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File: 1538944168887.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1216, 1B3E65F9-8478-4410-895D-F49BFC…)

No. 97704

I thought I’d make a travel thread that was more centered around the process of traveling rather than the actual destinations themselves. Topics can include:

-Airport/TSA talk
-General tips and tricks for flying long haul
-Ways to find cheap tickets/favorite apps for airline tickets
-Cute luggage/luggage recommendations
-airport friendly OOTDs
-travel friendly makeup recs + tips

No. 97719

I just recently got back from Japan which was a 2 hour flight followed by a 6 hour layover followed by another 11 hour flight so I feel like I've seen enough airports to do me for a while lol. My parents also are obsessed with travelling so I feel like I'm a pro at this point. Some things I've picked up along the way:

>Always arrive early

2 hours for a short flight and 5 hours if it's an international flight. I know this seems obvious but I see people arriving at airports late all the time and I've had friends who arrive an hour before the flight takes off. You need to prepare for a disaster (someone needs to print their ticket, someone's passport expired, you go to the wrong gate, the bus on the way to the airport breaks down, you have a problem with the parking machine etc) and if you have a few hours to spare, you'll avoid missing the flight. Seriously, an extra hour or two could be the difference between you missing the flight or not. Check in your bag immediately (because the late-commers all come at once and there tends to be a big queue to check in bags!!!), go through security (usually the most stressful part, get it over and done with) and find your gate. You'll then have time to browse the shops, buy a bottle of water or plane snacks, buy some magazines or a book, have a good breakfast, make use of the free wifi to download some Netflix series or Spotify playlists, charge your phone and buy some last-minute supplies. It seems boring but I enjoy this part of the journey, even if I'm awake at 5am lol.

>Get comfy

Leggings are a must. Dress in layers because the plane tends to be very cold and I normally get a sore throat if I forget to bring a scarf. Layers are easy to take off and throw in your bag anyway. Wear your largest pair of shoes (usually a pair of runners for me so it's comfortable) because they take up a lot of room in your suitcase. Also if you're bringing a jacket or something else kind of bulky, wear that to save space. I don't really like the neck pillows but if you like them, get one. If you'll be on a long flight and want to sleep (to avoid jet-lag and be refreshed for sight-seeing!) don't forget to bring an eye mask and a pair of earplugs because you can't control the lighting on the plane and someone will have a crying baby. Also really slippers that can easily folded can be nice to have if it's a long flight. Comfort can extend to being clean too so I normally bring a toiletries bag with a toothbrush, floss, face wipes and body wipes that you can use to freshen up. It's a small thing to bring but it makes you feel really great after hours of travelling. Keep a spare change of clothes in your carry-on bag. If your check-in bag is lost, at least you'll have one change of clothes until you can buy more but also some airports have showers (you pay a small fee and they provide you with a towel) so if you have a long layover like I did, it will make you feel better.

>Personal item

Most airlines allow a "personal item" which can be a handbag or backpack and you should make good use out of that. I usually bring a small backpack which can fit all of the items I need on the flight (headphones, chargers, toiletries, snacks, kindle, DS, a scarf, makeup bag, makeup liquids, w.e) and my carry-on bag is always empty. That gives you a lot of space to bring souvenirs or clothes home. They don't even weigh the personal items, you just need to be able to carry it on your body but double check the airline's website. Also anything you buy in the duty-free doesn't count as another item so buy as much as you want lol.

>Plane anxiety

I actually suffer from this pretty bad. I tried Xanax the last time I flew but it didn't help, it's worth trying it out to see if it works for you though. You can buy little bottles of wine in the duty-free shops that you can sip in private before getting on the plane lol. I'm usually fine once I'm in the air but the initial closing of the doors and takeoff does cause me to panic and the alcohol helps calm me. I do still cry as we're taking off but I allow myself to do that because it makes me feel better when I'm done. Other tips that have helped me are picking my seats strategically so I feel less turbulence or feel more safe (you can get seat diagrams online, it's different for each style of plane), looking out the window (seems counter-productive but sometimes the plane feels like it's bouncing around or falling but if you keep your eye on the clouds, you'll see that it's actually flying in a perfectly straight line. I believe this also helps for people with motion sickness). Keep images of your destination (or of your family/s.o./pet if you're flying home) on your phone to remind yourself why you're putting yourself through this lol. A really kind air hostess told me once that doing maths problems is a good way to distract your brain so if you're into maths, that's a plus. If not you can also play sudoku (there are normally puzzle/crossword books on sale in the airport) and that helped me a little too.


I only ever bring the essentials onto the plane. Airports tend to offer free makeup samples so you could even put all of your liquids into your check-in bag and when you get to the shops, squirt a bit of foundation or concealer onto the back of your hand and run to the bathroom to apply it. I've done that in an emergency situation before lol.

If I think of anything else in the morning, I'll add it.

No. 97722

If it's cold, why would I wear leggings to the airport? Also what a bad idea in general unless you're wearing a skirt over them or like flashing everyone as you're in the queue.

No. 97727

File: 1538956488900.jpeg (221.63 KB, 1242x1372, 53D4D46F-A9BB-4E6F-A008-B5BF94…)

I always get a cheapo eco bag from forever21 and before i even leave my house I throw my laptop, iPad, and phone into it. That way everything is right where it needs to be when its time to go through security and im not doing that awkward shuffled to pull things out while in line. After security I zip up the laptop and eco bag in my carry-on, and throw the iPad in my purse.

Its a good hack for flying somewhere non-stop though. If you have a layover and are transferring, you’ll still have to pull out your laptop and other crap back out, but its nice to have a bag to put it all in while waiting in those lines. Usually there are benches along the corridors that you can sit and do it quickly.

Also if you travel a lot and absolutely need to take a laptop, just buy a cheap chromebook or notebook computer. Most decent ones are 150~200$ and they are small and weigh almost nothing.

Rolling carry on luggage will always top lugging around a huge purse style one. Plus with a rolling carry-on suitcase, you can strap your personal item to it instead of just lugging it around. And always make sure it has 4 wheels, because then you can push it next to you rather than dragging it.

No. 97731

these tips are all not that good…

No. 97732

>Dress in layers because the plane tends to be very cold
I have to disagree from experience, I overheat on planes and im airports (especially lines because of the crowd), I always wear sleeveless clothes and a light cardigan. I'm sure it depends on the airline, last time I went to Japan was JAL and I was 100% comfy in a loose singlet top. The girl next to me was in a big hoodie and a scarf though, obviously it's a personal thing and I get hot easily. But imo don't dress too warm just in case.

I also prefer wearing my lightest/smallest shoes so they don't take up too much space under the seat when I take them off, my luggage isn't heavy enough to worry about saving the weight.

