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File: 1595571099632.png (240.11 KB, 931x450, mieg.png)

No. 100614

I was thinking this would be a pretty fun idea for a thread. Post links to any tier list and make your own rankings

No. 100623

File: 1595578674627.png (506.5 KB, 1064x465, my-image.png)

ow characters based on hotness

No. 100624

File: 1595579700453.png (286.1 KB, 1216x558, my-image (1).png)

No. 100628

File: 1595580202940.png (265.6 KB, 1064x465, fruit.png)

No. 100632

File: 1595581575158.png (266.47 KB, 1064x465, fruit.png)

No. 100636

How could anyone like BK's rubber tire meat is beyond me

No. 100637

S tier purely for their vegetarian burger and their mayo

No. 100673


Wow shit taste. Please remind me to never take any farmer's advice on music, food, games, or anything of importance.

No. 100716

File: 1595614754409.png (266.4 KB, 1003x465, fruittier.png)

No. 100718

File: 1595615238489.png (247.09 KB, 1003x465, beatles.png)

No. 100726

>avocado is S tier
Already inaccurate.

No. 100765

>Sgt Pepper in S tier
Based anon

No. 100908

File: 1595753326082.png (1.4 MB, 1064x1016, my-image.png)

No. 100912

How the fuck did they manage to put literal whos while skipping some of the biggest actors is lost on me

No. 100913

File: 1595759920016.png (1.04 MB, 1064x1020, my-image (1).png)

No. 100920

is that pong in the bad tier? and league above the portal games? i swear to god anon, i'll hunt you for sport

No. 100923

Fortshit above Tetris and Until Dawn over The Witcher 3. She's on my hit list now.

No. 100925

File: 1595768821106.png (663.81 KB, 936x556, animals.png)

i feel terrible even considering the "should go extinct" category now lol

No. 100928

How can you die for snakes if you want mice to go extinct? Think it through, luv

No. 100929

File: 1595771651520.png (5.5 MB, 936x3625, 24674.png)

This took me a long ass time and made me realise how I'm actually a noob when it comes to movies. Cinephiles don't kill me pls

No. 100930

thank god someone else doesn't see the hype in reservoir dogs & your name. i really just don't get it.

No. 101074

File: 1595811027520.png (234.77 KB, 855x465, my-image (2).png)

No. 101076

File: 1595811076751.png (403.91 KB, 855x465, my-image (1).png)

No. 101078

die hard deserved better

No. 101079

Look I hate Fornite as much as the next non-zoomer but you can't deny it's a better game than virtually packing your groceries.

No. 101082

File: 1595814819399.png (604.05 KB, 1064x579, my-image (1).png)

No. 101089

File: 1595819539747.png (809.43 KB, 1064x744, skins.png)

My kinda tiermaker.

No. 101092

File: 1595819947801.png (391.49 KB, 1064x468, my-image (1).png)

No. 101096

File: 1595820887681.png (669.15 KB, 1064x842, my-image (2).png)

No. 101102

File: 1595823262629.png (678.17 KB, 1064x1092, my-image (4).png)

No. 101103

idk why but id rather starve tier made me lmao

No. 101108

File: 1595827800397.png (591.54 KB, 936x579, my-image.png)


come on anon, you can't put inside out over toy story

No. 101109

>Burger King is the highest tier while Wendy's and Popeye's is shit tier
The fuck is this shit?
I do like BK's chicken fries though

No. 101110

File: 1595828109748.png (132.75 KB, 932x410, Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 06.3…)

im a piece of shit

No. 101114

File: 1595829429985.png (1.13 MB, 936x921, lost.png)

No. 101124

File: 1595834239323.png (479.99 KB, 1064x961, objecively true.png)

This one is kinda fun, a Bojack Horseman Morality tier https://tiermaker.com/create/bojack-morality-tierlist-171672

No. 101131

imagine putting a bugs life in C tier. couldn't be me

No. 101132

File: 1595842442694.png (393.57 KB, 1064x465, my-image (1).png)

can't remember the rest of the characters and i hated series 3 so

No. 101134

samefag, just remembered who the blonde girl i put in shit tier was. i thought she was the chick from the girls private school that flirted with tony

No. 101135

File: 1595844126673.png (317.29 KB, 1064x463, my-image(1).png)

My 'waifutier' based them off their personalities instead of gameplay.

