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File: 1531776177010.png (83.3 KB, 320x127, eyes.png)

No. 88603

anyone else wish they had a different eye colour, light eyes are just so delicate and pretty

No. 88605

File: 1531776543889.jpg (240.08 KB, 800x530, IMG_5380.JPG)

I have hazel eyes similar to the photo and I wish I had blue eyes. I even tried contacts once but they're too much trouble and looked somewhat fake anyway.

No. 88607

Idk that looks pretty awesome to me, at least you can figure out what colour you have.

No. 88609

Yeah, I sperged about my eye color in some other thread long time ago and some anons still recall that. My mother has a nice green color and my brother inherited it, my father has brown eyes and I don't have the best relationship with him, so it fuels my hatred for the brown color.
Most of the world's population has it, there's nothing unique to it, it's dull and soulless.

I really want to change it and I'm still considering the eye color laser surgery. Like >>88605 said, most color contacts look like shit and at one point during the day you have to take them off and go back to the poop colored eyes.

There are times when I rationalize and tell myself that if my vision is great, the eye color doesn't matter and there are lots of attractive people with brown eyes. But that mood quickly passes and I'm back to wanting to dig my eyes out. I'm pretty sure this is similar to people that have fine noses for example and still want to get a nosejob. I'm just fixated on my eye color and there's little I can do about it. I also hate myself for being so vain.

No. 88613

Therapy would probably be cheaper than having the color of your eyes surgically altered and risking blindness.

No. 88615

>poop colored eyes.
Ummm fuck off, I get you're doing a cute "self deprecating white girl" thing but as a POC that grew up in a predominantly white area and having to endure "poop colored" comments against me and my family for real it is a really bad move ok.

No. 88618

I'm aware but most therapists are shit tbh

I'm sorry that my post gave you flashbacks. It wasn't meant to be a personal attack on anyone. People can be terribly nasty. Though here blue eyes are not that uncommon yet there's still a lot of white people with brown eyes. Did you live in some aryan town or something? It would be difficult to mock someone for having poop eyes when there are high chances that someone in your family or a friend also has brown eyes.

Besides, on several occasions I heard other girls with brown eyes referring to them as poop color too and wishing they had blue instead. So, I doubt I'm alone when expressing myself in that way.

It doesn't help that I've never ever seen anyone compliment brown eyes, while people with blue and green eyes are often complimented even though the eye color isn't that rare where I live.

No. 88620

don't apologize to that tumblrina newfag.

No. 88621

Just remember to be more respectful of other people, (especially in a POC friendly space like lolcow) in future and you should be fine hun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88623

Don't we already have a "post your eyes" thread buried in the catalog?

No. 88624

File: 1531785571971.jpg (219.42 KB, 887x900, 1525247036570.jpg)

sorry i must have missed that one

No. 88626

is this a LARPer??

No. 88639

No, it's just summer

No. 88643

So many anons here really are insecure to the point of mental illness.

No. 88655

It's an imageboard, what do you expect?

No. 88657

>especially in a POC friendly space like lolcow
Sorry, but lol

No. 88659

I think brown eyes are deep, soulful and gorgeous - doe eyes. I don't get the insecurity. Come on anons, appreciate yourself more.

No. 88662


i feel you on this 100%. eye color seems like such an insignificant factor in attractiveness to a lot of people but i want to gouge my eyes out on a regular basis, i know surgery's risky but i personally would take any complications it causes me over having boring, disgusting eyes for the rest of my life

No. 88675

File: 1531820406253.jpg (40.62 KB, 540x405, tumblr_nue3qkGiqc1qbff9bo4_540…)

I like having shiny, black eyes. It fits my aesthetic of being sleepy and sort of empty, and makes my pupils look bigger naturally (which is cuter, IMO).
I don't mind light-colored eyes, though. I play a lot with the idea of wearing contacts, since light blue eyes especially would look striking with my skintone, but it's just not that deep. I also like the idea of wearing contacts of different colors because I think heterochromia is beautiful.
I don't get how/why anyone can have actual self-hatred for something like eye color. This thread is weirding me out. "Disgusting"? Christ. If you're already attractive, light eyes can bump you up that much more because of the rarity, but it's not like you need them to be pretty. If you're honest to god unattractive, you can't realistically just say "Well at least I have light eyes!". They won't help.

No. 88677

>It fits my aesthetic of being sleepy and sort of empty
>and makes my pupils look bigger naturally (which is cuter, IMO).
Pretty sure that girl you posted is wearing lenses, anon. And nobody really has completely black eyes.

No. 88679

File: 1531822410270.jpg (64.15 KB, 640x853, makeup-artist-tracey-gray-mann…)

Dark eyes are hazier/more empty. Weren't some people ITT posting about how "soulless" they are, but trying to frame it as a negative? It's not that hard to understand, kek. They just fit a darker aesthetic.
>Pretty sure that girl you posted is wearing lenses, anon.
Even if she is, them being dark is part of what makes her eyes look bigger. The doe-eye effect wouldn't be as strong with light eyes.
>And nobody really has completely black eyes.
Very dark brown still looks pretty damn black. Why split hairs? At that point, we might as well talk about the fact that everybody technically has blue (or green) eyes, and dark eyes only exist because melanin is covering them for protection.
Not that brown eyes aren't beautiful, too, of course.

No. 88680

File: 1531822693046.jpg (77.29 KB, 640x640, blackhair.jpg)

Light eyes can be very pretty, but that's not a reason to hate your brown eyes, they aren't as exciting since they're so common but it doesn't make them ugly, I personally think the high contrast between the white of the eyes and a dark iris very charming.

And blue eyes can't save a busted face anyways.

No. 88681

>that pic

No. 88699


>I don't get how/why anyone can have actual self-hatred for something like eye color. This thread is weirding me out

having striking eyes is a big part of beauty, brown eyes are generic as fuck and when most people think of beautiful eyes they think of blue or green eyes, not eyes the color of shit. it's not the end all be all of being pretty but it's still an important factor to many people feeling good about themselves

No. 88700

It's really not. Most people have brown eyes and dgaf about it, don't think every one is an insecure mess like you.

No. 88701

File: 1531840571242.jpg (89.97 KB, 1000x564, frens.jpg)

Thank you, anon. It feels good knowing I'm not alone in this. I always feel crazy for hating my eye color, but like this anon said >>88699 while it's not the most important feature it certainly helps to have lighter eyes.

I hope both you and I finally find peace with it or get an eye color laser surgery done without going blind

No. 88703

I personally prefer the look of brown eyes, they remind me of puppies and are warm and inviting.
I also have brown eyes myself and have gotten complimented on them before. I live in a place that's fairly mixed in terms of race/colouring too (Canada), so it's not that I stand out. I think shape may matter more than colour as far as eyes go.
and I'm sure you're cute anyway, anon.

No. 88704

File: 1531842820135.jpg (352.76 KB, 1200x819, 0932566xbvqhhnnn14479831766791…)

i've always thought jesús navas has super striking eyes, the contrast between darker features and light eyes probs helps

i wish contacts could make my eyes as light as his but still look natural

No. 88708

File: 1531844357427.jpg (21.63 KB, 400x300, d8468d08b0d8fff5326aa53b142c28…)

depends on where you are. in scandinavia 95% of people have blue eyes and i'm sure they aren't so stunned by them.

brown eyes are really captivating imo. i'm not attracted to anyone with blue eyes, imo. brown eyes tend to look very youthful to me, too.

everyone saying "the color of shit" is so dumb. so black people aren't attractive because their skin is the color of shit? brown hair isn't pretty because it's the color of shit? i've heard the 'my eyes are the color of shit/poop' thing for forever and it's just so dumb.

No. 88710

The amount of insecurity over eye color is borderline crazy lmao. The trite statement, "Brown eyes are the color of shit" is so aggressive and pointless.I can't imagine what some of you would do if you had to dealing with legitimate problems and insecurities.

No. 88713

ok maybe that was a bit of wishful thinking, what I meant was this place isn't filled with white racist trump supporters, which is as close as it comes these days

i know right! "Oh my eyes are brown waa waa", try being a plus size girl of color in a predominantly white state full of tall blonde bimbos honey, then I'll listen to your complaining about your eyes.

No. 88720

You tell me, sister! As a woman of color myself, I'm so tired of these vapid white bitches complaining about non issues.

Imagine if we had to complain lol

All the media today is centered around wh*te woman's "beauty" and they'll still find reasons to cry.

No. 88723

Making fun of me because you have no argument, classy.

No. 88724

Wut? How am I making fun of you?

No. 88725

>>88724 meant for u >>88723

No. 88729

I still don't get whether you're trolling or actually being serious…

No. 88730

Is it bad I legit like my dark brown eyes because they seem mysterious? This thread almost makes me feel like I should hate them, but I can’t because they’re very “me”. This hate is so strange to me.

No. 88732

Yeah, my eyes are practically black and I like it.
It's not as if there's a conventional standard for eye colour as there is for other features, it's very personal from my experience. I'm just not sure where so many anons are getting this insecurity (aside from poopeye-chan, who claims it's because of her abusive father).

No. 88734

>no sage
at least try not to sound like a troll.

No. 88735

I don't really mind the color of my eyes since I don't pay much attention to eye color in the first place. I wish my eyes were larger though.

No. 88736


i get why you're confused >>88720
is a racist troll that is pretending to be on our side in order to make us look crazy and spiteful

No. 88738

File: 1531851866132.jpg (876.88 KB, 822x716, T3QFQgy.jpg)

>brown eyes are the color of shit
literally who the fuck besides 5-year olds says this.

All women in pic related are/were considered to be exceptionally beautiful and they all have brown eyes.
Most people have brown eyes anyway.
It's insane to be insecure about something like eye color.

No. 88743

File: 1531852473798.jpg (1.9 MB, 1994x3002, Eva_Green.jpg)

Personally, none of them look beautiful to me, sorry. It boils down to individual preferences.

I guess I'm more exposed to european beauties and most of them have light eyes.

No. 88745

Your posts from the other thread sound no less racist. Also, I'm reporting you for derailing the thread/racebaiting. Lurk more before you start shitposting "hun"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 88746

>It boils down to individual preferences.
Sure, I completely agree. I was mainly referring to what the general public thinks about them.

>I guess I'm more exposed to european beauties and most of them have light eyes.

Brown eyes are not uncommon for Europeans.

No. 88753

File: 1531853905954.jpg (41.72 KB, 640x640, monica.jpg)

True, true. They're not uncommon.
Monica Bellucci, for example, is drop dead gorgeous and despite sperging about brown eyes, imo she's one of the most beautiful actresses, and I'd add that if she had blue eyes, it would even ruin that Mediterranean beauty of hers.

