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No. 90174

basic question but im curious to if any farmers live in the same country to me or close by (New Zealand)

No. 90175

Follow up question: what's it like where you live? City or country? What shops do you have? How many people? What fashion is popular?

No. 90181

I'm English and currently live in London.

No. 90182

I'm Norwegian and live in North Norway.

No. 90201

american in orlando/tampa area

I live technically in a suburban area, but a more rural suburb if that makes sense. Orlando is huge, which is great because there is a diversity in the types of people! We've got alt fashion scenes, boho, kitschy, really anything. But we also have a lot of tourists so most people are wearing t shirt and shorts unless you go to areas around the art schools. I like it here though, especially the area i live in

No. 90211

East coast Canada, but not the maritimes.

Most people dress very trendy/basic à la leggings, crop tops, etc. This goes for the smaller city I live and Toronto, which has ~3 mil people.
Toronto has a mix of hipster, basic people, and posh rich bitches which is interesting to see. I would wager the fashion scene here is similar to NYC but less cool.

No. 90212

Southern Louisiana. Its the armpit of America climate wise, but fall weather is okay even though it lasts about a month.
I've been all across America, and we have the best food down here; despite this region being predominantly conservative in politics, the majority of folks are accepting of multiple beliefs and life styles.
Music is everywhere here also.

I guess the only worthwhile shopping to add is in culturally driven areas, there are alot of talented artists and craftmen that you can purchase from small business owners.

Very laid back, flowy fashion. Kek not sure how to describe it. Doing festivals/parades people get dressed up in costumes that they've made.

No. 90213

Germany, living in Austria.

No. 90216

the Netherlands. I live outside of the main urbanized area in a moderately conservative town. It's not everyone's dressed in very conservative clothing (aka only long skirts for girls and women) like some other highly conservative towns in my area, but I can't say there's really a certain fashion that's popular; everyone just kinda buys what's in general fast fashion stores, nothing too flashy or 'different' and be done with it. People defenitely don't go dressed in sports attires (besides sneakers) like sports leggings and sports crop tops, not even in the larger cities.

No. 90219

File: 1532891951235.jpg (151.07 KB, 1920x1080, RhEGd3b.jpg)

I'm German and live in Bavaria.

Pic related is how the average uni student dresses, there's basically only one store: H&M
The ones who have richer parents sometimes really overdo it with the brands though. And of course people from the "lower class" dress completely different.

My little sister is 13 and I guess she and her friends dress somewhat like the average American student does, influenced by the Kardashians and instagram: crop tops, leggings, also snapchat filters, etc.

No. 90222

Italian living in Italy! I would love to visit Norway one day!!

No. 90224

I was raised in a small town in upstate New York. The population is 2.3k. Lots of farms and woods, along with mountains. It was beautiful (my town was a tourist hot spot), people were friendly/neighborly, and I enjoyed it for the most part. The downsides being so many people are hicks or getting caught behind a tractor while on a time crunch. Also a good amount of casual racism there were almost no POC, and people were either borderline poor or rich - not a lot of middle class people. The closest McDonald’s was 45 minutes away and we’d have to drive an hour back and fourth every two weeks to go grocery shopping in the nearest walmart because the local place had ridiculous prices because it held a monopoly. My graduating class had 26 people in it, which was great for “”normies”” but if you had a hard or unusual life everyone and their mother knew about it.
I’ve lived in Milwaukee WI for three years now. Huge culture change for me. Population of 595,047. Milwaukee is crazy because if you go two blocks down the street it looks like you’re in an entirely different city. The line of where rich and poor people live is very clear cut. It’s a mix of business casual and hood, depends where you go.

No. 90225

glad to see the fjallraven plague isnt only in uni towns in the usa but all uni towns

No. 90227

I live in the American Midwest the Midbest and it's alright, although I'd rather live somewhere more rural than I do.

No. 90230

I live in the US. Nashville, specifically. I literally hate it here. The weather is okay. We have hot summers and cold winters. I just hate everything else. Especially country music. It wasn't the worst place to grow up, but I would have preferred my parents stayed in the midwest like they were planning to. I'm applying for uni soon so thankfully I will be leaving.

