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File: 1533427564953.jpg (141.78 KB, 600x337, EndMe.jpg)

No. 91012

Can we have a body image thread? How do you get over the feeling of feeling absolutely hideous? Please share advice and stories. I'm not bad looking and I'm fairly fit, but I just feel ugly despite my boyfriend telling me otherwise. I want to be more comfortable with myself and being able to show it to him.

No. 91025

I took the Buddhist approach and quit worrying about things I have no control over, it gave me a new sense of well being without neglecting myself.

>tfw ugly as fuck

No. 91026

I kinda did the same thing and honestly, I do take care of myself, and I'm at peace with my appearance, despite being ugly.

No. 91028

If you know you're good-looking it's probably just performance anxiety. Try hanging out around your house naked or in your underwear a lot, become comfortable in existing without a layer of clothes covering you.

If this is about your face, surround yourself with images of less-than-conventional faces. Whether it's people you follow, art depicting "ugly" people, tumblr body positivity, whatever. Immerse yourself in the beauty found in flaws and train yourself to not have such a narrow view of aesthetics.

This has actually worked wonders for me. I still have days where I'm nervous before I leave the house, but for the most part I find personal appeal in my giant ass forehead, awkward nose, wide set eyes, etc. I also find men and women with atypical features leagues more attractive than the ideal 7-10/10s.

inb4 lolcow is not the place to preach uggo acceptance
Yeah, yeah.

No. 91032

File: 1533443241319.png (69.13 KB, 418x418, 17D89CF8-4B7E-4AB5-A141-B007D8…)

Pizza face here. I’ve tried everything under the sun including accutane to no avail. Probably 1/4 of my face is cystic acne, and i can feel it throbbing. I really hope they go away in a few years. I know that i’m an ugly individual. If i see an attractive guy I feel a semblance of shame being in the same space as him. If i have to interact with an attractive guy i’ll usually look down so he doesn’t get any ideas i’m being flirty or one of those ugly girls who aim too high if that makes sense…? I’m not sure if I’m describing this specific feeling accurately but maybe other uggo anons will know what i’m talking about.

…atleast i’m humble…right?

No. 91033

Guys will bang anything from a fucking potato. Just act confident, you'll be fine.

No. 91034

But can they love anything? Not in a man-hating way. Could an ugly man actually love an equally ugly woman?

No. 91036

You know that uncomfortable feeling with some balding pot-bellied middle-aged man tries to buy your phone number with a double cheeseburger? That's the same revulsion a hot guy feels around me. I try to make their lives more bearable by removing myself from their line of sight.

No. 91037

I have pizza face and awful cystic acne, too. I never felt like I was good/pretty enough to date someone who is kind and attractive to me. I never tried to find someone to date, but my now-bf of a few years insisted he really did want a date so I relented and it's great. He's better-looking than me, but doesn't seem to know it, and he's always telling me I'm pretty even though I hardly ever wear makeup. The best part is, he always treats me as an equal with love and respect. Someday, a man who dgaf about your skin will appear, I promise.

No. 91039

Acne sucks and truly grinds down your self esteem… I've been there anon, but there's ways to get rid of it. See a derm. In the meantime, realize that a lot of people have acne. They're blemishes, but they're temporary.

No. 91040

I've accepted that I will never be happy with my body or face no matter what I do.

No. 91042

Yes, I've seen it with my ow
own eyes.

No. 91055

I agree with >>91039. You should really see a derm, it's not healthy and cystic acne sounds really painful

No. 91056

I'd rather have acne than ugly features, since at least you can get rid of acne.

No. 91057

File: 1533473257257.jpg (64.97 KB, 480x800, Snapchat-1659642721.jpg)

Just be yourself and everything will work out in the end I mean look at me I was myself and I got a hot spic gf out of it(lel)

No. 91064

Reported. You're fucking ugly.

No. 91070

You look like the Adoring Fan from Oblivion.

No. 91075

Holy shit. I can't unsee that. top lel

No. 91079

Also, I realize it's not the same character but it reminded me more of him.

No. 91086

i feel pretty when im high but that isnt sustainable

No. 91099

File: 1533499472397.jpeg (59.54 KB, 500x375, 181A11E9-28E6-4728-A5D7-CD6EE3…)

I have seen a derm. That’s how I was prescribed accutane after several other treatments, over the span of 4-5 years, didn’t work or weren’t viable in the long run. I have no choice but to deal with it because I realize it’s something that can’t be helped.

That’s a perfect description of how I imagine guys feel around me. I wasn’t sure how to describe that feeling with words but you encapsulated it pretty well.

No. 91100

Samefagging but i wanted to add that something that does make me feel better is realizing how well-off i am compared to others. At least I’m not deformed, paralyzed, a burn victim, etc. Shitty as it may sound it puts things in perspective

No. 91131

I hate how people act like it's a choice. Like you just don't want to see a derm or try x new thing. I have tried everything, too, and it stings that people think I chose to stay like this.

No. 91157

File: 1533522924302.jpeg (49.66 KB, 500x402, 19F580F5-B200-44AB-B210-1FA676…)

Exactly. Phrases like “just wash your face” trigger me, since I probably have better hygeine than the general population. I just choose not to wash my face and have all these bright throbbing bumps deep in my face, makes sense, right? And then, if you wear (acne-safe) makeup to cover it, we’re either made fun of (pic related), called fake, or told that the makeup is causing the acne. It’s a losing battle.

Check your CLEAR SKIN PRIVILEGE anons!

No. 91166

Thirding on going to the derm + done trial-and-error skincare routines to ill or little effect. Birth control is probably the solution but I don’t want to fuck up my body any further with balding or even more severe acne. I wish I could just opt out of my face, honestly.

No. 91168

File: 1533525649001.jpg (45.37 KB, 640x723, 075c947896cda72f21abdca36b49fb…)

My teeth are really crooked and kinda stained. I always would get made fun of because of them especially in middle school when everyone else could afford braces. I'm hoping to be able to afford them someday…I'm 19 so and would like to get them at least before my mid twenties so I've already started saving up.

No. 91169

Anon, it could be because of a hormonal imbalance (you may have already been treated for this but just thought I would suggest) like PCOS or something else can trigger really bad acne. Seeing an endocrinologist or even a gyno and mentioning you're specifically concerned with acne could help you get some answers. Sorry if you have already done this

No. 91181

a good orthodontist does monthly payments with 0 interest

No. 91183

File: 1533530377359.jpg (81.99 KB, 736x736, dc3c44497ba218bf486ea03b933655…)

i just hate that acne is treated like it's fucking freckles or something. first it's acne commercials telling you you can be confident again and reduce the look of acne, then it's body posi types telling you not to be ashamed of your acne because it's natural.
bitch, if the only bad thing about acne was how it looks, i would just spackle on theater makeup or learn to cope, but the thing is, i just want to kill the bacteria colony on my face so i can stop being covered in painful, pulsating, greasy, underground pimples. it's not like with freckles where you can just forget you have them.

No. 91464

Feeling better about you look is tough when your harshest critic is yourself
mind you, being able to make sure you dont let go of yourself and end up a fucking land whale is a GREAT thing, but the trick is knowing where to stop

Like, when you try rationalizing.
You've got a boyfriend. Even if you're fucking ugly, I imagine he's seeing something that he likes, so point to you.
Even if you're ugly as shit, at least you know it, so that's a starting point because that's already the worst that can happen. Start from there.
Yeah, you look ugly, so there's nothing stopping you from trying new looks/outfits/etc
Use it. Get optimistically Nihilistic

No. 91502

Thank you anon for these words, I found them motivating. I'm starting my fitness journey after suffering with my body image for far too long.

No. 93277

File: 1535256759311.jpg (25.48 KB, 499x383, TQ15GMn.jpg)

The girl dating the college quarterback is a literal pizza face.


No. 93301

Why’s it bother you?

No. 93330

that's cool as fuck. don't be shitty.

