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File: 1536705525129.png (54.33 KB, 648x1122, 2018names.png)

No. 94920

Let's talk about names!

>Names you love

>Names you hate
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

No. 94921

File: 1536707069499.jpg (323.49 KB, 1600x1125, names.JPG)

I only think about girl's names lol
>Names you love
I liked Violet and Sofia but with how popular they're getting I don't know if I'd want to use that name for my kids

>Names you hate

(No offense to anyone with these names) I dislike Kaylee or any of it's variations like Cailey, Kaileigh etc.
Any sort of weird white Southern names like in pic related

>Guilty pleasure names


No. 94923

I'm not American, so…

Most popular baby names in 2018:
Emma - okay
Emilia - okay
Hannah / Hanna - like
Sofia / Sophia - like
Mia - hate
Lina - hate
Mila - hate (what are those two even supposed to be??)
Lea / Leah - the first okayish, the second not
Clara / Klara - love
Marie - like

Ben - hate
Leon - like
Paul - hate
Felix - like
Finn / Fynn - just no
Lukas / Lucas - okay
Maximilian - like
Elias - dislike
Noah - okay
Jonas - okay

In general English names with non-English last names are super ugly (I even know a poor little guy named Justin…), but young hipster parents think those are better than good old normal names. I associated most of the boys names with unpleasant guys I know, so that definitely makes me biased.
When I was young most of my friends had shorter names that end with an -a; mine doesn't and both of my first names are 9 letters each, but now I've come to like it.

>Names you love

>Names you hate
Because of a girl who sat next to me last semester: "Annemieke, call me Micky!" - No.
In general I think there are a lot more awful guy names.
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Evangeline; impossible, because too unique unless you're French (which I'm not).

No. 94926

>Names you love
I love oriental names like Shirin and Layla. And I love Russian names like Karenina and Nikita. They are easy to spell, have nice meanings and are not basic.

>Names you hate

Since I am German I hate Seraphina, Kevin, Mandy and Chantal. I know those names are classics in other countires but in Germany mostly hillbillies name their children like this. Plus I hate very old names like Hildegart, Gudrun kek

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

I like Japanese and Korean names but I would never ever name my child for example Motoko because I am a white bread living in Europe. It would be maximum cringe weaboo level 10000.

No. 94934

>that pic
What is wrong with white people?

No. 94935

i hate when i love a name and think "maybe i can name a child that" and then a bunch of people i know either name their kids that, or someone new comes into my life with that name like a new coworker or someone dating someone i know etc

No. 94942

I love this thread idea anon.

(am American for context)
>Names you love
For boys I like Charles and Ian. For girls I like Naomi, Ramona, Gillian, and Ingrid. Ultimately it'd depend on how it sounds with the surname; I'd probably only take my future husband's name if I liked it better than my own.
>Names you hate
Seconding what that other anon said about Kaylee. I also hate my own name – my brothers both got very common names whereas my mom wanted my name to be "special" since I'm a girl, and she gave me a """unique""" name that no one can spell or pronounce. Generally I dislike overly "unique" names that are difficult to spell or pronounce, or are common names with bastardized spellings.
>Guilty pleasure names
I really like latin names like Constantine and Nero but I'd never name a child that lol. I also like "Griffith" because of Berserk but I dunno how I'd feel naming a kid after a fictional rapist.

No. 94947

Ingrid, damn that’s a nice one anon.

(Y) James, Edgar, Charles, George, Finley, Lincoln, Ingrid, Gretchen, Marya, Gwendolyn, Edna.

(N) Amanda, Taylah, Megan, Jessica, Michelle, Sarah, crystal, all those awful mispellings of normal names, neveah, Edward, Duncan, Cameron, Gary, Greg, Peter, any names that are also objects, places, or emotions.

No. 94954

>Names you love
slavic and jewish names or just feminine names in general, I also like dark sounding poetic names
>Names you hate
southern names and black names, not like african american urban names, I don't mind names like allayiah and asia but I hate things like daquan and lakeisha
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
sasha, any name that's named after a color, day, month, country, or city

No. 94956

Karenina is a surname

No. 94959

I don't like Anglo names, though some English names sound nice but I'm pretty sure they're considered "granny names" in their respective countries (names like Imogen, Esther etc). Irish names can be cool for men.

I really don't have a horse in this race since I'm 99% sure most people would consider names from my country ugly as fuck.

I like all Italian names except Giuseppa.

No. 94962

I'm french

>Names you love

I've loved the name Youri for a boy ever since I saw the famous pic of Youri Gagarine in his space suit with his big smile. I like Milan because of Milan kundera and Milan Rastislav Štefánik (I legit fel in love with his statue when I visited prague). I like the name Antoine because it's the name of one of my first crush and of Antoine de St exupery.
Hugo, Alexandre, Guillaume.

For girls I love Lou because of Lou Andrea Salome, but it's so stupidly popular in my country (along with Louise) that I wouldn't name my own child like that. I also like Colette, for the writer but everybody makes fun of me when I say I would like to name my kid like that, it does sounds like a granny's name so I get it, kek. I also really love Paloma, it means Dove in Spanish and it's the name Picasso gave to his daughter. I like Misia too.

>Guilty pleasure names

My guilty pleasure name is Rocco, for me it's the name of the angelic character from the movie Rocco and his brothers (everybody would want him as their son) for most other people it's the name of a big dicked pornstar.

For girls anything too flowery or cutesy, like Celeste, Colombe (ironic since it's french for Dove/Paloma), Fleur, Rose.

I've never met an Evangeline, it sounds very anglo saxon to me tbh.

No. 94968

You can't get any trashier than Shirin and Layla. They're just as bad as Chantal tbh

I only know a french person who's named that + the pronounciation, so I figured…? hm
Anyways, it's still too unique for anybody where I live.

No. 94970

It's funny that you Americans like those, in Germany Ingrid is a total grandma name and Gretchen is just an old fashioned nickname for little girls called Margarete, not something you can baptize anybody.

No. 94974

I like Irish names like Saoirse, Rowan, Emer and Fionn but annoyingly my bf has a really unusual, long Hebrew name and he's pretty insistent his kids have that name even though it's difficult to spell/pronounce ugh. Also if they had his surname, they'd have to have one syllable names which is boring.

No. 94976

>Names you love
I like a lot of unisex names, particularly the names Riley and Rowan.
>Names you hate
Too many. Any variations of Kendall, Karli, Katy, Kaylee are bad news, along with bastardized spellings of common names. A lot of boy names are hideous to me so I really haven't thought of many that I like that isn't unisex in nature.
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
I really like the nicknames Frankie and Bobbie for girls, but they're antiquated and would require me to name any girls full names such as Francine or Roberta/Barbara. Areola is a really pretty word imho but obviously there's no way in hell I'd name my child that, kek.

No. 94977

Wow anon, are you me. I could've written what you wrote.

No. 94979

My guilty pleasure are days of the week as girls names. I've always liked Sunday for a girl but it's kinda snowflakey.

Usually I hate unusual/noun names too.

No. 94980

nta but i hate how the name chantal has been ruined in germany, it's such a pretty name.

No. 94983

Love the idea of this thread!
I'm only including female names otherwise the post would be way too long, lol.

>Names you love


>Names you hate

Any name that starts with ''Mc'' (McKenzie/Mackenzie, McKayla)

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

I usually hate countries/continents/places being used as names (India, China, Asia etc) but I do love the name Paris for some reason.

No. 94984

File: 1536750414651.png (13.05 KB, 604x336, tumblr_pbpmrdu1f71wqthuio2_640…)

My surname begins with O'R, which makes a lot of otherwise lovely names sound incredibly awkward, so I have to work around that.

Currently I love Aine, Daria, Janna, Rory, and Willow (along with Frances and Jean, the names of my great-aunt and grandmother, which I decided on for middle names - I intend to adopt two girls). My grandmother, mother, stepmother, and both of my sisters have J names so I feel like I'll end up with J names too somehow.

Thanks to babycenter-type parents I have a newfound hatred for -en and -eigh names.

I love names like Artemis, Cassandra, and Persephone, but my surname's going to be awkward enough for these poor hypothetical children without an odd first name before it.

No. 94998

Cool thread idea anon!

>Names I like

For girls, I've always liked Naomi, Phoebe, Paige, Sophie, Leela and Abigail, mostly for how they look written down. I also like classy sounding names like Vera, and unisex names like Billie or Jamie.
For boys, I have a weird soft spot for them ending with H, so things like Noah or Elijah. I also like Elliot, Adrien, Isaac, Patrick and Jacob.

>Names I dislike

Names that sound much better as last names, like Jackson or Mason. And especially Carter, like I cannot imagine anyone having that as a first name, it's just too unusual. Names that have "Mc" in front of them, looks kinda ugly lol. Also names that are too common and sound a little plain like Sarah, John, Nick etc…I don't dislike them but I don't care for them.

>Guilty pleasures

Macy, Kimberly, Quinn, Erin, Damien

No. 95001

I know a girl whose name is Karenina. Ever heard of creativity and freedom?
I love oriental names. They are better than all your Emmas, Arias (like Arier?? kek white supremacy name) and Madisons. But that's my taste and I respect your opinion.

No. 95002

My name is Sophia, or well, a regional equivalent of it.
I used to hate my name, but nowadays I think it could be worse. A lot of names are really, really worse than my own so maybe my name is fine.

I only have one favourite name and it's Constantine as in John Constantine. I feel like if I ever get a son, I'll name him that, just because I love it so much.

No. 95003

My rules for naming kids are: 1. Give your kid the name you're gonna call them. No weird spellings, no names that are so long that the kid is forced to come up with a nickname to use for the rest of their life etc.
2. Give your kid a first name they don't have to be embarrassed by. Strange and unusual names can be second and third names.

That being said, I don't really have specific favorites. I do really like Swedish/Norwegian/Danish girls names like Ebba, Astrid, Ingrid or Alma.

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

Weekdays, months, cities, US states.. I also really like Frankie for a girl like >>94976 but yeah, not gonna happen.

No. 95010

I love the name Leela too! But I really like it spelled as Lila. But do you think it’s a bad idea to spell it this way? I think too many people will pronounce it like Lie-la

No. 95011

not that anon but that's just as retarded as naming your child smith or carpenter or whatever generic anglo surname

No. 95015

I live in a hipster city, and I work with a girl who literally named her son “Scout”, because it was cute for a baby. What happens when he’s a young man though? That poor kid is going to get his ass kicked in school..

No. 95018

It’s not as bad as some names. I had a girl friend named scout. I knew a girl in my school with the name Stormy. to make it worse, her last name was Fishie

No. 95019

Ingrid is definitely an old person's name in the United States as well, I just really like the way it sounds.

No. 95020

A guilty pleasure of mine would be surnames as given names. I know a Carpenter, a Patterson, and an Anderson, and while it sounds cool (to me) for an adult to have that name I can't imagine naming a child that.

Seconding Frankie and Bobbie. I also like Stevie and Ronnie for girls, but I don't like Stephanie or Veronica.

No. 95024

I don’t like the most popular names where I live for boys (Jan, Jakub, and other sorta biblical names) but the ones for girls tend to be much nicer (Eliška, Tereza, Adéla)

For guilty pleasure names, I love flower/nature names in English like Chrysanthemum, Willow, Rose, Lily, etc. and names from mythology. I don’t want to have children, but thankfully it’s not weird to name an animal something like Artemis.

No. 95034

Leela is a pretty name but I can’t help but think of Futurama when I see it, considering I feel like it’s the only time I seen that name with that spelling in mainstream media. Well, and old school Dr. Who too but still.

No. 95036

That’s hilarious, I knew a girl named Stormy Weathers in high school. Wtf is up with that? At least this combo is a little cute.

No. 95038

>Names you love
My bf's name and his sister's are both nature-related and I really like that, so we've discussed keeping with that theme when we have children of our own. I like Willow for a girl, and we both think Lief/Leaf is cute for a boy esp. given my bf's first name. He likes Rose but I think it sounds old and is a "filler" middle name more often than not.
Outside of nature names, I adore names that start with L for some reason. Lawrence and Luca are a couple of my favorites.

>Names you hate

This isn't a common name but my best friend named her firstborn daughter Rebel. I hate it. It sounds like a dog's name to me. Ben, John, etc. are all too common. Julie grates on my nerves, as does Sally, Tammy, and pretty much every other white suburban mom name.

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

My best friend jokingly threw the name Sprout out there when I told her about the nature names theme and I don't hate it, but I'd never name my kid that. Eloise is pretty, but also sounds like an old lady name. Anne is also pretty, but all too common. I like country/state names like Dakota, Carolina, India, etc. but not for my kids.

No. 95040

I'm a slav for context

I'm a big fan of unisex names like Alex or Max or Nico. They just make people seem cool.

Other names I like:
Esther, Lilia, Ivan(a), Lola, Violet, Emily, Mina, Yulia, Nevena, Gemma, Verena, Theo, Victor, Tessa.

hate: Aforementioned german hillbilly names or generally non amercians with american names.
Also Korina, Marcel, Pascal, Mandy, Paula, Lina, Michael.

guilty pleasures:
fancy names like Esme, Peony, Lux, Laetitia… And uh, weeb names like Kiko, Sai or Akria.

No. 95041

My family has a really long tradition of using names that are either Latin, Gaelic, or Norse so I'm not sure how I'm going to name my kids without them coming off as autistic for the rest of their lives. Marcus is a nice one for a boy, I suppose Finn would also do the trick. As for girls, all I've really got is Astrid, but I'd also say that Claudia is alright, too.

I could do much worse, I have an Indulf in my family tree ffs. Also it's fucking terrifying that Sebastian is so high up on that list. I fear for our future.
Justin is Greek/Latin, I don't believe it's an Anglicization either. Re: Basileus Justin I and the early Christian philosopher Justin Martyr.