No. 90232

>cold winters in Nashville
apparently you don't know what cold is

No. 90235

I'm Swedish and I live in.. Sweden. Born and raised in the forest, but I live in a shit town right now with a population of 14k. It's alright I guess, but I don't really like people's mindset over here. Everyone is just so plain and normal, no one is supposed to be different or unique. Shut up and stay in line. Hopefully I'll be able to move somewhere else in the future.

Never seen any other Swedish farmers.. Please exist.

No. 90236

Hamburg, Germany. City, 1.8 million people, over 5 million in the metro area. Born and raised there, love it. I don't think I could ever leave this city because it just so strongly feels like my home.

It's very diverse, so it's hard to say what's it's like. There's a lot of poverty and a lot of wealth, depending on the part of the city. We have a large famous red-light/party district that is getting gentrified (brothels are closing and expensive bars are taking their place). Because the red-light district is kind of old people act like prostitution is an essential part of Hamburg's culture/tradition that needs to be protected (can you imagine regular people being fucking sad about brothels closing?). Also, the tourists that are just here to party, ugh. Many people celebrate bachelor parties (Junggesellenabschied?) here and they have no manners. Those mostly middle-class small-town people are acting like Hamburg is their personal party zoo and treating the people that actually live here like shit. Love being harassed by groups of drunk men in the middle of the week, just wanting to go home after work. It doesn't happen that often luckily since I don't live that close to the party district. Sorry, I digress. We also have a large harbour, a lot of water and many bridges. I guess we're kinda like Amsterdam without the weed.

We have a lot of shopping options here, everything from basic to luxury brands. People dress fashionable, but pretty normie (unlike e.g. Berlin). Leather jacket, plain white t-shirt, skinny jeans and sneakers is probably the most popular look if I had to guess. Bit less hipstery/studentish than >>90219 imo


That sounds really cool, anon (besides the racism and class divide part of course). I always wonder how different my life would've been if I was raised in a small town.

No. 90238


Nice! Me too, though I'm in another county in the South West!

I frequent /g/ and /ot/ and sometimes lurk /pt/ but mostly the Mariah threads

No. 90241

Cold mountainy bit not desert.
Americans get weird about how we have a couple of dangerous animals despite having bears.

No. 90244

I live in NZ too! Specifically the south island of New Zealand

No. 90260

I live in a relatively rural area in France. Good if you like hearty food, beautiful lakes and forests, skiing, and quaint villages. Life is pretty slow which suits me just fine. My biggest gripes are the constant rain, and the fact that people here are huge gossips stuck in their ways.

No. 90261

The US, specifically Ohio. Been here my whole life, probably gonna die here if i dont get my shit together and get out

No. 90269

Africa. This is not a joke.

No. 90274

From Germany, currently East Coast USA.
Enjoying the big city, there is everything here.
But I kinda want to go off the grid. I'd miss you nonnies lol

I'm intrigued, tell us more?

No. 90276

same. so how about this heat huh? i wish it was winter again.

No. 90279


I mean cold as in cold enough. It's never too hot or too cold. It get's about 10F every winter and no more than 106F ever summer. It's super normal compared to most places which are like extreme summers or extreme winters.

No. 90285

I'm American. I live in Atlanta, GA- which is the South in the United States.

I love it here for the most part. I love how diverse it is. I'm a white woman, but it's not uncommon for me to be the only white person in the room or part of a white minority. But things can also be tense for that reason. I have been harassed, yelled at, followed, threatened, etc. Either because I'm white or because I'm a woman. I've had my car stolen. That said, despite feeling afraid at times, it's mostly positive and nothing too bad has happened to me.

In terms of violent crime, it's actually pretty safe here. I know what parts of the city I can walk around in alone. I know what parts to avoid entirely. So it's mostly good.

There are about 4 million people here. We have pretty much any kind of shop imaginable.

The fashion here is also diverse. You could wear anything you wanted, and you're not likely to stick out too much. Unless you were wearing a costume or something. Although it really changes from neighborhood to neighborhood within the city. Some areas are more wealthy and you can expect a certain fashion there. I would not wear ripped jeans or T-shirts, for example, if I was going to shop at a mall in the northern part of the city. Unless they were worn in a fashionable "put together" way. And if I was in the eastern part of the city, it is more trendy there, so I might avoid dressing conservatively. If I was in the south west part of the city, I would just do my best to dress-down and not stick out because that could make me a target.