No. 93349

File: 1535324956996.jpg (153.34 KB, 926x926, iO_ENj3KhoyXEDLsNeI38XE57SqXEf…)

lol i know the word gets overused but that's some serious incel mentality
>stacy and chad together
stupid typical stacy! this proves women are animals and only go for 10/10 jerks reeeee
>stacy with ugly guy
wtf how is this happening why would she go with this idiot when i've been looksmaxing and working out for 3 months reeeee!

unless you'd be happier if hot guys only ever got with genetically gifted girls? kek

No. 93350

Yes. I'm very plain looking and my bf looks better than me and his love for me is wonderful. He treats me so well and goes above and beyond in making me feel loved. My bone structure is meh, my face is covered in acne, I have gross skin all over my body, and I dress poorly and never wear makeup. There's hope for plain girls.

No. 93352

I have a slight "pigeon's chest" and people always ask why my chest pokes out (plus my ribs a bit) like that. I've been really insecure about it ever since I was in elementary school and people would ask me wtf was wrong with me like I had been in a horrible accident. After going through puberty my chest doesn't look as weird, at least, but there's still no solution to my deformity (too late for wearing a corrective brace I'm assuming). Guys still sleep with me but I feel uncomfortable lying on my back while naked, I feel like I look extra skelly. Wearing low-cut tops or dresses is also a no for me. I could have it a lot worse, I guess.

No. 93355

i have the same thing! it's not terribly noticeable either but cleavage is pretty much impossible and my chest is often sore and i swear it's related. there have been some new surgeries for it that have become perfected in the past 10 years (so it wasn't a thing when we went through puberty) but good luck getting insurance to cover it.
i wish i had just worn a brace when i was in middle school because i was ugly/didn't care about my looks and my bones were probably less hard

also….do you have asthma? i do and i'm wondering if that's also related. would be great if enough of us noticed patterns so that eventually the surgery wouldn't be considered just cosmetic.

No. 93356

File: 1535334639792.jpg (44.23 KB, 750x671, IMG_20180812_085210.jpg)

"You have such a cute face anon,you look like a doll! But if you lose weight you could be even more beautiful and your bone structure will show up more." Every single time. Especially when it comes from men.. I wish I could stab them without consequences

Well, shame I am an overweight cunt who can't lose weight in an normal way bcz it puts me in anachan mode, who suffered from ednos since I was a 12yo and starting recovering only a year ago. I was skinny 2 years ago but I was a miserable person, always shaky and smelling like vomit, counting calories and overexercising. I guess my beauty or whatever will always be hidden by layers of fat.

No. 93362

My chest gets sore easily too, and it's sad we'll never really know true cleavage lol I'm glad you brought up the surgery since I had heard a little about it but didn't know they had improved. Whenever I would look up pigeon's chest on the internet I only ever saw extreme cases of it and usually just teen boys…since it is most common in males. Made me feel even worse about my body since I hadn't met a girl with a similar problem lol

I don't have asthma but I do think it would make sense for it to be related. I'm lucky my case isn't severe so it's not debilitating, but it still sucks that the surgery is so expensive

No. 93391

I'm starting to make peace with my weird face, but I don't think I'll ever manage to accept my body for what it is. I rationally know that I'm at a healthy weight for my height, but I can't help but see my pear-shaped body as fat and hideous. I'm tired of it being on my mind 24/7, I've read all kind of things on recovery and body acceptance but none have helped.

No. 93392

File: 1535375510286.jpeg (67.25 KB, 700x623, 40CA1DB2-496A-488A-879B-4D50FD…)

My cheeks are so fucking fat it makes me look like a boy-child-man abomination, I also have a non-existent jawline. Though I guess it “works” because I’m asian so I naturally have soft and rounded features. But everytime I put a big smile, my face just looks fatter and manlier. Plus my bushy eyebrows aren’f helping either. I try to make up for it by making sure my hairstyle looks slimming.
>tfw cant smile cause youll look uglier

No. 93393

How old are you? If you're late teens/early twenties your cheeks will get thinner in a few years as you lose baby-fat.

No. 93419

You’ll be the woman with no wrinkles into her fifties.

No. 93425

I have really big calves and I weight 116 pounds at 5'5 but I still feel fat because of my huge calves and cankles

No. 93858

I've never tried accutane, but I was on prescription antibiotics for awhile and they never helped. The only thing that finally worked for me was smearing on a bunch of over the counter 10% benzyl peroxide cream every night. If I forget to apply it for a night or two it comes back, but otherwise my face has been clear.

No. 93861

I hate my face, my nose is big and I just wish I had a cute face. I feel like a man when I look in the mirror and wearing make makes me feel like a man trying to look like a woman.

My body is gross, I'm short with a larger build. Wide hips, broad ribs, muscular legs. Makes me look larger than I am. I really hate my legs so much, they are too manly to me.

Some days I feel okay but then I see a pretty girl and the rest of my day is ruined. Right now I try to avoid going out as much as possible.

No. 93881

Have you tried spironolactone?

No. 93884

I hate my mouth and jaw area. My jaw and chin are uneven, my chin is flat from the side and too long from the front, my cheeks and jaw are too large (muscled as fuck too because stress clenching), my upper lip is quasi non-existent and my philtrum is way too long. If I hide that part of my face I'm okay with what I've got though, if only for my eyes being a bit too close to each other and sunken. Oh and I have fucking rosacea.

I get over it by using makeup, hair colours and hairstyles that (hopefully) flatter me. Spending a bit of time on my appearance makes me like it more and feel more confident. And it's like I'm saying "yeah I know I've got flaws but I'm trying ok?" to people. I also avoid mirrors except for a mid-day powder touch up with a very small one, so I don't start to nitpick and bring down my mood.

My body is like a 14 years old boy's, but I easily cover that up with baggy, fluffy sweaters and high waisted, flared slirts.

I used to dislike my nose but since the nosejob I'm fine with it, so that's also a solution. I'm also looking into lasers for my rosacea.

I feel for you anon. If you haven't tried it yet, tetracycline worked really well for me.

No. 93885

I've had atypical anorexia for over a decade now, and although I've actually managed to gain a little bit of weight back I'm so stuck in the mindset of "taking up space = having less value" that I'm terrified to eat healthier and gain weight.

I used to be a 5'8", 150 lb rugby player, but now I'm a 5'8", 125 lb (in ten years of starving I haven't dropped below 120, which makes me feel like a fraud) dumbass who looks so sick that whenever I gain any weight at all my parents start gushing about how "healthy" I look, which somehow makes me panic and stop eating again.

I hate the idea of taking up any space. I have a v broad skeleton and naturally muscular build, so no matter how much I weigh I'll never be dainty and lovable, but I don't know how to own that. At my healthiest I was about 37-30-41, which just seems like Too Much.

I hate my body now too, though, so I need to figure out how to convince myself that if I'm going to hate how I look anyway then I may as well eat healthily while doing so.

At least I've stopped freaking out over my chin acne and stopped trying to hide it. It just feels like a part of me at this point. My skin's healthy otherwise, it's probably from my eating habits, and it's not like it could make me any more grotesque.

No. 93886

I'm kind of in the same boat.
>v broad skeleton and naturally muscular build, so no matter how much I weigh I'll never be dainty and lovable
This hurts so much. I'm even taller and absolutely hate it, I just wish I was as small, skinny and youthful looking as my friends.
The reason my ED started in the first place was because some guy told me I have men's legs - back then I thought I need to lose weight, but now I know that my legs are just naturally really muscular, especially my calves, which looks awful. I was also asked by classmates who were sitting behind me whether I lift, because my shoulder are so wide and angular… I probably could go a year without moving and would still have a bigger muscle mass than everybody else. Despite my height I never really had the model look either, my legs just look like stumps. I was even told that I don't have the body type to be super skinny, some bitch even said I had "birthing hips"….ugh

>in ten years of starving I haven't dropped below 120, which makes me feel like a fraud

I'm 5'10 and my lowest weight was probaby around 120-125, so barely underweight, as well. The only thing that seems to "work" for me is eating 400 cals per day.
I went through a period when I was 15 when I ate really healthily, lots of fruit and whole grains, maybe around 1500 a day, drank only wter, jogged regularly, but it still made me gain everything back I lost prior. I really dont know what I'm doing wrong, my metabolism isn't slow, but it seems as if I'm stuck with a manish body for all my life.

