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No. 88461

We have cute boys, retarded crushes, men we're ashamed to say we'd fuck, and 2d husbandos. Why not add book Crushes to the list.
Post men (or women) from books that you just fell in love with, and describe how you envisioned them looking.

My book crush is Bobby Newmark from Count Zero by Willam Gibson. I always pictured him with a black bowl cut and a lean/gaunt body and face. I don't know what drew me to him exactly. He was a young man from a not-so-good background who just wanted to make it big, and was pretty clueless most the book despite being the hero.

No. 88488

MC of Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero.

Broody smoking prep school boys suffering with an existential crisis are my weakness.

No. 88557

I had a huge crush on Ron Weasley when I was younger.

Basically because he was the most relatable out of the main three. He was snarky, had his own hang ups, often looked down on others but at the end of the day, you could tell that he really cared for his friends.

I didn’t like how in the movies they gave all of his sassy lines to Hermione.

No. 88561

I had a crush on Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files when I was like 14 lol, though as I got older I realized he's kind of a neckbeard fantasy. Plus aside from being 6'9" he's kind of bland design-wise.

I was the basic bitch who was in love with Draco but that's mostly because of Tom Felton. Rereading the books on a lark I did get to like Ron though. The films really did him dirty.

No. 88583

I was in love with Fred Wesley. I don't know why I chose him over George but I loved how funny and happy-go-lucky he was.

No. 88588

This is really weird but I had a huge crush on Evra Von from the Darren Shan books when I was like 14. He just seemed really shy and sweet. Then when the film came out and I heard Patrick Fugit would be playing him (who I also had a crush on thanks to the film Saved) I was so excited but the film ended up being shit.

I'll basically fall for any character in a teen novel lol.

No. 88591

I always had a crush on Cadvan from the Books of Pellinor series. He always seemed like my type of guy. Cocky and slightly edgy. And magic always gets me going.

No. 88592

I had a crush on Tobias/four from Divergent, he was the only thing that made the books worth reading, Iwas super disappointed when the movie came out because the guy they had playing him just wasn't my cup of tea, and didn't look how I imagined him. I picture him as a punky/alt guy not some angsty beefcake.

No. 88597

This is super embarrassing but I had a crush on Frankenstein's monster as a lil preteen, the way he's described in the book sounded kinda hot to my impressionable mind

No. 88668

My first book crush was Lief from Deltora Quest (the book, not the anime). Also, Rowan from Rowan of Rin. Both series by Emily Rodda, she had a talent of writing main characters that my ten-year-old mind fell in love with

No. 88858

Bobby’s totally a babe.

My first ever book crush was on Prince Caspian from the Narnia books way back in elementary school. I also developed a crush on Will from His Dark Materials pretty quickly

No. 88859

Lmfao I just re-read the first two Dresden Files novels and he’s such a neckbeard with the flowing hair and dumb trench coat

No. 88894

ikr. Plus I forget which book it is but his "I MUST PROTECT ALL WHAMEN THEY ARE FRAGILE AND PURE" monologue was lame as hell.

No. 88943

I had a massive crush on Shadow from American Gods when I was a teenager. Tall, pensive, respects women, loves his wife despite everything.

I still love this quote:
>“He had kissed her good night that night, and she had tasted like strawberry daiquiris, and he had never wanted to kiss anyone else again.”

No. 88944

shadow is top tier, I had a huge crush on him in high school.

No. 88948

Same girl! Don't know what it was but Fred was my fav (and that just ended horribly)

My childhood book crush was Tobias from animorphs. He was sweet and kind, complex, depressed, and was a damn raptor! I also want to throw in Rachel from animorphs too, but I think that was more wishing to be her than actually having a crush on her

No. 89368

I honestly can't choose between Shivers or West from the First Law Series.

Something about men who want to do good but life just keeps fucking them up endears me to them like crazy. Especially West, he's just so weary and exhausted and nothing ever goes his way. He's got the insane temper and violence he can barely control, and his constant frustration makes me just want to hold and comfort him. The turmoil he's in is weirdly attractive to me and I kept hoping things would turn out better for him. I won't say what happens but this woman gets introduced in the story that he's attracted to, and the way it ended up going was so funny and sad at the same time.

Shivers is similar but fully seeing him go from this generally nice guy, at least for the First Law universe, to a corrupted violent psychopath was the first time I was attracted to a character like that. I crushed on him at the beginning because he was kind of naive and cute and endearing, and that crush never really went away as he transformed. The transformation is tragic but violent sex Shivers turns me on, I hate to admit.

I tend to crush on literary characters but those two always stick out.

West isn't described as attractive, his general description trait is that he's balding, so I picture him as kind of an average looking guy with haunted eyes. Shivers' description is fucking hot, really tall, built Northerner with long dark hair. Even with the haircut and what happens to him later he sounds hot to me. I can understand why Monza starts fucking him.

At least people make fun of Harry's terrible Duster and women aren't falling all over him. In one of the books Thomas takes on his appearance and Harry's kind of taken aback at how haggard and bad he looks.

The book covers with the duster and hat and the ugly amulet, I cringe.

No. 89371

oh shit me too. i forgot about that.

i'd fuck Meursault from the stranger lmao

No. 89428

i didnt know other people had book crushes!

cringy but i developed a crush for Raskolnikov from C&P because i always end up liking the outcasts/"unlikeable" characters especially if they're shut-ins.i think i just felt bad for him since he was guilt ridden. plus i imagined him as this scruffy pale guy in victorian clothing which made it worse

No. 89490

oh my GOD anon are you me? I felt the exact same way reading Crime and Punishment and I felt so stupid for it lmao

No. 89587

File: 1532505725633.jpeg (60.38 KB, 500x345, 5BA3E8E4-81CD-4416-9AF3-F35077…)

I didn’t think anyone would agree!! I thought I’d be judged for crushing on a murderer lol. I wanted to hug him during the entire book…

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