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File: 1535085693379.png (1.19 MB, 1713x1211, clothes.png)

No. 93056

post yours, ill reply with blank

No. 93057

File: 1535085705334.jpg (146.84 KB, 2690x2113, blank.jpg)

No. 93087

File: 1535099445418.jpg (335.38 KB, 1108x797, 20180824_092743.jpg)

I call this "I'm a student slaving away my summer (sandals) in a place where summer is very loosely defined (that's where the sweaters come in)"

No. 93090

File: 1535105485765.jpg (441.03 KB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.jpg)

I call this "it's exams phase and i want to die"

4 more days whew lads

No. 93095

File: 1535113072919.jpg (615.24 KB, 2692x2112, 1535085705334.jpg)

Casual goth reporting in.
Most of these are approximation since 90% of what I wear is thrifted or from shitty brands that don't have pics online.

No. 93098

where 2 cop those trousers, they're so cute

No. 93099

I thrifted mine for like 3 bucks, I think. Mine are also extremely long which is nice since I'm a beanpole.
Don't be afraid to go look in men's pants too, they're nice and they have bigger pockets usually.

No. 93106

File: 1535120099481.jpg (649.23 KB, 2690x2113, Untitled.jpg)

Mostly tomboyish with a few nods to femininity here and there.

No. 93113

File: 1535125229393.png (2.5 MB, 1800x1414, Untitled.png)

I am an inconsistent nightmare, but at least my shoes are cute

No. 93116

this is my favorite so far, i love the casual goth look

No. 93118

File: 1535134792224.jpg (772.9 KB, 2690x2113, messy.jpg)

don't even know what to call this mess but it's my favorite look

No. 93123

File: 1535137076735.png (327.17 KB, 773x653, style2.png)

oops didn't follow the template

No. 93125

I like your style anon

No. 93129

File: 1535144228501.png (1.36 MB, 2690x2113, styleiguess.png)

my friend (who i had a crush on) always jokes that i dress like a lesbian. how can i dress alt/tomboyish and not look like a lesbian or am i just doomed.

No. 93130

File: 1535145486898.jpg (468.47 KB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.jpg)

I like cute things.

No. 93131

File: 1535146066517.jpg (1.33 MB, 2690x2113, thisisrealthisisme.jpg)

i used to be emo and now i have no sense of identity ™

No. 93132

File: 1535147774551.png (657.54 KB, 1000x785, aaaaaa.png)

I just like cozy stuff, still wearing Oysho sweaters/pajamas tops daily.

No. 93134

File: 1535148454591.jpg (523.39 KB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.jpg)

Samefagging, this was fun so I made another, lazier one

No. 93137

Where'd you buy those socks?

No. 93140

File: 1535153200045.jpg (1.49 MB, 6000x5500, 1535053950418.jpg)

My favorite outfit for when I want to look nice and cute

No. 93141

From this store: https://cherrypop.shop/
They've been sold out for a while, but the owner (CherryCheezy) does do rereleases every once in a blue moon!

No. 93142

Is there a name for those types of jackets?

No. 93144

File: 1535154552355.jpg (544.99 KB, 2690x2113, Image1.jpg)

I save most of my online purchases in collages so this was easy to make and I wear almost everything pictured, but it also makes it look reaaaally skewed towards weeb looks. I mix in a lot more plain/basic stuff than this shows.

Also as you can probably tell lots of it is from my nachatte phase but somewhat unsurprisingly, stuff aimed for school wear tends to be very comfy, long lasting and wearable. I love penny loafers, baggy cardigans and their big ass school bags.

No. 93153


No. 93161

only good one in this thread

No. 93162

File: 1535166093478.png (1.89 MB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.png)

what I wore today
y'all are about to roast me but oh well

No. 93163

Source on the plain Mary Janes?

No. 93166

Dressing like this as an adult is a sin against humanity, I hope all three of you are 12-15.

No. 93171

how is >>93140 childish? Is it the skirt? These are things I see women wearing everyday.

It isn't any worse than anything else in the thread. Are the branded items reps or auth?

No. 93172

Just on google, mine are store bought. I've seen ones just like them on Aliexpress though.

She seems to think collared blouses + skirts = childish somehow, considering that's what those 3 have in common? I mean, I can admit I incorporate some childish stuff into my style cause yeah I like bows and frills and shit. I don't expect everyone to approve, just like I don't care for jeans and tshirts. But I've never seen a teenager wear collared shirts, that's office appropriate.

No. 93173

Another anon but for me it looks like a school uniform and I would be confused to see a grown woman with pigtails, bows, skirt and blouse in combination with flat Mary Janes.

No. 93176

Those aren't normal collared blouses, they're basically cosplay. I live in Japan, this school uniform-y shit would be even cringier here and not office appropriate at all lol

No. 93179

File: 1535179778113.jpg (45.04 KB, 426x640, 2012abdd51231c075e3a878c28b2d5…)

I'm this anon
I'm 19 and I don't wear pigtails I just like a preppy look like pic related.
I got the top like in my post from forever21, there's other types of fashion like this than just in Japan.

No. 93180

Is Japan supposed to dictate what we can wear in our own countries…? They all wear the same business outfits.

No. 93181

My coworkers in Tokyo didn’t get the memo. People show up to the office in sailor collar shirts and pleated skirts all the time.

No. 93183

Ngl, these make me think "horse-girl, but grown up". Looks really awkward.

No. 93184

This one screams "I'm trying very hard to dress like what I think a French girl would dress like"

No. 93185

Are you guys overweight? I only ever see overweight girls wearing this stuff where I live

No. 93192

File: 1535192396559.gif (356.41 KB, 480x267, anigif_enhanced-buzz-25066-136…)

What type of haircut do you have anon? I'll be a little disappointed if you don't have an Enid.

No. 93193

I used to have her haircut, but my hair is shit so for now I have a pretty short basic undercut dyed black.

No. 93194

>How dare people not dress like me!
Sorry not everyone wants to look like a typical basic bitch in sneakers, generic sweaters and black pants, anon.

No. 93195

I'm 109lbs, 5'4.

I'm >>93130. I guess it depends on how you're actually built, your face and how you carry yourself? I only ever get compliments IRL on my outfits (and online in worn pics). I'm not American, though.

No. 93197

File: 1535199117214.jpg (1.73 MB, 2690x2113, this.jpg)

idk how to call this

No. 93203

I'll call it "goth but not"

No. 93204

File: 1535200999780.png (46.46 KB, 640x480, Shidare-Hotaru-Reference.png)

Do you think these would look less like school uniforms with flowy high-waisted/empire skirts? Because I do that and I feel like it looks more elegant and "professional" than short pleated skirts.