Now I'm at the highest weight I ever was, I feel absolutely shit, but even now my face still looks gastly sick from a decade of treating my body like shit. Kind of bloated on the lower half, but also extremely aged and pale; Ialready see fine lines, but still get break outs. Also, I think starving myself made my body a lot hairier.

No. 93887

It's bittersweet to find someone with such similar problems.

Mine started after a girl on my rugby team asked "what have you been eating?" while lifting me up during line-out practice, and I decided somehow that the reason I'd been bullied and ostracised at school for years was because I was too big and masculine to be liked. I see now that this is bullshit, but only seeing catwalk model figures praised on girls our height is painful. It's like we're only allowed to take up vertical space if we take up less horizontal space, and it makes me feel like a monster for not being physically able to hit 34-24-34.

I'm up to 1200-1400 calories a day now but I'm not gaining anything. I eat Quorn sausage rolls, homemade fruity protein smoothies, vegetables, and pasta, but I can't get higher than 130 lbs, and my build means I should realistically be aiming for 145-155 lbs.

I've started using hyaluronic acid to try to stop the forehead lines from becoming more pronounced, but it's probably not helping much. I wish we'd been nicer to ourselves when we were younger, but I suppose all we can do now is try to accept what we've done and avoid hurting ourselves further.

No. 93896

This drug cured my acne, after a decade of trying things and them being unsuccessful. I wish more ladies with hormonal breakouts knew about it. Hope op tries it out

No. 93897

wow i'm doing research right now. i'm assuming i'd need to get my hormones checked before i could get this prescribed?

ever since i had an awful mental health experience with hormonal BC i'm paranoid about anything that fucks with my hormone levels at all, but i can't find any mental or emotional side effects for this one

No. 93964

Despite being on hormones for over a decade and very few people knowing I'm trans IRL I still notice the little ways my body changed from male puberty and it makes me feel really bad about myself. Sometimes I think about if I got plastic surgery but I dunno what the line is between just reducing dysphoria and having body dysmorphia.

Everyone else just sees me as a non-conventionally attractive athletic woman so I guess I can just accept that.

My body image issues were definitely at their peak during puberty and I still have issues from it, but I think I might be able to learn to accept how my body turned out. I don't feel like killing myself over it anymore so that's definite progress at least. HRT + surgery significantly improved my mental health but I still get some nagging body image problems that I'm not sure yet how to deal with.

No. 93969

>very few people knowing I'm trans IRL
I very much doubt that, they're probably just being polite.

No. 93971

I live in a very conservative town so I think I would know if people thought I was trans, but maybe. I dunno, maybe people are weird.

No. 93975

File: 1535919982693.jpeg (38.08 KB, 488x488, ACA29EBB-95AF-44A7-AE6F-08050E…)


I totally empathize, anon.

I’m not sure if you’ve tried this before. I had my entire lower half of my face break out into painful, throbbing cysts as you described last June. I’ve been on tetracycline and retinol, but this is the main thing that actually cleared me up, though it took 3-6 months before I started to really see results. Along with it, I used better skincare products. I mainly stick to Asian products like Skinfood, Sana, and Boscia—also saw good results with Dr. Brandt, but that line is expensive unless you find it at Tj/TK Maxx or a store like it. Cutting alcohol out as an ingredient in food and skincare products made a HUGE difference on the quality of my skin. Most things I have do not have any sort of alcohol as an ingredient now.

My entire face is clear, now, though it’s been about 15 months since I started.

It could potentially be something you want to try??? Differin is also available OTC so you can walk into any store and find it.

No. 93977

men aren't allowed on the site.

No. 93982

nta but do you use this as a spot treatment or all over your face? do you use it regularly or only when you break out?

No. 93984

How does anyone deal with discoloration and hyperpigmentation around the body?

No. 93993

Yeah, I tried it with birth control and it actually kept my skin clear for a while but it might’ve been giving me bad side effects like heart palpitations, overheating, and skin redness. I could try it again but I just want this to be over permanently. Might try a second round of accutane.

I was on antibiotics for 1-2 years when I was younger. They lessened my acne but I went off of them because… i got bacterial vaginosis. You can’t be on antibiotics for too long. Sigh.

Autogynephiles aren’t welcome on lolcow.

No. 93994

Woops, doubleposting because didn’t see this reply. I’ve tried differin and all it did was make my skin dry since my acne is genetic/hormonal and topical treatments don’t usually do much. Oral medications are the only things that have ever had effects on me since my acne is so deep under my face. Glad it worked for you though anon

No. 93995

It makes me feel ugly. Having features that are considered masculine makes a lot of women feel ugly. It doesn't mean I get off to myself reducing them.

No. 93996

This is a body image thread, for women. If you are looking for validation, this is not the place. Women don’t want to entertain your fetish.

No. 94001

I feel like PCOS destroyed me physically. I'm super hairy, heck I even have hair on my tits. My skin is full of comedonal acne and I always gain water weight or I just look skinny-fat. It even affected the texture of my hair because it's frizzy and weird looking. Sometimes I feel like I'll never be attractive unless I correct the things I find unattractive about myself.
Is anyone suffering from sweaty hands and feet? I think my hand sweat because of anxiety since they get super sweaty when I go outside or interact with someone. Is there a cure for this?

No. 94003

I'm not looking for validation. I've lived as a woman since I was 17 years old and I have plenty of female friends and by all accounts have a pretty normal life. I'm just sharing my own body image issues because this is a thread for that. I'm sure other women in this thread have things about them like body hair and other features that are more on the ostensibly masculine side that make them feel bad about themselves. I don't know why you feel the need to insult me and accuse me of getting off to being a sexy lady or something.

No. 94004

Can you not treat the pcos?

No. 94010

you're not a woman you're a man.

No. 94011

please leave. you have never 'lived like a woman' because you're not one, and you can't 'live like a woman' without being female. you're insulting, obviously sexist, and your lifestyle and your claim that you 'live like a woman' sets females back. you clearly have self-image issues, whatever, but this isn't the place for you.

No. 94012

i hate being tall and feeling like i'm overweight just because i don't fit into tiny japanese clothes like all my friends. i just want to be cute and a bit shorter, i'm 5'9 (175) and weigh about 145lb (65kg) and my measurements are so much bigger, even at my skinniest 125, i just wish i could get back there, i'm willing to try anything and i might get an ED if i keep going like this.

No. 94015

>my mind has convinced me that my perfectly normal body is a reason to kill myself, so i'd better take tons of hormones and chop it up with plastic surgery so i don't want to kill myself anymore, instead of dealing with the mental issues that caused my suicidal ideation in the first place!
great plan dude. sorry, but men aren't allowed here. also, body hair is not masculine, ostensibly or otherwise. this is why people think trannies are retarded

No. 94017

the worst part is that he doesn't even sound happy with how things turned out, like what did he think would happen?

No. 94022

I don't think body hair is masculine, personally. I don't shave my armpits or my legs very often and I don't judge other women for not shaving. I just meant that some people think it is and they feel bad about it but it isn't.

I'm very happy with how my transitioned turned out, and I feel much happier than I did before. I just still have body image issues that get to me sometimes, just like anyone else. I've already tried detransitioning and living as a gay man and exploring other possibilities with a very open mind but it wasn't right for me.

Also I don't live -like- a woman, I'm fully integrated into society as a woman and I feel a lot happier that way. I still wish I could be a mom etc. but I'm fine how I am.

Anyway I'm going to get out of this thread because clearly my mere presence is derailing the thread because some people are bigots. I hope you all can work through your own body image issues and I wish you good luck.

No. 94025

you're not a woman, you're a man living a lie. you'll realize that one day. none of us are bigots for pointing out that you can't beat biology by mutilating yourself.

No. 94027

How can you seriously think any real woman can relate to trying to negate the affects of their male puberty? None of us had male puberty cause we're female. Being a woman means being female, you're neither. Just because you were tricked into thinking it would doesn't mean it has. You will never be a woman in the eyes of anyone, no matter how much you try, no matter how many friends you make, no many how many people talk about it behind your back. You will always either be a man or a transwoman. You will never be able to relate to a woman's childhood or upbringing or socialization because you didn't experience it. You never will because no matter how woman you "feel" or think you look, no matter how much surgery you get, people will look at you and know.

