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No. 93278

Whats it like having an older/ younger brother?

I wish I had a brother

No. 93279

I used to have a older step brother who was 8 years older than me, he was a unsufferable cunt.

No. 93284

File: 1535260657132.jpg (1.09 MB, 1662x2000, 1475098687856.jpg)

I wish I had an older brother who could look after me or a younger brother I could annoy

No. 93286

My younger brother isn’t the fun kind, he’s a neet with a number of mental issues that I couldn’t even begin to diagnose. He’s not very social and as his sister, I even struggle to get any communication out of him. He’s painfully shy and awkward and generally hard to be around. I always wanted to have a close friendship with my siblings so it’s really sad tbh. My sister is a fakeboi so I might as well list her too. Brothers, in my experience are a total let down.

No. 93295

File: 1535269053266.jpg (108.5 KB, 534x800, 800px_COLOURBOX9058267.jpg)

Got two older brothers. My eldest-older brother is an obese alcoholic with a bad personality. Can't stand being around him. Won't write any more about him.

I like my middle-older brother. Despite having the personality of a loner background-character, he somehow was always sort of perfect too; which I used to be jealous of. He did sports, he'd get good grades, was good looking, would never get in trouble with mom and dad (despite partying, etc. he'd just never get caught somehow, unlike his siblings who always got caught).

All of my friends had a crush on him (but they never dated him, we're 5 years apart), and he seemed pretty popular in his own grade as well. For some reason, he never seemed to have a girlfriend, and I kind of thought that he might be gay (he's not though).

My middle-older brother is and was very stoic and quiet. We didn't interact much; he just hung out in his room a lot; we'd never talk, except on family trips, but even then, he would just be playing gameboy color or something (back, in the 90's). Our interactions were pretty shallow.

My earliest memory of a meaningful interaction with my middle-older brother was in junior year of high school. I caught my boyfriend making out with another girl; and dumped him on the spot. The shithead followed me home, crying and apologizing. He wouldn't leave. We were fighting loudly outside the house; for some reason I wanted him to leave before I opened the door, I guess I thought he might follow me inside, and that would be awful, or something like that, I don't really know what my logic was. My middle-older brother came outside, and that was my chance to go inside without the shithead now ex following me.

I thought that my middle-older brother would get aggressive; which made me scared, cause I'd feel really guilty if the shithead hurt him in a fight. Instead, he seemed unusually sweet; and was comforting the shithead, offering him a ride home even. This pissed me off a lot, "you're supposed to be on my side. you don't even know him," I thought. But the shithead left, and then middle-older brother came upstairs and knocked on the door of my room, told me shithead left, told me the doors were locked, and asked if I wanted to talk about what happened. I said I didn't, and he said "ok".

Then he took me out to breakfast, the next day, just the two of us. I don't think that ever happened before. He was unusually open. He told me that he felt guilty about not being a better brother, that he should have been looking out for me more. He said that he should have been friendlier, and talked to me more, or helped me with my homework. I reassured him that he was a good brother. He said that he wasn't a bad brother, not mean or anything, but not a good one either; that he treated me more like a roommate to be ignored, and he apologized for that, and said that he'd try to change. He blamed the fact that he's introverted, likes being alone too much. I said that he shouldn't feel guilty, but I'd be glad to hang out more.

We never did become closer like we planned though. We're still on good terms, but not buddy-buddy. I think he's just way too introverted, and I have my own problems (social anxiety); and the combination of that means that neither of us takes the initiative to force interaction.

No. 93296

no avatarfagging, op.

No. 93297

File: 1535271093520.jpg (99.73 KB, 800x680, 1530256302088.jpg)

it's not great. I have a younger brother.

One time when I was 18 and he was 16 we were sharing a hotel room and I woke up in the middle of the night to find him lying naked on the floor masturbating behind his bed. I went to hide in the bathroom and pretended I hadn't seen him. The next morning I was furious and I didn't really have the language to explain why to our parents. I think I blamed my anger on him not flushing the toilet. I wouldn't speak to him and my parents thought I was being ridiculous. I was so upset.

My dad used to beat the shit out of me until I was in my early 20s I think that lead to my brother also assaulting me a few times as an adult. He thinks he was justified in doing it because I used to pick on him when we were children. He doesn't see the difference between kids fighting and an adult man attacking a woman unprovoked.

The worst part is that I'm a total recluse/shut in with mental problems and he's the closest thing I have to a friend. And I hate him.

No. 93298

I have a younger brother. We were close as kids but now we live in different cities and see each other maybe twice a year and never call or text. It sucks but we don't really have anything in common.

No. 93299

Have a younger brother, as kids we annoyed and beat the shit out of each other, as teenagers we fought tooth and nails and as adults we argue.
But I also threatened his bullies in school like some mobster, drove him to appointments when he couldn't drive and let him live with me when times were dire.
So yeah, we're all just humans I guess.

No. 93308

My brother is five years younger than me. When we were growing up things were going not so great with our parents and I ended up having to take care of him when I was way too young to do it, and I wasn't so good at it.

Our relationship is nonexistent. I moved away from home five years ago and haven't talked to him since. I don't have his phone number and he's not my Facebook friend. Sometimes my parents tell me what he's been up to but that is all.

No. 93311

File: 1535290757830.gif (2.32 MB, 240x130, 1533577647876.gif)

Jesus, I used to think I wanted more siblings, but after reading the replies thank God I didn't.

I'm sorry for all of the annoying and horrible siblings you guys had. Hopefully they're all far away and not part of your lives now.

No. 93316

It's good.

My younger half brother is only 10 years old, but he's really just like my full brother cos his father is a failure piece of shit who ignores his existence. He asked MY father to go to his fathers day breakfast at his school so that really says it all. He's a pretty happy, chill/friendly kid. He loves hanging out with me, dancing and Michael Jackson and video games. I fear him turning into an incel tier retard cos he doesn't really have friends, never asks to go over anyones house or bring any school mates over plus porn and all that really concerns me, unlike my older brother I really see him living his life online, being brought up In the generation of living on a screen since you were born and I know once he gets older he's going to have a lot of anger and resentment toward his father which could make him bitter. I guess I just don't want him to grow up to be a piece of shit but I don't think he will.

