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File: 1538768009567.jpg (456.8 KB, 1012x802, witchy.jpg)

No. 97536

Are there any anons that practice witchcraft? Are you a wiccan? How do you use magic?


No. 97550


>Are you a wiccan?

No; sorceress.
>How do you use magic?

No. 97552

Best way to get a qt goth bf/gf with magic ?

No. 97553

I've started learning about it recently! I don't know if I'm wiccan or just want to practice witchcraft. I'm learning to read tarot for now.

I've also been reading Scott Cuningham's Guide for the solitaey practitioner. Do you guys have books you recommend/recommend avoiding?

Also what do you think about the whole "only women can be witches" discourse? I feel like it's just a matter of language, in my native language there's a feminine form and a masculine form of witch so I wouldn't see a problem with a guu calling himself a witch in masculine.

No. 97569

Lmao adults who believe in magic should be automatically excluded from anything requiring mental competency above the level expected of a seven year old.

No. 97570

Right. I thought farmers were better than this.

No. 97571

Nah, there’s heaps of them, especially after that godawful AHS:Coven.
It’s devastating to see so many women choose to act like a medieval ignoramus for a cheap aesthetic.

No. 97572

File: 1538801822184.jpg (228 KB, 736x736, tumblr_o9b92gK1Sh1rs97ulo1_128…)

I don't particularly believe in magic, but I still practice it as a way of affirmation.
I do sigils and tarot. Sigils are just a reminder of my goals and tarot helps me clear my mind and figure out my intents better.
I see magic almost as a way of psychoanalyzing myself and helping myself along. If you believe it works, it will work for you, but only for you and your cognition. There is no such thing as magical power, only power to convince yourself of something.

No. 97576

I think it's like fun LARPing. I did magic stuff a little bit when I was younger.

No. 97586

If you're an adult who still believes in magic, you're an idiot. There's nothing more ridiculous than an adult walking in a circle while pointing a want at the ground to cast a protective circle of magic. Don't get me started on spirit companions and pop culture paganism. I hate that it's pretty much expected that a pagan is also a witch.

No. 97598

When I was 15 I had a friend who was a wiccan, infact her whole family practiced witchcraft. She said that there was white and black magic and how her mom uses white magic to heal sick people (who requested it) in hospitals. She claimed to have the ability to communicate with animals and bend small objects like spoons with her mind. I never saw her do any of this shit. She did mention the circle stuff but I don't remember.

No. 97600

Real pagans are cool. Wiccans and other believers of "magick" are retarded.

No. 97601

I've always been interested in wicca and witchcraft, as I've gotten older I just feel heavily judged for it.
I got into it after a very sudden death in the family that spun me out of control, it was something that grounded me and helped me feel like I could take my life back into my own hands. I have 3 books sitting next to me about wicca/magic but I feel awkward to read them. I was always shamed for it in weird ways, even by my other friends who were into crystals and sage.

I feel like they were threatened by my studying/altar because in general that's the kind of people they were. The wiccan community is really insular and judgmental as well, so I never felt like I was accepted.

For me, and I know a lot of others are this way, magic isn't like ~uwu im gonna cast dis spell & wake up a beautiful princess!~
It's more akin to when you're facing a hard choice and you flip a coin, and in the moment the coin is in the air you know what you want. It's about putting the effort and intent into knowing what I wanted out of life and asking myself to put forth the mentality and effort to do it. I don't see a difference in worshiping a deity and being religious.

No. 97605

That’s a whole lot of garbage to attach to decision making. Why do you need an altar or a magic wand or some fantasy tree-lady to decide something difficult rather than say, careful consideration without Viking cosplay and quasi-gothic accoutrements?

No. 97607

I think you're attaching too many things to what isn't there in my own practice. I don't use a wand, I had an altar to set up candles and have a separate place to sit and do things at. Not everyone sets down a salt circle and pulls out 15 crystals to do something.
You have a misunderstanding of it due to people who go all out.

>>97572 this anon and I are similar in what we do from what I can tell.

No. 97611

My friends were interested in wicca during middle school and grew out of it after a few months

No. 97612

I'm interested in "witchcraft", but mostly just the medical/potions type stuff that is based in science and herbology, like organic chemistry. Idk if that counts as "witchcraft" per se, but my understanding of it (aside from the ~magical~ aspect) is that it was a general label applied to anything medical/scientific that women tried to learn and practice that they got hunted for. I have a friend whose mom used to be way into pagan stuff who has some old "cookbooks" from the 1500s that have recipes for flu remedies, tinctures for pain relief, mentrual cramps, etc. She won't let me borrow them though bc they're so old. Sage for rambling.

No. 97614

I have no idea where to start from.

No. 97633

File: 1538859263623.jpg (266.79 KB, 750x562, 567890786543.jpg)

I have the same perspective as this anon on magic.
I use "rituals" for self-affirmation and setting goals, but I suppose you could just call them meditation. I also use tarot to help me think about choices I need to make; I don't think it predicts the future, it's just a guide.´

Recently, I've been getting into druidry and it's the spiritual path I'm following.

No. 97643

No. 97674

Ive always been curious about witchcraft. How do you become a pagan/wiccan?