No. 94028

how exactly is anyone being a bigot? these are our honest opinions based on our understanding of scientific fact. yes the thread is being derailed but you could have expected that considering this site has a huge gender critical population and consider you male, and revealing yourself to be male is against the rules of lolcow. you could have gone to one of the countless trans friendly sites to talk about this, but you took the risk of getting some kind of confrontation when you posted here. What did you honestly expect? Just a bunch of women who have the exact same opinions as you?

No. 94032

>just wash your "face” trigger me

Anon are you me? Every time a heard a person say that I just want to scream fuck off. Now, I don't get hormonal acne anymore but when people say "Lol wash your acne face" I just go awol inside and give them a death stare.

No. 94033

>trannies get pleasure out of being seen as a woman
>get turned on by the idea of getting plastic "feminization" surgery
>Once they go all the way with their mangled genitals and plastic face, they use angles and photoshop to be "female"
>They feel smug when people call them "pretty women" and when men shit on REAL girls and say disgusting shit like "see, men make prettier women than actual woman"
>Girls grow up even MORE insecure than they already are b/c they feel less of a woman of compared to plastic-blownup neanderthal.
>Come in a thread, specifically for girls learning to understand body image and learn themselves and these men can't resist but to make it about themselves.

Truly, disgusting.

No. 94034

that's it, I've reached peak trans. I'm heading to the gendercrit thread.

No. 94035

Go to tumblr, those brainless retards will "validate" you over there.

No. 94036

>I still wish I could be a mom
You are a fetish skinwalker that wants what they can't have. Your body is incompatible with a 0.0000000000~% possibility of pregnancy.

No. 94037

Pointing out that you're male is not bigotted. It's not possible to actually change sex, surgeries and hormones are purely cosmetic. Feminizing yourself doesn't make you a woman anymore than wearing fur and fake cat ears makes someone feline. You can't always force people to validate your lifestyle, especially if they're aware that you are male.

No. 94078

Have you tried birth control? Also, diet matters a lot. Most pcos women are insulin resistant and diabetes is a big risk. Issues with insulin messes with hormones and increases testosterone.

Are you on metformin? Metformin and strict low carb diet can help symptoms along with birth control. Dairy should also be avoided due to naturally occurring hormones. If you are overweight, losing weight will also help symptoms.

Research birth control since some can increase glucose levels.

No. 94079

Hi anon, I'm not overweight and I've been on an extremely low carb diet since I found out I have PCOS but it didn't really help and I think it might actually make me feel worse. I remember that when I used to eat more carbs I had more energy and felt better overall.

I have taken birth control but it caused a blood clot and since then I've been really scared of trying to take it again and I know there's a lot of types. My dermatologist put me on accutane one month ago, I'm waiting to see results but I need to be patient. When I finish my accutane treatment I will probably try something like spironolactone because I heard it works really well I will have to discuss that with my doctor, of course.

I don't want to take any other meds right now because I don't feel comfortable taking a lot of meds at once and I think accutane is already a strong medication that has many side effects.

No. 94081

The grass is always greener, anon. Your height is actually my dream height.

No. 94083

File: 1535992482484.jpeg (Spoiler Image,494.85 KB, 557x757, 3ED2DC8D-DE83-4DBC-B766-F4F2AA…)

I use it topically, now, and only when needed.

When I first started it, I used it all over every other night (minus the skin around my eyes!!). When I first started, it made my skin really sensitive and dry so I had to use an alcohol-free heavy moisturizer on top of it. That was for the first month or so. I got really flaky and it made me break out worse—which it’s supposed to do at first.

After the first month, I went to using it every night before bed after washing my face under layers of moisturizer. A Korean inspired skincare nighttime skin routine is really what helped my skin stay hydrated since I had to use lots of different things that were easily absorbed into my skin and a heavy moisture pack on top to seal everything in. Mornings are just basic skincare using gentle products and foaming washes. My skin was very painful from both the dryness and the swelling of the cysts. These weren’t things you could pop or that had a head. They were deep under the skin and took a long time to heal.

Now, I just use it as spot treatment. I hardly get breakouts and the hyperpigmentation/scarring is mostly gone. I can go with wearing sheer powder makeup and I don’t have to focus a lot on covering myself up anymore.

Picture is from second month in. I wish I had pictures from 2015 because that’s when my skin was at its angriest, then 2016 was like… not clear, but not horrible either, then it went back to being slightly less pissed off in 2017, but still pretty angry. My dermatologist said it was hormonal, but I couldn’t seem to get it to go away with birth control or any other pill. It seems to really coincide with my body’s stress response to different life events and Differin is the only thing that actually gave full, tangible results.

No. 94460

I’m your around your height and your weight is ideal. I also have big calves that I used to be insecure about but it turns out that people don’t really pay attention to calf size that much. You can still look good with cankles and your weight.

No. 94462

I have a ton of features I’m insecure about. I have the fattest fucking cheeks on a fivehead which are literal baby features but I also have nosalabial folds and dark circles that belong to older women. I’ve gottebtold that I look “cute” (never beautiful, hot, or sexy), but I’ve also been told I look tired even with make-up on and that I look years older than I actually am. It makes it hard to really find a style that suits my features when they’re ugly and contradict one another. I also have a terrible body shape but I don’t wanna BAWWWW anymore than I already have.

No. 94475

I'm almost ok with my face sometimes but my chin is so strong and not at all feminine. My face is so narrow and I don't really have any fat on my face, especially on my under eyes. I've had harsh deep set under-eyes my whole life. People, even my friends, suggest I should put on concealer as if I'm not already. Like they're not dark circles it's a shadow from my bone structure. Also I have ugly saggy cow tits but a total hank hill pancake ass and hip dips. My body just looks so fucking top heavy and bad. I'm 21 and sometimes I feel like I look fucking 30+ I just wish I was one of those cute frail girls instead of being so harsh looking

No. 94477

I fucking hate my face overall, but the biggest contenders are certantly my enormous beak and my thin ass lips. My jaw/chin are kind of manly I suppose but I mind less because they look sharp.
My nose takes half of the space in profile photos, it's not even large, just long and protruding as fuck. A weird shape too, never seen anyone else with quite the same one as me. Sometimes I can pretend my lips are fine and shit before seeing my nonexistant upper lip. I know I could get them fixed but why, WHY did I have to be born with them
My body isn't half bad either, so I feel even worse knowing that I could be a pretty/average girl hadn't I screwed up at the genetic lottery

No. 94523

I hate my huge jaw and wonky chin the most I think, if it was more feminine I'd be happy but to me it just looks weird. Considering I have more of a long face (I have kind of shoe0nhead ufortunate face shape except more of a square jaw than her). Hate my dome head and caveman brow bone. The fact I'm shapeless and can't put on weight. Short legs, long torso, flat chest. I get told without make up I look like a soyboy and because of my low brow, deep smile lines, thin lips and small eyes - makeup just makes me look like a wine mom. I think I am aging badly for 21. Even have grey hair and a receeding hairline where my hair has been thinning for the last 5 years. Got so angry I punched myself in the face the other day because I just wanna be decent looking.

No. 94561

I am 5’2 and 118 pounds and I still feel like a cow. I’ve lost weight, I was around 140, but I feel as if nothing has changed. I want to be 90 pounds like I was in middle school, but I don’t think I ever will be that weight again. I wish I could like my body. I would be okay with being chubby if I had tits or curves, but I don’t. I feel like I have no purpose to live because men find my body disgusting and unsexy. When I was 140lbs I would get passed up by men for my skinny and cute friends. I lost weight but my love life isn’t any better.

No. 94627

I’ve been getting progressively fatter over the last few years despite eating a really healthy plant based diet, I found out I have thyroid disease and I want to fucking kill myself because I’m so disgusted with how I look. I’ve followed pretty much all the advice regarding how to handle Hashimotos, take my meds and supplements religiously for the last year and have lost zero weight, and I’ve hit a peak point in the last month where I feel so uncomfortable in my skin I don’t even want to be seen by other people because I feel so ashamed of how I look and feel. I feel like I’m a useless sack of skin and I should just stop existing so people don’t have to look at me anymore. I hate it because I’ve worked so hard on my eating and taking care of myself for so long and seeing pictures of other people with Hashimotos I’m convinced I will never be able to be happy and thin again, I just need some kind of hope or progress. Everyone around me keeps saying it’s temporary and It will ‘resolve itself’ when I’m less stressed but I think they all sound stupid because nobody magically loses weight for no reason, and nobody knows how bad my mindset actually is, I feel like a stranger in someone else’s disgusting sick body.

