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File: 1494477792290.jpg (40.9 KB, 400x400, dafaqisthis.jpg)

No. 196

Any anons living in Japan here? I've been wanting to discuss タレント for a while because, for me, they're an enigma. Language can be English and Japanese. If you can't read/write moonspeak please don't nag for translations…

Why is Rola ads so friggen popular on the trains? Why is her voice so annoying? Is she like the Japanese Kim Kardashian?

How the heck did Ryucheru become so popular? Do Japanese girls tap him? To me he deserves a top spot at /r/punchablefaces…

Matsuko Deluxe

No. 197

File: 1494477942440.jpg (86.42 KB, 600x621, jesus.jpg)

Like how can he be so popular when he dresses this obnoxiously?

No. 198

File: 1494478085095.jpg (53.13 KB, 678x381, ryucherupeco.jpg)

also he's married right? Is he really straight….?

Video from one of their lives: https://live.line.me/channels/67/broadcast/5884

No. 199

Ive got a weird thing for twinks…

No. 200

I don't care for most of his outfits but I do like his style of makeup. That and he is kinda cute ngl.

No. 201

Rola gained a lot of fame after this right? She can't even lip-synch correctly…

He's not ugly but his red face and weird poses is too much for me to take seriously

No. 202

File: 1494479348989.jpg (75.91 KB, 399x600, ROLA 25th Annual Elton John AI…)

I studied abroad in Tokyo for a year and I never understood their Rola obsession either.
One of the Japanese guys I knew said that she is like 10/10 by their standards.
I don't see it.

No. 203

File: 1494479667132.jpg (30.34 KB, 400x320, rola.jpg)

glad I'm not the only one.

I guess half of the obsession is that she's hafu so she's has an eccentric Japanese-y look to her? And I guess even Japanese guys have a thing for dumb blondes…

No. 204

She looks like a weird Tatar-Mongolian mix or something, not Japanese in the slightest.

No. 207

I'm living in Japan too and I don't get their Rola obsession either. It kinda starts to piss me off to see her face in the train advertisements. I'd rate her as a 3/10 but Japanese are weird anyways when it comes to beauty.

No. 208

Cmon that's a bit low. She's above average objectively, but not to me and definitely not worth obsessing over.

No. 209

Why is it low? I just don't find her attractive at all.

No. 212

Omg ryucheru is such a fucking arghhh dont even have words tl describe the hatred

No. 213

Lola is actually only a quarter japanese. Her dads bengali and mum is half russian/japanese…so youre not exactly off on the tartar thing

No. 236

>10/10 by their standards
I think she's pretty but I'm surprised she's so popular in Japan. Aren't they all into the cutesy, baby-face look? She's got a lot of lovely angles to her face, but it's really clashing in that 'Call Me Maybe' video look with the pigtails and lace.

No. 237

Shes pretty definately not a 10 though. Japan has weird standards yes they like cutesy but hafus sell just a much if not more. To be honest a lot of the popular hafu talent arent that good looking or busu af. i.e. fujita nicole trindel

No. 242

File: 1494602327541.jpg (148.78 KB, 1240x827, rola-2016-13.jpg)

I personally love Ryuchell! Although I don't think he's straight at all (peco and his marriage is probably just a gimmick).

Rola is super cute tbh I don't see why you anons here dislike her? She's bubbly, kind and exotic looking

No. 243

I think rola is pretty cute. Not super hot or anything, but cute. Better than koots at least kek

No. 252

File: 1494636919437.jpg (55.82 KB, 544x600, milky.jpg)

i think she's really stylish and actually pretty funny. that tongue thing she always does (or at least used to do a lot) is super cute too.

No. 253

Nah im saying shes cute not hating..she just isnt a super hot 10/10

No. 254

Rola not being a 10/10 is part of their beauty standard. She makes up the balance with cuteness and personality.

No. 296

How anyone can think Ryucheru is straight is beyond me. Just look at this video. They just sound like closeted gays whenever they talk about relationships. I think the only positive LGBT person on Japanese TV is Genking.

No. 298

Idk, the japanese stereotype of gay man is a guy that works out a lot at the gym (according to the people I got to know at least).

But I 100% agree, probably fucks guys on the side in secret. Not that uncommon for gay men to just get married as a beard there.

No. 305

Omg yes that is so true. My brother is a semi well known fitness trainer and model and when I show Japanese people his pic they ask if hes gay kekk

No. 306

Guy on the right forgot his name but hes famously come out as gay.

No. 339

another Japan anon, Rola is annoying as all hell and I am so tired of seeing her face in every window, magazine, and ad that I walk by. Last year I watched her (on TV) go on a fishing excursion with one of the members of Arashi (I think it was Sakurai Sho) and her voice+laugh are not very kind on the ears imo.