But on average a lot of european movie stars have lighter eyes like Marion Cotillard or the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

No. 88755

File: 1531854183867.jpg (206.71 KB, 1200x1200, brigitte-bardot-9198860-3-402.…)

this doesn't look great to me. they look cold and snakey, like, just not intimate and warm.

plenty of europeans have brown eyes. the most famous french actress revered for her sultry beauty was brigette bardot. her eyes were like 70% of what made her so captivating to people. you can't really pull of a doe eyed sultry look with light eyes as well.

imo, light eyes are nice only for the color, they don't actually look better on people.

No. 88757

If you think you're ugly because of your brown eyes you're delusional.

No. 88758

File: 1531854431033.jpg (89.14 KB, 547x440, 16-916909_0x440.jpg)

tbh, light eyes age you. she doesn't look nearly as good with lighter eyes, and looks easily 8 years older.

No. 88759

Of course it isn't "bad" to like yourself. I have very, very dark eyes too and I like them. Besides, people have told me that they're cute.

No. 88760

File: 1531854501401.png (457.85 KB, 541x425, light eyes.PNG)

another light eyes vs dark eyes for fun

No. 88761

File: 1531854765366.jpg (70.41 KB, 640x640, 1499208963366.jpg)

>the color of shit
You sound extremely bitter, are you okay? I assure you no one (except maybe scatfags like Nemu) thinks of shit when they look at this girl, or stare into her eyes.
Blue or green eyes won't fix shit-tier genetics/facial features, and brown eyes won't bring god-tier genetics/facial features down. At best, they're an extra to an already beautiful person.
If you are ugly (or feel ugly) and have dark eyes, please be honest with yourself and stop blaming your eye color. You were fucked from the start. If you are ugly (or feel ugly) and have blue or green eyes, I understand why you'd want to convince people that your eye color helps you significantly, but again, please be honest with yourself.

No. 88762

I haven't been racist in the slightest, and as for derailing I wasn't the one who started it, unless you want me to be meek and not reply to anyone(stop infighting)

No. 88765

File: 1531854978409.jpg (6.5 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

her eyes look really shooped. but yes, brown eyes make people look so doey and cute

No. 88767

File: 1531855644040.jpeg (34.29 KB, 500x654, 8DB92907-74F4-48BA-9E60-241FBB…)

I wish my eyes were a different shape. They're round, close together, and "prominent". The rest of my facial features are strong so I feel like my eyes don't suit me well. I like how they look with eyeliner/mascara but without it I look totally washed out and manly like Mona Lisa.

No. 88768

File: 1531855886874.png (512.33 KB, 500x700, 6c4a91391ac065b352df71a8fc48b3…)

Blue eyes aren't always an improvement imo, Idk why but people used to be obsessed with photoshopping Zayn's eyes blue. Since he already has pretty feminine eyes it just makes him look like a mega faggot.

No. 88769

File: 1531856237044.jpg (49.64 KB, 625x645, dcf5b519b87668f2e94ad62ae927de…)

imo, they look especially bad on men. it does look super faggy. look how bad biebs looks with blue eyes, christ.

No. 88775

I think blue eyes highlight his empty sociopathic eyes, kek, he look straight up evil.

No. 88780

File: 1531861281000.jpg (277.92 KB, 2063x2560, jesse-williams.jpg)

I love the light eyes, tan skin combination. Jesse Williams is another good example. I have very dark brown eyes and think they look cute with my eye shape but I do get slight eye envy when I see people with my skin coloring and light eyes lol.

No. 88781

File: 1531861376973.jpg (49.54 KB, 500x700, cillian brown eyes.jpg)

The problem with a lot of these pictures (as fun as they are) is that they're shooped strangely. Most brown eyes aren't pitch black as they are often shown and most blue eyes aren't super bright and piercing either, they need to be toned down a bit. There's also too much flatness to the eye that's unnatural and makes it look bad. Pic related is Cillian Murphy with brown eyes (contacts) which showcases what brown eyes would actually look like on him a bit better.

For some reason eye threads seem to bring out a lot of trolling (I have to assume?) and autist-level insecurity whenever they pop up on imageboards.

No. 88783

he was given brown eyes in that movie to make him less intense and it was pretty effective, he looks way more approachable, for lack of better word.

No. 88785

File: 1531862519597.jpg (31.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

here's biebs with a toned down blue. he looks really washed out and like a flaming backup dancer. the brown still looks better imo

No. 88786

wow he kind of looks like an actual human

No. 88787

omg yes he's a great example! i feel like to me personally he'd be a very basic guy otherwise but his eyes make him stand out a lot

No. 88791

File: 1531866204482.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x1836, 20180718_001750.jpg)

I sometimes wish that i wouldn't have this orangey-brown circle in the center. I think it just looks kinda "dirty" because it is not pure-looking if you know what i mean

No. 88792

i have that, but mine is yellow. looks like the sun in a blue sky.

No. 88799

File: 1531871824859.jpeg (740.45 KB, 2048x1536, 84DC84CD-3347-4020-B9F6-C2704F…)

I think the term is central heterochromia and they are my favorite kind of eyes. Both my mother and boyfriend have them. I also had a crush on a guy who’s eyes went from amber to green to blue, they were like rainbows.

No. 88806


i am pretty bitter about it, i know it doesn't automatically save someone's face but i still have a big boost of confidence when i have color lenses in. i wouldn't care as much if i had a nice almost black eye color like shown in >>88675 since it still has some character but mine are most like >>88605. just…plain. not the kind of eyes anyone ever notices or gushes about.

No. 88962

If it's of any help I think those eyes are really beautiful! They are my favorite tbh. They just look so warm and welcoming.

I particularly find blue eyes really boring for whatever reason. Like, I don't find them ugly at all, they just don't stand out to me as much as hazel or green eyes you know.

No. 88967

I have blue eyes and althouh I'm happy with my colour, they are nothing special. Unless you have piercing blue eyes or especially light eyes, the average blue eyes go just as unnoticed and ungushed (if that even is a word) about as the average brown or hazel eyes. (I live in a country where blue is the dominant colour tho)

It really depends on your perception, I know plenty and plenty of people who prefer brown/hazel over blue/green/grey.

No. 88968

How exactly does a 'European' beauty look tho? Go to Sweden/Finland/Denmark/Poland/Russia and sure people have predominantely light eyes there, but go to Italy/Spain/Portugal/Croatia/Greece and people have predominantely dark eyes there.

No. 88969

File: 1532008226377.jpg (37.19 KB, 520x521, 338051f1af39t.jpg)

No. 88970

File: 1532008301422.jpg (170.5 KB, 758x746, blond_hair_map_1_.jpg)

I'd say anywhere in the blue and yellow parts would qualify as "European beauty"

No. 88971

>Blue eyes
>Blonde hair
>That's european beauty

So you mean aryan lmao?

No. 88972

Nta, but I guess you could say it like this: dark hair and brown eyes exist nearly everywhere in the world, also in Europe, but light hair and eyes exist only in Europe; so when people say traditional European they obviously mean the traits that are special to only them and not the ones everybody could have.

No. 88973

File: 1532008924059.jpg (114.19 KB, 950x580, turin-italy-september-17-2017-…)

I'm just saying, this is a native italian and not what I think of when I think "european"

No. 88974

You should just say "nothern european beauty" then, anon. I'm southern european and I don't think of white blonde girl with blue eyes when I read "european beauty".

No. 88976

I'm Irish (3rd generation through mother's side) and most of my family over there would agree that Spaniards and Italians aren't really included in the "european look", we would probably call them hispanic or something similar

No. 88977

Holy fuck, of all places to see Di Maio…

No. 88979

You mean you're american? kek

No. 88982

Irish-american, I consider myself Irish first and foremost though

No. 88985

This honestly pisses me off.
Just like last time some insecure anon starts this argument and then the conversation gets derailed by "Brown eyes are so much cuter, younger looking, etc than light eyes".
Is it really neccessary to put others down just so that you feel better about yourself? It's not like we were able to decide how we were born either.

No. 88986

File: 1532013852746.jpg (43.58 KB, 422x632, fe788a8d172537782a7fffa14ddf41…)

This is also a native southern Italian.

No. 88987

You live in a world were everybody gushes over light eyes, I don't think giving the same treatment to brown eyes for a few post on lolcow is going to destroy anyone's self esteem, come on.

No. 88989

What kind of eyeshadow would look good with green eyes and cool, darkish brown hair?

No. 88991

My eyes are green with a bit of yellow (hazel?) and I wish they were just green

No. 88992

it's obviously just some people who are insecure.

No. 88993

Lol? Italians are white, why wouldn't they look "european"

No. 88994

File: 1532017026896.png (855.11 KB, 845x410, 7-1.png)

Because when by European she means pic related.

No. 88995

they're not white though.

No. 88996

File: 1532017343846.jpg (74.72 KB, 740x945, 740full-liana-cornell.jpg)

must be an outlier, I know italians and you would never see a red haired one

they are white but they aren't white white

not necessarily blonde haired, more like this

No. 88997

White only has this weird meaning in the shithole that is the USA. The rest of the world use the term caucasians and Italians (and Arabs) are definitely caucasians.

No. 88998

>3rd generation through mother's side
You're not Irish so.

No. 88999

File: 1532018270698.png (23.37 KB, 741x649, 1437392201671.png)

I'm European and nobody in EU thinks of Southern Europeans as "not white enough". Prejudice here is based on ethnicity and/or nationality, not race.

Only Americans spew this shit around the web.

No. 89000

>the shithole that is the USA.
where are you from because I bet my "shithole" is better than your country

yes I am

sage for off-topic

No. 89001

I'm sorry you had to be from a country known for hamplanets, hamburgers and guns but no amount of self hate will make you Irish / eEuropean anon.

No. 89004

And you? Do randomn people come up to you and say that brown eyes are ugly? Is this supposed to be "light-eyed privilege"? And therefore you're allowed to say whatever you want against us?
Come on, don't victimize yourself over such a minor detail. Nobody notices eye colour anyways.

No. 89005

>thinking murrica is nice

poor thing.

No. 89006

that pic is some straight up pure bullshit racism, it's not helping your argument that europe is some super progressive racism-free paradise

no need to be sorry, there is no self hate I am proud to be irish and i am proud to be from america, they are the two greatest countries in the world imo and if Ireland could be more like the US and less like the trashpile that is england then I would say it'd be the greatest country

No. 89007

Let me guess… you're American, right?

No. 89008

File: 1532019646519.png (150.59 KB, 602x328, main-qimg-387da0180be790e7fbc9…)

No. 89009

File: 1532019879092.jpg (22.74 KB, 466x422, conceit.JPG)

>they are the two greatest countries in the world

>Abortions has been legal for two month in Ireland

>Literal retards can walk around with guns in the US

No. 89010

I didn't even say that Europe is progressive, just that the prejudice here is based on ethnicity which tends to be tied to nationality.
Not "white people" vs "people of color" as you americans have it.

No. 89012

>3rd generation Irish on my mother's side
>I am proud to be Irish

Okay so what is your father's ethnicity/ancestry then? Is he also Irish? Or something else? And do you care about that part of your heritage as much as your "Irish half"?
Also, is your mother even full Irish, or is that just the ~majority of her ancestry? And why does your mother's ancestry make you "Irish" without considering what else you're mixed with, and the fact that you're an American first?

