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No. 97999

How do you spend your time online? Which websites do you visit most?

You can recommend fun, interesting, informative websites or anything you think would be useful.

No. 98000


No. 98002

File: 1539193728387.gif (144.29 KB, 500x372, 1de0b472e44667e9509fa1c1dff42a…)

Oh I wanted to make a thread like this too, just for random links to interesting and little known websites. Thank you anon <3

On top of my head:

- my fave dead webcomic, though 'comic' might not be the best way to describe it. It's like poetry smashed together with photos. Often sad and edgy, but always memorable. apologies if it's well-known among amerifags or something; personally I have not stumbled upon any people that know it

https://www.sputnikmusic.com/ - my go to for music reviews. I find them much better written than music reviews in my native language, which often sound like something written by a middle school kid for an English assignment, not to mention they don't cover anything but the most famous bands and pop stars.
I recently became aware of https://rateyourmusic.com/ but have not yet read this website much…

http://oneweekoneband.tumblr.com/bands - a really enjoyable tumblr project where random bloggers post essays about what does their favorite music mean to them. The week quality varies, but overall I really like it.

https://www.tuxedounmasked.com/ - various trivia and thinkpieces on Sailor Moon. I discovered it today and really enjoy it browsing.

https://www.animefeminist.com - some other anon mentioned it already on lolcow, so maybe the site is well-known. YMMV but it's nice to have a site centering on female perspective on anime. Keep in mind that if you have a radfem outlook on trans people or just don't agree with SJW you might find end up being annoyed if you run into a review/post centering about those issues. I still think it's worth keeping the site in mind as it can be pretty helpful and interesting.

No. 98012

Boring cycles of social media, reddit, lolcow, crystal cafe, youtube, news, etc.

No. 98024

was hoping it to be a site dedicated to historical cuties

No. 98027

it's nothing but necrofags kek

creeps me out, I feel sorry for the guys posted. misandry fuel for sure. I really liked it when I was an edgy middle schooler though.

No. 98032

I really only browse here and Kiwi Farms and I occasionally go on article-reading sprees on Wikipedia. If anyone can recommend any good, active communities focused on natural history and/or animals, that would be cool. No 4chan (/an/ is especially flooded with underaged shits).

No. 98036

I absolutely love A Softer World and it's a shame it's over.

No. 98058

File: 1539294153961.jpg (4.48 KB, 220x229, 1536632314338.jpg)

I enjoy using social media such as Instagram and Facebook as it allows me to stay in touch with my friends and exposes me to relevant adds for products that I may enjoy

No. 98065

i looked it up out of concern and was so creeped out lmao

No. 98081

No. 98112

i lov u

anyway, for me:
http://tvtropes.org (i like reading discussions abt movies/series and see what boxes they tick off etc.)
http://en.chuu.co.kr (it’s a webstore but there are so many cute outfits/photosets to use for style inspo)

No. 98130

I don't like creepypastas but scp has a lot of neat bizarre sci-fi stories I love to read when really bored.

No. 98144

aww, I used to love that site

No. 98169

File: 1539406984765.jpg (36 KB, 500x281, whatthefuck.jpg)


No. 98170

File: 1539407500102.png (503.62 KB, 1033x903, edgy.png)

I love this idea. I was dumped a few months ago and fell into that terrible social media cycle, being out of it makes me feel so much better but that means lolcow is basically all I can look at these days.

I know tumblr is also just a big joke at this point, but it's honestly the only social media that doesn't stress me out. I've basically turned it into a an echo chamber of cute animals and art and dumb memes. Not sjw political bullshit allowed.

I also love browsing Craigslist, especially "Missed Connections" cause it makes me feel less lonely but also just generally trying to find the craziest shit I can on there.

No. 98175

>Not sjw political bullshit allowed.
I'm always so confused when people talk about tumblr like this? Just follow people who actually post what you want to see instead of batshit crazy sjws? It's like people need to be hand-fed who to follow and who to not.

No. 98177

Tumblr is a great website if you don't get into political debates. I use it for fandom stuff and it's pretty nice.

No. 98181

r/relationships the drama is so fun to read and I learn about social interaction

I'm in plenty of facebook groups, about inane shit. Some meme pages, some shaming groups, just general stuff. My boyfriend thinks my timeline is very weird.

Youtube. I like documentaries, hairdressing videos (Brad Mondo), instructional videos, Gordon Ramsay, learning about crime and mental illness and poverty and things that are affecting the world.
And I check wikipedia a lot, as well as as many sites as I can. It's hard to explain. I don't have a general hobby, I get curious about one subject and I fall down the rabbit hole and get obsessed for a few days. I like deviantart, too, I guess.