No. 95043

God, people naming their daughters Scout because of To Kill a Mockingbird triggers the fuck out of me. The character had a normal name, it was just her nickname that was Scout. Just give your a kid a normal name on their birth certificate and then nickname them whatever stupid shit you want.

No. 95044

I'm a pizza btw.
>names you love
Angelica, Debora, Rebecca, Cassandra, Melissa, Azzurra are all rare names without being too weird or unreasonable I think. My view may be a little skewed though because my name itself isn't that common. I never really disliked it but it was annoying how people would mispronounce it or make fun of it (they were reaching, but you can't expect much better from kids) but now I just find it cool.
As for boys… I like Orlando and that's it. Never thought further than it.
>names you hate
I would never name my child Christian or anything similiar to it. The Giul- group too.
>guilty pleasures
Obvious foreign names like Arthur (bit iffy on the regional form), Abigail or Ester. I love these names, but I simply can't use them on a real person.
I'm not having kids anytime soon, yet I'm already anxious…

No. 95045


Where are you from? I've known plenty of Debs and Beccas. Melissa is quite common too

No. 95049

I’m not American tho, I just like grandma names.
I got given some made-up hippy bs and hated it so I’m bias towards older (and idk, traditional I guess?) names for kids.

No. 95053

love the name Sailor for a boy, Persephone and Astrid for a girl. Ive been thinking of Asuka maybe because my mom is German and Japanese and her real name is legit terrible, instead of renaming a kid after her. Could always use middle name though because power level idk

No. 95054

I'm Italian.
I've never /personally/ met a person with those names, but I'm sure they are used in my country. They are nothing too outlandish, while managing to still stand out here, I think?

No. 95057

can't believe so many of you are stanning the name Ingrid, literally have never met an Ingrid who wasn't a massive cunt.

Same goes for Melissas, Ashleys, and Makaylas.

No. 95058

>names you love
Rosemary (Rosie for short), Jennifer, Ellie, Mina, Florence, Mischa, Christian, Abigail, Henry, Holly

>names you hate

Katie, Michaela, Hunter, Travis, Cecilia, Angie/Angela, Trey, any name thats a virtue or trait (Precious, Patience, Charity, etc.), Jacob, Brent

My boyfriend likes the name Mercury for a girl, and he says it like "murkury." Never ever ever

No. 95059

>Luna is the 15th most popular girl name
Uh wut. Is this bc the first gen of Sailor Moon fans are grown up?

No. 95066

That or harry potter fans.

No. 95069

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad name, just that you’ve met a lot of shitty people.

No. 95073

jennas too.

No. 95085

>tfw your name was listed as one of the ugly ones…

>hate: Aforementioned german hillbilly names
Do Slavs give their children similar names or do you just know Germans with these names?

>Also it's fucking terrifying that Sebastian is so high up on that list. I fear for our future.
I think Sebastian sounds pretty nice

No. 95090

I have a niece named Ingrid (she has an identical twin named Penelope), and my family took a while to warm up to it so i’m glad to see some love for the name.

Anyways, for boys my favs are- Broderick, Felix, Gideon, Henry, Holden (my absolute favorite and is defs because of the catcher in the rye), and Vincent.

For girls- Avery, Adelaide, Daphne, Erica, Judith, January, Kiana, Maeve, Naomi, Ophelia, Patricia, Persephone, Prudence, and Phoebe.

For some of the names I’d probs call them by nicknames like Broderick= Dirk or Ricky, Kiana= Kiki, Patricia= Tricia, Persephone= sephie, etc. I also do not want to ever change my last name and I want to give it to my kids, because I weirdly really identify with my last name and there are no boys in my family to pass it down so I feel the need to. And I want my kids to have the same
one as me so either my future wife/husband
can change theirs or be chill with having a different one.

I really dislike common names so much I could never imagine naming my kid something even if the top one hundred. Not to be a special snowflake I just think they are really boring and uninspired and I don’t want my kid to have a bunch of classmates with same name as them.

No. 95092

forgot to mention i lived in germany

No. 95097

I live in a country close to Romania and Romanians give their kids really nice names. I know an Octavian, Ramona and Claudia. Meanwhile we get shit like Borbála and unironically Attila.

No. 95098

Ramona and Claudia are very basic, Octavian only reminds everybody of the roman emperor, but Attila is pretty badass lol

No. 95100

Ramona gives me spanish housemaid vibe.

No. 95108

>Names you love
For a girl, I really like the name Juliet. For a boy, names like Gabriel or Alexander.

No. 95123

I really like the name "Laika" but I'm not sure about naming someone after a dog that was shot into space where it died horribly

No. 95142

>Names you love
Lately I have been really liking the name Clementine. Clem for short. I also really like longer names for girls that have cute and short little nicknames (probably because my name is like that). I also love the name Eden.
For boys I've always had a lot of trouble thinking of names I like. I hate basic names for boys (Ex: Mark, John, Nick, and Justin) and love more unique names. Idk if the name Beckham is unique but I really like it.

>Names you hate

Those typical white southerner names with crazy spelling like first pic posted not by OP. And basically any name that I've heard way too many times, kinda like the basic boy names I mentioned. It's hard when you meet a bunch of new people and like a few of them have similar or the same names, I like it when things stand out.

>"Guilty pleasure" names

Names that have some connection with nature and colors.
Ex: Cherry & Tulip.
I also think using artist last names as first names is really cool.
And the weeb side of me really likes the name Momoka.

No. 95143

What are your favourite super "basic" names?
I like Emily and basically any name derived from "Alex" and Will,

You can't name your child that, do you want them to become a cartoonishly posh villain?

>And I love Russian names
Same, I especially love the diminutive versions like Katya, Varya and Alyosha.

No. 95144

What do you think will be the "frumpy old lady" names of the future - ones like Greta, Helga and Esther

No. 95146

The names that are super common now will become the new "frumpy old lady" names. Because when they age there will be a lot of them, and everyone will have a grandma/grandpa with a similar/same name. Those names will soon be associated with older people.

No. 95148

But names like "Emma" and "Anne" have been popular for a very long time, so it can't just be common names that do it.

No. 95149

Denise is one of those Frumpy Old Lady names, I used to associate it with cool 80s models.

No. 95150

I love names with lots of L sounds in them, Ellery and Lily are probably my favorites. I like unisex names but it’s not a new development or anything, I got really into Buster Keaton about ten years ago and I think Keaton would be a pretty name for a girl.

Boys names are much harder. If it sounds like it comes straight out of a movie, I’m sold though. I kind of like Felix, again because of the L.

No. 95151

Hey, have it your way. I suppose if my kids are beating up some nerd everyone calls Sea Bass for lunch money I'll have a little extra cash freed up. Maybe I'll get the hubby to take us all out to the movies with our savings, that would be a nice little treat.

No. 95156

Rather than typical common names, how about common names that are special to only this generation/time period? Names that don't seem dated now, but will become dated in a few years? I can't think of any specifics but I hope I get my point across.

No. 95158

Yeah, I was just wondering what those names are that will age badly. Not names that are already trashy now like your Kaydens and Braydens etc

No. 95162

File: 1536875183088.jpg (35.48 KB, 625x469, enhanced-6952-1442597418-7.jpg)

>Names you love


Weston (Wes)
Theodore (Theo)

>Names you hate

Basically every name in the thread pic lol. I hate super short names like Ava and Mia especially. Like everyone else in the thread, I hate yooneek baby names like McKinzli and shit like that. I think when you're naming your kid it's important to consider their future. I mean you're screwing your kid over for life calling them Khaydynn or Madyszynn.

>Guilty pleasure names

Valentina (hate every possible nickname - Val, Tina, etc. In an ideal world no one would call her by a nickname buuttt….)
Ansley/Ainsley (low-key love it but seems a bit too posh)
Rhys, Llewellyn, Penrose, Isolde, + various other Welsh names

No. 95167

this girl will kill herself someday

No. 95170

File: 1536879670343.png (25.51 KB, 689x382, emma.png)

This. But I've noticed that soon after the first generation of a popular name has died off, the name surges in popularity again. Pic related is for Emma, but I've noticed this trend with many other classic names too.

No. 95172

Harper, Aria, Scarlett, Madison, Ellie, Luna, Riley, Mason, Logan, Ethan, Aiden, Carter, Grayson, Jayden, Jaxon, Hunter

No. 95174

I think you're pretty spot on with the aging bad names here. Idk about Hunter and Luna though.

Thanks for reminding me about the names Sloane and Theodore. I love those!

No. 95175

girls only though to keep it short lol

>Names I love

Elsie (nickname for Elizabeth which I'm neutral to, but it's still really cute)
I grew up in an area with a lot of Indians in it, and some of their names are really pretty too (Pria, Simran, Siya, Myra, Pari etc.) but I'd never name my kids something like that lol

>Names I hate

Aside from the obvious white trash and ghetto trash names that everyone hates (any name with an apostrophe or hyphen in it is ugly imo), I dislike fandom names that are starting to crop up a lot (like Arya or Hamilton), and also my first name but only because it's so popular and I can't go anywhere without running into like 2 girls with the same name

>Guilty pleasure names

Pretty much any over the top name from centuries ago like Odette/Bernice/Georgina/Henrietta/Linette, but I wouldn't name my daughter that because it'd sound pretentious

No. 95177

>Georgina: pretentious
>Cassandra: somehow not pretentious

No. 95182

Guilty pleasure name? I love the name Lucifer. Morning star is an amazing name. Its such a shame people had to ruin it; especially since "Lucifer" is never explicitly stated in the bible as the fallen angle's name.

I'd maybe name a pet bird or reptile it, but I'd never name my kid that.

No. 95183

fuck me, I meant angel. kek.

No. 95191

I'm just here to say. I hate the name Nevaeh. All my sister's mom friends have thought about using it because "It's Heaven spelled backwards.".

No. 95192




>guilty pleasure names

french names
male norse names
female italian names

No. 95195

I love Georgina too! I feel like its nicknames George/Georgie would be a really cute for a girl too. Georgia is similar but less pretentious imo

I love Victoria too but hate the nicknames (Vicky, Tori, etc.) Love Jesse for a boy too.

No. 95196

Love: Lilith. My partner does too. Haven't come across any boys names we both genuinely enjoy aside from Samuel but there's so many damn Samuels

Hate: Courtney, breeana, names ending in lee or lyn and consonant heavy boys names.

Guilty Pleasure: celtic names like Raewyn, and old fashioned names like Carmen, valentina, and french boys names

No. 95198

>names you love
Willow, Rose, Holly, Ash, Beatrix, Kirby (Kirby is my favorite name. I would use it for a boy or a girl. I know it's a little out there, but I think it's freakin adorable)

>names you hate

Serenity, Hope, Destiny, Faith, every basic southern white girl name like Breeland, Kayleigh, etc. and really biblical names like Elijah and Jeremiah

>guilty pleasures

I REALLY like Winter as a girl name, like in the same vein as Summer and Autumn.

No. 95199

>Names you love
Elizabeth, Rose, Lily, Lynne, Hannah, Alice
>Names you hate
Pretty much everything everyone else has said, Mary Only for personal reasons kek
>Guilty pleasures
Ironically enough Rosemary, weeb-y names of anime characters I like, Luna. I actually have a distant ancestor named Luna but I doubt my family would be too happy with that choice lol.

No. 95204

lmao ya got me there

No. 95206

>Names you love

Anne, Beatrice, Corinne, Eugenia , Felicity, Imogen, Josephine, Lilith, Margot, Morgan, Olivia, Pauline
Elijah, Gabriel, Henry, John, Joseph, Matthew, Nathan

>Names you hate

Billie/Billy, on both boys and girls, Alex- names on both boys and girls, and anything with Yooneek spelling.

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

Alice, Brooklyn, Camilla, Christine, Hope, Kennedy, Lola, Primrose, Roxanne
Ash, Casper, Jasper, Milo, Oliver

No. 95218

> Names you love

Antoinette, Genevieve, Joanna, Elizabeth, Victoria, any variation of Anna, Annie, Anne etc.

For guys I don't really love anything nearly as much. Nicholas is cute though, if I ever have a son that'd be his name.

> Names I hate

Nicknames of the previous names. Like Tori/Vicky for Victoria or Lizzie/Beth for Elizabeth. Just no, the names are so beautiful and those are so ugly.
Also I really don't like the vast majority of Irish names (I'm Irish). Every other girl I know is called Niamh, Aoife or Caoimhe and even the more obscure ones just sound like trash. Some of the male names are marginally better but not by much.

> Guilty Pleasure Names

Myra. Too many bad connotations with the name and I'd never give it to a kid, but I still love it. I also really like the French name Laure.

No. 95242

>Names I like
(F) Matilda, Clementine, Sabine, Josephine, Margot, Nora, Maja, Carmen, Carina, Katrina.

(M) Sargent.

>Names I dislike

Isabel "issy", Emily, Emma and especially Caitlin. Every Caitlin I've met I've hated. Such a basic bitch name, too. Also hate old man basic bitch names like "Paul" and "John".

>Guilty pleasure names

Conrad. I love this name but if I had a boy I couldn't name him this cos it belongs to someone who died and I feel like it would upset people if I named him that.

No. 95243

>Kirby (Kirby is my favorite name. I would use it for a boy or a girl. I know it's a little out there, but I think it's freakin adorable)

I know a 25 year old woman named Yoshi. (yes she's white).