No. 97733


I've been traveling non-stop for a year, I'll fix some of your tips, some are good, some are bad

>Always arrive early, but gives 2 and 5 hours respectively

I arrive 2 hours for international flights, and an hour or less for domestic, if you are checking a bag, they close the bag check one hour before takeoff, try and be one of the last ones to check your bag, it'll be the first one off the plane.

>buy water

No, bring a refillable water bottle, you can even refill on the plane.

>Get comfy, but suggests a bunch of restrictive clothing that will become uncomfortable.

Wear loose layers on the plane, especially on long haul flights, your body tends to get swollen due to the cabin pressure and it can become painful. My must haves for long haul flights are yuzu wipes from sephora and moisturizing spray.

>Personal item and carry on

Why on earth is your carry on empty when in the next block you suggest bringing an extra pair of clothes, do you have an entire suitcase worth of things in your tote bag? Toss everything non-essential in your carry-on so you're not rooting around a packed bag for your headphones.

Some things that help me during travel:
>all that extra stuff that you might need? you won't, don't bring it, if you need it, buy it at the destination
>learn only a few words in the local language (hello, thank you, etc) and don't try to overtax yourself by learning the language before you arrive
>it's okay to want a Starbucks, or McDonalds when you're abroad, we all need comforts from home from time to time, even on a vacation
>look up common travel scams before you go, usually taxis are where all the scams happen
>bring $100(USD) in cash, and take another $100(USD) worth of local currency to get started, don't carry more than this.
>the chocolate trick with airline hostesses really does work, try it only on long haul flights tho

No. 97734

For the love of god, bring a damn pen with you on international flights

No. 97741

>do you have an entire suitcase worth of things in your tote bag?
I think that anon also has a checked bag full of her real belongings. The checked bag is just empty for the souvenirs. It's only a good tip if you're planning on doing extensive shopping. In any case, you could buy the extra suitcase at the destination.

No. 97753

Maybe it's different for every person but in my experience, the planes for both short and international flights are always blasting cold air lol. You can get light scarves that you can easily take off and roll up when you don't need them. I guess it really only applies to people who normally get sick and aren't sure why because that was a problem I used to have. Thick leggings and layering won't cause you to flash anyone. The alternatives are not comfortable for flying.

I really dislike the idea of waiting last minute to check in your bag. I've seen people queuing for the check-in (keeping in mind that there's another queue for security!) and I've never had to queue when I go early. Each to their own but arriving as check-in is closing and I haven't even done security yet sounds stressful af and I wouldn't recommend it. I'd be more concerned about missing my flight over when my bag comes off the plane.

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Basically this! It's also a good idea to buy a suitcase when you arrive but they tend to be really expensive and it's just one thing less to worry about if you bring one.

No. 97879

If the chip in my passport is damaged will it still be valid to use?

No. 97881

Just leave, you're fucking annoying.

I hate when people with shit advice come back to threads to defend themselves.

No. 97882

as someone who flies frequently, it's only ever taken me 1 hour to go through gate except during holidays, which is the only amount of time i'd recommend going that early. i think you only need to be there 2 hours before check in ends and that's if you're paranoid. 5 hours sounds really ridiculous. but then i guess this is coming from someone who bought water.

No. 97899

Sorry to tell you anon but everyone can see your camel toe and undies in leggings. That shit is gross unless you're wearing real bottoms over it.

No. 97900

Like >>97882 said, anything over three hours is way too much time. A lot of the times, airlines wont open up the desks until exactly three hours before boarding, and you’re stuck waiting landside which always has the shittier seats and can be crowded. 3~5 hours is what i used to do when i first started flying and would get anxious about missing a flight, and it gets old pretty damn fast. Theres nothing like running around the airport sweating because you swear you’re going to miss your flight and then to get up to your designated gate and see that the previous flight hasnt even left yet lmfao

Next flight I’m checking in online and getting there 2 hours before

No. 97909

what is the chocolate trick?

No. 97913

>thread for advice
>more people complaining about advice rather than giving it

No. 97918

Basically this unless they're the thick Uniqlo jegging kind, which are basically really stretchy pants anyway.

No. 97923

Worst airport for transfers?

LAX for me

No. 97924

nta but she may be talking about giving gifts to the plane staff to get free upgrades.

No. 97941

I had a layover in LAX once. I remember getting lost trying to find my terminal. But other than that, it wasn’t that bad.

DBX pissed me off though, for some reason. But then again, I was super grouchy at the time because I was getting off a red eye flight and I hardly got any sleep.

No. 97944

File: 1539138388763.png (503.31 KB, 815x607, 345833489234.png)

No. 97949


ORD, LAX (because it's literally the shittiest airport of all time but still a major hub). My worst transfer at LAX is always taking a bus from my plane that's in another zipcode somehow to the terminal.

I always buy some duty free chocolate and give it to the attendants if I know my flight is going be over 6 hours because they're a lot more interested in giving you extra food and alcohol.

Yes, they will try to scan it, and if it fails, they will import the numbers manually.

No. 97954

File: 1539148999019.png (41.9 KB, 1200x627, wow air.png)

Don't fly with Wow-air if you want to arrive at your destination, if you want your luggage when you get off the plane, or you ever want to get home. They will screw you over someway and they ignore claims.

I have flown with many budget airlines like Flybe, RyanAir etc. but that's fucking luxury compared to WowAir. It's not even cheap because they hit you with extra fees. I mean it, I repeat DO NOT FLY WITH WOW AIR.

I was stuck at Keflavik Airport in January, together with over 400 other passengers who flew with Wowair. Everyone was kept on the tarmac for 3 hours at their departure airport, so everyone missed their connecting flights. Then Wow air employees fled the building and people were stuck at the airport for ages. Some were stuck for over a week. I managed to get on a flight back to Europe, they only put 30 people on a big transatlantic plane, they never told anyone else who had to go to Europe that there was a plane still going that day.

Also a bunch of Canadians who went from Toronto to Keflavik never got their luggage back.

DO NOT FLY WITH WOW AIR. They are not the same type of shitty as any budget airline, they are a special type of shitty, as in you have to hope you ever get at your destination/home or ever get your luggage back.

No. 97977

I've heard similar stories about Wizz Air

No. 97984

EWR for me.

No. 98020

Wow thanks for the tip anon.
I flew with Scoot last time, trying to save up some money. Wasn't the worst but wow, no TV screen (you had to download an app before), every single thing cost money, it was freezing as hell), compared to my other experience with Singapour airline, it was night and day.
Singapour airline was cozy, they gave us socks, blankets, toothpaste, great food and snacks, the movie selection was great …


I also started flying a lot and a lot of advices are really personal to your own experience and what you're gonna do once you get to your destination. Is it within your own country ? For 2 weeks/3 months/1 year ?

