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File: 1536435129899.jpg (187.82 KB, 1280x935, 134455dc33be15d421f05da593a7e9…)

No. 94656

Is anybody into gyaru, lolita, larme and co.?
How did you get into it? Are you part of some community or do you have like minded friends?
Share tips about makeup, hair, coords, etc.

No. 94661

File: 1536438805921.jpg (1.15 MB, 770x1250, 0828_04_hp.jpg)

I'm obsessed with Liz Lisa. I don't know if they're considered gyaru anymore, or if they're more larme? I like hime kaji/casual clothing in general. I have for a long time, and its definitely toned down since 2010-2012+ era. I have one friend IRL into similar J-fashion. I wish I had more friends to talk about it with, especially Liz Lisa. I don't really see active communities as often anymore unless I'm looking in the wrong places. Makeup seems to be more toned down now as well.

No. 94662

I hope J fashion is still alive. I hate how a lot of brands are being inspired or changing completely to K style clothing. It's boring af to have two of the same thing

No. 94666

A while ago a came across this makeup tutorial. The girl was so cute (she still is), but dresses so basic now… It's sad how korean style is overtaking everything.


No. 94667

File: 1536441302333.jpg (161.77 KB, 471x550, 1520598417374.jpg)

No. 94670

File: 1536443877779.jpg (87.28 KB, 624x939, 1494603514997.jpg)

I mostly wear himekaji, otome (though I guess otome is more of a "feel"), dolly kei, larme, nanchatte and Menhera IRL. I have a lot of Ank Rouge, Liz Lisa, Predator Rat and stuff from miscellaneous indie brands in my closet at the moment.
I'm honestly into all J-fashion, though. I love looking at old spreads from Fruits, old-school Lolita/GLB pages (and current classic and gothic lolita coords), and older street snaps from Tokyo Fashion. I really want cult party kei, dolly kei and mori to make a resurgence someday.
I don't think J-fashion's necessarily been taken over by K style. I just think people who have been balls-deep into things earlier might be getting older and wanting to tone down (though there's always going to be Junnyan types), and certain publications and brands that used to be running off a more "alt" scene are trying to attract a more "normie" audience for profit in addition (not in replacement). It's just business.
Sadly, the gyaru scene does seem to have died down a lot. It was always sort of susceptible to what's "mainstream" trendy, but it used to have its own twist. Now it's pretty watered down.

No. 94696

i wear romagyaru hime and agejo. full time gyaru. hair, nails, the works. been into it since 2012 and like >>94666 i am sad that girls are changing to such homogenized fashion styles. the flip side of this is that all the clothing i want is suuuper cheap. i regularly buy pieces for $10 USD or less. too bad i'm the only one wearing it anymore.

No. 94699

File: 1536483236569.jpg (4.76 MB, 4608x2592, sam_1203.jpg)

I love Dolly Kei. I wish I had discovered it before it started to decline in popularity. I really want to visit Grimoire. I wonder if it looks much different nowadays.

No. 94712

Question for anyone familiar with j-fashion, can you rank these in terms of popularity?

-fairy kei
-any kind of lolita (which are the top 3?)
-gyaru/himekaji/dolly kei (general doll-like, old liz lisa type kawaii)

are any of them dead? i haven't heard about kogal in a long time..

No. 94713

File: 1536499364546.png (30.77 KB, 553x358, Capture.PNG)

thank you for making this thread anon !
(just so you know, if you're in the French J-fash comm there's a thread for it : >>>/ot/221968 , and there's one for the German comm aswell >>>/ot/277915 )

I'm mostly into fairy kei and decora (as in , what I wear). Discovered J-fashion through one of my friends , who introduced me to Kanon Wakeshima (lolita at the time) and KPP (fairy kei , aomoji kei.)
I love all styles, and I'm looking forward to the day I'll finally buy a lolita dress.
Been recently very interested in the menhera community and the ideas behind it (pic related), but it's sadly misunderstood by people thinking it's like creepy cute

No. 94719

Always wanted to wear nanchatte. It will just look like I'm cosplaying in the west though. I always loved the look of seifuku and still do.