No. 95254

>Names you love
Charlotte, Roxanne, Claudia, Anastasia, Felicia, Farah, Sasha, Julia/Juliana, Helen/Helena, Hannah, Sophia, Naomi, Katrina, Diana, Dahlia, Delilah, Victoria, Vera, Cecilia, Allen, Ian, Victor, Vincent, Vladimir, Michael

>Names you hate

Hunter, Kyle, Maggie any special snowflake names that are a mishmash of letters, apostrophes, and can barely be spelled by the child who has it

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

Miyu, Max (all cause my fiance hates the name), John, Rodger, Scarlett, Angela, Miranda

No. 95276

>Names you love
juliet, angela, ruby, abraham (pretentious)

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

mars (f) lauren (m) elvis (m)

i would never anything something with an s because i have a lisp. sad

No. 95281

Yoshi is just weird for a white person because it's Japanese. Kirby has been a name in America for a long time, just not that common. I just really like the way it sounds, in spite of the Nintendo character.

No. 95400

File: 1537118091500.jpg (28.86 KB, 470x500, 268882_5_.jpg)

French here so some might look/sound weird

>hate (girls)

Kaitlynn, Kaylynn, all that shit
Victoire (=Victory, it's so pompous)
Camille (is both a boy and girl name, but it's vastly overused for girls, I had 4 Manon and 3 Camille in the same class once lmao)
Marie (too many holy fuck)
Bérangère (das ugly af)

>Love (girls)

I LOVE the name Wednesday but eh Addams Family overload
one of my friends wanted to name her daughter Rosemonde (very old but cute)
Bandit (just like Gerard way)

>hate (boys)

Raoul, Raul

>love (boys)

Sacha / Sascha etc

No. 95408

Did this bitch really name her daughter "felony" with a PH? With those other names, jeez…

No. 95542

No. 95544

Mia, Madison, Ava, Addison, Evelyn, Zoe/Zoey, Ashley, Taylor, Alyssa, Chloe, Jessica, Kayla, Hailey, Morgan.

No. 95550

File: 1537282758700.jpg (271.1 KB, 1080x1638, 20180918_095753.jpg)

Not saying all of these names are horrible, but they're a selection from my town's local birth announcements in the newspaper. Any town in the Southern U.S. is going to have some really shitty names for sure.

No. 95553

File: 1537283311957.jpg (332.43 KB, 1080x1858, 20180918_100728.jpg)

Some more for shits and giggles

No. 95558

I’m that girl and I’ve had a name for my child since I was 7-8 years old. I think Veronica is such a great name. It can be beautiful, classic, bitchy, girly, sexy all at the same time. The nickname Ronnie can be cute or cool. Said in any language with any accent it sounds great, I nearly changed my name once I love it so much. It probably helps I’ve never known/met anyone in real life with this name so I don’t have a person in my head attached to it.
>obsessed with the Betty and Veronica comics when I was a kid and wanted to be Veronica so bad, I even owned a pair of Veronica underwear, introduced to the name and obsessed with it because of her

No. 95559

I used to frequent this forum for baby names. Some of the users there were so goddamn pretentious and cringe. I left.

No. 95561

File: 1537288102950.jpg (316.48 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20180918-112737_Sam…)

Speaking of, I went back there to find this perfect example of cringe and circle-jerking.

No. 95571

Tf kind of name is AiMillioan

No. 95579

All these horrible southern names reminds me of when a girl I went to high school with got pregnant and posted on facebook that she couldnt choose between naming her daughter Payton (which is at least a fucking name) or Paylynne.

Guess which one she went with

No. 95580

i know paylynne is gross but i feel like it's the lesser of the two evils. it definitely sounds more feminine, and payton sounds like a brand of bbq sauce…

No. 95584

>Girls names

Like: Elloise, Claire, Madeline, Olivia
Guilty pleasure: Ellanor, Evalynn, Veronica, stereotypical ‘popular in the 80’s’ names that you rarely see anymore (Ashley, Tiffany, etc)

>Boys names

Like: Oliver, Evan, Elliot
Guilty pleasure: Shane, Kevin

Hate: any ‘babyish’ name that obviously wont grow well when the kid is over 4 years old (kaylee, cayden), the name Ava in general, names that sound like dog names (Ace, Gunner, Bruce), Names of countries/states, names with unnecessary amounts of y’s and n’s

No. 95612


No. 95617

File: 1537318311032.jpg (146.49 KB, 600x615, disgusting.jpg)


>AiMillioan MaZari

Ok what the fuck even is this

No. 95618

Yeah I've noticed that baby name forums seem overrun with people obsessed with gaudy uuneek names.
That signature though, lmao. She seems like the type of woman who only lives vicariously through her children.

No. 95621

Wafae omfg that poor child anon you’re cruel

No. 95630

Some people should just make a Neopets account instead of inflicting these names on children

No. 95631

It's okay. She's more than likely very single and very far from getting pregnant before her eggs rot. She'll just have to inflict them on cats instead.

No. 95632

Ugh. My cousin was considering naming her baby Payton if it was a girl.

Thankfully she had a boy.

No. 95659

File: 1537362148981.jpg (49.58 KB, 600x600, This-is-sparta-guy.jpg)

My mom works at a school and showed me the list of her students names. Holy shit, it feels like they're getting worse every year. We're not English, yet there's one kid named Lennox, one John and even one Leonidas kek

No. 95660

Friend of mine used to work in a local council office and some couple brought their new kid in to make the name official. They called it Female - pronounced Fem-ar-lay. Not even kidding. I know someone with a kid called Lennon and he's a little dick. I also went to school with a girl called Quailin. I'm not having kids so I feel like my opinion on kids names is kinda moot, but jesus folks, give your kids a sensible name, not something that sounds like you pulled it out of a Scrabble bag.

No. 95678

I can't stand names that sound like incomplete spellings of more common names. I don't mean nicknames either. People actually name them as is. For example, the name on the left is what I immediately think it should be on the right.

ALSO why is Bill short for William? Its so dumb. it should just be Will for short. And Bill should be its own name by itself.

No. 95681

Is that meant to be "Caoilfhionn"? I can't stand it when people destroy Irish names like pronouncing "Cailtlín" (cat-leen) like "kate-lynn". Or using surnames as first names sounds stupid af (Mackenzie, McKenna, McKayla, Quinn, Brady, Kennedy, Riley). I've heard of someone called CúChulainn (which, firstly is a terrible name for a child) who pronounces it like "Choo-choo-lane" why would you not fucking research the name before giving it to your child what the fuck? It's not that hard to find the pronunciation of something online or even in a history book. Christ.

No. 95683

>Names that you love

My boyfriend's family is hispanic so spanish names are on the table - Gael, Mateo, Paloma and Camilla are really nice.

In addition I like Leon and Soren for boys and Kate and Diana and Amelia for girls.

>Names you hate

Amanda, Taylor, Hannah
Hank, Hunter, all the new popular boy names that are clearly made for yuppies or hipsters like Mason and Aiden and Jax

>Guilty pleasure names

When I was a kid I wanted my little sister to be named Odette but that would be horrible to inflict on a child but Odie would be a cute nickname for a girl

Casmir, Felix, Claire, Margot
Not too bad but all a little ~quirky~
When there's a name I like that's too OTT I just put it in my fantasy novel.

No. 95684

I'm jelly cause I love the name Veronica but my sister got bullied by a girl with that name so I would feel bad using it but you're right about how cool it is.

I just checked my local birth announcements and hoo boy-

Emberlee, Arwen, Adorien… I wish you all the best.

No. 95688

I would unironically use Arwen as a middle name but holy shit.. Adorien.

No. 95689

I already detest this woman.
lol at "Vittoria" being somehow "Victorian" - you can tell she's stupid af despite thinking so highly of herself

No. 95690

>Choo choo lane

No. 95697

Or words that aren't an actual name… I know a third gen. Canadian couple who named their kid Ceilidh "because we have Gaelic roots, and her name means celebration!" One of my friends told me it's not an actual name and it's like naming your child "Party" kek

No. 95727

Irishfag here, they're not wrong. Ceilidh is a legit Irish name and means something akin to party or celebration. I hate the name though lol

No. 95730

Vittoria is the Italian form of Victoria so it isn't made up but it honestly sounds stupid for anyone who isn't Italian.

No. 95744

>Names I love
Erina, Erika, Jordan, Lilith
Guilty pleasure name
Josephine, I hate it so much, but it's my mum's name and I would name my daughter's middle name after her.

No. 95760

Getting pregnant and having to think about naming a child has made me realise I don’t truly love any names. Even the ones I really love, I don’t love to the extent that I’d give it to my child forever or until they were able to change it

>names you love

Girls names that don’t end in vowels. My boyfriend is Irish so there’s a lot of these in his culture and I like most of them, especially rarer ones like Bláithín. I love the idea of keeping traditional names alive

I like Irish boy names too. I prefer plain, established names for boys. I love the names Claude and Florian but would only use them if I was living in France/Germany/somewhere those names have a history, or possibly if they were in my partners culture

>names you hate

Snowflake names in general. My name was very snowflaky and to this day I’ve only heard of one other person with it without me actively searching. It was difficult to spell and people would pronounce it wrong constantly, including the ending which was normal for a girls name (“ia”). I ended up changing it to a common name and I have no regrets. Nothing beats being able to announce my name without hassle or a conversation about how to pronounce it/the origin/why I have that name etc

Not a big fan of American names, prissy girls names or long boys names. Also Royal baby type names

>guilty pleasures

Edwardian names? The sort of era that’s dying out at the moment. I love names like Violet and Enoch but I wouldn’t use them

No. 95762

>tfw i want to comment but am nihonese and feel out of place

No. 95763

It's cool anon, I'm going to have half babies, am also not comfortable about posting here.
My husband really likes Yui, but it's such a fashion name these last years. If it's a girl I really want 咲 in there, it's so much more appealing to me than 美 or whatever.

No. 96340

I'm a baguette fag and I love the name Claude too, but it's such a grandpa name, I immediately picture an old man with a beret a wife beater and a cigarette hanging off his lips lmao. I also love George, because it sound very sweet and romantic to me, but I only know 80 yrs old men named like that.

No. 96344

Don't be so self-conscious, we're all anon here. I'd like to hear those names.

No. 96353

Nope. Quailin. She was an idiot to go with her idiot name.

No. 96411

>tfw your name is on multiple farmers' hate lists and you really want to know why but can't dox yourself like that

fuck i want to be roasted

No. 96743


No. 98918

I like trying to make up new names that sound acceptable. When I think of new ones I share them on the /r/namenerds sub. My favorite names that I've come up with so far:


I just think it sounds nice, the intention was to hearken to 'rose' and 'lys' (french for 'lily') so: 'rose lily' but the Anglicized version isn't as obvious with that intent.


Honestly it's just Holly and Ana mashed up, it fits current naming trends for girls ('liquid names') using popular phonemes.


Latin for 'lion' + French word for beauty. Can't really take credit for this, someone mispelled a name to this and I thought it sounded nice.


From Ellis/Elise + Female French diminutive -ette, 'little Ellis'. This is apparently a name used in some Spanish speaking countries but not used in English speaking ones, according to redditors who commented.

Not sure I'd actually give a kid these names but it's a fun though exercise and I do think they sound like nice 'real' names.

No. 98926

File: 1540117373147.jpeg (38.93 KB, 457x322, 8F534103-E62C-4E57-BC42-31B0B8…)

anon why
I’m white and I still wanna make mayo jokes about these.

No. 98929

I'm French and those all sound pretty dumb. Cute-dumb but still.

On the subject, my favourite name is Garance. Most people don't like it though.

No. 98933

might as well just say renesmee carlie anon damn lol

No. 98938

>names you love

Girls: Ada, Zinnia, Tzipporah, Tova, Dahlia, Rosemary, Blue, Jane, Veronica

Boys: Luke, John/Jon, Ezekiel, Ezra, Martin, Rain, Bishop, Keanu, Raymond

>Names you hate

McKenzie, Nicole, Mercedes/Porsche/etc, Stuart, Ian, Jeremy, Elliot, Natalie/Natalia, Julia and anything that sounds like it belongs on a stripper or serial killer.

>Guilty pleasure names

I don't really have any because there's nothing I like that I wouldn't name my own kid, save names from outside my own culture- Nkemi is my favorite and I wish I could use it. Same with Sakura, as weeby as that is it's just a pretty and delicate name.

No. 98962

Who names their kid Mercedes?

No. 98963

super popular in spanish speaking countries iirc

No. 98970

Eh it's worth a shot. Names have to come from somewhere and new names do enter the name pool all the time (usually from popular media). Names like Vanessa and Cosette are made up, and names like Heather and Madison were unused as names till some bit with an oddly named character got popular enough people started using the names on their kids. Let's see how popular Kylo and Daenerys get to be in the future. My current favorite 'made up name' that is getting to be popular is Galilea, which comes from a Spanish language broadcasting personality.

Mercedes is a pretty old name and were it not for the car would probably be more common, its pretty. iirc The Count from the Count of Monte Cristo (1800's) ends up married to a girl named Mercedes which is where I first heard it. A shame about the car.

>Guilty Pleasure names

I like those more modern 'virtue' names like Genesis, Destiny, Serenity, Haven and Liberty. THOSE names are weird but hideous names like Prudence, Grace and Hope are OK? They are only OK because we are used to them but they sound bad.

No. 98973

What are some ethnic names that wouldn't be too odd sounding in the west?

No. 98980

define ''ethnic''

No. 98981

Anything from North Africa, Middle East, Indian subcontinent

No. 98982

Boys, girls, both?

No. 98985

Boys, girls, unisex names, anything is fine!

No. 98993

Imo it's awkward to use these names if you're not that ethnicity. Like weebs picking jap names lel. That said, for names that seemed normal where I was,

Aisha, Amal, Amina, Amira, Bibi, Dalia, Fatima, Kamila, Karima, Layla, Nadya, Saba, Talitha, Zahra,

No. 99004

Depending on where you live it could be fine. I live in LA and there are so many transplants, immigrants and children of immigrants along with hippie parents that lots of people here have 'odd' names compared to other parts of the world. I knew many Hispanic girls named Yasmine/Yasmeen even though the name isn't Spanish in origin, as an example.