No. 99471

File: 1540631380159.jpg (11.83 KB, 195x259, images-25.jpg)

Im 23 now. My tits ate sagging from being chubby to an anachan to weight gain from alcoholism and the constant weight loss to weight gain from the battle with anorexia and alcoholism.

I'm not an alcoholic anymore and fluctuate between 97 and 100lbs. I'm bony shaped like a rectangle. The first place i gain weight is my face.

I'm getting laugh lines, my face is scared from acne and i still get cystic acne if i sleep in my makeup. Everyone says i look like nina hagen and i think she's pretty unattractive looking. Mostly i hate my body. I hate it so much. I don't think I'm ugly, but then i see pictures of myself and want to die.

No. 99472

I find Nina Hagen beautiful (especially in her younger days)

No. 99473

Can relate. I'm 25, suffered from binge eating disorder and then EDNOS, restricting subtype. Went from overweight to underwent, chubby to thin, over and over and over again. I'm "normal" weight now but my tits are ruined. I'm covered in stretch marks. I feel like my skin is slightly loose and I jiggle way too easily. I also have the beginnings of crows feet…ugh.

No. 99474

>>99473 I'm 27 and retinol has changed my life. I was going through the same thing with the crows feet and stuff. But now people will guess that I'm 24 or 23 and smoke a lot too. I shoplift it from Walmart and grocery stores so there's pretty much no excuse to not be able to get it. Look up the science of retinol cream. It's not QVC woo it's real stuff that allows your skin to function like it did at a younger age. The first time I put it in my face it felt like life flowing into me

No. 99475

I'm transgender and basically the key to our lives succeeding is being able to defeat the awful voice of which this thread is about. Imagine if how you felt about your appearance basically invalidated your humanity in the eyes of society. If you can't see yourself beautiful then you're a fucking man and oh God don't loose it in public. It's been a long time since I haven't felt beautiful but I remember(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 99476

Get out delusional scrot

No. 99477

>I shoplift it from Walmart and grocery stores so there's pretty much no excuse to not be able to get it.
Yep, there is: it's called being a normal human being.

>be nearly 30

>steal anti-aging products at walmart
>think somebody saying you look a mere 3 years younger (probably only out of sheer politeness) is something to be proud of
That's so pathetic…
I hope you'll get caught and humiliated in front of everybody.

No. 99481

Not another one. You're male, get over it.

No. 99488

get out ugly tranny. This is a place for female women. Stop appropriating our lives.

No. 99490

>I'm transgender
Stating you're a man is against the rules and nice blogpost, btw, skinwalker. No one cares. You're a man. gtfo or kys. Hopefully both.

No. 99503


No. 99509

Wtf are you even talking about lmao your post literally made no sense.

No. 99511

it's just standard tranny deflection. makes no sense.

No. 99513

Someone is gonna scream at me for suggesting this, but…

Go slut it up on r/gonewild or something.

You will quickly discover that there are shitloads of people who think you're the most beautiful thing they've seen all week.

No. 99514

Lmao how do you lift shit, there's cameras and secret shoppers everywhere now, even Houdini would struggle

No. 99516

[screams at you for suggesting this]

No. 99520

By beautiful you mean men who just wanna wank to any boobs. Any!

No. 99535

Honestly without my BDD I think I'd get complacent. It keeps me skinny and it keeps me on top of my skincare routine. Most body-posi people I know are kind of ugly

No. 99560

Terrible suggestion. Also, your photos are most probably going to circulate on the internet forever, good luck with that.

No. 99584

File: 1540748621310.gif (491.91 KB, 366x232, newyorklaugh.gif)

>shoplifting at the age of 27
>shoplifting cheap ass anti-aging products from FUCKING WALMART

You should be having a crisis about getting a job and not an aging crisis. Aging is clearly the least of your worries.

No. 99656

Is anybody else worried, that they might get mistaken for being a tranny?

No only am I very tall (5'10), I also own many other stereotypically male traits:
>deepish voice (not like a man, but a young boy)
>broad, angular shoulders
>long arms
>big hands + feet (even my palms are wide)
>large overall bone structure, e.g. wrists
>muscular legs
>long nose
>strong browbone + jaw
>not a feminine round forehead, but one that slopes backwards + weird heartshaped male hairline

Once a little girl asked whether "this" is a boy or a girl; I wore a helmet (I was a firefighter) and my hair was back, so she couldn't tell from my body and my face alone…
The only womanly thing I have is my hip shape, boobs and long hair, that's it.

No. 99657

kids are dumb anon, I remember sitting somewhere with my short hair and a dress, minding my business, and I heard some kid asking my dad if I was a boy or a girl.

Many men and women find women like you attractive, and believe me, spotting a tranny it's fucking easy and no woman can compare to a troon anyways. Sit together a masculine looking woman and a tranny with 194 surgeries in an attempt to look feminine and the masculine woman will always look like a woman no matter what.

No. 99658

I've been mistaken for a legit man multiple times in public, usually only when I'm wearing baggy clothes that hide my figure and have my hair pulled back. It's not that big of a deal to me tbh, I don't a shit if someone "misgenders" me or thinks I'm too masculine, and they usually apologize when they realize I'm female.

No. 99659

Same anon. Also, some people are just really obtuse about gender stereotypes and perceive any deviation from that to be looking like a man or woman. People who are more subtle and keen on observation usually won't make that kind of mistake.

No. 99660

>I shoplift it from Walmart and grocery stores so there's pretty much no excuse to not be able to get it.
You aren't entitled to free makeup. You have to pay for it just like everyone else. Pathetic

No. 99669

nta but nah, capitalism is garbage.

No. 99681

Good luck explaining that to the Walmart employees that get fired because you shoplifted from their store during their shift lol

No. 99682

What's your solution?
We equally distribute wrinkle cream to all women?

No. 99683

>implying walmart isn't shady as fuck and encourages managers to fire employees before they are contractually obligated to raise their pay

i didn't say anon should steal btw, but i don't agree that people don't deserve free things, i just think everyone does.

No. 99684

bitches don't know about that guaranteed minimum income dream~

No. 99685

File: 1540844464271.jpg (175.32 KB, 500x714, resist-capitalism-1187805.jpg)

Oh right. Let's blame an economic system and use it as a justification for stealing. pic related; its you.

No. 99687

What if you received that guaranteed minimum income but spent it on other things, not budgeting enough for your wrinkle cream? Would you still steal it?

No. 99689

Bold of you to post Juwune on this board.

No. 99757

one of my eyes is fucked so no matter what i do, (work out, eat well, dress nice, good makeup) i know i'll always look odd and unattractive to most people. but this past year i've learned that i shouldn't give a fuck. i might be an ugly son of a bitch but i still deserve to be loved and go out and make friends. sure, i repell some people. but, as mean as this sounds, other ugly people will talk to you. might even date you. lower your standards. not being a 10/10 is fine. making friends with other uglies is fun. dating one even more. don't give up.


uwu girl looks better here being "sarcastic" than she does normally. tragic.

No. 99759

Please define capitalism to me without using google. I want to know how it ties to improving your body image.

>capitalism is garbage

>engages in reverence of looks as a form of currency in society

No. 99802

I always feel absolutely hideous because of my thinning hair. I lost a shit ton of weight in high school, about 60 lbs. I was almost 240lbs at 17. The result is me now being above average weight and looking in her 40s. I'm in my mid 20s now. I've had co-workers in their 50s ask me if I had any single friends because they assumed I was their age.
Even besides that, looking at photos of myself, I can see my scalp bursting through my hair strands. I've tried so many things to try and regrow my hair but none of them have worked. The only results I've gotten were thicker fingernails. I tried sprays and powders those didn't work and they made my hair immediately oily.
Oh yeah, my hair gets oily really quick too. I can't go 4 days without taking a bath or else my bald spot shines through even worse. I'll spray some dry shampoo on myself, but it only works for a few hours before it looks oily again.
I just want to stop having to worry about this. I can handle worrying about acne because everyone deals with it at any age, but my hair issue makes me feel alone in this.