No. 90287

I'm from Rhode Island, US. It's in the northeast. Smallest US state and everyone knows someone mutually with you no matter where you go. Best place is the capital; we get a lot of tourism there which is odd considering so many people in the actual US don't even know we exist.

I find the Midwest fascinating. Is it pleasant? Tbh, not being anywhere near an ocean must be so weird but it's also something you guys must be very used to. I can't imagine considering I live in what's titled "The Ocean State".

No. 90288

Southern Alberta, Canada. I fucking hate it here

No. 90331

A Finn living in Greece.

No. 90335

It's pleasant in some ways. I do live near Lake Michigan, which is just…less grand than the ocean. Lack of ocean is part of what makes me want to live in rural New England (I've spent a lot of time there visiting family) We get cold(ish) winters and hot(ish) summers, but outside of flooding, natural disasters aren't really an issue. In some places, there are tornadoes, but it's mostly pretty tame. It's super flat here, and most of the stone is limestone. I'm not a huge fan of the natural landscape myself.

No. 90338

File: 1532960259714.png (861.07 KB, 1060x810, 1ihnfhm339tz.png)

I'm Irish and living in Ireland.

I love my country because it's so mild. Summer isn't unbearably hot, winter isn't unbearably cold and the odd time we get a heatwave or snow we really appreciate it. It rains often but it's always a light rainfall and I love the sound of it at night. We don't have any kinds of serious natural disasters and we definitely don't have any kind of scary wildlife like giant spiders or snakes or bears. The countryside is absolutely beautiful and I love all the little cobblestone streets in the cities. I love our rich history and culture. Everyone is really friendly and polite and there's a huge sense of community, even when we're abroad. I feel so safe here.

There are aspects I definitely don't like about the country. We are living in quite a backwards society (Divorce, abortion and being gay were illegal up until recently and we were heavily under the influence of the Catholic church for way too long which resulted in women and children being abused, we're still feeling the effects of all of this because it really shaped people's attitudes towards women, children and gay people. Also people are shitty to animals). It's ridiculously expensive to live here and the older generations don't care that people my age are being forced to emigrate.

But I feel so blessed that I was born here and I'm so thankful for it. I wouldn't have wanted to be born anywhere else.

No. 90339

Italian, living in the Netherlands.

No. 90342

Germany, NRW. It's okay here

No. 90345

Helloo! A Finn living in eastern Finland

No. 90346

'Murican living Satan's dry, dusty vagina…or Arizona.

I wish I lived in northern Arizona since it's all beautiful mountains and forest. But I live in the valley, where you don't leave the house in the summer unless you want to recreate that scene from Terminator 2 where Sarah Conner dreams she's being burned to dust. The laughable winter/fall is very temperate though so we end up getting a lot of people from up north coming down to live here temporarily. We do have one of the fastest growing states in terms of population and jobs, and a lot of diversity so that's nice. But that also means people who aren't aware of how dangerously hot it actually gets. We always have people or pets dying around the summer time because some idiot decided to go hiking on Camelback Mountain during the day without adequate water in 120 degree sunshine. Most people wear shorts and sandals all year long. An amusing pass time is cooking cookies on your dashboard. Just pop them in and leave them to bake for the afternoon; makes your car smell delicious.

No. 90347

French living by the mediterranean sea.

No. 90348

>East coast Canada, but not the maritimes.
You can say NL, it's okay.

I'm Native American (sick ass dual citizenship that barely benefits me at all lmao) and live on the East Coast of Canada, also NL. I grew up here in one of the smaller towns with mostly white people, which is pretty wild for Canada.

It's fucking windy here and everyone smokes weed. Not as cold as the mainland apparently gets in the winter, though.

No. 90350

Oh no, I'm from Ontario. I just didn't want others to get confused about where I was from, but clearly that didn't work haha.

You know, as a Canadian who lived here for 17 years, I haven't travelled different parts of Canada. Do you have recommendations on where to visit in the maritimes? I'd really love to visit but damned be the expensive flights.

