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File: 1534719388629.jpg (42.69 KB, 564x482, 3e0c309f2c772280a33b1ec5c6ae1e…)

No. 92614

Girls who like tattoos thread?

What are some of your favorite artists/tattoos? What tattoos do you already have? What do you want to get in the future?

The only other tattoo thread I could find on this website is a thread on /ot that had mainly comments that were anti-tattoo, but it would be nice to have a thread for girls who are tattoo admirers/enthusiasts!

No. 92616

File: 1534719995534.png (829.35 KB, 590x583, Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 4.04…)

hell yeah!

favorite artists: stevie floyd, jef whitehead, henry lewis, michael bennett, franco maldo, brian wilson, max ireland, henry hablak, silje hagland

i have a half sleeve, forearm, and my feet. no color.
the only thing i'm really jonesing for is a little filler on my arm that's already tattooed tbh

i got the half sleeve when i was 18 and the others when i was 22 and 24. i've always loved tattoos but i'm slow about getting them.

pic related isn't me but it's by stevie

No. 92619

File: 1534720495297.jpg (58.86 KB, 563x573, aaaaa.jpg)

girls who have forearm tattoos: has it ever affected your job opportunities? what job do you have?
i want one but i'm curious what job paths don't mind tattoos like that

No. 92620

no but i live on the west coast so more people have tattoos than not. few businesses could get away with rejecting someone for tattoos only lol. i've worked mostly in the food industry, agriculture, and horticulture. my last boss offered to buy everyone brotats lol.

No. 92628

File: 1534734956283.jpeg (65.53 KB, 540x540, 603F13CC-4883-4B66-8B2D-3A8C82…)

Ron Wells from Rhode Island is doing my arm currently. I’m looking for someone in the NYC area who’s ridiculously good to do a traditional Japanese back piece but haven’t found anyone yet - some are good but not quite what I’m looking for.

No. 92638

File: 1534742845375.jpg (10.64 KB, 310x335, p10-tattoo-b-20140304-e1393843…)

i'd never get one but i can appreaciate it as art. love yakuza tattos but only in a japanese setting, i cringe when i see white people having those tbh

No. 92662

I really love the look of Maori and Samoan tattooing but I’m so super white that I’d never get one.
The ones women get on their lip and chins are insanely gorgeous imo.

All my own tattoos are old school naval style and all black work. Not a fan of loads of colour and watercolour styles tattoos are a stupid meme that will be horribly regretted by anyone who fell for it.

No. 92678

Nope, never. Even in this shit place where I live they're pretty good accepted and seen as normal. Almost everyone now has them.

As long as it's not something offensive or controversial it's not a problem.

No. 92680

I'm not the biggest fan of Tattoos but I really love traditional tattoos like that, too. My best friends mother has that lip/chin tattoo some Maori women get. She's probably going to get it too. I'm quite jealous because she's stunningly beautiful and that lip tat is just gonna make her look so unique and badass on top of it.

tfw when me whitey has no culture ;_;

No. 92703

Eh, I look at it as the old school American navy tattoos are white cultures tattoos.
Loads of symbolism relating to good luck, lots of memorials for the dead. Images that indicated their participation in battles.

It’s not as historical as Ta Moko but it still had its significance.

No. 92866

What do you guys think of thigh tattoos?
I am planning to get some because the art I want would fit best on thighs since I don't have a small frame and not much place in general, but I rarely show my thighs ever so maybe there's not even a point.
I know I can do this exclusively for myself and my girlfriend to see, but I still have doubts it's a good placement at all.
I kinda always thought of thigh tattoos as that skinny white girl from tumblr aesthetic that takes a lot of pictures of herself in the bath lmao.

No. 92978

I never had an issue and I work as a librarian. My boss liked them, plus they are easy to cover with a cardigan if I ever wanted or needed.

No. 92984

Honestly the only time I'd tell someone not to get it would be if they're in the process of losing big amounts of weight or bulking. Other than that I think it's a good placement. I want one myself one day tbh

No. 93016


Have both my thighs tattooed. Both large pieces. I have both put on and lost a large amount of weight since I've had them and their positioning or look hasn't altered in the slightest. Of course, if you're going from 600lbs to 160 then obviously, it's going to hang off you like a wet napkin, but any other degree or weight loss or gain will be fine!

I have been getting tattooed for 10 years now and I wish I had the money to get more. Got into them because my Dad had loads. I have western traditional style with deep/rich toned colours (maroons/bottle greens/mustard colours etc), as well as some shitty stick and pokes which I plan to get covered up. Easiest to get tattooed so far has been my forearms. I fell asleep during that. Worst was my wrists - I found it so bad I am saving them to absolute last to fully cover.

No. 93061

Thanks. I expect to get somewhat fatter in the future, since you can't stay anachan forever, but I don't think I'll gain all that much weight and my thighs are already the fattest part of me.
I think I'll get them anyways, it's just that the art won't fit anywhere else really.

No. 107643

File: 1549583565915.jpeg (616.26 KB, 742x892, 11F57262-80E7-478F-99A9-6D82EF…)

Necroing this thread because I saw this girl on my explore page and had to share. She FUCKED her shit up and I’m completely speechless.

No. 107644

File: 1549583677230.jpeg (664.83 KB, 750x863, BDB94CAB-9BCA-4D0A-967C-BA62BA…)

No. 107646

Damn what's her ig

No. 107652

Looks like some Brutal Black Project shit

No. 107659

A lot of tatts I think could just be drawn on instead of permanently etched into your skin, and this is a perfect example

No. 107661

File: 1549593089370.jpg (900.67 KB, 1638x2048, brutal-black-2.jpg)

Yeah I think that's a Brutal Black tattoo. They're not really supposed to be pretty.

No. 107719


Sure is! Her instagram is private (not sure if related to tattoo or not), but I always wonder what people with face tattoos do for work, nevermind something this extreme.

