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File: 1539312875345.png (278.25 KB, 920x768, chronicalillness.png)

No. 98077

Any farmers here with chronic illnesses? I was recently diagnosed with IBS-PI and wanted to have a thread where people talk about their chronic illnesses, life with them, and how they handle them. I was hoping I could also get some tips on how to deal with IBS, if anyone else here has it.

No. 98092

I have interstitial cystitis and if it flares up badly it's pretty much life ruining and career-stopping for at least a few weeks. It's also majorly embarrassing to have to explain if it comes up, and it can come out of fucking nowhere and look really sus. There's also no subtle way to sit your whole ass on a hot water bottle in public and the pain in general for hours on end is cry-inducing. I've gotten fairly good at taking preventative measures and dealing with it but it feels like the stupidest shit that of course I would have.

I'm sorry to hear you have IBS anon, it sounds horrible to deal with.

No. 98125

I handle my IBS by pretending it doesn't exist and that I'm not in pain …because growing up I thought it was normal to hurt all the time and thought that my BMs were normal… Hard core denial is the key.

No. 98127

Who else here deals with chronic migraines? I'm too scared to take prescription anti migraine meds because of all the horrible possible side effects that can happen to people taking them and I can't get prescribed pain killers in my area without sounding like a drug addict.

No. 98129

My chronic illness is scoliosis. Years of pain followed by years of physiotherapy that changed nothing because my pt was shit and scoliosis doesn't go away. I'm currently working out to strength the muscles around the fucked up spine and relieve the muscle pain. But being on a bulking diet is difficult when you also have IBS and most foods give you gas and bloating.

What side effects wtf
I was prescribed anti-migraine meds years ago and took them for the recommended 6 months and now they're completely gone. Went from having migraines almost every day from childhood till early adulthood to 0 migraines. You should give it a try.

No. 98191

I feel ya, I'm OP and I lost so much weight due to IBS because I stopped eating so much and whenever I ate I'd have a reaction. I was wondering if I should cut out my morning coffee, even though it helps me poop I'm not sure if it contributes to my all day pains or not.

lucky you. I just got this and I miss feeling fine most of the time.

No. 98198

Anyone else struggling with epilepsy/neurological disorders? I've been heavily medicated for the past few years but it's just not enough anymore so I'm beginning the workup to brain surgery. Honestly I think I'd rather take the risk of a hole in my head than try and fool myself into thinking i can live a functional life so doped up all the time. not to mention the terrifying experience of seizing while conscious and unable to see, or move, or scream. but then again, there's so much that can go wrong during that kind of surgery.

No. 98209

I have fibromyalgia. I had to drop out of college when the symptoms got to be too much and now I'm a miserable neet with no degree. I was prescribed palexia/tapentadol recently and that's been helping a little. It's the first time I've been prescribed a pain killer as opposed to a muscle relaxant and I was really reluctant to try opioids. Most of the medication I've been put on had done very little so I'm glad that I'm getting a little relief but I'm worried about becoming dependent on it or a doctor thinking I'm a druggie and taking it away.

No. 98216

I think I might have Marfans, but I can't afford a geneticist that I need to fully diagnose me. So I just… continue existing and waiting for something to go wrong.

No. 98488

I also have ibs anon! It is truly awful. Iam bloated most of the time and it messes so much with my self steem. You sould try the fodmap diet anon!!! It works

No. 98492

Anxiety IBS, arrhythmia, permanently low blood pressure, benign hypermobility, all the usual instagram munchie shit.
Pretty boring. Gotten to belong as symptomless as possible which is cool.

No. 98496

How did you get diagnosed? I feel like I'll be dismissed by a doctor, but I'm genuinely sure I have this and it's being misdiagnosed by my current gp

No. 98499

Process of elimination. I suspected it was what I had when I went to my GP with pains all over my body. After I told her about my symptoms she suggested I might have it without me bringing it up. I had bloods done to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and saw a rheumatologist who ruled out ehlers-danlos syndrome. That just left fibromyalgia. There isn't a specific test for it, which sucks. Physiotherapy, light excercise and meds have helped a little but it's still a struggle.