My older brother is 3 years older than me and we get on like a house on fire. He was never the shut in stay on the internet all day type as a teenager (which is where we differ completely lel) he was always outside and in the graffiti/street scene in high school, he had a rats tail, he was a typical dero, always had heaps of friends, loved to throw parties much to my dads annoyance. I love him a lot, we have a lot of mutual interests we like the same music, sports, humour, drugs (kek) and he agrees with me on tranny bullshit negatively affecting women even though he's a lefty. We fight sometimes but thats normal. He's a really kind man, good person and it sucks he has low self esteem regarding relationships and career prospects.

Overall I love having brothers but I know a lot of girls who are abused by them. I guess I'm lucky my siblings and I have never maliciously bullied each other. My dad always said you should feel safe in your home and theres going to be all sorts of people out there in the world who try to bring you down, you shouldn't come home and get it from your siblings of all people, too.

oh and I have another half brother who is also 10 years old but I've never met him. I was only just made aware of his existence this year. I don't know why both my parents decided to procreate with complete dropkick losers after they broke up but in saying that, my younger bro whom I love to bits wouldn't be here so I guess it was just meant to be.

No. 93318

My brother is my best friend and pretty much the only person who treats me well because I have autism.

No. 93319

I have younger twin brothers and I can honestly tell you that if you had one, you wouldn't want one. Growing up they were terribly spoiled by my parents while I was expected to get all A's in school, do housework and all aspects of my life were controlled by my parents ("Where are you going? When will you be back? Who will be there? Is your phone fully charged and taken off silent? You're not going wearing that, go up and change."). None of these rules applied to my brothers. Even my extended family would side with my brothers and call me "hysterical" or a "bitch" when they gaslighted me.

They're fun to hang around with sometimes but it's pretty short-lived because I'm always reminded of the fact that they're typical men pretty quickly. Even today, my brothers will keep me up until 5am shouting with their friends on Fortnite when I have an exam the next day, if they want the TV/computer I'm expected to give it up for them to avoid a tantrum even if I'm working, if the house is unclean I'm blamed and screamed at even though it's always their mess, they get given money and gifts whenever they want while I have to work part time to pay for necessities like transport/food/phone bills and haven't bought clothes for myself in years. If there's an argument, my parents will side with my brothers (to anyone who doesn't have siblings there's always a favorite child and if you're unlucky enough to not be favourited by either parent, your life is basically miserable and being female makes you far, far less likely to be a favourite). I fought for a lot of freedoms for my brothers that I didn't have as a teenager because I thought they'd appreciate it (like getting to stay out late, drinking, going to clubs) but because they were just given to them and they didn't have to fight for them, they didn't notice or care. I'm still expected to help them with their college work also (recently I had to write multiple essays for my brother that he was too fucking lazy to do during the year because my mom said if I didn't, he'd have to repeat the college year and it would cost her a fortune).

Read the man-hate thread because having a brother is just having a lazy, entitled, spoiled man in the house.

No. 93321

Sucks to be you. I’m the family princess

No. 93324

What I've gleaned from this thread is that you'll have shitty brothers if your parents raise them to be that way. Mostly unsurprising.

I'm an only but always wanted an older sister, spoilered since it's OT.

No. 93325

literally why the fuck would you want that

like, nothing about it even seems remotely desirable

No. 93327

I have a brother 2 years older than me and I'm really grateful, our childhood was fucked up because of our dad and I don't know what we would do without each other.

Basically my dad was constantly cheating on my mom until they finally divorced when I was 8. I remember coming home from school and finding our mom crying everyday for a while and it was really hard but having each other helped escape and take our minds off of it for a while. So we didn't bond under great circumstances but I think if I didn't have him the whole situation would have really fucked me up.
We have our arguments and everything and different personalities but in the end he is my best friend and someone I know I can always count on.
But looking at my male cousins they are all such assholes, they were raised by their parent like they were kings just because they were boys, so I think I just got really lucky with my brother.

Also my dad got married again (to girl 2 years older than me lol) and she's pregnant so I'm gonna have a younger brother too…

No. 93331

I think I would be less awkward if I had more male influences growing up. My best friend in the youngest out of 4 brothers and her house is always so comfy. It’s small and always messy but there is always something going on and everyone looks out for each other. All I have to look forward to at my house is a sad lonely existence.

No. 93335

File: 1535308934931.png (51.65 KB, 724x135, Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 11.4…)

i like having a younger brother, especially now that we're both adults. i have a nurturing streak and like taking care of people but total responsibility for someone else freaks me out, so being an older sister is kind of perfect. i get to give him advice and help him out sometimes but if i can't be bothered it's nbd because i'm not his mom kek.
also our parents are crazy possible narcs so we give each other emotional support with that and compare notes to remind each other that we're not the crazy ones. if either of us were an only child with our parents we'd be so fucked up, probably lifelong NEETs at our mom's house or something.

No. 93337

I have two brothers, one six years older and one four years older. Most of my memories from childhood are of them, it feels like they basically raised me despite the fact my mom wasn't working when I was small and obly warked part time when I was in elementary school. I'd spend a lot of time with my second brother watching him play games or watching naruto together, but he also beat me often (but I don't recall ever getting actually hurt lol, it was mostly bitchslapping) and even though that sounds awful I remember it fondly lol. He never made me cry or anything, I feel like he just treated me like he would a little brother I guess.

We don't really talk to each other often as adults. I've grown closer to my sister (8 years older) and I hate the fact that my brother and I were kinda leagued up against her because she was "crazy" as a teen (as in, had issues that are common for teenage girls but dealing with them with basically no support system because of our emotionnally distant parents). Even now they haven't really changed their opinion of her.

I also tend to feel like I need my oldest brother's approval whenever I see him but he never says anything positive. He always asks what I'm going to do with school and career when we see each other, amd ignores all things I do (painting, baking) that aren't related to academic success. My other brother is really nice though and he doesn't give a shit about these stuff.