No. 98182

No. 98207

obligatory twitter/instagram/lolcow
endless hours of asmr on youtube

>tfw at this rate this list is gonna include lostallhope as well

No. 98223

I see your LostAllHope and I raise you r/timetogo. Shame that those fucks closed r/sanctionedsuicide

No. 98227

r/botchedsurgeries was fun thank you!

please more subreddit recommendations

No. 98237

File: 1539467256105.png (1.47 MB, 1688x2000, B2D43040-00AF-418B-879D-A86E16…)


Entertaining subreddits:

Slightly pettier ones:

Oh… and r/watchpeopledie when I’m morbidly curious

No. 98243

Any website rec to download ebooks?

No. 98245

Libgen and gutenberg

No. 98248


No. 98250


r/Opiates (bc of morbid curiosity)
r/CripplingAlcoholism (same)

>Youtube channels to binge on

Good mythical Morning
You suck at cooking
The game theorists

No. 98251

just looked through r/opiates for 20 mins. holy shit it was depressing.

No. 98252

>The game theorists

No. 98265

What the fuck is wrong with some of you girls on this fucking website

No. 98266

Necrophilia is coming up quite a bit recently on /g/.
Really reminds me that I am in fact on an imageboard.

No. 98280

I don't want to check, so are there pictures of dead bodies or just pics of guys that are now dead?

No. 98291

Bodies. That site is really old

No. 98300

File: 1539547185550.jpg (35.79 KB, 461x500, 920c8201d031c54d84725a399b7c48…)

ty anon, i spend a lot of time on r/suicidenotes and looking at the user post history to see if they actually went through with it

No. 98301

Ot but UKfag here and I hate how our internet laws have become so tight that I don't know if I can even open that, the Kero Furry thread probably has me on a list already

No. 98307

cutedeadguys doesn't really have any cute dead guys. It's just some randos that aren't even cute. A lot of old and brown people men. Maybe they shouldn't false advertise.

No. 98335

you have to dig for the actually cute ones. i remember one russian twink who hung himself and he looked pretty damn adorable (though he was an incel who committed a disgusting crime)

No. 98352


so is it like a play on words? it's cute that they're dead or smth?

No. 98399

no, gay men have no standards and think they're all cute.

No. 98400

Anyone has sites that deal with occultism/paranormal things? /x/ is insufferable lately

No. 98449



No. 98453


Good taste anon

No. 98456

always thought crazy shit happening in russia was a meme, turns out it's true. suggestions for other blogs like these?

No. 98464

File: 1539718915361.jpg (66.16 KB, 600x450, CcQfqaQUUAAWuVr.jpg)

https://roomhole.tumblr.com was my favorite a few years ago, shows lots of weird rooms from Craigslist and stuff.

No. 98465

File: 1539719241686.jpg (76.51 KB, 604x453, 0f274ce1-29d2-449e-8d09-64429a…)

https://russiansandgod.tumblr.com is similar-ish. It's not about crime though, it's more like a russian version of a cursed images blog.

No. 98467

>open the Russian crime blog
>scroll until the story of the teen couple who shot at cops and then killed themselves
>click on the crimescene graphic pictures
>get the fuck out of there two pictures in
Fuck… I don't know how people manage to look at corpses on the internet. I want to unsee what I just saw

No. 98469

I'm more disturbed by the short prison sentences a lot of the people get lol. The cannibal couple is insane, don't look at the pics In that post unless you want to see a human head prepared for a feast… I think my subconscious refuses to acknowledge the pics are real

No. 98470

>I think my subconscious refuses to acknowledge the pics are real
Same, it's like I can't believe that a violent death looks the same as in your typical splatter movie. I expected them to look… different in some way?
Good thing I can only remember those pics vaguely and in a very blurry way.

No. 98471

can you link the post you're talking about? i'm curious

No. 98475


Warning: first pic is a man with a dead person's hand in his mouth, also a pic of a human head on a platter

I've seen more pics from their apartment (including a scalp on the kitchen counter) but they're not in this post

No. 98477

You reminded me of my fave blog with pics of teenage bedrooms from various movies.
And another one, with photos of actual teen bedrooms (sadly the tumblr is dead):

No. 98526

pls more comfy old websites in the same vein.
I've been looking for a page with good movie stills forever.

No. 98527

idk what kind of movies you like anon, but I follow hirxeth for stills

No. 98534

there is also mostbeautifulgirlscaps though I am on the fence with how I feel about the blog cause all the posts with child actresses give me vaguely pedo feeling. I might be overreacting. Judge for yourself.