No. 107725

I wanna get a "tramp stamp" but people keep insisting that I shouldn't since it has a bad reputation. I don't know what exact design I want but I want it all black so when I have to reink it doesn't take long. I also want a tattoo on the back of my neck but I don't want to have a basic bitch tattoo

No. 107729

Unpopular LC opinion : i love "shitty tattoos". Stick n pokes, poorly done shit, ugly tattoos. I generally have a soft spot for a lot of "ugly" shit.

No. 107751

File: 1549683590337.jpg (46.11 KB, 480x480, 18812501_1510536405631289_1611…)

Me too. I enjoy the "trashy" look and what it implies.

I think this looks amazing, and props to the people brave enough to put this on their body for all to judge. I shudder imagining myself with this kind of ink.

No. 107755

Anon, just do it if you want to, no matter what kind of tattoo you'd get and where people would still judge

No. 113033

File: 1555149674681.png (1021.35 KB, 720x963, IMG_20190413_105354.png)

I saw this with 100% positive comments, some by decent tattoo artists, and I'm so confused. Is it some kind of new style?

No. 113041

this look horrendous

No. 113061

I… is that even a real tattoo? It looks like photoshop to me.

No. 113080

aint that just crayola marker

No. 113081

Looks like it's just drawn/painted, not a real tattoo.

No. 113082

not only is this probably not a real tattoo it's based on some stupid image, it's a joke.

No. 113088

File: 1555215423750.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.23 KB, 236x314, qt.jpg)

cute or trashy? both?

(i want it tbh)

No. 113091


Yuck - please don't

No. 113094

Both, but also really sweet, go for it tbh

No. 113104

I like it, but most guys that I‘ve asked hated it. So depends on what’s more important to you; for you or potential partners to like it.

No. 113108

It's gonna make your areolae look bigger because you're adding to it. I wouldn't but that just me, I personally don't like dishplate nipples.

No. 113120

I think it's really cute and don't think you'll really regret it.
I was looking into getting the same thing two yeats ago but I got small tits so there's no point lol

No. 113152

File: 1555324404593.jpg (50.68 KB, 640x800, 55777084_2303005873245276_4109…)

idk anons, here's another pic from before it healed and it looks way more like an actual tattoo
I think it's some kind of… "queer" demon?
Their page is filled with other gems like pic related. I wouldn't think much of it if the comments weren't full of people losing their shit over how AMAZING ♥♥ this shit is

No. 113180

File: 1555362112131.jpg (72.99 KB, 1080x1080, 53923608_154547035562990_71504…)

Picrel is one of my personal favourites when it comes to (local) artists.

I kinda dislike anime/cartoon/movie tatoos. Not the ones inspired by it, drawn in artits's personal style, but the ones made in source material's style.
They just feel so lifeless.

No. 113374

Your breasts will change size like crazy over your life and the hearts will end up looking really bad.

No. 113382

Male here. Tattoos on girls can be really attractive.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 113507

File: 1555783043314.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.68 KB, 1143x2289, PicsArt_04-20-12.56.40.jpg)

Week af, but this is my next one

No. 113510

No. 113629

I work in the food service department of a hospital. It never affected my job because I always wear long sleeves (constantly cold) and most of the people I work with have tattoos.

Also, I need recommendations. I want and have been wanting to finish my arm tattoo connecting two existing tattoos. Anyone have pointers on how to think of a "connecting tattoos"? Like they frame around the tattoo instead of collage?

No. 127736

File: 1574205175643.jpg (32.53 KB, 748x745, buntattoo.jpg)

Does anyone have a pet tattoo? I've never gotten a tattoo but I'm considering getting one since my pet has impacted my life so positively.I enjoy the style of pic related but I wouldn't want something so big or in that area.

No. 127743

That specific one will be a blurry mess in 5 years or less.

No. 127750

Don't get anything in that style. As stated by
>>127743 it will fade drastically within the next 10 years and you'll have massively pissed your money up the wall for nothing. Design wise, that's up to you, as it's going to be on your body. I am heavily tattooed (trad style) and have 2 pet tattoos - one is for a current pet the other is a memorial. The memorial one is the nicer of the two. It's a simple heart with a banner that wraps around it with my dog's name on it, framed by a few little flowers. Simple tends to be best, imo.

No. 127843

File: 1574382835854.jpg (49.08 KB, 600x751, cat-memorial-tattoo-_artitys_-…)

I think it's beautiful when people have tattoos for their pets. I considered getting one after my cat passed as a memorial type thing.

as other anons have said, the tattoo you posted is really pretty but you don't want to pack too much detail into such a small space as the tattoo will not last.

I know that's not what you want to hear as you said you wanted something smaller, but the bigger and the bolder the lines the better the tattoo will hold up.

No. 127844

what is the most you've ever paid for a tattoo - what was the tattoo of/how big? how about the cheapest?

No. 127845


420$ was the most I paid for a tattoo, it covers most of my rib cage. The cheapest would be the tattoos that I have done one myself

No. 127846

Most I've paid for one is £220, it's on my back just below my neck and across my shoulders. You never want to skimp on price because you tend to get what you pay for with tattoos.

No. 137033

Okay I feel incredibly stupid but whatever.

A few days ago I saw a picture of someone’s leg with a tattoo of a black widow. I didn’t really process it right in that moment but a few hours later I was like ‘Oh wait, that actually did look nice’. I think I saw that pic on here either on /pt/ or /snow/ but I’m also not entirely sure.
I don’t follow as many cows or threads but in the fews that I do follow, there was no such picture.

Anyways, as I said, I’m not even sure if I saw it on here, but maybe if anyone knows of a cow with said tattoo I’d very much appreciate if you could help me out.