No. 99803

I hate my height so much it makes me want to kill myself.
Since I can remember I've had fantasies of just ripping off the outer layer of my body's skin and magically be a couple centimetres shorter. I'd literally give everything for that, my height is the source of all problems. If I wasn't so tall I would have never been bullied, never turned anorexic and wouldn't be so fucking miserable now. I wish I could just stay seated for the rest of my life.

No. 99846

File: 1541020335636.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1762x2596, 20181031_215650.jpg)

I got a lot better with accepting or even liking myself over the past couple of years. However, I can't seem to like anything below my waist.

No matter how emaciated my upper half may look, my legs ALWAYS look pudgy. And it's not just because of me being untrained, it's those goddamn hip dips and hips that make me genuinely hate myself. And the fact that it's actually something I'll never be able to do something about is really… I don't know.

Even when I was at my lowest with a BMI of like 13 or something I couldn't wear any type of not hogh-waisted underwear, pants, skirts, you name it, without looking like I had muffin tops.
But even if I didn't have those, I'd still have those m a s s i v e hips. I look like a fucking bowling pin.

And that's mostly what keeps me from doing something about being skinny fat in general? Like, I don't feel like getting fit and a defined body if I'll look like that no matter what. Like, what's the point of having a six pack if I still look like I have muffin tops and saddlebags?

I can feel confident and even think I look hot when I'm wearing clothes and get to mask all of that, but as soon as I look at myself in underwear or naked I'll start crying because I hate it so much.

(The pic doesn't do it justice.)

No. 99857

I feel you, anon. I hate having violin hips. I can especially relate to not wanting to work out because it doesn't get rid of the problem. My advice to you (that I need to follow too) is not to listen to anorexic weirdos and realize that a lot of women would kill for this body type. Most men don't even notice our supposed "flaws".

No. 99865

I just want to say you aren’t alone anon. I have the same problem. I never feel sexy and I haven’t had sex in a year because I feel so gross and undesirable.

No. 99876

Same anon, same. I'm 5'5" and 120 lbs. and still have perpetual muffin top because of it. I've learned to just accept it for the most part but some days it's still really fucking annoying. The part that makes me even more annoyed is that my ass is perpetually squarish no matter how much I workout. The only think I can think of to reduce the appearance are lower back exercises and lipo.

It's not the worst fat distribution to have but it's still fucking annoying.

No. 99879

>Most men don't even notice our supposed "flaws".
Wtf? Why even care about this at all?

No. 99880

Strange how they base beauty opinions on a group of people who will literally fuck almost anything female with legs lol men being too horny to care that you're ugly or fat doesn't mean shit.

No. 99881

File: 1541042744276.jpg (88.59 KB, 827x1024, DiSMhKKXcAIDoZn.jpg)

i'm dealing with premature aging before i'm even out of my teens (nearly 20 soon), and i'm already starting on retinol. sucks to be thinking about wrinkles so early.

i'm pretty unimpressed with my body right now, i'm standardly thin/skinny fat but my dream goal is 15% bodyfat, a body like pic related. i just worry about my accelerated aging and having to use roids or something to obtain my goal.

No. 99890

it's funny, i felt really hideous before and out of shape at 5'9 125 lbs, i just have weird proportions (short legs long body and i carry my weight in my legs)…

but i lost a lot of weight due to stress, i'm now under 100 lbs and i look disgusting. i cant even look at myself anymore.

i feel like i'll just never be happy with my body

doesnt help that my partner constantly is on 4chan saving pics of insta thots with huge tits and ass, literally right in front of me

No. 99897

Why are you dating this person? Are you financially reliant or something?

No. 99898

Jfc anon pls eat

No. 99902

I would like to reach this goal too. I started at around 27% of body fat, and after 2 months, I'm at 22, which is nice, but now it doesn't seem to go lower no matter how much I exercise or how strictly I diet. I hope I'll break out of this plateau soon. Definitely not planning to abuse steroids though.

No. 99913

same here and I agree that men never notice.

No. 99915

I have been skinny my whole life until someone close to me passed away and I put on 25lbs in my depression. I’m only 5’3, so there’s not a lot of places my fat can go… and I have 155lbs on this frame…

I’m desperate to lose it fast because I just feel horrible and disgusting. The only people who are attracted to me are creepy older men between 35 and 65 who are either married or who still live with their mothers. I get overshadowed by my friends who are thinner. I literally just don’t want to be in my skin right now. None of my clothes fit me anymore and I really don’t want to buy new ones. It would be like admitting defeat to buy new outfits.

I have such wide shoulders, short legs, and wide hips. I honestly feel like I’m Danny Devito or some shit.

I’m so mad at myself because I let a coworker degrade me and convince me that I was fat and ugly last year. I look back at my pictures and wonder what the fuck I was thinking when I put myself down.

No. 99918

File: 1541106448874.jpg (230.69 KB, 1414x1228, IMG_20181102_100426.jpg)

For some reason, i never lose weight on my chin/ jaw. I am a 15 bmi at the moment . Ive had anorexia for 6 years, but even at my lowest (80lb) i still had a round chin that looks chubby (me in pic related). My cheeks are hollowed and my eyes sink in so i feel like this is as close to sharp as my chin can get, i think its so ugly. How much is chin shaving surgery these days? Anything i could do about my chin, also my lips? They are ugly and chapped

No. 99922

Anon, I think your chin is actually really cute! Not chubby at all, for what it's worth.

No. 99925

why is everyone on this site so fucking gross?

No. 99926

Don't be such a cunt.

No. 99927

humblebrag anon should post in the PS thread instead of posting her gross greasy face and wispy hair ITT.

No. 99928

cry more. people are gonna vent about their insecurities and sometimes you're just not gonna like what you read.

idk anon there's nothing you can really do about chin and jaw shape, but surgery. i know it's just your dysmorphia talking, but your jaw is fine. shaving it off would just look spoopy and retarded tbh

it's not that deep

No. 99930

lol nah anon, i mean she is physically ugly.

No. 99931

Hey, ugly people can't help it.
We can't all be perfect like you, anon. In fact most people you meet in life won't be.
Which benefits you due to inherent human preference for aesthetics.

No. 99936

Botox could potentially make your jaw look slimmer (look up botox for teeth grinding as that's what it's usually used for in that area) but the upkeep would be expensive so it's not for everyone

No. 99948

it's not a matter of being beautiful to others; it's a matter of feeling good about myself. just because some guy would love to wank to my nudes doesn't make me feel good about my appearance, i'd rather just like to look in a mirror and not see a fatty for once

No. 99958

I fucking hate my body so much. My ass, inner thighs, hips and tits are covered in stretch marks from battling anorexia off and on since age 11. My skin always feels saggy, I’m afraid I’m developing jowls, my eyes are so hollow and my cheeks never recovered from being gaunt. Also abused drugs/alcohol in high school and college, now I’m 24 and paying for it. I can see crows feet appearing already, people swear I’m gorgeous but in pictures, I swear I look so old.
My legs are my biggest problem. Hate them so much, I’d rather live as an amputee. Anemic, so they’re always covered in nasty, embarrassing giant bruises. I have an ugly as hell stick n poke from an ex on my knee, and I carry my weight in my legs so the stretch marks on my inner thighs are the worst ones. Also struggled severely with self harm, and my leg is covered top to bottom by huge ugly scars.

No. 99961

I have trouble believing my girlfriend or anyone else when they call me pretty.
Because I have a huge overbite, my hair is thin and patchy, my spine is crooked to the point that it seems like I'm missing one rib, I have very prominent veins on my legs, I'm stupidly tall and my body is a skinnyfat mess.
I wish I was 100 lbs. I want to not have boobs at all even despite being an a-cup. I wish my body was completely androginous instead of this shitty excuse of a female body. I literally look like a particularly ugly mtf trans.
Even my vagina is extremely ugly, it look like those roatie incel memes. My nipples are huge and puffy to.
I just hate myself a lot and I can't do anything to look better because I don't have money for plastic surgery or braces.
People often tell me I'm cute, but I just don't see it, I feel like the ugliest motherfucker in existence.
I used to have gender dysphoria because of how tall/flat I was and now I just hate myself a lot and wish for a different body entirely.
I don't even know what will help me at this point to accept myself as I am. Bodypositive movement never felt genuine or right to me. I don't want to be pretty or beautiful. I want to be average. Or maybe even ugly, but unashamed of my uglyness.