No. 93209

Are you Dutch?

No. 93211

Lol my parents are French and I go there every summer so makes sense I guess


No. 93219


Dear anons, what shoes do you recommend for wearing in the autumn/winter in place of Mary Janes?

No. 93227

File: 1535216404173.jpg (80.26 KB, 712x950, 700eeda967ae308ba88bec3f79edf9…)


No. 93228

File: 1535216416907.jpg (184.78 KB, 559x560, 2694603_Lookbook_Mauve_Winters…)

saddle shoes

No. 93234

File: 1535218723977.jpg (74.4 KB, 500x800, Chic-Nerd-Looks-7.jpg)

I'm this anon

Is it the skirt? I think if I hadn't put a pleated skirt nobody would've have said anything lmao. I just got out of high school so I am going to be trying to dress better but I still like the top and cardigan. Do you think shorts or pants would make it less awkward anons?
I'm 5'2 and 110lbs so I think I'm a healthy weight, I do want to lose some in my legs a bit. Being short and having a little more weight in my legs makes it harder to find pants that fit me.
I usually wear black boots instead

No. 93244

There are a lot of styles between uwu anime girl and basic unkempt thot.

No. 93245

Even if anon has their preferred middle-ground, the fact that they'd reeee at anything resembling J-fashion is kind of cringy. This site and its predecessors are essentially /cgl/ offshoots made specifically for drama, it makes sense that some of its users aren't full normcore, lmao.

No. 93264

No. 93288

File: 1535264282143.jpg (791.82 KB, 2690x2113, 0000.jpg)

oops forgot to attach the file…

No. 93291

i'm so confused by these items

No. 93292

me too lol..everyday i open my closet…

No. 93293

no, just love miffy and have to spend lots of time in schiphol airport

No. 93300

File: 1535272224557.jpg (615.03 KB, 2690x2113, help.jpg)


No. 93302

File: 1535275837090.jpg (447.29 KB, 2690x2113, dNWWrGE.jpg)

on my day off

No. 93303

What's that weird device?

No. 93304

File: 1535276115328.jpg (162.62 KB, 1055x829, yaaswarehouseslaay.jpg)

hottest summer outfit 2k18. AF1s so are an appropriate manual labour shoe

No. 93305

File: 1535277234418.jpg (1.49 MB, 2690x2113, LAZYmaxxing.jpg)


No. 93306

File: 1535277857743.jpg (13.73 KB, 300x300, 38406_image2-300x300.jpg)

tens machine for my fucked up knee. the electrodes stick to the skin and i either hang the machine from my waistband or put it in my pocket. Basically it overrides the pain with small electric shocks and tricks you into just feeling the electric pulses. It helps a lot.

No. 93312


Antifa? Kek

No. 93314

Yes I'm an antifag but unfortunately there are not many occasions where you can join the black block and look silly

No. 93336

File: 1535311120567.jpeg (2.22 MB, 2690x2113, 458DFEDF-6FC3-4F11-A288-DB2F2F…)

When you wanna be an elegant ho but you can’t be bothered with effort

No. 93403

That shirt is so cute!

No. 93408

Holy shit these are all terrible. Are all of you 15 year olds who are still discovering themselves and shop at the mall?

No. 93410

Most of these outfits are cow tier kek
Fucking gagging at the antifag outfit kek

No. 93411


Most of the thread is normalfag young woman shit, with a few weeb/alt posts thrown in. This is a fucking imageboard, not lookbook or polyvore.

No. 93415

>talks shit about other's style
>refuses to post their own style with post for fear of mockery
Pathetic and cowardly.

No. 93429

Really the only actually bad outfits are these ones:

The rest is all just normal. Cows dress terribly.

No. 93443

Post yours or stfu.

No. 93445

My clothes don’t need to be better to recognise that >>93134 is pastel goth tumblr trend.

That’s like saying if I can’t sew a gown I can’t criticise a cheap shirt.

No. 93449

Wow you guys get real butthurt over one comment some anon made. Why do you guys care so much?

No. 93458

Fyi literally no Dutch (pre-)teen or (young-)adult ever would wear/use Miffy merch. Only foreigners seem to think Miffy is cute after the age of 6.

No. 93465

File: 1535471889337.jpg (511.62 KB, 2690x2113, template.jpg)

I usually wear a skinny highwaisted jean, never black, with a simple blouse or top. I always wear jewelry, especially the necklace and studs pictured. Cute chelsea boots (don't have to have a high heel like in the picture) or comfortable adidas/puma sneakers.

No. 93468

This is super cute! But there's a fine line between preppy and a badly done -clearly trying to implement japanese inspired fashion/schoolgirl look-

No. 93473

File: 1535475133660.jpg (950.27 KB, 1000x3422, pt2018_08_28_17_51_21.jpg)

+ tights
I am extremely lazy

No. 93478

File: 1535480760975.png (157.2 KB, 610x447, style.png)

I only have the shoes, orange top and pants from this picture lol everything else is googled to similar things I own. I don't use my bucket bag much but couldn't find any similar crossbody bags. I wear a lot of maxi and high-waisted skirts.

No. 93491

>pastel goth tumblr trend
You're so behind, holy shit. I won't bother to correct or try to teach you since this clearly isn't your forte, but you shouldn't try to talk about fashion (especially alt fashion) with this lack of knowledge.

No. 93494

Nta but you're right, that's just cheap hot topic shit, not even an attempt at pastel goth lmao.

No. 93499

File: 1535496036436.jpg (72.26 KB, 523x700, 5e890c1b6ca2ba261538049ebcc3b0…)

Nothing there is from Hot Topic, but alright, anon. It is lazy and cheap, though, much like 90% of the other stuff in the thread

No. 93500

Curious as to why you're so clearly bitter about women's fashion? Did Walmart stop carrying your size? What's wrong, totally female-chan?

No. 93501

File: 1535496582029.jpg (507.29 KB, 2690x2113, toaday.jpg)

No. 93504

This is nowhere similar to the outfit anon made up. The pastel Goth shit didn't originate from Japan, it's just a bunch of weebs buying overpriced taobao clothing from money hungry middlemen.

No. 93506

File: 1535499573678.png (625.17 KB, 556x600, 085395389.png)

It's not even remotely pastel goth. And it's not similar? Because construction-wise:
>baggy shirt with graphic print
The only difference is the girl's outfit also has a choker, handcuffs, no earrings, and no garter (not to say she's against them, or even cat ears). I have a feeling if the first outfit contained a choker or handcuffs, some anons would have a lot more negative to say. It doesn't really sound like you know what you're talking about, and I suspect >>93500 is on to smething. To verify, please post your own graph of an outfit, or at least something you think looks good.