No. 101138

>Zarya not toppest of tier.
Didn't know we allowed scum on this website.

No. 101141

File: 1595846288144.png (2.19 MB, 1064x1037, my-image(2).png)

No. 101142

moira's personality is pretty dogshit

No. 101144

Mid-tier is too high for all that haremshit and ecchishit

No. 101145

File: 1595848093804.png (954.6 KB, 1064x647, waifu.png)

LoL waifus

No. 101147

I considered low-tier to be 'an inch close to shit-tier liest', mid-tier list are just your good old 'id give it a 5 at best'

No. 101148

File: 1595849530771.png (222.72 KB, 1064x526, my-imagee.png)

pokeanime girls! Still mad how i liked Serena in game, but in anime they turned her into 'childhood friend' trope.

No. 101150

File: 1595850318230.png (263.63 KB, 936x465, my-image.png)

No. 101151

is that Gmod and L4D2 I see near the top? you have SOME good taste anon

No. 101152

File: 1595850891392.png (594.3 KB, 936x579, my-image (1).png)

No. 101154

what tier is this? I wanna do one

No. 101157

Did you really put Bioshock, an actual masterpiece, in the same tier as fucking fortnite?

No. 101168

no way is Bioschock a masterpiece lol the story was incredibly one dimensional. the only reason people love that game is because of the atmosphere and nostalgia.

No. 101170

No. 101175

Don't care, still love it bc aesthetic.

No. 101191

File: 1595861854466.png (777.94 KB, 898x837, my-image.png)

No. 101206

Higashikata Jobin is the best character in Jojolion, fight me. His childish yet ruthless behavior is a perfect foil to Josuke's own childish yet ruthless behavior, and I love his will to do anything for his family because it adds conflict to the story and doesn't make him outright a villain.
Also can't believe you put Kaato above Mitsuba FIGHT ME

No. 101208

File: 1595867839586.png (664.14 KB, 929x628, my-image.png)

No. 101209

I'm offended at a lot of this but how could you not remember Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration? My god.

No. 101215

File: 1595869377525.png (667.75 KB, 1064x1036, my-image.png)

Thanks for the link, anon.

No. 101220

i hate you

No. 101221

File: 1595872019879.png (1 MB, 1064x1124, leaguefu.png)

Our tastes both overlap and are quite dissimilar at the same time, so weird

No. 101226

File: 1595873769927.png (1.24 MB, 1064x651, my-image.png)

feel free to seethe sisters

No. 101232

I like Jobin as a character too, but it does not change the fact that he is a questionable parent and makes terrible decisions that can potentially cause harm to himself and his family (t. ozone baby arc and making business with shady people)
Regarding mitsuba, she blindly follows Jobin and almost killed my girl yasuho despite saving her life in the doctor wu arc

tldr; tsurugi doesn't deserve all this bullshit

No. 101237

File: 1595876562529.png (232.61 KB, 540x343, 5kxuon6zhpo41.png)

I see your point. I still think they are great because if you ignore that they are causing harm to our protagonists, they are just fighting for their family to the best of their ability. From Jobin's point of view, whoever endangers the future of his family is the villain (which was sadly Yasuho in that one moment), so he believes that anything he does to protect it is justified and the right thing to do, which is of course not a very good mindset (I think that's another consequence of his childishness), but I can't hate him because he really believes he is doing the right thing. I love that overall each character has their own ambitions, relationships and motives so you never know who is going to ally with who. I just love Jojolion overall I'm sorry I'm writing so much about it I just got so excited when I saw your tier list and I'm not gonna make my own because I would put everyone in s tier, even joshu (especially joshu (I actually love him so much but that's a story for another day))

No. 101240

File: 1595877562471.png (1.42 MB, 1064x923, my-image (1).png)

Disney ver

No. 101242

File: 1595878645215.png (1.48 MB, 1057x927, my-image.png)

vtmb characters, I thought I remembered every little detail but somehow I forgot a bunch of characters in it.

