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No. 88885

Maybe it sounds weird, but anyone has tips on how to look creepy/eerie? I need it for a project and i can't find anything that really helps.
I'm aiming for a Momo (pic related) look (google the original, beware, it's kinda disturbing), but no sfx makeup.
I'm trying to look kinda casual too, not too out of place in a city, like an entity like Kushisake-onna.

No. 88888

File: 1531943615544.jpg (497.83 KB, 1244x1519, 1520887242046.jpg)

-dark circles. I have green eyes so it's pretty easy to pull off for me.
-dark or completely (white) bleached hair, either long and straight or short and extremely curly works best
-stare people down (take public transport for the most part)
-slouch or walk upwards very stiffly
-covering clothes, either in dark or neutral tones, dresses and skirts should be long (make sure most things are ill-fitting/baggy)
dunno if this is what you wanted but here are some ideas

No. 88889

good list

I have more:

-no eyebrows (eyebrows give the face a frame, expression and emotion and without brows you will 100% creepy. You could shave your brows or - what I would recommend - bleach your eyebrows. So you can dye them anytime to your natural shade)

-put in big dark circle lenses (this gives you an empty creepy stare)

No. 88896

File: 1531946407664.jpg (27.16 KB, 312x494, Rooney_mara_as_lisbeth_salande…)

seconding the eyebrows thing. I love the no/light eyebrows look.

No. 88902

File: 1531950449781.jpg (94.29 KB, 700x1000, caee8be66c9960d6aa85195ae9e14c…)

There is a reason why Claudia did not have eyebrows, though this does not fit the 'creepy cute' look like Ouka from Yandere Sim.
Paleness and dark circles are a necessity. I think that having an intense smell and vicious smile might help too.

No. 89196

Irrelevant but I didn't believe op and googled momo, now I regret it so much

Back on topic:
Having a straight but dirty hair, without bangs, all tucked behind your ear.
If you have a large forehead and no eyebrows it might accentuate the creepy

No. 89263

so I googled this momo thing because the whole internet is talking about it. I have to say that nothing about momo is creepy. on the contrary momo looks ridiculous and fake. It is obviously photoshop and/or after effects. And this whole whatsapp story lol I think I am too old for this shit

No. 89264

>not realizing this whole thread is probably just the "momo" OP trying to get more interest

No. 89281

It's actually an art piece by some asian artist.

No. 89304

I should have known that since Japanese love to get scared at angry girls with long black unwashed hair.

No. 89395

It's just some cool art.

Isn't Momo already a meme though?

No. 89400

>asian artist
>the japanese

No. 89401

there's dark creepy >>88888
and innocent creepy, which would be (for example) long loose hair, flowy white dress, preferably barefoot, dirty/scratched knees and elbows. Fucked up hands, like bruised from fist punches or bloody nails. Maybe some contacts, for example very light ones, blue or gray. Or, for contrast, very dark. Without the scratches and bruises you'll also be creepy enough; a bit of blogpost, as an edgelord teen I did something like this with a friend, we held hands dressed in long white dresses (+ red contacts) and wandered through the forest where a lot of people go for walks. Much spooks were given that day

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