No. 93507

Wow you’re so offended that adults don’t like your outfits. It’s okay bby you will reach your 20s and regret this teenage trend just like the adults here look back on their emo or punk phase.
Trends taken from a blog platform for nerdy kids with creepy fandoms isn’t the same thing as fashion.

No. 93509

The sleeves on the green shirt are hideous.

No. 93511

I don't think anyone's offended, you just sound like you don't know anything about clothes, and up to this point, you haven't been able to prove that idea wrong. It's not emo or punk, either.
You couldn't even identify a shirt/hoodie/thigh high combination. That's tragic. I really want to see what your idea of good fashion is, but I doubt you'll ever oblige.

No. 93513

File: 1535501492192.jpeg (19.89 KB, 332x443, 5F8E104A-56E5-420F-B83C-3BC7D4…)

The shirt hoodie thigh high combo is straight outta tumblr circa 2009 onwards. It’s a trend.
Here’s a decent “alternative fashion” outfit

The pieces aren’t cheap fast fashion items from trendy stores, there’s an interesting contrast in fabrics and shapes, and she looks like an adult.

Seriously, you’re taking it way too personally lol. The world isn’t ending because I don’t like pastel goth or trendy combinations that don’t suit anyone except very thin and leggy women.

Demobaza, noctex, SOTBM, some rick Owens, Anne demeulemeester, Vivienne Westwood, etc etc etc are far better for so-called alternative fashion than taobao, hot topic, and forever 21.

No. 93514

File: 1535501703396.jpeg (12.49 KB, 319x461, 85843F85-B897-43C5-B3A2-703A60…)

Another outfit for you.

No. 93518

>Tumblr invented wearing thigh-highs with loose clothing
Yeah, no. I'm sorry if you're too out of it to keep up with fashion outside of lurking /fa/ sometimes, but that's just inaccurate. The fact that you continually call anything with light and dark colors "pastel goth", "hot topic" and still haven't been able to identify exactly what style/subculture you're criticizing is pretty telling and embarrassing, too. Not liking it is one thing, but you sounded very bitter and personally invested in someone else's casual clothing for some reason. I was just wondering why you were so pissy.
The thing about "thin and leggy women" is weird, too. Literally everything looks better on thin women, that's not new. Do you just have a personal issue with your own body and leg size? That would explain a lot.
Aside from that, the circa 2012 gothninja stuff put out by Demobaza is pretty cringy, the shape/silhouette going on in the second image is rather dismal, and there's little to nothing "alternative" about sweater/scarf layering to anyone who's not 100% basic, but do you, I guess.

No. 93520

Lmao I can’t believe you’re so emotionally invested in this. Idc if you think what I like is basic, imo basic is always better than trendy.
Enjoy your super secret high fashion subculture dreams. It’s the same thing as scene mullets were to MySpace kids and giant fringes were to the emo kids. Enjoy your silly stuff while you’re young enough, but when you’re older you’ll realise that it’s not that deep.

No. 93521

oh god what happened to this thread? It was just a nice post your fashion thread…why are so many anons acting high and mighty about their clothing tastes? Different clothes work differently on everyone…

No. 93522

File: 1535504027662.gif (975.83 KB, 500x250, giphy[1].gif)

No. 93523

absolutely revolting

No. 93524

It’s fine. Maybe different shoes imo but revolting is excessive.

Low self esteem.

No. 93525

File: 1535504627991.jpeg (41.74 KB, 425x600, 636321.jpeg)

>N-No you're the one who's emotionally invested kek haha lmao I'm not mad at all i don't care if you think i'm basic y-you're just like scene kids on MySpace hehe HA
This is almost Kiki-level projection and sperging, wew. I just expected that with your attitude, you'd maybe have an actual eye for alternative fashion, but I guess anything you don't like or can't pull off is "just a trend". Funny story, Westwood is a staple for a lot of the clothing styles you probably take on this behavior with.
I hope you one day don't feel the need to get mad at thin people who dare to wear stockings, anon. Godspeed.

No. 93528

File: 1535505034048.gif (1.5 MB, 300x276, tumblr_pdbff5NQMf1qa0ugxo3_400…)

>comparing "wearing stockings" to this >>93134 abomination

there's nothing alternative about it. it's just 2010 tumblr.

No. 93529

File: 1535505141930.jpeg (251.87 KB, 1076x1333, 7CA89897-39B3-4AE0-8977-AEAF77…)

Oh my god you’re still carrying on.

No. 93531

File: 1535505403047.jpg (375.41 KB, 1536x2048, chloe4.jpg)

>posts tumblr gifs while accusing everything else of being Tumblr
>still replying
I guess sense doesn't come with age after all.
Anyway, please stop shitting up the thread and let's get back to looking at outfits.

No. 93532

>while accusing everything else of being Tumblr
never did that. i said the outfit is 2010 tumblr, are you retarded?

No. 93533


Only decent outfits IMO. The rest with the thigh highs and school girls skirts are so cringy

No. 93535

Stop derailing already, Jesus Christ. No one cares. Let the thread get back on topic.
If you like, we can all exchange throwaway emails or Discord usernames so the thread won't get messed up by your autism.

No. 93537

You just keep going. Chill the fuck out, you're writing essays about not liking other people wearing thigh highs and graphic tees, and then jizzing your pants over flame sweaters. Understand that people are free to wear things you wouldn't wear yourself, let the thread recover, and take a Xanax.

No. 93538

They can’t comprehend more than one person disagreeing with them. The autism is intense.

Related question: does anyone here know of good alternative jewellers? There’s so many clunky silver skull rings and so much pandora but practically nothing in between that I’ve found.

No. 93539

NTA, but I think it's multiple spergs in the thread, including yourself.

No. 93541

Any jewelry suggestions tho?

No. 93542

Just ignore them, they'll disappear on their own.

ID on the brown handbag?

No. 93544

File: 1535510409128.jpg (1.54 MB, 6000x5500, Outfit2.jpg)

Here is a basic, comfy, Fall outfit I love wearing.

No. 93546

Nice. Source on earrings?

No. 93547

Not sure actually, the ones I have were a gift. The ones in the image I used are from Etsy though.

No. 93552

kek, good jacket section anon, made me laugh

No. 93556

File: 1535521592855.jpg (1.29 MB, 2690x2113, starbies.jpg)

I wouldn't be such a basic starbux bitch if I didn't live 100 ft away from one. Also I live in the upper midwest where we experience all 4 seasons pretty intensely (thx global warming) so this is just the summer look

No. 93559

You experience each season pretty intensely yet you wear boots during the summer? How hot is it on a usual summer day?