No. 100036

File: 1541240166052.png (185.51 KB, 1000x1144, 1540854646575.png)

I'm covered in moles. I have over 150 on my body - my right arm alone has 33. They make me want to fucking kill myself. I'm pale too, so I look like a goddamn chocolate chip cookie. Not only is it hideous, but also dangerous. Dermatologists have taken off several, because my melanoma risk is sky high. I genuinely believe these fucking things are going to kill me. I wear sunscreen now, and get my skin checked twice a year, but the damage from my childhood is permanent. Thanks Mom and Dad for settling your pasty asses on the equator.

Idk lads it just SUCKS. When I see girls with regular, smooth skin, I get intensely jealous. It's such a weird thing to be envious of, because almost everyone has normal skin. Meanwhile, I'm covered in dark, protruding moles, some of which are the size of nickels. Derms are reluctant to take them all off (open wounds, scarring) so I'll have to learn to live with it. It doesn't help that my ex bfs pretended to be ok with it, but inevitably ask me to get them all removed. Just fuck my shit up.

No. 100049

Anon, you must not be doing so bad if you have a gf who is attracted to you. I do not intend it to sound like the incel meme that looks are everything (they are not) but truly disfigured people might find it extremely difficult to find a loving relationship.
I believe that you should seek therapy for your problems. Acceptance is the way.

No. 100106

Hey, I have a lot of moles too and never cared. Neither has anyone else that I've known, including my boyfriend. Seriously, all over my back especially, some big ones that I should probably get checked. Anyways, point is people dont notice as much as you do. I dont think most people think about moles.

No. 100108

I feel like my body would be my personal ideal if I could just get rid of my love handles. They're like, one of the few places on my body that I seem to collect weight at besides my upper arms and I fucking hate them. They fuck up my silhouette and make me look way chubbier than I actually am. I'm not even fat. I just have these disgusting lovehandles.

My dream would be to have a fat reassignment surgery and take the adipose from my love handles and put them into my breasts. They're already way bigger than average (32H) but I want them to be even bigger. I kinda want that slightly thicc 'healthy' anime girl thing for my body.

No. 100110

same. i've gotten a few removed because skin cancer runs in the family but i just kind of forget that i have them most of the time. i feel like out of all the flaws i could have it's not a bad deal since it doesn't affect how my face or body shape looks. it's just some final seasoning. i've never been rejected for it or really had any inherently negative comments come to think of it.


i think this list goes to show that moles are kind of invisible if you style yourself nicely. even if the individual women in the list aren't your taste, they're obviously known for their good looks long before they're known for looking like chocolate chip cookies.

No. 100321

This is really weird and I don't even know if it fits in this thread, but I need to get it off my chest.

Sometimes I get really bad dysphoria about not having a dick. Which is weird because apart from that I am 100% happy with having a female body. I most of the time like having a vagina, as well. But sometimes it feels plain wrong not to have a penis.
I genuinely thought about buying a packer before because I feel like it would make me feel a lot more comfortable in some situations.
I also think about having a cock sometimes when I masturbate, because it feels a lot more natural to imagine myself stroking my dick than what I'm actually doing. When I used to read NC-17 fanfics, I always preferred those that were written from the male POV because it was a lot easier for me to identify with that.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.

No. 100325

No. 100330

Me too, I'm a lesbian and in no way trans, but I really wish I could fuck women with a real dick. I'm sad I'll never know what that feels like.

No. 100420

I have the thinnest skin and my veins are visible on my whole body. I look like a map. Arms, chest, legs, face, everything is striped blue. I've hated it my whole life, it drove me into a self-harm spiral that left a lot of scars and that's been going on for decades. I really hate myself and there's nothing I can do about it (I'm not going to wear camouflage).
Any other map-anon here? I always feel like I'm the only person with this problem.

No. 100684

Now that the shitstorm is over, you can prevent chapping by mechanically exfoliating your lips once a week. Get a new toothbrush, put some of your facial moisturizer on it, scrub it down in a circular motion.

I still have to wear lip balm like 24/7 but at least there's a point to doing it now.

No. 100695

I'm vaguely transparent everywhere and I think it's kinda cool? You could use fake tan to cover it up (not real tanning, look after your skin anon)

But honestly it's cool. No shame for being a human with a circulatory system.

No. 100696

+1 I like seeing my veins, if I sit in my shower in daylight they are really obvious and it's cool. But then again, I see it more about my skin tone than how thin it is, and it took me a while to like being pale in a country that loves tans.

No. 101009

I don't really like my body, especially my butt and boobs. My boobs are on the smaller side and a bit far apart than I would like. The only good things about them is that they have an alright shape and my nipples are cute.
My butt has a nice amount of fat on it, but it's fucking square shaped. I look like a fucking man from behind and I hate it. I lift weights but I don't think exercises can help my unfortunate ass genetics. I know I should just focus on what I can do with my strength, but hearing that guys mostly prefer ass over tits is pretty disheartening. Especially because both the front the back are terrible.

No. 101010

Oh and to top it off, my thighs are disgustingly thick. Quadzilla-lite. Kms

No. 101048

File: 1542578671542.png (34.48 KB, 781x597, 111.png)

Thinking that there isn't just one way to be beautiful (like, steriotypical beautiful) is helping me to accept myself a little more, I think of friends, especially younger friends who don't apply to this steriotype, can I say they're not pretty in their own way? It's cliché tumblr acceptation but it kinda works for me.

That said, I have fucking ugly croocked legs like the middle one in the pic and I hate it, idk if it can be corrected

No. 101050

Isn't that called "knock knees". I think there exist correction exercise for that if you google around

No. 102665

is this satire?

No. 102701

I mean, I've just come to terms with being ugly. It's not like it's my fucking fault.
I'm kinda ugly, and I feel ugly. But I don't think it's a bad thing anymore.

No. 102722

I gained almost 20kg/44lbs after a long battle with an ED. I isolated myself during that period and it was surprisingly easy to accept my body without other people constantly commenting on what I look like. Now I'm doing my best to loose weight the healthy way but people are commenting on my body again making it really friggin difficult

No. 102730

I have them too + my ankles seem to bend inward. >>101050 is right, there are exercises to fix these and you can always go to a professional

No. 129180

File: 1576382388318.jpeg (66.68 KB, 400x524, 9C939DBC-BD9B-46F3-BA46-3B37A8…)

> was really insecure and constantly compared myself to other girls on Instagram in my early teen years which made me really miserable and never want to step foot outside
> as I got older, I realized not to trust anyone on Instagram or Twitter because apps like Facetune, Snow, and other photo editing apps exist
> finally started getting comfortable with the way I look
> download TikTok
> notice a lot of girls on there are pear or hour glass shaped and I’m shaped like a fucking door
> am back to feeling miserable and not wanting to step foot outside ever again

Is there anyway I could give my body some shape in the gym or am I forever stuck like this? Is it just a genetic thing? I know about corsets, but I would like to know if there are any other options before I think about buying one. Or should I just commit suicide? lel

artist: https://twitter.com/HamsterFragment

No. 129184

Stop using dumb social media obsessed with appearance, damn. You're obviously way too easily influenced.
You can work out to get a bigger butt but the shape of your hips and waist can't really be changed and it's not worth paying the price of a corset and all the complications that can come with it. Uninstall tiktok and focus on a hobby. You literally know what's making you feel like this, either get over it by remembering angles, effects etc exist, or cut the source.

No. 129185

File: 1576394451505.jpeg (27.21 KB, 500x374, D942D4D2-0A0F-47D3-B65C-7208AA…)

I really needed this.

No. 129187

I believe in you Anon. You're worth more than your looks.

No. 129218

File: 1576448820908.png (112.67 KB, 407x216, l.png)

Spot fat reduction doesn't exist.