No. 140546

File: 1590708574227.jpg (178.75 KB, 972x1215, 1590613286012.jpg)

this is so, so strangely pretty. i adore women who do this. she reminds me of this woman. i have such deep respect for them, don't ask me why. it's like a self-sacrifice to show others pain. it's hard for me to describe without sounding autistic, but it shows other people in a lot of pain that they are understood with that person in the most extreme way possible. it's like making eye contact with a stranger who you can tell is influenced in the same way that you are. i feel such a strong connection to these people. pic related was posted in the altcows thread, i find her fascinating too.

No. 140547

She apparently also did all her tattoos herself, her tattoo work on other people is also very beautiful.
I think extreme body mods have their own kind of beauty tbh.

No. 140556

Im with you. I love Monami Frost, and fellow cow Skye Perudon or whatever her name is. I think face tats are done great if the work is quality, I have such a crush on Ryan Ashley Malarkey from Ink Master and I wanna get tatted by her one day.

No. 141015

File: 1591230806786.jpg (72.46 KB, 595x793, 1461483010269.jpg)

Opinions on scarification? I absolutely love this shit so much and scarification especially on blackwork can look fantastic but normies seriously fucking hate it so it's a big decision

No. 141018

Unlike a tattoo that can be re-inked, scarification is kind of stuck that way and will look less good over time.

No. 141021

I think it's really beautiful, I might even get some kind of scarification done in the future. Also kind of off topic but people who say it will look worse over time- newsflash, your whole body looks worse over time, might as well do what you like with it.

No. 141022

right? i find that comforting in a weird way. the thought of my old tattoos fading but still being present years on is a nice one. like getting out of the shower and seeing the same old body and tattoos that have been with you forever. idk

No. 141037

This looks like keloids.

In fact, when I googled "keloids tattoos" the pic you posted was in the first page of results.

No. 141038

You don't like it? I'm interested in how keloids are created tbh, i have a lot of scars that healed flat but I also have keloids on the same arm so i'm unsure how it works.
If I were to go for scarification, I'd hope for it to heal like that. It's strange but catches the eye and can look almost inhuman. Sometimes scarification is excellent but heals too well and is unnoticeable. I understand some people want subtlety with scarification but I prefer a keloid look but you do have to be careful with design, it can be so easy to go from intricate design to literally just looking like an acid attack.

No. 141041

keloids hurt and itch though, idk if that's really something you should want

No. 141043

they do, itchy arms suck. scarification is also very attention whorey and it crosses the line of "i'm doing it for me" for me personally which is fine, you can totally make yourself into art but you can't fall back on muh self-expression, leave me alone when you get such visible talking points

No. 141069

File: 1591276793972.jpg (34.86 KB, 500x667, 6aba5a109cd8567a41f262415fb528…)

Yeah I feel the same. I have shitty stick n pokes from when I was younger and it's kind of just nice and nostalgic for me when I acknowledge them. Pic unrelated I just think scarification is cool.

No. 141070

be careful with that shit anon, keloid scarring is no fun.
I’ve just recently seen someone with face scarification which should have been a pretty pattern, but turned into something looking like tumors growing out of the face because of that.

No. 141071

they're hypertrophic. keloids continue to grow and can cause tissue damage. black and brown people have a propensity to keloid, but it can happen to anyone.

No. 141072

'Showing other people your pain' is narcissistic. Tats and dreads don't make you special or more understanding. This reeks of selfpost btw.

No. 141074

cool bait, get out of 'tattoo discussion' if you're this triggered by people playing around with their image.

No. 143709


I got a portrait of my kitten on my forearm not long after getting her - ten years later and they’re both still looking great!

No. 165054

File: 1609341853462.jpg (101.43 KB, 1080x1080, 108173348_112535570385526_8337…)

Is it okay to revive this thread? I would love for anons to share their favorite tattoo artists to follow on instagram/other social media. I've been itching to get a new tattoo lately and want to build up an inspo album. My recommendation is land.of.sky on instagram.

No. 165064

File: 1609345248754.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1298, 43981cb051f92484a663483d7b5c2e…)

really loving the style of sara rosa https://www.instagram.com/sararosacorazon.art

No. 165073

File: 1609358281079.jpg (55.16 KB, 960x540, zynjJmh.jpg)

anyone have nerdy tattoos? i have a pokemon tat and i love it. not my pic btw

No. 165076

Cute on one hand but I'd feel weird about putting something on my skin that's from a franchise that's just trying to make money off me, if that makes sense?

No. 165079

This style looks good initially but looks like shit years down the line. There's a reason why traditional tattoos look the way they do, and it's literally because bold holds. Her floral stuff is nice and will probably stay nicer than the one you shared, though.

No. 165086

File: 1609365305548.png (659.62 KB, 1030x982, tattoo.png)

> a franchise that's just trying to make money off me
Yeah i feel the same

i have a tattoo like pic related.
basic af, yes, but i was really curious how tattooing felt so i just went for it

No. 165108

i guess, but video games have a huge impact on a lot of people. if they're well-done i like them

similarly, other people call these "thoughtless" or "pointless" tattoos as they hold no meaning. but i like all tattoos if they're not tasteless or gross

No. 165117

Not my style as geek/nerd/anime tattoos are very new school / use a lot of color. I’m more of a black and gray traditional person. But if you like it, you like it. It’s not my choice to what goes onto your body.

No. 165136

I’d love one small, actually tasteful tattoo but then I think of my stick n poke tattoo that I so desperately want removed. I let my ex do it, and he did an awful job. It’s so embarrassing lol.

No. 165139

File: 1609405573538.png (1.54 MB, 954x1192, Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 4.04…)

I've got quite a few tattoos. I plan to get a half sleeve from this artist once I graduate.

I have one of my cat, want to get another of my other cat by the same artist but they're not really doing that type of thing anymore so I doubt she would accept an appointment. Also microtats like that look terrible in a year, my bf got one of a skunk and it was a blurry mess after 6 months.