No. 93561

File: 1535523615162.jpeg (34.03 KB, 428x494, 290707_40665_41.jpeg)

Well, lately it's just been raining a lot and the ground's been a muddy mess, that's more for those days. Those are my waterproof rain/"spring snow" boots. The humidity is pretty awful but we've had days in the upper 80s/90s this season. (I grew up in the south so I know it could be worse) Winter's for these ugly motherfuckers that keep everything out. Gotta love Minnesota winter and being up to your knees in snow.

Blogpost but dressing was so much less complicated before I moved somewhere with 4 seasons. I need so much more clothing than I did before.

No. 93563

I live in Europe and summer is pretty hot over here, around 100°F and sometimes I see girls dressed in more alternative fashion styles wearing Docs and shorts and I don't get how they do it.
Docs are my go to autumn/winter boots (I know I'm basic), an American friend even told me only lesbians and SJWs wear them but I've had these boots for two years and they are still in a pretty good shape and I like their minimalistic style.

No. 93566

File: 1535534510681.png (2.17 MB, 2690x2113, outfit.png)

we casual gamer now

No. 93567

No. 93568

Holy shit. Where'd you get that Dreamcast handbag? I need it in my life.
>inb4 sperg-chan derails

No. 93569

File: 1535537952807.jpg (1.06 MB, 2690x2112, 20180829_121541.jpg)

Since winter is going to start soon…
My real bag is a lot prettier, but I couldn't find an accurate picture lol
No matter how cold it is, I absolutely can't stand having anything around my neck, so I never wear scarves.

No. 93575

I don't have this exact version but I got the Dreamcast bag from Insert Coin. It's a few dollars more and a bit bigger, the one in the photo you can get off Amazon Japan by looking up ドリームキャストバッグ. I usually use the fromjapan shipping service to get cheaper shipping instead of ordering off the site directly.

No. 93584

whats that sweater/jacket?

No. 93588


It's a mens overszied item, so it's kind of massive in the shoulders. I like it but that's kind of irritating.

No. 93589

File: 1535564381317.jpg (522.12 KB, 2688x2100, 1535085705334.jpg)

Not sure how I'd define my style but it's been the same since I was like 15. Oversized t-shirts with thigh highs when it's warm and hoodies with leggings in the winter. All black and usually with a choker. I felt ashamed around two years ago and dipped into savings to buy a few pieces from expensive brands to feel more "fashionable" but it made me realize I'm a "minimalist" wardrobe person. I have 10 t-shirts and 5 hoodies I cycle through lol.

No. 93591

Love the boots, choker and thigh-highs combo.

No. 93598

Is it okay to post multiple? I have so many different outfits put together but dumping all of them into the same template like most other anons did would get really cluttered…

No. 93619

File: 1535592007032.png (2.98 MB, 2690x2113, Unfortunate.png)

Summer is too hot I want to trade in my short sleeved collared shirts for long sleeve collared shirts.

No. 93626

what jacket is that

No. 93632

I've posted three. Go for it.

No. 93649

File: 1535616176358.jpg (468.76 KB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.jpg)

I'm very inconsistent with clothing styles. I just know I like black and anything cutesy.

No. 93654

t-shirt and skirt links please ?

No. 93658

No. 93668

Some anons here dress just like trannies

No. 93670

No, trannies dress like anons here. Nothing a man does to emulate a woman can ever be a reference point for what women already do.

No. 93676

Thank you! It was from H&M. I accidentally bleached part of the neckline, though, which is depressing since it's been my fav for years

No. 93681

my thought as well lmao

No. 93684

yes!!! there is NOTHING we should give up because it's associated with troons. not heavy makeup, not fake nails, not thigh highs, not even cat ears. they've encroached on our territory, not the other way around. we shouldn't directly or indirectly let them "claim" any aspect of femininity, not even the aspects we don't want. call an outfit tacky, call it unflattering, call it ugly, whatever, but being associated with troons is not a good reason for a woman to avoid an outfit. they will slowly claim every single womens style if you let them do this.

No. 93695

File: 1535660907356.jpg (600.8 KB, 2690x2113, yeahimagirl.jpg)

added the coffee stains because i keep spilling coffee on myself and everything around me ……..

No. 93697

File: 1535662518985.png (484.23 KB, 1000x785, imsorry.png)

I dress like a child who is trying to emulate classy women. It's ridiculous. I look more normcore in the summer (crop tops and jeans) because I have no heat resistance. It gets to 12C and I want to die already.
And I still use an MP3 player for no reason apart from it still working. Why waste it, right?

Love these. You are the classy women I'm failing to emulate.

Also like all these.

No. 93702

lmaoo i thought that drink said booty juice

No. 93703

In Canada we drink booty juice to keep cool in the summer.

No. 93709

File: 1535669425561.jpg (209.42 KB, 1754x1240, Moi.jpg)

Oups merde, i first posted my chart in the wrong thread in /ot/ but anyways, i still wish kindness and laughs to all of you /g/ anons :9

No. 93710

Based bug anon.

No. 93712

Lmao that skirt. Needs a skelanimal or a big plastic syringe keychain to match.
Those black shoes are confusing.

No. 93713

You got very eclectic taste, anon. Looks cool. Mind if I ask where you wear these fits to?

No. 93714


I hate the shoes but the turtleneck jumper, plaited skirt and that big black fluffy thing are super extremely very nice

No. 93715

Hunter raincoat from Target

No. 93717

w2c literally all of that

No. 93718

I love this. The bitter, "No fun allowed" people lurking this thread who probably walk around in H&M/Wal-Mart gear IRL and get triggered by anything not normcore are probably going to sperg out and talk shit, but keep doing you.

No. 93722

File: 1535674142947.jpg (98.5 KB, 640x638, 1523272461046.jpg)

That is a good thing
50% of time i wear them in my room while pretending i am a rich, old and pompous heiress at an art show but also at school and hanging out with friends (sometimes.)
Thanks, and the shoes look as obnoxious as they seem when worn :9
The thrifts finds are really bleh in my country but i still manage to get some good finds (noble materials or well cut and designed pieces) in small shops. I also find weekday pants to fit very well.
Otherwise i get bootlegs on alliexpress so i feel like i'm rich when i only am terrifyingly sleazy. Some links i remember using->
(Zara has some cute jewelry but i won't buy anything that's fast fashion and +10€ so here are the ""ZA""dupes:
Good night girls! :9

No. 93723

Omg, I need that plaid skirt and black coat in my life.

Stawp it, anon. You're like my freaky fashion twin.

No. 93733

Oh yeah bug anon has some great stuff. I’m not hating the shoes, just never seen ones like it before.
Ngl I wanna see more outfits, they’re cool. And also cop the spider brooch.