No. 97682

well you dont have to be pagan to do witchcraft. there are athiest witches. so id say you have to choose first if you are tying your practice to a deity/deities or some other power, or if you want to practice witchcraft without that aspect.

No. 97684

I want to get into herbology, any recommendations on literature?

No. 97685

@ all the anons dissing this thread,
Do y'all think people who practice other religions are also mentally incompetent? Or is it just people who practice witchcraft because you don't actually understand what it is and are just going off the stigma surrounding it? A Wiccan/witch performing a spell is comparable to a Christian praying

On another note tho, I've been wanting to get in to witchcraft, but I'm worried to because I live in the deep South and my mom, whom I live with, is super religious. Once she yelled at me for buying a book about tarot and bring it in to her house.
Tfw you just want to show you appreciation and respect to mother nature, but you can't just yet.

No. 97691

I'm not practicing anything, but I did get curious about paganism and wicca and decided to read about it. Parts of it I enjoy but other parts I don't. It's hard knowing where to start since a lot of sources have conflicting opinions, so I say just do your own thing. Read a lot of different sources and believe what you want to believe. It all comes down to what you put into it and what you take away from it.

No. 97697

File: 1538937418274.jpeg (158.86 KB, 700x946, 410D33BE-7EA8-4694-BD82-B331B8…)

>Do y'all think people who practice other religions are also mentally incompetent?
I mean, yeah, it’s dumb for adults to believe in angels and shit but witchcraft is worse because, unless they were raised with it, it’s usually just people doing it for the ~witchy aesthetic~. If you’re an adult and legitimately believe you’re a witch who can cast spells, then you are cow-tier.

No. 97701

>Do y'all think people who practice other religions are also mentally incompetent?
Uhh yes…? Did you really think many people here would think religion is anything but retarded?

No. 97705


>Do y'all think people who practice other religions are also mentally incompetent?

Yes, y’all are buying rocks made in China and paper that someone printed in tarot cards.

It’s like larping with religion and even more edgy props

No. 97706

Other religions seem at least
at sometimes make a little sense.
Witch/wiccans really just come across as wanting to be special or edgy. The nonsense they believe in is pretty funny. A mental illness.
Especially when they think they're better/different than any other religion.
Meeting them in real life just makes me cringe out of my soul and try to get way asap.

No. 97707

I try to respect people's belief or non belief, as long as it's not hurting anyone.

You will always get both religious and non religious fundamentalists. Best to just leave them be.

No. 97708

re: the tarot thing:
i grew up in alabama and i feel you so hard about this. one of my friends once brought a deck to my (admittedly catholic) school and the resident priest went and had a talk with her about the evil pieces of cardboard, woo woo. i agree with >>97572 in that they're useful for interpreting your state of mind and decision making but i basically think of tarot as an elaborate rorschach test w/ universal archetypes/symbology instead of ink blots.

No. 97709

when you look up the history of witchcraft it's actually pretty interesting and has a lot of variety. emma wilby's cunning folk and familiar spirits is an academic text on what i would consider 'real' witchcraft, i.e. shamanic/folk beliefs passed down from pre-Christian religions in the british isles. pity that most of what they believed was passed on through oral tradition (lol who needs to read in the 1400s? not peasants) and so is subject to pretty dire warping over time.
i do agree that the Wicca/Gerald Gardner/Order of the Golden Dawn/Aleister Crowley stuff is all pretty much steaming horseshit, though. those guys just had way too much time on their hands.

No. 97711

Needing a bunch of accessories and invisible pals to make decisions is retarded no matter who the religion says the invisible pals are.

Herbs aren’t as good as real medicine,
Salt is not protecting you
Crystals are just nice looking
Coven wasn’t that good of a show so chill out.

No. 97715

I've always been interested in magic and paganism. My country was forcibly turned Christian and I've always wondered what it would have been like of that hadn't happened. For me it has a lot to do with keeping our pre-christian culture alive and it's helped me get through some tough times. Christianity teaches you to be obedient and let God decide things but witchcraft is all about taking your decisions into your own hands which was always really appealing to me. I do think that asking for something really does cause it to happen because you're making a promise to yourself and having charms or candles or whatever you used around the house or in your bag really does help because it serves as a constant reminder of your goal. Trying to curse someone who upset me would always make me feel better because it would help me to let go of my negative emotions. I'm even convinced that a love spell I did drew my bf of 7 years to me and he thinks that's cute.

There are so many people above complaining and I don't get it. Something doesn't have to be scientifically be proven to be enjoyable. I bet you watch fantasy films all the time and don't consider it childish. There's nothing more empowering and satisfying than telling yourself that you have the power to do whatever you set your mind to. It's also feminist af. Also I really don't get having a problem with the "aesthetic" either. If people want to decorate their house with crystals and candles, how does it harm you? Would you get so aggressive at someone who likes vintage furniture? I doubt it. I don't think having an unusual hobby or taste in interior design somehow makes someone less intelligent lmao. Some people on this site need to chill out. Just because we talk shit about internet personalities (who usually deserve it), doesn't mean we need to shit on each other. Just scroll past if you don't like the thread Jesus.

