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No. 104

>ذشل لن تداعب بقرة

No. 332

ذشل تجد مزارعة تتكلم العربية

No. 425

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uhh… yildirim bildirim?

No. 442

ه-هل انتي مزارعة مزيونة ؟
ممكن تعارف تم مداعبة في ما يرضي الله

No. 880

هل انت مزارعة؟

No. 912

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>وقتی می‌دونی کسی اینجا فارسی صحبت نمی‌کنه
>جز یه نفر که می‌شناسیش
>not that thats a bad thing (would have been surprised otherwise) but still

So since there are only like two arabs here and one turk and no one seems to be speaking the same language how about we just turn this into a general middle eastern thread

No. 914

File: 1501333775245.png (131.59 KB, 400x428, i like briss.png)

מוות לערבים

No. 926

I'm south african but I live in turkey. I don't know the language though. It's pretty hard to learn, even harder to speak.

No. 940

>general middle east thread
Sounds good.
Emirati here, btw.

No. 941

with the exception of farsi, I've noticed the languages in the middle east are downright hell to learn. How do you get by though? I've heard the Turkish aren't exactly proficient in English. (Though I could be wrong)

whenever I think of Emirates I just think of the heat. Is it really that bad?

No. 942

The heat I mean
>sage for samefag

No. 1034

Moroccan here. Are you actually emarati or some other ethnicity living in the UAE?

No. 1035

any advice on learning arabic as a native english speaker?

No. 1071

You're right. Majority of people can't speak proper english. Depends where you live actually.

No. 1497

Moved to >>>/ot/222172.

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