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No. 97653

Can we have a thread for activities and things to enjoy doing alone?

I live by myself and I don't want to always overdepend on going out and seeing people as space is good and I want to get better at cherishing me-time.

Post activities and routines you guys enjoy doing by yourselves when you need to get away from the world for a bit and have some time and quiet.

How do you deal with the thoughts that come with spending lots of time alone and what helps you turn it into enjoyment of solitude and peace?

The one thing I find the hardest is not getting trapped in my own head, I'll be playing a game or trying to read but I start feeling guilty for it. There is a pile of books and a few games beside my bed that I want to get lost in.

No. 97654

Society has tried to poison us with the concept of "not working is evil". Feeling guilty during times of leisure as though we don't deserve it is proof of that.

No. 97656

i dont gaf that someone doesnt like the idea that i enjoy doing things that are solitary. ive got agoraphobia anyway so leaving my safety is not something i would do willy nilly but i enjoy making money from my house, i enjoy gaming and reading, and the fact my local grocer now delivers to my door, i have no qualms about living solitary.

No. 97659

Playing vidya, reading, and taking a bath are all fun activities to enjoy alone but nothing beats singing and dancing when no ones watching and just feeling the hype for no reason. My body and mind just feel so happy when I move and sing along to music even if I'm bad at it. It just feels like pure freedom.

No. 97661

I love going to the cinema alone, moreso than going with someone else. I also like sitting in cute cafes reading a book. Walking is nice if I just want to listen to some music, I guess. I also like thrifting and just shopping in general, but sometimes I feel sad because there's no one to opinate on my outfit.

No. 97662

i crank up spotify and hoop dance or take out my contact staff and dance. i really love dancing. i went to a paint party about a decade ago but thats about it. dancing is my freedom.

No. 97664

I usually listen to music that fits what I’m daydreaming and walk around the house. I’ve never met anybody that does the same so it’s kinda weird to talk about

No. 97666

I've done the same thing my entire life! I always put in my headphones and pace the house while I daydream.

No. 97669

Seconded, I also do this almost every day since childhood.

No. 97670

I love going out in my car and just jamming out to music while cruising around. I live in the suburbs so there are a lot of random backroads to go through. Obviously being stuck in traffic sucks ass so I try to go at random times where people aren't usually on the roads. The only thing that isn't great is eating up gas but my car gets pretty good mileage and I live less than five miles from where I work so it's not like I use that much gas in my daily life anyway.

No. 97673

File: 1538899223652.jpeg (215.98 KB, 1280x853, C88B82CC-A7F1-4CFC-AAD6-A54FDA…)

I like to lay in my bed and daydream a lot. They usually involve romance or imaginary conversations.
Also, I love taking night walks with my headphones in while listening to music. Other times I like to ride my bike at night or go on the swings. I’ve only had some idiots bother me a couple times.

No. 97679

I really like listening to music and painting/drawing, it keeps me entertained for hours. My favorite music artists when I draw/paint are sopor aeternus, atrium carceri, midnight syndicate, cities last broadcast, lamia vox, sylvaine, desiderii marginis, eldamar, autumn's grey solace and a few more dark ambient/atmospheric music. Listening to music also always brings me inspiration for new art.

Another very good thing to do alone imo is to explore the city and visit some turistic places, going to the cinema and fairs. I used to think my city was extremely boring but it was just the region I live at. My state is pretty small but a lot of nice and interesting places can be found.

No. 97681

Same here; pacing, day dreaming, I vocalize what the persons in my day dream are saying and it makes people think I'm insane.

No. 97692

File: 1538929677784.jpg (206.62 KB, 1014x676, 5Extracts_OtherLocale.jpg)

I like going to shows by myself just grab a drink and let loose if the show's really good! I also like checking out new restaurants/cafes, I've found a few gems that way. Going to see movies and shopping is great too!

No. 97696

This thread makes me feel better about going anywhere in public alone. I know theres a lot of people that go to the movies, cafes, shopping etc alone but groups are far more common and I get a little insecure about my circumstances.

No. 97703

I do almost everything by myself (cinema, museums, concerts, restaurants, shopping…), as I was very alone as a teenager, so it stuck with me in adulthood. I enjoy seeing my friends, and some of my fondest memories usually involve a group (like picnics or Disneyland), but I really prefer to do stuff on my own to go at my pace, I feel I enjoy the moment much more when I'm alone.

I never understood why people should always hang out together.

No. 97718

I like talking hours long walks around my city. On sunny days I'll go around the wealthy neighborhoods because they have such pretty gardens and lawns.

Or I'll throw on Spotify and knit. After my current project, I want to start getting into designing my own patterns.

I also like to do the dinner and a movie thing alone.

Sometimes I just kinda sit or lie down someplace at home and stare off into the distance and daydream. It probably looks super creepy.

Museums, zoos, galleries are cool too. Being alone in these places is nice since you can take everything in at your own pace.

If being the alone person surrounded by groups is stressful, I recommend going to places in their quiet hours.

It's interesting that people like to shame others for not being "productive" in their leisure time but binge watching tv/movies is so normalized that people treat you as abnormal if you don't watch tv.

No. 97720

You have great taste in music, anon

No. 97745

I play with my dolls and sew. I also make jewellery, draw. read, take baths and game.
I've been solitary my whole life and I have a personality disorder that predisposes me to want to be alone, so I don't mind it at all. I also don't have friends around very often, which I don't care all that much about really since I do just fine by myself.
I know I need to pick up some other new hobbies because I'm bored with what I currently do.

I would like to go to cafes or cinema or shopping alone, but I rarely get a chance to, I mostly go with my girlftiend. But when I get the chance, I don't mind it at all, it just feels somewhat less enjoyable at times because I have no one to share it with. I have trouble just walking around and taking in everything, I have to set a strict goal for myself every time so that's kind of a problem because I can't just go for a walk, I have to specifically go and do something.

No. 97829

what dolls do you own, anon?

No. 97896


I also have a hard time not getting trapped in my own head, it can take some time for me to really get in the moment and accept I don't have to be 'productive' all the time.

What I like most is putting on music and singing along to it or dance around the house.
When I get too lost in my head I take a bath and put on a podcast, or I read.

And sometimes I draw, play the piano, play games or go take a walk in the neighbourhood.

No. 97922

I used to be a hermit and stay inside while I was unemployed for 6 months. It sucked so now I try to make one day off a "outside day" for errands. I have one "inside day". My mornings are boring: eating breakfast, watching YT videos, working on costumes. I usually like wrapping myself in a burrito blanket to play mobile games. When I was younger I used to drive around and listen to music but gas got too expensive. I sometimes ride the bus and go to the mall or stores to look at things.

No. 97958

4 BJDs, around ten Momokos, some Monster High, I'm all over the place with my dolls.

No. 97997

Good taste anon! I own a single BJD and think of purchasing another one (I want my boy to have a female counterpart). Recently I bought a factory Blythe and I am so in love with her… Strange as I usually prefer the more normal looking dolls.

I really wanted to get the 45 cm Draculaura doll, thank you for accidentally reminding me lol. Hope she's still available.
I wish we had a doll thread, but I suppose it would go dead pretty fast.

Do you have any advice on how to have more fun with your dolls? I feel stupid cause while I love them, they just mostly sit on the shelf and look pretty. I suck with arts and crafts so did not try any sewing projects cause I am afraid they would end up being shit anyway. Sigh

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