No. 90351

… and I tagged the wrong post. I'm an idiot.

No. 90359

Ontario is nowhere near the coast lmao but I'm from there too

No. 90360

File: 1532970682686.png (189.89 KB, 500x494, 1532912422216.png)

I'm from America; I live in California.

It used to be nice where I lived when the state was mostly natives, but now they're moving away. It's crowded with people from out of state who think they're going to get rich, and illegals who cause a lot of problems (My neighborhood used to be peaceful, now we've had two shootings in the past year. The victims died. Friend's child was hit by an illegal driver as well and was never caught because the license couldn't be traced). We had a terrorist attack in San Bernardino as well; I knew some of the victims personally.

The Polynesian "love and let live" surfer culture is practically non-existent here now, as well as the vintage car culture outside of LA. I have no reason to stay anymore. We're overcrowded and prices keep going up. I can no longer afford to be here. The population of the state last time I checked was 44 million, driving to any city takes at least 2 hours.

Stores are the same as anywhere else in the United States here, I'd actually say they're worse. We don't have many mom-and-pop shops. Everything is imported from China. You'd be better off shopping online with how ridiculous the prices here are anyway. It's a myth that there's tons of stuff to do. Everyone who comes here wants to leave and go back to their original state within two years. Unless you're coming here to work at Disneyland or surf, this state is about as fucking boring as every other. Oh, and no, you won't meet famous people unless you live in Miami.

I'm actually planning on moving to New Zealand. How do you like it there OP?

No. 90361

im american and living in russia right now for health reasons. (my family live in russia)

No. 90365

You never heard of people calling the EST region east coast? That's odd.

No. 90368


Are you by any chance from Bretagne ? I live there and I can't get enough of the rain.

So I live in France, in the Brittany region. I love where I live so much, I live next to the biggest town of the region and I like how friendly people are, and how artsy it is. People are diverse and it makes me feel good when I come back here after a trip.

We are an hour away from the ocean, and an hour away from another town full of hipstery students and beautiful architecture.

It's just a bit small compared to other french towns, and changes in shops happens slowly so it doesn't "move" as quickly.

No. 90369

What would you like to know?

North Africa to be specific btw

No. 90370

i live in alaska, usa!!

No. 90371

Not her but I'm curious. Are you from Morocco?

No. 90372


No, I'm in the East! The rain is just the price you pay for being close to beautiful mountain ranges, I suppose.

No. 90373

Not who you answered to, but how is it to not be mentioned on the English language forums at all? Like Africa gets ignored all the time, because "hurdurr, do they have the internet?!"

About me: German, live in Tokyo. Life here is super stressful, I'd honestly rather move back to Germany. Too many people in Japan.

No. 90374

nope. I guess I must not be surrounded by idiots. EST covers the east coast of America but not Canada. what's even more odd is that you're convinced that Ontario is a coastal province when it's over 1000km away from the ocean kek

No. 90375

I'm from Amsterdam!

No. 90376

I live in California, Los Angeles specifically, Compton. Born n raised.

Major fashion hub so most major malls have the staples like f21 and H&M but there are small specialty shops that sell the typical "baddie" stuff, big booty stuffers and fajas (waist trainers). There is a mix of all styles here I really love life in the city, I'm so used to it I think I would die of boredom anywhere else. But its getting so expensive I'll probably move to another metro.

No. 90377

I live in a small suburb outside, maybe like 20 mins from Los Angeles in California. Like the other anons here who are also from Los Angeles, I agree with them. The COL is ridiculous over here, everything is way too overhyped and the summers are putrid with how hot it gets here.

The only upside is the abundant foodie places that are here, and there is much to explore if you have been a recluse but then that novelty dies off quick. I'd rather much move into a comfy nature-esque place now, but, the anime conventions and concerts are nice. So I'd rather move to norCal if possible, or cenCal or some city that hasn't been tarnished by the whole HURRDURR I MUST GENTRIFY THIS NEIGHBORHOOD hipster upper scale techie wanting to move into Compton or some shit like that.

No. 90383

Which country in Africa? In a city? What do you like about living there, what do you hate? Are there African lolcows (internet or celebricows)?