Sage for off topic, but American euromutt logic is interesting.

No. 89017

Jesus, summerfags are rampant

No. 89018

This is so pathetic.

No. 89019

That's why """"German"""""-americans got memed into believing Germans put a pickle in their christmas tree by some by big company? Lmao.

You're pathetic and I hope that emoji use will get you banned.

No. 89021

been here since 2016

you have nothing else to say then

funny you won't say where you're from so I can't say anything back

No. 89023

>there is actually a strong precedent for emigrant groups keeping ethnic traditions alive better than those that stay so I don't know what your meme is trying to say
Okay, so what are those Irish ethnic traditions that you are so good at keeping unlike the Irish people born and bred in Ireland?

>thinking there is only one way to look European
>thinking light hair and light eyes is a rarity among Italians

I can give you a travel advice if one day you step out of the United States, go to Bulgaria, Serbia, or Portugal, and tell the people here "they don't look European" because "they don't look like the Irish".

No. 89025

Even though you're Irish in ancestry, you're culturally American (and most likely mixed with other stuff). Why would you try to act like you know the European perspective? Fucking stop.
Anyway, anyone can have brown eyes, or light-colored eyes. It doesn't make or break their ancestry. Brown eyes are pretty. Blue eyes are pretty. Green eyes are pretty. Central heterochromia (and any other variation of heterochromia) is pretty. No eye color is bad. Fuck off with this bait.

No. 89027

>Making fun of dumb amerifat claiming european identity is racism

This is what americans actually believe.

No. 89028

>Okay, so what are those Irish ethnic traditions that you are so good at keeping unlike the Irish people born and bred in Ireland?
this article should explain it for you TL;DR things like slang, dance, fighting spirit, knowing how to handle our drink and strong clanlike family ties - oh and a healthy hate for the English

boston is arguably more irish than parts of Ireland, a lot of them are all watching soccer and british tv shows and not honoring their traditions

No. 89030

>oh and a healthy hate for the English
Please stop anon, I can only handle so much second hand embarrassment.

Can you imagine some american retard claiming he's french because he cultivate some healthy hate for the germans, just wtf.

No. 89031

i live in boston and the boston "irish" 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants are embarrassing.

No. 89032

Imo if you think you're ugly because you have brown eyes, then you're ugly for being vapid and shallow enough to care about fucking eye color

No. 89036

you still haven't said where you're from

spotted the girl that can's deal with all the craic

No. 89037

Yikes this discussion my original comment >>88968 turned into.

What I intended to imply with my comment was that imo it was over-generalizing Europeans as to having almost exclusively light eyes while there's plenty of native Europeans with dark hair and/or dark eyes. I find that often people over-generalize Europe when talking about it's people/culture(s)/looks etc. as if it where one country and everything's the same across Europe, while it's in fact quite diverse. (Coming from someone who's blonde x blue eyes, so it's not like I'm 'offended' for not being included in the described 'European beauty'-standard)

However I (now) understand where >>88972 is coming from when you described 'European beauty' as blonde hair x blue eyes.

No. 89038

As a Northern Irish Anon with my maternal side being from Cork and my paternal the Shankill let me just confirm that it's fucking football. Two types. My aunt was an irish dancing champion. My Grandfather worked in the shipyard and was a boxer, but being inbred is detrimental to your health but you Boston Irish can carry on.

When I was in Manhattan the yanks kept asking if I was from Boston. Guess I out irished everyone

No. 89039

>Northern Irish
I take it you're one of the good ones?

>When I was in Manhattan the yanks kept asking if I was from Boston

you should take it as a compliment, if you're ever in america again we can share a drink together

No. 89040

File: 1532026269045.png (794.78 KB, 1274x938, vyxrnebknql01.png)

You wouldn't know Irish slang if it hit you in the face, Irish dancing as you know it is an american bastardization, "fighting spirit" and "knowing how to handle your drink" are pathetic plastic paddy attempts at reclaiming racist stereotypes that don't even apply to you considering how far back your Irish ancestry is, "strong clanklike family ties" are a knacker thing and there is no reason to hate modern English people. If you knew anything about Ireland, you'd know that GAA is huge here and the reason people watch British tv is because we're too small a country to have a large media industry. You are not, and will never be Irish. You sound like a troon insisting he's a woman. Truamhéalach.

It's not even legal yet, that won't happen until next year.(derailing)

No. 89041

You sound like a twat so no(derailing)

No. 89044


you sound like fucking vicky lmao.

No. 89045

nah fam, i've worked with and are close with some 1st generation irish who regularly go back to visit family and they all make fun of you.(derailing)

No. 89046

>fighting spirit, knowing how to handle our drink
>(also what you said in your deleted post about your dad being part irish and his alcohol tolerance)
my father's family are seminole indian and have serious drinking problems, plus some are violent too. it's a touchy subject and hard to deal with, so i never go around saying "~uwu being prone to alcoholism is an essential part of being native american~". that's just messed up.
like >>89040 said, clinging on to negative stereotypes to prove your ancestry looks and sounds pathetic (also great starter pack lmao)

>boston is arguably more irish than parts of Ireland

oh is it now?(derailing)

No. 89047

File: 1532026703686.gif (768.81 KB, 322x248, Cocogether.gif)

No. 89050

Jesus Christ, wannabe European Americans are so embarassing. I challenge you to go to Europe and tell them this. Not only everyone will make fun of you, but there definitely will be people ready to whoop your ass.

People like you are an inside joke among europeans.(derailing)

No. 89051

>and there is no reason to hate modern English people.
other than the centuries of oppression and institutionalised racism? this is exactly what is wrong with the modern irish

looks like the tradition of hospitality and friendliness hasn't been kept from some people
doesn't matter though as long as you keep voting shinn fein you're good sister


drinking and standing up for yourself is not a bad thing if you can handle your alcohol, you don't see stereotypes of Irish men beating up their families, the reason there is a problem in native communities is racism not alcohol(derailing)

No. 89053

File: 1532028920351.png (879.87 KB, 604x635, ct2.png)

Seriously. I'm feeling so embarrassed for "3rd generation Irish" anon right now.
Like, I knew there was a divide, but I didn't know Europeans disclaimed American Euromutts THIS hard. And here I was, thinking my people were sick of being claimed for ~*exotic culture*~ points by American mutts who knew nothing about us.(derailing)

No. 89056

Stop derailing and fighting.

No. 89058

>hospitality and friendliness
>vote SF

Not only did I tell you I'm from the North, my grandfather worked in Belfast shipyard and paternal side are from Shankill Road. My ma may have been a Catholic with an Irish mother but it was her dad was also an orangeman, the boxer and played in the BBC orchestra. I'm not going to vote for a party that doesn't even sit in parliament.

Fact you couldn't link up Shankill Road with a prod is laughable. Go study your culture more you twat

No. 89059

I think you´re projecting anon. I´ve got blue eyes and I´ve literally never had anyone gush over them or generally have never gotten the impression that most of the population thinks of blue eyes as THE beauty standard. In fact I think most people don´t give a shit and if you were to ask you´d get pretty much 50/50 on blue and brown as the prefered colour.

No. 89060

It also deoends on the shade too. Certain shades of colors can be preferred over others too

No. 89062

So … Blue eyes are considered feminine and typical of a "pretty" girl but as a blue-eyed person I'm not sure if there is any benefit. Most blue-eyed people are in the UK and Ireland, it's something like 86% blue or green eyed Caucasians here according to Wikipedia. America was similar about a hundred years ago but is now around 16-18% blue or green eyed amongst Caucasians. It's all in the eye color Wikipedia page, I may be mis-remembering.

It's very mysterious to me that brown eyes are more prevalent in the US when the cliche American from a European perspective is a blue-eyed blonde.

Theory goes that maybe blue eyes are more desirable in the US due to rarity amongst Caucasians. In the UK and Ireland it is commonplace and unremarkable. Any insight is appreciated. But know that brown eyes are beautiful and ALL eyes are beautiful in my opinion. I think brown eyes can look so warm and friendly and also add glamour. Blue eyes are more contrasting, literally and I think people judge blue-eyed people more harshly possibly due to the cliches related to it. Sort of like you are immediately positing yourself as a role model due to the blue-eyed, blonde-haired ideal. Idk man. Also enjoyed the crazy derailing from Irish Stereotype anon above.

No. 89067

I felt really bad the other day because a girl's mother spoke about how beautiful blue eyes like mine were, right in front of her brown-eyed daughter.

No. 89068

File: 1532052092988.jpg (534.32 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20180720-025650_mh1…)

My eyes are nothing special objectively, but I always liked them and people around me did too. I've never wanted light colored eyes and never envied people who had them, but lately I've been getting comments from "friends" about how I'd look so much better if I had the same eye size and lashes but with green/gray/ice blue eyes instead. It didn't upset me as much as it made feel disgusted, especially since most of them had brown eyes too. And ESPECIALLY since our region/countries have been swept with this ugly colored circle lenses trend. Every average girl has at least one pair of gray, blue or green lenses and everyone looks the fucking same, it's not even unique anymore. It's even worse on Instagram with the likes of Cindy Wolfie popularizing the colored lenses trend. I wonder how the ones who actually have those eye colors for real feel about all these clones?

No. 89070

I have green eyes. I've only ever noticed green lenses irl on black women, and tbh it's just lulzy, because it's so obvious it's fake on them.

No. 89075

Imo your eyes wouldn't look as good in blue or green. They're really cute. I'm jelly

No. 89080

You have stunning eyes. But I don't think it's fair to compare your eyes with average brown eyes. Your eyes are huge with long black lashes. I just don't think it's typical for most people. I would much rather have your eyes then my lackluster watered down blue. My eyes are small and the blue is so dark it looks like nothing special and my eyes are small.

No. 89081

You legit have princess Jasmine's eyes.

No. 89082

Your eyes are perfect anon. I’m jealous.

No. 89083

I think the shape is more important than the actual colour, light eyes can be striking but it depends on your skin tone and such. I have dark eyes myself and I like them. I would look awful with light eyes.

No. 89084

Those girls are brainwashed wtf, circle lenses colored different than your eyes look weird on everyone imo. It's like bleached hair, it's not going to look as good as on someone naturally blonde.

No. 89085

This whole thing is obviously based on personal preference, because I think she looks younger and prettier with blue eyes. Brown eyes look empty and plain more often than not.

No. 89086

Wow the dark side make her eyes look so big and cute!

No. 89087

I think in Monica B's case, brown eyes look better but yeah, brown eyes on average look empty and dull.

No. 89089

File: 1532085815489.jpg (36.29 KB, 564x451, 85afc66801fe1436294b294752202c…)

Idk why but people with blue eyes looks like ghosts to me.
I like how warm and intense brown eyes look and obviously eyes have to be dark to be doe-like.