No. 99005

Thank you, I like Dalia! Kamilia too, it reminds me of a girl I used to be friends with as a kid.
My boyfriend and I are both brown but he looks ethnically ambiguous and I look white, we both have unique "exotic" names but we decided on giving our future kids names that would help them blend in easier where we live (it sucks that it even matters, but we've both had some difficulties because of our names here) without sacrificing the cultural aspect. We're also not religious so finding names that tick all the boxes has been a little difficult but my list is growing, thank you!

No. 99205

Literally nobody in real life cares if your name "matches" your ethnicity. Try growing up in a Navy town with a bunch of white kids who were born in and/or lived for years in Japan and have names like Izumi, Sakura, and Yoshi- the novelty wears off quickly and you realize it really doesn't matter to anyone but the Internet Police.

No. 99369

Ugh yes it's such an ugly name

No. 99371

What's the worst, or most snowflakey name you guys have heard of IRL?

No. 99374

As a french fag I have to say Leobelle sounds very… Wrong?It sounds wrong on a boy AND on a girl because leo is a masculine name and belle is the word used to describe a beautiful woman (the word for a man is beau). Leobeau doesn't sound any better.

Elisette is cute, it could be the nickname of someone named Elisa. Lisette in itself is a real name, albeit a rare one.

Roselise could work imo, it sounds like a cute granny name, Rosalie already exists.

A little girl named Sauvage. (Literally Savage)

No. 99379

If I ever have a kid, I'll give him/her a traditionnal french name. I'll sure won't be giving anything made up because I don't want to burden my kid with that shit.
I'm thinking Aliénor, Alexandre, Camille or Emmanuel.

kek, you can say it, fellow frenchfag, those names will sound very stupid to any native frenchspeaker.

No. 99388

Girls: Violet, Bianca, Beatrice, Bonnie, Ruth, Pearl, Anna, June, Veronica, Michelle, Lily (last 2 I have cousins named that so idk if I'd use it for my daughter)

Boys: Jeremiah, Isaac, Nathaniel. I don't like a lot of boy names but if I have a son I would probably have Michael as his middle name, after my father.


Girls: Nancy, McKayla, Mackenzie, Tammy. I also tend to hate using "boy" names for girls, idk why.
Boys: Aiden/Jayden/Brayden etc, Cooper, Tanner, any of those preppy names that end in "er"

>Guilty Pleasures:

Greek mythology names like Calliope, Antigone, Persephone. Would never name an actual person that, maybe a pet. I love names like Genevieve, Anneliese, Liesel but it might seem pretentious and out of place here. (am amerifag) I like the idea of Magnolia as a name but again, seems a bit over the top.

No. 99392

I'd only like Leobelle on a fantasy character, like for a book. Elisette turns out to be a real name, I hadn't done a search before listing it but I've since found a fair amount of women with the name I've just personally never met one (definitely seems to be a Spanish thing).

Personally like Roselise best but I've got a thing about saddling girls with hyperfeminine names, what if they turn out to tomboys stuck with names like Isabella Sofia? I wouldn't give any potential female children names that were too feminine without also giving them a unisex name or potential for a unisex nickname. And since I speak Spanish the names have to sound good in two languages. Since you're French you might not be aware but in the US currently 'granny' names are pretty popular, we've got tons of little kids who show up to promotions we run at work and old fashioned names are everywhere on these kids.

>current guilty pleasure name

Magdalena. I like how it sounds, I like the history but its a lot to burden a kid with and they would just be called 'Maggie', like maggots.

No. 99413

Oooh I love the name Bonnie for a girl, and most other names that sound a little boyish for a girl, like Jamie. I like the names Isaac and Michael, for some reason I really like name that have a C in them, especially for boys. I hate the name Jeremiah though, every time I hear it I picture some fat old fashioned cowboy in dusty clothing without fail lol.

I had a girl called Genevieve at my old school, I think its a gorgeous name and very unique without sounding too special or snobby.

No. 99417

Weird names I love but would never name a kid:


Names I hate:
Hunter, anything that rhymes with Aiden, anything that rhymes with Bailey, Krystal, Brody, Brady, Gunnar, Chastity, Chanda, Robin (girl), and retarded spellings of existing names (Molly spelled as Mali, for example). Naming kids after cars and colors is also stupid and pretentious.

No. 99418

Emmerson, for a girl.

The mom was a whoreganic granola lady, of course.

No. 99419

I went to school with a girl named Star.

No. 99428

I went to high school with a pair of twins name no joke My'princess and My'queen.

Also knew a sparkle and a gentle.

No. 99431

>Names you love
Archie, Bonnie, Cecelia, Clara, Clementine, Daria, Madeline, Marceline, Rory

>Names you hate

Same as everyone else, the common names with wacky spellings.

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

I have weird taste so Adelaide, Akira, Alfred, April, Fox, Imogen, Kai, Matilda, Wednesday

No. 99440

In my senior year of high school, there was a freshman at my school named My'angel. Never before had I wanted to shoot myself more.

No. 99444

Where are you from? Some of your "weird" names are actually really normal, especially Ian, Hope and Vincent. Nobody would bat an eye at those in the USA.

A lot of names I love are nature based, which can come across as ridiculous, but they can be traditional so that kind of helps? Namely botanical names and the like (Rose, Lily, Hazel, Ash, Rowan).

My guilty pleasure names are ancient Greek names, which I'd never use (except maybe for a pet) but like anyway: Ares, Andronikos, Gaios, etc.

No. 99446

justice is already a shitty name, but this one is misspelled too

No. 99453

I went to school with a Surprize. I did not misspell that.

No. 99463

None of these are weird except Celestine though. It's a shame a beautiful name like Aiden was ruined though.

No. 100030

>Names you love
For girls: Charlotte, Caroline, Catherine, Susannah, Emmaline, Elise, Juliet
For boys: Alexander, Augustus, George, Henry, Elliot, Nicholas
>Names you hate
For girls: Crystal, Sarah, Chantal, Kylie, Kelly, Stacey, Margaret, Dana, Lisa, Mikayla/Mackenzie/Kayleigh etc, I don't like masculine names for girls either like Ashton, Connor or Riley.
For boys: Dustin/Justin, Maynard, Abraham, David, Eli, Israel, Kevin, Richard
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Julius, Hugo, Felix, Edmund, Rosalie, Anastasia, Adele, Amelia, Odette, Evangeline, Serena

I don't know if the names I like come off as being pretentious or not. I also don't like my own name but I didn't add it to the list seeing as it's a relatively uncommon French name.

No. 100422

>Greek mythology names like Calliope, Antigone, Persephone. Would never name an actual person that, maybe a pet.

I think they could work, I've seen two mid 30's women, separately, irl with names like Hera and Demeter and I live in the US. I work in a coffee shop so I also hear semi weird ones too, like Dresden.

No. 100888

>Names you love
Short names like: Ian,Lynn,Lily,June,Elias,Laura, Cesar, Andre, Ana, Eva, Joaquim.
>Names you hate
Names with unecessary letters, and most names that end with leigh also the name Mary.
"Guilty pleasure"
Artemisia, Eveline, Ophelia, Fern, Ginger, Sage.

No. 100939

>Names you love
Julian, Renée, Riki
>Names you hate
November (yes), Melanie, Emily, Melissa, McKenna
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child
Love the name Chiaki but too weeby. Also toy with the idea of having a boy and naming him Christopher Robin. Lol

No. 100964

>Names you love
Girl: Alice, Giuliana, Josephine, Claire
Boy: Jack, Michael, Isaac

>Names you hate

Any girl names beginning with “Mc” or ending in “leigh”. Also girl or boy names ending in “den” or “dan”. Common names being spelled weirdly to make them “unique”.

>Guilty pleasure names

Atticus, Claude, Sebastian, and Eleanor. I’ve been watching The Haunting of Hill House and I think the name Theodora is cute for a girl, I especially like the nickname Theo. It could work for a boy being named Theodor as well.

No. 100972

>names that you love

>names that you hate

Puck, Robin, Kira (the last two being unisex names, idk why but I tend to dislike unisex names). Names after things like Maan (Moon), Fee (Fairy), Roos (Rose) etc. I also dislike super common, super generic, oversaturated names like Lisa, Emma, Lotte, Sanne, Julia etc.

>"Guilty pleasure"

Mythology names (but they're a bit too extra to name a kid after)

No. 100973

>Names you love
I like most 1-syllable names. cute and simple. also month names: april may june august
>Names you hate
names with apostrophes, anything ending in "leigh" or "leen", long ass names that sound straight out of a fantasy novel
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
idk. anything rare or hard to spell

No. 100996

I know a woman named Alethea. At first sounded weird but now feels like it is a beautiful name based on how it sounds in my language.


Girls: Serena, Lyah, Mariah, Helena, Bianca, Eva, Gabriella
Boys: Kevin, Yohan/Johann, Mikael (not pronounced like "michael" tho)


Idk but I wouldn't use a name that is overused like my own. I tend to avoid a name if I can sort of associate with a personality, like Isabella being a girl who don't shut up

>Guilty pleasure

It's sad when I like a name that doesn't makes sense in my language itself or it's pronounce. Like "Violet" is pretty but it's pronouce in english sounds so unnatural compared to "vee-oh-leah-ti" (would be pronouced like this which is weird af). And names after colors and days of the week.

No. 101003

File: 1542517673883.jpg (47.87 KB, 500x500, WU-TANG DAN.jpg)

Holly,Lindy,Lily, Daisy, Clementine
I really like the name Samus, since it's kinda unique but not too out there. Could nickname her Sam/Sammy
I like Chihiro too, but it's too weeby

I fucking love the name Wolfgang, but I'd be afraid of my kid getting bullied or me/him getting labeled as a damn furry. Or them nicknaming him Wolfie or some shit, but I guess Wolf technically is an actual name.


Mckayla,McKenzie,Mckenna,Caleb,Skyler,Tyler,Hunter,Steve, Blaire, Bob/Robert,Guadalupe,Jose,Carlos,Pedro,Gina,Helga,Olga,Ingrid,sheena.. you get the idea.
Names that sound like they just added an "a" to make it sound like a girls name ; like Josefina, Manuela,Fernanda .,etc.
Names that people can easily make fun of like Dick or Narda. Knew a girl named Narda, people would make fun of her and call her "Nalga" which is spanish for butt cheek.

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

Gladys, Jacques, Ozzie, Vladimir,Zelda, Frankie(for a girl like other anons mentioned),Slyvanas,Lilith, Coraline, Fox, Pearl, Diamond. I think I would seriously consider lilith and Fox for kid names.

I love a lot of the names you anons brought up!

No. 101006

File: 1542521550011.jpg (66.06 KB, 720x960, ea87defb51a681e2b4aef07c96f756…)


for boys I can only think of Damien.


Mostly ugly old lady names like Esther. Or boy names on girls.. Jessica Simpson named her daughter Maxwell Drew and holyfuck that's awful.

Guilty Pleasure:
Delilah - i love everything about it except crazy religious people having an issue with this name.
Shiloh - loooove it, but people always tell me it's a dog name. I gave in and am planning to give it to a future pet instead.

No. 101020

All female names because I find most male names boring.

>Names you love

I like basic names like Jane, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Margaret a lot. I've never liked Mary though.

Also Dahlia, Aisling, Imogen, Cher, Irene (pronounced the UK way, not the US way) and Sybil.

>Names you hate

Any name that begins with Mc, like McKayla, McKinley, McKabbage, whatever. They're all ugly.

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

Elisif, Madelief, and any name that's pretty but belongs to a culture so far removed from my own that my kid would get laughed out of school, like Shoshanna or Airi.

No. 101030

Also I’m having a baby so any input on whether these names are terrible I’m open to lol.

>Any of those popular made up Utah names like ayden, kayden

No. 101042

Te’Quila (teh-kyla) and Princess

No. 101043

>Irene (pronounced the UK way, not the US way)

What's the 2nd pronunciation? The only one of this name I know is eye-reen.

No. 101044


No. 101125

They all sound like hooker names, but Anya is the nicest.

No. 101236

Demelza reminds me of the evil stepsister from Cinderella. Drizella

No. 101266

I read that as "tequila" lmao


No offense anon but Demelza sounds kind of ghetto. Anya is nice though.

No. 101296

>watched Rome ages ago and kept wondering why Eirene was pronounced Eye-ree-knee
It makes so much sense now.

No. 101505

I've been watching this channel's videos, because my dream is to someday have a big family. I find them to be cute, despite giving creepy vibes to some people.
I just think the names of the kids are soooo strange. I know that they live in Finland, may sound even stranger there.
The names are: Leonardo, Cleopatra, Jerusalem, D'Artagnam, Romeo, KingJames, Nefertiti, Aphrodite, Omega and Shakespeare

No. 101507

tbf how would you feel if all your siblings were named like John and Claire and you were named Shakespeare. Or if your siblings were all Omega and Cleopatra and you were Ann. Gotta respect the consistency lmao

No. 101523

Those kids are cute but that dad gives me the major creeps.
And God, those fucking names make me want to roll my eyes out of my skull. I think the worst one to me is King James. Like, it really had to be fucking King James? It wasn't unique enough to just call him James like a normal person?
Shakespeare also pisses me off because if you want to pay homage to the guy, name the poor kid William. Not fucking Shakespeare.

No. 101526

Eh, Leonardo and Romeo must be pretty relieved.

I feel for the kid named Omega. Just reminds me of a/b/o and that's not a good association.

No. 101536

Those are definitely weird as fuck, especially in Finland.

No. 101557

Why the actual fuck would anyone have 10 kids, that’s an entire decade of your life spent being pregnant and most definitely taking multiple years off your life span from the strain of the pregnancies and then the stress of raising 10 kids. I also can’t imagine how you’d possibly have the time and energy to give each and every child the attention they deserve.
But what should I expect from someone who names their kid Omega

No. 101576

>m-muh religion

No. 101648

File: 1543411511577.png (563.89 KB, 727x335, babby.png)

Did anyone else ctrl+f their name to see what other anons think about it?