In short I think having brothers/siblings is cool but less cool when your parents don't teach you to express love and kindness to people. I've grown to be super cheesy and love showering friends with affection but never in my life have I said to a sibling I loved them. We'll probably grow further apart as time goes and we stop visiting our parents as often and I find it kinda sad.

No. 93348

I'm kind of tomboyish so my brother is perfect to me. He always buys me video games

No. 93386

Older brother, 6 years difference.
He made fun of pretty much everything I ever did. I just stopped talking to him one day and we haven't had a full conversation since I was like 8, despite living in the same house.

He's also incredibly spoiled and a huge manchild so I don't really regret not having a relationship with him.

No. 93406

Pretty cringe how op thinks having a brother is moe and kawaii like in anime.

No. 93407

Awful. My older brother is a wigger wannabe and is an ignorant, negative dumbass with multitudes of problems. I forget about him all the time and always believe I'm an only child until someone asks if I have siblings.

My thoughts exactly.

No. 93409

My older brother is a gay ass bitch who made fun of me for taking anxiety meds and started spreading shit about me to all the middle-aged moms in our small town and then started whoring himself out online and going on holidays with his sugar daddy.

No. 93412

Terrible. Got beat up a lot as a kid (and there's five years between us so he was always 5 years stronger than me too), couple concussions, and he defended my rapist ex boyfriend when he started stalking me because "He just misses you."

Brothers are probably great but mine isn't.

No. 93413

I have an older brother, 6 years older than me. It's always been pretty good honestly. We share interest, mostly because I started copying him from a certain age and then developed a personality of my own. I got to read his comics and play his videogames and we still talk a lot about them.

No. 93437

I have an older brother who I get along fine with now we're both adults, but we're not particularly close. I love and am very protective of my teenaged younger brother as he's on the spectrum ( we're not sure exactly what it is) It's mild enough that he still has friends and a social life but he's very disinterested in typical, hypersexualised and rebellious teenage culture. He's growing up completely differently to how I did and I'm very grateful. I visit home often to see him and my parents.

No. 93444

Me and my older brother have a 5 year age difference. He’s over 2m, used to weigh over 100kg and had a penchant for beating me up or just generally verbally attack me for the most minuscule things. He once put me in a chokehold so bad I couldn’t breathe and told me to kill myself a few times (I was suicidal and my whole family knew this).

He’s not shitty all the time and was pretty great when I was younger but sometimes it’s difficult to remember that when he treats me like shit. I guess it’s a typical sibling dynamic but it still sucks.

No. 93447

I have a younger brother, 7 years younger. I used to resent him when I was younger because he is the golden child while I am the scapegoat(my mom is def cluster b, prob narcissistic). But now I love him and I am happy he didnt have to experience what I have experienced.

We have a bit to big of an age gap to be good friends, but we get along and have a healthy brother-sister relationship.

No. 93585

I have 2 older brothers. One i don't even consider a brother because of how much emotional and physical abuse he put me through. I don't acknowledge he exists because he fucked me up.
The other one is pretty much just… there? On the bad side he would yell at me randomly and one day threw a shoe at my face "just because". I attribute that mostly to a temper everyone in the family has.
Honestly, when we were kids he was fine because I liked watching him play vidya. He also did my tattoos for me and helped me out with a few things. But I always felt that he's not a brother but like a neighbor. That's how distant we are.

I've always admired people who got along with their siblings. Like I wish i had different brothers who I could go out to eat with or play vidya or watch movies with. Or brothers who would care if I was dating someone to protect me or could help me with life in general. Instead I got a sociopath and a stranger

No. 93734

File: 1535680238195.jpeg (28.83 KB, 500x375, 83442415-74A4-4525-8F9E-CE48CA…)

You mean well adjusted families aren’t a myth?

No. 93738

File: 1535687028757.jpg (21.72 KB, 400x291, 99dfa113d037dd446c723a98e806bd…)


I have a big brother, 9 years older. We've never been super close, but I remember he'd sometimes play with me when I was a little girl. Like we'd have dance parties to silly music together, play tag, he'd give me piggyback rides. I also remember he had some silly nicknames he'd call me, like Sharkie, for one. I also remember, being the baby of the family, (my siblings being 9 and 10 years older) they'd do silly things sometimes like wrap me up in blankets like a burrito and sing "you are my sunshine" to me. Both of my siblings were pretty doting on me when I was little.

As we got older, my brother stopped coming around and we drifted apart. Now he's married and has kids of his own, we still see each other during the holidays and have a fairly neutral relationship. Occasionally making a bit of small talk about this or that. I have a much closer relationship with my big sister.

No. 93779

I don't have a brother, but my best friend has a brother who is older than her by 7 years. From the stories, it sounds like she was the butt of a lot of pranks.

When they were kids, he took her trick or treating. She wasn't old enough to read yet, so under the guise of painting her face her wrote the word 'TWAT' on her forehead and took her trick or treating like that.

Honest to god.

No. 93782

I have two big brothers. We get along well and I like both of them, but for whatever reason we don't have that sort of extremely close relationship where you tell each other everything and call/text everyday. We pretty much only talk when we're face to face. I think they have a closer relationship with each other than with me.

My older big brother is the most well-adjusted, he's just overall a very responsible and nice person. He gets along with everyone and keeps conversations going, and he's very easy to be around.

My younger big brother on the other hand was recently diagnosed with Asperger's, has been chronically depressed pretty much his whole life (doing better nowadays though), dislikes big crowds and parties, is a bit socially awkward and "blunt", etc. I'm not as close with him as with the other brother, because I'm not exactly the most outgoing person either. I still like him, but if we're alone it's a bit awkward, since we're both kinda weirdos but not in the same way, and we don't have much to talk about besides video games.

No. 93787

I have 3 brothers. 2 are much older than me (age gaps of 15 and 14 years), they always spoiled me when I was younger because they already had decent jobs while I was still in primary school. I'm pretty close to them and we've always got on.