No. 89090

File: 1532086674152.jpg (20.61 KB, 700x350, cobies.jpg)

I honestly think she would have looked stunning wiht light eyes. It's really a matter of taste, but brown eyes are so common. There's nothing special about them.

Light eyes on a decent looking face will make the person pop out more.

No. 89091

>she would have looked stunning wiht light eyes.

I don't think so, her overall coloring is very orange and warm I think blue eyes would clash too much with it.
And I think she looks a hundred time better than the girl you just posted.

But then again I really find blue eyes freakish looking, so I'm kinda biased.

No. 89092

Does it make me a bad person if I can't be attracted to guys that have brown/dark eyes? I've rejected a few guys that seemed nice my reasoning being that if our relationship became serious and down the road we have kids, I'd be afraid that our children would inherit his shitty brown color.

I'm sorry if I come as vain, but I wonder how many people think like this too?

No. 89093

I think it's very kind of you to allow him to dodge that bullet easily.

No. 89094

I mean, it's shallow, but unless you do it in a mean way, it doesn't necessarily make you a bad person. Maybe don't tell them it's for that reason.

No. 89095

Thanks, anon. Of course, I'd never do it in a mean way, being born with a certain eye color is something that we all have no control of. Some people win the genetic lottery and some don't.

I realize this is as shallow as it gets and I'd never tell anyone irl. I wish it wasn't that important to me but I really can't look past it.

No. 89097

>I'd be afraid that our children would inherit his shitty brown color.
how many times are you gonna repeat this in this thread? what is wrong with you

No. 89104

File: 1532096065693.jpg (30.74 KB, 500x500, 04bce10cf2b15ecae9c4dd29bf2964…)

I like dark hair + light eyes + pale skin the most

No. 89105

File: 1532096137587.jpg (924.27 KB, 2335x3504, IMG_2566.JPG)

No. 89106

File: 1532097347144.jpg (29.25 KB, 736x460, jeniffer-connel.jpg)

This is my first post ITT saying brown eyes are shitty, what are you on about?

Agree, it's the best combo imo

No. 89107

File: 1532097871816.jpg (20.33 KB, 570x237, livtyler.jpg)

She looked so ethereal in LOTR

No. 89108

File: 1532098195195.jpg (81.45 KB, 533x800, 0fbbaa28c6d203b33b8359cab676f0…)

Charlotte, the princes of Monaco is incredibly beautiful. Also, her blue eyes are so mesmerizing.

No. 89109

>Some people win the genetic lottery and some don't

I would love to see the beautiful face behind that comment lmao

No. 89110

Don't listen to those cunts calling brown eyes "shitty" guys, the cute girl thread is full of brown eyed cuties, because in real life nobody gives a shit, facial proportions and nice features will always trump eye colors.

No. 89111

You act as if this thread is full of people shitting on brown eyes (it's mostly that one anon hating on herself), when there's actually several people calling light eyes freakish and ghostlike; even going as far as editing light eyed girls and saying they would look so much younger and cuter like this. That's also not exactly nice…

No. 89112

Statistically, both men and women find people with light eyes (green and then blue) more attractive. You personally don't but most people do apparently.

It's not surprising though when the majority of the people on this planet have dark eyes, it's only natural that people with a rarer color stand out from the masses.

No. 89113

Will your partner leave you based on your eye colour, do you think? Has that happened?
Or is it due to the whole of the other person (in regards to looks) that they'd leave?

No. 89114

lol what? Of course it's not likely that someone would leave a relationship based on eye color but the eye color does play a role in attraction. So, initially, someone might find you more attractive if you have piercing blue eyes as opposed to boring brown ones.

No. 89115

I'm sure people prefer light eyes on paper, I'm also sure that in real life people with healthy self esteem never think about it.

No. 89116

>Statistically, both men and women find people with light eyes (green and then blue) more attractive.
Men and women with light eyes tend to find other's with light eyes more attractive but that doesn't speak for the general population. it has a lot to do with biology

No. 89118

File: 1532102139002.jpg (31.37 KB, 412x594, sSJH49P.jpg)

It all comes down to the rest of your features. Your eyes can stand out due to their size, shape or the contrast they create with your overall look, regardless of color.

Keira Knightley is a pretty good example - she has light skin and hair with dark eyes. They stand out because they create contrast. She wouldn't look nearly as striking with blue or green eyes. It's the same reason why many people find darker hair and skin with light eyes attractive.

No. 89119

Now that you mentioned, my cousin got married with a woman from thailand and they have a child together.

I've heard some of my family members saying that's a shame the child didn't inherit his baby blue eyes.

ngl I feel bad for my cousin, what's the point of having a kid if it doesn't resemble you at all? It's like he flushed his genes down the toilet

No. 89120

I live in a place where most people have lighter coloured eyes. They're nothing special unless you have truly superblue or otherwise striking eyes, like them being big or have an unique shape to them.

That being said, I didn't realize eye colour could be such a big deal to someone until I stumbled upon this thread.

No. 89121


No. 89122

This thread has more than 160 posts, evidently, someone does care. And so do you by replying.

No. 89126

Does he feel that way about it? Or are you just projecting some race purity issue you have going on?
I mean, he chose to have a child with this woman who he knew was not white. He wasn't forced.

t. biracial and I believe a good parent should unconditionally love their child

No. 89128

File: 1532104671033.jpg (18.79 KB, 320x240, 080H8HFFF.jpg)

A theory;

Boston anon who believe she's Irish and the "self hating because of her abusive dad brown eyed anon" are the same person and the reason she wants to believe she's Irish is because it's her mother's nationality and it would distance her from her american dad, whom she hate and who was abusive.

Gonna take off my tinfoil hat right now.

No. 89129


That's just weird. All this proves is that some people shouldn't have children if their only point of having them is to have a little copy of themselves. What about people who adopt kids?

No. 89130

> What about people who adopt kids?

Useful idiots.

No. 89131

Actual Irish person here (Irish people would call you "American") and the "European look" is generally considered to be tanned skin and dark hair/eyes. The majority of Europeans have darker skin than ours and it's extremely coveted by Irish women. The majority of other Irish women I know use tanning beds or fake tan when going on a night out or before going on holidays. Italians and Spanish are called "European" here because they are European (the word "Hispanic" is only used by Americans): they live on the continent of Europe and they were part of the EU long before we were.

The idea that Europeans are all some kind of homogeneous, Aryan race is a uniquely American belief. In fact, Americans buy into this so much that they coined the term "black Irish" to describe people who don't meet their fantasy that all Irish people have red hair and green eyes (you know, the 98% of the population), so Americans would actually consider me to be a different race like the "Hispanics" I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As a "3rd generation" (see: American) you don't get to be the gatekeeper on what "looks" European and you sure as hell can't use the name of my country when you spout your racist bullshit.

Sorry to derail but I don't want anyone to think that actual Irish people agree with this stupid American belief about what is "white" and what isn't.

No. 89133

File: 1532109327541.png (6.44 MB, 1800x1800, D7C3AF6B-7797-4309-AC9F-F657CA…)

I love my eyes. They aren’t super big but they’re a nice shape and I have really long and full lashes. I don’t get why some people can’t appreciate features without being envious of them. Blue is more striking and brown is more welcoming, they’re both pretty just in different ways.

No. 89141


You. I like you a lot.

No. 89143

>the "European look" is generally considered to be tanned skin and dark hair/eyes.
Sorry, but I disagree.

No. 89144

I disagree with that too. Europeans having brown hair and brown eyes isn't uncommon but it is not a european look to be tanned, dark skinned with dark eyes is ridiculous. That's more of a low working class/slag thing.

But you'll be called a racist and a nazi if you say that.

No. 89145

You can't classify the entire European continent as having any specific look though

And classifying people with darker features as "working class" (lol) does sound kind of Nazi-ish so….

No. 89146

>That's more of a low working class/slag thing.

Historically the poorest and least relevant european countries have been the one full of blue eyed blonde haired people lmao.
You really sound like some dumb murican.

No. 89147

> And classifying people with darker features as "working class" (lol) does sound kind of Nazi-ish so….

I was obviously talking about people that get a tan to look dark, and no it's not nazi no matter how you put it.

I'm european, living in europe.

> the poorest and least relevant european countries have been the one full of blue eyed blonde haired people

wow, you're really that triggered lel

No. 89148

I agree, there is no ''European look'' because Europe consists of almost 50 independent countries with diverse cultures. People seem to forget that Europe is not comparable to the US in that aspect.

And even if there was a ''European look'' it would most definitely not be tanned skin and dark hair/eyes because it would possibly exclude half of the continent.

No. 89149

>Historically the poorest and least relevant european countries have been the one full of blue eyed blonde haired people
kek. can't tell if bait or not
i disagree with op's statement too but this is a straight up lie.

No. 89150

>All this proves is that some people shouldn't have children if their only point of having them is to have a little copy of themselves.

Plus it's stupid because you can keep to your own race and still end up with a kid that looks nothing like you.

No. 89151

File: 1532118048871.jpg (146.95 KB, 960x570, large960_blur-07fa8780cddbedab…)

I actually googled what the "middle" of Europe is and it's Poland. Pic related is what average polish students look like: while not all of them have the typical "aryan" look, they also certainly aren't dark haired and dark skinned.
The most populous country is Germany and they also are a mix of blonde and brunette with rather pale skin.

No. 89152

File: 1532118102762.png (882.43 KB, 828x1134, 759372759600123456784939020984…)

there are plenty of ugly people with blue eyes and plenty of hot people with brown eyes. if you're ugly, having a different eye color won't make you any better looking

No. 89153

Yes, this is pretty much how people look in central europe, and even during my travels in southern europe, people still a look a lot like that, they're not suddenly "hispanic" looking or prevalently dark skinned. Maybe a lot of them get a tan during summer but it's pretty much gone by winter.

I don't know where these fellow europeans get that info from or where do they live.

No. 89154

And that is all completely irrelevant, what does it matter if Poland is in the "middle" of Europe? There are plenty of swarthy Germans/Austrians and anyway, you also can't just conveniently ignore Southern Europe where you will of course see darker features and tanner skin more frequently. This isn't to say all Southern Europeans are super dark either but it's really stupid to keep trying to insist that there's a European "look" when there is so much diversity.

No. 89155

precisely, but the discussion started because anon said quote >>89131

>the "European look" is generally considered to be tanned skin and dark hair/eyes.

which couldn't be more wrong

makes me think that we have another schizo anon that thinks they're irish and european

No. 89157

>people still a look a lot like that, they're not suddenly "hispanic" looking or prevalently dark skinned
I think what the anons mean is just that there are more people with naturally darker hair and eyes in greece/spain/southern italy than in sweden/denmark/iceland. But it's not like every person in southern europe looks completely different than northern europe, there are still tons of blond and light-eyed people in the south. The quote below sums it up pretty well.

>it's really stupid to keep trying to insist that there's a European "look" when there is so much diversity.