No. 93748

pls post more anon. we love you!

No. 93752

sauce on that jacket pls?

No. 93753


No. 93771

I dress like a tomyboy. rofl but i guess some idiots think tomboys= trannies.

No. 93772

This is pretty much my style, cuz i'm a dykey lesbian. I love really comfy stuff. I do dress up for events like weddings and family gatherings though.

No. 93773

File: 1535717308222.jpg (112.39 KB, 1440x810, 12.jpg)

All of this, but especially that jacket on bottom right

No. 93783

i' also a dyke and i recently just purged my entire wadrobe of dresses and skirts even blouses. if i can't squat, get dirty or spill on my clothes then it's not for me.

No. 93795

Thanks, your style is classy though with an edge! I like it, I wouldn't be brave enough to try a above the eyebrows fringe.

No. 93796

>I still use an MP3 player for no reason apart from it still working. Why waste it, right?

Makes me wish my old ipod classic still worked. Spotify just doesn't compare.

No. 93797


I'd like to know too anon, been looking for a bomber jacket for some time. I've been wearing mostly black since middleschool because it's just so easy to dress with and might have a hard time color coordinating outfits now as a result lol. Also what expensive brands did you drop coin on?

No. 93808

The jacket is from vetements! I got it from nordstorm awhile ago.

Also, I dropped money on a couple pieces from vetements I basically live in now and a couple things from burberry. I also got a pair of gucci boots. I wish I regretted it more tbh. It was a lot of money for clothes but the difference in quality is amazing. They're all so well made they'll probably last me forever, but I wouldn't do it again.

And if you anons want a simple black bomber jacket that's cheaper H&M has tons of them. I recently bought this one for something lighter:


No. 93825

uh nah tomboy clothes (such as hoodies, t-shirts, jeans) aka normal anrdogynous clothes are the least thing a tranny would wear. they want to showcase their "femaleness" as much as possible with anime clothes and cutesy stuff.

No. 93826

thank you anon! i wear hime gyaru so i consistently have fake nails, falsies and super cutesy clothes on 24/7/ fuck giving in.

i know a lot of girls don't really know how to dress themselves and end up looking trannycore af, but they will still look like messy women and not just messes.

No. 93837

File: 1535759953862.jpg (47.27 KB, 600x551, 0883a148c62609f8df48354fd72f90…)

Thanks, anon.
I like to think the bangs are reminiscent of a vintage Ronnie, but I probably look like a dweeb lmao.

That reminds me, I recently saw ipod nanos for sale in some tech store at my local mall. I can still remember the hype whenever some richer kid in the class came to school with one in 2005.
Now they're totally outdated.

No. 93860

File: 1535769353313.png (711.99 KB, 595x596, Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.45…)

I really, really hope we're not at the point where girls wearing anything considered "too" girly will get them ridiculed, because apparently only trans-women are allowed to enjoy cute things and/or anime, lmao.
Thigh-highs, cat ears, poofy skirts, 99% of J-fashion, heavy makeup, fake lashes, pigtails, etc are all shit for women. It may be a tad too frilly for all women, but please, don't try to shame femininity and hand it over to men.

No. 93872

i don't blame women for seeing a man in cheap womanface and wanting to distance themselves from the whole thing, but it's effectively letting them win. it's saying "you're right in mocking femininity, so i'll try not to be the thing you mock." a better attitude would be "pfft, that's a sad imitation. you really don't get what it's all about, do you?" it's not that this accessory or that product is inherently troonlike, it's that they have no idea how to pull it off and hype it up in a juvenile, materialistic fashion. you know better. you've been at it longer than they have. you can pull it off.

and of course i'm not talking to women who never cared about dressing girly in the first place. i'm talking to the ones who do like it but are subject to avoiding more and more aspects of it because troons are closing in. they're the ones who try to ban anything associated with their perceived enemies, but any and every style is the bounty of a woman who thinks for herself.

No. 95663

File: 1537380893830.jpeg (589.58 KB, 2690x2113, 1E26C47A-E046-43DC-B7F7-642E2E…)

denim on denim ass bitch w/ the ~quirky~ bangs

i’ve never seen a booster juice outside of my home state before… i feel an inexplicable kinship w/ you

No. 96377

File: 1537560418741.jpg (660.69 KB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.jpg)

Usually I wear a funky jewel toned and textured sweater to make it more interesting, but I couldn't immediately find any online. I'm scared of accessories.

No. 96413

File: 1537589523945.jpg (709.92 KB, 2688x2112, grid.jpg)

here's my dumb lil work outfit from today

No. 96504

File: 1537664234927.jpg (272.24 KB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334 copy.jpg)

Wage slave reporting in for duty

No. 96524

File: 1537687963267.png (237.66 KB, 665x525, disaster.png)

please god don't look at me or my body core

No. 96595

I like your style anon! can you please post more? do you have any youtubers/bloggers who inspire you?

No. 96692

File: 1537767186026.png (2.67 MB, 2690x2113, art fag.png)

actively lies about not caring about my appearance

No. 96702

File: 1537799629332.jpg (458.16 KB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.jpg)

Pretty close to what I'm wearing to work today. I really wanted to fill out the extras box more…but I realized I don't do much as far as that goes.

No. 96703

oh anon I love that perfume so much! really want to try Sucre as well but I'm waiting for my birthday

No. 96704

Whew anon, you seem to be crush material

No. 96706

File: 1537808061883.png (3.01 MB, 2690x2054, thing.png)

This is my current favourite outfit!

No. 96709

File: 1537811638153.png (1.63 MB, 2720x2120, outfit1.png)

my style is pretty basic but i think it looks good. i'll occasionally throw on a black beret if it's chilly enough outside.

No. 96720

To anons that wear thigh highs: How do you pull it off without looking weird? Do you have to be super skinny to look nice in them?

I've been wanting to welcome them in my wardrobe for years but i always get self conscious if I'll look stupid with them.

No. 96736

Thin legs, basic colours, they do still look odd but(imo they look fully retarded with shorts. It’s like sports wear for people who don’t understand sports) embrace it.

No. 96740

You don't have to be super skinny for them to look nice. I think most of the time when they look weird it's because they have patterns and they go up too high. Stick to solid, basic colors (like >>96720 said). I fold the top down so they're only a few inches above my knee and wear tights to keep them up and to keep my legs smooth.

No. 96744

you know they make tights that look like thigh highs right?

No. 96748

Calzedonia has a few I think, cat-themed ones also

No. 96749

File: 1537858840167.gif (1.94 MB, 440x332, reeeee.gif)

i'm gonna take that as a compliment

No. 96750

Not that anon and I don't wear thigh highs/tights anymore, but I always preferred actual socks for their heavier knit and strategic bunching. The sagging is definitely the trade off, though.