No. 101775

>Names you love
Annette, Louise, Lily, Ella, Mia
>Names you hate
Nicole, Emma, Gabrille, Vanessa, Brianna, Sophie, Samantha, Natalie. I don't really HATE them, I just don't like how they sound.
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)

No. 101802

All my favourite names are guilty pleasure names lol, I could never really name my children them. pls no bully:
Chesapeake (Chess or Chessie as a nickname uwu), Blanche, Andromeda (nickname Andie), Tennessee, August, Valentina.

I'm big into place names, Greek names, and Irish names.

Less outlandish choices: Pearl, Maria, Edith, Hazel, Zena, Audrey.

Names I hate are pretty much anything on the most common list - Emma, Olivia, Charlotte, etc. It's a shame that Amelia and Ella have become so common because I think they're lovely.

No. 101811

i love that name so much and a little girl being called andie is so cute
basically for most of the names y’all are too scared to use id say go for it (unless they are just too ridiculous) you don’t want to regret not using a name you love cuz you’re scared how others will think
on another note how do y’all feel about the name Pree i’ve being thinking about using it as a nickname for patricia. patricia was my grandmothers name that passed away and we were really close but i don’t like patsy and im not sure about tricia
also i’m a big fan of neutral milk hotel and they use that name and i’ve always loved it

No. 101822

Tfw my name is here. No worries anon, I also hate the way my name sounds.
You jinxed it!!

No. 101913

File: 1543710052186.jpg (143.45 KB, 500x421, i cry.jpg)

i love such weird fucking pretentious names like Roman, Royal, Llewellyn, Star, Beowulf, Aegon, Hailey, Jorah, Fionn, etc. i'd probably name one of my kids this bc i secretly wanna be the woman with the kids with the pretentious names

No. 101917

Low-key child abuse

No. 101919

Roman and Hailey aren’t too pretentious

No. 200319

I'm pregnant and name searching so I'm bringing back this thread.

>Names I like

Rosemary, Leonara, Chantico, Helena, Ramona, Vanessa
Owen, Caspar, Felix, Hugo

>Names I hate

Jayden, Rufus, Leonard, Kallie, Amber, Sasha

No. 200320

can someone explain why sometimes people name their kids after a thing, but naming them after a different version of that thing is weird?

like people will name their kids paris, london, dallas etc. but naming your kid kiev would be weird?

or people name their kids jordan (I'm guessing after the jordan river) but no one names their kid nile or tibris?

No. 200321

Someone will have I’m sure, it’s just how many have. There’s a character called Nile in The Old Guard for instance, and Tibris wouldn’t sound totally weird

No. 200325

I think that it's just what people are desensitized to. For instance, the name Luna used to be considered strange but now it is super popular. It just takes a bunch of people jumping on a name bandwagon to get people to register it as a viable name.

No. 200339

>Names you love
Sebastian, Magdalena, Lualhati, Mayumi, Ezekiel, Solomon (lots of bible names I know but they sound so good), Goro

>Names you hate

Aiden, Kayden, Braiden or whatever the fuck has a den on the end. Or something a youtuber white mom would name their poor kid, Lily

>Guilty pleasure names


No. 200348

>In 2019, Alfred, Chester, Hudson, Ibrahim and Oakley entered the top 100 most popular boys’ names in England and Wales. They replaced Alex, Dexter, Dominic, Kai, Sonny and Tobias.

Hate all of the above lol. Alex and Alfred are OK. Boys names I like that haven't been mentioned: Ezra, Oisin. European variations often sound nicer to me. Pietro vs Peter. Paolo vs Paul.

No. 200370

Nile would make a pretty cool name though imo.

No. 200371

File: 1627833982513.jpg (21.27 KB, 350x294, crane.jpg)

fuck yeah it is!

No. 200391

reminds me too much of onision

No. 200426

What do you guys think about uncommon flower names for kids? Like Gardenia or Clarkia.

No. 200429


Please tell me you made up Clarkia on the spot kek

No. 200437

File: 1627856981499.gif (654.99 KB, 1000x1000, media.gif)

It's a kind of NA wildflower. I've been getting mixed responses as to whether the name is ugly or not.

No. 200438

I'd love to have a kid named Larkspur or something equally ridiculous. It's like those old Victorian naming trends of Thomasina or Eupatoria.

No. 200450

>names I would give to my kids if being socially accepted wasn't an issue

I tried to think of more but that's really the main one. For either gender. Problems are that it would be viewed as pretentious, possible cause for bullying, if it's a boy people would be confused because the name belongs to a goddess, while it's doesn't sound like a girl's name in many modern day languages.
Also people would think I just picked the name because I liked the Artemis Fowl books as a kid which is not entirely wrong.
I also like Ramona but wouldn't ever pick it because of the Scott Pilgrim association, although that might not be an issue a decade from now.

>names I like but are pronounced in a much uglier way in my native language compared to english

Evelyn, Stephen, Rosemary, Charlotte

No. 200730

Found out that I was almost named after my great grandmother Thora (female version of the Nordic god thor).

On one hand I’m glad because it’d be kinda cringe but on the other hand, I’m forever mad because that would be badass.

No. 200731

File: 1628063033009.jpg (170.34 KB, 736x1108, 8d5dcab41b35ec845314c429e1649c…)

I can't believe Thora is actually a real name, kinda cool

No. 200732

Arthur the aardvark's grandma's name is Thora

No. 200733

I like my name a lot but people always shorten it! Please just call me by my actual name! I would feel like a petty ass to correct them because I do allow some people to use those.

No. 200738

File: 1628071316477.jpg (40.55 KB, 524x328, Screenshot_26.jpg)

The actress from American Beauty is also a Thora

No. 200739

Sorry for worthless post, but I thought this said “Thora Bitch” when seeing the thumbnail on main page kek

No. 200742

My name is one of the only things I like about myself

No. 200746

I like long names for girls but I absolutely don't want it shortened to a nickname which with inevitably happen.

No. 200788


No. 200802

I have a long name and have never used or been called a nickname! it's definitely possible. my name does get mispronounced fairly often, though.

No. 201309

I personally prefer older names since they don't seem childish. Older names feel more appropriate for a woman, which I think is important to take into consideration since your kid isn't going to be an itty bitty baby all their life, so a name like 'poppy' may be too saccharine and childish for a 40-year-old businesswoman. Though I do like it when you have the option to shorten it down to a nickname (which I'll leave in brackets)

>Mildred (Milly)

>Vivian (Viv)
>Evelynn (Eva/ Lynn)
>Marjorie (Marge)
>Judith (June/ Joyce

No. 201366

I think it depends on the name to be honest. Some names are prone to nicknames no matter what. Think Madison/Madelyn/Madeleine. I never heard one not go by Maddie kek. >>200788 Guinevere will probably go by Gwen most of the time. At least throughout childhood. A name like Valentina will also be prone to nicknames. The only name I can think of at this very moment with no intuitive nickname would be Angelica.

Older names are fine but C'mon. Ethel? Maud? Those names are primitive lmao

No. 201368

I partially like those names because they sound like sweet old people names or classy 'victorian' names tbh

No. 201398

My great grandmother's name was Clover. So cute!

No. 201500

I like Evelynn, Camilla and Lillian! Also Julia is a beautiful name I think. And I agree, parents often don't think of the fact that kids are gonna grow up when naming them. I hate how every second little girl is called Emma nowadays btw

No. 201502

Charlotte is also very pretty

No. 203510


No. 205038

File: 1631312199387.png (150.04 KB, 313x626, yes, I'm naming my kid after h…)

I know I'll probably get judged for this, and I was a little afraid to post this, but what do you guys think of naming a girl Pepper Ann? Hear me out, I never watched the cartoon but the name has stuck with me. I don't think she'll get bullied since the show aired 21-23 years ago and most kids her age wouldn't know about the cartoon, and by the time that she's an adult, the only people who'll know about the Pepper Ann cartoon would probably be aside from some 50-year-old millennials

No. 205039

I like old names that were popular in the early 20th century, like Dorothy, Louise, Lucille and Shirley. They're still considered grandma names but to me they sound just the right amount of both cute and elegant without being too childish and cutesy. Also I love the nickname Dot/Dotty for Dorothy.

No. 205046

File: 1631316172246.jpg (19.9 KB, 250x208, The_Death_of_King_Arthur_by_Ja…)

I used to know a girl named Avalon, and I think it is a really cool name. I also really like the name Ursula, I think it's super unique and elegant, but I would feel bad if I had a daughter and she got teased for sharing a name with the fat ugly sea witch from The Little Mermaid. I was like 8 when WALL-E came out, and I share a name with the love interest robot, and it pissed me off so much when people would say my name in the funny robot voice.

No. 205047

Personally, I would be more amenable to naming her something else and using Pepper/Pepper Ann as a nickname. Some p name like Penelope, Patricia, Piper, Paige, Pamela. You could also go with given name as Anne/Ann/Anna and then use Pepper Ann as the nickname. It's not about the cartoon but personally I think it's just too close to being overly twee and unusual and the kid might feel weird about it. This way they'd have a "normal" name to fall back but if she ends up loving it then nothing stopping her from adopting it. I've had quite a few friends that go by something other than their given name on everything but legal documents.

No. 205049

I'd hate my mother if she named me after any spice or condiments

No. 205050

Just name your kid Paprika at that point, the lost Spice Girl

No. 205054

Bring back old medieval names, I say.

No. 205063

What, like Tiffany?

No. 205086

Meet my son Ranch and my daughter Sriracha

No. 205119

>Names you love
I love quirky supporting character names like Zoe, Valerie, Chloe and old lady names like Evelyn and Rose. I also think John is a beautiful and underrated name for a boy, especially now when all the millennials naming their kids Brody and Quinn, how sophisticated to have a little John on the playground lol.
>Names you hate
For some reason B names just rub me the wrong way: Belinda, Bianca, Brian, Bronwyn, Brent,yes even Beyonce. I just think it's ugly to start a name with that hard Buh or Brr sound.
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Every OC in my maladaptive daydream stories is named some variation of Kai, Dante or Dorian kek. Would be embarrassed to even name a pet one of these but my inner emo tween still loves them.

No. 205120

I like flower names like Lily, Rose, Violet, Jasmine, Azalea and so on but mostly for females.

No. 205157

>John is a beautiful and underrated name for a boy

It used to one of the most popular name for males from the start of the 1900s until it started dropping in popularity during the 50s/60s.


No. 205171


in the UK Chloes are usually hard-faced fiat500 twitter basic bitches with a bullying streak

No. 205193

>Name you love
Xiamora, Venus, Adonis, Lacey, Ava, Luna, Sofia, Violet, Yara, Jessica, Juliet, Gabriel, Angel
>Names you hate
Michael, Melanie, Kehlani, Sage, Jonathan, Christopher/Chris, Jake, Britta
>Guilty pleasure
Valentina, Lily, Jennifer, Ruby, Jade, Diana, Luke, Leo, Kai

No. 205202

My bf and I like really old fashioned names, May and Marshall are on top of our list.

No. 205221

What do you think of your own name, nonnies?

No. 205223

I've always loved the names Oliver and Olivia. No idea why, but I think they're both lovely.

No. 205233

So do most gen Xers apparently because every zoomer is named Oliver or Olivia now. I can't not associate those names with fakebois, enbies and tiktok egirls.

No. 205237

I like mine in theory, it's from latin literature and I get compliments for it often but for some reason I don't really like being referred to by it. If I could I'd get everyone to refer to me by my middle name but it's way too late now, and everyone in my country would misunderstand and misspell it anyway because it's from a foreign language

No. 205338

It's a female version of a generic male name. It's fine I guess.

No. 205358

i go by a nickname thats VERY different than my real name and overall i like it buts its a very common fakeboi name so im constantly getting clocked for a troon.

No. 205362

Boring and common. Of course it was chosen by my father when my mom was going to pick something more unique and pretty. I've thought about changing it to what she wanted but just seems like too much effort when I don't really care. Don't hear my name often anyway, it's mostly "you" and "bitch"

No. 205366

I guess I'm kinda happy with it. I almost ended up with the female version of the name of a saint. I would look like a total nerd.
While I'm still named after a saint, it's a woman's name at least, not the female version of a male name, and not after a male saint. Things could be a lot worse.

No. 205720

I don't want to sound cringe but I think most fakeboi names are so beautiful, especially the Asian inspired ones. Peyton, Kayden, Aiden and all the Hebrew ones too. I also like fandom names as long as they're subtle like Buck for Bucky in Marvel or "old fashioned" fandom names with roots in mythology like Remus.

No. 206164

File: 1632059898919.jpg (31.24 KB, 500x375, for pretty things Journal on …)

Is it just me or does anyone else hate male names? This has nothing to do with men's character as a collective, it's just that male names don't sound as good as female names. I like the names Enoch, Marion, and I guess Nicholas, Simon and Jeremy are okay

No. 206166

guilty pleasure names:

No. 206167

I've always loved the name Luke, after Luke from Professor Layton. I don't want kids, especially not a son but if in some alternative reality I did have a son he'd be a Luke.

No. 206171

File: 1632063845766.jpeg (521.67 KB, 1920x1280, C95C9635-8166-479E-B5B9-7B241D…)

I’m coming up with a huge list of names for my future cat. Give me some of your favorites.

The ones on the top of my list right now are Casino and Belvedere.

No. 206181


I've always wanted a black cat named Celeste

No. 206186

I'm planning to adopt a goofy looking cat and name it Gizmo

No. 206213



No. 206223

I'd go with casino cause I like simple names for pets and don't know how to pronounce the other one.