My youngest brother is another story though. He's still older than me by two years. We used to fight all the time, and he'd beat me up a lot as a kid since he had really bad anger issues. He eventually started doing drugs, dropped out of school and left home to bum off our grandparents when my mum got sick of putting up with his shit and he started being violent towards her too. We're a little closer now since we don't live together, but he's still an asshole. I hate spending too much time with him even now because it takes very little to aggravate him, and he still scares me sometimes.

No. 93794

I have an older brother, he has always been jealous of me lol.
My childhood was mostly him trying to annoy me (went through a wrestle phase) or ruin my things.

I think he hated me for a long time. I only remember one time where he stood up to a school bully for me (I had many, most of the time he'd tell me to punch them very helpful so I never went to him for advice).

Apart from that he showed me some fun games online as a kid, I think it was also a competitive thing too lol. As adults we don't fight really, he's matured a lot (still has anger issues though) and kind of cares about me in a weird way.

No. 93879

It's complicated.

I have a brother who's 3 years younger than me, and while I love him now and we're the best of friends, when we were kids, I was AWFUL to him. I mean, I was awful to everyone, but he was just a kid. We would fight constantly. I feel like a monster now.

I love him immensely and we're confused for twins all the time, we have the same interests and we laugh at the same jokes. We're so close now, but I can't shake the guilt of how terrible I was, no matter how many times I apologize.

But then again, my family and childhood were severely fucked (not Soren's abuse story fucked but still). My story isn't the typical one.

No. 93906

I was molested by one of my brothers and the other brother always defends him. It's shitty as fuck. My parents also took his side and made sure he was punished by the law as little as possible (I told my parents, they did nothing, a few years later, I told a mandatory reporter). My parents also tried to get me as close to him as possible so our relationship "could mend", but I still see my brother look at me in that weird way I know all too well. He also gets very sensitive when I dress in anything that covers less than a t-shirt. It's so uncomfortable.

yeah, i got exposed to vidya games early, etc. etc., but my family had very much of "be a man, but clean up real nice as a girl" attitude. My brothers were always right over me and my sisters, because they're men, duh.

I am jealous of girls with no brothers. I wish I had a normal older sister that wasn't autistic.

No. 93907

oh yeah, molester brother also physically abused me often. I told my parents but they thought I was lying.

Idk, I think having a brother is okay if the family doesn't see masculinity > femininity. My parents were okay with my brothers teasing and being mean as shit to my older sister and that made me feel insecure about my typical feminine interests which I hid and did not pursue. Of course, you couldn't say anything remotely negative about men…

sorry for the pointless rant

No. 94828

I feel you anon, I am about 3 years older than my (only) brother and was quite the shit to him. It's even recorded on photos/film. I did some horribly shitty things that I think back on and just still want to cry. Like, how could I be such a monster to a cute innocent boy? I hope it didn't mess with his development in any way.

I've brought it up a few times and apologized but honestly I don't think he cares. Maybe at one time he did, but he has a wife & kids now and seems to be doing fine.

We used to be closer but have sort of drifted apart in recent years. I was hospitalized for some mental health issues and I think that pushed him away. I haven't been brave enough to really face that even though it's been years now. We still talk and stuff but I don't feel like it'll ever be the same. I thought time would heal the wounds but in this case.. I'm not sure.

No. 142099

File: 1592336922148.jpg (80.22 KB, 624x900, asuka-langley-soryu-rei-ayanam…)

its not always bad. my older brother is honestly the best kind of brother i could ask for. hes considerate, calm, a bit awkward, compassionate and always there to help in any way that he can. god im happy to have someone in my life who i can genuienly just chill with and be open about issues without everything ending up in heated argument. i hope im not too annoying to him.

my OLDER older brother on the other hand feels like almost the exact opposite. he always pushes his beliefs onto others, especially those regarding working ethics (he ALWAYS values hard work before first sorting through mental health issues and such)

No. 142110

My brother is 5 years older than me, we've never been close. Never had any fights either, just very distant from each other. The last couple of years he has been manipulating my dad and talked him into leaving his house solely to him in his will. I will basically get nothing. I've been a pretty good daughter but my dad favors my brother so sucks to be me I guess?

I always kind of wanted a sister.

No. 142138

When I was younger and anxious af,I kinda wanted to have a brother(younger,older didn't really matter as long as the age difference wasn't too big) so that I could go out late at night with him without having to worry.I know it's dumb but I thought I'd be a bit more free and safe like this

However,growing older,considering the amount of shitty males in my family, he would likely be a shithead too.And thinking that my younger sister lowkey bullies me,I think it would be worse if she was a guy


First of all my sister is way stronger than me despite being way younger(even though she hasn't done anything physical to me),but her mentality is so similar to my father's(which means lying,manipulative,selfish etc),that I don't think I'd be able to handle it from another man in the same household

>I always kind of wanted a sister.
saw your reply as I was finishing my post and obviously I disagree kek

No. 142141

My mom died when I was young so I think in my mind any female family member would've been something

No. 142142

I have a brother who's 8 years older than me. Pros are that he buys me gifts for my birthday and takes me out for lunch if we happen to be in town at the same time. Cons are that we barely know anything about each other because of the age gap. Talking to him isn't really like talking to a friend and there's still a sort of awkward formality where he tells me that I can talk to him about anything, but I obviously won't because we don't really know each other. Sometimes he tries to give me advice, but it doesn't really apply to my life. It's alright. 5/10 would recommend.

Obviously my experience is definitely not as bad as other anons, but I have friends who always tell me they wished they had an older brother so that someone would guide and take care of them. It's not exactly like that though, especially if you have a brother that's a lot older than you. For most of your life he won't really bother to get to know you until you're an adult he can actually have a conversation with (not that I blame him, when I was 18 I wouldn't have wanted to talk to a 10 year old either). I think that's something people tend to forget.

Also my best friend has a brother who is three years older than her. I almost feel like that's worse because he actually knows about most of the stuff we talk about and constantly makes fun of us for it.

No. 142148

Sorry for your loss anon.But honestly,if your sibling is shitty,gender doesn't really bring consolation.I believe you would probably even be frustrated as your sister wouldn't "get" you despite being the same gender.