No. 90393

Australia, Queensland about two hours inland on a mountain. Doubt anyone lives near me, sigh.

No. 90399

i'm in QLD too ;) more coastal tho :(

No. 90400

Crazy! I'm in Toowoomba, wish I lived on the coast :(

No. 90401

It's a term that everyone in my school uses to differeniate between jobs in California and East Coast/NYC lol.
I never said I was convinced it was on the coast, but alright, keep your hate boner on.

No. 90402


EST means Eastern Standard Time you fucking spergs.

No. 90406

lol you missed the point entirely but it's okay, we are being spergy.

No. 90415

op here omg another kiwi :'O im in south too, otago to be specific

No. 90417

Swedish, reporting from Africa. It's great here, believe it or not.

No. 90418

Yeah! I didn’t expect many kiwis to be on here tbh, it’s a nice surprise that there are others though.
And nice! You’re relatively close to me, I live in Christchurch.

No. 90420

Perth, Western Australia. Born and Raised. Everyone here is very un-grateful and whiny about this place but the moment an eastern stater talks ill of Perth its WEST IS BEST! GTFO IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. Perth has a very parochial mindset don't really like any type of elitism. People here are really cliquey and its hard to make friends.

Population is 1.6 million. I don't really keep up with fashion trends so idk the homeless kinda indie art hoe look was kinda in a while ago.

Overall its a nice, clean, slow paced place with amazing beaches but its behind the rest of the country and drive an hour in any direction and its like your back in the 70's.

If there's any other Perth farmers here hmu maybe lol

No. 90421

File: 1533032835322.jpg (884.96 KB, 1580x966, Zalipie-Poland-Painted-Home-1.…)

I live in a little city, less than 20k people. Around 20km to the sea. On weekdays I'm in ~the big city~, studying. I'm definitely a small town girl though, I miss nature and city parks are not enough for me; I need fields, meadows to wade through with my dog, woods and wild nature in general. Crowds and fast living tires the shit out of me.
I love my country, but sometimes I think about emigration. Sooner or later the EU will have to put its foot down and kick us the fuck out because of our politics. The way the country is ruled now makes me scared about mine and my family's future, if they'd be like let's move countries RN I'd be like sure… I won't leave them though.
Fashion-wise, the popular among girls look is white sneakers, jeans tighter than stockings, high-waisted. Some sort of parka. The basic bitch look, basically. Besides this, fashion is pretty diverse, but most people wear comfortable whatever-style, I think. In the city there are way more hypebeasts and such, but something original, outstanding and crazy is still rather rare.

No. 90422

What are you doing in Africa?

No. 90426

Where from Africa, it's a pretty vast area…

No. 90461

I'm working a normal office job.

I've noticed a few shitposts at lolcow that seems to be written by other people around here? I recall someone posting some racial slurs about boers?

Who's shitposting from SA? I thought I was alone lol.

No. 90482

USA, more specifically Washington State. I'm about 2-3 hours away from Seattle and have to take a ferry to get to any of the big cities. I live on an island so there's not a whole lot of people or big stores (unless you're willing to drive an hour to the closest WalMart or McDonalds). It's actually not too bad, I've lived here my whole life so I guess I'm just used to it but I wish people would stop moving here and driving up the cost of living.

No. 90485

That sounds comfy af. Too bad about the people moving in. Yuppies? Are you affected by the homelessness problem on your island?

No. 90487

American living in Denmark

No. 90488

never thought id see someone from new zealand here, im from australia

No. 90489

Hello from Sweden!

No. 90490

Portland Oregon. Lived here my whole life, but damn, rent has gone up a hell of a lot… never want to leave though.

No. 90491

Hey neighbors! I'm also WA state, down on the southern border.

I live in a shitty miserable maze of suburbia. It's 3mi(5km) to the closest grocery store and a little more than a mile(~1.5km) to the nearest place that isn't a house. I've been here 2 years and have yet to see any POC or adults under the age of 35, excluding myself and my husband.

We're looking for our own place but anything affordable is gone the day it hits the market, while all these shitty huge mcmansions around us are left sitting empty.