No. 206308

>enter thread
>ctrl + f
>type my name
>doesn't come up


No. 206334

>enter thread
>ctrl + f
>type my name
>lots of results in names you hate

Be thankful nonnie.

No. 206400

Initially read this as Bedivere and got all excited to see another fan of Arthurian legends kek. Belvedere is still pretty though even if it is a drink

No. 206495

Nta but same lol. Arthurian names are some of my favorites- Morgana, Guinevere (which later became Jennifer), Elaine (lol), Igraine etc. Also Tristan and Isolde/Isuelt

No. 206584

I've got mixed feelings on Biblical names. On the one hand, I like them because it's neat to see a name that's basically been used in a variety of pronunciations for thousand of years. But on the other hand, I don't like them because they reduce a lot of native culture in favor for cultures that are already very well represented in the world. This is especially notable in cultures when they're first seriously exposed to Christianity. One generation, you'll have very interesting and unique native naming and then the next, it's just Benjamins and Sarahs.

No. 206602

People give their kids common Western names so that they will have an easier time integrating into a modern global commercial environment. They care about makong life easier for their kids, not giving their kids a "unique" name, which is white nonsense. And frequently, people have a Western name that they use professionally, and a traditional name that they use with their own people. I'm sorry you don't get to hear their cool & unusual names. They would prefer to tell you a name which you won't mouthbungle.

No. 206629

Lots of rare names. Stuff that has a literary, romantic, or whimsical feel. Some might think of my tastes as pretentious but eh.

Girls: Catherine, Octavia, Faye, Victoria, Delphine, Therese, Aurora, Temperance (had a great grandmother named this), Cosette, Edith, Evangeline, Tallulah, Sylvia/Sylvie, Odette, Vivian, Thalia, Zinnia, Claire, Winona, Tilda, Blair, Helena, Sybil, Lydia, Waverly, Cressida, Eisley, Seraphine, Rowena, Renata, Opal, Tabitha, Nell, Valerie, Thea, Roxana, Ophelia, Demetria
Boys: Solomon, Shepherd, Soren, Beau, Hawthorne, Ambrose, Seth, Hadriel, Dorian, Elias, Tristan, Vaughn, Thatcher, Raphael, Dante, Malachi, Ira, Bram, Basil, Levi, Edwin, Constantine, Desmond, Sterling, Leon, Sawyer, Stellan, Augustine, Claude, Sullivan, Rex


Pretty much any of the insane Mormon-esque names. Mc-anything. Unisex. Male names for girls.

Girls: McKenzie/McKayla/McEtcetera, Paisley, Madison, Emerson, Sloane, Kinsley, Logan, Avery, Luna (fucking everyone names their pet this, so I can't associate it with a person), Matilda (yet I like Tilda), Margaret/Margo/Marguerite/Marge, Alicia/Alyssa (it's not terrible but I knew SO GODDAMN MANY growing up and tired of it).
Boys: -aydens, Mike, Chris, Kyler, Jaxon, Hank, Finley…I don't explicitly hate a lot of male names, but I do find most of them boring

>Guilty pleasures


Girls: October, Sonnet, Icephemia, Leocadia/Leocadie, Edwina, Esmeralda, Corinthia, Sophronia, Soleil, Elowen, Galatea, Keturah (would totally use if I were a jew), Romilly, Theona, Artoria, Araminta
Boys: Alaric, Cyrus, Lysander, Endymion, Griffith, Auberon, Sylvan, Locke, Percival, Beauregard, Blaise, Bastian

No. 206641

do any other anons associate names with weird stuff? there's a lot of names that i hate because they semi rhyme or the sound reminds me of something else, usually food or something gross. it makes me really picky about names

anyway, a few that i actually like:

people are out there calling their kids shepherd??

No. 206662

I didn't even realize benjamin was a bible name

No. 206663

>This has nothing to do with men's character as a collective
Sure it doesn't.

No. 206691

It's not totally unheard of. Shepard Smith from Fox News for example. It's got a biblical/Christian vibe more than anything else to me. Though some might assume you're a huge Mass Effect fan.

No. 206706

sorry, but Michael, Christopher, Jason, Scott, Brian, John, Richard, Marcus, William, Brandon, and Justin would still sound awful if they were attributed to women, instead of men

No. 206732

Imo alot of names sound like shit in English. MAY-kuhl is so much uglier than Mihael

No. 206750

Albanian has some unique but not too crazy names/ variations of familiar names.


No. 206829

>Names you love
Edith, Ruth, Elaine
>Names you hate
Pretty much anything ending with "ella" or "ia"

No. 208263

File: 1633518382068.jpg (30.53 KB, 640x474, h9cs7jkid7q01.jpg)

What are some female namelet names? Gertrude?

No. 208267


No. 208279

File: 1633523980302.jpeg (76.72 KB, 481x280, F2FD4036-EDA7-4E0B-A022-FA99A6…)

Kek, but namelets for women are stuff like
Literally everyone ignores the name and picks anything else to call that woman, usually the second name or anything different to Maria.
Same issue as Maria
In latam it would bring all the bullies to the yard because “Federica” means ugly
It’s so lame.
It rhymes with Pajua which basically means retard.
It’s weird, I only met one (1) Danae in my entire life and it’s a name that really sticks out like a sore thumb.
Those are the only names in Spanish that I feel like they would only get your kid bullied forever, specially Zoila, because it’s basically “i am the” -Soy la/ Zoi la-.

No. 208296

File: 1633528569172.png (38.04 KB, 989x200, Untitled.png)

Names I like:
Noah, Noelle, Lisa, Isaac, Anything Irish like Sorcha/Saoirse or Siobhan etc, Benjamin, Esme (I have a friend called Esme, what a divine name), Rosie, Dina, Daria, Imogen, Fiona, Nadine, Mary (My grandmother's name, and my middle name. I'd consider calling my daughter Mary after her if it wasn't so antiquated)

Names I don't like:
Dan, Timothy, Eric (but I like Erica for some reason), Oscar, Scarlett, Liam, Niall, Craig, Michelle, Leo, Alex, Luna (fucking hate it)

Guilty pleasures:
The shit that Jacob Rees-Mogg names his kids, picrel, because if you can get away with shit like this it means you're a stuck up posh cunt, and I wish to god I had the money to be a stuck up posh cunt

>tfw my name is here

No. 208298

I'm from latam too and federica is a common name for rich girls, I didn't even know it meant ugly. Same with Ana, people don't put a second name and even if they have it they don't call them by their second name ever

No. 208303

not latam but i guess it depends on the country or even area of the country?

No. 208324

Nah real latina namelets are ghetto kira kira stuff like Yoluiska, Kimberly, Milady/Mileidy, Yajaira, Yuleisi, Gladys/Dugladys, Usnavy, etc.
Ana and Maria are perfect for combined names that have a nice musicality to it, like Ana Paula, Ana Julia, Maria Alicia (pronounced marialicia), Maria Elena (pronounced marielena), Mariale (pet name for Maria Alejandra), Mafer (staple rich girl name in my country, pet name for Maria Fernanda), even Ana Maria.
Pajua and Paula not only do not rhyme but they have very different intonation. Paula has a diphthong (Pau-la), pajua has a hiatus (pa-jú-a). They look similar written down but not when spoken imo.
Who hates the name Dana lol like did you not watch the x files.

As for names that will get you bullied in latam, adding to Zoila there's also Deborah (means to eat up, devour), Penelope (pene is literally penis), and Paloma (common name in Spain, means dove, but it's also like the most common word for penis in latam).

I like the name Federica but tbh I have also heard people use it as a friendly way to avoid saying the word "ugly" straight-out ("esta un poquito federica…" instead of "wow que fea").

No. 208332

Names I like: Edie, Serena, Elaiza (eh-lie-za), Madison, Ondine, Vinnie, Noah.

Names I find annoying: James, Rory, Alex, Katy, Xander, Brooke, Vanessa, Joanne, Natalie, Blaire.

Guilty pleasure names: Mia, River, Cosmo

No. 208951

Phineas is such an ugly name.

No. 220951

My bf and I have settled on the two names we love the most for each gender.
Male: Arthur
Female: May

Backup names:
Male: Marshall
Female: Hazel

What do you guys reckon?

No. 220954

No. 220970

Arthur is cute, but you should drop May and go straight to Hazel.

No. 220971

I hate marshall tbh, but the rest of them are nice!

No. 221016

these two dunces gonna name their kid after eminem

No. 221026

Favorite: Lita, Jonathan, Sharise, Rochelle

Least favorite: Zoey, Sarah, most male names lol

Guilty pleasure: Lucinda. If I weren't naming my kid after a retarded schizo ana-chan I would.

No. 221042

I really like the name Artemis for a girl but in reality it probably wouldn't be a good name because it would get abbreviated to something stupid sounding

No. 221075

>Names you love


>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)


>Names you hate


No. 221312

My first name used to be pretty hard to come across. It has a specific spelling and it was rare to encounter other people with the exact same one. However in the past couple of years I keep meeting more and more people irl and online with it. I’m also coming across more TV and film characters who have the name. But when I check the popularity ranking of my name it has actually been decreasing in popularity for over a decade. It just feels strange sometimes.

No. 221551

>Names you love

>Names you hate

I don't know

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)


No. 221950

I love the name miranda


>name of actress who played eowyn, one of my favorite characters of all time

No. 252839

I’m mad Liam is a popular name now. I’ve wanted to name a baby that since I was a kid and now there’s like 5 Liams per classroom.
What are the 2022 baby name trends tho nonas?

No. 252973

Would you name your child or pet any of the following?


>gregory or greg
>chris or christine
>shay or shayna

No. 253077

I could name a cat Dasha

No. 253236

I hate the name Bella. I can only stand it on pets and Bella Goth (because she'a sim lmao)

No. 253634

I like Hunter as a boys name, I also think Dasha is pretty.

No. 255288

I really like the sound of Samus, but this is no Zelda situation. If I named my child Samus, there'd be only that one Samus lol.

No. 255294

jeffrey is a really good dog name tbh. it's like walter or norman

No. 255301

I love the names Nastya, Valentina, Nikolay, Oskar, Leda, Mavis, Klaus, Audra and Mallory! I really hope to have children someday, I'll give them lovely names and try to be as much of an amazing parent as my parents were to me!

No. 255310

Kiki would be a good cat name

No. 255323

I love cats and dogs with human names! Even more so cats or small cutesy dogs with stuffy old human names!

No. 255383

I have a feeling people might make fun of Nastya since it has 'nasty' in the beginning lol.

No. 255391

Oh shit I didn't think of that haha, I don't live in an English speaking country though so maybe spelling it like Nastja would help? But I don't want kids until at least ten years from now so time enough to think about it lol.

No. 262706

Sorry for the bump but I just found out about the goddess Litavis and if I ever have a daughter I will name her that (with the abbreviation Lita).

No. 262708

Sounds like a brand of drugstore medicine, or a health food brand

No. 262710

Is it just a southern white thing to have two first names combined like Ashley Lynn or Katie Sue?

I just found out a distant relative pf mine had the the name Anna Mae rip

No. 262736

I've really been liking the name Imogene lately.

No. 262753

What are some examples of good but short female names? I like Eden, Eva and May. But those are the only three I keep circulating around.
Any other cool ideas? Preferably 3-4 letters.

No. 262775

Lita means bitch/slut in Estonian kek

No. 262844

There was a big craze in the UK for a bit to name little girls some variation of 'Ellie-Mae', 'Lily-Mae', 'Ivy-Belle' or 'Bella-Rose'. Mix and match as appropriate.

No. 262865

my name is imogen! without the e!
my younger sisters name is eden kek

No. 262918

Nova, Cora, Juno, Rose/Rosa, Ivy, Leah, Ava, Esme, Isla, Nina, Ruby, Tess, Aria, Lily, Kaia, Wren, Iris, Anna, Gaia, Kit, Jane, Mira, Oona, Vera, Amy, Kyra, Nell,

No. 262952

Do any of you other anons ever see names that can't be pronounced/are weird to pronounce in your native language you just wish you could give your kids? For me it's Kaitlin/Caitlin but it would sound so retarded in my language. I also love Monami, but it's just a bit too weird to give to a kid I think she might get bullied for it. I love Daria as well (yes because of the cartoon), I think I will go for Daria, Annika or Klaus if it's a boy. Can't mispronounce it in my language and not that weird either (even if they're quite uncommon).

No. 262953

Yes, I am a slav and live in a western country. So many nice names just sound weird if translated to the other language, or even worse, we have our own version of the name which just changes the whole damn name. It's hard, so i've been trying to research names in both languages and see what works.

No. 262963

Certain abbreviations might work, and you can give your child a beautiful legal name and fill in the abbreviation at schools and such. (I love slav names, I really want to give my kid a slavic name but I don't have a drop of slav blood in my body so I'd feel weird about it lol). I'm partially German but live in a different country, I try to look at German names to make it a bit more unique.

No. 262964

Yes I was thinking abbreviations, but I think I have come across a couple of names that actually work well in both languages. All a matter of research I guess!
Thats sweet that you like slavic names, honestly no one really cares if you're not one, I know lots of people with international names that aren't even from that country. Plus, lots of slav names are common in the west now like Tanya, Maria, Elena, Valentina, Irina, Yana etc
I love german names too actually, like Petra and Ida, I think a lot of your traditional names are so cute.

