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No. 90127

Anons who have set routines and seem to have got everything put together make me feel so jealous.
A typical day in my life goes as follows:
>put on the same (comfy, but boring/ugly) clothes as the day before
>skip skin care and makeup
>opt for the quickest and unhealtiest breakfast option
>come back home to my messy room
>don't get shit done until last minute, constantly in danger of missing deadlines
>always too lazy to exercise
>go to bed way too late

I only own the minimum amount of clothes, no perfume at all, barely any accessories and hygenie products (and still can't manage to keep that organized); I simply have no idea on how to be a normal adult women.
Any tips on how to get started with all that? I feel like I'm always late/stressed, but I actually don't even do that much. Women who have a tight schedule yet still manage to take care of their health, appearance and home are so admireable.

No. 90131

So, I'm by no means an expert nor do I completely have my shit together but I will tell you what has worked for me lately and I hope it gives you some ideas.

Basically I made a list in the notes app of things I want to do to eventually get into a routine, and then broke it down by day. So I have a section for things I want to do EVERY single day, like exercise at least 30 mins, read at least 45 minutes, take vitamins, etc. And in addition to my everyday things I want to accomplish, then I go day by day, so for instance I like to do a hair mask and a face mask on Sundays and Wednesdays, I like to exfoliate on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and use whitestrips for my teeth on Mondays and Fridays, am only allowed to drink on Saturday nights, etc. And as I accomplish my plans for that day, I check them off. But the main thing that I've found helps is having them written down like that and making lists. Since it's on my phone, I always have it with me.

This is surprisingly hard to stick to, especially when you get home from a long day at work and just want to through everything down, but when you undress, or finish using something, put it back where it came from immediately. Put your shoes away instead of leaving them in the middle of your room, don't let dirty clothes accumulate into little piles, try to wash dishes as you use them so that they don't stack up. It's easier to keep clean when you clean as you go instead of letting everything get dirty and trying to clean it all at once.

Set a time that you would like to go to bed each night and try to stick to it as much as possible. I take melatonin gummies about an hour before the time I'd like to go to sleep and they really hep. If you have trouble oversleeping (I do too), get an extremely loud obnoxious alarm clock and place it as far away from your bed as possible so that it forces you to actually get up and turn it off. Mine is literally on the other side of my room. As for unhealthy breakfast, I also have that problem and I've found that the best solution imo is to make something healthy the night before. For instance, I like having green smoothies for breakfast so I'll make a batch the night before and just leave it in the fridge. If you still have trouble with oversleeping this is a great option because you won't make yourself late trying to make a breakfast. Just pour and go. You can pretty much make a smoothie out of anything and they are refreshing/filling.

As for perfume, accessories, etc, I don't think this is necessary for being a well-rounded adult with their shit together, but it can be a lot of fun and improve your confidence if you decide you'd like to start wearing those things. Just get the basics, don't spend too much money on things like perfume or makeup until you find something you know you love. Start small and affordable. You can start by getting samples, or just buying rollerballs or body sprays until you figure out what kind of scent you like. Same with makeup and accessories.

Like I said, I'm not expert but I've struggled with a lot of the things you listed as well and I've been making a bit of progress by doing these things and sticking with them. Good luck anon.

No. 90169

I don't think I'm the one to talk here but this thread is interesting so. I feel like "adulting" just comes to being able to follow a schedule and knowing how to seem presentable and look like you have your shit together. I do the same thing as >>90131 said, I make a bunch of lists on my phone with what I need to do and when, what I need to buy, etc. so I don't forget anything. It can be hard to do anything when I come back home from college or work late because I'm used to having a horrible schedule and procrastinating so I'm looking forward to advice too.

>I only own the minimum amount of clothes, no perfume at all, barely any accessories and hygenie products (and still can't manage to keep that organized)

I don't think it's that much of a problem. The most important part is to look like you're clean and dressed appropriately depending on the situation. I have makeup but I don't use it very often because I'm lazy and I don't use perfume at all, I have a small wardrobe so far and I don't think it's a problem to me. If you want to do something about it though take it slow and start with skincare and the basics for makeup. I don't think it's worth spending a lot of money on makeup, like some friends told me, I wish I were told that before buying my first things in Sephora of all places.

No. 90178

File: 1532865505529.png (16.24 KB, 500x450, u_can_do_it.png)

I have to stay organized because it does wonders for my mental health. It’s really not that hard tbh, it’s mainly about developing good habits and sticking to them.

I make lists over everything, either mentally or I write it down. If you like using your phone, there are lots of apps for this. If you are more old fashioned, I suggest getting a small notebook you can carry around and use for list making.

Sticking to a routine is important! Try going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Make sure you have enough time to do your skincare routine and makeup, and have a breakfast every morning. I’ll use myself as an example:

>go to bed at 11pm

>wake up at 6:15am
>done with skincare and makeup at 6:45am
>have breakfast at 7am
>get dressed and leave for school

During winter I spend ages getting out of bed, which affects the time I have to make breakfast. To solve this, I just prep breakfast the night before. Or I make something that takes 2-3 minutes, like microwave oatmeal.

If you want to keep your room clean, you have to organize/clean a little bit every day. Put stuff back where it belongs when you are done using it. Make sure your room is clean and that everything is in its place before you go to bed. It’s about the small things: Instead of leaving your clothes on the ground after you’ve taken them off, immediately put them into the clothes hamper. Instead of leaving empty food plates in your room, immediately take them to the kitchen etc.

Find a style that you like. You can be comfy while looking put together. Uniqlo has affordable and comfortable clothes that make you look very put together.

And you don't have to use perfume or accessories if you dislike them. Hygiene products are important though, but these are easy to get. Just make sure you have body/face wash, deodorant and moisturizer.

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