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File: 1535471344741.jpg (88.59 KB, 450x500, IMG_1285.JPG)

No. 93461

Farmers, what do you think is more important apperence wise? Youth ( lack of wrinkles/sagging, smooth skin, even tone) or beauty ( nice features, full lips etc).

For example: Would you rather be Bridget Bardot or Kate Moss with some expression lines/eye bags or Sophia Turner with perfect skin?

No. 93463

Full disclosure: Ive saved enough money to get fillers, and I only have enough to either do my nasolabials or shape my lips ( have a decent size but they basically are shapeless) and I'm pretty much hopeless deadlocked which way to go.

No. 93464

Obviously nasolabial folds. They are one of the most unattractive things about aging.

No. 93466

Probably youth for most average people. But if you're straight uggo it doesn't really matter kek.

My personal answer is styling. Stylish old ladies who embrace their age but still look sharp are the best and I'll be happy to be one. Not ready to give up youth just yet, though.

No. 93470

File: 1535472669836.jpg (59.27 KB, 531x640, beautiful-bridget-bardot-quote…)

Brigitte Bardot was so beautiful and perfect like a real life barbie doll, but she ruined herself by sunbathing so much. Brigi
I would chose her look over Sophia Turner's and stay out of the sun lmao.

No. 93530

get paranasal implants instead of fillers for nasolabial folds.

No. 93550

I had nasolabial filler done and I think it’s more worth it. I think harsh nasolabial folds (from cheek filler?) and blown up lips is a botched plastic surgery look so if you have bad nasolabial folds and get lip fillers done you will look so bad imo.

I want to get lip fillers done but I’m too scared they will look too duckbill/projecting.

No. 93554

They kinda go hand in hand tbh. Isn't an older woman with beauty just one who hasn't appeared to be affected by her age? Compare it to the butterface: A nice set of lips means shit if they're attached to a horseface.

I have a youthful look. Despite almost being 30 I look late teens, early 20s. With makeup I can pretty much comtrol how old I want to look (older to be taken more seriously or younger to just look kawaii desu)

Honestly the only thing you need is to know how to do makeup. Even uggos can look like the kardashians with a LOT of makeup magic (and I mean learn to contour if you don't wanna get plastic surgery).

I have a huge honking nose but if i wear my makeup you'd never tell.

No. 93614

Actually, I think part of the appeal of youth is the hope that the person will eventually "blossom" if he/she has not already. There's a promise or potential in it. That potential might go unfulfilled, the promise might be a lie. But something fresh-looking and naive has the potential to be something special in the near future.

I think beauty is something that transcends time and age. That's what I'd choose for myself.

I don't think what I said above applies to sexual attraction, nor do I think most people think that way. It's how I see it personally.

No. 93623

Depends on the type of aging. Wrinkles and grey hair can look distinguished and not detract from beauty, maybe because they're natural. But lots of sunspots make your skin look ruined, if it was between youth and serious sun damage I'd pick youth.

No. 93624

Beauty over youth every single time. We’re all going to get old. If you’re ugly then you’re sort of stuck with it. Yes, beauty changes over the years, but it’s not like Audrey Hepburn stopped being gorgeous at sixty.

No. 93627

beauty. briget bardot with wrinkles. excuse my ridiculous vanity but if i had very plain features i probably wouldn't be that worried about the look of aging in the first place. the only reason i'm anxious about it now is because i like my features and i'll probably feel sad if they look less striking and obvious with age.

i just comfort myself that it's one less thing to be attached to when it's time to die lol

No. 93631

Female beauty is linked to youth, like a small nose is ideal for women becuase it is youthful and childlike. Women with youthful childlike faces are considered more attractive according to studies. Having mature features will make a woman not be seen as pretty, even if she has perfect wrinkle free and flawless skin.

No. 93635

File: 1535607565942.jpg (306.16 KB, 1600x1200, scarlett_johansson.jpg)

Actually mature features (indicating sexual maturity) + soft childlike features are ideal. It sound weird to say an adult women has to look like a little kid to be attractive, they also must have a few sign of being a legit adult lol. (except for a bunch of degenerate that need to be gassed)

>A small nose is ideal

Plenty of cute child have rounded or big noses, it's more important for your feature to look nice and proportional in comparison to each other than to look a certain way on their own. scarlett Johansson is stil one of the sexiest woman in the world with her bulbous nose.

No. 93642

how is that a bulbous nose? just bc the tip isn't ski slope? it's still small and cute

No. 93644

File: 1535614807369.jpg (28.49 KB, 450x310, nosejob.jpg)

That's not her real nose, she got plastic surgery. Her actual nose would make her look a lot less attractive.