No. 90494

It is really comfy! Yeah, a lot of yuppies, mostly Californians. You can tell who the locals are, and most Washingtonians have a mutual hatred for Cali and everyone moving up from there kek
We used to never have any homeless people due to lack of resources and taking the ferry is expensive af but now we have a few who bum around the weed and liquor store. Also the bigger population live on the northern part of the island so they have their share of druggies and crazies.

Hello fellow PNW neighbors! It's the same thing where I live; elderly people EVERYWHERE! We're also predominantly white even though others would disagree and say how ~diverse~ we are because there's a black AND a filipino family living in the same neighborhood.
That's nice that you have your husband though, the dating pool here is real slim and disappointing.
Good luck trying to find a home! Although this state is growing we still have a lot of people leaving for better weather!

No. 90496

File: 1533067307730.jpg (2.73 MB, 4608x3456, 7088e83.jpg)

I'm from Ireland.
Everyone is nice and women are treated like queens. Westher is mild and countryside is just gorgeous.
People generally wear sports clothes and Dubs shirts all year round, nobody really cares how you look so you can easily go about your day in pjs.
I'm from a coastal town, around 10k people.
I love how nice people are and how strong the sense of community is. However being in Dublin often I dislike how the crime gets treated here and how aloof the guards are. I wish we had a police force that actually does something.

No. 90513

hello from canada!

i've lived between the major canadian cities (toronto, ottawa, and montreal). growing up in toronto was fun because it's the most culturally diverse city in the world, but the rental market made life insupportable for me as i got older. there's a lot of fringe nightlife activity happening there that makes it an exciting place to be in right now. toronto is a young city, in the sense that you don't find a lot of people whose families have been there for several generations as you do in NY for example. i think it's a city that is still in the process of defining its reputation in the global community.

montreal is interesting because it's the most affordable metropolitan city in canada, but you also need a basic understanding of french to live and work there. the nightlife is diverse and fun. it's multicultural like toronto, but you find many more immigrant populations from french and spanish speaking areas of the world. whereas toronto is the nation's centre of commerce, montreal is commonly regarded as canada's centre of arts and culture.

ottawa is the political capital, most people are employed by the government or studying at one of the universities. it has more of a small-town atmosphere. i think the most interesting thing about ottawa is that you find a more balanced mix of francophones and anglophones. the IG thot look is very popular here among women and girls, there's not a wide range of fashion choices in ottawa like there are in toronto or montreal.

No. 90522

Guanajuato, México. Is quite a lovely place to live even when the whole city is built on rough terrain, making it kind of tough to own a car but you'll get a killer butt just by walking around.

The downtown part of the city has Spanish colonial buildings and cobblestone roads, I guess that's the reason the majority of people wear flat shoes. Normie fashion is the most common, though there are many hipster, artsy folks and women in indigenous clothing selling their craftmanship goods on the side.

Weather is warm in spring, hot in summer and a bit chill during winter time. Rn is raining as hell. Food is varied since many expats from around the world live here but highlands Mexican is the stapple.

For groceries there are Walmart, national supermarket chains such as Soriana and traditional markets. Prices are affordable and quality is good. For more gourmet or rare ingredients a quick trip to León would be the key.

People are friendly even when they are a bit distant. A curious thing is that Guanajuato is one of the most conservative places of México, but they aren't confrontational (unless provoked in a direct and aggresive way). Most men have manners and even when there are a few catcallers, they tend to be unagressive.

Night life is cheerful as this is a college city. Before 11 pm is common to find large groups of people walking through the alleys followed by performers, this are Callejoneadas, a very popular tourist route. Pubs and clubs close at 3 am for government reasons though.

Overall is a nice place to live.

No. 90546

I have some third party stats about this site. 131k finds lolcow through Google every month. 92k is from the US, followed by UK, Canada and Australia. Germany and Sweden is the biggest non-english speaking countries on lolcow. The stats are estimates, based off Google only and from a third party source though. So in reality I'll assume the traffic is a lot larger.

No. 90549

Really weird that Sweden is this high, considering they've got much less inhabitants than other European countries, like e.g. France…
Maybe not being able to speak English plays a role lol, sorry

No. 90551

I know there are a lot of French anons because we had almost the exact same thread on /ot/ iirc. There are a lot of Germans too I think.

