

>Do you mind if your partner masturbates?

No he's free to do whatever he wants with his body.

>How often is too much for masturbation?

If he start declining sex in favor of masturbation. Would dump his ass.

No. 87698

NTA but I can also orgasm in under 3 minutes. They aren't underwhelming, but the best are when there's more build up, or during a long string of orgasms that get spaced closer and closer together. The only orgasms that are underwhelming are ruined orgasms, which happen rarely and only when my bf is edging me and misjudges. I don't mind as long as I get a good one after, which I always do.

No. 87699

no, they're always amazing because i know exactly what to do to get me there

No. 87700

Yeah I can orgasm quick in a pinch but I need about thirty minutes build up for maximum pleasure. If I want toe-curdling, screaming orgasms, I’m just not getting there in three minutes. Quick orgasms are more like “oh nice that was needed,” versus “oh praise Jesus hallelujah I feel like I’m floating let me never touch the ground” panting, sweaty mess with half moons from my other hand being clenched. I just find quick orgasms so disappointing in comparison and sometimes I just am too impatient and afterwards I’m like “damn it I should’ve edged for longer.”

No. 87702

Same anon, same. I always regret that haha
Honestly I wish my partner was able to edge me during sex but he either doesn't last long enough or doesn't know my signals at all so I'm pretty much stuck with masturbating to achieve it (but then feel bad about enjoying masturbation over sex sometimes)

No. 87703

If your partner is down for it, you could have him edge you manually. You'll have to communicate to teach him exactly where the edge is for you, but once you get that down he can keep you there pretty much as long as he wants.

No. 87706

i really REALLY love masturbating so even the idea of caring about if my partner does it hasn't occurred to me. It sounds really imprisoning and cruel.
It's hard enough to find freedom in life, so the last thing I'd want is to make my relationship yet another restriction on freedom for me and my boyfriend. Just not straight up cheating is more than enough limitation. I don't want to be too judgmental though. I'm sure there are some situations I'm not thinking of where it would be appropriate.

No. 87710

That's a good idea anon, I'm going to have to try that. We're starting to move more towards a bdsm relationship (sex-wise at least) so that'd be a good way to learn signals and build up the communication. Plus if I can edge during sex that'd be great.

No. 87715

>Just not straight up cheating is more than enough limitation.
You don’t sound willing to be in a monogamous, committed relationship. Maybe explore other avenues if his one doesn’t appeal to you? You don’t have to give up your idea of freedom to have a partner/sexual satisfaction

No. 87725

It seems like you partner would be willing to do it then. You definitely should; it's so great. For us, we got pretty good at it once I wasn't allowed to orgasm. Something about that just made all the communication that needed to happen "click" for us.

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