But that's just my gamer theory

No. 142149

My brother is the best. He is 5 years older than me so we are not super close but we are pretty close because we have a lot in common, I can always talk to him about videogames or watch him play games. When we were younger he would always mess with me like make up new rules to games so he would win or put his feet up on my back like a footstool or just say crazy things until I feel like I'm crazy. It was annoying but when I think about it now it was fun.
Now he isn't that mean to me anymore but he still sometimes makes fun of me (but I don't mind that too much, I know he doesn't mean it and I make fun of him too) and also he is more caring to me now than when we were kids, not that he would admit it but actions speak more than words.
He is so smart and I want to be smart and successful like him.
It makes me sad that so many anons have bad brothers, I wish I could share my family with all of you.

No. 142150

I'm sorry, I clicked reply by accident but I didn't actually reply to your post.

No. 142180

My brother is a 'chad'. Doesn't resemble me whatsoever. His girlfriend is disturbingly pretty too. I kinda hate her… When she first came to our family home, she thought I was a maid because that's how far apart we look. Everyone comments on how good looking/hot he is and assume I'm just his friend. Shit like this really gets under my skin. Can't rip on him also. He really has no perceivable flaws. Not an asshole neither. He's also better at me at everything worthwhile. Like really freaking naturally talented at all things. Even animals love him. It can be insufferable at times. Meh could be worse though… and fortunately our parents don't play favorites even when it's clear the whole fucking universe favors him and along with all the gods if they exist.

No. 142182

I always blamed my 'meh' relationship with my brother on the fact that maybe 5 years is when the age difference is too much, but then I see anons here with great relationships despite a bigger difference. I guess I can stop blaming age now.

My family are all very emotionally cut off. I think factors like that are more important in determining it.

No. 142189

It's cool he's not an asshole to you though. That he doesn't put off airs of superiority, even though he easily could what with being the designated golden child of the universe.

My cousins are unaccomplished staceys/chads and they've always made it known that they think they're better than me and look down on me as a freak. Even though by objective standards I'm doing better than them and have more accomplishments. Same feelings of alienation as you, with people thinking there's no way we are related because we look and act unalike furthered by the fact that they treat me like a black sheep. They're bad people and I hate them and feel justified in it, maybe I have it lucky that I can feel good about my hate. /rant

No. 142190

op pic makes me uncomfortable and unhappy all the time

No. 142197

My brother is alright. He's six years younger than me and I have no complaints. I wish he would stop screeching at 3am over video games though. My favourite sibling tbh. My sister is a fucking bitch and I hope she dies and we both share a collective hatred towards her.

No. 142202

I have four older brothers but the age gap between them and I is pretty big. I'm not really close to any of them and one of them I haven't even seen or spoken to since the age of seven. When I was a young child up until the age of like eight I was really close to the youngest brother. We used to watch and play pokemon together and I would follow him around, I really admired him. He even punched a kid in the stomach for picking on me lol. Unfortunately once he hit puberty we grew apart and he started to hang around the bad crowd. I do still look back on the short period we were close fondly.

No. 142215

Got a brother and a sister, both older than me. Brother was the spoiled golden child and literally got everything handed to him, my dad in particular loved him and never gave two shits about us daughters. Brother got to do basically anything he wanted and he was never disciplined which lead to him becoming a smug fucking cunt who loved to fuck me over and beat me up just for the fun of it despite being much older and stronger than I was. Even as an adult he's still a judgemental, nasty cunt and never lost his golden child status. I'm in my early 30's and I don't even consider him a brother, he's just someone I had to grow up with. I barely have any contact with him.

Having a protective or even a normal older brother sounds like something that only happens in movies, the whole concept is so alien to me.

No. 142383

Dude, are you me? My family dynamic is the exact same right down to the age gap
But yes, having a brother is pretty cool as you can be more goofy with them and go full retard. Sisters are always pretty bitchy so I definitely like having my little brother to keep me sane

No. 148820

I have a brother who is five years older than me and he's just the best. He has always taken care of me and defended me and we are always joking, laughing and talking about interesting topics together. I just know I can count with him and that I'll be there for him as well.
I'd love to have a younger sibling, either a brother or a sister, I feel like I could be a nice guide for them? I don't know if that sounds weird. My friend has a younger brother and I love to talk and play with him, he's just a kid and that's such an interesting age because he's learning so much and he loves to share his new knowledge and it's so much fun.

No. 148821

I've got a younger brother and he's nice. We don't have the same interests but I am very protective of him. Honestly I'm just glad that I don't have a younger sister because I don't think I could stand it if she were prettier than me.

No. 148822

I have an older prother and our age difference is 6 years. We come from an abusive home so we both would hide out together & try to make the best of the situation so we were very close
He taught me how to make guys laugh and interact with them beyond the expectations of relationship or sex (doesn’t fend off all scrotes tho) and he taught me about some video games, sports, & cool ass underground bands
He’s since knocked his long term gf up, bailed on her for a heroin addict cam whore & ran away to be homeless on tropic island with her so my family & I haven’t heard from him in 1.5 years
So ime it’s cool to have a sibling when you’re younger but it can be heart breaking depending on the path they take

No. 148825

I have a very young (12) brother, he is quite annoying and fails at being funny most of the time but he can be cute and sweet sometimes. I hope he doesn't grow up to be like most men but I'm not too hopeful

No. 148842

File: 1598353510732.jpeg (23.21 KB, 236x272, A2C72A09-5D8B-462D-A0F7-C912E5…)

I have an older brother who is mentally 5 and 45 at the same time. He can be a spoiled prick whenever he wants, pretending to be unfiltered like kids and acting like a complete manchild. But the moment he has to work or talk with his friends/girlfriend, it’s like his brain flips a switch and solves lots of issues that his older coworkers make up, hell, his boss is a fucking tool and asks for his help at times.

It’s kind of frustrating at times, because sometimes I have to be like an older sister, but it’s even more frustrating because there are times in which he’s the older brother, who somehow knows about a bunch of shit, and it gets really patronizing at times.