No. 96766

File: 1537885953661.jpg (499 KB, 2690x2113, itried.jpg)

Not exactly accurate but close enough I suppose.

No. 96769

oh i love those little spider earrings

No. 96775

File: 1537898890970.png (156.41 KB, 595x469, outfitgrid.png)

i dunno, man, i like to think i have a cute style in cold weather

No. 96851

File: 1537943248260.png (3.32 MB, 2690x2113, clothes.png)

I wish I didn't dress like shit. I really admire the kind of clothes Zooey Deschanel wears but I couldn't wear any of it because I'm overweight. I plan on losing weight and completely re-doing my wardrobe to be a little more interesting before I start working.

No. 97136

File: 1538275410438.png (300.98 KB, 720x622, my assthetic.png)

I call this one art hoe on the go

No. 97306

File: 1538443474546.jpg (1.05 MB, 2724x2152, 1535085705334.jpg)

No. 97308

File: 1538444888041.jpg (621.4 KB, 2583x2029, PicsArt_09-30-12.30.47.jpg)

omg I love Jonny she so cute

No. 97309

Your dog is precious! And I love that Einstürzende Neubauten shirt, you have good taste anon!

No. 97338

File: 1538483839151.jpg (658.5 KB, 2690x2113, outfit.jpg)

Pretty darn close to outfits I actually own but unfortunately don't get to wear often due to the kind of job I have.

No. 97342

File: 1538486445163.png (3.5 MB, 2690x2113, outfit.png)

i call this first day of being back at work after vacation.

No. 97344

nice. i love that black sweater with the red stripe too

No. 97346

>pink, blue, black, AND BROWN
REEE!!!! get some black trousers anon it will up ur look

No. 97347

omg are you latvian?

No. 97373

i actually usually wear black skinny jeans! i just don't have any black mom jeans lol

No. 97379

lmao no sorry anon im Ukrainian

No. 97387

ahh alright, the kvass brand is latvian so i assumed lmao
eastern europoor unity!

No. 97397

LOVE this!

No. 97453

File: 1538619583273.jpg (1.84 MB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.jpg)

I realized I missed a few things. I feel like I'm an emo kid still but I'm not sure. My favourite part about an outfit is having a bag that stands out/unique. If you live in my city I've for sure outed myself.

No. 97520

anon, what boots are those? they're beautiful and my life depends on finding out.

No. 97521

this thread is making me realize that i literally have no style ._.
whos gonna help me become less ugly?

No. 101897

File: 1543700863057.jpg (787.9 KB, 2690x2113, favestuff.jpg)

Resurrecting this thread because it's v. cute and I love checking out everyone's style.
Also, I'm really feeling myself in these clothes and I'm quite happy with the wardrobe I've built lately

No. 101916

File: 1543710636625.png (2.92 MB, 2688x2112, fashion.png)

It's interesting to see how LC people dress! Pic is me this summer, I didn't include my bag because it's just a black computer bag.

No. 101920

i'd give anything to have your shirt/jacket, your entire wardrobe is so cute

No. 101928

File: 1543724578045.jpg (444.62 KB, 2690x2113, clothestemp.jpg)

No. 101945

That shirt in the top left is mega cute anon, where is it from? Love everything you wear.

No. 101973

same, i love unique bags and shoes also! that avocado bag is so cute!

No. 101979

The shirt is this one: https://www.chicwish.com/frolic-florets-embroidered-stripe-top-with-bell-sleeves.html
Seems like it’s out of stock unfortunately, but they have a very similar one here: https://www.chicwish.com/stripes-charisma-top-with-bell-sleeves.html
I recommend searching for ‘embroidered top’ on the site for many cute results.

No. 101981

Thanks anon! In case you're serious: The t-shirt is from Maje and the sweater from Sandro. They're both sold out but popular pieces often make a comeback the following year with those brands.

Forgot to say that I would steal this lovely outfit in a heartbeat if those colours suited me.

No. 101985

File: 1543767085034.jpg (640.91 KB, 2690x2113, clothes.jpg)

This is generally what I wear to work most of the time and at the weekend I will sub the shirt for a t-shirt or a turtle neck jumper. I wear a lot of button down shirts and wear them with plain cardis because my office is baltic (my coworkers run the air con even though it is winter!)In the midst of growing my hair out too so it's at that awkward-ugly in between pixie stage at the moment so I have been wearing a headscarf to cover it lately. But yeah. That's me.

No. 101999

File: 1543777793498.jpg (760.65 KB, 2696x2120, winter18-19.jpg)

Neither of the acne items are real, the scarf is a knock off from aliexpress and the sweater is just the most similar I could find to the one I wore today.

No. 102017

File: 1543789329314.png (2.5 MB, 2688x2112, imnotevenbritish.png)

This is a bit too much fun. I'll stop now.

No. 102035

File: 1543794864020.png (3.05 MB, 2690x2113, B176FD58-E500-449D-A4DE-DB6055…)

Trying to avoid jackets for as long as possible by wearing heat tech underneath. I hate carrying around a jacket while inside.

No. 102357

File: 1544052610685.png (6.93 MB, 3728x2088, ivelikedyouforathousandyears.p…)

i finally put together one of those
tried to replicate my wardrobe as faithfully as possible

actually plenty of pieces i actually own

No. 102391

Looking good anon!
Could you tell me where I could get a jacket like your floral one? I've been looking for something like it.

No. 102419

i love this, where do you usually shop?

No. 102442

File: 1544148145563.png (2.19 MB, 2688x2116, outfit.png)

i like pins

No. 102443

anon i'm sorry but with those glasses i get serious jeffery dahmer vibes…

No. 102444

Source on that backpack/handbag ?

No. 102449


this bitch has a serial killers/unsolved mysteries tumblr

No. 102478

I love this!

No. 102489


Oh dear sadly that one is from a national shop
(the brazillian youcom)
but modcloth has something on the same vein as in "floral parka" https://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/fully-frosty-floral-parka-blutsgeschwister-in-grey-floral/159142.html

Keeping an eye on those "quirky"brands (modcloth, miss patina) is always a good go
a bit pricey but one fun piece usually cheers up the whole outfit

No. 102490

Hot af!

No. 102491

File: 1544231317137.png (3.55 MB, 2690x2113, 1535085705334.png)

i call it french orphancore

No. 102493

love the rosebud slave, bb

No. 102494

I'm in love with this!