No. 263067


No. 270209



Anything ending in Leigh

Guilty pleasure:

No. 270488

I love a variation of my birth name is on so many hate lists. I hate it too. It's fucking Kayla. I knew even as a kid it was instantly going to get dated past a certain point and become and "old lady" name like Nancy. It's short, rhymes with a gazillion other names, starts with a K, and is faux "Celtic." It's so white trash to me, but not nearly as bad as poorly spelled, overused shit like kayleeigh. I tell people my name short for is Michaela, and I intentionally annunciate the "ch" like the Jewish "chai," which is how that name is supposed to be pronounced in the first place. It's beautiful when using certain European or Yiddish/Israeli inflictions. "Muh-KAY-Luh" Yuck, I imagine a 2012 Redditor tipping their fedora. What's worse is sharing this trailer park name with 20 girls, not including Kaylee, Kaitie, Kate, Kaitlynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Lee Renee, Layla, Shayla, Ayla, McKayla, Chaela, and the boys named Caleb (that still sounds like Kayla on a roll call). Jesus Christ, can pasty tatted cigarette huffing drunks pick another family of names? FUCK.

No. 274665

File: 1657553550434.jpg (309.04 KB, 800x492, 27340e3f-c735-4ff2-a36d-58bb4b…)

Can anyone suggest a more conventional name that would have similarities to Acadia? I jokingly mentioned it and it ended up being the first and so far only name my husband genuinely likes instead of tolerated. It's cute for a baby, but too much for an adult woman. What's something more sensible a similar feel?

No. 274692

Anastasia, Alicia? It’s also kind of ancient Greek sounding, maybe look at those sort of names?

No. 275761

Acacia is a flower, and has a softer annunciation. Casey and Cassie would work as nicknames.

No. 302147

Sorry for the bump but do any other nonnies want to give their child a foreign name but have a foreign last name already? I feel like giving my child a foreign first name will be super confusing, people think I'm a foreigner already and I have a first name that's one of the most popular in my country. I would love to give them a Slavic name or name them after my grandparents (German) but I feel like it would bring so much confusion. I love the name Sveta for a girl but nobody would say it right.

No. 302151

I have a Slavic name and it creates a lot of inconvenience in my life, as far as documentation/spelling/people learning my name/etc. I'd genuinely recommend you stick with a name that has good transliterations and is fairly known across different cultures. Also, Sveta is usually just short for Svetlana.

No. 302153

I personally love my Slavic first name and how it stands out in America, and gave one of my twins the VERY Slavic name of my maternal grandmother. The other twin has a very flowery Italian name (oh hell, you’ll never find me based on this; it’s Valentina) because my wife is VERY Italian and we hyphenated our last names. Do what you feel in your heart as cheesy as that sounds haha. Sveta is one of my favorite diminutive names, I say keep it in your list! Ola is also very cute (shortened Aleksandra). One thing to remember is when they are older they can change their name if it truly bothers them. I think heritage names are important but not life or death obv haha

No. 302157

Ah yes I know that, I just don't think many people in my country do haha. I think Sveta sounds much cuter (sorry Svetlanonna's) but I'd have to spell it 'Svjeta' or something which is just even more confusing. Sorry you've had so much trouble with your name, I think I will stick with generational names (or derivatives of them) because at least people will be able to pronounce it.

Valentina is such a cute name, it's a character from my favorite movie too! Don't see it much around here. I never thought about name changes but I can see that, I think I'll likely go with the old (not modern) German names of my grandparents though just to avoid confusion. My mother has multiple names which I think are all very beautiful (also I love her to bits of course) but if I gave my daughter one of them she'd probably hate me for it kek. She is pretty anti-religion and they are all biblical names.

No. 302306

im unsure about kids but i do want to change my name in a few years. I already picked out the name i want but its kind of cheesy ~

i can't think of any i truly hate but here are names i love: melody, lily/liliya, pandora, lyra, bridget, astrid, penelope, daphne, veronica, luka, arthur, edward, and lucy (in another lifetime lucinda).
names i think are cute but would most likely never use: scout, skipper, sailor, betty, dotty, nancy, morgana, vera, myrtle, ramona, alice, lola, and eloise.

overall i like nature, space or sci fi, mythological, and i guess "classic" names.

No. 302746

File: 1670405181657.png (195.94 KB, 329x600, Shelf unit, 23 58x10 58x29.png)

I've been keeping a names list for like 3 years now, these aren't all of them.

girls names i like:
names with an R in the first syllable like Florence, Harper, Cordelia, Marcella, Priscilla/Drusilla, Teresia/Teresza/Therese
Dolly (like dolly parton)
Hyllis (see picrel)
Ruthie, Rebecca (massive ag doll fan as a kid, the names are cute)

boy name I am set on: Nick/nicholas

Boya names I like:
18th century nobility names like Arthur, Fredrick, Maximilian, Konstantin, Leopold
president names like Woodrow, Macallister
old man names like Chester, Maurice, Burton, Werther (Werther’s originals)
Ferric (iron in its +3 valence state)

I have a soft spot for greek names like literally everyone else in this thread, but when it comes to boys names I love ones like Blaine and Leslie that sound kinda feminine in my opinion (blaine always makes me think of the name blaire)

I found the name Dieghoilaye in the comments of a video with 10 views. if anyone has any idea how to pronounce it please let me know

No. 302750

>Hyllis (see picrel)
Nona "hyllis" is a made up word equivalent to calling it "shelf-y" in English

No. 302752

Kek at you non-swedes…
Ikea product names aren't actual human names.

No. 302754

That makes it sound oddly endearing
I just like it because it sounds like phyllis but without sounding like the word phallic.
and yeah my name list has been described as ikea furniture, cheeses, and failed wines. Every single name that I posted is something I would actually name a child though, if not a given name at least just as a middle name

No. 302758

It's probably because I'm a Juno Reactor fan but I love the name Juno. I also like Jadis, like the white queen, and Janus like the roman god.

No. 302764

This has to be subtle trolling. Not just the shelf part

No. 302783

The girl names are cute, except the shelf, but the boy names are vile. They are all getting bullied. Except Stefan/Stefen/Stephen. But especially Werther Original. Even Peter's getting bullied.

No. 302785

I work somewhere where I input a lot of names into a system daily, you nonnies would be rocked to know one of the most common names that pops up is Aiden… Even spelled other ways like with an Ay. I had no idea it was so popular until now

No. 302789

Is Aries for a boy crazy? I really like it

No. 302794

File: 1670424933670.png (278.17 KB, 744x604, 0.png)

There are worse names, I suppose.

No. 302832

Ew, why would you post such a moid-tier meme

No. 302881

No. 302884

I'm a Slav and I'm planning to give my kids Slavic names even though I'm gonna move abroad. There's so many immigrants everywhere I don't think anyone's gonna bat an eye.

No. 302903

File: 1670453951788.png (21.39 KB, 201x64, names.png)

I am not trolling, I even deleted some of the names I'm more unsure of. the original list goes back to 2020 but I make new updated ones, so picrel is the only proof I have that this is relatively old.

again the appeal of hyllis is that it sounds like the name phyllis which is a decent name but sounds like some kinda gross english words

No. 302905

sage bc double post but I'll agree that they're kinda weird in terms of american names, but I feel like they're all flexible in terms of nicknames (like max, leo, rick). Ferric is the most pinterest mom name I'm willing to go with, I refuse to have a grayson or chase. several of the names are those of my favorite professors throughout the years. obviously old man names are relegated to middle name options only

Wether's originals is just what I associate the name with but it's unique and I like it

No. 302908

nta but that ones actually funny

No. 302909

File: 1670455467979.jpeg (26.28 KB, 367x500, katana.jpeg)

Also side thought but I feel like boy names can be tricky because they either seem very young or very old to me. I can't visualize an 80 year old noah or august, just the same as I can't visualize a 6 year old named kevin, victor, etc. Girl names are a lot more flexible.

I work with kids and I have seen a lot of scarlets and paiges recently, just a lot of french names in general. Best name I had this summer was a girl named Katana (she was blonde/blue eyes).

No. 302910

I've never met a Nicole or a Brittany that wasn't a huge bitch

No. 302914

File: 1670457928429.jpg (171.81 KB, 1024x768, noah animals entering the ark.…)

>I can't visualize an 80 year old noah
Here, now you can.

No. 302915

>Ew, why would you post such a moid-tier meme
Because it was appropriate to the conversation. Why wouldn't you use a moid-tier meme when discussing moid names?

No. 302917

>the name phyllis which is a decent name but sounds like some kinda gross english words
How fucking dare you. My Aunt Sybil Phyllis was a saint!

No. 302922

The name Enoch sounds and looks so cool. I wonder if my boyfriend would be up to naming our child Enoch if we have a boy. He's mentioned he wants to stay away from names that could get them bullied, but god, the name is just so unique. I want Latin / Italian type names for our kids.

No. 302923

How do you feel about the names "Knives" and "5"

No. 302941

Grimey is that you?

No. 302951

Sounds too much like 'eunuch', that kid is definitely getting bullied.
scott pilgrim characters or deviantart OCs

No. 302966

File: 1670478713544.jpeg (147.74 KB, 640x1003, safsfsfsfsf.jpeg)

Ever since I read A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett I fell in love with the name Ermengarde. I think it sounds beautiful rolling off the tongue, and I imagine a lovely noblewoman in the 1200s walking in her castle garden among the rosebushes.

But I will probably never name my child this because I'd fear them getting bullied. Some names are just too outlandish/ancient to use for a child IMO.

No. 302996

that's a lovely name nona. There's always middle names if you're worried about bullying

No. 303009

nta but most children don't know what an eunuch is

No. 303020

love this thread, I write names I like in my notes:
Rachel/רחל – sounds cuter in hebrew, it means lamb. in English its more of a cool name.
Sanya/Саня – nickname for alex in russian, sounds cute like sonny
>guilty pleasure
Layla - a bit cheesy since it literally means night in my native language

No. 303030

File: 1670508969386.png (341.98 KB, 671x586, Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 07-12…)

>children don't know what an eunuch is
It's 2022, some children are eunuchs now

No. 303031

the fact that literal children are transitioning and everyone is okay with this is a hellscape…

No. 303344


yes. like, i don't really like luna specifically because it's one letter away from tuna

No. 303345

I really like the name Thomasin for a daughter. It's feminine and gentle reminds me of a potion brewer or something…

No. 303363

>Names you love


i figure if i tell my future husband that i want to name our daughter petrina, hes more likely to panic and agree to anything else i suggest that is even slightly less awful kek

No. 312182

I’ll name my son Paul. (short for Tarpaulin)

No. 312184

File: 1676056850658.jpg (72.79 KB, 500x500, heavy-duty-tarpaulin-waterproo…)

Does Tarpulin mean something else in your language

No. 312192

this is two months old but "Thomasin" straight up means "Thomas's"

No. 312193

*in my language, fuck

No. 312495

that's the joke

No. 312500

I thought it was a real name, kinda dumb of me but it reminds me of the English name Faith which pronunciation is very similar to the word fat in my country

No. 312546

I think it's a nice name regardless

No. 312820

I love the name Susanna, but I have been getting mixed opinions on it. I think it is a beautiful underused name in the US. What do you guys think?

No. 312837

I like the name "Josephine." There's so many ways one can make nicknames out of it. Jo, Josie… That's it but still. My name has no nicknames, it saddens me sometimes. Not planning on having kids though.

Susanna is a good name. Not great, but solid. I like Suzanne more but it essentially is the same name. I think people don't like it because in the US it may be associated with Southern bigotry by people not in the south who don't know better (also misogyny but that's a given). If you were to name your kid that, that would be a good name.

No. 312881

My most favorite one has always been Sophia. Also:
Eva, Eve

The only two "normal" male names I like are Andrei and Konstantin, I'm probably forgetting something. I mostly like names that'd be more suitable for medieval monks.
I also really like Finnish names.

I dislike:
Olga but I really like Helga though. I'm not talking about Pataki family kek, although this would still be true. I also don't like male name Oleg.

Gleb, but it's so weird I kinda like it too. I'd befriend or date Gleb.
Lev or Leo, I just don't like it as a name. It's not because of Tolstoy. Other names starting with Leo too, like Leontii, Leopold, Leonid.
Maxim, and all Maxims I knew personally were annoying af or sucked big time
Tbh I hate the way a lot of male Slavic names sound in their shorter form. At the same time, I might like the full form or just don't mind it.
Spyridon KEK
Pavel, Pavlo, Pasha. Paul is ok though

No. 312884

I think it's a very nice name, nonna.

No. 312921

The name Josephine makes me think of a really hairy meaty vagina. I don’t know why.

No. 313381

i had a teacher with the last name Spiridon, it's a great name. medieval monks are in right now

No. 313686

File: 1676958677307.jpg (72.48 KB, 1032x581, Ermahgerd.jpg)

I'm sorry anon but this is the first thing I thought of

No. 313706

Damn I wish my name was Josephine

No. 313837

there are two english names that sound like mine, one is more common but it sound like a stacy name and not a name a loser like me would have, and the other one is rare/archaic. idk which one to pick what do you think?

No. 313856

are you changing your name anon?
i'd go for the rare archaic name personally, unless its something crazy outdated

No. 313859

yeah probably. my real name isnt really a thing in english and im tired of spelling it out every time and people giving me the fluoride stare about it. ive been going by the archaic name for the past 1 1/2 years and dont hate it even if some people think its weird (and therefore not an improvement). thanks for your input!

No. 313946

Spiridon actually grew on me, so I agree with you, anon. Didn't know about monks though, could you tell a bit more about it? hehe

No. 314743

I just meant that old names are having a resurgence, so there's a bunch of kids running around right now named like a Byzantine saint. I'm the anon with the ikea shelf name list, so maybe I just have terrible taste, but wikipedia has lists of monks by century that I love to browse through. Most have pretty normal names, John, Gabriel, etc, but there are some unique ones (and interesting history). My favorites right now are Neilos and Anselm

No. 314948

I really like and love the names, Ingrid, Iris, And, Snap

No. 314951

File: 1677765441598.jpeg (171.41 KB, 736x933, 876e4423b456a7.jpeg)

snap is used as a name?