No. 93645

she literally have the same nose but contoured.

No. 93646

File: 1535615612180.jpg (42.18 KB, 600x450, Scarlett-Johansson-nose-job-be…)

No. 93648

Yes in those two pic >>93644 her nose is the same but contoured on the right. I didn't say she never had a nose job in her life just that her nose is the same in both pic.

No. 93671

I love scarjo but I can accept that she got ps to thin out her nose. I doubt there is anyone in the entertainment industry who is 100% natural

No. 93683

I'm not saying ScarJo did or did not have a nose job, but you can't compare a picture of someone smiling with a picture where they're having a straight face. Smiling broadens your nose.

No. 93706


Most studies I have read talked about neoteny. Round small face, large eyes, button noses, etc. Those features are considered the most feminine and attractive across all cultures, more mature features are seen as unattractive and manly on women.

Pretty much the ideal look is a childlike face on a mature body, decently sized breasts, wide hips, etc.

No. 93716

lol @ reading studies
we get it, you're a dude from lookism. now leave.

No. 93724

No, I'm female. I'm just curious about female beauty standards.

Too be honest, I don't understand it. A lot of kids don't have those features and very few women have 100% of those features. I just notice this ideal from celebrity's to even things like Disney. Or just in real life, girls with stronger mature features are more likely to be made fun of. I was originally trying to just say female beauty and youth go together.

No. 93726


I knew this thread would degrade to lookism sperging eventually but I didn't think it would go this quickly

Next post for sure will be someone linking a John Mew video

No. 93732

If you take this line of thinking to it's natural conclusion then someone like Trisha Paytas should be considered a great beauty and someone like young Uma Thurman or Angelina Jolie would be manly looking and subpar.

No. 93745

File: 1535696846062.jpg (41.4 KB, 493x750, Helena Christensen.jpg)

I hate to ask, but are you really interested in beauty standards across cultures? Yes there are trends but there are always exceptions. Even then sexuality is unique to an individual, and beauty standards change significantly over time and vary entirely by culture. I doubt those features are considered the most attractive across all cultures.
I lived in France before moving to the UK for uni and I would say the beauty standard is for a very strong defined jawline, not a small round face, strong cheekbones here would be considered a beautiful feature. Eyes, some were large but most were serious and mature, even when the models were under 18 they did age them up intentionally to look more mature.

From what you're describing sounds like a Korean-like ideal, which is a bit foolish to apply it to all other cultures and be foolish enough to think there are universal truths in attraction and beauty standards.

Lmao anon spot on.

No. 93747

you do know most "studies" have an agenda, right?

No. 93760

File: 1535706334938.jpg (49.73 KB, 486x495, KDlfk2N.jpg)

>Most studies I have read talked about neoteny. Round small face, large eyes, button noses, etc. Those features are considered the most feminine and attractive across all cultures, more mature features are seen as unattractive and manly on women.
idk where you all live but from what I've seen, women that are mostly considered very attractive have a nice mix of feminine and mature (or ''masculine'' I guess) features. I've not seen super neotenous looking women shilled as atractive where I am from.

Gal Gadot, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Irina Shayk and Adriana Lima are all considered to be some of the most beautiful women worldwide and none of them have ''baby-faces''. The whole ''neoteny = superior female appearance'' thing sounds very incel-ish and honestly kind of creepy to me. The only place were neotenous faces are preferred (that i can think of) is east asia.

As long as your features are proportional and balanced you're good, even if you have ''mature features''. Sara Sampaio has pretty strong features and I don't think anyone would disagree that she is very attractive.

No. 93761

Not that other anon, but I always find it funny how triggered farmers get when you mention that neoteony/youth is a vital constituent of female beauty, lol. The denial is strong.

No. 93762

>large, spaced apart eyes
>small, unprotruding nose
>small, well-proportioned chin
>high forehead
>supported and protruding orbital rims/zygomas
>clear, wrinkle less skin
>anon thinks this is a “gotcha!” against literally every study, investigation and inquiry in existence that studies male attraction to youthful women

No. 93763

Were is the denial? Neoteny is a part of beauty but not to the point some people make it seem, there is a reason someone like Megan Fox is more attractive than someone like Hayden Panettiere.

No. 93764

Yeah, we get it. Men are all ephebophiles and hebephiles and once you hit 25 you are worthless. We peak at 14, I know.
Weird how lesbians often have fantasies about older women. Not even saying lesbians are perfect and I'm not one myself, but it is proof of where this standard came from.

No. 93765

Sluthate / lookism user detected.