No. 89158

Because this is what the "average" European person looks like.
>you also can't just conveniently ignore Southern Europe
Yes, people in the south look darker, but you also can't ignore the people up north. If we were to also take them into account, they are even lighter than the polish girls I posted, so this is the middle ground.
And what does "swarthy" even mean?
I'm from Bavaria, which is in the south of Germany. I have dark brown hair and am in the minority with this, more than half of my class has blonde or at least dark blonde hair. Of course most people get a little tan in the summer, but I wouldn't call that "dark skinned"…

No. 89159

I don't think there's anything wrong with wishing to have another eye color.
Why do so many take it as a personal insult if you don't like your eyes?
Certainly, it doesn't change the fact that you like your eyes and if you don't, at least you have someone who understands you.

And what I hate the most is that as soon as someone says they hate their brown eyes then other anons jump in to put down blue eyes, and then it never ends. The thread basically turns into a shit flinging fest.

Why can't we all agree that we disagree?

No. 89160

The problem is you can never have an eye thread without tons of race baiting and some ridiculously insecure (probably race baited) anons whining about having non-blue eyes. This is one of those things that for some reason seems to fester on internet imageboards because in real life nobody cares this much and most sensible people find all eye colors to be attractive enough and beauty is dependent on more than just a singular feature, it's the overall picture that's more important. It's just autism. It'd be nice if we could have an eye positivity thread (because really, all eye colors are beautiful in their own way) but this thread became such shit it's probably not even possible anymore.

No. 89161

I will say I meant to add that I think it's fine to even want a different eye color, everyone has different beauty preferences, but the race baiting and insecurity is what kills even that discussion. Which is odd because hair, makeup, skin care and plastic surgery threads don't end up this way and you can be just as autistic and insecure in those, for some reason it just blew up here.

No. 89162

>the "European look" is generally considered to be tanned skin and dark hair/eyes.

Uhh I dunno man but in my European country the European look is defenitely NOT considered tanned skin and dark eyes/hair. I'm not saying it's exclusively light hair, light eyes, light skin, but dark all-around is NOT considered the standard European look. Are you confusing the 'European look' (if you could even say that's a thing) with the current 'desired look/beauty standard'?

Imo it's more like this: A European could have fair skin, but also very well have medium skin. Could have light eyes, but brown or hazel eyes are very possible too. Could have blonde or red hair, but medium brown is very possible too. Just as long as it's not 'all-around very dark/black'

No. 89164

Also, the actual important thing for "pretty eyes" is the shape rather than the color. A friend of mine has the most striking looking eyes I've ever seen, absolutely enviable, and they're brown. It's because of their shape: almondish, upturned and elongated (basically how Bella Hadid photoshops her eyes lol). But of course it's not exclusive, there are many other nice eyeshapes. Having fights over eyes is pretty useless

No. 89165

>and the "European look" is generally considered to be tanned skin and dark hair/eyes.

That’s complete bullshit and this is coming from an American (someone you probably don’t think too highly of). Europe is a diverse area with many different looks, cultures, and ethnicities. There’s no such thing as a “European” look. Stop talking out of your ass.

No. 89166

>because really, all eye colors are beautiful in their own way
They literally are, and I don't mean that in a uwu body positive way. The iris is an inherently pretty body part, it's impossible for the them to be ugly. People can have preferences but they have little impact on overall appearance in the end, except being universally nice to look at. On that note I think a positivity thread is as pointless as being insecure about them. Like, we all have nice irises, congratulations to us on being normal humans.

On the other hand, it's very possible for eye shapes to be ugly or take away from someone's face.

No. 89168

File: 1532128019847.jpg (37.22 KB, 720x539, 1dc7d65772c6ee7eced020bd6e2454…)

my favorite kind of eyes are eyes with central heterochromia, or sectoral heterochromia (pic related). there's no particular color i find the most attractive, just different variations of colors or abnormalities on the iris.

my mother, her side of the family, and my boyfriend all have eyes somewhat like this. also my little sister has green-hazel eyes with a dark brown patch on her bottom right iris. oh and i've never found benedict cumberbatch remotely attractive, but i think he has very beautiful eyes.

No. 89169

File: 1532128329102.png (192.76 KB, 324x358, 1518799353064 (1).png)

dead meme, but i think sminem had some cool looking eyes

No. 89172

I mean, most people have something they are shallow about. I wouldn't date a man shorter than me, because I don't find it attractive, and I don't want very short children.

No. 89184

File: 1532139014937.jpeg (16 KB, 357x107, 59D1B095-DF38-45C6-93B5-9F7E02…)

My eyes are hazel, but I wish they were fully green because i find the color so beautiful. It’s really attractive on men TBH. I have a really angry eye shape, so i always look pissed off or tired no matter what i do.

No. 89188

you have very sleepy looking eyes, anon, they're cute

No. 89189

I have one eye more open than the other and it really shows in pictures, anything I could do to make it less noticeable?

No. 89193

Maybe you could "correct" the difference with thicker eyeliner on one eye?

No. 89202

>people this cute on lolcow
aaand I'm ugly again

No. 89220

The only reason why I said "European look" was in response to the anon I was quoting ( >>88976 ) who used it to say she doesn't think Southern Europeans "look" European. There isn't a "European look" because we're made up of so many different countries but if you were to ask someone from Ireland or the UK what "looks" European, it would probably be what I described because we generally holiday in the South (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece) and not Finland lol. So if the anon is going to claim "Irish" people think Europeans all look Aryan or that it's the "ideal" look for Irish people, it's certainly not an Irish belief she's spouting.

Just wanted to give the perspective of someone living here and not an American who doesn't consider "Hispanics" to even be European lmao. Hope that's more clear.

No. 89224

This is a bit off topic, but I have a question for you and other irish anons, I always thought that the irish hating the english was a meme but a lot of those that I met actually disliked the english, basically they never had a good word for them.

Also, during the world cup matches a vast majority of the irish online pretty much cheered for any team that was playing against England.

Is there still animosity between the two of you and how much is it present in the media and in the public?

No. 89225

File: 1532192863582.png (631.14 KB, 991x610, eyes.png)

I like my eyes! They're a greyish green and my left eye has a tiny bit of hazel. It really depends on the light tho, sometimes they appear more turquoise.
I do wish they were bigger though, they're quite small on my face.

No. 89226

Holy shit, your eyes are out of this world. Just beautiful. I also love the shape of your eyes and the thick limbal ring, it really complements your eye color nicely.

And overal, I love the combo of dark eyebrows and light eyes.

No. 89228

That color is so beautiful.

I love droopy eyes, they're cute and they always make me think of Drew Barrymore and Marilyn Monroe.

I really think the color green is the most beautiful for the eyes. my bf has bright blue eyes and his brother has dark green eyes with a very warm brown splash of color in the middle that looks red next to the green. I'm absolutely jealous of both of them.

No. 89232

Irish with an English accent here - I think Irish people who spend a lot of time online are very salty. There's an Irish website boards.ie with advice forums and stuff and after posting there ONCE it put me off from living there again.

Irish in person are really lovely, on the whole, and had no problem with my English accent. I do look very Irish, very pale, blue eyes, similar body type and they judged me by my physical self and not my accent. Which was a relief.

So it may be a kinda biological animosity coughracism or just salty online folk muddying the water. I have learned online that the Welsh apparently REALLY hate England with a passion and are perpetually offended by anything English, generally the hate goes Welsh strongest, Then Scots, then Irish. However I have no insight on Northern Irish which is obviously an English territory. Also I may be wrong about the Welsh but this is based on salty online posters again.

Also Dublin folk are usually warmer towards the English just by geographical proximity and ease of frequent travel. But I think Irish are extremely warm and pleasant on the whole and the hate thing is overstated.

No. 89233

(sorry for OT)

No. 89234

The online thing is related to the fact phone contracts and broadband are really over priced/expensive in Ireland versus the UK, and a lot of places had no broadband access until more recently, so they haven't been online as long and as often as UK and USA. Hence if they went out of their way to go online it was for a reason (because they're salty bastards) and not just because everyone does it. My intel is a few years out of date though, but I love this topic so apologies for the sperging(derailing)

No. 89245

File: 1532206514435.gif (297.96 KB, 500x333, 537c5854714b5.image.gif)

You have my favorite kind of eyes in the world! Light blue or green with a strong dark limbal ring plus sectoral heterochromia… What a gift.

No. 89246

I mean, people are not going to forgive 800 years of English rule (very violent, I'll let you Google if you want to know more) very easily. At the same time, nobody is going to hold that against modern English people, we know they're not at fault for what their ancestors did and I actually really like the Brits because they're very mild people with a good sense of humour. In that sense, it's pretty satisfying to see England lose a football match or do badly in Eurovision but that's just a bit of healthy competition imo, it's not hateful in any way. In saying that though, Ireland isn't a hivemind and I can't speak for everyone.(derailing)

No. 89280

I generally only have two problems with English people: The fact that so many of them voted for brexit, and the ignorance many of them have regarding what colonialism did to the countries they invaded, even of us, their closest neighbors.
I'm aware the second one is more a problem with the education system rather than any personal failings so I try not to take it personally. Most English people are grand.(derailing)

No. 89300

Stunning eyes

No. 89305

File: 1532268383001.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 2095x1610, 20180722_155558.jpg)

What colour are my eyes?
As a child I always had blue eyes, but now they developed into pic related.
sorry for the unplucked brow…

No. 89306

They look kind of green to me.

No. 89307

Green with brown

No. 89677

File: 1532615522537.png (527.73 KB, 668x501, eyes.png)

i used to hate my eyes. i was influenced a lot by asian beauty gurus as a teen. being half asian and seeing girls like me wearing circle lenses to enlarge their eyes made me feel like mine were small and plain by themselves. so i hopped on the bandwagon and wore lenses too even though they were suffocating my eyes. i was so dumb lmao

i wore circle lenses in different colors for a few years, but finally quit. now i actually quite like my eyes as they are. they match my hair color, have a nice shape, and are balanced with the rest of my face. if they were any other way, they probably wouldn't suit me. i regret spending years being so insecure about them.

No. 89678

your eyes are really beautiful and round. i can't imagine you used to be insecure about them, they are so cute.

No. 89684

File: 1532616625879.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.28 KB, 745x483, 9OWjBVB.jpg)

Sage for kind of OT…but I like my eyes. They have a nice shape and are big.
However I have a bit of milia right around my eyelids somewhat similar to pic related. Not as much though, only a few of them around the lash line. I hate it. so. much.

Is there a way to get rid of these that is not laser or surgery (because that's definitely not happening), or am I just fucked?

No. 89688

>in scandinavia 95% of people have blue eyes
common american misconseption unless you have actual stats for this. lots of Pure Scandinavians have dark eyes and/or hair. You're right light eyes are way more common here than in america for example but no way is it 95%.

No. 89690

yeah im sure italians who ruled almost all of europe should be considered hispanics. as an american (no you're not euro because your great grandparents were irish), your opinion on this really doesnt matter.