I'd say if you're gonna be comfy in leggings and an oversized shirt covering your butt go for it. The airport isn't exactly the place to have a runway show anyway.

I had people tell me to bring those kind of huge traveler backpacks, other tell me to NOT bring my laptop. Really in the end it depends on what you make of your trip.

Those are my personal tips (I travel long distance for longer trips):

> Join fb groups for the country you'll be visiting or staying at (Usually it goes by "[Your country people] in [Country]"). People love to share their travel experience so go wild and ask about everything, the airlines, what kind of insurance, how to leave the airport without shelling too much money.

> If it's under $10 don't bother bringing it. Especially if it's stuff you'll need an adaptor for (Hair dryer and so on)
> Bring clothes you can use in at least 2 different situations. That's relevant if you're staying longer there and have a limited baggage space. Ie : Get clothes you can wear at the beach/casually like a sarong. Or bring a dress you could wear casually but also at a party.
> Don't bother bringing a ton of stuff like basic tank tops, tee and what not. Chances are you'll be able to buy it for cheap there, especially if you're going to a country with a weaker currency. Same goes for underwear.
> You can buy tiny disposable toothbrushes on amazon that come with a dot of toothpaste if you're gonna travel to places with little to no water. Or you can buy those tiny foldable ones.
> If you're gonna rent a room or be hosted by locals, do bring something from your country as a gift, especially stuff like tea or snacks. It's hard to go wrong with these and you're gonna make a great first impression.

Also general tips for first time travelers

> Check what you can or cannot bring to the countries you'll be visiting or have a layover at.

> Be kind and polite to the staff even if you're tired/cranky. For some people, politeness is really important so make sure to start with a greeting then ask your question or ask for help. Thank you and have a nice day goes a long way.
> When you go through security take out your laptop and/or tablet and put it in a separate bin, on top of your laptop case.
> They might ask really random questions at customs but if you have nothing to worry about, then you have nothing to worry about. Make sure to know at least one of the address you'll be staying at, write it down on paper to make sure you can access it if your phone's battery is dead.

No. 98021

File: 1539224131117.jpg (157.75 KB, 1200x800, greyhound.jpg)

Do shitty greyhound stories qualify in this thread?

No. 98026

Buying stuff you'll just toss at the end of your trip is a waste of money and resources. We already have enough trash on this planet, no need to add to that.
I usually just bring what I think I'll realistically need and for any "but what if…" situations I'll shop overseas. You do not need to bring your own dryer because you'll probably have one where you're staying anyways.

No. 98030


No I agree with you there. That's why I mentioned I travel for long periods of time usually. If it's for a week, I won't bring my hair dryer or curler but otherwise I just either buy stuff secondhand (if I can) or through amazon, that I will either sell or donate at the end of my trip.

Same with clothings, I often manage to get in touch with other backpackers and usually they try and sell a bunch of clothes they can't bring with them on their way out.

But then again it's up to everybody. For example I don't need a lot of makeup or nail polish, so I just bring the bare minimum. I thought shampoo was also superficial but now I'm in a new country without my usual brands and I can't figure out which ones are good for my hair, it's pretty infuriating to have gross/oily hairs because other brands don't work as well. So next time I'll make sure to either bring a small container of it with me or a whole bottle for a longer trip.
Other people might not need that advice but my hair has a pretty weird texture so it's important to me.

No. 98031

Yikes. I was looking at the airfare to Iceland and the price seems too good to be true. I will definitely research alternative options.

No. 98046

Of course. One time I took a 12 hour bus ride and for the first three hours had to smell someone's completely unwashed body. Like the smell filled the whole back of the bus. Never again

No. 98098

As a eurofag who's never been to Murica, I'd say CDG, Paris. Absolutely dreadful for transfers.

No. 104062

File: 1545865942987.jpg (1.03 MB, 1200x1694, FB_IMG_15152316625659490.jpg)

Necroing this thread because I got a sponsorship (ESL, not sure if that's the correct term) to Japan, and the flight from my country to Japan is 20hrs+.

The thing is, I am fucking terrified of planes. I get major anxiety from 1hr flights, already.

How do you cope, anons? Many people have suggested me to drink in the plane to fall asleep fast, but if that doesn't work, I wish I have other alternatives.

Pic unrelated.


No. 104063

I get anxiety from flying as well and wearing earplugs helped me. Not being able to hear airplane noises made it easier to calm down

No. 104064

File: 1545867501028.jpeg (116.09 KB, 745x704, F75B999B-A231-4367-805A-A153B8…)

I love airports and train stations for some reason. Something about the hustle and bustle of it all is fun for me. I like just seeing all the little shops and restaurants in the terminals. I love getting to my gate an hour early so I can grab coffee and relax before boarding. Dunno why.

Hey, anon. While I love airports, flying scares the shit out of me too. I’ve found that noise canceling headphones or earplugs can really help, like >>104063 said. I also try to keep myself as distracted as possible, cause I can’t sleep on planes (not even transatlantic flights.) Books, a journal, music, in flight entertainment… I also like having my own blanket. Small comfort.

No. 104068

Airports always make me feel like shit about my natural appearance, because so many women at the airport pull off the no makeup, sleepy look beautifully. Meanwhile I’m hideous and haggard without makeup. Tbh that’s the worse part about travel for me. Really stomps on my self esteem and makes me feel genuinely ugly

No. 104070

I've been flying several times a year pretty much every year since birth, and I think eventually I learned to embrace this feeling of "well, if I die then I die" lol. If you're afraid of the dangers of flight, just think about how many planes are taking off and landing all over the world every minute of the day without any problems.

In terms of general social anxiety/restlessness, I have various methods depending on flight length. Sometimes I like to block off the time with a designated "schedule" of movies, snacks, books, naps, etc. It's hard for me to fall asleep on command so if I really want to nap I try to skip sleeping the night before, bring Benadryl, and/or drink alcohol on the flight/airport.

My general recommendations are
>make different playlists (I have one for familiar music that calms me down, one for getting hyped as we approach the destination, one for getting sleepy, etc)
>do not fall for the no makeup/pajamas in public meme, it'll just make you feel needlessly self-conscious like >>104068 you can be comfy AND cute
>do wear layers but make sure they fit in your carry-on in case you want to take them off
>bring lotion and chapstick and maybe a sheet mask, airplanes are uncomfortably dry
>bring a foldable tote bag in your carry-on! once you're past TSA, they don't care about how many items you're lugging around, so I like to bring an extra bag to throw stuff into so that I don't have to worry about carefully re-packing my luggage if I need to take something out

No. 104072


* Like another anon suggested, make time blocks of things to do (my first hour is always podcast + skin prep, then watch one movie, then sleep, etc)

* skip sleep the night before. Airport and plane travel is probably the one place where pulling all nighters isnt horrible. This is because there is so much going on and its am exciting process so you are distracted and arent just miserable the entire time. I’ve managed 6~8 hours of uninterrupted sleep this way.