I'm sorry you're suffering anon. I hope you get some answers soon.

No. 98500

File: 1539748706658.png (162.88 KB, 500x281, killme.png)

Fibromyalgia is so tough cause I was diagnosed with it as well and I've spent the last 5 or so years in nearly daily excruciating pain, but I never want to mention it to anyone cause it's kind of written off as a make-believe diagnosis. I have terrible nerve pain as well, especially at the top of my arms. It feels like if someone touches my skin there I want to cry. Like their jabbing their finger into bruised skin or something. On my worst days of joint pain, I've been close to just begging my doctor for pain killers, but I have the same problem where I'm terrified they're gonna think I'm just making it up for drugzzz. But I've tried every combo of years of physical therapy, chiropractor, OTC painkiller, heat/cold on it, and somedays I still just end up sobbing in bed not being able to move or sleep because I'm in so much pain. I've found the "flare ups" to be less frequent since I've started taking Gabapentin and an antidepressant (iirc I read somewhere that chronic pain uses the same neural pathways as depression, so that's why antidepressants are helpful with fibro?) but I still get some bad flare ups here and there, and when I do still nothing seems to help. So basically I feel like medication + learning my physical limits/not overdoing it has made it happen less, but when it does happen I'm still at 110% pain.

No. 98502

I have ibs too!! I tried my best with the fodmap diet but due to my ex anorexic monkey brain i ended up becoming obsessive over food haha. My best advice is to take it slowly. It's an awful process. Cut and add foods slowly so you can tell which Foods trigger your ibs without cutting everything all at once

No. 98759

any IBS farmers know how to deal with bloating?!

No. 98777

I have fibromyalgia too at 26. It fucking sucks ass. I can barely, if ever, gey out of bed and hang out with friends or do "normal" activities. I got painkillers for 3 days from my primary and it helped a lot but then they told me to see a pain management specialist because here we can no longer dole out opiates past 3 days unless you have one. So i went there and they tried to get me in gabapentin (allergic) and things like lyrica (expensive as hell) and one that starts with a c that is an anti-depressant but i dont take those because i actually get suicidal on them. And i was like…look pain killers work for me like jesus christ WHY do they never listen?!? Apparently opiates are bad with treating fibro because we have a resistance almost to it? Or our toletance builds up fast? Like i don't fucking care, please help me because this is no way to be living my life AT ALL. But alas, the doctor was too hesitant. Just like the rest of them because people had to start using heroin and ruined it for the rest of us in chronic pain :/ i hope you can find some relief, i know how much it sucks and how much of a toll it can take on a person. Siiigh

No. 98779

Scoliosis fucking sucks and no matter how many people remind me that like 50% of celebrities and models and shit have it (Liz Taylor, who knew?) it doesn't magically make it fucking glamorous or less painful or humiliating.

Even to this day, after a 17 vertabrae spinal fusion, after years of physical therapy…if I look hard enough, I see uneveness. Every day I have some sort of awful nerve pain. My shoulders ache constantly. People give me shit for using CBD oil when it's the only fucking thing that works, and cite studies done on rhesus monkies to prove their point, and then get quite upset when I point out why they're wrong.

Everyone thinks this is just some childhood affliction but it really fucking isn't. I would give anything for a normal spine.

No. 98807

My pituitary gland is fucked so I had a a growth hormone deficiency as a child and had to get growth hormone injections, but I also used to pass out very often before and during my treatment due to hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. I'm done with my treatment and I look like a shorter than average young woman instead of a literal dwarf and I'm not at risk of getting osteoporosis in my 20s anymore, but I still pass out sometimes and I eat all the time just so it never happens again, especially when I'm outside. That shit's hereditary but of course I'm the only one who had to deal with this crap in my family. I literally never met anyone like me irl because even at the hospital back then, all the kids I knew had diabetes.

By the way, I don't really understand what fibromyalgia is. My mother has it but she's terrible at explaining pretty much anything and according to herself, she has it because she has many really fucked up disorders that cause chronic pain and deformities. But as I said, she's terrible at explaining things. She has spondylitis, which is hereditary and I'm scared I could get it because it ruined her life and it would ruin mine too. That's the main reason why I don't want to have kids.