No. 97716

File: 1538950090787.gif (610.06 KB, 276x304, 16E4C1D6-16D2-4895-9C43-D91670…)

>There's nothing more empowering and satisfying than telling yourself that you have the power to do whatever you set your mind to. It's also feminist af.
I just physically recoiled. This has to be a troll. How does lying to yourself that you can cast magical spells correlate with feminism whatsoever? If anything it perpetuates the “wimminz are neurotic and delusional” stereotype.

No. 97723

Please don't compare witchcraft to traditional paganism. Prechristianity, they didn't cast spells and use new age voodoo like you're romanticizing and no one is upset because "muh materialistic atheism science".

No. 97724

I practice witchcraft but only to a minuscule level. I use tarots and candles. Herbs as well. I dabbled in sigils but haven't really touched them since. I should since I'm in need of some self help other than long walks and exercise.

Anon why does it bother you so much what people chose to do in their freetime? Have you been harassed by someone who has claimed they were a witch before? The way you and other anons are chimping out on here is honestly embarrassing. Just hide the thread.

No. 97726

I like witches / wiccan girls. Would love to date one(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 97735


That black ritual board under the crytal ball.

Where can I buy it.

No. 97737

I grew up with a Wiccan mom, reading Scott Cunningham and Silver RavenWolf, going to her coven (at a UU church), wearing a pentacle necklace to third grade. I thought it was all v cool, ‘til I turned 12 and grew a brain.

No. 97739

back in the day witchcraft was actually a way for women who didn't have a normal role in their communities (no husband, poor, or just generally weird) to make money to support themselves. there were also male witches but they were less common. so yeah, having a respected 'job' at a time when women in that social class were expected to be baby-making domestic servants at most was probably pretty empowering to those women.
the only downside was that people could also turn against you at the drop of a hat (or the death of a cow) and get you legally murdered, but it says something that even though these women were well aware of the danger, they believed strongly enough to keep practicing magic anyways.
i think when you feel powerless as a person, that's when witchcraft seems most appealing. it's a way to right the wrongs that you can't and society won't. like remember that brief internet fad where there was an 'occult ritual' floating around to curse Donald Trump? when people are desperate, they start grasping at straws.

No. 97740

No. 97750

i s2g this shit is the seventies all over again, witchcraft, astrology, tarot, herbal medicine, shit's been done to death, does tumblr think they discovered something new

No. 97751

The fact that she literally chose the name “silver ravenwolf” says everything necessary about her. What a fuckin edgelord lmao.

No. 97752

muh witchy ~aesthetic

No. 97764

I don’t practice anything super hardcore, but I’ve been learning a lot about astrology and checking my own horoscope (the app co—Star adds your moon/rising/etc and the horoscopes are really in depth) along with general ~witchy~ stuff. It’s going to sound stupid but I pray to Venus. Idk if it’s the goddess or planet or some kind of just higher power, but I legitimately do feel a spiritual connection to her when I’m praying. I have a desk top for her and it has some candles and a cute little “offering dish”. I’ll do things like pour myself and her a glass of wine and leave hers on her “alter” and just shoot the shit or paint my nails or something. I talk to her and invite her into my room and vent and ask for good luck with whatever task I have atm. I was forced into Christianity most of my life, and ever since I was young I knew it wasn’t real for me, I never felt anything. I can feel her presence when I do my sessions and when I call on her. It sounds cringe but idc it feels so nice to feel spiritually connected to something for the first time. It feels so organic to me and I’m excited to learn more about it.

No. 97767


Witchcraft is not the same as praying. Praying to pagan gods is the same as Christians praying to their God. If witchcraft = praying then why does "secular witchcraft" exist? How are emoji spells prayers?

Anon, I'm a pagan (not a wiccan) so I'm not shitting on pagans. Almost every pagan I've come across practices some form of witchcraft. It tarnishes the religion because people think you have to be a witch/wiccan to be a pagan.

Anyone with a brain can tell magic isn't real. It doesn't prevent bad things from happening. Wrapping a cow's tongue in wire won't make you win your court case. The Salem witches couldn't make Tom Brady win the super bowl. And whenever a spell fails, it can be justified. Oh, the stars weren't aligned. Oh, your intention wasn't strong enough. Oh, you did get money from your wealth spell but you weren't specific enough so the gods just gave you a quarter. It's bullshit. Go to tumblr if you don't want to hear negativity.

No. 97807

her books (and scott cunningham's, to a lesser extent) are actually widely derided among serious practitioners. they're usually the ones most beginners pick up because they seem the most comprehensive and fit the popular conception of witchcraft, but they're both troves of misinformation.
but hey, they sell well to edgy teens, so clearly that means the authors are ~experts~… at manipulating the fragile snowflake egos of kids, anyways.

No. 97811

>emoji spells

No. 97812

you realize that if you're actively worshipping in a pagan religion, your form of worship looks virtually identical to the popular conception of what witchcraft is? take voudoun for example– set up an altar, make a sacrifice to the spirits, ask them to curse your enemies or heal the sick, priests wear ritualistic outfits and perform chants, there are 'bad sorcerers', belief in supernatural individual power… Hell, Marie Laveau was a character on American Horror Story's witch-themed season.

No. 97813

So she’s basically like every single other woman calling herself a witch to enhance her aesthetic and mlm oils and books. Shocking, witches are actually just mlm mums with goth flavour.