No. 102497

File: 1544243254339.jpeg (630.48 KB, 2690x2113, D2BE1FE8-59B2-43B4-B39C-C7B2EA…)

I try to go for more an artfag look I guess, I avoid dressing weeby so my art teacher can take me seriously and so unpleasant furries/weebs that talk about hentai in public at school don't approach me.
Doing this was really fun and made me realize I need more clothes wew
I love a lot of the styles you farmers have!

No. 102499

I have the same exact kanken as you, anon. Yellow ones are really the cutest, aren’t they? Cool Tomie shirt too!

No. 102504

>I avoid dressing weeby
You have a manga t-shirt though?

No. 102514

She has big rilakkuma accessories too. The most basic of weeb shit.

No. 102518

This is very lovely anon, i'm jealous. Do you have any favorite stores, or online shops you buy from?

No. 102537

They really are! Yellow is an underrated color imo. Ty anon, its one of my favorite t-shirts!

I should’ve said that I avoid dressing weeby at school specifically, sorry for the confusion!

To be fair most people here don’t know who Rilakkuma is, even the weebs. They just think it’s a cute bear so it’s pretty safe to carry around.

No. 102539

The sweater and scarf are from Earth Music&Ecology, the skirt is from Majestic Legon. I’m a jp anon so I’ve just been buying cheap winter stuff from Shinjuku Lumine since it’s close to the station and I’m lazy.

It might be worth it to look up the online version of the shops in Lumine if you like the style though. It’s all pretty much like this right now.

No. 102540

Thank you so much!! I like it too, I think it lets me look feminine without showing too much or putting in too much effort. If you can't tell, I shop a lot at Muji and Uniqlo lol - the bag, jacket, and crackers (haha I had two packages of them in my bag when I made this, b*tches be snackin) on here are from Muji and the dress, turtleneck and socks are Uniqlo. I think Reformation and Urban pieces are also on here, but I shop at Urban less and less because I'm trying to be more responsible when I shop. The shoes are from Boden (boots), Swedish Hasbeens (clogs), and some rare Adidas release where the suede is like, really fuzzy, it's cute. I would say those are the main places and brands that I shop. Oh, there's also an Etsy shop I really like called LaisVintage. None of her pieces are on this meme but I have a couple from her, she's a great seller and her style is very similar to mine. For me it's less about the style of the clothes a place makes and more about knowing all their pieces are going to be high quality for the price, then looking hard for the ones I like. Other than these places I also like Olive Clothing, Realisation, Alexachung and Rouje, but with these it's more window shopping because my budget hasn't caught up to my taste yet lolol. This is probably so TMI but I hope it helps! Live your best cutest rich french orphan dreams

No. 102582

File: 1544367419076.png (2.9 MB, 2690x2113, aaaa.png)

This is an example of one of my daily looks, i like bold colours and textures and whenever i go anywhere whether it's just to uni or to a party I try and put together something interesting.

No. 102592

I like this, it's 80's cool cartoon girl style.

No. 102594

File: 1544374638645.png (1.72 MB, 2690x1904, style.png)

This is my " I don't know how to style colours and it's cold outside" look

No. 102620

This is cute as hell, minus the beret and glasses. I'm sure they look nice on you but they're not for me. I especially like that skirt. Where's it from?

No. 102641

This looks cool af

No. 102643

File: 1544395283553.jpg (632.57 KB, 1500x1178, im grandma.jpg)

Winter Style: old woman trapped inside a young woman's body edition

No. 102646

File: 1544396866096.jpg (762.64 KB, 2690x2113, ninjaweeb.jpg)

"Hey anon can I borrow your phone for a second mine died"

me: sure lemme just find it! rips my case off at the speed of light and changes anime background to family picture

I don't think I'll ever stop being a weeb.

No. 102682

File: 1544420073897.jpg (323.53 KB, 1273x1000, chart.jpg)

How do I dress for my 30's? I like all the stuff that's not flattering anymore, like bows, ruffles, and pink.

No. 102690

thanks for replying, kind anon!

No. 102692

I like what you posted, it's not childish or anything. Keep wearing it in your 30s, I don't see the logic in intentionally becoming frumpy just to ~dress your age~ anyway.

Where is the coat from btw?

No. 102696

I love this. I feel like I’m too short to pull off this look well though.

No. 102704

Nah, this is cute and elegant. Don't let the sad, 27 year old Wal Mart clothes wearing farmers on Lolcow who think a hairbow is "children's clothing" drag you down.

No. 102714

File: 1544449088732.png (3.2 MB, 2690x2113, a mood.png)

my wardrobe is all over the place because I'm very nonconfrontational and therefore the go-to dumping ground for most of my family's hand-me-downs but this is a look I've been feeling lately

No. 102720

Thanks! I've actually seen one woman around my uni who is around 5'1" or so who also partakes in the long skirts and looks good. Don't let your height hold you back; you, too, can be a grandma!
If anything I'd say it makes it easier to find skirts that go past the knees lol.

No. 102731

i'm GAY for you anon

No. 102732

Do you wear wigs?

No. 102740

>cheetah print fur jacket

Ah yes GOOD

No. 102766

go off u saucy bitch

No. 102772


I love you anon, that made my day.


No, I just been going to the same hairdresser for years and she help me grow my hair. I have a regiment.

No. 102803


I love you too and hope you're always having a nice day!

No. 102817

Nothing she posted is even childish, anon.

No. 102846

Um…That's exactly my point. Reread my post. It's only a certain breed of posters who would sperg out at her about "dressing her age". I've seen them both in this thread and in the r/femalefashionadvice thread defending hideous outfits and screeching at people for wearing ribbons.

No. 103037

you seem really pressed about people not liking hairbows, anon

No. 103071

Yeah no, that's not cute or elegant that looks like a style mess composed out of leftovers from the last several years

No. 103074

Then why mention anything about it being childish if you dont think its childish? Youre the only one talking about it

No. 103083

there's not even any hairbows in the pic she mentioned.

anyway i think anons ITT are too insecure. in reality most people don't give a shit what you wear, and most anons flinging the insults are obviously insecure as well.

when you "grow up" you learn that fashion is about you. and as long as you don't get called out at work, who cares.

No. 103091

I used it as an example after seeing it in the other thread, and anon was talking about her own clothes not being "flattering" to her age. You sound like hit dogs hollering .
Stop sperging out about other people's clothes if you don't want your autism referred to later, I guess.

No. 103093

Shut up already, you are literally the only person sperging. Calm down, loser. No1curr

No. 103096

>stop sperging about other people's clothes
>insulting someone who basically agrees with you


No. 103101

Stop shitting up the thread, retard(s). You don't even have any reason to argue, it's pathetic and useless.

No. 103110

File: 1544747734103.png (2.04 MB, 1600x1257, winter.png)

Winter's great, I love it.