I've got a simpsons tattoo and booked a sailor moon tattoo, both are on my legs though to keep them hidden and separated from my more aesthetic upper body ones.

No. 165142

I get where you're coming from, I'd never tattoo a logo or brand on me, but I think reducing video games down to just how much money they make reduces their artistic value and meaning, both to the people who create them and the people who play them. Depends on the series obv lol some series are more cash-grabby than others, but the creator of Pokemon created it in the first place because he loved collecting insects as a child and wanted to be an entomologist, and as he got older and Japan because more urbanized and lost its natural insect habitats, he wanted to create a similar experience for children and replicate for them the joy he felt collecting bugs as a kid. Also of course a lot of people grew up playing the games, which creates a personal meaning for themselves as well. Plus, nobody's going to look at that person's pixel Pokemon tattoo and start playing Pokemon, it'll only mean something to people who already like it, so it's not like free advertisement in the same way that wearing brand-name clothing is.

No. 165143

File: 1609406646052.jpg (34.03 KB, 563x614, ouroboros-tattoo.jpg)

I'd love to have an ouroboros tattoo. I've loved the symbol since I was a kid (admittedly first saw it in Fullmetal Alchemist lol), used to doodle them absentmindedly all the time, just really drawn to the aesthetic and meaning. Not totally sure on the size and style but I'd definitely want it to be just black.

No. 165144

File: 1609406667086.jpg (132.79 KB, 1024x1024, S0121-SECOND_55851d40-1d64-437…)

No. 165145

File: 1609406797245.jpg (111.19 KB, 1080x1080, e13bdd23a5ab475e2db1688e5eb00a…)

No. 165146

Anon are you me… I’ve had all three of these images saved on my phone over the last year because I’m dying for a similar tattoo. Good taste

No. 165147

That tat is really beautiful

No. 165148

File: 1609407450416.jpeg (32 KB, 748x336, DAB4DEBA-CC29-4D02-ABBE-43276F…)

This one is my fave.

Here’s another. Solve et Coagula has always been significant to me and I think this one would be lovely, but unfortunately I have an absurd amount of birth marks and freckles on my back so I don’t think I could pull it off

No. 165161

File: 1609417904892.jpg (34.98 KB, 400x363, afdb93591bacd4aa13a1601c4ceaef…)

I want this

No. 165162

what does this symbolize? looks cool btw

No. 165163

File: 1609418110252.jpg (135.66 KB, 800x600, ajpavpwj.jpg)

This on my forehead

No. 165165

File: 1609418659130.jpg (326.39 KB, 1804x2399, ToddHoward2010sm_(cropped).jpg)

He approves.

No. 165166

File: 1609418864548.jpg (22.55 KB, 300x450, d1d97c2c3ada2dcc5b3c87a445a5d3…)

Hi sorry for lack of context.

It's a Thai / Buddhist spiritual tattoo and supposed to have magical properties or be a good luck charm. The star shape represents the directions of the universe and there are meditating figures in there. There are rules for each type of tattoo that you have to follow (some of them are a little peculiar) and in return it's supposed to reward you with certain gifts.

It got a peak of interest in pop culture years ago because Angelina Jolie has a lot of these sak yants or sacred tattoos

I have a friend who got one and we had drawing sessions where I drew it on here with tattoo pens to see what it looked like. It meant a lot to her and her self-improvement to get the tattoo and I admire that. We were both topless while I drew it on her and we brainstormed about tattoos a lot. It was fun.

No. 165167

File: 1609419059775.jpg (94.27 KB, 634x381, 4454695E00000578-0-image-a-1_1…)

Angelina's tats

I really would love a Morrowind tattoo one day

No. 165168

File: 1609419141005.jpg (133.58 KB, 650x862, angelina-jolie-persian-tattoo.…)

random clearer pic

No. 165195

I have an 8-bit heart and the NERV logo. That's it for now, but I'm thinking of adding to the NERV one.

No. 165199

File: 1609439889136.jpg (195.7 KB, 1920x1080, 2143221-.jpg)

I don't have any but if I did get a nerdy tattoo it'd probably be this (except smaller, possibly in Cyrillic so fewer people think I'm just some weird edgelord). I love the STALKER series, the Tarkovsky film, and Roadside Picnic.

No. 165260

My boyfriend really likes tattoos, but he sees them as something inherently 'sexual'. He likes 'slutty girls' for example and sees tattoos as an extension of this. For that reason I've been considering getting some art hoe tier stuff but I'd hate for it to be just seen as fetish fodder for a guy I might not even marry.

No. 165266

Don't get a tattoo for a scrote. Fuck that. All he would do is wank over it a few times and that would be that. Save yourself the pain, time and money.

No. 165269

File: 1609492311108.jpg (177.61 KB, 800x1067, Yaroslav Gerzhedovich Cyber Go…)

I want to get a medusa on my back, but I want her to look scary/ominous. To often she's drawn crying or overly sexual.

No. 165275

Cyrillic tattoos are considered very edgelord, jtlyk anon. Love Tarkovsky’s film and Roadside Picnic though.

No. 165276

ayrt a bit late here, but that's helpful advice, thank you!

No. 165292

Nothing more than henna or a temporary tattoo is too far. Honestly, I find it troubling he would need to degrade a woman as "slutty" to be attracted to her. One ought to think highly of a partner.

No. 165309

No. 165316

It screams madonna/whore complex. Seriously don't do it. And run away.

No. 165319

I'm okay with that, what I meant was I didn't want people going omg why does she have the word "stalker" written on her arm???? My friend has a Stalker hoodie and people get weirded out by it sometimes.

No. 165323

I have a big medusa on my leg. I specific told my artist to make her ugly as I didn't want a big titted up version of her. I wanted her to look repulsive, and she does. Go get her!

No. 165476

I have an idea for my first legit tattoo, currently I only have a stick n poke from a friend.