No. 94727

i honestly hate when people say fashions are dead, they just lose popularity and most of them were never meant to be popular in the first place.

No. 94728

it definitely doesn't look like you're cosplaying unless you buy shitty cosplay tier stuff.

No. 94731

yeah agreed, just don't buy the first pink tumblr uwu seifuku you see and you should be fine anon

No. 94747

does anyone shop at spreepicky? Is it considered j-fashion or just weeby stuff?

No. 94753

Spreepicy seems like the run of the mill weeb shit fashion to me

No. 94768

A lot of the stuff on SpreePicky can certainly be incorporated into J-fashion, but most of it is pretty basic by J-fashion standards. So, yeah, weeby shit.
The real issue, IMO, is that they resell stuff from Taobao and mark up the prices. A pair of stockings that goes for $19.99 there is like $7 in reality.

No. 94803

File: 1536576888012.jpg (590.26 KB, 1280x1280, 1535713748098.jpg)

I wear lolita almost daily, mostly classic and sometimes gothic. I've never been really involved in my local community though, since it's just a clothing style I like wearing to me.
My closet is still growing a lot, I've recently been to Japan and got to shop around in the Closet Child stores in Tokyo. It's amazing how much you can get there for cheap.

No. 94806

yes, just download the pics and search by images on aliexpress, they're just resellers

>>94803 damn anon, this is so cool, I envy you

what are your dream dresses/skirts ?

No. 94901

File: 1536683697742.jpeg (365.93 KB, 1125x2024, C5D0FE07-BC00-40F3-A267-7418A1…)

Is the official Liz Lisa eBay worth the price? I mean $50~$75 for a shirt seems absurd to me. Shoes, I can understand. But a top or skirt goes for $50 a pop minimum. Is it inflated by a lot? Should I just buy off a shopping service from their website? I haven’t checked the prices of items there (yet)

No. 94905

I hate how Japanese clothing brands and shops so are over priced

No. 94911

Last time I checked, those are the types of prices that were on the actual site too. Shirts and skirts being like $80. This was many years ago though and I remember bags being like $200+.

No. 94913

Nope, not worth it.

No. 94918

Ugh am I the only person who's into vkei nowadays or has it really gone out of fashion for too long?

Is there any alternative, sort of 'darker' but softer style out there? I'm kind of looking for a new aesthetic to obsess over.
>One could argue it's more of a music genre, but I digress. (It's got 'visual' on the tin)
>To be honest though, I don't like the whole direction the 'style' has been taking recently with the ''''cute'''' guys, but it's really nostalgic and reminds me of my emo/scene days.

No. 94937

use a shopping service or stalk auctions for older stuff on the cheap!

No. 94943

All those prices include shipping and in my experience, shipping from japan is automatically $25+, so if you use a shipping service you might only save ten or twenty bucks when you add in shopping service fees

No. 94944

nah it's much cheaper to use like say fromjapan or something.

No. 94969

i just tested it myself anon, a dress on the eBay Shop was $115 shipped. The same dress on the Japanese site was $94 dollars. There’s no way that with shipping and shipping service fees it would be cheaper. If you want something new it’s probably best to just use the eBay site, if you want to get cheap older pieces, use auctions and shipping services.

No. 94978

nta but the specific ss she mentioned has like a $5 per site fee so it may in fact be cheaper.

No. 95404

File: 1537119282443.jpg (302.73 KB, 500x600, 09111800_5b97842a47c13.jpg)

No. 95434

i feel broke looking at people on the web wearing jfashion. i've only lurked social media for the past decade instead of attempting the styles

No. 95467

No. 95515

File: 1537228584084.jpg (225 KB, 1241x1600, mood30.jpg)

I don't own a boater hat yet but I really want one.

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