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No. 95152

Can we have a thread for girls like me who want to get better at taking selfies that are flattering and cute? I have little to no knowledge of what's good so I take them and never know if they're embarassing

Any tips for both face and full body? How do you guys show the best side of yourself with them?

No. 95153


I forgot to include this in OP but this can include favourite photo taking apps and editing software

No. 95454

File: 1537175199617.jpg (183.18 KB, 602x315, tOXaJRP.jpg)

This has been posted in other threads before but I'd actually recommend not to take selfies, they can make your face look weird because of the lens. I think having someone else take a picture of you will usually give you a better result

No. 95455

File: 1537175806390.jpg (829.56 KB, 933x557, eXtWV8k.jpg)

This is maybe just my personal opinion but I also find that smiling in pictures always looks better than the instathot glance. Makes you look much more approachable and friendly.

No. 95597

File: 1537310172417.jpg (283.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

angles are incredibly important. You can make yourself taller and give the illusion of longer legs if u take a photo slightly lowered

No. 95605

File: 1537313410445.jpg (193.13 KB, 564x1648, 09cd632af00735e85d2989a1118386…)

No. 95607

I have really small teeth so my smile isn’t as big and if I cheese It just ends up crooked. How can I smile in photos without looking like an idiot?

No. 95608

I use Lightroom (pirated) to edit my photos. You can use the lens correction tool to fix your pictures so you don't look all bubbled up (idk if right term) like in the 24mm pic >>95454

A lot of times (especially on iPhone pics) there's a lot of lens distortion

No. 95633

smile with only the top teeth showing?

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