No. 148857

I have a brother who is younger than me by 17 months. He's pretty chill. He was my only video game/anime friend as a kid. We also look a lot alike even though he's over a foot taller than me. People always asked if we were twins growing up.

No. 148866

File: 1598377773390.jpeg (199.63 KB, 1843x1749, 6DFFFC26-12A4-4158-AE8C-6951F2…)

This thread makes me feel so grateful. I love the shit out of my younger brother. He’s a bit of an autist but he knows how to cook and his apartment is more well decorated than mine. He’s more wifey materiel than me tbh. I love my little sister too. She’s my best friend.

God in grateful I’m not an only child

No. 148962

My brother is 13 years my junior and I did not grow up in the same house as him so we don't really have many memories. He is a very sweet kid who treats his friends well and is respectful to women thanks to his feminist mother. Seems like he's popular-ish at school and has had a few girlfriends which is amazing to me because I grew up as a complete loser who always pined for people that didn't like me back. It's kinda cute listening to him explain his dumb little puppy love stories and tell me excitedly about a recent game he is passionate about.

He's just recently started to get old enough to not be a complete retard fortnite kid so I'm looking forward to interacting with him more but we live in different countries now so it's even harder to bond. He absolutely adores me and wants to be a part of my life so badly. I just don't know how to give him that considering the age gap and time zones. I'm just waiting until he is university age, I bet we can get along just fine when he's older.

No. 148992

two of my brothers lived with me for majority of growing up. The brother two years older than me beat the shit out of me all the time growing up. I had my arm dislocated twice because he would (quote from my mother) "swing me around like a rag doll." I almost got taken away from my parents because the doctor saw bite marks all over my arms from when he bit me all the time. Yeah, my parents probably didnt do enough to protect me but he also had a habit of straight up running away and hiding when he realised he was in trouble. One time when I was probably about 8 he threw a toy of mine into an industrial skip on a building site and when I couldn't get out he left me there until night came. I had to pile up old furniture to stand on and climb out and when I got home he was sitting eating fucking sweets while my parents were about to call the police. He was constantly sitting in his disgusting bedroom with rubbish all over the floor screaming at his friends on xbox live at all hours of the day. From the age of 12 onwards he called me a slut, whore, bitch at every opportunity. I think he harbours resentment for me being the only girl and the "golden child." Neither of us were good children, we both did our share of fucked up stuff - but maybe you felt that way because mum and dad are constantly trying to comfort me from being attacked by this demon 24/7.

That's just my full-blood brother. I've got 3 half brothers and my step-dad has 2 dickhead sons too. The joys.

No. 149005

File: 1598438430522.gif (18.33 KB, 220x148, ss_cc.gif)

I wish I had siblings. They can bully me, idc, I just wish I wasn't an only child.

No. 149007

it's like having another male relative you're expected to proactively help and take care of until you drop dead, while never expecting a single thing in return.

No. 149016

I have a 4 years younger brother, we got along well as little children but ever since early teenagehood we drifted away so much that despite living under the same roof for 19 years I feel like now we have literally nothing in common. At the time when I've already moved out he started getting into some trouble, I've been trying to reach out to help but it was always met with hostility. Now every time I come to my hometown and happen to be in the same room as him is uncomfortable just like i'm sitting across a complete stranger I have nothing to talk about with whatsoever. I honestly feel like I have zero attachment to him, not even that kind of "obligatory" family love, if feels so weird reading about lifes of all of these anons here who have good friendships with their siblings.
Is anyone in a similar situation as me? I wonder how uncommon really it is.

No. 149026

Anon, your brother seems like an absolute sweetheart and he wants to share things with you, why would you wait so many years until he's university age? Just start talking with him about his and yours interests now and all of that, it'd be a shame to lose years of relationship, I'm sure you'll know how to talk with him even with the time zones and age gap

No. 149037

Damn straight

No. 149041

Considering I was raised in a Catholic family, I'm glad I was an only child that my mother had for performative reasons and didn't want more after me. Regardless of age and actions, men in my family are worshipped golden children that get away with murder.
My mom was raised with two younger brothers and it was hell. She was expected to constantly babysit and take care of them while they terrorized her in return. My grandparents were harsh on her but treated my uncles like innocent lambs (one even lived with them until his 50s despite being adequately employed and capable of doing his own laundry!). The uncles are self-centered and greedy adults because they were so spoiled. One is mildly sadistic and even his own son my cousin is a spoiled fucking shit who got into a lot of trouble–but I'm the bad one in my family cause I support ebil feminism like abortions. You'd think my mom would have grown to be less hard on women for her experience? Nope! Mom is a huge sexist pickme who internalized servitude and male approval so she was a harsh cunt to me growing up. She didn't learn shit from her experience.

No. 149475

My older brother is an alcoholic asshole who replicates every negative attribute of our late father due to being the 'man of the household' and I avoid interacting with him as much as I can. He is really just unbearable.

Meanwhile, my younger brother and I are much closer, sharing many of the same interests and feelings about our family despite being separated for 8 years due to CPS. He's really become the one person I respect most in the family.

No. 149487

It’s fun, there’s good times and bad times but if you’re not mentally ill you’ll know that’s life.

No. 151274

having an older brother is great! when we were younger we would watch cartoons together and play games together. We would even play fight and act out stories. when we got older he would try and distance himself away from me because he found me annoying and embarrassing. Even though we don't talk as much now adays, he is always willing to give advice and vice versa.

I would love a little brother though

No. 152646

File: 1601069186381.jpeg (10.5 KB, 275x175, b3ea74a3-e447-4cb6-9064-81d851…)

in my experience having a brother sucks because you watch them turn from boy (still somewhat human, has emotions, can communicate to a certain extent) to man (typical scrote behaviour, covertly/overtly misogynistic, etc.) and once they've reached scrote status they're basically as useless as any other male.

i really looked up to my older brother growing up but we're pretty estranged because during a fight he brought up my being date raped as a reason why I couldn't be trusted to look after myself. it broke my fucking heart and destroyed whatever trust we had. but i also know he's bitter as fuck because he was a burnout high school dropout who knocked up a girl at 21 and fucked his whole life up while i was an honour student and have a degree and a career and a life outside our shitty hometown.

my best friend has a great relationship with her older brother who seems really nice so it probably has more to do with our shit upbringing and shitty father than anything else. shitty dads make shitty sons who then become shitty dads, repeat ad infinitum.