I think people think scoliosis is just some childhood affliction because of the severe cases where kids or teenagers get surgery. I'm not sure anymore but apparently surgery isn't done when the scoliosis isn't deemed severe enough apparently? If that's the case I don't really understand why doctors make that distinction, unless the surgery is really risky or something?

No. 98812

Honestly the reason my doctors diagnosed me with fibro is because last year right before christmas i had sepsis that almost killed me, tyen insertion and removal of a stint fir kidney stines, and immediately folliwing had my gallbladder removed. They think the sepsis might have damaged my nerves? And im pretty sure when they explained it it has something to do with nerve damage in general. Things that should feel normal like a hug or a massage HURT like hell. Its a newer diagnosis that some doctors still struggle to believe is real because it doesnt show up in tests or anything like most auto immune diseases. But as someone who suffers with it, i can tell you its VERY real

No. 98816

That makes sense compared to all the things that happened to my mother. So I guess that means in her case her other disorder, her chronic pain and her meds with weird side effects could be the cause of her fibro.
>Its a newer diagnosis that some doctors still struggle to believe is real because it doesnt show up in tests or anything like most auto immune diseases.
I read something similar on a forum I think, a long time ago. It wasn't a reliable source but basically the explanation I saw was something like people who are diagnosed with fibro have something that causes pain and fatigue but it's hard to tell what's the exact cause so the diagnosis is useful so patients can be officially considered disabled and be prescribed pain killers or specific meds. It was more confusing than that though.

No. 98817


Lol the surgery doesn't magically make it some childhood affliction that ends when you go under the knife, that's literally the entire point of my post. I was one of the severe cases- 17 vertabrae spinal fusion, hello?

It still affects me to this day, but people are ignorant and arrogant about it because they can't "see" the affliction. It's awful. I hate doing two hours of physical therapy every single day just to not be in pain most of the time.

No. 98819

Sorry if it wasn't worded correctly, I'm saying this because that's what a lot of people told me before. I know it's not as simple as just getting surgery but a lot of people just think it is because it's just not something they know, me included. I had a guy in my class in high school who had the surgery and once he came back to school some months later everyone thought he was entirely cured but he told us that no, he definitely wasn't and he had to do physical therapy afterward just like you iirc.

No. 99606

Does anyone else here have an autoimmune disease? I don't have extreme pain but I am almost always sick and it results in me missing a lot of school.

No. 101575

hey im OP and i know its been a month but ive come to the conclusion my IBS is mostly anxiety related… how were you able to become more normal again?

No. 101644

I started taking triptans years ago and they changed my life. The first time the side effects were kinda scary (a weird pins and needles effect?), but they're not pain killers and they're not addictive, I need just one usually, two if I've waited too long, and my migraines went from 72 hours and wanting to kill myself to between 30 minutes and at most and hour to clear now. I can work a fulltime job no problem, just take a triptan on the go when necessary.

No. 103260

File: 1544855917224.jpg (11.13 KB, 613x587, ylu8j9p32sy11.jpg)

How is everyone in the northern hemisphere dealing with winter thus far?

I'm on year 4 since my fibromyalgia diagnosis and I dread the drop in temperature every year. It always intensifies my pain levels, no matter how many layers I wear, or how warm I keep the house. It's like the cold just sinks into my muscles. I'm having the worst fibro flare of my life at the moment and I'm really scared. I can barely move because of the pain. I've been to my GP twice this week and there's only so much they can do for me. Every year my symptoms get worse and worse. I'm only 28 and I already live a really sad, lonely life. I can't imagine carrying on like this for another fifty years.

No. 103261

i wish you the best anon. im so sorry about this. i dont have fibro but i think morgan freeman does and hes really successful? hopefully you will figure out how to manage this better and your life will improve. i wish you the best.

No. 103269

I had chronic migraines (almost daily) for over a decade.
They tried on Triptans, SSRIs, Beta-Blockers, etc but I kept having terrible reactions to them.
The MRI scans and blood tests revealed nothing.