No. 90552

Irish living in Ireland and seconding everything said in >>90338

No. 90553

Maybe. Why?
>how is it to not be mentioned on the English language forums at all? Like Africa gets ignored all the time, because "hurdurr, do they have the internet?!"
Since South Africa and North Africa are a thing, it doesn't really get ignored that much, at least on other forums and image boards I've seen. It's mostly the American-based ones where Africa gets completely ignored and people genuinely believe the entire continent is mudhuts. It's eyeroll worthy at most, and sometimes even comfy knowing I can lurk the place and post whatever without being recognized or seeing people I recognize

>In a city?
>What do you like about living there, what do you hate?
I like the weather, the nature, the food, the cheap cost of living, the history and the cultures that mixed in this region. I also love how multilingual most people are.
I hate the corruption, the ignorance, the wealth gap, how religious and/or superstitious people can be, and most of the men.
>Are there African lolcows (internet or celebricows)?
Yeah, every country has its own. There's even regional celebricows/lolcows. My country has a lot of lolcows rather than celebricows because we're very active online (especially in the last 5 years or so) and our internet celebs(especially youtubers) eventually become traditional media stars. That caused the rise of several different breeds of cows who are desperate for fame and success outside the internet.

No. 90558

>Maybe. Why?
I'm born and raised in France but I'm of North African descent, I have a lot of relatives in Morocco and it has been a while since I went there because I either don't have enough time or enough money to travel. I thought it would be fun finding a Moroccan anon. Of course if you don't want to post too many details for one reason or another you don't have to answer.

No. 90562


I had a further look and noticed that the some of the most popular keywords that people Google to find this site, is cows name + nude. Such as "Zoe Quinn nude", "Mariah mallad nude" and "shoeonhead nude" etc. :)

No. 90572

Born in San Francisco and grew up in the Bay Area. Tbh, I’m sick of it over here. Everything is expensive as shit and everyone is up their own ass. I’m thinking about moving. Probably to the Los Angeles area. I know L.A sucks in its own way too but at least it’s new and different to me.

No. 90574

I have never found fellow Greek anons. Shame

No. 90575

Internet is too expensive there.

No. 90585

Pretty sure we've had this thread before but whatever….
I'm from the capital of Poland. Life is nice and normal here (I might be lucky tho as capital is the rich part of the country). I feel like we took a huge leap forward in the last 15 years. I mean, video game consoles were a rarity back then (everyone was playing on PC as it was cheaper) and now every fuckboy owns a PS4 or something (which makes me sad as I still have to buy it and Switch…). People here are into same things as everywhere in Western countries, I guess.

Slightly offtopic but…
It's so hard to find female friends, so if there are any farmers here that are into creepy stuff like true crime (no hybristophilia pls), depressing music, artsy anime/manga like Utena/NGE, vidya or toy collecting hit me up please. It sucks being a lonely introvert weirdo.
I would also love to meet a girl into lolita as I am beginning to build a wardrobe.

No. 90586

I'm Greek but live in Northern Europe because my job options in Greece were shit.

No. 90587

Well, I live in Greece even though I'm not Greek… I suppose that doesn't really count.
Do you know of any Greek cows?

No. 90588

Another Polish anon there. Come from Bydgoszcz but have been studying in Gdańsk for 2 years now.
I also want to move somewhere else, yet I am afraid if I will be able to do it by myself.

No. 90593

One more Finn checking in. I live in Finland and it's… fine, I guess, but I'd love to move somewhere where the winters aren't as rough. I did Erasmus in Ireland and loved every second of it so I might consider moving there again after I finish my uni studies.

I think fashion is pretty similar across all bigger European cities so I don't really know what to tell you guys. Everyone just wears H&M, lol.

No. 90615

>tfw no fellow Belgian/Luxembourgish anon

No. 90626

To be fair the Swedish are two-faced, salty cunts who love to gossip so maybe that explains.
t. a finnfag

No. 90642

lmao, I remember Lolita Secrets was always full of Swedish drama so I believe it

No. 90651

File: 1533166841777.jpeg (89.34 KB, 960x960, BDC0F00E-7EDF-45B1-85B3-15A40F…)

Can confirm this, am Swede. I think there’s a general snide/bitter mood over us with a constant need to complain about eveything.

