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No. 92096

So we have a wedding dress/engagement ring thread, but what about a general wedding thread? Even though I've never had a bf (lol) and am not planning on getting married any time soon, I really like looking at wedding themes for some reason, hahah. Don't know if any farmers can relate. I'd love to see what kinds of themes you guys are into.

Personally, I think I'd want to get married in the winter/late fall because I hate hot weather. I think I'd be into having an elegant/rustic theme with dark reds and natural elements. Pinterest calls it a 'moody wedding' theme lol.

No. 92097

File: 1534220591138.jpg (91.82 KB, 564x1010, dress.jpg)

Also I think maybe I'd want to wear this kind of dress? Not always into sleeves, but since it'll be cold I guess it'd be more fitting.

I have no idea what colors I'd want the groom/groomsmen to wear. If any of you have any ideas I'd love to see them!

No. 92098

pretty faggy thread complete with

No. 92102

Cool, scroll the fuck past it.

That's a gorgeous dress! My wedding was in the fall and we did a rustic theme, lots of homemade stuff. It looked gorgeous and we didn't even blow a shitton of cash on it like I've seen some people do.

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