I'm Tokyo based btw
sage for contributing nothing but my opinion on Rola

No. 353

his name is ぺえ

No. 403

I think she's pretty, but she looks Indian or middle eastern to me.

No. 404

Thats cause shes half bengali

No. 405

Bangladeshi* sage for mistake

No. 406


No. 414

lol yes, but obviously not the english pronunciation. if i spelt it based on how it sounds, i think peh would be pretty close.

No. 467

My gay radar tells me he's definitely gay and a bottom at that.

No. 478

Totally. That marriage to peko is a sham for sure

No. 559

Although she's not Japanese…
What's up with Japan's obsession of Miranda Kerr? She's like the second most popular model after Rola.

No. 562

I think she just got really big from the samantha thavasa collaborations shes always doing. And you know how Japanese people hvave a weird hardon for white people

No. 620

Korea really likes her too.
I think they just really like her face shape and features.

No. 662

I live in Eastern Europe and she's very popular here as well. I think it's because she represents traditional feminine beauty ideal as opposed to other western celebrities who are often vulgar and/or manly looking.

No. 712

File: 1497469458470.jpg (69.51 KB, 408x612, IMG_1448.JPG)

I think she's stunning!!
Perfect blend of features-she's also the cute/sexy/beautiful mix so she fit pretty much any category.

No. 713


What I dont get with Rola is that Japan goes ape shit over white skin

Rola is the same colour as say mulatto or light black

So why are they so accepting of her despite being obsessed with pale skin?

No. 714

File: 1497495130217.jpg (445.66 KB, 640x488, IMG_1334.JPG)

You can't keep telling yourself that you're not a model in Japan because of you skin girl…

No. 715

cute and friendly goes a lot further than pale, anon

No. 716

Probably because she's still got beautiful features and a sort of Japanese look to her (in spite of being mixed).

No. 730

She's extremely wealthy and will continue to be marketable well past her modelling days. Unless something happens she will be an it girl for some time.

No. 753

File: 1498046127294.jpg (377.5 KB, 1280x853, kiko-mizuhara-guilty-pleasures…)

Rola is being overshadowed by Kiko lately, which I don't understand because she's so average looking.

No. 754

File: 1498059821963.gif (74.74 KB, 341x361, neanderthal-female.gif)

is her family friendly or?
geez Japan has a bad taste lol I prefer Rola's look to Kiko. The pic you chose kinda gives her the neanderthal-vibe; uneven and expressionless eyes, mouth outlines and
big lips.
Not the person you're replying to but Japanese people generally love Japanese people and white people. Black, hispanics, other asians (except for koreans maybe?) are not as popular. Japanese people looove to say "肌がきれい!!!" etc if you're white.

No. 755

*meant family rich, not family friendly lol getting sleepy ;(

No. 756

File: 1498061040135.png (927.27 KB, 1029x735, 2017-06-22 01_02_32-@i_am_kiko…)

samefag but at least she has the self-confidence to post no make-up pics… https://www.instagram.com/i_am_kiko/?hl=en

No. 766

…how is that in any way remarkable?

No. 770

Having a personal preference for Rola is one thing, but Kiko is not average by far.

No. 1037

File: 1502951671964.png (494.36 KB, 700x393, kazulaser.png)

Kazu Laser is openly bi and has spoken about it a couple times.
Also, I honestly think Matsuko Deluxe is a pretty positive representation.

No. 1047

File: 1503212574505.jpg (28.74 KB, 316x466, images.jpg)

Miwa Akihiro is also pretty good representation, in my opinion - nowadays appears mainly on shows catering to middle aged and elderly women.

No. 1048

File: 1503268786364.png (708.17 KB, 563x595, Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 3.39…)

yeah the pic referenced happens to be at a very unflattering close up angle that makes her look plain. if you look through her instagram it's pretty clear that she fits in as a model even if her look isn't your personal favorite.

No. 1059

File: 1503565352673.jpg (32.61 KB, 680x453, attackontitan7.jpg)

I agree that she has something modelesque to her. Her body seems long and skinny (she's only 168 cm though??) but I still don't find her face attractive at all. Average at best.

No. 1060

File: 1503565476793.png (824.68 KB, 935x545, 2017-08-24 18_02_41-@i_am_kiko…)

her eyes also seem kinda unsymmetrical in this pic. She has a pretty big upper-lip - is that part of her charm?

No. 1061

File: 1503565778186.png (833.81 KB, 843x752, 2017-08-24 18_08_16-@i_am_kiko…)

omg her body is a skeleton :(
Guess that explains why her limbs look so long.