No. 101245

>Zootopia as god tier
Fuck no. That movie was so preachy and obviously made for the Twitter woke crowd. And this is coming from a Disneyfag

Wreck-It Ralph is really underrated though.

No. 101251

File: 1595881566337.png (660.67 KB, 998x1105, aclist.png)

only the villagers i have solid opinions of

No. 101252

Shep is a good boy

No. 101253

Have to disagree that it was preachy. The allegory a lot of people assume is "Blacks and Whites" are the "Predator and Prey", but it doesn't fit because humans are all human, where as animals, even in the movie, run on instinct.

Was the ending climax predictable? Yeah, but the world building and character development was great.

If you take yourself out of the racism allegory and just see it as evolved animals having species issues, it's a great movie.

Also the ending of Wrack-It Ralph gave me such "You stay, I go. I Superman." Vibes. I cry every time.

No. 101255

File: 1595885880516.png (926.34 KB, 1064x910, my-image (2).png)

DreamWorks ver

No. 101257

File: 1595887788099.png (692.45 KB, 990x488, sbr-tier-list.PNG)

Would love to see more anons fill this one! SBR is my favorite part.

Just gotta explain one choice, I've tricked myself into being fond of Dr Ferdinand becuase I drew too many arts of him ironically, as in "what about I spend my time on that one character no one including me cares for", otherwise he'd be in C or D tier tops.

No. 101258

File: 1595888359972.png (2.42 MB, 898x1567, my-image.png)

based on how much i liked their character/story/arc

No. 101259

File: 1595889533612.png (430.3 KB, 1064x765, my-image (6).png)

Villains ver

No. 101260

extremely correct

No. 101276

Raymond is ugly and overrated.

No. 101301

File: 1595899635506.png (2.3 MB, 1064x1379, my-image (9).png)

Shiga Hime is the best but it wasn't there

No. 101302

File: 1595899971562.png (658.85 KB, 883x651, my-image.png)

No. 101314

File: 1595901052083.png (1.76 MB, 883x1495, lol husbandos.png)

No. 101324

File: 1595903562109.png (665.34 KB, 986x649, ofclist.png)

i think he's cute

No. 101328

>I'm not a furry
>Rakan isn't in that category
hm ok hun

No. 101329

File: 1595907395046.png (463.41 KB, 330x1138, tierlist-generated-at-tierlist…)

No. 101331

File: 1595909101401.png (534.47 KB, 1064x695, Glee.png)

No. 101333

File: 1595910476903.png (319.35 KB, 330x821, tierlist-generated-at-tierlist…)

No. 101334

File: 1595910759378.png (1.29 MB, 938x1200, my-image (2).png)

I can only ask for forgiveness from this

No. 101335

Will should be on the same tier as Puck tbh.

No. 101338

>Fiona being B bank
>Aya Brea being D rank
These are choices, sis

>Heather being S rank

Top tier

No. 101340

You had a really damn good list until I saw Citrus in the comfy read tier. No thanks

No. 101342

Madagascar 2 deserves way better than that, it’s bloody hilarious

No. 101344

File: 1595918627173.png (456.42 KB, 1064x564, moomin.png)

No. 101345

timothy chilelimon is cute tho

No. 101348

File: 1595920019847.png (1004.97 KB, 1064x655, weird list.png)

One of the weirder tiermakers, it's specifically for photoreal disney characters

No. 101351

How can you like citrus…

No. 101352

Best taste, even though I like Ochako

No. 101360

File: 1595927329086.png (512.95 KB, 1216x579, 4chan memes 2000s 2010s.png)

No. 101361


No. 101362

What I wouldn't give to have Gangsta continued, rip to my benriya husbandos and honorable mention to galahad for being beautiful

No. 101365

>putting misaka, nia, and that annoying bowlcut bitch that high
>best taste
Also Yoko's entire character is just "tits"
How are those harem manga a "surprisingly good read

No. 101368

File: 1595931249574.png (470.84 KB, 1064x448, my-image(3).png)

I haven't watched precure but I'd really love to try…

No. 101376

File: 1595934519892.png (705.51 KB, 1216x694, my-image.png)

bnha guys based on fuckability. eliminated the class 1a/b lot as I just don't find any of them particularly hot (also they're like 16)