There are plenty of beautiful period drama caps here and nothing illegal FYI, just some screencaps felt skeevy to me

No. 98605

this thread turned from "Oh look at these cute website" to "look at these insane bitches."

No. 98613

The second reply has cutedeadguys.net, it was bad from the start.

I'm kinda worried about someone who links that AND links to a specific wiki about a cute living guy.

No. 98668

Does anyone else here browse long hair community? It's meant to be for hair advice mainly, but I like it because the site is so old school it gives me a huge feeling of nostalgia

No. 98669

File: 1539926120948.jpg (19.45 KB, 478x308, disgust.jpg)

we need to get those necrofagettes OUT

No. 98785

Oh god I do!
I also sometimes check out stardoll or girlsgogames for pure nostalgia.
I like old ass sites for old game cheats too

No. 98792

fuck i'm super curious right now. it is too explicit if I don't click the individual posts? I stopped watching gore about 5 years ago since fucked up my sleep lol

No. 98835

https://www.sanrio.co.jp/character/?age=1970 – A page where you can look at a list of every Sanrio character!

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B_yEDN2T6KIGa3FFamE0OTlpLTA - Greentexts from /X/

https://belowthesurface.amsterdam/en/ – A page where you can check out thousands of objects found in the Amstel river.

http://www.eyezmaze.com/ – Tons of cool flash games!

http://vgperson.tumblr.com/post/21533650696/help-the-girl-i-like-wont-respond-to-my-emails – A fun story that developed on 2ch.

https://fauux.neocities.org/ – Cool-looking page you can browse through (epilepsy warning!)

http://digitoxin.github.io/snowworld/ – For Yume Nikki fans, a little 3d recreation of the Snow World.

https://thisissand.com/ – Draw with sand!

No. 98965

I kinda stopped visiting websites and mostly use social media, YouTube and lolcow now, this thread makes me want to go actually back to browsing the internet.

No. 98978

https://www.lostmediawiki.com/Home Lost media, as it says on tin.
https://tcrf.net/The_Cutting_Room_Floor Unused stuff in video games.

https://tvtropes.org/ Linked by another anon as well
Some specific tvtropes pages I find interesting
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UrbanLegendOfZelda Video game myths
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DevelopersForesight When clever developers are one step ahead of players trying weird stuff in-game
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HarsherInHindsight A tragic event worsened by future events
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AlternativeCharacterInterpretation When a character is viewed differently by others
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BrokenBase Conflicts in fandoms
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DieForOurShip When shippers hate a certain character for being in the way of their otp
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FanPreferredCouple Non-canon couple preferred by fans
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FanonDisContinuity Fandoms preferring to pretend sequels/moments in canon didn't happen
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LostInTranslation Translations missing the point of original meaning
A lot of YMMV pages are fun to read too

/r/blunderyears Bad photos of OP from the past
/r/documentaries Documentaries
/r/hobbydrama Posts detailing drama in various fandoms and hobbies
/r/unstirredpaint Pretty pictures of unstirred paint

No. 99148

no, there's not really much gore if you just scroll. the blog owner puts suicide pics like the anon you replied to described in a separate link you have to click. I'm a baby about gore and I find the blog interesting

No. 99173

Weird question but is there something like this for anime and manga bedrooms? I love the aesthetics

Mobilism may also have something that's not up on libgen. And there's IRC, fuckhuge selection of contemporary fiction if you don't mind taking the time to set it up

No. 99283

I would love such site foranime! I think the best we have is the tumblr tag but I might be wrong…

freebookspot.es might also have books not available on libgen. Sadly, you can run on expired links from time to time…
Can someone explain to me how to look up books on mobilism? Do I need the app or what? I don't get it

No. 99286

I like r/watchpeopledie (AT LEAST UNTIL THEY QUARANTINED IT) not for necrofag reasons, just morbid curiosity. It's made me much more careful and aware of my surroundings.
Jenny Nicholson is an awesome and hilarious youtube channel.
Seconding tvtropes and r/UnresolvedMysteries.

No. 99288

epubgratis.org mainly has books in Spanish but they also have an English tag: epubgratis.org/category/idiomas/ingles/

No. 99331

With mobilism you need to sign up, so just use one of these 10 min mails and make a fake account. After that you get access to the search. No need for app, use the website.

No. 99337

No. 99467

File: 1540623911790.jpeg (62.38 KB, 500x553, download.jpeg)

Any other image boards or forums yall frequent? No topic in particular, just curious. Crystal Cafe has nice boards but they're always so dead.