What worked for me was doing Keto for about a month. I did it to lose weight, but after four weeks I suddenly noticed that I didn't have a single migraine in that whole time.
Turns out that the diet itself is effective for epilepsy & is anti-spasmodic.

I'm not on keto anymore, but I do have a high-fat diet (animal fats).

Godspeed anon.

No. 103283

Would you ever try psilocybin/mushrooms to see if it would help your migraines?


(No full text access sorry)

No. 103284

I'd love to try them at least once, but I'm pretty much migraine-free now.

Even if I do get the occasional one, it's so mild that I might not need to take an aspirin.

No. 103288

I have ulcerative colitis which is autoimmune and my meds suck because I literally catch about 10 colds a year bc of my suppressed immune system and still get monthly flare ups. Gonna get a colonoscopy next month (fucking yay) but hopefully they can figure out a new medicine plan that actually works

No. 108262

It's been a while since this thread was bumped. How is everyone keeping?

It's 5:40 in the morning and I'm going to a mental health support group at 10. I'm in so much pain that I can't sleep. I feel like I have to go anyway because I was on a waiting list to get into this group and I only have one more meeting left after this one.

No. 108296

I'm another anon who used to have chronic migraines, and I can attest that high protein low carb (practically carb-free) diet did wonders for me too.

I started the diet because I've read somewhere else that it helped and I'm so happy that I don't spend that much time in pain anymore. If any other anons are suffering from migraines, consider having a diet rich in animal fats. Not only have I reached my weight goal but more importantly, I'm more productive.

I'm also glad that I don't drink pills anymore. Even though aspirin and the like are not deadly, the amounts I used to take due to migraines were not healthy.

No. 118267

Does anyone else with IBS have issues with sitting longer periods of time?

In 2017 I’ve had a bad car accident, broke my leg, had issues with my back etc and was basically tied to my bed ever since. This year I finally was at a point I could slowly get back into working and stuff. I felt well enough, pain-wise, so I got a job at an office, doing some very basic clerical work. First day was 8hrs and I did nothing really but sit at the computer and go get lunch. I felt drained at the end of the day but still fine. The next morning I’ve had the worst diarrhea I’ve had in years and was in so much pain. Since I only had it in the morning and had no more bowel movements the rest of the day before going back to diarrhea the next morning I doubt it was a stomach bug or something.

Anyways, kinda lost the job because of that but it was just to get back on my feet anyway, so no loss.
Yesterday I did some paperwork for myself at home so I sat at my desk all day and - oh surprise - painful diarrhea at the end of the day.

I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary, nor am I stressed out or anything. The only thing that changed was sitting a lot.

I’m puzzled but I also don’t want to do see a doctor because ever since I got diagnosed with IBS he won’t even check whenever I have any digestive issues.

So yeah, anyone with IBS has had similar issues?
Walking works fine for me btw. I can walk until my legs start hurting and it will sometimes promotes digestion but never to the point of it being painful or me having diarrhea.

No. 122493

Walking is good for your intestines, make it a habit to exercise a little every day(especially stomach exercises) and yes, I do get awful diarrhea if I sit in one position for a long period without stretching or doing exercises and going to the toilet once in a while (one of the reasons I can't sleep for too long with bathroom breaks).I have Crohn's since I was a child so I got used to all these issues.

Coffee, garlic, onion, hot spices are gonna flare up your intestines. Try to lessen these ingredients in your food. Fibers in green leaves (and vegetables) are good for digestion. But in our case we need to cook them first or blend them to a smoothie.
Your doctor is bad I suggest you to change him. Also if you can, go to a nutritionist who have knowledge about IBS/IBD/ Crohn's. It really helped me.

If you want to gain weight I recommend nuts, peanutbutter is a miracle!
Hope you all well anons, stay strong

No. 122494

Sorry but I forgot to mention, over eating and not eating for too long can also flare up your intestines. Weather and stress are also a huge factors in flaring the intestines.