I basically just want a quote in cursive, but I'm not sure if I should get someone to write it for me or just write it myself? I have an idea of what I want the text to look like but I don't really like the idea of my own hand writing on my body. I'm thinking about getting someone I know to write it for me but that feels to forced and I'm not sure if I'll like it.

Should I just find an artist's handwriting I like and make them do it or make it more personal?

No. 165478

File: 1609652604390.jpeg (98.07 KB, 490x665, CA16234F-14B1-438F-BCC4-531A34…)

some inspiration (by Nicholas Kalmakoff)

No. 165486

Everything about this makes me want to vomit. Altering yourself permanently for a man that isn’t even your husband? That’s batshit insane.

No. 165504

Why would you want your OWN handwriting on your body, is it that nice?

Just write it out how you want it, then have an artist clean it up, it’ll look 1000% better than anything your friends can do.

No. 165509

Find an artist who specialises in script, so it isn't an unreadable mess within 5 years

No. 165520

Get the artist to do it, and go to an artist that specifically enjoys doing script, otherwise you will end up with a blown out mess with poor spacing. It is it's own skill.

No. 169758

>spend money you don't have on something that will bring you nothing good at all and blur away in 4-5 years

No. 169759

I have 70/80s biker style red begonias on my right thigh and “Let It Bleed” in olde English font under my left titty. I don’t want a ton of tattoos but I think just 3-5 really good, well-sized ones look great. Not getting anything on my arms/below the knee/above the titties until I’m married at least, the only other one I’m thinking of getting is an Angel kewpie (I’ve been obsessed with kewpies for years) on my hip and my bestie of 13 years getting a matching devil kewpie, she’s very alt and I’m more hippie-ish/normie so the angel/devil fits us really well kek.

No. 169782

This is such a funny statement to be told repeatedly as someone who is very heavily tattooed. My tattoos have given me work, created memories of specific times in my life (not the imagery of what they are because that is corny as fuck, but who did them, my age at the time and what I was doing etc), given me confidence and only fuelled my passion for the art of and behind tattooing. I am now an apprentice after years of being negged by an ex about my art. Also you say blur away in 4-5 years - that's why you get trad style instead of these shitty watercolor and busted single needle lined monstrosities. But, I respect your opinion. If you don't like them, then don't get one, but don't shit on someone else for enjoying something you don't.

Please get the Kewpies! They are my favourite thing to draw flash of at the moment. I have a Kewpie wearing devil PJs on my leg and I never regret getting it. It has such a cheeky face.

No. 169806

Are you saying tatts blur away in 5 years or are you saying memories of other purchases do?

Most of my tatts are 12 years old now and look fine. I've moved home so many times that I don't own any possessions from 12 years ago today. They are weirdly enough the only thing I have that is that old. My life has turned upside down a couple times since I got them and yet they are a constant. I have memories attached to my first tattoos (my first love came with me, then seeing a loved one who has now passed react to them) They are one of the few things I've ever really splashed out on and one of the few risks I've ever taken in life. But for me it paid off. I love them just as much today. They are an almost comforting constant in my life and a reminder of times that I will always look back on fondly.

I have one last tattoo in mind that I've wanted for years to finish off my plans. I'm waiting because I don't want to get tatted at a time when I'm even slightly low. I was in a bad relationship for 3 years and he talked about gifting me that tattoo but the memories attached to them is a big thing for me and I knew it would be better to wait. I'm looking forward to someday completing the set.

No. 169809

>spend money you don't have on something that will bring you nothing good at all
god this is so dumb you could say this about literally anything fun at all

No. 169870

What kind of work? Hooker doesn't count as a job

No. 169871

>god this is so dumb
As opposted to the smart decision of getting a lot of tats just like everyone one else is doing

No. 169874

You can feel however you want about tats, I don't have any myself, I just hate when people use the "it has no purpose uwu" bs like they're a fucking monk or something. Yeah most things we do that aren't strictly to survive or serve others in some way are pretty fucking useless.

>As opposted to the smart decision of getting a lot of tats just like everyone one else is doing

What even are you trying to say? Do you read the words that come out of your fingertips or are you just typing shit for fun?

No. 169897

Not that anon but if you read thoroughly it says that this anon started an apprenticeship and I assume it’s to get a tattoo license.

No. 169913

>Do you read the words that come out of your fingertips
Do you?

No. 169915

I ran a shop, and am now an apprentice. If you were as good at reading as you are trying to insult people, you'd be somewhat dangerous.

Correct, I will be fully trained in the next year and making more money than I ever have done in my life and doing something I have always wanted to do. AKA happiest I have ever been.

No. 179131

I was about to ask about which tattoos people think are bad but this is the worst one I’ve ever seen. Holy shit I can’t even imagine being stuck with that. Personally while I like a lot of tattoos I’ve never seen a single face tattoo I didn’t hate.

No. 179137

You sound really mad, are you sure you don't have any tats?

No. 179184

File: 1618261325054.jpeg (214.64 KB, 1400x1320, 6A5D31CF-D621-4C43-A871-AE976B…)

I associate 6ix9ine with bad tattoos

>The rapper’s chest and stomach both contain the number 69 tattooed on them. The right side of his forehead and most of his upper left arm contains the number 69 tattooed on it in a pattern. His throat contains the number tattooed on it along with wings on either side of it. Both his forearms are covered in a tattoo of a pattern of the number 69. Both of his hands are also covered in tattoos of the number, 69. His knuckles contain tiny xs tattooed on them and his fingers contain the numbers 6 and 9 tattooed on alternate fingers. His forehead, the area above his left eyebrow, and the area below his left eye, all contain the word, “Six Nine” tattooed on it.

No. 179186

Imagine being this fucking cringey.