* collect media a month or two before you go. See something cool on Netflix or have an interesting podcast pop up on your feed? Hoard it for the flight. It will give you something to look forward to.

* noise canceling headphones, but only because the plane white noise can get annoying AF

No. 104075

Anyone have tips for making Greyhound trips bearable? I took a Greyhound all the way from Missouri to Oregon a few days ago. 45 fucking hours I spent going from Greyhound to Greyhound, and I have to make the same trip in reverse next week. I'm bringing books this time for sure but other than that I'd like suggestions. I also felt disgusting by the end of it – other than wipes, what can I bring to stay relatively clean?

No. 104078

>well, if I die then I die
In the same line of thought. It’s always good to remember that traveling by car to the airport is more dangerous than flying

No. 104124

To expand on this, this is also the worst time of year for my self esteem because my mother posts numerous unsuspecting candids all over social media. It’s always the worst lighting and position possible, awkward facial expressions etc. it ruins the moment for me, then makes me feel guilty for being shallow, then I stop eating to combat the guilt + distorted body image. I’m diagnosed with body dysmorphia and I’ve tried asking her to refrain from blasting pictures of me all over social media. She doesn’t care. Cut myself for the first time in over a year because of this today.

No. 104139

I'm sorry anon. That sounds awful. Could you wear sunglasses or something to cover up and/or a hat and maybe mute your mother on social media. Or avoid it all together.

No. 104175

You should talk to a professional about this.

No. 104183

I agree but I don’t have insurance. The bdd is unbearable sometimes but since my initial diagnosis, I haven’t had access to anything truly helpful

No. 104198

When booking flights use incognito mode in your browser! Booking websites use cookies to analyze how much they can rip off from you.

No. 104214

This is not true. I have tested this(even in different countries and devices) and the only thing that changes is the taxation depending on where you live

No. 104296

File: 1546104349661.jpg (247.54 KB, 1280x960, 1510511417992.jpg)


Thank you, anons! I will try to get earplugs + noise cancelling headphones, maybe that thingie cronstruction workers use? I also will make a list of movies/tv shows to download for my tablet, also some games like mahjong solitaire that generally help me relax.

>I learned to embrace this feeling of "well, if I die then I die" lol. If you're afraid of the dangers of flight, just think about how many planes are taking off and landing all over the world every minute of the day without any problems.

I actually always do this when I fly (like, keep repeating it to myself like a mantra, both things), and on a conscious level I know it, but the problem is that whenever I am inside the plane and a turbulance start or even when I just feel the plane maneuvering I immediately throw logic out of the window and get ridiculously anxious, like a flee reaction, but hey, there's nowhere to flee lmao
I guess my train of thought is: Okay, it's super rare for planes to crash, but when they actually do, there's virtually no way of surviving, where as a bus crash is somewhere a bit more common to survive?
Also, I can't help but to think that when a bus or car crashes, you'd die in like seconds, sometimes instantly. For the plane, you would still have like 2~3 minutes of it actually falling, and you'd be painfully aware of your own mortality. I mean, I know it isn't always like that, but my brain is dumb when we're talking about heights.

>try to skip sleeping the night before

>skip sleep the night before

I was planning on doing this! So then, I feel sleepier in the plane. I probably would get too nervous too sleep anyway hahah

No. 104303

Anon if it will make you feel better, most pilots are extremely capable and very experienced unless you go for Ryanair or some airliner that exploits the shit out of their workers. This summer I flew from my hometown (Rennes) to Amsterdam and on the same route the day before a plane's engine caught fire and stopped working because my national disaster of an airline decided to cut costs and charter out planes from this bootleg Croatian company for the summer.
Nobody died, they made an emergency landing in Paris, which was still quite a distance away from where the issues started.
Sometime later a Ryanair flight landed in Vienna after air pressure in the cabin dropped, everyone was bleeding out of their ears and probably scared shitless but were alive and well.
Planes don't crash that easily. If they do, it's usually deliberate like if a politician is flying on the same plane or it's an American plane landing in Egypt or some shit like that.

No. 104367

Sorry if it's a bit late, but I'll try to see if I can add more tips.
The longest flight I've taken was 11h45 Paris-Washington DC (with a connection in Frankfurt) so I don't have much experience but I'll try.

>Death anxiety around flight

I'm diagnosed with paranoia so I get extremely terrified of this type of things ("2~3 minutes of falling, painfully aware of your own mortality"), but I discovered that it comes a few days/the day before. Once I'm in the flow of all the people, struggling to find my damn seat all that the anxiety evaporates because I'm so goddamn busy. As other anons have said, they don't put beginners on 10h+ flights, and the chances of crashing are very, very low. We're terrified of plane crashes because they're so spectacular and make the news (and they make the news because they're so damn rare).

>skipping sleep

It may work for some anons, but personally, I don't recommend it. I once (involuntarily, curse my overly loud snoring roommate) pulled an all-nighter before a 10h+ flight and it was hell: not sleeping can make you so much more anxious, you're terrified of falling asleep in the airport and missing your flight/connection, you tend to be more irritable and as such wear yourself (and sometimes others…) out, lack of sleep can also increase paranoia if you have it and restlessness (very lowkey) psychosis is a thing (like you start hearing stuff that isn't because you're so fucking tired, all that). I guess it's worth a shot if you think that could work, but for me it made my pre-flight, which is when you need to get your ass moving, think and read stuff and hurry to your gate, hell.

Other stuff:
I don't know if it's your first time flying long-distance, but all three times I've flown long-distance, the seats had little TVs in front of them, even in eco class. Maybe it depends on the company, but if you get lucky and find yourself with the little TV, use it to your advantage. I can't tell you how many hours I spent watching movies I didn't get to watch otherwise on planes, or listening to the playlists they had on the device.

>hot n cold

I've had both experiences of being too damn hot and too damn cold on a plane, so I guess be ready for each eventuality. I had been given a little blanket by the flight crew each time (even in eco class) and I spent most of my flight curled in a ball under it, so use that to your advantage too if you get it.

Other anons have suggested it already, but get some water. The little food and drinks chariot isn't always near and you WILL get thirsty as fuck due to the artificial atmosphere that's dry as hell. Also, as other anons said, wipes for your face, a way to feel cleaner, especially in such a long flight.
I don't know if that's been suggested already, but if you can, go get yourself one of them small travel tootbrush+toothpaste bag. You have no idea how fresher you feel after just having brushed your teeth 10 hours in your flight.