No. 152649

>you watch them turn from boy (still somewhat human, has emotions, can communicate to a certain extent) to man (typical scrote behaviour, covertly/overtly misogynistic, etc.) and once they've reached scrote status they're basically as useless as any other male.

Though let's be honest, most little boys already exhibit demon energy early on.

No. 152652

Older brother was my close friend once I grew old enough to connect with him, has emotional intelligence and seemed to be a good person… then he went and became a fetishy-type tranny.

Lesson: No matter how nice a man may be, his dick will always win out.

Little brother is in grade school but already exhibiting extreme moidlet energy, he's a lost cause. Extremely spoiled, crosses boundaries constantly, and doesn't want to do any work. Don't care for him.

No. 152656

Kek exactly, strong emphasis on "somewhat human"

No. 152666

my brother is two years younger than me. when we were kids I got bullied a lot at school and I took it out on him sometimes; I could be really manipulative and kind of an asshole at times but he was always a total sweetheart about it. I feel really bad about it now but he understands what I was going through and he doesn't blame me. at the same time though I would also have defended him to the death so at least no one else was gonna hurt him.

we had wildly different vibes; he was the funny athletic social good-looking child and I was the dark brooding awkward kid with no friends but he was always cool to me. now we're both adults & he's the successful one of the family (university graduate vs. weird dropout artist type lmao) but even though I'm not sure we would have ever hung out if we weren't related he's still one of my best friends.

he was also a total softie when he was young (there were tons of movies, even Disney movies we couldn't watch because if anything upsetting happened he would run to his room and we'd have to coax him back when it was over) which kinda makes me feel worse about being such a jerk sometimes. he's not so fragile now but he kept that kind heart when he got older which is pretty refreshing because so many guys are not like that.

reading some of the other replies it definitely seems I got very lucky in the sibling department.

No. 152673

He's an annoying coomer who always asks me for money even though our parents baby him and put him first because he's male. He's going to inherit everything but one apartment yet can't boil water or clean up after himself and my parents expect me to come and take care of them when they're old. I don't talk to any of them anymore.

No. 152674

I have never exchanged words with my older half brother and I have only seen him 2 times. Unironically my ideal brother-sister relationship.

No. 152694

File: 1601115471035.png (64.94 KB, 300x352, 15E1DD06-A2AB-4821-9D45-9697CD…)

This thread really makes me fear for my future children, and it makes me wonder how to raise a son so he becomes a good person. Do you guys think it‘s nature or nurture? Do you have any theories on how they either become a nice soft boi Chad like >>152666 or a useless coomer like >>152673?

No. 152697

I have 3 older sisters and even though we have some age differences we are all very close with eachother. Ofcourse we sometimes fought when we were children and we had petty fights but now that we are all adults and living on our own its pretty nice. It was weird for me to realise how some people arent that close to their siblings and parents, it makes me grateful that my family is so sweet.

No. 152709

I have an older brother, it's very good having an older sibling in your house because they are basically like your guardian. My brother has always been helping me out with things like school, tech stuff and even mental health issues that i struggled to deal with alone.

Soon tho he will move out so i have to be more independent. I did grow close to him tho, and we hang out sometimes. Hes also the only brother i have, so i appreciate him a whole lot, i do appreciate my sister too tho shes younger but we still share same interests, but im just more closer to my brother than my sister.

Ah, speaking of being independent, i learned to be independent because of him. I know i cannot depend on everyone and that not everybody will take me by the hand. Im socially anxious and most of the things i had to do like grocery shopping i did it with my brother or my other siblings, but never alone. But i try to learn to do it on my own like he does.

anyway, i love him dearly and hope we still have contact with each other when he moves out.

No. 152728

Yeah, raise him without internet in the middle of the forest, making him do hard labor growing up kek.
It's mostly nature. Don't have sons, we need to stop birthing them, the world has enough and look where it's got us.

No. 152782

this is too relatable, especially if you aren't white. my brothers are the same, i moved away and they're struggling to stay in school, the house is decrepit because i was the only one cleaning, and they live off takeout and junk food. my one brother sometimes gets part time jobs at boba shops but makes my parents drive him to and from work even though we live in a large city with efficient public transit. they get tuition and allowance from my parents while i worked on off semesters and had to get scholarships. basically the only solution is to leave and prove you weren't the problem.

no one asked lol

No. 152803

Gonna vent about my shitty brother here. He's one year younger than me and treats me like crap all of the time. The most recent issue being that I had to move back to the Midwest to take care of my mother. She has cancer and is now in hospice, and I wanted her to stay at home.

My brother immediately told me he didn't want to help with any aspect of it– caregiving, obituary, finding funeral homes, etc. My mom asked him to help me two weeks ago when he visited because it's hard to be a caregiver on your own with no respite. He got mad at her for asking and I confronted him about his tone and rudeness, so he spit on me and wound up picking me up and throwing me onto mom's couch. He left right after that because I threatened to call the police.

Mom has had tons of setbacks ranging from severe fecal incontinence that nearly killed her a few days ago to becoming delirious enough to rip out her own JP drain two nights ago. Sometimes I wonder if I should drop out of school because I am too exhausted to keep up anymore. I despise the fact that my little brother lives an hour away from mom and refuses to help, while I threw opportunities away and moved back here from the Southeast without even thinking about it. How he could be so heartless is beyond me.

My dumbass brother also decided to get my mom a short haired collie almost a year ago despite the fact that she has advanced cancer. She wasn't in hospice yet but she certainly would get tired from radiation and chemo…meaning she can't take care of a dog like that very well. He needs lots of attention and has wayyy too much energy. He's pulled her back out before, for example. I told my brother not to get a dog for mom because it was a bad idea, and he got the dog anyways to be spiteful.