No. 179187

I remember he did an interview and when asked about his love of 69.. He said it represented how people can both look at the same thing and see it differently because of their perspective. I see a 6 but someone stood across from me would see it as a 9…

Dude you have the funny sex number stamped all over you, stop pretending it has a profound meaning lol

No. 218264

File: 1639883408832.jpeg (8.38 KB, 225x225, images (3).jpeg)

I want a big chestpiece done as one of my only tattoos. The only problem is I've never been inked before. Is it smart to get this area tattooed as your first tattoo? Something similar to pic rel but I'd design it myself

No. 218630

File: 1640115472888.jpg (85.66 KB, 546x828, tat1.jpg)

Can I dump some pictures of cute looking tattoos?

No. 218631

File: 1640115558580.jpg (62.82 KB, 564x564, tat2.jpg)

No. 218632

File: 1640115746545.jpg (27.35 KB, 563x562, tat3.jpg)

No. 218633

File: 1640115839182.jpg (42.71 KB, 564x564, tat4.jpg)

No. 218634

File: 1640115960697.jpg (62.37 KB, 564x644, Molymoli_ on insta.jpg)

No. 218637

File: 1640116786950.jpg (44.23 KB, 500x500, tat6.jpg)

No. 218638

File: 1640117168698.jpg (85.03 KB, 564x564, tat7.jpg)

No. 218639

These all look cute now but tattoos without black outlines age like shit imo

Well it's a big piece so you likely won't get it done in a single session. It also depends on your pain tolerance how much you can take in one sitting, since this area is pretty sensitive, especially near the collarbones. And artists might be reluctant to do a big chest piece as your first tattoo. Definitely do your research about artists and look at their portfolios (on instagram or their home site etc) before you decide which artist you want. You can also design something yourself but most artists won't copy a drawing one on one, they'll just use your drawing as a reference.

No. 218649

File: 1640120185836.jpg (304.83 KB, 1280x1280, 8d3d4a83-9dcf-4825-bf21-52c0e1…)

I want to get my half sleeve done next year and I really want something on my ribs but fuck it's hard to find something that would look nice. I thought about getting somwrhing done in my fathers writing but idk if just a plain quote would look good

Pic not related

No. 218838

All of these would look so much better hung up on a wall in a picture frame than permanently etched into someone's skin.

No. 224109

File: 1642384265815.png (613.2 KB, 529x612, kk.PNG)

I really love this snake tattoo. I also love the red ink. I don't know if I can ever go through with getting a tattoo though lol.

No. 224250

File: 1642435310441.jpg (58.41 KB, 500x500, 32dc3d5eb2f9769420f092afce35da…)

It's pretty but it would age like shit due to the thin, delicate lines. Why do you think you wouldn't be able to go through with it?

No. 224280

File: 1642447064354.jpg (41.37 KB, 480x480, 9e4156a59887405ea2a350b6801beb…)

Might get a berber tattoo but they sort of look like those nordic tattoos racists have and it's kind of narcissistic and cringe to be super into your ethnicitity

…but I like them.

No. 224283

File: 1642447634607.jpg (89.01 KB, 727x652, c1ed759cc40dd2cadfbbd673e70e8a…)

those are considered racist? my bosnian grandma had very similar ones

No. 224286

Someone might mistake them for nordic runes, which is popular among white nationalists. Don't want to give that impression.

No. 224295

>popular among white nationalists

I feel like this is one of those things no one (at least normies) irl would care or know about.

No. 224321

You're telling me if you saw someone with a viking symbol tattoo you won't suspect they're a closet racist?

No. 224322

Those designs are beautiful. I'd just cross check your design with the nordic runes if your worried. Have a couple people look it over aswell.
But I don't think anyone will make this connection anyway. What you want looks so different stylistically from what a white nationalist might get, you'd have literally put a black sun on your arm for people to jump to that conclusion.

No. 224327

People who aren't terminally online are oblivious to "covert" nazi symbols, especially rune stuff. I once pointed out a dude to my normie friends who was covered in runes, black sun variations and other symbols and they had no idea what they represented.

No. 224329

File: 1642455809510.jpg (91.7 KB, 950x950, Traybl-tatu-Slavyanskie-tatu-S…)

If you're really worried about it, maybe you could get something similar that represents your ethnicity? I've been seeing tattoos inspired by traditional embroidery and lace patterns.

No. 224482

I mean if you care this much what random strangers think of you and it's gonna be in a highly visible place, maybe you shouldn't get this kind of a tattoo at all. Since there's bigger than a 0% chance that someone will mistake it for a racist symbol anyway

No. 225254

File: 1642752297215.jpg (57.22 KB, 720x710, 8d37c0d1c4a7b37dee605b47c673cd…)

I feel like there's a possibility of me getting sick of seeing the same tattoo everyday on myself for the rest of my life. That i'll just end up regretting it.

pic rel is one I've heavily considered, and would likely be the tattoo I get if I do go through with getting one. Same size and placement (though a bit more centered, this one looks a little off to the left)

No. 225263

Looks like a big gaping hole in her back if you squint even a little, hideous

No. 225266

colors age poorly, I wouldn't do that tbh

No. 225268

awful placement, it looks very odd

No. 225287

Imo it would be really hard to do a nice looking sunflower tattoo as the middle part will stand out starkly against the petals, especially as the yellow fades and it fades quicker than other colors. Plus a large black/darkly colored area will make it look like a coverup of another tattoo. I'd go with another flower honestly.

No. 225379

File: 1642810287861.jpeg (3.77 MB, 4032x3024, FCDDD04E-E42F-4974-9664-068478…)

I just got this done, he charged me 120 for it and I tipped probably way too much. But is 120 a decent price for this? It took about an hour, as a walk in.