No. 101377

File: 1595934920360.png (1.18 MB, 936x1563, my-image.png)

Bts song tier list, I'll never forgive bts for shit album that was Tear
>tfw I miss 2015-16 era bts

(tiermaker watermark is covering hip hop phile and filter)

Is fatgum based on his skinny form or fat one

No. 101381

File: 1595936405852.jpg (44.36 KB, 640x427, stock-photo-holding-close-up-l…)

I think you dropped something, anon

No. 101386


I was thinking skinny gum, but I probably wouldn't change the ranking if he's fat

No. 101389

File: 1595941149880.png (1.44 MB, 855x1299, my-image.png)


I don't even know who most of the dudes in the pictures are so I just went with those who I at least recognise and left out the rest.

No. 101391

>Lie, Stigma, house of cards, Hold me tight, Autumn leaves, butterfly
I think every song on Map of Soul 7 should be shit tier except Louder than Bombs which is just good.. not great, but okay. Boy with Luv is probably the worst song ever though on Persona.

No. 101394

I liked the art and twist ending of Masamune's Revenge, and the lead girl was really cute (a rare cause of a tsundere done well.) Air Gear had a really good plot and world building. Gotoubun's art was gorgeous and the fan service was natural, the mc wasn't a push over and the girls were all cute/sweet. Monster Musume was creative, though the fan service was laid on thick, and I was really surprised how much I enjoyed To Love Ru, was just like manga junk food. Never finished Darkness though because the fan service got ridiculous.

saged for weeb sperg

No. 101398

how do you feel about the timeskip and the ending of Happiness?

No. 101399

Wtf ryan gosling??? Seriously anon

No. 101400

I think he's actually more of a "i feel nothing toward you" but I didn't want my list to be boring.

No. 101401

Lmaoo youre cute anon, it did rustle my jimmies ily

No. 101402

File: 1595949154829.png (3.01 MB, 855x1833, canvas.png)


I'm not overly confident in all of my choices, especially the characters from The Return, since I only saw it once when it was released, but it still took some time and thought to put this together.

No. 101408

File: 1595951435169.png (864.64 KB, 1064x856, my-image (6).png)

men be ugly

No. 101411

File: 1595953894018.png (410.83 KB, 1216x558, IMG_9581.PNG)

Here's all the vidya I've played (videogames aren't my main hobby, so there aren't many on my list and my tastes are underdeveloped)

No. 101413

I didn't like abandoning the mc for the side character, but the side character herself was good enough to still keep the story great. Ending felt half assed, like there was so much more to cover and explore about that world. Like an amazing puzzle but so many missing pieces. 9/10 story that could have been 12/10.

No. 101417

File: 1595962309665.jpeg (514.72 KB, 828x758, 91F04FA2-4A73-47B8-AD43-E95363…)

No. 101418

why is LoL so high up

No. 101419

>DR2 as B and DRV as S rank
You werent lying when you said you had shit taste, but I'll give a pass for Bully and Psychonauts.

No. 101421

File: 1595964030169.png (1.63 MB, 1064x1452, I don't know half these people…)

I tried, it's mostly by looks.

No. 101422

File: 1595965272164.png (717.01 KB, 855x739, my-image.png)

what i learned from doing this:
1) idk any celebs
2) everyone will think i have bad taste
3) if dylan sprouse cut his hair he'd be 10/10

No. 101423

also samefag, but if anyone knows the first and last guy in "greek god" please tell me i'm begging

No. 101424

File: 1595965557497.png (1.91 MB, 1064x1364, aergter.png)

No. 101425

File: 1595965745717.png (1.08 MB, 1064x811, Barbie-Tierlist.png)

I'm hoping to start a heated discussion with this. Also my friends and I used to meet for Barbie-Movie-Watch-Parties so I'm feeling quite nostalgic rn

No. 101426

File: 1595966213949.png (1.39 MB, 1216x1041, my-image (1).png)

I am a woman of culture

No. 101432

File: 1595967093329.png (435.18 KB, 1064x651, Bobo The Zebra.png)