No. 314952

Layla is a traditional Middle Eastern name, not sure what's trashy about it at all kek

No. 314956

I read a book with a character that had that name, Idk I really liked it

No. 315325

File: 1677988938692.png (781.63 KB, 800x600, snap.png)

the book in question didn't happen to be my immortal did it

No. 345824

necro but I've been thinking about this and I like

>alexander / alec
>laurence / laurie

>tamsin / tammie
>catherine / cat / kittie
>isobel / issie

No. 359797

Absolutely dead thread lol

>Names you like


>Names you hate

Stephanie is such a low class name I hate,screams white trash.same with Britney.

>Guilty pleasure names

I really like the names Imari and Marin.

No. 359834

Watching Bones and All made me like Marin, I do prefer the spelling they use (Maren) but I imagine they both sound the same?

I only ever really like girls names so I'm screwed if I ever end up with a boy kek.

>Names you love

Edith (Edie for short), Astrid, Evangeline (Eva/Eve/Evie for short), Bridget, Mabel, Genevieve (again could have Eve for short)

No. 359837

I think Ashley is adorbs for a guy's name, because in my ESL country it's usually understood as feminine. Encountered a male Ashley in the wild with a Scottish accent. I love the dichotomy between being a rough guyish guy and having a girly name.

No. 359855

My favourite name ever is Polly Anna

No. 359856

File: 1700394463049.gif (8.24 MB, 540x400, youdontnomi.gif)

You had to post it, didn't you?

No. 359895

I really like the names Eve and Rose as siblings. The middle names would be Eve Marie and Rose Helene.

Other names I like:

Rose (ofc)


Names I hate:

Boy names that sound too much like cowboys (Colt, Maverick, Wyatt, etc.)
Oakley, Oaklynn, etc. abominations
Modern abominations in general
Ugly last names as first names (Murphy, Sutton, Brooks, etc.)
Dated names like Ashley, Crystal, Robert and Greg

As for guilty pleasure, I like the name Naomi but the only Naomi I’ve met has been a complete bitch to me and I can’t get that out of my head

No. 359901


These posts are both me. I used to have way different tastes.

No. 359903

Dasha would be a cute cat name

I actually kind of like the name Christine. Never met a Christine that wasn’t nice. I don’t immediately associate it with CWC.

No. 360010

What are some of your favourite names used in Shakespeare plays? My name is Shakespearean

No. 360060

I love old fashioned names, the more archaic, the better. If I had kids they'd be called grandparent names like Waldemar, Alfred, Ida or Hildegarda. Names I wouldn't use include ones that are far too archaic and never found in modern use, because the kids might get bullied. I knew this Polish kid with a medieval ass name, but he lived in the west where nobody knew the name is out of use, so his parents got away with it.
It bugs me when it when western people use Slav male names for girls, like Nikita, Nikola, Sasha (this one is short for Alexander), etc. They do sound pretty and feminine out of context, but I grew up around Russians and had a sort-of brother figure with one of these names. So it is funny to me. Maybe it's unisex and I'm mad for no reason. I don't know. Seeing a girl named Sasha to me is like seeing a girl named John.
Alternatively I despise non-anglos with anglo names. So many Kevins, Jessicas and Justins here, with non-anglo surnames to add contrast. Unless they emigrated to the west and attempted to assymilate there, it usually is some weird status thing. It's exoticism, western-asskissing, and trying to pose as international.
I also dislike it when people give the shortened form of a name as the full legal name. Max instead of Maximillian, Alfie for Alfred, Nina for Antonina…

No. 360275

Anyone ever consider changing their name? I used to really dislike my first name as a kid but I'm neutral on it now. Still dislike my surname.
What I dislike about my name as a whole is how generic it is, both my first and last names are really common and I have no middle name. But another thing that bothers me is that I have a foreign surname, so people sometimes falsely assume that I'm from that country or bad at English. On the other hand maybe people will think it's weird or that I hate myself if I change it to something more "American"…
Idk if I'll ever actually change my name but I wonder about the possibilities sometimes.

No. 360282

I changed my first name because it was ugly. Everyone in my family gave me a lot of shit for it because how could I, they picked it out for me, why don't I like it? They still call me by my old name at home even though it's been years. I didn't even pick out anything outrageous, just a regular degular name that exists in my native country as well as most places in the world in some form, think Jane. I was just tired of having a weird ugly name my whole life.

For reference I am British but was given a very ugly foreign name as my parents are immigrants. I don't know a single person with my name, even in my country of origin, that doesn't go by a nickname.

No. 360284

I know fathers usually hate it if you get rid of their surname. Personally, i'd never say about it to my family, they take it prsonally and rarely understand.
They'd probably hate it less if you chose another name from your country instead of usual british one. But it's a good choice, really, to not stick out too much.

No. 360301

Charlotte (love Lottie and Lotte for short)


guilty pleasure names- Zelda, Soleil, Minerva, Odette, Percival, Matilda, Stella

No. 360320

>Waldemar, Alfred, Ida or Hildegarda
These are good except Waldemar, which is a good name for a dog (Waldi, for short). You should read medieval saints' lives, you'll get a lot of good names from there.

I like some odder names myself, but I don't plan to have kids.
I like girls' names ending in -ette:
>Jette (German pronunciation, "Yette")

ok I got bored so that's all I want to list lol

No. 360327

ayrt and yeah I hear that families being upset is a common experience. I'm actually a bit unsure if that would happen to me. I think they'd be confused mostly, but not angry? I don't think they put much effort into naming me to begin with. They let my sister pick my name and she named me after the road we lived on lmao, thankfully the street was named after a woman but it doesn't seem like anyone with that name is famous so I assume it's some random local lady. My family doesn't really call me by my name either but an arbitrary nickname of unknown origin. In retrospect this is all kinda weird and maybe part of the root of my issues with my name.
Sometimes I consider editing my name when I get married someday, then I'd have an excuse to change my surname and I could add in a middle name as a sneaky extra.
we have similar taste!
I already have associations for Zelda so I could never use it in any way, but I love the letter Z so I wish there were more options. Zinnia is taken by someone too and there's not much else to pick from that wouldn't sound prohibitively exotic

No. 360330

I like the letter z too, I wish there were more z names. I really like Zenia (usually spelled Xenia) and Zena, they’re pretty similar to Zinnia

No. 360333

Nonna, nothing really should stop you, if you want to change it. Go for it.

No. 360461

I dislike my name with passion (too many nicknames, too many people misspelling my name, etc), but I cannot change it because under my country's law, my name doesn't fit to be changeable (Is not an insult, everybody know me by that name, is in my cards and all). So while I dislike my name, my country doesn't make it easier to change it.

No. 360482

stripper tier name. and has association with 'Electra Complex'..

No. 360498

ayart You're right about Medieval saints (and kings), I took Hildegarda from Hildegard of Bingen, and Alfred from Alfred the Great. kek
Waldemar is still a pretty common name where I'm from, but among old people.
It bugs me when immigrants take their children to a foreign country, and then complain when the children (naturally) crave to fit in and be "normal" to the place they grew up in. It's part of natural human instinct to want to fit in.

No. 361591

>Names you love
Anything very frilly and/or distinctly Victorian sounding. Cressida, Theodora, Gustave, Leopold, etc.
Also flower names like Primrose and Coriander.
>Names you hate
I'm pretty liberal when it comes to names, so there are very few that I'd say I absolutely hate.
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
These are all names that I also love but also names that I might have a few reservations with regards to how people might react to them
Hallelujah (if she's born on a Sunday)
Uber crunchy/hippie names:

Beryl - some people might say "barrel" instead of BEH-ril
Sarah/Hannah - too common/mundane

No. 361596

I really like these - not necessarily as baby names (some of them are fine for that though) but I would probably read a book I wouldn't otherwise read if the main character's name was one of these:

No. 361613

>Names you love
Nereida, Layla, Fortuna, Lorelei, Nadia, Alecta, Isolde, Firuze, Nyssa, Theresia
>Names you hate
REX,Tracey/Casey/Lacie/Kaylee/Macie (those kind of names), Hunter, Margaret, Susan, Linda, Sharon, Diego, Dylan, Bryan, Chaim, Timothy, Knox
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Amora, Scheherazade, Kali, Lunaria, Mikaela

No. 362066

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
I love the names Eden, Trinity and Faith, but I'm an atheist so giving a kid names inspired by religion would probably be weird.
Primrose is cute but Coriander is a herb people eat pretty regularly. It's like naming a child Carrot.

No. 362084

Some of you sound like you're naming a cat… jfc

No. 362085

and super special mary sue OCs kek

No. 362145

File: 1701447293305.jpg (49.18 KB, 598x346, 15mbtdh25lvx.jpg)

May I ask what your old ugly name was?

>I love old fashioned names, the more archaic, the better. If I had kids they'd be called grandparent names like Waldemar, Alfred, Ida or Hildegarda.
Tfw some of those are just common names in your country lol it' also known here that names go in cycles, so it's expected that the current "grandparent" names will be popular again in a decade or two

I don't "hate" any name per se, but I hate when people here try to give their kids international (read: american) names that don't make sense here. I obviously can't speak for americans but I would think even them find it boring to meet a native person from another culture… with a basic ass american name. If you met 2 people from Japan, one was named David and the other Hiroshi, then the latter just seem more interesting and you'd expect the first one to be half-american or something. It's the same for all cultures imo. It's especially retarded here when they give them a name that already has a local variant, like calling them Sarah instead of just the usual Sara.

No. 362168

I can't be the only one that loathes Grayson. I see so many women posting it on baby naming forums claiming they've chosen it because it's yoonique~. It's just another idiotic variant in the Jason, Jaxon, Mason, etc. + -son trend to go with the Mc- trend of the 90s. It's another fad that screams white trailer trash. Every woman who claims to like the name is a pasty hambeast in her pfp.

No. 362223

it reminds me of the word 'grease'

No. 362229

I hate the name Rebecca so much gosh it's overrated and basic at the same time.its not even a nice sounding name either so yeah very rough sounding.

No. 362231

What do you guys think of the name Caspar for a boy? I also like Vincent and Felix. I have a bit of a wildcard name, Leivah (lay-vah). I found this name in my ancestry, not sure how I feel about it or if would be suitable for a boy.

No. 362232

The friendly ghost?

No. 362237

Do kids still know who Casper is? Thats like saying you can't name a kid Daphne because it's in Scooby-Doo.

No. 362971

Whats wrong with Mikaela?

No. 363177

i love casper when its spelled with an -er. never seen it with the -ar ending.

caspian and vincent are my 1 & 2 top names if i have a boy one day. caspian is so regal to me. inb4 narnia, dont care

No. 364064

Nonna, Caspian is SOOOO pretty for a boy and very respectable. I don't think anyone aside from us 2000s girlies will remember the Narnia movie enough to make fun of a kid. Plus, Ben Barnes is was really cute to me in the movie and the Caspian coast is beautiful so win-win honestly.

No. 371747

I really like Atticus, but I don’t think I’d ever name any of my kids that. It kind of seems like it would almost be an “aggressive” name to give a child?

I don’t like names like Aiden, Hayden, Finn, etc… they make me feel disgusted tbh. And Abbi, Haley, for some reason.

I actually can’t think of any other names I like, so taking mental note to think about some.

No. 371772

I'm so sorry but Caspian/Casper makes me think of a niche gay pornstar who used to do numbers on tumblr. He would put little balls in his butthole and shoot them out, as if playing an anal game of basketball. He had mini hoops for the balls to go through and everything. Think male equivalent to Shayna.

No. 371786

As if Shayna could even do anything that skillful kek jesus Christ tho what the fuck. Tumblr used to be such a cesspit

No. 373128

Does anyone have any suggestions for pretty delicate sounding French or Italian names for a girl? Preferably ending in E or A. I love names like Violette and Allegra but they’re also a little awkward to say in English.

No. 373130


No. 373151

Try behindthename.com ! They have a sort by function so you can see all Italian or French names and sort by male/female ♥

No. 373163

Thanks nonas ily

No. 373532

>Names you love
Lita, Annette/Anna/Annika, Zhena, Masha, Natalia
>Names you hate
Angela, Miranda, Kimberly, McKenzie (or any name starting with 'Mc')
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Marilyn is such a pretty name but I don't live in an English speaking country so it would be really weird to name a child that lol. Also love Betsie, Penny, Jane and Summer but again in my native language they sound odd.

No. 373542

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Mitzi…I've always been fond of Karen too but that name was ruined. I've like these names since I was a child and I played Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

No. 373629

>Names you love
Girls: Marisa, Aurélie, Bláithín, Caitríona, Laoise, Yasmine, Lina
Boys: Morgan, Devon, Naoise, Conchobar, Caoimhín
>Names you hate
Any surname used as a first name, like Jackson or Mackenzie. Names that are spelled oddly in an attempt to make a basic name unique like Lauryn instead of Lauren.
>Guilty pleasure names
Aurora, Hermione, Lavender, Juliette, Cosette, Amira, Fia(dh) Nóinín, Gabriel, Elijah, Alivia, Mina, Sayuri, Jidji
Some of these names are names in my country/my mother's country so don't come for me about some of them being weird by English language standards

No. 373637

>Names you love
Girls: Maple, Olivia, Sylvia, Ivy, Arabella, Mia, Mai, Bea, Dawn, Adeline
Boys: Sage, August, Oliver, Everett, Leif, Silas, Theodore, Bowen
>Names you hate:
I just don't like really standard, generic names. Sarah, Emily, Hannah, Michael, Alex, etc. Anything ending in "lynn".
>Guilty pleasure names
Gemstones, opal, emerald, ruby, too close to stripper names but still beautiful. Greek mythology names. The name "Shen". I don't know why I like that one so much but my nigel is Asian and giving a child a Chinese name would only hinder them I think, so we've agreed to stick to Chinese names as middle names only.

Roast my names if you please, if I need to be kept in check I would rather it happen now than before I've stuck my child with a terrible name.

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