I can't even properly take care of this dog while I have my mom to take care of. Just adds so much to my stress. Mom paid my brother 300 dollars to take the dog back and he never did. Just pocketed the money, won't return my phone calls or texts and even blocked mom on facebook.

Sorry if this is rambl-y or incoherent. I am so freaking sleep deprived and just had to vent because I barely get to express myself to anyone at all. I hate that my brother has left mom and I to deal with this by ourselves and that he had the gall to put his hands on me. We'll never have a good relationship after this.

No. 152823

How people turn out has fuck all to do with their parents and everything to do with their peers, google it

No. 152826

Are you serious? Have you even “googled it”? There certainly are different theories but to say that behaviour in adults has nothing to do with how they were raised is just inane.

No. 152860

They're replying to a 2 year old post too, so they're doubly retarded

No. 152861

I wish I could have a little _talk_ with your brother because that is unacceptable behaviour. I have never been a caregiver but have spent a lot of time at a hospice with someone who had cancer, missing school for that, missing lunches constantly in the mids of finals, it was exhausting. I can't imagine how tired you are, both physically and mentally, no one rarely stops to think about the people helping, but your brother is a piece of rotten shit. If I were you, I'd ban him from the funeral, he has no business being around you after pulling that shit. Wish I could help you in some way anon, try to stay sane.

No. 152872

This may sound heartless but don't let taking care of your mom ruin your future. Don't drop out of school, is there online school? Maybe guilt trip and publically blast other female family members to help you out. Give up the dog for adoption. This is a common situation of how women dip into poverty.

No. 152889

You didn’t ask for advice but here’s my two cents:

1. Rehome the dog. Your brother did not want it so he does not have a say.
If I were you, I’d write a sob story for FB that your mom has cancer and you don’t have time and energy to take care of the dog. If you find a group that is for spesific dog breed, ask them.

Also, consider taking a gap year if it’s possible. I don’t know about you but I study in university and taking a gap year in your situation would be a piece of cake.

No. 153799

Actually used to have an older brother who died several years ago, he was 16 & I was 12 (am an only child now). We would fight sometimes but he was the cooler older brother who would teach me how to bend the rules, I always wanted to be like him. Around 11 is when I started becoming less of an annoying little sibling and more of an actual sibling, we would hang out more and more but he died before we could really get to know each other. Really hurts because my parents have been divorced since birth, I would travel between houses and he was my only rock (even though I was too young to notice). I shed 1 1/2 tears the day he died and then never again for a couple years. It's been a hard process to come to terms that I am the bigger, stronger sibling and I can't rely on things I thought were guarantees.
I keep in mind that all families are different but friends will complain about or not talk to their siblings and it hurts. I can't exactly place why.
I daydream about hanging out with him every day, I wish we could be in a band together :< or just call him on the phone :<< I miss the closeness I never really got. Do love your siblings if you can, no other bond can replicate it

No. 154035

>Whats it like having an older brother?

He trooned out after a life of talking shit about women

No. 154056

I'm so sorry for your loss anon, he sounded really great.

Nayrt but this is really practical, solid advice

No. 154323

my parents love my younger brother more, treat him like gold and use him against me when they really want to hurt me because they know i love him too

No. 154341

I'm sorry for your loss anon this is so sad. Can't imagine losing my older bro, feel like my life wouldn't be as complete if I was an only child even tho it'd make things easier like getting into the uni I like. Only children that have no cousins look so sad to me, even if they don't realize it.

No. 154352

Frankly I'm glad to be an only child. While I have a few friends who love spending time with their siblings, most of them only have casual contact, are actively annoyed by them or outright estranged. I enjoy being the most important person to my parents and am fairly introverted, so if I had to grow up with someone else constantly in my space I'm pretty sure I would've disliked the experience even if I loved my sibling as a person. I have plenty of other close friends who I consider family even more than some blood relatives, because they are the people I've chosen to love and have in my life rather than those I was simply forced to interact with due to birth. It's cool if you enjoy having siblings and see that relationship as a big part of your life, but it's dismissive and self-absorbed to paint all people who grow up as only children as lonely hermits by comparison.

No. 154571

take my younger brother. he’s nothing but a little shit and I wish my mom had stopped at my little sister, who is sweetheart most of the time

No. 154576

I dunno, I think I love my brother and want the best for him, but I am also really realistic as to the type of person he is.
Him and I are two years apart, with him being older. He was also the only male born in our family in our generation, I.e. all my uncles and aunts had girls. And because we lived in a 3rd world country shithole, everyone was fawning over him because "male heir". He never had any responsibilities, and if asked to do something, he would throw a fit (literally till he was in his 20s, probably still does kek) and would be let go. My grandma, who was extremely abusive towards me, would baby him and compliment him and love on him. And he treated her like crap and never wanted to spend time with her, but she overlooked all of that. One year, for christmas, she gave him a computer and gave me a disposable camera. He would do really bad academically, almost failed out of high school, my parents paid big bucks to send him to a private university cause he "wanted to be a lawyer" and when, in that same year, I was being kicked out of my flat, they told me that I should stay there, even though the landlady was starting to evict me. Because they didnt have money. He is now 32 and his last gf was 19, he has no education and still works service industry jobs, changing employment every couple of weeks. I find it hard to hate him though, as he was always really kind to me and was my best friend when we were growing up. I think i resent my family and my parents for the shishow that out childhood was, and I sometimes feel those negative feelings towards him, but all in all he was just spoiled.
In conclusion, it's great to have siblings, especially if your parents are sound.

No. 154595

My older brother was the golden child and got his way all the time. He's always been a snarky asshole and bullied me a lot when we were kids, just straight out sociopath style abuse. My parents blamed me for all the shit he did and I have no idea since he was so much older and clearly acted on his own behalf. As an adult (we're both 30+) he's still a misogynist asshole, into altright bullshit and overall a huge dick to me. We meet maybe once a year during Christmas and don't talk at all. I can't imagine what it's like to have a brother that doesn't feel like an irritating stranger you just have to tolerate because he's blood related.

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