I realize I haven't like contributed much and repeated a lot so I'll try to be a bit more useful:
One of the reasons one can get mad anxious on a 1h flight is because it's pretty short, and your body/mind don't get the time to either relax or get used to the atmosphere they're in. The longer the flight, especially if it's relatively uneventful, the easier it'll be for your body/mind to get used to their surroundings and eventually not give a shit. The physical aspect of letting go is very important in having your brain not give a fuck about flying too.
Other than that: force yourself to yawn a lot and/or breathe once, strongly, while pinching your nose to unclog your ears because it can be very destabilizing you have that one feeling of being "shut off". Move your jaw a lot too and if you can (like… if you're not stuck against the window with all seats next to you taken), try to go walk a bit, even if it's just to go to the toilet, do nothing, and walk back. Sometimes not being able to move freely can make you really panic.

So tl;dr
>an all-nighter may not be the best thing to do before a long flight because you'll feel more irritable, more lost, and you may struggle to stay awake pre-flight, when you need to get to your gate and pay attention to stuff. It may work for you like it worked for other anons, so choose for yourself.
>if you get little TV, use it. Music and movies on it. Otherwise, anons have said, get your own entertainment.
>find ways to stay fresh: lots of water (you can refill), face wipes, toothbrush.
>be ready to be too hot and too cold, cover both eventuality. You'll probably get little blanket in plane, but be prepared.
>try to move if you can, unclog your ears so you don't feel uncomfortable.
>in 10h+ hours, your body will have way more time to get used to its new environment, and it will help greatly in feeling relaxed.
>they don't put kids behind at the command, you're in good hands.

Hope it could help at least a little.
Fly free!

No. 104386


I had a panic attack on a plane once and ever since had horrible anxiety about flying. I needed to fly to Europe last year to visit family and my doctor prescribed me Diazepam to help. I know medication is not for everyone, but this allowed me to fly and feel ok! I just slept most of the flight. If your anxiety is really bad, talk to your doctor

No. 104484

I took a 20 hour grey hound trip from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania. Never again. And when I look up flights I saw a flight is only 3 hours and half the price.

No. 104514

I have horrible flight anxiety due to a 45 minute flight 6 years ago that encountered bad turbulance and a flight attendant fell down and screamed bloody murder right next to me.

I'm dating someone in Europe now and often have to take 11 hour flights alone since I live in the Western US and my favorite thing to do is make sure to get a window seat on the wing of the plane. This part of the plane experiences the least amount of turbulance and I've found that staring at the wing, which doesn't really move even during frightening turbulance, is comforting. It can seem like you're getting thrown around in the sky during turbulance when really youre barely moving in the air.

Definitely booze up a bit too. It isn't a great idea but I used to have a few drinks and take the equivalent of a mild xanax. After a few flights Ive gotten used flying and dont need either anymore.

You'll get used to flying after a few good experiences anon! The worst flights I've taken were 45 mins to an hour and the best were long haul!

No. 104550

File: 1546387792814.jpg (75.59 KB, 563x798, 0d05faf9f03c30a94875eab42844d1…)

I will be going on my first flight, and it's from around Los Angeles to Moscow. The flight, including wait times, is up to 30 hours. I will likely only take one bag. I'm bringing basic toiletries and a few changes of clothes (because it's cold as heck there). What should I expect? I'm not nervous at all, actually a bit excited.

No. 104551

fuck off newfag.

don't reply to the OP post you look like a moron
don't post an unrelated image

No. 104552

ntayrt but does it really bother you that much to have someone accidentally reply to OP?
>unrelated photo
Reverse image search. She's going to Russia. Put 2 and 2 together.

No. 104553

Needless aggression anon, are you jealous she is going to moscow or something?
Gonna give you general travel tips just in case you're not doing this already.
Bring your most important things in hand-luggage, in case main luggage is lost or delayed.
Give yourself 2 hours spare time on either end of your flight(s) and changes to allow room for queues and getting lost. Get a SIM for your destination/switch internet and roaming off entirely.

Only use wifi in hotel/venues.
Print off maps to the places you need to get to (especially the hotel) and transport directions and details. Don't rely on a screen as batteries fail and connection gets lost.
Airport food is extremely expensive, if you can bring small snacks with you according to the flight rules, 100% do that. Stuff like popcorn/corn snacks and bottled water.
Charged phone/ipad/mp3 player and earphones are vital (and chargers). Wet wipes to freshen up, gum.

Have a nice time Anon!

No. 104782

>went to the Galapagos with my school, a small college in the South in a group of 12 kids
>I and one other girl were the only ones who'd ever been out of the country before (she's been to Europe a couple times, I travel internationally at least once a year)
>the others are fascinated and sometimes annoyed with the realities of international air travel, the other girl and I help them out by teaching them how to stop their ears from popping from altitude and stuff
>our flight schedule gets fucked up and we end up having an 8 hour layover in the Quito airport
>the others complain but only a little, we all make the best of the situation together
>we all go look through the duty-free stores together, take naps in the chairs, and hang out in circles laughing and talking
>everyone is either in high spirits or too tired to complain by the time we board our flight home
>nobody has any issues with customs or immigration
It was really nice, they handled it really well especially since it was their first time dealing with any of it. I expected a lot worse and was very pleasantly surprised

No. 104984

Sitting at LAX/Los Angeles airport in the international terminal as we speak. What a shitty airport.

The lines to check-in luggage was super long, security lines were super long as well but somewhat efficient considering its length.

Outside the gates, it's super crowded but once you get in it's pretty okay. However the food selection inside is also shit. They don't even have junk food restaurants here, only Starbucks and those kiosks which sell overpriced salads and chips.

If the check-in/security crowd wasn't that long I could have gotten something decent before entering but even with what I thought was lots of extra time after landing from a different airport, I had 5 min left over before boarding time was supposedly starting. (It's been extended because of the windy weather and everything is late so I managed to get a shitty Lay's lemon chips from the kiosk - don't get it, it's gross AF :/ )

Sage for random rant I guess lol

No. 110850

Got a longhaul flight to Japan in a couple days. Pointers, tips? My first longhaul since I was a kid and I remember nothing.

No. 110859

Drink and remember nothing.

No. 110860

Get up and stretch at least once every 3-5 hours. Make sure you have some puzzle type apps downloaded that don't require internet, unless your plane has free WiFi. Handheld video game consoles are your friends. Get a nice neck pillow. Stay hydrated, your throat will feel more dry in a plane.
Have fun Anon!