No. 97814


You make is sound like I don't believe in medicine or hospitals lol. Many Christians pray for a loved one to get better while also going to the doctor for an actual treatment. That's fine. Witchcraft that says "take this weak herbal remedy and pray" is bullshit. I'm not cursing "my enemies" because cursing is not real.

I never said ritualistic outfits and chants were bad. That's also not witchcraft unless you're saying all Catholic priests are witches.

How is simply lighting a candle and giving an offering to a god witchcraft? Is going to a Catholic mass witchcraft? They light candles and hand out bread & wine. You're confusing praying with witchcraft.

Witchcraft is making a voodoo doll and stabbing it with pins. Witchcraft is putting a jar of water under the moonlight so it can absorb the moon energies. Witchcraft is filling a jar with rusty nails and piss to curse someone. Do people invoke the gods in their spell? Sometimes. They try to at least. But simply making a sacrifice to a god is not witchcraft. What about secular witchcraft? Is that not real witchcraft because it doesn't involve a sacrifice to a god?

No. 97816

i specified paganism, so I'm not sure what you're getting at by bringing up Christianity–they used to get shit for their freaky rituals before they were adopted by the Holy Roman Empire, too, btw. What I'm saying is that if you're worshipping as a pagan (a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions) your 'religion' looks like a lot what someone else would call witchcraft. So saying that people who practice witchcraft makes pagans 'look bad' is irrelevant–people are going to think you're a spooky loon either way.

No. 97817

shockingly, one person erroneously representing a religion or practice does not mean that all people involved in that religion or practice is the same kind of person or holds the same beliefs as they do. Charles Manson doesn't represent Christianity just because he thought he was the second coming of Jesus.

No. 97818

So show me a self proclaimed witch that’s not an embarrassing goth holdover clutching her crystals and changing her name to match her fursona.

No. 97820

Witches (actual ones, not wiccan cutesy caricatures) still exist in rural areas of Europe and Asia. They are grave robbing, robbing churches and killing animals, even breeding dogs to later slaughter them and gather dog lard for potions. This disgusting shit's happening in my area, some people got sentenced for dog lard farming couple of years ago. I know dude in who worked in some ukrainian shithole, they had to guard church and cementary 24/7. Witches aren't worshipping any nature spirits and witchcraft isn't their religion, they are christians, pure and simple. Paganism might look like witchcraft to someone who never heard about real witches. Nobody in my area would associate those two things, one is belief system, second is a proffesion.
Same with pagan witches, for example skin walkers, they are witches in Navaho culture and they are morally evil according to their values. Not that much info, because Navaho are smart enough to protect their culture from bastardization by wiccans.
Tl/dr. Magic doesn't exist, witches are real cultural phenomena, wiccans aren't real witches, witchcraft is a folk profession not religion.

No. 97822

skin walkers are the corrupt version of medicine men/women in Navajo* culture. and yes, those medicine men/women are nature worshippers (like those cutesy wiccan cariacatures) and believe their powers derive from the supernatural and ancestor worship.
again, if this is supposed to be an example of how pagan worship and witchcraft are so different from one another, then you're not convincing me. Witchcraft looks different in every culture. A romany witch in Ukraine isn't going to behave the same as a navajo skinwalker in the Southwest United States, isn't going to behave the same way as a Haitian voodoo priest, but they all believe that they have the ability to influence the world through rituals invoking the supernatural.

No. 97823

Oh god those insane Santeria fuckers. Living with crusty chicken blood in their homes and killing puppies for fun.
Or the ‘preists’ Murdering albino kids for their magic limbs, General buttnaked eating children for magic powers on the battlefield.

No. 97824

That's crazy, where can I read more about the topic?
This is not a thing in my europoor country…

No. 97828

Am Romani. The witches/fortune teller stuff is really not us so much as other cultures making up exotic shit about those crazy gypsies they hated.
Travellers tend to be Catholic.

No. 97834

d-dog lard?!? jfc that's totally awful!

wicca is so sanitized, real witches out there spitting blood on people and stealing bones and shit…

No. 97835

Ok. how is witchcraft “feminist” in the present day?

No. 97839

Considering Wicca was made up by some guy and his friend at his kitchen table in the forties, it’s as sanitised as you’d expect.
They literally just picked random cool sounding deities from mythology textbooks and Aleister Crowley novels. Wiccans pretend it’s all based on genuine ancient paganism and old gods but it’s basically fan fiction from a hp lovecraft fan. The real practices from “real witches” wouldn’t suit wiccans. Can’t behead a chicken or a snake in your suburban bedroom altar. Mom will get mad about the carpet.

No. 97841

>they literally just picked random cool sounding deities from mythology textbooks and Aleister Crowley novels

if you're talking about Gerald Gardner, nah, he and Crowley knew one another briefly before Crowley died, he got it straight from the horse's mouth. That being said, all the stuff that the Order of the Golden Dawn came up with seems to have been a mix of freemasonry ritual, questionable 'secret occult texts' and personal gnosis.
To be fair, it did provide an opportunity for Crowley to bang a lot of impressionable young women and do a bunch of drugs. But here's where it falls apart: if Crowley's version of magic actually worked, do you think he would have died penniless, in ignominy, and abandoned by his former colleagues?
That's why I can't really get behind 'Wicca' witchcraft. Although likely if you tried to do all the shit that went on in the Abbey of Thelema in your suburban bedroom, Mom would also be mad about the carpet. And the walls. And the orgies. And drinking the cat's blood.