Sorry for samefagging

No. 1065

wth is this MissID contest? It's 80% cringe…

No. 1066

No. 1067

This girl is talented but the rest is such a cringefest..
Amina also participated some while ago?https://medium.com/@aminadujean/missid-7d35e4d505d4

No. 1068

is this an act people find appealing because this just seems hella autistic to me. also that ugly fucking hairstyle + face just makes her look like a tiny man omg

she's so cute and her voice is lovely - a nice break from the fake pitches japan loves

No. 1070

what the hell is this? does she not have any dignity or self respect left lmao, could barely watch this

No. 1072

File: 1503849441604.jpeg (370.35 KB, 600x900, 10.jpeg)

I personally thinks she kinda looks like yumi haha
it's some yearly competition to find some sort of indescribable talent, hence the weird combo of people. Lots of big Japanese industry names are organizing it in the back so it's a good chance to make an impression. But honestly, I don't see how anyone with any amount of brain cells would want to appear next to these weirdos…

pic semirelated (it's amina)

No. 1075

why is she dressed and speaking like a 5yo? not trying to be a dick but she looks and sounds legit retarded.

what the hell is happening? why is she crying? why is she speaking and dressed like a little girl too? i like cutesy jfash but this is a whole new level of creepy. Reminds me of how yukapon used to dress to do her "loli" act.

No. 1076

from the website:
20 posts
Miss iD is a girls' audition project hosted by Kodansha, to enact a search for "girls that have never been seen before, who deserve to be seen in this new day and age."
iD has a double meaning of identity, and idol.

If you can bring happiness to someone's future.
Then you are already somebody's idol.
Whether you have tattoos or dyed your hair blonde, or are withdrawn, it's okay. This is for all you girls out there who have ever hesitated to apply for typical auditions and casting calls for models, actresses, and idols.

If you've ever wanted to make this boring a world a more fun place, we want to meet the true "you."

so basically some kind of "next aidoru" contest?
Is >>1066's crying part of her idol act or does she really have no shame at all?

No. 1077

Also >>1067 is the only seemingly talented one so far, she's cute and not in a fake "uguu" way it's refreshing.

No. 1083

File: 1504083460940.jpg (432.2 KB, 1069x1356, Screenshot_20170830-013640.jpg)

I recently came across a model in a Shiseido add, and I dont know why but I really like her look. Her name is Hikari Mori, and when I checked her instagram I was surprised to see that she has less than 1/4 the amount of followers of Kiko. One thing I like about her is that she atleast seems to prpmote a active lifestyle, as she has some photos of herself at the gym on her insta. I dont really get Japan's infatuation with Kiko tbough. Is it because she has a natural Jomon look to her?

Mori's Instagram:

No. 1089

File: 1504983212281.jpg (29.18 KB, 355x451, 2c1e8ce263dfb7dd3b8a76fe6bd14e…)

Japan expat anon now living back in the states here.

I really didn't understand the obsession with Rola either. She can be cute, but half the time she played stupid with everything and she just oozed 建前. The thing I hated most about Rola whenever she was on television was this face she made after every other sentence. She'd say words, make this face and うんうん or some other acknowledging sound.

Also this:

No. 1093


What? It isn't even her voice

No. 1094

why would Kiko have a Jomon look if she's not Japanese? guess that she's just unfortunate

No. 1098

yeah I remember this MV was the first I ever saw of Rola. It was on listed on YT's top jp videos or something. I didnt understand the point of it back then and I still don't understand it now.

No. 1099

I know it's been asked before sort of but can someone explain why Rola is so popular in Japan? She doesn't fit into the white skin beauty ideal and isn't even a "perfect half-white haafu" but only a quarter white.

No. 1116

File: 1505661660599.png (258.9 KB, 663x727, rola20170501.png)

it's been touched upon earlier in this thread I think but basically her 1/4th whiteness (media usually says haafu though) and her strange (==cute) nihongo is appealing. Like dakota, she talks in the same manner to anyone, no matter their status. But her nihongo isn't rough and rude like dakota tried to be, but rather.. innocent and inexperienced? And you know how the Japanese society likes young girls…

No. 1117

File: 1505661960635.gif (58.63 KB, 300x271, lora_3.gif)

I don't think Rola is ugly though. She is very easy to identify and notice whenever I ride the subway so she's got that part going for her. (I honestly don't notice any of the other models lol)

Her voice and personality is just grating to me.

No. 1122

kinda weird that if they value innocence and inexperience so much, and many japanese women cater to that with the high voices and mannerisms etc, why don't most japanese women just talk the same way rola does? is it a loophole where it would be inappropriate for the average japanese woman but rola being "exotic" lets her get away with it?

No. 1130

I'd imagine if some normie talked to their seniors like that, they would get yelled at. It's different if you're a TV PERSONALITY. Imagine a similar situation with Ryucheru or Matsuko Deluxe.

I have noticed that comedians as a whole follow typical Japanese formality, though.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if someone is too cheeky, you don't really see the repercussions, unless it's really bad, as it occurs backstage.

No. 1304

Lol, she's not so much a talent as a wannabe idol who fucks old date club guys.

No. 1496

Moved to >>>/ot/222096.

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