No. 111085

File: 1552442180663.jpg (5.17 KB, 324x156, DngPLCnUcAAJEyG.jpg)

everyone might hate me for this but ok


>i pass ok (make fun of me if you want)
>id says female

every time i go to the bodyscanner they detect my cock and pat me down

help? ideas? call me a tranny?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 111089

would tucking be feasible/help at all? it seems weird that scanners pick up on organic material, I thought they only picked up on metal/inorganics.

No. 111185

pls die.

No. 111186

first time flying ever in 2 weeks and im doing it alone. totally panicking at this point so thanks for this thread guys!

What should i tell TSA if my destination is an anime/furry convention?

No. 111187


TSA has never asked my destination and I fly pretty often.

Just arrive to the airport early, give yourself plenty of time to get through security, and find a nice spot near your gate to chill until boarding time.

No. 111188

They usually don't ask you anything about that. You just give them the passport/ID and boarding pass and check it. Sometimes they ask for my birthday idk why. The only stressful thing is getting your stuff through security bc I always feel rushed like I'm holding everything up

No. 111235

thank you farmers this puts my mind a little at ease, i thought for sure they would ask my destination and id have to explain what a furry is

No. 111277

In my (limited) experience, they’ll usually ask questions if you’re traveling internationally. If you’re flying domestic, all should be well! Hope you have a nice first flight. Chew some gum to help with your ears popping!

No. 111285

File: 1552785425212.png (17.03 KB, 600x348, carry-on-liquids-600px.png)

Remember 3-1-1 and keep you liquids bag easily accessible for when you go through security.

No. 111295

Nobody will ask, but why don't you just say comic convention? Do you spill spaghetti literally everywhere?

No. 111302

Furry is in the name of the convention so if i dont give just the acronym i cant really avoid mentioning furry.

im assuming .5oz paint tubes count as liquids?

I am flying internationally Canada to the USA, thank you for the gum tip! i havent heard that one before!!

No. 111306

nta but are you retarded? she's telling you to lie. the tsa person is not going to press unless they're flirting with you/

No. 111312

Travelling while disabled is probably the most stressful thing i do. I've only flown domestic, but it's still pretty bad. You're treated like trash if you're in a wheelchair. Guess since my legs dont work worth a shit, i'm retarded?

No. 111322

Those of you who travel a lot, what are your favourite and most hated airports?

Manchester (UK) is probably hell in disguise. Its only rival imho is Atlanta, GA (USA), but I was there as a child so maybe it has changed by now. Manchester reels me in with fares that are cheaper than travelling out of other airports in the UK, but when I get there, I'm reminded that I basically have to crawl through the depths of hell to get on the plane.

It's not an airport, it's a glorified bus stop where the wifi never works, the queues are hours long, security gropers insist that my solid deo stick is a liquid (it's a white solid), the food choices are abysmal, and there are never enough seats. Getting through border control has taken 90+ minutes when the e-gates are down and they have two people processing passports. The workers are shitty to everyone, probably because they aren't getting paid enough. Finally, Northern Rail seals the deal by only hiring pompous uncaring dicks to run their ticket counter. Are you a student who missed a train by 2 minutes because your plane was 90 minutes late and then getting over the border took another 90 minutes? Fuck you, please pay 100 quid for a new ticket. Oh you millennials, you really should know that planes are unpredictable, 3 hours of buffer time isn't nearly enough. Why can't you just buy that Anytime ticket instead of trying to buy a reasonable Advance fare. Fuck Northern, I hate them so much. I hated them even more another time, but I'll save that rant.

Best airport - idk, but lately Cologne has been this fucking oasis of quiet with good coffee and some nice eye candy (no matter what you like to look at). It's clean, organized, spacious, and just a nice place to hang out. If I were into sugar dating, I'd try to find a soft-eyed German man to date so that I could fly to/through Cologne more often. We could meet each other by chance while sitting in that little beer garden near to the piano anyone is allowed to play. He'd speak to me in a weary voice about modern German politics and look relieved when I gently turn our conversation towards Eichendorff, Zweig, or Brecht. He'd tell me all his secrets and we'd coordinate our travel schedules together…

No. 111324

I wouldn't lie. They might ask to see your entry pass or something.

No. 111325

>im assuming .5oz paint tubes count as liquids?

No. 111332

??? no they won't have you even been through customs? they basically only ask the "nature of your visit"

No. 111346

Just saying but I have travelled over 20 times last year. It does happen. Every once in a while they want me to explain in more detail what I'm going to do and where I'm going. It is rare, but it can happen. I'd say about a 1/10 chance.

No. 111347

How many countries collect biometrics from foreigners now? I don't want to waste time planning a vacation only to find out upon arrival they require me to scan in all 10 of my fingerprints.

No. 111350

wtf why would that make a difference? If they do it iirc, they do only thumb and first finger. Unless you are applying for a visa.

I have had the same experience as >>111346. It depends where you are going, too. The UK always asks a ton of questions. Most EU countries don't ask at all unless you're from some suspect place (sorry, it's true) or you have passport/visa problems (overstaying).

However, you can just tell them you are attending a recreational convention, and if they want to know more, they'll ask. Don't lie.

No. 111353

>if they want to know more, they'll ask. Don't lie.

This. they literally give 0 fucks about your legal con plans. They're asking because it's their job.

No. 111398

>wtf why would that make a difference? If they do it iirc, they do only thumb and first finger. Unless you are applying for a visa.
It doesn't. I don't want to submit ANY of my biometrics. And for the record I know for a fact that China requires all 10 fingerprints if you have a foreign passport.

I'm asking can't find any online source that's reliable, only some countries e.g. Canada makes their biometrics collection policy explicit.

No. 116744

Any britanons or anons who have traveled to Britain know if they're picky about travelers bringing in hemp seed oil? I'm American and it's legal here, idk if TSA would bug me or if the UK border might. It's used as a carrier oil and isn't THC or CBD but I don't want to have to toss it or deal with delays. They used to raid hemp farmers or give them shit so idk how the situation is now. I thought about asking in skincare but this seems like more of a relevant thread.

No. 116755

I have had it in the big luggage in plenty of in and out of UK flights with no issues. not sure about hand luggage tho.

No. 116763

Not a britanon but I read around a bit and you should be fine as long as it is hemp seed oil and not cannabis oil. And if the THC content is less than 0.2%. Does it state the % on the bottle?

And the anon above pretty much confirms that it is ok, as both checked luggage and hand luggage go through the same screening process before being allowed into the airport.

No. 116917

is it okay to take cosmetic acids in my flight (hold) luggage? for instance, the ordinary's acid treatments.. i think it should be fine but i'm always overly paranoid about flight restrictions (another britanon travelling within Europe btw)

and same question but for teeth whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide), which i think is a definite no-no but has anyone successfully travelled with it?