No. 97845

>witchcraft isn't their religion, they are christians, pure and simple

it's still around, it's just not as horrifying as >>97820 insists.

No. 97849

God, I'm not that religious but I get actually scared around people who call themselves, wiccan, witch or sorcerer/sorceress. Not even atheists scare me. I guess it's the idea (due to my catholic/christian upbringing) that they ask the devil for powers and that just gives me an automatic "hello no" feeling. Anyone feel the same? Is this true? Also don't hex me I literally have a rosary and bible next to my bed.

No. 97850

Feminist as in specifically empowering to women or as in egalitarianism? because if it's the latter definition, neither sex has assigned 'roles'. Women can do anything that men can and neither sex is considered inherently better or worse.

No. 97851

not all satanists are witches and not all witches are satanists tho

>i'm not that religious
>i literally have a rosary and bible next to my bed

No. 97853

Yea, same thing in Africa, my African mom tells me that witch 'doctors' have been arrested for sexually assaulting women and children and using their skulls for their "black magic"

No. 97854

Good habits die hard, go figure.

No. 97855

at least in neopaganism, to clarify

No. 97856

I know there are some that get into it, but we’re far too heavily associated with it by non-Romani creeps who call themselves “gypsies” and think a headscarf and a crystal ball make them Romani. It’s telling that a lot of wiccans will dress themselves in quasi Romani outfits for their little games though.

No. 97857

Lol, these girls practicing Wicca and saying it’s feminist.

No. 97858

I think it probably depends on where in the world you are. I don't know how many Wiccans are in Romania since it's primarily based in the UK and North America, but the ones I've met in the States are usually dressed pretty normally unless they're working as a sideshow attraction at a carnival or something. + most people are self-aware enough to know that the Romani are incredibly insular and don't take well to outsiders. The community in the city I used to live in were mostly descended from Irish Travelers but they were just as xenophobic.

No. 97860

Well, the Abbey of Thelema was founded in 1920, so if you were a woman traveling to Italy by herself and having sex outside of marriage and doing drugs, yeah, you probably would have been heralded as a suffragette thot. The women that were part of Crowley's crowd were a hell of a lot more independent than their contemporaries, even if I think what they chose to do with that independence was fucking ridiculous.
>'See, boys? This is what women do when we give them autonomy! Never should have let them out of the house in the first place!'

No. 97861

Romanian and Romani are different things entirely..we aren’t Romanian.
Freedoms…nah. Being talked into pseudo mystical garbage, then getting talked into a orgy for the gods is not independent or free.
The guys were just creeps. What a shocker for inventors of a lame cult.

No. 97863

I know that, the majority of witches there and their practices primarily performed by Roma and derived from Roma tradition, which is why I used it as an example. If you're in Europe you'll probably see more of that stuff because folk costume is just a thing in general. Whereas in the Americas you generally only see it around Halloween parties or something.

No. 97864

I’m part of the Australian diaspora. Our wiccans are all a bunch of fat middle aged women who wear what they think looks witchy and literal halloween “gypsy”costumes,and call themselves gypsies and witches and charge $45 for a shitty piece of rose quartz at the Sunday market.

I’m sure there are practitioners of Wicca who know enough to keep that shit private where it belongs but they’re still pretty shitty for following a religion that’s half based on novels and partly based on racist stories about people who abhor them.

No. 97865

think about it this way: in order to become part of a cult, they had to have financial independence and the ability to separate from their families. if someone had tried to start that cult thirty years prior, it would have been dead in the water simply because women didn't have those options.
note that crowley's thelemic religion =/= wicca, crowley's influence is certainly present in wicca but i never heard of gardner once having a orgy for the sake of summoning demons or some shit.

No. 97866

So it wasn’t Crowley and gardeners bullshit stories that made them any sort of independent, they were already independent and free to make stupid choices like go to Italy to sleep with creepy guys with a hard on for alchemy.
Super empowering.

No. 97867

>half based on novels and partly based on racist stories about people who abhor them.
where are you getting this from

Better than being a housewife to a misogynist (as all men were at the time), bored out of your skull, with no job and no prospects of improving your life or escaping it. That's far worse to me than the idea of traveling and enjoying your youth.

No. 97869

Yes but you’re falsely equating their freedom with being Wiccan, which is ridiculous.

Gardeners book was literally cherrypicked from other myths and legends and hermetic motifs. It wasn’t a resurgence in extant pagan religions or anything that would seem even slightly legitimate.

He and some lady named Doreen sat down and wrote some books and secret letters and invented an entire religion out of thin air. It’s not like it’s some ancient practice or related to the Salem “witches”

No. 97870

Wicca didn't even exist at the time so I don't understand how you think I'm equating their freedom to being Wiccan. They were Thelemic occultists. I agree that Aleister Crowley was a pervert and probably a narcissist and/or insane, but he also did give women a higher role/more respect in his religious hierarchy than in any other religion at the time. Probably because he was a masochist.
Also if you did your research, you'd know that the Salem witches were a) not witches at all, but victims of mass hysteria, and b) accused of Satanic practices, not those that Gardner based his works on which were (purportedly, based on OotGD beliefs) Druidic in nature.
I personally think that Gardner also had his head up his own ass, so I don't know why I'm arguing with you except that you keep making inaccurate declarations as though they were factual and I hate seeing people being misinformed.