No. 93766

How is providing different opinions ''triggered''? Especially those who are from various places of the world. It's not the same everywhere.
Did you expect everyone to just circle jerk the same ideas in this thread? No one was denying that youth is an important part of beauty.

i like how you conveniently left out
>strong jawline
>narrow face width
>wider mouth
>almond eyes (not round)
>medium-small space between eyes and brows
Her forehead isn't high either, it's medium sized. you're reaching.
When talking about ''youthful/child-like faces'' she's not someone who comes to mind. Gemma Ward or Amanda Seyfried have neotenous faces. Sara does not.

No. 93767

Yeah, I always thought almond eyes were a big beauty standard for women. And prominent cheekbones.
As in those things make women "sexy" rather than just cute.
t. round eyes

No. 93786

File: 1535737286256.jpg (151.23 KB, 764x1136, IMG_1352.JPG)

It's not youth, it's the random instaho physical characteristics that lookism incels insist on attaching to youth that has no actual correlation with youth like a piggish upturned nose, flat face, huge eyebrows etc. This is supermodel Veruschka when she was in her early 20s. She has a long downward growing face, deep set eyes, strong cheek bones and no baby fat. She is just not childlike in way. You can only argue using the neotany= best logic that she unattractive, there is no other way out.

No. 93798

Not saying she's ugly but she looks very worn-out for an early 20 year old and therefore quite unattractive. If she was 50 years old in this picture, I would have said that she hot af. I can't even imagine how she looked like when she hit her 40s. Probably like a mummy. At least a little bit neotany will save your looks.

No. 93800

File: 1535749245786.jpg (48.87 KB, 750x422, don-lemon-750x422.jpg)

but the fact is most people don't care about that shit, only bored skincarefag women care. and neoteny can't "save" your looks, ie look at don lemon. he looks like he's photoshopped to look older because of his ~neoteny

No. 93802

File: 1535750425664.jpg (1.89 MB, 2843x4265, image (1).jpg)

>At least a little bit neotany will save your looks.
Wrong, it's exactly the opposite.
If you have soft features, like e.g. a tiny nose, weak chin or no defined cheek bones, as soon as you age, all the fat tissue starts to go away and the skin sags, there will be basically "nothing" underneath that still gives your face shape. But with sharper features you'll still be able to look somewhat defined.

Pic related is her at 78. She might have looked old and not very cute when she was young, but at least her face has kept its original shape, since she's got (big) enough bones to keep it from looking like everything just melted off. Fat will fade away, but bones stay. Babyfaced people only look good til their 30s, then it usually starts to get weird.

No. 93804

File: 1535751241958.jpg (208.22 KB, 960x1280, IMG_1360.JPG)

Different anon from the one above ( original poster of that veruschka pic) I was going to say no, she did not age well but the convo is about weather it's better to be more youthful vs more beautiful not what looks better for aging amirite? for ten years she was considered one of the most beautiful women in world by many, many male photographers and film directors so maybe just maybe y'all neotany theory isnt 100% correct? Just a thought bro

No. 93807

wtf are all of you so butthurt? I just said A LITTLE BIT of neoteny. I also think people with a pure babyface don't age so good because of their bone structure. Everything will start to hang and you will need a skin streamlining. But to harsh features and no fat is bad too. Also this Verushka chick looks like 100% plastic surgery plus photoshop. But she is cool, I'll give her that.

Probably you are all trannies with harsh feautures and look 20 years older kek

No. 93809

>Probably you are all trannies with harsh feautures and look 20 years older kek

You possibly couldn't sound any more like a man, anon.

No. 93811

File: 1535754043669.gif (806.86 KB, 200x249, tumblr_od6920U50Z1u929uoo1_250…)

No. 93814

Yeah, lesbians are solid evidence that it's men who are obsessed with youth, not that it's women who can only be attractive while young. Gay men seem far more likely to want young guys, they have 'gay death' at 30, and when I see younger men looking for ~daddies~ it's similar to insecure young girls wanting the same thing so they can have a little power in the relationship, not because old men are actually hot.

Conversely, youth is MORE important for male attractiveness than women can admit or men want to believe. We spend our youths interested in boy bands, pretty boy actors and anime boys with youthful faces, and as we get older we're indoctrinated into believing old men are attractive because that's what old men want us to think.

No. 93815

exactly. keanu reeves only got popular for one reason: women want to fuck him

No. 93817

File: 1535756938191.jpg (514.51 KB, 2048x1621, MV5BMjQwMTQyMzk2OF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Funny you mention that, recently I was looking through early filmographies of famous actors to see what they were like when they were young. I was like goddamn at young Keanu, he's a lovely guy but I've never been attracted to him until I saw this.