No. 101435

File: 1595969132512.png (1.28 MB, 1064x834, tierlist-autism.png)

Why yes I did lose any will to complete this. I think you get the point.
> also ib4 normiecore, i already know my taste isn't very special-unique

No. 101436

File: 1595969983090.png (1.11 MB, 998x921, mlist.png)

do i even like men

No. 101437

whoever made this must have only watched these movies for the holidays to have placed two Christmas movies so highly
tho Nutcracker is good, and I completely agree with the second tier (all those are great but I’d also place princess & the pauper there too)
fairytopia should rank higher imo and I loved mermaidia & subsequent mermaid spinoffs but I just like mermaids a whole lot

No. 101440

Thanks anon, I like you. But reviewing my list now, I kinda regret the whole thing. I’m not really into any of those men. Maybe like three, but not the top tier ones. Whatever.

No. 101442

Ik anon, but I did genuinely enjoy it, despite it's flaws,though in hindsigh, I should've put it lower (somewhere in between B and A)

No. 101444

ayrt and I gotta say that its mostly coincidence I like the christmas movies best. I watched them all the time not only for the holidays. Princess and the pauper slipped into the wrong category sry. As for the fairytopia/mermaid stuff i dont know but I honestly get a lot more enjoyment out of the movies in my ironic category. We quoted those all the time so they have the nostalgia bonus I mentioned in the op. Would be interested to see your list though

No. 101445

Heir of Atticus on insta and tiktok

No. 101455

no. you cannot put princess and the pauper in the ironic tier. that movie was a godsent

No. 101502

File: 1596004392342.png (511.2 KB, 631x539, ranker.PNG)

i only did the ones i know well enough to judge

No. 101504

Why did they use the worst photo of Dwayne that exists

No. 101505


>tom hiddleston looking dad

Let me be your stepmom anon

No. 101507

you misspelled BEST

No. 101516

File: 1596013938018.png (1.41 MB, 1064x1154, my-image(2).png)

No. 101520

File: 1596016562091.png (879.44 KB, 1216x919, my-image.png)

I swear most dudes are plain ugly even though I'm straight.

No. 101525

James Charles? You gotta be kidding?

No. 101527

File: 1596019111821.png (2.15 MB, 1064x1404, my-image.png)

No. 101528

I have a soft spot for him idk why… he seems cute to me. I'd have to ductape him before we have sex though, he'd talk too much otherwise

No. 101529

>Jeff Goldblum above Joe Keery
It's time to start wearing glasses, anon.

No. 101530

objectively speaking Barbie movies are not very good and shameless cash grabs. I do love them though and I agree Princess and the Pauper was amazing. One of the best ones, if not the best tbh.

No. 101531

Look who she's got at the top anon smh

No. 101535

File: 1596021941690.png (250.47 KB, 1216x651, my-image.png)

The Rowlet line would be godtier if it wasn't so goddamn slow.

These are based on a minute mixture of what I use competitevely, what I find fun to play casually, and what I think is cute.

No. 101541

File: 1596022493523.png (2.13 MB, 936x1472, my-image.png)


they're missing some genres like downtempo, trance etc

No. 101544

File: 1596023026977.png (485.78 KB, 936x773, 456897.png)

Where my Bratz gals at?

No. 101546

I loved the tv show but never watched the movie versions. Which ones are good for starters?

No. 101550


I'd recommend Forever Diamonds, great story and new characters and the music is legit fire. Then the two Genie Magic movies next, because they're super fun. Enjoy anon!

No. 101553

nta but you are so based and i'm going to watch these, ty anon

No. 101556

File: 1596024876211.png (762.28 KB, 1216x838, my-image (2).png)

They didn't have my S tier so I added him.

Also my electric chair pics can be about appearance or behavior; some of those guys are literal sex offenders.

No. 101560

Kek glad to know im not the only one thirsting over him on lc. I was bummed he wasn't in there for me to put in the highest tier

No. 101561

good tier list. can't believe you wouldn't smash justin timberlake though. i'd cum just by hearing his voice in my ear

No. 101564

Read the comics by Tove Jansson and come back at me, you piece of shit

Snorkmaiden apologists RISE UP

Then again you have otherwise shit taste too, Moominpappa is one of the best characters.