No. 97871

My point is that the occultists were not empowering the women. It doesn’t matter which goddamn occult group it was. You can’t argue that the thelemic whoever gave these women independence when the women had to be independent enough to join it.
Everyone knows the Salem victims weren’t witches, because magic of all kinds is fictional and nobody has ever been any sort of actual witch, aside from occultists and wiccans who deluded themselves.

No. 97872

I never argued that Crowley's home-brew religion gave them independence, I was saying that the women who partook of it were already acting in the same capacity with men (i.e. ~feminism~) in that they had the equal rights to fuck up their own lives instead of being abused, coddled by their families, or married off.

>everyone knows the Salem victims weren't witches

so why are you bringing it up in the same breath as decrying Wicca because it's not an 'ancient practice'? Neither was what those women were killed for.
I'm not even Wiccan but your logic is all over the place.

No. 97873

are you the same person who went on that diatribe earlier about
>i'm pagan but not the witchy kind of pagan because all that does is make us look bad

because you never said what you actually believe in or what your worship consists of, and it's curious that you can shit all over other people's religions but won't defend or explain what makes yours different and better

No. 97877

No. I’m an asshole but I’m not any sort of Wiccan. 100% skepticism of every single pagan occultist Wiccan witch whatever they want to call themselves.

The point about wiccans and their ilk not practicing the sort of garbage commonly associated with ancient religions, or “witches” like the Salem victims was pointing out that all modern occultism is essentially pagan fan fiction and therefore clearly nonsense to anyone with a working brain. Women choosing to pretend they have magical powers and fuck in front of crystals wasn’t feminist however you frame it. The timing coincidence is pretty meaningless.
Salem was an example because it’s an internationally understood archetype of old pagan-esque witches,even though that’s not what the Salem women actually were. Poor example, but I’m not here for comparative religions.

No. 97880

As someone who's lived near salem, I don't think it's a bad example. All the women there are actually batshit and think they're magic or some nonsense. It goes beyond mere tourism and the entire town is seeped in edgy bullshit.

No. 97883

TIL that fanfiction religions are only acceptable once they're at least 1,000 years old.
I'm looking at you, bible-thumpers.

No. 97884

But what about chaos magicians for example? Is it all bullshit too?
From what I've seen, they work with their own cognition and try to change it for the better to influence the world around them. It's not as much ritualistic as it's self-discipline.
Sure, magical powers do not exist, but you can do some pretty interesting things with yourself.

No. 97888

all religions are more or less merely moral codes. the only important part is how they affect your mental state and your behavior.
in that case, if chaos magic makes you feel fulfilled and gives you a sense of purpose or an acceptable model of morality to live by, go for it.
in the same capacity, i'd take a crazy but nice wiccan over a self-righteous christian any day.

No. 97890

>timing coincidence was pretty meaningless

the fact that you use the phrasing 'women choosing' shows that it isn't. unless you were a wealthy and eccentric widow, you didn't have autonomy to go follow a batshit religion in the 19th century.

>but I'm not here for comparative religions

what are you even here for then

No. 97906

I find it a bit sad that even practicing people are afraid to admit they believe in some sort of magic and have to always forewarn "I don't believe in magic of course duh lol, BUT-" like if you want to believe, believe. You ain't any different from god believers. You're allowed to believe in something

I do worship mother nature in a sense, I feel connection with some type of an energy. I'm not really interested in Wicca etc, I do my own thing based on traditions of my culture, what I'm inspired by and on what feels right, what I want to do basically.
Having this little thing really helps me get through hard times and I think no one should ever be ridiculed for believing in something that helps him live and does no harm to others.

No. 97950

This is me again;
>>ITT mundanes arguing with neophytes again, the revengance
I'm tired of everyone misinterpreting what magic is and how to use it.

The universe operates on one single source at it's core. This force is called intent. Everything is made of intention. All actions, energies and things, including ourselves if not more so.

The object of source(ery) is to project your own intention(will) into the source(universe) with enough force to yield results.

I've witnessed my own intentions come to life in horrifying ways; much like the monkey's paw.

These things only come to fruition if you are willing to bank your entire psyche on the fulcrum of intent. Your soul is it's own leverage.

No. 97988

You're confused anon, Irish Travelers, Romanians and Romani are three distinct groups of people.

No. 98076

I know Romanian is a nationality, however the majority of the witches which live there are Roma/Romani, which are what most people think of when they think of 'gypsies' and the associated visual stereotypes. However, Irish Travellers are also called 'gypsies' (in a derogatory sense).

None of them like being compared to halloween-costume gypsies however.

No. 98113

I think you're missing anons point, which is that you're associating Romania with the Romani. So it sounds like you think Romani are from Romania.

Romania's population only has 3% Romani which is the same as other countries like Hungary and Bulgaria.

No. 98155

Romania's witchcraft tradition is 90% Roma you walnut

No. 98171

File: 1539409965981.gif (151.35 KB, 540x540, vaccuumchan8.gif)

Any tips/resources for someone wanting to get started for this reason?

