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>Try to be nice and socialize with people
Ahahaha what a fucking weirdo, anon. No wonder nobody likes you!
>Stick to myself and leave everyone alone.
What, you think your too good for us or something? You know what anon, your just a fucking asshole.

I guess you cant win with people.

No. 88090

File: 1531295234987.jpg (56.96 KB, 780x589, CVkJsHA.jpg)

I relate to this a lot OP.

Growing up I was socially rejected many times in middle school and high school. I would try to be social but apparently I was "annoying." I had a weird laugh, I wasn't very pretty, I tried too hard, I had weird hobbies, etc. Some of my only friends claimed to be introverted before it became a meme, and used it as an excuse to bail whenever I'd reach out to ask to hang out. The friends I did make in high school mostly used me for car rides, buying them stuff, and simply tolerated me to gain something from me.
It conditioned me to believe that at their core, people didn't like me and if I made the effort I was just bothering them.

Nowadays, I'm more socially aware and more likable, but old habits die hard. Friends get mad at me for not messaging them often, or sometimes think I'm stuck up or too busy to chat. It's actually that I've been rejected so many times that I'm used to being ignored and it doesn't come naturally for me to initiate anymore. I hardly speak unless spoken to.

I wonder if someone else can explain this better than I can…

No. 88109

this insignificant thought warranted its own thread?

No. 88144

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Anons, there are people out there who won't care about how "quirky" or "weird" you are, and just love you for who you are. There are also other "weird" people waiting for someone to notice them and accept them, too - you're not alone!

Just this humble anon's opinion - Don't wait until someone feels like you're worthy of their attention.

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