No. 129222

I don’t hate my face but’s so boring, I have that Asian flat square face shape, no chin definition and wide chad jawline. Even my eyebrows are just this weird straight line that doesn’t really have a shape. I would make a great y fakeboi/cute lesbian but I’m not either and I spent a lot time hating on girls with beautifully shaped faces. It’s such a pathetic waste of time, I think on and off about doing cheek fillers or getting a chin implant but I know it won’t change my skull shape.

No. 129229

no one said it does? that's why she wants a jaw shave.

No. 129287

Am I automatically ugly for having a very long face? The amount of anxiety and insecurity that I experience surrounding this issue is overwhelming. What kind of surgeries can I get that would help? A chin shave?

No. 129290

No you're not. I've seen very beautiful people with long faces. Idk about surgeries but hairstyles could help a bit.

No. 129302

Some long faces look fine, some are ugly. I think mine is unfortunate but the right hairstyle goes a long way in making it look shorter/rounder (full bangs, as much volume around the head as possible). I would never get a jaw shave or anything, surgery is drastic and I've heard that area is quite risky in terms of complications.

No. 129330

Your encouragement genuinely lifted my spirits a bit, thank you.

I’ve been asked a few times over the years if I’m trans, most likely due to the fact that I have a strong jaw in combination with a large chin and an overall long face (and small boobs, to boot). It really hurts my feelings, to be honest. I was also bullied over it a bit as a child. The rest of my facial features are feminine - large eyes, average nose, fairly full lips - and I dress girly when I go out. I’ve seen lots of other women (with a variety of facial structures and body types) get asked the same question, though, so I suppose I shouldn’t get too hung up on it. Seems to be the new insult nowadays.

It’s really given me a complex, to the point where I obsess over it endlessly and can barely leave the house anymore. Not entirely sure how to get past it.

No. 129499


Have you considered cheek fillers? It would potentially make your face wider/more proportional.

No. 130355

I need serious help. (
(First of all, I don't have enough money to get plastic surgery and I don't even know if plastic surgery would fix that? and my english is broken af im sorry)
Basically, my head is too big for my body.
I am skinny but not to the point where I look anorexic, i'm pretty fit.
I used to wear a lot of skirts but i started to notice that my legs look like chopsticks just like my whole body, so, my face looks huge. And I have fluffy hair so it makes it worse.
I've started to wear oversize clothes hoping it would hide it, and it does but it stops me from dressing how I like.
My metabolism is way too high, i tried really hard for a long time but I just can't gain weight and it's making me depressed.
My face is already really ugly but this makes it way worse.
I just wanna have thick legs and wear dresses again.

No. 130356

There's no such thing as a metabolism so high that it's impossible to gain weight. The difference between low and high metabolisms is a few hundred kcal at best, you're just eating too little.

No. 130360

>what is hyperthyroid?

No. 130390

I have over 300 moles and I've never much exposed to the sun, so it's not that much related. Dermathologists tell me to avoid the sun but I was doing that all along and it didn't stop more moles from coming at all.

No. 130406

i used to be fairly pretty and had an eating disorder so i was thin, but about two years ago i moved a really long way away from everyone i knew to take care of a sick sibling, got really isolated and depressed, and gained something like 50+ lb because i started drinking almost every day to cope.
anyways i recently ran into an ex of mine from years ago, when i was probably 'peaked' in terms of looks/weight, and we ended up having sex over the course of about a week…until a couple of days ago when he told me that we couldn't date because i was no longer sexually attractive to him due to my weight. because he was 'trained' to like a certain body type.
i dunno, i shouldn't base my self-worth on what other people think of my looks, but it was a huge blow to my ego. i knew i gained weight but i didn't think i had become so ugly that a guy would tell me he loved me and didn't care 'what anyone else thought' one night and then cut me out of his life because i'm too fat for him to tolerate the next day.
it's not like i'm not trying to lose the weight, either. i go to the gym three times a week and i've been cutting back on calories and doing intermittent fasting, but it's so frustrating knowing that he doesn't want to be with me while i'm whittling away at this, he only considers me a romantic prospect once I get down to an ex-ballerina's standards for thinness. It's this kind of shit that gave me an ED when I was a teen and I can feel the same mental state creeping back into my life, especially with fasting being part of my diet plan because after a certain point I hate breaking the fast. it doesn't help that now i'm angry about what he said and I want to prove him wrong and get back to 115lb just to reject his broke alcoholic hipster-moustache starbucks barista ass, so every time that i'm working out or not eating is just like, motivated by spite so much as it's motivated by the desire to get back down to 115lb.

No. 130408

>and we ended up having sex over the course of about a week
>he told me that we couldn't date because i was no longer sexually attractive to him due to my weight >he was 'trained' to like a certain body type.

Stop right there. He put his dick inside you and did it over the course of the week. Don't let him tell you a neg so his ego can cope, he never had an intention to date you and the goal was to always get his dick wet.
Don't accept fault as if looking hot would have prevented how he disrespected you when he was gonna use you all along. Men fuck over hot women all the time. They're self serving like that. It has nothing to do with how you look, they just hope you buy that and blame yourself for what they did to you.

No. 130414

It's just your natural skin type. Until your early 30's I believe it's quite common to get new moles. Getting moles isn't a bad thing in itself but the more you have the more risk one of them could turn cancerous from sun exposure. Please avoid tanning and getting burnt especially. My dad died from skin cancer. It's no joke.

No. 130424

What? He wouldn't have been having sex with you if there was no sexual attraction, what a dick on many levels. Even those guys who hide their chubby gfs at least acknowledge the attraction.

Good for you on getting healthy though. I hope you can get your revenge fantasy without resorting to ED territory!

No. 130746

I know this reply is quite old, but we sound quite similar, anon!

I have a nose that's on the larger side, small ish lips and wide ish circular eyes which are typical 'baby' features (if that makes sense) , but then very dark circles which make me look old. I've been told I look tired and older a lot, but I've also been told I look youthful and very young a lot too? It's weird that my featured contradict each other and I don't know how to feel about it. I'm worried that I'm going to age terribly.

No. 137802

The only word that men have ever used to describe me is "cute." I'm 30 years old now. It's become an insult to me.

Why can't I ever be considered beautiful, gorgeous, stunning? Not "cute" like a puppy or child.

I actually think my face looks pretty good. And my body isn't bad either. I don't know what is so unattractive about me that no man ever gave me a real compliment. It's always just this word "cute" which is the equivalent of "well you're not straight up ugly, I guess."

No. 137805

same anon, what makes it worse (for me) is that my ex step-dad always said cute just means ugly but different so every time someone calls me cute, that's what i hear

No. 137807

Bless you anon, you could have described me. I remember seeing a tumblr post saying “I look like a 12 year old drug addict” and thinking yeah that’s me

Always accepted my face wasn’t great and sought solace in my body being pretty good but I’m feeling worse about that too? Feeling very critical about it about wanting to have surgery to make small tweaks. I don’t understand why because I don’t follow hot celebrities online or anything like that

The part I hate most is my boobs. They’re low set on my body (long torso) and while not the perkiest they’re not too saggy I think, like I can only fit one finger underneath them? But the combination makes it look like I’ve got old granny boobs in clothes

They’re also a D which looks unnatural on my frame, really tempted to get a lift and reduction so I don’t have to worry about them going down to my bellybutton

No. 141826

I think I might genuinely have body dysmorphia. I'm not a tranny, to get that out of the way, but I was overweight pretty much all the way from childhood until about 20, when I discovered the glory of myfitnesspal and started tracking and realized all the mistakes I was making. Dropped the excess weight (no unhealthy means and at a reasonable pace) and got pretty fit, but now I feel like I don't recognize the person in the mirror/in pictures as myself. Like I remember the moment I took the photo, logically I know it's me, but I look at it and think, who the hell is that? When did I ever look like that? I recognize other people fine, but when I see myself I get mildly-distressingly confused. I'm now known as someone who can't take a compliment because when someone says I look good, I usually sit silent for a second before muttering out something like "Oh, I do?" I just struggle to see what they're seeing. Every now and then the illusion cracks and I can suddenly see a new version of myself and it's like "when did this happen? when did I start looking like this? did something change?"
I don't know what this is or how to cope with it.

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