No. 89702

I have this in one eye and I don’t really like it because it makes my eyes look like different sizes.

No. 89705

yeah im european too and scandinavia + iceland, and finland who are the countries most known for Muh Aryans have always been poor farmer countries up until recently lol.

No. 89706

How much do you know about northern european history? Not much i suspect.

No. 89711


When did a Nothern European country ever dominate Europe / the world? Never.

What are the piece of architecture you think of when you think of europe? I bet some italian or french shit.

They're quite culturally irrelevant except to some white pride murican and pasty white hippies who can't pretend like they're native americans so they chose to become pagans kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 89715

yes that's what i meant? it seemed like you disagreed with "countries with most blue eyed/blonde people are/have been mostly irrelevant"

No. 89716

Sorry I misread you I thought you were answering to the this >>89146 post.

No. 89721

File: 1532627753519.jpg (53.38 KB, 1280x693, 007-Sherilyn_BINARY_689608.jpg)

>When did a Northern European country ever dominate the world? Never.
Um, what is The British Empire.

Anyways back on topic, I love people who have (natural) moles or birthmarks near their eyes like pic related, it's very alluring.

No. 89722

Sure anon, England is definitly what people think about when they refer to "nothern europe".

No. 89724

File: 1532628040230.png (386.64 KB, 617x454, Satellite_image_of_Northern_Eu…)

oh okay guess not

No. 89738

God can everyone PLEASE shut up and get back on-topic? I'm sick of this constant derailing, make a separate thread if you'd like to debate so bad.

No. 89745

File: 1532636776383.jpg (70.18 KB, 1180x842, 160113_CBOX_Bowie-Eyes.jpg.CRO…)

whenever i see this thread get bumped i get so excited because i think i'm going to read stories about other people's eyes + see pretty eye photos.
but no, it's just anons sperging out about european genetics.

No. 89777

Bowie's eyes looked cool but it's not natural. If only we were all so lucky to get punched in the face and have that happen….

No. 89779

yes i know what caused his pupil to dilate, but it's still fun to look at. pupils in general are really fascinating to me.

No. 89781

he looks like one of those korean male idols who wear bigass contacts lmao disturbing

No. 89786

he does look weird but i have a pupil fetish so it's hot

No. 89788

>pupil fetish
you can cum to pupils?

No. 89793

sort of.
pupil dilation correlates with sexual arousal in humans. when i have sex with my bf (who has very light blue-green eyes) his pupils often become very large, especially right as he's about to cum. it's erotic to stare into them when we make love. i've always had a thing for overly stimulated pupils but idk why.
(sorry if OT, but it was related to eyes)

No. 90012

I too have this sorta-fetish. Big pupils are hot.

No. 90052

i have very dark brown eyes, almost black and i hate them. it takes a lot of make up to make them stand out. when i wear lenses i just slap on some mascara and i look great. unfortunatelly my eyes are dry and sensitive af so wearing them often is not an option.
that's also the reason why the color changing shoops look bad - usually celebs with brown eyes wear tons of eyeliner, that doesn't look good with blue eyes and make them look older. with minimal make up they'd look as youthful as with brown eyes.

No. 90053

File: 1532786184701.jpg (114.24 KB, 2000x1333, marvelous-brown-hair-blue-eyes…)

I really don't think blue eyes are prettier than green or hazel or brown or black eyes or vice versa because your eyecolor needs to work with the rest of your features. Pic related: I think this girl looks so beautiful because her eyecolor works so so well with hair, skin and make-up NOT because her eyes are blue. Had she had light blonde hair and skin she'd probably be much more average and less stunning.

No. 90173

I agree. Any eye colour can be gorgeous, it has more to do with eyeshape and contrast of other colours (hair, skin) than the eye colour itself.

I'm a pale ass scandi with the unfortunate colouring of and olm salamander, it's like everything in my face is the same colour, hair, skin, eyes, lashes, brows. So even though my eyes are pale blue/green colour, they're absolutely unremarkable because of the lack of contrast in my face. Sometimes I wear brown contacts and they instantly make me look better. Also I'm pretty sure that if I'd be tanned and have darker hair, my own eye colour would look better as well.

No. 90343

Has nothing to do with color but my eyes are too narrow and i wanted to ask if there a things that i can do so that they look more normal?

No. 90344

I tthinki used the wrong word. What i meant is that my eyea are too close together

No. 90357

If your eyes are close-set, you can balance it out with some make up.
This is a pretty good tutorial~

No. 90479


I randomly stumbled on this video. Eye color makes such a difference hOLY SHIT (not always for the better)

No. 90493

Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner look like eastern european escorts with blue eyes lmao.

No. 90514

File: 1533081286886.jpg (62.86 KB, 1280x720, eye area.jpg)

Eye colour is completely negligible when it comes to facial aesthetics anyway, yet it always seems to be the epicentre of consideration when evaluating one's eye area. It's only important if it's a particularly impressive colour (see: Elizabeth Taylor's violet hue) or it's rare for your race/phenotype (see: Aishwarya Rai's phenotypically exceptional green eyes).

Having a correct and aesthetically pleasing eye shape >> literally any eye colour.

Certain physical qualities such as being horizontally long, limited upper eyelid exposure, set deeply within the skull, downturned medial canthus, thick and dark eyelashes/brows and vertically compact and projected orbits are preferable to even the most cutesy baby blue.


No. 90520

why do men come on here and post lookism videos? it makes it obvious you're a man

No. 90521

i'm a girl and just because incel communities fixate on looks theory doesn't mean it's not legit, fyi.

No. 90525

yeah i'm also a girl and literally all those eye characteristics are the ones i happen to like in men. lookism only gets stupid because autists take it way too literally and refuse to see that any aspect of attractiveness is subjective, but it's equally stupid to pretend that there's no observable basis to good looks and everyone's features look equally good uwu

No. 90527

File: 1533094616984.jpeg (81.38 KB, 540x710, 34AF7D03-B4B1-4C97-8AB8-1B85A8…)

>>completely negligible
Blue eyed men actually have a preference for blue eyed women.

No. 90529

Top comparison isn't a great example, she looks better with the darker eyes.

No. 90530

No, she really doesnt

No. 90534

They look good on both side imo Zooey look kinda psycho on the right with her super tiny pupil.

No. 90541

>third generation


No. 90570

I’m envious of people with large eyes where you can see the whites under the iris. My eyes are very small and I feel like because of that I’ll never really be pretty.

No. 90602

File: 1533154889210.jpg (262.6 KB, 2048x2048, ecttpq7qnhg01.jpg)

you mean sanpaku eyes?

No. 90618

Huh. Never knew there was a name for it.

No. 90709

File: 1533220178900.jpg (45.85 KB, 500x636, 97aee5f5fbc7879b92bca572482c11…)

Different anon, I think they can simply be called round eyes

No. 90820

I thought it was a masked man with a real long while.Apparently someone jumped into the depths, you are absolutely lacking, avoid antioxidants if you stop avatarfagging? ty Not op but she doesn't have a similar thing as wearing makeup.

No. 90825

Anyway, if anyone would like, just for shits and giggles.

that'd be great! are you aiming for realism or stylistic? i'd move the eyes a bit into you, too.

Of course I've fallen off with some bills, I end up with my own Isshoku Hada group now, ngl lol same ;-; Yeah, I feel like my personality. Sounds fun, anon, as long as it is. From what I've seen though.

This is considered children's movies this year: rewatched Lilo & Stitch , Cloudy with a perfect angel in every sphere from social, intellectual etc. I'm sorry you had to guess which of your convictions and call it what it takes to live off of.

No. 90884

Did you have a stroke writing this

No. 91274

File: 1533571700939.jpg (102.26 KB, 829x262, Screenshot_20180806-110609_Pho…)

Would cool tone shadows look good on me if I'm dirty blonde, cool undertone and brown eyes? I'm more attracted to those colored but warm tones seem more on trend.
Also, I've been plucking and waxing my eyebrows and keeping them very neat lately, would it be a bad idea to go for a thicker messier look? Thick brows have always looked so cute to me but I've told myself I look better with groomed brows but idk. Opinions on growing out my brows?

No. 91290

no anon. you can have whites showing like that with different eye shapes.

No. 91294

sage for unhelpful input but your eyes and eyebrows are super pretty!

No. 91295

You look cool toned maybe leaning neutral. I think cool toned shadow would work best on you, but you can maybe get away with some neutral slightly warm colors.

Maybe this can help you, it's a guide on how to pick the best colors for your overall coloring.

No. 91296

Please don't fall for instagram memes, your eyebrows are nice as they are and they frame your eyes well.

Btw you appear neutral to me so you could probably pull off either.

No. 91392

Thanks anons you're so kind :"")
And yes that's true sometimes I get suckered into trends, thank you for the input. Also sorry I realized this might be the wrong thread

No. 91678

I love hazel eyes and I really think it’s the prettiest color! I don’t dislike my brown eyes but, you know, they just… brown. I’m glad they’re shaped cutely and then I get complements for its shape at least. But if I could choose I’d pick hazel eyes for sure omg I’d look so gooood! (pick magically, cause I’d never go through an eyes color changing surgery)

No. 91680

I have bright green eyes and I always hated them. I always wanted either blue or chocolate brown eyes cuz heck no ones dating a green eyed witch

No. 91705

Try wearing a top that almost matches your eyes, but has a little more blue in it. A greyish blue-green or something.
t. green-eyed farmer

No. 91707

I've always wanted green eyes, I think they're the most gorgeous and rare colour! I'm totally jelly, anon, don't hate your beautiful eyes!

No. 91712

File: 1533911637635.jpg (46.44 KB, 1014x392, 37174092_435061596987174_30496…)

My eyes are the only thing i like about myself. Having green eyes always felt magical to me.

No. 91727

Hey, it's also a nice shape. Is that a monolid? Are you mixed?

No. 91750

Yes it seems like many girls love that color. I just can’t deal with my eye color. But oh well I got colored contacts so at least I can act as if they aren’t green.

No. 91757

Sorry but their not even really green, matbe its the light? But they just look hazel-ish

No. 91761

File: 1533936844619.jpg (110.23 KB, 960x648, 32881240_606186616428486_87459…)

Nope. Just White with ties to Ireland, France and Russia.

Depends on the way the light hits them I guess. They usually look almost yellow with a dark almost blusish ring around the outside.

No. 91763

Lol anon, you couldn't have possibly lightened that even more kek

No. 91766

File: 1533938514305.png (635.89 KB, 1080x662, 0.png)

Yeah theres an instagram filter on those, sure.
These two arent light filtered. First one is natural sunlight. Second is just how they look in a regular room under a regular light.