No. 101565

File: 1596029606543.png (299.83 KB, 1064x465, Dragrace.png)

No. 101567

I can't believe someone can hate Snorkmaiden, she's adorable and precious. We stan

No. 101568

>gigi in S
>jaida in B
this is bad and you should feel bad

No. 101571

File: 1596033677573.png (1.21 MB, 999x945, my-image(1).png)

as you can see, i like League alot, yes it does torture me, and no i wont stop playing it.

No. 101572

nice list. let me kiss you

No. 101601

post your opgg

No. 101604

File: 1596051855926.png (184.98 KB, 1216x466, my-image_2-1.png)

No. 101609

File: 1596056216655.png (240.44 KB, 1216x558, my-image.png)

No. 101628

File: 1596065684557.png (218.94 KB, 1216x558, my-image (2).png)

No. 101670

File: 1596086807088.png (549.96 KB, 1064x528, moomin.png)

You Snufkin fags are the worst.
Snorkmaiden was partly based on Tove herself, have some respect.

Excellent taste anon
Aizawa belongs in top tier fuck for sure tho.YOU KNOW HE'D BE GOOD AT IT

>tfw can't do the celebrity male ones because I don't find any of them attractive

>Have no problem picking out fuckable fictional men
Something ain't right with me.

No. 101671

I hate Snorkmaiden's voice and personality, not sorry at all. She's the typical vapid gf archetype and idk how I'm supposed to find that endearing.

No. 101694

i literally bet my kneecaps you ship queens and have an insta called 'softbabytrixiemattel'. shit tier choices

No. 101697

kek looks like you're not only a faggot but you're a faggot without kneecaps

No. 101707

File: 1596109335106.png (157.74 KB, 609x558, my-image~2.png)

No. 101708

File: 1596110085360.png (112.62 KB, 1064x465, my-image (2).png)

No. 101721

File: 1596116517176.png (355.23 KB, 1045x634, homestuck in 20 goddamn 20.PNG)

I'm embarrassed I even made this but I stand by the rankings

No. 101724

File: 1596118353637.png (744.88 KB, 1064x997, my-image (5).png)

No. 101725

File: 1596118733430.png (518.98 KB, 1064x579, my-image (6).png)

No. 101727

i love you anon, 10/10

No. 101749

File: 1596133927420.png (763.01 KB, 936x1365, my-image.png)

No. 101751

File: 1596134437088.png (202.48 KB, 929x558, my-image (2).png)

Incorrect. Terezi is the superior scourge sister.

Also anons, please post the link to the tier you're posting like in the dress-up game thread.

No. 101752


wrong and bad

No. 101797

You still put Vriska as second so I respect you. Scourge Stans must stick together

No. 101798

File: 1596163955690.png (260.37 KB, 728x465, my-image (1).png)

getting fruity! note that banana is S tier as it should be

No. 101802

No. 101803

File: 1596167094888.png (376.44 KB, 1216x465, my-image (1) copy 2.png)

this took a lot of thought

No. 101804

banana is so versatile its great in oatmeal, cereal, on toast, with pancakes… list can go on

No. 101805

have you not seen the commercials? sour patch kids will fuck you up.

No. 101806

Bananas taste like leather cleaner.

I mean I'll eat one but banana flavored things deserve hellfire.

No. 101807

you have trouble with bananas but have tried leather cleaner? wow thats something else

No. 101826

People that vehemently hate any type of fruit are stupid babies. At worst they're not that enjoyable but to hate a fucking fruit??? Stop, please.

No. 101832

File: 1596182554723.png (151.42 KB, 537x672, my-image~3.png)

Shit, now I gotta do it too.

This version didn't include the Dancestors, but they all would have ranked low anyway. Basically all of the except Meenah are useless, and even Meenah is just Vriska 2.0

No. 101837

File: 1596183364802.png (181.78 KB, 609x465, my-image~2.png)

Cough syrup ruined cherries for me.

No. 101838

Anon you're right, banana is S tier.