No. 93822

File: 1535758016219.gif (1.9 MB, 300x300, PtFr.gif)

he was a sex symbol because of his boyishness but now reddit tier men have claimed them as their own. he was only hired in lots of 90s movies because studios wanted more female fans to see specific films.

he was described as "26, but looks 17. He has that look of jailbait and that's damn sexy." smh lol

No. 93823

>"If your girlfriend really likes Keanu, it's threatening, not because he's better-looking but because he represents a way of being a man you don't want to admit. He subverts the patriarchy."
Oh yeah, applies literally any time women are attracted to young/fem guys. Anyway I was actually planning on watching Speed today so now I'm extra looking forward to it.

No. 93835

Oh I love him! First website I ever made in 1999 was a Keanu fan site lol, and I'm a web dev today. He has always been my favorite!!

He looks pretty fantastic in Speed. Have you seen A Scanner Darkly?

To the topic, I believe youthful features are nice but a strong foundational bone structure will take you further. I always wished I had higher and stronger cheekbones because now that I'm in my 30s my cheek fat is kinda falling downwards lol but oh well. It doesn't really bother me that much because everyone ages. I just hope on my next roll I get a more structured face with killer cheekbones hehe

No. 93838

I honestly think he looks rather old for a 22 yo in this movie?

No. 100409

File: 1541722238373.jpg (153.17 KB, 745x562, Stephanie Seymour Kids Beach S…)

most of the 50+ yr old women who are still attractive still pull young guys, or if they want, their nephew/son.

No. 100410

Hi, just here to say I've claimed Keanu as my irl husbando and that's all.

No. 100428

That's disgusting.

No. 100471

That's money hon.

But honestly? I think an older attractive women is 100x more attractive than any young beauty. Maybe it's because it's really rare to be that beautiful as you age, or older women are just more confident, who knows.

No. 100534

File: 1541898827658.jpg (255.18 KB, 2358x1162, 6B5dXW1.jpg)

I have neotonous features but I wouldn't say that I am seen as hugely attractive by others. Most people I think would rank Selena on the right as being more attractive despite the left (her natural appearance) being more neotonous. I do look young for my age but I don't know how that's going to translate as I get older because I don't have very strong features. Maybe my face will just melt into a puddle.

No. 100537

File: 1541903970452.jpg (129.68 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (6).jpg)

you'll just turn into ellen page

No. 100552

Page is a dyke that doesn't take care of herself.

No. 100559

What's wrong with being a dyke? And what do you mean by "she doesn't take care of herself"? She looks fine to me.

No. 144416

File: 1595061602201.jpg (178.13 KB, 900x1071, wKZDJf.jpg)

i think its partly cultural. In a more patriarchal society like asia, neotonous features are almost exclusively considered the most attractive.

However when you get to the more egalitarian cultures it seems to shift.

No. 144420

Why are anons necroing a bunch of worthless lookism threads lately?

No. 144434

If you consider patriarchal societies then middle eastern countries would win. And from what i've seen, they don't necessarily prefer more childish features.

Asians just naturally look neotonous. All Asians look more childish than other races.

No. 144435

I’m from a MENA country and although neotenous features aren’t preferred, youth in general is very desirable, I mean you’d be hard pressed to find a couple without an age gap, lots of men here get married to teenage girls when they’re 30+, so I think the assessment would be the more patriarchal a culture the more youth is fetishised. It’s not just an attraction thing though, it’s also a power thing.

No. 144438

You're right about that actually.
I guess i was thinking more of media and what looks that are idolized over there. When i meet middle eastern girls who have lived most of their lives over there, they all seem to like the Kim Kardashian look. Those kinds of sharp features and the opposite of neoteny in general.

Youth and attractiveness in girls go hand in hand, but it differs from person to person. Most healthy guys that girls want to actually date prefer girls who look like they're in the mid 20's range. Guys who love the teenage looks, from my experience and i'm being very honest here… just seem like they aren't that healthy mentally. Like they have some sort of mental illness. Might be controversial to say but every pedo i've met is kind of a loser and unattractive face-wise.

No. 144440

> Might be controversial to say but every pedo i've met is kind of a loser and unattractive face-wise.
Not controversial at all. Pedos are disgusting and ugly and should be labelled as such. The only people who would get offended by that are pedos and they’re not entitled to an opinion.

No. 204954

is there anyway to tackle these besides fillers? I'm broke.
are there people with fetish who want to get rid of my labionasal folds? please hmu if u do

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