No. 90667

In LA, California.
Basically what the other anons said about CA…
is pretty true.
Despite the influx of non-locals and tourists, I do really love it here and love what we have to offer. Such a wide variety of food options, art, and culture I don't think I could give it up. Too bad it's getting really expensive here tho, I'm worried I won't be able to stay for long :( I've considered possibly moving further north in the future to SF or SB but nothing is set in stone. Also a big fan of the Seattle area.
In the future I wanna study abroad/live for a while in the Netherlands or Spain so I would love to hear more from those anons!

Funny that you want to move to LA from SF and I wanna do the opposite lololol. What sucks is that everything is expensive here and everyone is up their own ass as well. One question I have about SF is are people super fame hungry out there? Because I feel that over here a lot of people tend to crave fame and followers (and I'm not just talking about all the youtubers and wanna-be actors/models that move out here, but some people I know personally tend to act this way). It really kills the vibe out here.

No. 90681

Originally from los Angeles, California, now living in Sweden. I love LA but I'm glad I got the opportunity to move. It's a very car-centric place and I hate driving, not to mention it's way too many people living there already and it's expensive as fuck. My current town is extremely calm and clean in comparison, but now i have hard time making friends and never go out like I used to lol.

No. 90686

I'm from the Netherlands, in a small village near one of the bigger cities on the east side of the country.
General fashion here appears to just be "don't stand out too much" besides the instathot nonsense that's popular but seemingly much more subdued than in the US.

No. 90689

Another anon from LA county here. The only thing I really hate about it is all the traffic and heat (which seems amplified by the traffic). I really hope to move after I graduate college. Somewhere where it actually rains and snows and I don't have to feel my skin melting off my bones 7/12 months of the year. Somewhere where I can actually see stars in the sky at night.

No. 90697

It's really cool to meet another Moroccan anon! Where exactly are you from, if you don't mind saying?
I suspected there was another one of us when I saw someone comment "They look like those Moroccan or Algerian fruit vendors" on BTS' outfits to the BBMAs

No. 90703

File: 1533214742608.jpg (35.06 KB, 500x333, 1454569872294.jpg)

I live in one of the big cities in France. I'm mostly familiar with Casablanca because that's where my most of my relatives live, but I visited other cities long ago. Almost all the Moroccans I know in France are from Casablanca or the Riff. Something I find really embarrassing is that I don't speak Arabic at all and I don't know if I should try to learn

>I suspected there was another one of us when I saw someone comment "They look like those Moroccan or Algerian fruit vendors" on BTS' outfits to the BBMAs

That wasn't me because I got too lazy to keep up with the kpop threads and kpop in general but holy shit lmfao.

No. 90705

I wish this thread was around like three years ago cause I would have a cool place to mention, cause now I just live in a boring-ass section in the USA. Surprisingly amount of Europeans here, considering how a lot of the lolcows are Canadian and US American. A lot of the interest in lolcows seem to depend on proximity (like the Vegas thread), but I guess crazies or asshats cross global boundaries.

Do you live in Tangier or know people from the area? I used to live there and loved it, but another anon on another forum mentioned that it's really gone downhill over the last decade. Any truth to that?

No. 90713

I'm from Russia and I have no idea what I'm doing here

No. 90717

I'm from Michigan but just moved yo New Orleans, LA. Don't know anyone here other than my SO. I have elaborate daydreams about making some nice weeby gal pals who down here, lmao.

No. 90719

Where in Russia? How is life there?

No. 90723

Why anon? We have the best economy in Canada. And the Rocky fucking mountains

No. 90744

I'm in Yekaterinburg if it tells you anything. Idk, it's fine? I guess if you compare it with life in Europe or US it's worse in terms of wage level, mysoginy, homophobia, etc. but I'm in a big city so it's not that bad, kind of expensive but you can get a decent job depending on your qualification, obviously. People are nice mostly. I'd love to move to some other country though but I haven't had a chance yet. I wish I could meet more English speaking people but nobody comes here lol.

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