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File: 1499638513790.jpg (868.04 KB, 2269x2295, jew.jpg)

No. 854

שלום לכל השיקסות, ת'רד זה מיועד לבנות ישראל מכל רחבי תבל אבל גם אתן יכולות להשתתף.

Jew thread, shiksas welcome to participate.

No. 1185

Alright Jew-girls, here's a question for you: how closely do you match the stereotypical "Jew look?"

Me: Not a big nose, but I do have big curly-frizzy black hair, dark eyes, olive skin, kinda sharp features, serious fucking eyebrows, and I'm not very tall. Rest of my family looks similar, though we have random blondes. Most of the rest of my family has The Nose.

No. 1186

You seem beautiful to me.

No. 1198

I look like a basic white girl with dark hair and blue eyes but i have the dumbest looking nose in the universe. When i was little i thought i was adopted until my mom confessed she had a nosejob l m a o thanks for the genes and the complex ma

No. 1207

most people in the altright are jewish. breitbart, milo, and most protesters.
most white americans are jewish.

No. 1309

I’m actually not wildly dissimilar from OP pic, I just have blue eyes and slightly lighter hair. Plus not very tall either. Would love a nose job tbh - most people these days aren’t racist enough to point it out, but definitely have been asked if I’m Jewish before “because the nose”.

No. 1337


ורק תגובות באנגלית…

No. 1341


No. 1344

I'm biracial so I hardly look anything like the stereotypical white Jew. I do have fairly thick brows though.

I'm hoping I never get my dad's insane brow hairs that get so long they curl over.

No. 1352

מישהיא פה?

No. 1355

I look like a tomboyish and less impressive Alison Brie, if that answers your question… And yes I had a nosejob.

No. 1375

איזו פרות יש לנו בישראל?

No. 1376

"פרות" או "פרים"?

No. 1380

קהילת היוטוב אולי?
אז אנחנו שלוש

No. 1382

איזו קהילת יוטוב?

No. 1393

i smell gold

No. 1396

My husband and I recently submitted our Aliyah application to become olim. We are thinking of moving to the North of Israel, particularily the area surrounding Haifa/Yaknaem Illit due to the booming startup/IT culture. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for the general alliyah process, as well as good areas to choose if you want to be close to a Northern tech hub, but still live in a nice yet inexpensive town?

No. 1398

are you tsarfokaim by chance?

No. 1516

Moved to >>>/ot/222820.

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