I don't have any religious inclinations or beliefs, but some days it just feels like there's too much happening in the world and I feel overwhelmed. It would be nice to have a way to funnel it, even if it just means projecting my feelings into silly cards to pretend I can make any sense of it at all.

No. 98183

File: 1539430085040.jpg (144.57 KB, 1003x1024, tumblr_pe1e8nUWSy1ty8kogo1_128…)

I would suggest you research the topics you're most interested with first before delving in. For sigils I would recommend reading Liber Null (you don't have to follow it exactly, there's a lot of bullshit in it, but it's a good book if you're willing to do a lot of meditation and self-assessment) but there are also a lot of simple guides online and for Tarot I've chosen Thoth tarot for myself so Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley was my introduction and guide. (If you want to work with Thoth tarot as well, a good resourse is http://www.corax.com/tarot/cards/index.html)
You will have to be skeptical and willing to do more research on certain topics to justify doing magic to yourself, like I learned quite a bit about quantum mechanics and the multiple universe theory because it sorta tied into my magical views.
Don't be afraid to deep-dive wikipedia if you don't want to pore over difficult magickal books, it has some very succinct articles on a lot of stuff and you can use references from them as reading material.
Just be ready to throw away a lot of what you will learn because you will basically have to cherry pick everything that would fit into your new worldview.
Be skeptical of all the potions and spells and research chaos magic and self-improvement, how to work with intents and self-care/help articles.
Basically imagine that magic is a very elaborate self-care routine and don't overdo it.
Hope this helps.

No. 100855

File: 1542309865980.jpg (80.15 KB, 900x994, 1542283280046.jpg)

Retired chaos mage here. Feel free to ask anything.
Kitsune Milk#0578

No. 100861

>like I learned quite a bit about quantum mechanics and the multiple universe theory because it sorta tied into my magical views.

based anon. reading david bohm and alfred north whitehead made all my other metaphysical interests "click" for me even though obviously neither of those authors explicitly reference magick. before, my interest in the occult was superficial, doubtful (rather than healthily skeptical and cautious), and confused. now i see it as an extension of what i understand about the undivided nature of existence and it makes much, much more sense.

cool! is that your discord?
Do you feel that you've accomplished a lot of what you set out to do when you first started on your path?
Did you ever have problems with confidence relating to your practice, and if so, did they improve? How?

No. 100878

File: 1542344969241.jpg (220.57 KB, 960x1200, 54589.jpg)

Yes it is my discord. I retired after one ceremony I did. The ceremony was successful and I got scared of the result.
But aside from that, I accomplished A LOT. Mainly on the theological/ spiritual side.

No. 100886

>I retired after one ceremony I did. The ceremony was successful and I got scared of the result.

What the heck are you babbling about

No. 100898

File: 1542375434720.png (57.31 KB, 218x364, 20170115002209.png)

>You do ceremony
>Your evocation is successful
>You get scared of your own evocation
>You quit magick
Do you Londono?

No. 100917

Nothing. Anon's an idiot.

No. 100941

What sort of ceremony? How was it successful?

>Do you Londono?

What does London have to do with this? I'm not the anon you're replying to btw but you do sound confusing. And too vague.

No. 100943

File: 1542440823886.png (1.77 MB, 1280x1724, Hentai.png)

ghoul,al-ghuûl,الغول,tulpa evocation, call it whatever you want.
I used sigil, mantra and death position meditation. What's confusing about that?

No. 100944



No. 100947

let's just ignore the mage of chaotic weeabooism lads

No. 100948

let's just ignore the mage of chaotic weeabooism lads

No. 100962

> lads

No. 100969

You are being too autistic even for the magick thread.

>in before you say it's just a joke

No. 100970

File: 1542479257302.jpg (19.62 KB, 550x550, 1542469527909.jpg)

I think you all aren't deep enough into magicK

No. 101202

burn in a fire

No. 101204

File: 1542780024495.jpg (102.18 KB, 650x613, Wickiana5.jpg)


No. 101247

Are you two autistic or underage

No. 101280

Jesus loves you all.

No. 101283

File: 1542868013525.jpg (48.74 KB, 624x500, 237776213020202.jpg)

I'm a bit of a newcomer (ex-Catholic), but witchcraft and paganism have interested me for awhile. It feels good to be mapping out a path and feeling a connection with my surroundings again.

I still don't really believe in supernatural stuff ie. magic, deities, etc. But I think I can understand them in metaphorical relation to my life in a way that's not as oppressive as Catholicism was.
Going down the path of being a green witch has interested me the most. I've started a journal with herbal/perfume recipes, meditation affirmations, and collections of things I find outside. I want an alter so I can display the things I collect in nature as an ode of my appreciation and reflection of it. My bf has one, but it's impersonal because it's not really my own. We both take care of plants and try to be more conscious about what we consume.

Also it's not that I don't carry a degree of skepticism either. I don't believe in stone magic for example, although I think the symbolism is interesting. I love learning about flowers. I like essential oils for their smells and some antiseptic and pesticidal properties, but I don't think they can cure things like cancer. I believe herbal remedies can be helpful for general health upkeep, but if I were ever gravely ill I would seek a doctor.
A lot of this stuff actually requires research and knowing shit because certain herbs and oils can actually fuck people up if they're unaware of the hazards. It satisfies me because I do feel like I'm learning something tangible.