No. 91768

File: 1533941613180.jpg (39.47 KB, 828x307, 20180809_183448~2.jpg)

Here's my eyes. My face is red because I fell asleep. There's faded eyeshadow on them too. I need help with eyebrows. My face is very round, kinda like a bowling ball. I feel like I tried every eyebrow shape, but it just enhances it. Help me, I'm in a rut lol

No. 91770

Don't take this the wrong way, but as a girl with very hooded eyes, I would kill to have your eyelids! Mine always make me look like I am squinting a bit. Dreading getting old in case I end up needed eyelid surgery like an old droopy dog.

No. 91783

It would help if you posted a pic that actually had your eyebrows in it.

No. 91787

File: 1533955482542.jpg (51.27 KB, 960x341, IMG_20180810_223653.jpg)

Is there any tips for making your eyes look larger. I love how the the model, Allison Harvey's eyes look, and I wish mine were that big
I already use white eyeliner on my bottom waterline on a regular basis, I'm really fair skinned so it looks fine (at least I think?)
I'm somewhere between Chubby and fat and I don't carry a whole lot of weight in my face but would losing weight make my eyes look larger, especially if it's weight from my face?

No. 91790

File: 1533962223395.jpg (57.21 KB, 535x1052, 99ce76a99da6644141cfb2112b0dfd…)

The white liner in the lower waterline looks a little dated. It reminds me of late 00s gyaru makeup. You can get a similar, more subtle effect with a flesh toned liner.

No. 91812

No. 94056

File: 1535955751505.png (1.12 MB, 1277x613, Untitled.png)

Hazel eyes really confuse me. Whenever I google search it in images, I get mixed results. Some people say they're a light brown with flecks of green, while other pictures look extremely all green to me? its kinda getting on my nerves.

No. 94059

File: 1535956739228.jpg (25.55 KB, 300x201, eyes-400-300x201.jpg)

if you look at a close up, >>88605 the main thing is that there are both green fibers and brown fibers so it looks like either a greenish brown or a very very warm green. if your eyes are just pure green, they never look brown, and if they're a warm brown, they never read green.
" Although hazel mostly consists of brown and green, the dominant color in the eye can either be brown/gold or green." from wikipedia

don't even bother with that pic of the different eyecolors that you circled. it's not real photos. they just recolored an eye to approximate what they think is hazel. it's probably for selling contacts or something. this one is better. eyes 1 and 2 aren't hazel because they don't have any brown. they're either green or maybe bluish green. eyes 5 and 6 aren't hazel because they don't have any green. they're brown. eyes 3 and 4 have both green and brown mixed, with 3 being more greenish and 4 being more brownish

No. 94060

File: 1535956748968.jpg (88.73 KB, 1035x411, IMG_20180903_093600.jpg)

I never really thought too much about my eye area since I think it looks pretty basic but I'm becoming more interested in makeup and just making myself look prettier and I would like to know if any of you anons have any tips on reducing dark circles since mine are pretty bad

No. 94061

i don't see any dark circles but i like your eye shape! it might be the angle but they look slightly upturned. i'm jealous!

No. 94062

It confuses me too, until I see someone with actual green eyes. I have hazel eyes and there's a lot of green in them, but when you see the real thing there's no brown and they tend to be lighter/brighter. Even when I can barely see brown in mine they just look dull and not quite green enough, sucks.

No. 94066

you look like that girl who hates minions

No. 94070

i have light blue eyes with a deep dark blue ring but i have always wanted all black eyes, like a brown so deep it's black. it's so pretty!

No. 94130

Has anyone stumbled upon these eye hypnosis videos that supposedly change your eye color? I personally think this is batshit insane, but they have millions of views. And the comments even mention how its starting to work. People legit think this stuff works.

No. 94138

I think people comment that it works for the lulz.

And the people that view it are really desperate, I think there are also similar videos of subliminally changing the skin color etc.

It's really sad that so many people want to change to what is considered white standards of beauty instead of embracing what they have.

No. 94139

Though I have to add, the sound is super relaxing. It gives me almost ASMR tingles. I might use it as a study background.

No. 94230

Are lots of freckles good or bad?

No. 94237

in your irises or what?

No. 94612

File: 1536393854563.jpg (98.92 KB, 1200x1200, 615c34LAygL._SL1200_.jpg)

I've only ever had one little bump like that under my eye, and it was there for months before I read on a forum that you can just….pop them? It hurt like a bitch cause it's a sensitive area but it was super satisfying to just pop that little bead out. There was no trace of it by the next day. No scarring or anything, it was like it had never even been there.

I don't know if I'd do that for multiple tho. I also used something like pic related to puncture it first.

>dermatologists hate her!!!

because I do this kind of stupid shit

No. 94859

File: 1536630901088.png (930.25 KB, 885x400, IMG_6115-3.png)

I have partial heterochromia in my left eye and I wish I didn't. I really think it looks like poop. I also wish I had super dark blue eyes like my dad (his are entirely the colour of my limbal ring), but they're an okay colour. I want to find make-up techniques that work with my eyes, but I can't even figure out what shape they are. Anyway, enjoy my poopy mutant eye!

No. 94864

>mY eYeZ aRe sOoOo UgLy uwu

No. 94865

File: 1536641197739.jpg (106.39 KB, 885x400, IMG_0361.JPG)

OK sorry this looks retarded but you have a similar eye shape to me so I tried my makeup on you

No. 94868

I never said ugly, I said I think they're an okay colour but I don't like the heterochromia. I still thought it would be good to share, though, since it's an uncommon thing and I'd also like make-up tips.

Thanks anon! What mascara do you use? I've been trying out Benefit's They're Real (for its durability) but it doesn't seem to do a whole lot.

No. 94869

I just use one called witchlash by medusa's makeup. it's kind of thin which is what i prefer because i just want my lashes darker and to appear longer. your lashes sans makeup look pretty naturally long and thick so it might work for you too. you have a cute downturned eye shape so makeup can help lift up your face without fighting against the eyeshape itself. i made the darker eyeshadow upturned but kept the eyeliner thin and downturned for that reason. i think upturned cat eye liner looks weird and clashing with downturned eyes but we still want to lift the face so i do it with the eyeshadow because it's more subtle.

No. 94871

Oh neat, I've added it to the list of things to buy when I'm in England for Christmas (I couldn't find it for sale on any Aussie sites)! And yeah, I tried cat eyes before but it looked off, so the eyeshadow is a really good idea. Thanks again for all your help!

No. 94872

On the topic of mascara, how do you make your eyes pop in photos? Not selfies, but photos people take from afar or using the back facing camera at a little distance. I’ve found eyelash extensions work well but getting them done so often is expensive. I could try old fashioned glue on fake lashes but it just looks a bit much for daily use? But I still want something that shows up in photos? Is there a middle ground mascara that could make my eyes more dramatic without falsies?

No. 94879

I don't think it's a matter of mascara. Curling works for me, lashes are way more noticable. I also sometimes use an older, thicker mascara which doesn't clump but makes lashes heavy and kinda "rock style". Also a strong black liner but make sure it goes in between and under lashes, not just above them. Makes lashes look more full

No. 99360

File: 1540458730297.png (122.23 KB, 436x155, Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 3.10…)

my lashes are pretty much invisible, i feel you anon. lighting does make a big difference as well, maybe play around with that?
also if anyone has any recommendations for me i would be grateful. this is usually how i do my makeup (a little shadow, not really liner or mascara)

No. 99375

Wow pretty eyes! I think you should skip the shadow, go for a thin line of eyeliner and a definitely little mascara. The natural look would suit you to a T.

No. 101322

File: 1542948157752.jpeg (290.49 KB, 2048x1510, 0E04F187-859F-46D4-9BF4-79487A…)

This thread is pretty inactive but I had a good time reading through it and seeing some neat eye colors. Here’s a photo of mine to bump the thread because it deserves more traction

No. 101324

I love your eyes! Like the anon said, a thin black liner on your top lid would look heavenly. I think some silver/pearly eyeshadow at the tear troughs of your eyes would really make your eyes pop!

No. 101325

okay but can i just say your skin is so pretty and healthy looking like damn,i'm jealous

No. 101332

File: 1542965453504.jpg (66.57 KB, 546x457, P_20180824_170601_BF_1.jpg)

My favourite eye colour is green, followed by dark brown. I love how intense they look, like if you were staring into the night. On the other hand, I don't like blue or cooler colours. They look pretty empty, but I still like them depending on features: dark skin+blue eyes are so awesome.

I like my eyes, just wish they were slighly larger

No. 101333

Sometimes I really don't get why people feel like posting a suspiciously low resolution pic (in 2018…) of their eyes and think it might get them compliments, but yours really are gorgeous. Could you tell use which makeup products you were using? Looks really neat.

No. 101336

File: 1542981779716.jpeg (76.22 KB, 1234x342, 8C6DE2BC-CECA-4FAA-A126-0FDC3E…)

Your eyes are super cute!

Mine are a weird shape with too light lashes ah well though

No. 101337

File: 1542982119531.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 68A4CBA8-B777-49FD-98C4-673556…)

Maybe here’s a better photo. Truly would like thicker lashes.

No. 101338

Your eyes are lovely, anon! Light blue eyes are so stunning.

No. 101346

File: 1543011277083.jpg (207.57 KB, 1221x314, 20181123_171223.jpg)

what color would yall consider my eyes? they look grey to me

No. 101349

Grey hazel brown?

No. 101353

Probably a light hazel grey, and I’m sorry anon but at first I thought that was a photo of a kid

No. 101366

Now that you mention in, looks a bit like Madeleine McCann

No. 101391

You have crazy pretty eyelashes I’m jelly.

No. 101411

File: 1543137880271.jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20181125_031946566.j…)

Please pardon the creepy compilation format I just wanted to tackle this from a few angles. Can someone tell me what eyeshape this eyes? They look kind of hooded but I am not so sure that they are really hooded so much as I just have smallish eyes and eyelids. I have also thought almond, but they don't look quite that either. The makeup looks I've tried in the past have looked funny, and while I'm sure that it is mostly my lack of skill I think I also choose ones that suite me poorly. Also do I have chola looking eyebrows? Please no sugar coating, the hurtful truth is good.

No. 101414

I think round eye shape? I clicked on this photo from the main page because I thought they were really lovely tbh, they’re very soft.
I think a smoked out brown/black liner on top would look pretty, just some subtle contrast
You can take an eye pencil and thinly line just above your eyelashes (as well as in them, it makes them appear thicker), and then with a dense brush just blend it out with an eyeshadow of the same color.
If you like the winged liner look but have had trouble with it, it’s because round eyes are kind of down-turned which makes it a little trickier
If you end the liner right before the end of your eye and thicken the line into a wing higher up you can get the same enlarging effect without worrying about it looking “off” outside the eyes.
This stuff is really hard to explain through text lol but if you google “winged liner for round eyes” I’m sure there are vids!

No. 101421

They really look like my eyes wew, finally I get to see someone with the same shape
They're round. They're not hooded, the lids are just on the smallish side but you can see them. Plus they look big.
Try winged eyeliner/smokey eye, it will elongate the shape. Idk what chola eyebrows are but you can fill them in with brow pomade.

