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No. 91365

I thought it would be nice and uplifting to remember any good/happy/loving events that have happened to you and keep cherished in your mind, so maybe when you revisit them they make you feel a little better.

Share away!

No. 91374

Playing video games alone

No. 91395

This comment, which provided a good kek

No. 91426

My grandma used to make me apple jam every time I had a nightmare.

Idk but that was the only time I had felt love in years when I was an angst ridden teen

Boyfriend and I saved a turtle from the side of the road

It peed on him, we both found it hilarious

No. 91427

this but unironically, although most of the time my sister would join me and watch. <3

No. 91428

My favorite thing was playing JRPGs while watching trashy reality TV or podcasts about bad books or TV. Sometimes I’ll boot up one of the games and have the most vivid memory of an episode during a segment.

No. 91449

Being 13 years old and watching AIR (the anime series) on an old desktop computer with dial up tier internet while eating vanilla yogurt between bufferings. The thought of those moments being more than like 13 years ago really hurts, tbh. It was such a great summer.

No. 91457

When I was younger and me and my dad would go out walking together to placesw, I used to pretend I was really tired so he could give me a piggyback ride on the way home. Lmao I think he knew I was pretending to be tired but he never minded, he always made a game out of like like pretending to "drop" me or running fast so I was scream-laughing.

Also the times when me and my mum and my sister went to pick him up after his work shift at the hospital, for some reason me and my sis would get so excited to come on the car ride, I think it's because we liked long car rides and we could listen to our music. So we were always asking our mum when it was time to pick him up. Sometimes we would have to wait in the car park for him to finish so we watched a DVD on this portable DVD player we brought. You don't see those around anymore, do you.
Ahhh, good times.

No. 91482

One of the best and happiest memory I have was when I studied abroad for a year in the UK. Best experience ever! I traveled around UK alone and it was amazing. I've never been so free to go wherever I want and do whatever I want. I come from a strict Asian family/culture so I never get to travel alone or do what I'm interested in and always have to bring someone with me if I want to travel due to strict/paranoid parents and have to conform to the strict cultural norm. It's not safe for girls to travel alone in my country and it's also frowned upon.

I remember when I finished my final year I took a train to London and stayed there for two weeks, just randomly going to interesting places like museums, parks and all those famous London tourist sites alone. Once I'm done with wondering around London, I got a train ride back to my uni and while I was waiting for my train to come I decided to get a cup of tea at a Pret A Manger store and the cashier (a super cutie brunette) gave me a cup of tea on the house. Ahh… another sweet memory. Thanks cutie brunette for making my anglophile heart go doki-doki.

No. 99033

Thought it would be nice to bring this back

I remember when I had to spend time in the hospital a few years back and I was feeling really upset about something one day. So I went to the longue room where they have all the games and videos there and I sat at the table to cry alone, but one of the guys who was in the same ward as me came in and asked if I wanted to do something. I'm not sure if he caught me, maybe he did but was pretending he didn't and wanted to cheer me up, but either way it was really sweet. We just played card games and video games for a few hours and he was a really funnny guy so he kept me laughing. That's a moment I really keep in mind sometimes.

No. 99057

Whenever I think about my grandma, she was the best. Very cheerful and strong person, who always had something nice to say.

No. 99078

Being alone.

No. 99089

When I was younger I begged my dad for an American Girl doll, which are $100 each. Obviously he refused because it was just a dumb overpriced doll. A few months later on my birthday I opened up a present and it was a brand new American Girl doll, and I was so fucking excited because it was such an unexpected surprise. My family never really does big gifts or surprises, and although we weren't poor we certainly didn't have the money to be throwing around on expensive toys, so it still means a lot to me to this day. The thought of my dad walking into the American Girl store by himself trying to pick out a doll for me warms my heart.

No. 99090

Spending the week before exams with friends in an empty school. We'd just make jokes and talk a bunch (and not study enough) while having the building to ourselves.
Also getting my first job and going through the mall on my own to pick out clothes for myself for the first time. I dressed terribly back then, but shopping alone is my favourite pastime even now.

A memory I miss that should still be possible but isn't because anhedonia is just drawing dumb shit for hours on end and enjoying it. I haven't had fun like that in years, even drawing things I like now.

No. 99093

I wish I also could enjoy one of my creative hobbies for hours like I used to do. I suspect that internet addiction has ruined my enjoyment. Nothing compares to it now.