No. 225382

No. 225537

File: 1642871926912.png (3.1 MB, 760x942, 181327.png)

Kinda wanna get my ~fav quote~ from a book tatted on me, should I do it nonas? I've never seen it tattooed on anyone else, not saying that no one has it but it doesn't appear to be a popular tattoo by any means. Would it still be cringe? I've been obsessing over it on and off for years, someone try and talk me out of it please

No. 225541

Don't do it, text is cringe 95% of the time and when your tastes change in 10 years you may well regret it. If you're going to get something as a reference to a book/band/movie get something subtle that you can't immediately link to said thing. If you don't like that specific thing anymore it'll be removed far enough from it and a cool standalone tattoo. Design + style > meaning, at least that's what I've learned from my tattoo experiences.

No. 225544

File: 1642874203315.jpg (193.41 KB, 736x1124, 1642790132229.jpg)

Any good ideas for coverup tattoos? Or tips! Thanks

No. 225545

If it's been literal years of wanting it I say go for it.
Tattoos are cringe. Liking things is cringe. Mortality is cringe.
yes I got a text tattoo ten years ago and yes I still like it and find it meaningful. It's annoying when people ask what it says though.

No. 225554

I'm not a fan of quote tattoos. That being said, it's a spectrum and certain things can make them better or worse. Placement, size, font and your artist's skill are all really really important. Don't just go to any shop and get it in a single line down your arm. It should be big enough to remain legible as it ages but not huge because that looks really awkward.

No. 225557

File: 1642878724555.jpg (575.96 KB, 1046x1046, 20220122_200839.jpg)

If your quote is short, you can try incorporating it into a design of some sort. Pic rel are just some random examples.

No. 225562

That's the thing, I'm not thinking of getting the quote as a tribute to the book but rather because the quote itself holds meaning to me + it's vague enough that people wouldn't be able to tell where it's from at a glance anyway. I can just say I made it up myself, I doubt they'd care enough to check. As for my taste changing, you could say that about all my other tattoos as well, that in 10 years I won't like any of them – maybe, maybe not, I got my first tattoo ~6 years ago and I still love it as much as I did the first day. I'm worried about how the tat would turn out though, like what if the ink bleeds/blows out. Only one of my tattoos has blown out (a little bit in one place) and I guess that's because it's in a soft spot on my inner arm but still.

I was actually thinking of getting it between two of my other tattoos as a gap filler, it's a short quote and I think I have enough space there (I've also thought of alternative placements if it turns out I don't). I've gone to the same artist for almost all of my tattoos and I'm really happy with his work!

>It's annoying when people ask what it says though
I gotta ask, is it because you got in a foreign language or is it because the text has faded/blown out? How big is the text and how does it hold up after 10 years, is it still legible?

Thanks for your thoughts all, I'll think about it

No. 225568

Text tattoo anon here, I got mine in a fairly visible place so when I'm wearing summer tops people can see part of it and but want to know how the sentence ends.
Luckily it's still perfectly legible because my artist advised it needs at least 1mm between lines to account for ink spreading. I have gotten it touched up around the 8 year mark (freebie when I was getting another tattoo) she used nude ink in the tightest spots where there was a bit of ink bleeding together, went over the text with fresh black, it looked really fresh again.

No. 225720

File: 1642956149146.png (423.4 KB, 731x1044, flèche_love.png)

I'm late to answer, but I love an artist called Fleche Love who has a lot of berber tattoos. They look so good and are very versatile to dress imo, you should do it !

No. 225759

File: 1642971410135.jpg (736.4 KB, 1170x1003, IMG_8660.jpg)

I've been thinking about getting a luna moth tattoo on my upper back, similar in size/style to picrel. This would be my first tattoo. However, I wonder if it looks a little plain with just the moth? I would like to have some decoration around it, but I wouldn't like it to have that sort of fake "witchy" look a lot of people have now (like moon phases or eyes or whatever). Does anyone have any advice/suggestions?

No. 225769

I think it's going to look nice just the moth alone considering the placement. But if you want to add something else maybe you can ask for some leaves around it. The moon thing may be overdone but depends a lot on the tattoer style.

No. 225771

I also think the moth all by itself looks beautiful

No. 225775

Thirding, it looks super pretty on its own. You can always add stuff later if you decide you really want to.

No. 225777

I agree with other anons that starting with just moth is a good idea BUT imho even better idea would be finding a tattoo artist whose style you like and asking them to design something custom for you

No. 225781

thoughts on getting a rib tattoo for your first time? i have a specific quote from a song in mind that has really resonated with me for years, but i want it to be in a discrete place. i think side ribs would be a good place. i have a pretty decent pain tolerance i believe.

No. 225842

Well a song lyric is a smaller tattoo and should be over quickly, so you won't have to suffer for long. But ribs do kinda suck, it's one of the more painful areas

No. 228034

Bump for tattoo related question, does anyone here design or do tattoos? I want to know about going for an apprenticeship, but I've heard icky things about interning at scrote-tattoo shops. There is an all female tattoo place around where I live but they might be over booked on artist there. Also don't have any tattoos (yet!) but I want to start somewhere

No. 228151

You can apply for apprrenticeship by just mailing the studio and sending them your portfolio; it has to be varied because being inexperienced you wouldnt be hired for unique style, more for the variety of things you'd be able to do for a client.
This said, if you have no tattoos yourself, you're in a huge disadvantage. I don't think any studio would want to work with a person that doesn't seem to have any personal experience and seemingly interest in tattoo art.

No. 228319

I do like Fleche Love, however she doesn't look white and I do, so tribal tattoos on her don't scream racist.

I should probably just get them and not give a fuck about how I'm perceived.

No. 228324

I got a rib tattoo as my first, it was quite painful but not unmanageable. My most painful area by far was the groin/stomach, but pain is relative and as mentioned by anon short text should be a quick tattoo.

No. 228326

I’m an apprentice. You need to get tattooed a lot before anyone will consider you. You also need to work the counter first to make sure a tattoo shop is somewhere you even want to be. Can you work 50 hours a week for no payment? Can you deal with extreme mental illness and ignorance (aka other artists)? It’s not always a fun time. Sometimes I actually wonder how I ended up here, lel.