No. 116925

Hemp seed oil and other products made from hemp are legal in the UK and can be bought in supermarkets. CDB oil is also legal and is available in health shops.
This is the article on personal products on the UK government's website

No. 116938

Did any of you pass through the new Istanbul airport that opened in april? I want to know if they still have the shitty wifi that doesn't work for foreigners.

No. 116983

I’m going to Cambodia next month (with stops in Thailand and Vietnam). The flight I’m eyeing has me flying into BKK (Bangkok) and flying out of SGN (Ho Chi Mehn City). Both flights have layovers in Hong Kong (HKG). This is my first time ever going to Asia (unless you’re counting a layover in Dubai) and the only time I’ve flown over the Pacific was to go to Hawaii. Does anyone want to give me advice? I figured it’s gonna be similar for the most part but I do wonder if airport culture is different in Southeast Asia.
Really? I had a layover in Istanbul last year and I remember getting lost a lot. Come to think of it, I remember getting really shitty service too. Wonder if the new airport is cool. I guess I’ll find out when I eventually go to Turkey.

No. 116995

I’ve been in the Ho Chi Minh and Taipei airports and generally it’s the same as I’ve experienced in the US. Just as crowded and stressful, but relatively easy to navigate as an English speaking person. I remember both being kind of warm though? But idk if it was just not a cold as the plane or actually warm lmao.

No. 117014

>I had a layover in Istanbul last year and I remember getting lost a lot
I only ever had layovers in Istanbul and I came to like the airport after a while tbh, had 6 layovers there in total. I'm really excited to see the new airport and it looks almost the same as my countries new airport, besides the size of course.
>Come to think of it, I remember getting really shitty service too
They had this weird system where they'd send you the wifi code or whatever with sms but the sms never worked despite my country being listed as an accepted country for the sms verification thing. Pissed me off to no end and then I heard other people say the wifi straight up doesn't work for people that don't have a turkish sim.
Took me 3 layovers to find out some of the shops had wifi but it was so bad and I'd have to spend an hour searching for a decent spot, starbucks gave you a wifi password if you purchased something there though god bless. And it was right around the time turkish lira dropped in value so I could afford airport food, usually I never buy stuff at airports since I'm a poorfag. I don't even need the wifi that badly I guess I just like to say I arrived safely to my family, I find a weird joy in just wandering around the airport and looking at all the weird people and shops. Oh also they have this great shop with souvenirs and other turkey related things and they always have a ton of free samples of turkish delight so I'd end up full from all that sugar every time I'm there lol

No. 117016

have any of you guys done your makeup on the plane? I'm talking foundation and all? Is it obnoxious to do at your seat? I feel like taking up the bathroom for a full routine would be rude, but I chose a flight with no layover so I don't have time in between to apply. Are there any tips or nonos? (And for those asking if this is absolutely necessary, every other time I'd say no and travel cozy, but for this specific situation I do need a beat face before getting out plane).

No. 117017

Why not do it in the bathroom at the airport before you leave? You'd have more space and time. You could also do half on the plane and half when you land.

No. 117018

I should clarify, after the plane lands and before you leave the airport proper.

No. 117038

It is definitely going to annoy most of the people around you on the plane. Cosmetics have a strong scent, are made of noisy plastic and you will send powder circulating into the air.

The bathrooms at the airport are far better suited to doing your makeup. All the space you could need and nobody is forced to stay smushed up against you and inhale the powder and scents.

And if that doesn't convince you, airplane seat trays are small and finnicky. What are you going to do when you drop one of your things and it rolls under someone else's seat?

No. 117054

>Cosmetics have a strong scent


No. 117055

>It is definitely going to annoy most of the people around you on the plane. Cosmetics have a strong scent, are made of noisy plastic and you will send powder circulating into the air.
Sorry but that's nonsense. I have no idea what 'noisy plastic' you're thinking of, makeup isn't even remotely noisy. Either way, the air con is loud enough to cover most noise and you aren't obligated to be completely silent anyway. Makeup doesn't really smell either, and even if it did, planes have effective air circulation… they have to, otherwise you'd smell people's feet the whole time. The only way it could really be annoying is if you're fussing around and elbowing the person next to you while doing your makeup.

I spent 20 hours on a plane yesterday so the experience is fresh in my mind, noises and smells are the last of my concerns while flying. But I wouldn't put makeup on while in my seat because of the lack of room.

No. 117069

Noisy as in several small hard plastic containers clicking and clacking against each other.

No. 117072

nta but sorry that you're too autistic to go on planes. i would pay extra to have the entire cabin clacking plastic if it could get rid of just one crying baby or child hitting my seat.

No. 117076

Have you ever been in a plane?

Some dumbass is snoring
Another baby crying
People around

Unless is a chip bag no one will carr

No. 117084

Anon asked for opinions on her airplane makeup and I gave my opinion. I find it annoying.

However it does not beat annoying children on airplanes. They are the epitome of airtravel hell so we all agree on that one.

No. 117108

Thanks for your suggestions anons! I think I'll do my eye makeup in the bathroom before boarding (hoping I have enough time as I am leaving from my work) and then just do my foundation and contouring quickly in the airplane bathroom since that takes like 5 minutes and I won't be hoarding it for too long.

I want to put my makeup on so it looks nice and fresh but also don't want to have my foundation on too long in the air because I can't apply moisturizer once it's on.

No. 117128

I agree with you on the smell tbh, makeup does smell to me since I rarely use it. Every time my sis is putting on makeup our room smells like it. Granted it's not a bad smell and probably wouldn't be that obvious in a plane but who knows.

No. 117173

I really don't understand why you insist doing any makeup on the plane. Why not put on foundation and contouring in an airport bathroom after landing like other anons suggested? It's shitty to hoard the airplane bathroom if you are not, well, shitting, and they are usually so cramped and dirty that I'd feel disgusting doing my makeup there.

No. 117294

i get it because i feel insecure without makeup, but why not just be ugly on the plane? most people are more focused on trying to sleep than anything else.

No. 117296

Agreed. Stopping by an airport bathroom or sitting down at an empty gate is a much better choice for doing your makeup than anywhere on the plane.

No. 117297

So I took a cheap ticket arriving in Newark at 6:15

My departure to Washington is 6:55

Think I’ll make it? If not will they reschedule me?

My connecting in Washington goes to Amsterdam which isn’t until 5pm

I do this thing where I buy tickets separately to make it cheaper, for example I’ll buy a ticket on the east coast to Europe and then buy one to said east coast city form my hub.

Never had an issue until now.. don’t know if I’ll be called out on my bullshit I just don’t wanna spend 1,400 on a trip I can take for 700

No. 117298

in regards to the makeup who the hell wants to open up their beauty products on a plane anyway? planes are dirty.