No. 99483

cc is full of men rping as women, best avoid it there, anon.

as a woman, you wont find a better imageboard than here, but if you can stand the stupidity of bitter, loser men then lainchan and arisuchan are ok. 420chan if ur into drugs, other than that, i can't think of other imageboards that don't completely reek of underage incels.

No. 99489

How do we know that there are men roleplaying on cc? Any proof?
I have not been posting there too much because it's so dead. I do not know much about the board, so I am curious. Not attacking your statement, just trying to find out more.

No. 99518

Ignore that anon. If you spend your time actively avoiding sites that may have males on it, you're gonna have a pretty bad internet time. I only use cc to talk about specific interests, and the beauty board. Also men post on this site as well there's just know way of knowing when its all anonymous.>>99489

No. 99524

nta but a lot of self confessed trannies post there and i remember there was an art anon who confessed to being a man as well. admin is pretty lenient too iirc (like not permabanning spoony) so it makes sense.

No. 99527

Anecdotal, but I personally know one male friend who frequents the site, know a farmer friend who met a guy off the site, and have (unknowingly at the time) replied to posters who turned out to be men. I'm sure it's still majority female but it's definitely not 100% female.

No. 99528

Anecdotal, but I personally know one male friend who frequents the site, know a farmer friend who met a guy off the site, and have (unknowingly at the time) replied to posters who turned out to be men. I'm sure it's still majority female but it's definitely not 100% female.

No. 99536

I said nothing of avoiding sites with men on it if you read my post, I recommended imageboards with men being the dominant userbase. Men don't really post on here without getting uppity and outting themselves because majority get super butthurt when they see the radfem mentality and all the posts about how men are the worst. Crystal cafe is a prime tranny hugbox, but suit yourself.

No. 100159

Crystal cafe used to have a male mod but it wasn't intentional afaik, mod larped pretty good as a woman. I think admin canned them already but I don't know much else.

No. 100160

wait, what? i thought crystal cafe staff were all females and vetted?

No. 100161

In the beginning there was a male mod because they deceived the admin, I think they got found out later.

No. 100164

How did you know this? Receipts?

No. 100179

I found out in a IRC channel dedicated to another male dominated board, the male mod was there and proud of infiltrating CC along with his friends. I don't really have caps or hard proof but I also don't have anything against CC aside from not really being interested in it.

No. 100187

That explains a lot. Wow, the absolute downfall right at the start. I bet that guy lurks here too.

No. 101664

File: 1543431985756.png (7.71 KB, 229x220, download.png)

One of the cc mods also let her robot bfs into their official discord server

No. 101670

every time i go on that site it just stinks of male rping.

No. 101684

Why though? Why do men infiltrate every female dominated space?

No. 101686

That's disgusting.

They want to spy on the girls. Everything is about sex with them.

No. 101689

male brainlets: women never shut up about mindless bullshit. they have nothing interesting, funny, or intelligent to say. lol are women even sentient?!

also male brainlets: spends hours pretending to be women so they can talk to a forum full of women about topics women have chosen

go your own way and stick to superior men already you cucks!

No. 101693

I-I hope not because I go there…

No. 101694

File: 1543446529196.jpg (18.09 KB, 435x435, DISGUSTING.jpg)

He has no business joining. Anons should speak up and make a fuss because that directly goes against the community guidelines.
I never thought it'd be far from the realm of possibility that they'd be infiltrated. To be expected, really. Sad as it is.

No. 101697

then isn't it obvious? all the maleposters/trannies share the same kind of reaction images and it's easy to notice who they are. accepting trannies was a terrible idea imo because they bring their male friends and act like men pretending to be women.

No. 101707

>tfw can't post cute anime girls without fear that i'll be marked as a tranny

No. 101711

99% of the thread pics on there are anime girls though, anon. NO MORE!

No. 101724

cute anime girls are fine, but it's shit like the bitch from eromanga sensei that makes it obvious. no woman likes the idea of a 13 year old who draws porn and wants to bang her brother.

No. 101735

They did, she stepped down as a mod and so did the other mod who was backing her up. They got in a fight with some users.

No. 101787

i also think the context is important. if the anime girl is doing/expressing something that goes with your post content, fine. troons and weeb men always post completely random anime pics that don't even remotely go with what they're posting about which screams fetish

No. 103694

When i'm REALLY bored one of my favourite activities is looking at reviews of local businesses/restaurants/fast food places - especially the bad ones. It usually doesn't take too long to find something funny.

No. 109411

Moved to >>>/m/10453.

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