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No. 91732

Post tips and advice on what to do with your old clothes.

I have these adorable red pantyhose, but now they have a hole in them. Is there anything I can do to salvage them? I thought it might be cute to put a little black heart on them, but I don't think that's a good idea because it'll tear more. Thoughts?

No. 91746

Put clear nail polish over and around the hole and sew it up. You could put a patch on it too.

No. 91747

Sage for double posting but you could also just get a new pair considering they're like $5 on amazon

No. 91769


I've been dying for for a thread like this, I feel sick when I have to get rid of things because they no longer fit right or I can't do the most basic alterations to make them cuter. Has anyone taught themselves how to alter clothes on the sewing machine or take stuff to get tailored?

I buy almost everything second hand (hate fast fashion, but too broke to buy quality eco-friendly brands) so a lot of the stuff I own could use some nips and tucks.

No. 91789

Only take stuff you really love or whatever is made with a difficult-to-work-with material (silk, leather, etc) because I found it to be really expensive. If you look around on the internet (specifically youtube) you can find plenty of good tutorials for tailoring clothes in very simplistic ways, as in, nothing really professionally tailored so don't necessarily expect perfection.

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