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File: 1494367366872.jpg (44.13 KB, 1280x720, 1494359946607.jpg)

No. 127

In my defence - you started the /int/ board at a bad time if you didn't want a Eurovision general.

>Everybody was ok
>Except fucking Australia that was pretty much laughed off the stage

Yay us…

No. 128

File: 1494367690616.png (626.53 KB, 720x594, 1494357643392.png)

Its Cara Delvigne lol

(Please kill us)

No. 133

I'm really sad because I had to work today so even though I found a stream that worked for me, I missed it and since Logo is a bunch of fucking assholes I have no idea how I'll be able to watch it. I've been watching since 2006, but I guess I'll just have to miss this years. OR at least wait a few months until the stop striking youtube uploads

No. 135

Why is Australia even competing anymore

No. 136

Montenegro has a tendency of sending Mongolian-looking gays to Eurovision and this year is no different.

No. 144

File: 1494396756158.jpg (93.78 KB, 725x362, croatia-2017-jacques-houdek-2.…)

That's way better than sending a fatass that's singing a "duet" with himself (not to mention he's actually a really shitty person)

No. 149

What's shitty about his person?

No. 151

He's a drama queen, very shallow, quite narcissistic etc

No. 154

Eurovision was the main reason why I wanted UK to leave the EU lol

If you didn't want to befriend us then, don't try and befriend us now..

Though now we leaving the EU I wonder if we get even more nil pois kek

No. 170

He literally thinks he is Pavarotti

No. 172

File: 1494433810695.png (195.38 KB, 618x358, screenshot.PNG)

No. 191

Why is Australia competing at all? Why have we sent an asian and an abbo?? (Not that demi was half bad)

What the fuck

No. 193

I laughed so hard at his missed high note. I can't believe Australia still got in after that.

Anyway, who do you anons want to win? Any disappointments so far?

No. 206

Anybody but that fat fuck from belgium

No. 211


My heart goes out to the autismal dude from Portugal.

No. 214

Australia get fucked haha

No. 216

why do we keep sending fags from x factor, i mean i love dami im but i dont even know this fuck

also i know people complain but im glad australias in the competition since we have been streaming the contest on tv for the longest time and our country is basically an immigrant country

No. 217

>our country's basically an immigrant country
Yeah, of Asians and lebs

No. 218

dude i love this

it's so bad it's good

No. 220

File: 1494526323749.jpg (74.17 KB, 1136x640, 1494525108556.jpg)

No. 221

I really like Macedonia's entry music video

No. 224

Oh thank you, the milkmachine is back up. Anyone else watching?


No. 229

Eugh I'm so ashamed of Ireland's entry…like I have been all my life. We have plenty of talent but we send washed-up celebrities and unknown losers. Kill me.

No. 234

Such a queen. I don't know if I should hate it or love it.

But now seriously, all you other Yooros can just give up. No one can compete against quirky Salvadorable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0td62XxnjBk

No. 235

>muh 'fugees!
Wouldn't touch his SJW ass with a 10 foot pole tbh.

No. 245

File: 1494603303649.gif (490.57 KB, 500x226, eurovisionkeks.gif)

USA vs Europe right now

No. 259

Every act so far has been terrible.

No. 260

File: 1494703839768.jpg (20.28 KB, 453x500, CycO964.jpg)

>expecting anything good in eurovision

i miss when they didn't try so hard to be artisty and just went on stage with fucking monster masks or tinfoil hats.
also why is australia still part of this.

No. 262

My country didn't make it to the final so I won't be watching again this year. I also hate how some countries automatically make it to the final.

It needs to be changed so that countries can't vote for their neighbours before I start considering watching it again, it's really pointless and predictable.

No. 263

File: 1494707749447.jpg (50.17 KB, 880x880, C_Y4pVFXsAI2h1b.jpg)

As a spanish person, fuck if that wasn't one of the worse performances we did.
If you can't hold a note don't go to eurovision, my man. The chiqui chiqui was less embarassing than this.

No. 265

File: 1494715605483.jpg (75.73 KB, 1200x671, IMG_2459.JPG)

sigh Another year of musical politics. Portugals entry was major autist. Gone are the days of transvestite queens gracing the stage in one grand musical buttfuck. I don't know why I bother watching when this was the only highlight of the night kek

No. 266

Honestly the Portugal guy made me uncomfortable. He was unattractive and the way he writhed around on stage was fucking weird, I honestly wondered if he had autism or something.

No. 267

Shh stop hating on our autistic cutie. It was a nice change from the usual sparkly english power ballads, can't be the same every year.
I met Salvador IRL some years ago, he's a real sweetie. So I'm as biased as can be.

No. 268

This, bring back Verka Serduchka and the gay vampire from Romania.
I'm so sad the Montenegrin guy didn't make it to the finals, he was this year's contest's saving grace. Fuck straya.

No. 270

Spanish here too, not just the singing off-key but the entire thing -the melody, the lyrics, the performance, was so low effort lmao. I feel bad for him because he was cute doe.

No. 271

He has a serious illness of which he doesn't speak too much apparently

No. 272


He does have a very nice voice, and while ballads are boring to me it wasn't the worst song ever, but apparently he went to school for music and no ever told him not to contort like a Hartly Hooligan having a seizure while on stage?


With his heart though, which doesn't really explain… That.

No. 274

File: 1494758187105.png (1.07 MB, 1279x682, Rage.png)

Did anybody else think France acted like a complete cunt? She won 10th place with 90points and this is her look.

I bet she has never come less than first her whole life…

No. 276

None of them look angry though?
I don't even know who the performer is there lmao.

No. 277

Opinions on the Italian entry? I think that he kind of made a mistake bringing that song, yes it's meaningful but nobody except the Italians will understand it. He will just be "the gorilla guy"

No. 278

He does, he needs an urgent heart transplant. But he's dealing with it very well, and he didn't even want that to go public until it got leaked to the press.

That was my second favourite! I always prefer it when people sing in their native language. English is so boring.

No. 279

I watch every year with no expectations.
Every time I am disappointed.

No. 280

File: 1494776942271.gif (2.94 MB, 480x262, IMG_2474.GIF)

Eurgh portugals weird hand movements made my skin crawl

No. 290

File: 1494794989650.jpg (65.27 KB, 620x349, operavampire.jpg)

fuuuck I miss the gay romanien vampire!

No. 291


It was loads better than the boring shit Italy usually sends

No. 308

this year there was so many normies REEEEE

No. 310

wow portugal was my fave i think their song was so beautiful it gave me feels
but i never expected them to actually win, i feel like the winner is usually some poppy dance song
croatia pissed me off, why did they sing in italian, whats with that gimmick?

No. 315

My favorite parts of this year's show were the Aussie streaker and the amount of memes being made at Spain's expense.

At least Baila El Chiki Chiki was intentionally taking the piss.

I loved it before the show, but it's the kind of song that requires a ton of energy and charisma for the performance, and I feel like they just didn't bring it.

No. 322

Because he though it would sound good with the other voice

His whole preformance was just showing how far up his own ass he is

No. 328

Yeah tbh it did end up sounding a lot like
>we wuz Italians n sheit!

No. 345

Dude just has a Pavarotti complex but is quite well known pop singer in Croatia so I guess that is why he got sent to ESC…

No. 451

It's a pity for non italian speakers. The guy has a load of great songs. He was deprived of half performance by the 3 min rule and Occidentali's Karma was already knew by the public.

No. 1503

Moved to >>>/ot/222373.

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