No. 122704

I've got IBS mostly from anxiety and possibly food intolerance and it results in daily constipation so laxative abuse is more common than it should be sadly. This is ruining my life a lot since i can't really go out of my comfort zone unless i want to feel horrible all day

No. 123284

My IBS gets really bad around my period so this week has been particularly painful for me. When it's this bad, I have to sit around with a heating pad for most of the day and take my medication if it becomes unbearable.

I don't complain about the pain but it definitely complicates my days. I'm supposed to go out this weekend and I'm dreading it because this entire week has been awful. I try to be restrictive with my diet but I barely have time to cook so I know I don't eat the best.

A relative is in the hospital as well so I know stress has been making things much worse. I just wish I didn't have to rely on my medication so much

No. 123291

Anyone else with cyclical vomiting syndrome? I had an episode the other day that woke me up at 3am and didn't stop until I found my antiemetics around 9-10am. I'm still feeling fatigued and dehydrated.
Stress and certain foods really provoke it, like bread, eggs, dairy, mushrooms, and really carbonated soda. Not to sound like an anachan but they've become almost fear foods and it sucks. I really enjoy cooking but I just never know if I'll be fine eating those things or I'll be in severe pain and vomiting/retching for hours on end.
More generally though, how many farmers have really annoying relatives/friends who always ask about your health and try to diagnose you with other things or treat you? My aunt was/is convinced I have Giardia of all things! She won't take CVS as an answer and acts like I don't take my health seriously because there isn't really any treatment for it. I keep telling her I don't want to talk about my health but she brings it up every time I see her, uhg.

No. 123292

Does anyone else here have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder? I’m not sure what to say that isn’t super woe-is-me, just putting the question out there for now.

Late, but I have RA. I’ve had it for years, but I didn’t learn until super recently that it was autoimmune disorder.

No. 123307

I feel you….
Honest to god, period diarrhea is one of the shittiest experiences.

No. 123437

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome all my life. I checked all doctors possible. I checked my thyroid, heart, blood, minerals and vitamins in blood. Nothing. Living like that is a hell. I don't even sleep that much, but I feel dizzy and have realy bad brain fog most of the time. There are times where I can function quite normally (i don't feel that dizzy and don't have that extreme brain fog), from one week to even month or two. But most of time i feel bad. I also have a big problems with short attenion span and weak memory.
Of course, I'm a neet now and I don't feel that's gonna change in the the near future.
I take NADH pills for now. I'm taking these for a few months. I don't feel any changes for now, but I'm gonna keep going.
If my life gonna look like that, I'm gonna kill myself when my parents will die. Fucking hell.

No. 123451

I have had chronic migraines for 14 years over half my life is how I haven't kms get but I recently started a biologic med called Ajovy that I think is helping with minimal side effects. I can't handle triptans at all n nothing relieved them besides this anti inflammatory shot the neurologist will give me when I go in with a bad migraine. Is I why they can't just prescribe that to me.

I also have some kind of auto immune issue that causes severe eczema all over that was truly he'll until I started a biologic called dupixent but I'm still extremely sensitive to Sun and heat that leaves me housebound most the time. I wanna move some place where it's dark and cold all the time..

All this shit has left me all sorts of fucked up I'm majorly depressed.

I had a life with a career and was self sufficient but then it got worse n worse and I had to move home.
Idk how I keep going.

No. 123489

That sucks, anon. Do either of your parents have it? That seems more common when it starts from childhood. I hate the name chronic fatigue syndrome. People tell me they get "tired" too or that I have the symptoms of depression

I can't sit up or stand more than a minute. I'm starting to lose the ability to communicate, because writing, reading, listening, and speaking cause such bad symptoms. It's scary to think of being trapped inside my body but conscious.

I hope research finds something for us.

No. 123722

None of my parents have it, my mom sleeps a little more, but it's still normal amount. Yes, i have this all my life. And yes, no one, even doctors takes me seriously, just "sleep more" they say.
>I can't sit up or stand more than a minute. I'm starting to lose the ability to communicate, because writing, reading, listening, and speaking cause such bad symptoms.
That sounds scary anon, I don't have such extreme case of it. I just feel extremely tired most of the time.
I wish you well anon, I hope that our illnesses gonna pass soon…

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