No. 101310

No. 101355

When I first found out about wicca, I was most fascinated by 5he fact that they cultivate a connection no nature, but never really started practicing

So it has become really cringe now with all the aesthetic shit, there are girls on social media whose guts I hate bc it so obvious they're doing it for the visuals
Idk I just find that very cringe

If I ever had to go with a magick path, it would be based on the kabbalah/hermetism/enocchian magic
Wicca has become sort of a joke to me :/

No. 104937

Ok so since I read "The Serpent Ritual" by Aby Warburg (in which he kinda says magic, myths and symbols are a way of keeping sanity by keeping the Human/Cultural vs Natural relationship symbiotic), I've developped big interest in witchcraft.

I don't beleive it will actually do anything magical or that my tarot cards will predict the future rather I view it as a means to psychoanalyse myself and connect to stuff. Kinda like Carl Gustav Jung's mysticism and stuff.

So I do (or rather try to do) Tarot (which I have already done in the past) but I'm looking for some other things to try.

TLDR: reccs for books or magic stuff that will help me psychoanalyse myself and connect to stuff.

No. 104953

this is basically how I see it as well, although I have trouble articulating it. It's comforting to have rituals to help reflect on things that aren't connected to the fuckery of the religion I grew up with.

No. 104963

I would look into secular chaos magick, a lot of it is about introspection and personal growth. The Psychonaut Field Manual is a nice introduction, I'd also recommend Prometheus Rising, which isn't explicitly about ritual but shares many of the same concepts.

No. 105001

Thanks a lot, anon, this has been very helpful! It seems very interesting and kinda reminds me to look into Hermes Trismegistus stuff!

No. 105009

File: 1546785864593.jpg (29.19 KB, 335x499, 51Z0x4MpHcL._SX333_BO1,204,203…)

No. 105010

I've been interested in knowing more about brujeria, or Mexican witchcraft. My grandmother was into it and she did a couple chants and spells on me and other members of my family when I was young and I truly feel like they've helped. My mind has been very foggy lately and I feel like I'm floating in water watching everything pass. I feel like visiting a healer would help me, at least temporarily. Or I could learn a few things for myself.

No. 105054

nice to see some lhp on here cheers

No. 106700

File: 1548659534676.png (129.93 KB, 310x428, Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.4…)

>be me
>be materialist who believed popular dogmatic myths like “when you die you’re definitely unconscious forever” or “the human need for spirituality is simply an antiquated mechanism to motivate material survival and nothing more"
>poser into magic for goth aesthetic reasons
>figure i ought to do some basic research lest i be outed as said poser
>read a few occult books, sounds nice and kind of make sense i guess, sounds fake and too good to be true though
>read some books on quantum physics as a last attempt to make some sense of what i’ve been reading
>one night while finishing up my book my primary reality shifts and it’s suddenly wordlessly, effortlessly clear that the infinitely expanded totality is located in each infinitely contracted point just as much as the reverse is true
>realize the implications of this and what humans of the ages would have described this as
>tfw all this shit might actually be real
>tfw my ability to perceive may very well be what you would call immortal
>even though i realize that i can never know for absolute certain, my day to day convictions and suspicions completely shift and hidden meanings instantly jump out of art like a language recently learned
>read same occult books again and much of what they say makes simple, practical sense where before it seemed lofty and fantastical
>tfw accidentally become an initiate just to pad my edgy aesthetic

this was one of the books i read and reread! I like what he says about Lilith/Eve as Shakti/Maya "Maya maintains and reproduces the level of illusions, dualities, and matter. At the same time, she is Shakti, the reptilian primeval force that can arise and destroy the illusions and the material plane."

No. 106751

anon, are you me? Although you seem way farther ahead than me in your discovery process. I wish there were some forum or group for discussing the real world correlations to science/medicine and magic/witchcraft.

No. 106795

Y’all need Jesus.

No. 106829

>believing you're immortal
>thinking you can see hidden meanings in art/television/music

This is textbook schizophrenia.

No. 106832

Nah, it's just textbook snowflake.

No. 106867

lol i see the similarities but i'm not too worried about it. i realize there's always a possibility that i'm completely mistaken about everything. i also don't think any hidden meanings are specifically intended for me as an individual. they're either intended for anyone and everyone who notices them, or they're not intentional at all and i'm just having fun noticing interesting patterns in the limited system of language.

i don't see what i have to feel special about when millions of people before me have had similar experiences and expressed them way more clearly than my inarticulate ramblings. i kinda feel late to the party. i'd only feel special if i discovered something before anyone else did, or if i discovered something that uniquely applies to me and no one else.

i doubt i'm that far ahead in any important way. i think being far ahead is just about how much control you have over your thoughts and how often you maintain that control. a group sounds cool as long as it doesn't turn into a cult and get in the way of self discovery! if you haven't read them already, try quantum psychology by robert anton wilson, wholeness and the implicate order by david bohm, or a new science of life by rupert sheldrake. i think you'd like them. it's really fun to read traditional occult literature and try to fit those ideas into the ones presented by the books i just mentioned.

No. 109412

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