No. 103129

File: 1544764550130.png (1.39 MB, 1345x1054, thingy.png)

this thread is fun

No. 103130

where did you find this back pack?? im in absolute love with it and i need it

No. 103131

File: 1544766019547.jpg (97.48 KB, 660x720, 1537411602392.jpg)


No. 103164

File: 1544806739606.png (263.59 KB, 700x550, clothes-thing.png)

nowadays i don't really leave the house other than to do grocery shopping so i stopped caring about how i dress. this seems to be my wintertime everyday uniform.

No. 103248

Thanks for the opinions, anons!

I don't own the exact coat and can't find the origin, but Modcloth, Macy's, and Ruche have similar ones sometimes. I bet taobao would, too.

Could you post some fashion examples that are more cohesive and modern? Genuinely asking, as I'm out of the loop.

Sorry for causing debate ITT

No. 103293

ballet flats in 2018?

No. 103308

You're annoying

No. 103348

File: 1544927863408.png (5.08 MB, 2690x2113, messylol.png)

I was always afraid I'd get roasted in this thread, lol. Some of you have really great taste–I'm jelly.

I'm a sucker for a trouser and some loafers. Also giant bias-cut dresses and massive statement earrings.

No. 103404

File: 1544999560417.png (538.31 KB, 962x754, wow .png)

I didn't realize I'm such an insufferable person until making this. I'm really sick of my style, it's boring monochrome thrift store schoolgirl and not in a cute way. In terms of hair/looks, I'm constantly told I look like Akashi from tatami galaxy.

I got a job at Kate Spade and I'm struggling to shift my wardrobe into that sort of style. I desperately need colors and accessories…

No. 103418

File: 1545011296636.png (3.98 MB, 2696x2112, Normiecore.png)

My advice to adding color is find a eyeshadow palette you REALLY LOVE and base your wardrobe around it.

Pic attached is my basic everyday wardrobe, I was a goth all throughout school but started to add more color into my wardrobe as I went to university. I brought the Smashbox Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette and fell in love with colors and decided to move my wardrobe over to similar tones with lots of texture secondhand Vivienne Westwood and McQueen.

I also used a capsule wardrobe planner to help me get to wear I wanted to be as I had SO much crap that I didn't wear, didn't fit or didn't have anything that matches.

No. 103419

File: 1545011955155.jpg (1.25 MB, 1762x1808, Capsule-Wardrobe-Guide-01.jpg)

Here is the wardrobe planner I used and I put in my color palette as a guide so I hope this helps.

No. 103420

do you work at a chinese grocery store?

No. 103422

Try shopping in more mature stores? one of my fav stores is Forcast, they have elegant but feminine clothing! Maybe just have one stand out piece like a frilly top or jewelry but everything else more plain? I mean you can rock anything at any age even pink (my favourite colour btw) lol.

No. 103437

Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn't heard of Forcast, but their clothing looks nice.

No. 103458

File: 1545085235983.png (4.18 MB, 2690x2113, Untitled.png)


ty anons!! the skirt is from Pull & Bear!

this is an outfit I'm wearing for boxing day, as you can tell i love leopard print and red lol

No. 103459

File: 1545085299471.jpg (1.18 MB, 2690x2113, bla.jpg)

This is me 9 out of 10 work days. It's basic as hell, but I really don't care because I'm comfy. I have nice clothes as well, but then everyone at work asks whether I'm going on a date afterwards.
No makeup and no accessories except on weekends.
It's a really cushy office job btw, just a very loose dress code. My boss comes in in sweatpants most of the time.

No. 103497

File: 1545163649158.jpg (1.25 MB, 2690x2113, Clothes.jpg)

This is pretty much what I wear on a daily basis. No style in mind, just bought items I liked that were of a lasting quality. I don't care about having a "look." This is also nearly my entire closet. I live out of my backpack.

No. 103594

File: 1545271096387.jpg (1.12 MB, 2688x2112, 1535085705334.jpg)

The "goth but not really" starter pack

No. 103596

W2c jacket?

No. 103636

No. 103647

Where to get those boots?
They look awesome!

No. 103657

nvm, found it:

> doesn't ship internationally

They're perfect! Honestly, this just sucks.

No. 103658

You can always try to buy them on ebay used. Lots of sellers ship around the world and I see them listed on there often.

No. 103659

Hmmm…good thinking.
Thanks, anon!
I'm going to take a look.

No. 103705

I love your taste anon, where did you get the belt?

No. 103756

What is everyone wearing for Christmas? I need ideas.

No. 104231

File: 1546044168983.png (4.15 MB, 2690x2113, df.png)

i call this "generic winter fashion of a 20-y/o in a southeastern city"

No. 104235

File: 1546046389546.png (3.07 MB, 2690x2113, fuck you.png)

something like this probably

No. 104241

My pjs :'(

No. 104252

Sorry but I love your wardrobe

No. 104359

the best out of all

No. 104368

Please tell me you actually dress like this, anon.

No. 104399

forgot to respond, I'm peanut butter and jelly!!!

No. 104469

ye lol i do

thank u bbys uwu~

No. 104721

File: 1546541096581.png (520.16 KB, 1504x1180, grid.png)

super rad
cute shoes

No. 104738

This is one of the cutest ones here anon. Not to be forward but I love you

No. 104769

File: 1546570911295.jpg (932.3 KB, 2690x2113, sortbyhigh.jpg)

This is my 'just got £5000 and lost 15kg/hit up Net-a-Porter and sort by high' look… yeah.

No. 104770

File: 1546571396330.jpg (937.27 KB, 2466x1937, everyday.jpg)

No. 104814

ooooh love the shoes anon!

No. 104822

Deets on the shoes, please?

No. 104834

w2c that jacket and dress?

No. 104836

Not that anon but those are the Rylee medium boots by Chloé.

No. 105087

No. 105329

File: 1547039941657.png (2.56 MB, 2690x2113, a.png)

Here is my "it's freezing outside and I can't wear anything interesting" - winter essentials.

No. 105332

that jacket and shoes are everything!

No. 105338

How do you pee while wearing that top? They seem so impractical.

No. 105339


I think bodysuits have crotch snaps.

No. 105384

File: 1547071648665.jpg (110.24 KB, 960x960, mlcv2vffbas01[1].jpg)

Speaking as someone who wore a lot of leotards/tights, pull everything down and pee topless.

No. 105504

File: 1547155182815.jpg (1.63 MB, 2690x2113, um.jpg)

I love just… so many of these looks

No. 105540

Thank u kind anon!
And yeah, bodysuits with crotch snaps are easy to use.

No. 107334


i love your style anons!! do you have any favourite stores that you would recc?

where did you get that jacket n dress? They look amazing!

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