No. 117302

Is your outbound city-Newark and Newark-Washington all on the same ticket or on two splits? I hope not on splits, because the airline(s) will not be responsible for you missing your connection on splits, as you might have booked flights which would not even have enough transit time on one ticket (and would not be offered). I might be talking out of my ass as I don't know from where you will be departing to EWR. I might try to look up minimum transit time in EWR for domestic to domestic flights if I have a spare minute at work.

You might be fine since it's a transit for domestic flight, but I am worried if it's on splits. Seems a bit risky. I would recommend having at least 1.5h-2h for transit when buying split tickets (even 3 if you would be transiting at LHR, FRA, CDG etc).

In general, airlines will not help you if you fucked up due to trying to outsmart them. If you have everything on one ticket, they have to provide you an alternative flight if you miss your connection due to a delay.

No. 117325

A 40 minute connection is pretty short, but if you're arriving at EWR domestically and don't need to clear any customs it should be doable. Like >>117302 said, if it's all on the same airline itinerary they can probably help you out if you miss it. Probably the worst might be having to pay a same day change fee, but I don't even imagine they'd make you do that if it's all under one booking.

No. 117327


yeah theyre different tickets so if anything happens ill just buy another ticket to washington or amsterdam in general.

No. 117334

i'll just be honest here, but multiple flights being cheaper isn't some kind of secret. people just never do it because this exact reason. you lose all of the security you had if you booked it as a multi-stop flight.

No. 117508

Can you get a US passport delivered to a PO box or does it have to be delivered to your place of residence?

No. 117542

um… are you checking luggage? This will not work if so.

No. 117555

Why didnt you just google it.

No. 117587

>Why ask a travel-related question in a thread about traveling?
I did google it and didn’t find the answer to my specific question anywhere. Smartass.

No. 118971

Makeup and skincare suggestions? Spending two weeks in western Europe early-mid August. I just pray that it isn’t super hot. This is my first time on an airplane travelling outside of my continent so any suggestions for first time travellers will be really helpful!

No. 118983

It depends on what you mean by western Europe .. But in general, it isn't as hot now as it was a couple of weeks ago unless you're going to the Southern part of France. Expect between 25-30 degrees Celcius.

Humidity is pretty low in France and countries below and high in countries above France, so depending on where you're going, think about if you need waterproof make-up or not.

You can do your normal skincare routine in Europe, but maybe a face mist will benefit you as well, but that is once again, depending on where you are going.

No. 118992

I’m going all over. Munich, Paris and Versailles, Belgium, London, Swiss alps, Florence, Venice, and rome!

No. 118999

Whew anon, just bring all your stuff. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

No. 119003

File: 1562984832207.png (100.82 KB, 480x480, 1520903890809.png)

How do I learn to travel with just a carry-on suitcase and a personal item, instead of overpacking? I don't want to check my luggage. I'm going for a 14 day trip somewhere warm and I plan on doing laundry once or twice there.

No. 119013

There's a big chunk of minimalists on youtube who are lifestyle backpackers and do "whas in my bag" videos. I like Pick Up Limes.

also Dr. Bronner's soap for literally everything that needs to be cleaned: hair, clothes, lather it to shave, dishes, etc. Bar shampoo is popular too. Fold clothes Konmari style, takes up a lot less space. Make all your clothing pieces match so outfits are endless.

Pack a bag of what you would normally take on a trip but stay home and unpack each item as you use it for a week or two. Look at whatever you havent used and dont pack it on the real trip. Remember that depending on where you go, you can probably buy a replacement item abroad if you find out you really need it.

No. 119024

Write out what you're going to do. Then write out your outfit next to each activity. People overpack mostly because of what-if scenarios so this will help you decide what to take.
Pick a colour scheme so that everything matches, don't take more than the bare minimum for jewellery, toiletries and makeup, and take 2-3 pairs of shoes you know you can wear in that weather with those outfits. Add a few just in case items like a raincoat or a hat, add in enough underwear/socks/pjs to last you the whole trip, and you're done.

No. 119041

I went on a 11 day trip across the country with only a a moderately-sized backpack and I managed to pack a spare bag, an umbrella and a pair of shoes. Literally just haven't bought a luggage space and forced myself along with it.
What >>119024 said I did unconsciously. 90% of my clothes are black so I went with a distinct color scheme of black + red tartan. Put the bulkiest stuff on (it was still early spring where I lived so those things were not in the backpack but on my person).
Making a list is really important so you don't forget anything, but also don't be afraid to cross things off that list. Seeing all the things listed will help you gauge if you're overpacking.
Pack multipurpose products, clothes you can wear more than once/with more looks than one. Also something that won't wrinkle that much if you're unsure you will have an iron wherever you're staying.

My only issue was packing the things I bought, but honestly, not having luggage greatly cut my spending on the trip and allowed me to take more time with experiences like museums and concerts and not shopping malls for the same money. Haven't brought any worthless souvenirs back, only minimal stuff I totally can't get anywhere else but that city.

Travelling light is honestly incredible and I would absolutely do it again and advise it to others. Not fretting over the safety of your luggage, checking it in, claiming it, no lugging it across crowded airports and commute, no making a massive mess wherever you're staying because you brought so much shit and certainly no shame in "it took up so much space and weighed so much but I never used it so why did I even bother packing it".

As for my own list, the main bulk of my backpack was clothing - 4 tops, 1 skirt, 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of comfortable flats, an umbrella, a light windbreaker, a small over the shoulder bag (with a foldable reusable bag in case I needed to carry anything big), 4 pairs of socks, 4 pairs of panties and 2 pairs of sheer tights. On myself I was wearing a heavier coat, jeans, hoodie and the more bulkier boots. I would have honestly done fine with not packing spair pants.
I handwashed whatever got dirty immidiately the day I took it off so I never ran out of clothes.

It really helped that I don't really bother with makeup so I just took one lipstick and a roll-on perfume with me, but I bet you can cut down a make-up bag to just essentials too.
Also, an obvious one: samples! I took sample shampoo/soap/toothpaste so they were small and there was no shame throwing them out when I packed everything back.

No. 119044

Can't you only bring 2 big plastic ziplock bags and your liquids have to be in a 2 oz bottle?

No. 119078

I suck at this.
You can cut back a bunch! But depends on your plans, I usually need and want to change outfits (so, also shoes) through out the day cause I have different things to do and places to see and attend. Also the weather can vary greatly from where you are leaving from (so a jacket, a jumper…). Summery clothes are so light and easy to pack, try the Konmari method, no wrinkles and takes up little space. I'm not a stan, I just haven't learned to fold clothes properly, and that is the easiest and less messy for me.

Anyways, bumping this thread cause I have a few tips and also want to talk about safety while traveling.

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