No. 272953

File: 1656706362785.jpeg (129.67 KB, 713x1072, C4C3FCBB-BDBE-4051-B2B3-207D4C…)

Necro-ing this thread to see if anybody has tips for planning out tattoos.

I know in the future I would like to have a lot of tattoos, but I really worry about regretting the placement or style choices on my first few pieces,since I really want everything to look nice and cohesive eventually.

No. 272995

The vast majority of people I know who have like 30%+ of their bodies covered don't plan that shit. They just get big pieces they like and figure out the placement as they go, along with little random tattoos they got on a whim one day here and there. Sorry it isn't much help, but I don't even think I've known someone who planned out every tattoo (+ placement) they got.

No. 273046

Make sure it's an art style you've liked for years. I have Irezumi sleeves that come onto my chest and a backpiece that stretches past my ass that I plan to extend into leg tattoos. I love them all because I've been into Irezumi since I was a young kid (10ish I think) and a stepfather showed me books on it and old Yakuza films. Start looking at artists you like, ones you can afford and can travel to, write down a loose list of things you want (animals, shapes, patterns, etc) and keep looking at your preferred artists new pieces and making sure you're not changing your mind on designs. If you're still flip-flopping you're not ready. That's how I did it. It helped me that I had to travel to Japan to get mine done so I waited so long I had a lot of time to think about. If there Irezumi artists I wanted work from in my country I might've acted sooner which potentially could've been a mistake. I used to be a tattooist myself and the one thing I heard when doing cover ups was that the client rushed in, they just wanted a tattoo as a status symbol, not through a love of the art.

No. 273051

Style is more important than placement. With placement, basically don't get anything big in an awkward position that you can't work around easily unless you want it to be a centrepiece. Regarding style - consume a lot of tattoo content, see what you like, and sit on it for a long time. Give it a few months, even years to see if you still like the style and would be happy having a significant portion of your body covered in it. I don't think every tattoo needs to be the same style, even if they're next to each other, but make sure the different styles still kind of go together. One traditional sleeve and one Japanese sleeve? It'll look fine. Bold traditional between fine line minimalist tattoos? Probably not.

No. 273054

Does anyone have any examples of tattoos that contour the ribs?

No. 306239

File: 1672779613189.jpg (232.13 KB, 1080x890, Screenshot_20221020-105125_Ins…)

Kind of want to get something like this but any ideas what to replace the moon with?

I already have a moth with crescent moons and the jewellery I wear is also a crescent moon necklace and earrings lol

No. 306240

I'd probably just go for a regular circle but I love simple geometric shapes. It would fit nicely with these more organic leaves under collarbones though.

No. 306253

ngl if that much of your look is already moon themed maybe you should just double down. become known as the moon lady and see how long before people make rumors that you do rituals every waxing crescent or whatever.

No. 306278

Oooh that's an interesting idea, I like it, thanks

I definitely will if I don't come up with something better lol

No. 306280

Go partway and get a moonflower lol

No. 306648

I've been trying to find advice about tattoo design but my search results are almost all useless. I'm looking for tips like "water color style tattoos tend to look worse as they fade than clean lines" or "very small tattoos can end up as a smudge" but all I get is like "make sure you spell it right" and "don't get a tribal tattoo if you have no tribe" (…duh). I already have specific ideas for two tattoos that I want and I'm just trying to make sure they're reasonable before I start contacting artists. Can any knowledgeable anons help? I only need general guidelines type of information rather than anything directly relevant to my design ideas, and I will be grateful for any tips or advice.

No. 306651

You are shit at googling, first of all. Try terms like 'watercolor tattoo age', 'fine line tattoo after 5 years', 'first tattoo tips reddit'. Second of all, watercolor tattoos and miniature tattoos age like shit. No matter the artist, no matter their skill. Third, start contacting artists with your ideas. No one but a tattoo artist can say whether your ideas are doable. Find artists whose style you like and hit them up.

No. 306652

Youtube. Its not my usual style but I've had alot of vids about this showing up in my recommended lately. I think Treacle tatts was the first one I watched and then my recommended was full of people warning against the likes of Bang Bangs micro tatts. You're right to do your research first. They age poorly alot of the time. Artists will wow you by showing you pics of their work while fresh but people end up getting cover ups a few years later.

No. 307411

you're much worse at reading than i am at googling kek

No. 380900

File: 1708555761210.jpg (32.83 KB, 735x637, 4459484a27f4c1b52ae2b005815305…)

Saw someone call tattoos "the mark of the beast" and came to check if there was a tattoo thread. Kek.
Do tiny tattoos like picrel age poorly? It's my understanding that American traditional style tattoos are so popular for their longevity. Hyperrealistic small tattoos are popular (?) in Japan and Korea. At least, I'm seeing posts from there. I guess it's stick-and-poke instead of using a gun.

No. 380905

This tattoo will 100% age like shit. Not to say you can’t get it touched up every few years if you really wanted to. American tattoos use bold lines and saturated colors so they last but they still age. It’s nothing you can prevent.

But some styles age better than others.

No. 380907

Same fag to say that color will fade quicker than black. So black and grey American style tattoos are pretty popular (at least where I live)

No. 380928

Thats gonna look like a bruise in a year

No. 412527

File: 1720365622329.jpeg (104.62 KB, 1080x1080, R-6.jpeg)

Thoughts on cover ups? I think it would be a similar amount of money to get another tattoo as it would to get it removed, since it's small. I know the artist does their best, but it ends up looking kind of dark and muddy in the end to me.

No. 412534

Removing a tattoo is often more expensive than covering it (depends on the tattoo, but that’s usually why people just get a blast-over) and takes 10-12 laser sessions until it’s totally gone. It’s usually recommended to get some of it removed (a few sessions to make it fade) before covering it. Again, totally depends on the tattoo. looking muddy is the risk you take when you cover it.

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