No. 101423

You definitely don't have chola brows anon, just wispy ones. Do some light combing and filling with a light-coloured eye pencil for some definition and you'll be fine, swerve the insta-brow trend because you have quite soft features and it won't suit you. If you're going to do winged liner do it very lightly, and not around your whole eye-try just your upper lid, or definition on just the outer end of your lower lid, and maybe brown eyeliner? Your eyes look easily overwhelmed.

No. 101427

File: 1543169500750.jpeg (101.16 KB, 1396x253, ACC624DE-5CF7-4D9A-86F5-574D40…)

What eyeshape is this? I can't really determine and whatever eyeliner I do if it's bigger than like 0.1mm in thickness, makes me look horrible and tired. So I want to find tutorials closer to my eye shape.

No. 101449

Hooded, upturned I think, I could be wrong though because the curve of your eye is really pronounced, personally I love your eye shape, but I’d look up the hooded eyeliner trick, and see if that helps!

No. 101466

File: 1543220613503.jpg (68.72 KB, 600x900, Theo.jpg)

I have light blue, and I prefer darker blue/green and dark brown. I really like dark brown (ie, "black") eyes, a standard brown isn't great imo unless it's the same color as your hair. also, I think the striking contrast of dark skin/dark hair/light eyes only looks good on men. (Idk, but I really prefer my men to be tan, pink skin and blond hair is asexual to me.)

No. 101490

File: 1543256265554.jpg (98.32 KB, 503x750, 1e2045d1615b47a9e6c83156f4c90c…)

i disagree, it looks exotic, gorgeous and sultry on both genders

No. 109479

Hooded eyes are nice

No. 128594

how? green is pretty common and not rare at all on tan and anything darker than that people.

No. 306767

ive recently been having some huge insecurities about my brown eyes, i live in england where brown eyed folk make up possibly 10-20% of all english people and they always looked so out of place on me :(

No. 306772

Nope, I have big, dark brown almost black eyes and I love them. There’s a chance my kids come out light eyed but I’m honestly hoping they get my dark eyes instead.

No. 306808

toxic thread, but tbh I feel the same. I have bronze skin, hair, and eyes, very rustic looking, and I'd probably look a lot more interesting if I had lighter or darker eyes. I have very thick, long, dark lashes but my eyes still look incredibly drab.

No. 306818

maybe it's based on location cause most tan and darker people in western countries tend to have dark eyes, with very few exceptions

No. 306834

brown eyes are pretty

No. 306840

everyone post your delicate beautiful ethereal doe eyes and also your home address

No. 306851

File: 1673133978139.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1672x1506, IMG_20230108_002129.jpg)

I like my eye color but I will never enjoy cute eye shadows, Idk if my eyes are deep seated or just hooded, can't tell the difference, I just wish my upper eyelid was more visible

No. 306855

Your eyes are so perfect to me, gigastacy

No. 306856

Now why would you post this…

No. 306857

what's with all the self-posting today

No. 306858

And with a note to make sure we knew it is a real picture of her kek

No. 306859

This pic alone mogs 4chan and kiwifarms

No. 306860

I hope someone call tell me if those are hooded or deep set eyes lol. I cut it from a photo I sent to my friend once because she was making fun of my 5head, it has nice lighting unlike most of my photos

No. 306862

File: 1673135508035.jpg (110.35 KB, 1338x762, briow.jpg)

Holy shit I haven't been on 4chan in years and I immediately recognized your eyes lmao
Anyway you definitely don't have hooded eyes, they're either deep set or some other anatomy thing that makes the eyelid space small, hard to tell from this angle.
I think your eyebrows are fine but I would pluck the bit I highlighted

You 100% have deep set eyes, hooded = excess skin or fat making the eyelid space smaller

No. 307352

you have such pretty eyes im jealous, wonder if this type of envy is why the evil eye is blue huh…

No. 307363

File: 1673405231201.jpg (36.89 KB, 986x386, IMG_0698.jpg)

What type of eyes do I have? I always felt i had really scrotey eyes so I'm wondering if you nonnas have any suggestions

No. 307367

You should get a shiseido face razor and make your brows thinner

No. 307368

Nta but those eyebrows don't even look thick. Thin brows would look weird on her imo

No. 307370

To each is own but I stand by it. Try it out anon, it’s not like tweezing so they’ll grow back just fine

No. 307371

Make it as thin or thinner on the top/middle to the outside with the inside width of them. It’ll open up your face a bit

No. 307390

Wtf are scrotey eyes? Schizo

No. 307391

File: 1673422543235.jpeg (91.25 KB, 1280x720, E9181F5B-A003-4DDB-BCC1-80BA0B…)

Lol you have those Goku eyebrows that are triangular and thicker in the middle and thin at the ends

No. 307408

there's some like general rule that you're not supposed to pluck the top part of your eyebrows when shaping them but maybe you should try it. if you plucked the bottom part they might be way too arched/high, but if you pluck just a little bit from the top of the arch it might soften them and not look weird.

No. 307409

This is a JEALOUS DEMON speaking. Don't listen to her blabbering. You're hot

No. 307451

I never said she was ugly retard

No. 308085

File: 1673795126647.jpg (Spoiler Image,268.1 KB, 2048x1536, PC110111 (2).JPG)

Is this hazel? I don't see any gold or brown so I'm not sure

No. 315431

File: 1678048889597.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.47 KB, 806x375, 20230305_213958.jpg)

Do my eyes look dead? I feel like they do on pics but people disagree not to offend me I guess.

No. 315432

You look traumatized

No. 315454

I think they're really pretty nonna. The shape and tilt of your eyes is really beautiful. You do look like you're pushing your brows together in a worried-type way, were they neutral when you took this photo? You can curl your lashes if you'd like to lift the appearance of your eyes if it bothers you. I can't think of a good way to describe the effect they have on me but I really like them.

No. 315559

Kek that much? I'm not though, I think I'm just not photogenic.
This is the nicest thing somebody told me about my eyes, thank you so much nonna! I was actually trying to take a selfie with my cat, I just never know how to pose or what expression I should make when I'm on a pic. I wear mascara at work because I like how it widens my gaze but I'm too lazy on my days off to do anything.

No. 315644

I figured it out- your eyes remind me of doe eyes, both literally and figuratively. I'm definitely too lazy to wear mascara or any makeup on my days off, I can definitely relate. I actually did a lash lift and tint because I wanted the look of mascara and curl without having to do anything. It was kind of difficult and dangerous tbh to do the lash lift but the tint was stupid easy. I'll be doing both regularly from now on as long as I don't burn all my lashes off kek

No. 315752

File: 1678210660570.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.48 KB, 680x282, 7C5565D9-0650-440A-A0FB-181901…)

with my body dysmorphia resurging hard the last couple years I can't say I love myself at all but hey

No. 315867

You're fine but wash your hair please.

No. 315868

File: 1678288724171.jpg (13.55 KB, 401x225, th.jpg)

No. 315887

That's an old pic but yes I do have naturally oily frizzy hair. Wash it too much, wash it too little, either way, but the flyaways are always there

i see no problem with this, I love her

No. 316032

I have epicanth folds and I hate them because it makes doing eyeshadow more difficult and my eyes look smaller. I see so many girls with the little eye opening at the corner with fun eye enlarging looks but I cannot do them without make up smearing within an hour due to tiny lid space. People ask me if I'm foreign when I'm not. I guess it's unique where I live but I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of non epicanthic fold eyes.

No. 316037

File: 1678357983471.gif (1.98 MB, 250x136, tumblr_inline_ogugzqAcn61qlt39…)

Your eyes remind me of Rooney Mara's, very pretty

No. 316227

File: 1678450600832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.77 KB, 1528x312, 7C02F205-B704-4928-8322-55C9B5…)

I like brown eyes the most. I think mine are blue green?

No. 316228

You are so nice nonnas, I love you! I don't see it for Rooney Mara since they are not the same color (and I have a terrible case of face blindness lol) but I appreciate the comparison.

No. 316257

File: 1678467513662.jpg (47.29 KB, 416x264, ryan-gosling.jpg)

I have small and uneven eyes like Ryan Gosling.
It kills me everytime I have to take a picture because in camera its even more evident.

I wish I had big feminine eyes.
Also my lashes super small.

No. 316259

File: 1678467802541.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.07 KB, 1381x685, WhatsApp Image 2023-03-10 at 1…)

has anyone here managed to get rid of their "genetically" puffy under eye bags? 2 different guys told me i have "frog eyes" (one actually said Pepe the Frog eyes).

also, do my eyeshape resemble any ethinicities' eyes? like does it look asian or european?

No. 316261

I don't know, but you look like you are coming through the screen at any moment to bite me

No. 316262

There’s serums and stuff to temporarily tighten up that area. Idk any specific brands.
Plucking and shaping your brows would help too.

No. 316263

i would say you have just blue, i dont see much green tbh

No. 316264

sorry idk why i look like a psychopath, thanks for the input nona.
i wasnt sure about whethere serums worked but i guess theres no cheaper way (skincare is kinda expensive where i live). thanks for your response anon

No. 316266

I'm sorry nonna I didn't want to be so mean, I think it's the angle kek

No. 316267

nooo dont say sorry im not offended, i do have an issue taking unflattering pics. still, thank you though (i would put a heart emoji if it wouldnt get me banned)

No. 316285

you can do a lower bleph. I love your color!

No. 316349

large eyes aren't feminine. Also they usually look pretty bad - buggy, droopy and close set

No. 316365

id kill myself if someone told me they recognized my face from 4chan

No. 316366

File: 1678504739636.png (184.47 KB, 680x878, 9C3CBE3D-1566-47A2-B2DA-C6839F…)

No. 316442

this is so funny and cruel kek

No. 316496

File: 1678574590469.jpg (62.32 KB, 600x810, 2980904f45f9e85bf988dd0dbb76f5…)

I was so obseesed with Paul Mccartney’s eyes when i was a teen it’s shameful! Every day for like 2 years i did my makeup and tried to make my eyes look like that. I do have that asymetry but not the tilt. I lookd hilarious and sometimes people were like: Are you sure you’re doing your eyeliner right? You should make it point upwards not downwords." KEKITTY KEK

No. 316497

Low youth + prey eyes. Major L

No. 316500

File: 1678575109623.jpg (18.31 KB, 600x278, puppyeyes-4botheyes_0.jpg.opti…)

you were just doing the puppy eyeliner, which is the opposite of cat eyeliner, you weren't doing it "wrong", god people can be annoying about makeup. also top kek for me thinking these were sylvester stalone eyes in the first pic

No. 316525

kek nta but do you genuinely buy into the hunter/prey eyes thing or is this a joke. 'hunter' eyes always look creepy and like someone is squinting all the time

No. 317590

File: 1679228397807.jpg (23.26 KB, 526x455, myeye.jpg)

no my eyes are brown and i think they're pretty ideal, only thing i would change is make my bottom eyelashes a bit darker

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