No. 99099

•being in gamestop and seeing kingdom hearts for the first time for like 60 euros and defeatedly asking my dad if I could have it and by some grace he said "You know what yeah screw it" and I was so happy and played the living shit out of it

•collecting ladybirds with cousins in my grandparents huge garden

•hanging out with friends in a sunflower field right after major exams and discussing that life was gonna change so much for us

•my uncle taking me for fun expeditions with my cousin to different parts of the country and camping

•general early 00s vibes and music lol

No. 99109

Playing in the fields during summer

Watching old, poorly dubbed anime on TV

Playing Pokemon Red/Yellow/Gold, Link's Awakening DX and a variety of ps2 games for the first time

French Touch from the 90s and early 00s

Being an unabashed 14yo sperg and spending an awesome week at my equally spergy friend's house. Mostly hanging out in a camper van, cooking together, going on long walks, playing tennis and listening to shitty music.

No. 99116

Summer 2015 when my best friend came out to see me for the first time ever after talking online for 10 years. Ended up falling in love and starting our now 3 year long relationship that week he was visiting. It was the most magical thing I’ve ever experienced.

2015 was a really, really high point in my life for many reasons including, but not limited to, that one. I would love to have more years like it.

No. 104610

That relationship just ended. I’m not ready for it, but he says he doesn’t feel that he can love me. He cares about me deeply but…

He wants to be on his own.

He still wants me to be in his life because we were best friends but while I’m standing still, he will inevitably see other people. I won’t see anyone else because there. Is. NOBODY. Out there for me. I refuse it. He’s my one. That’s it and that’s where I stop. I can’t start over again. I’ll walk through hell to be with him again. He was such a big part of my life for 13 years and he promised me so much only to have that fade into oblivion.

He told me to get help and in turn he would work on our relationship. The moment I get into therapy, he breaks up with me on the morning of the new year.

I’m absolutely reeling. I don’t want this. I don’t want this at all. I want to hate him, but I just can’t. I love him so much.

No. 104771

Hey anon, I've just been reading your post for a while trying to think of the right thing to say but I'm at a loss, I'm just a stranger on the internet so I don't know enough about you, but I'm sorry that you're hurting and hope the best for you.
Do you have other friends that you can go to for support? When you've depended on someone for so long it's difficult to let up and lean on others but it's important to not isolate yourself

No. 104969

Going on a last-minute Europe trip with a group of friends after being borderline friendless for years. I'm part of the friend group now, and it still feels surreal falling asleep to the sound of my phone buzzing with texts. They're all brilliant degenerates and I love them.

No. 104982

I'm so sorry anon that is heartbreaking. I hemmed and hawed on responding because there really isn't anything worthwhile to say beyond 'it sucks'.

But the sooner you can forget about changing his mind the better. You can't make a person feel love for you and he likely lost his passion for you months ago and only just pulled the trigger in breaking up. I am not saying it will be easy to move on but that if you have any fantasy about changing his mind you have to let it go.

No. 104991

Super Depressed and hadn't been to the beach in years since I was a child.

My long distance boyfriend decides to surprise me with a visit and take me on a trip to the beach and feed me and buy me whatever I want.

:) first genuine smile in months.

No. 104994

Before I moved overseas I spent time with my coworker I was seeing in secret. The morning before i left we just cuddled and the cold breeze coming through the window kept us under the blankets locked together. Miss him but oh well.

No. 105394

I forgot my wallet at my desk at work and I walked to a Dunkin Donuts for lunch and I didn't notice until I had already ordered that I did not have it. I let the lady behind me go first as I frantically looked for it in my bad. Upon realizing I didn't have it I just told the lady to just cancel my order and the lady bought it for me instead. I literally almost cried. It wasn't much but fuck thank you

No. 105407

That's a cute feel. I hope I can relate one day.

No. 105449

I used to spend so much time growing up outside being half wild/ignorant and it was so much fun. I miss the feeling of being underneath a big cloudless blue sky. I used to walk for hours in my old neighborhood and my favorite thing to do was climb the highest hill and look out over the whole city. On clear sunny days you could see sometimes the ocean, which would be nothing more than a silver streak in the sunlight. But it was so beautiful, and so inspiring. It’s so pantheistic but I really did feel one with the world back then, like looking out on the horizon I felt like my thoughts had wings. I like the city but nature is my home.

No. 105461

LAN parties with friends, school camp, sims 2 and minecraft, birthdays as a kid, drawing something I’m proud of, discovering lolita fashion, and some other things. The purest happy memories are all from my childhood. Depression hit hard in high school and more recent memories just aren’t as fond to me but I’ve been getting better since moving into the real world. I hope maybe one day I’ll look back on my days as a young adult with nostalgia and satisfaction like I do with my childhood.

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