No. 101839

>erwin only

patrician taste

No. 101844

File: 1596186834165.png (2.87 MB, 1216x3207, my-image.png)

I have too much free time

No. 101846

File: 1596187805933.png (108.25 KB, 1064x465, my-image.png)

No. 101852

No. 101853

tia and goldie deserved better

No. 101900

File: 1596226580238.png (376.65 KB, 1064x465, my-image.png)

i love mr. robot so much

No. 101902

File: 1596227666404.png (613.25 KB, 1064x1197, fics.png)

I don't really read much fanfic tbh because it's tiring sifting through tons of garbage to find something decent. I'm not sure how people find stuff without getting bored of the whole pursuit.

No. 101944

File: 1596240744999.png (308.01 KB, 330x658, download.png)

Based on how much I like them.

No. 101946

File: 1596242745590.png (786.15 KB, 1024x640, ranker.PNG)

No. 101949

Link to this one?

No. 101953

File: 1596244807420.png (308.52 KB, 1064x556, my-image.png)

No. 101954

File: 1596244978948.png (381.7 KB, 1064x744, my-image (1).png)

No. 101957

>makoto in NO tier
based taste anon

No. 101995

No. 102008

File: 1596276863854.png (217.42 KB, 1064x484, my-image(4).png)

No. 102010

File: 1596277220400.png (802.17 KB, 1064x463, myimage.png)

No. 102011

File: 1596277398173.png (223.35 KB, 1216x558, my-image (2).png)

i am a dumb bitch with terrible taste and i will never apologise

No. 102013

>Futaba and Makoto are trash
Utterly based

No. 102016

why though?

No. 102025

File: 1596283256520.png (739.5 KB, 864x1198, my-image.png)

No. 102105

File: 1596307087121.png (2.17 MB, 1216x1197, my-image (1).png)

Fate/Grand Order guys in terms of attractiveness

No. 102124

File: 1596316013792.png (710.78 KB, 1064x1105, my-image (3).png)

No. 102142

Great taste but
>Darlene not in the best tier

9/10 anon

No. 102143

File: 1596323161484.png (951.59 KB, 1216x877, my-image.png)


I know this will anger a few and I'm sorry but you're wrong

No. 102145

File: 1596325050383.png (931.46 KB, 1216x696, my-image-1.png)

No. 102149

File: 1596326625307.png (864.22 KB, 1216x810, my-image.png)

What the fuck even are Tootsie Rolls? They're like chunks of wax that are flavored like "chocolate" if you're a space alien who's only had chocolate described to you.

No. 102162

File: 1596330843055.png (966.85 KB, 1064x969, my-image.png)

fuck all of you who put heath in your trash pile.

No. 102173

File: 1596334265854.png (444.93 KB, 1216x605, 1AA6FA32-3BDE-44D6-8D17-E39987…)

No. 102228

File: 1596347530380.png (430.32 KB, 1216x677, my-image (1).png)

Listen, I know I have shit taste, but Jack in the Box's croissant sandwiches are so good, I'm okay if it kills me. Arby's has a good reuben, and I like their peach tea. The noodles at Panda Express are like heroin.

Also this tiermaker was missing a bunch of stuff, like Del Taco, Blackjack, and Culver's.

No. 102422

i really don't get the junk food and fast food fandoms, y'all crazy but i'm enjoying the feuds

No. 105531

File: 1598151643329.png (373.59 KB, 714x465, my-image (1) copy 3.png)


i didnt make a "worst" section but if i did total drama would be there

No. 105550

you better be baiting with johnny test

No. 105808

sadly no kek i always had a crush on him

No. 105810

>Panda Express
>Top tier
>Shit tier

I know you are long gone but…Marry me.

No. 105820

File: 1598415783747.png (265.98 KB, 1216x465, 56165003-6379-42BA-9EC8-CC47BD…)

No. 105847

File: 1598443711344.png (111.55 KB, 1064x543, my-image (1).png)

i fucking love auqafina.

No. 105951

File: 1598525920217.png (965.7 KB, 855x1436, my-image.png)

No. 105956

how you just gonna put pineapples at the bottom like that man

No. 105975


No. 105979

File: 1598548152194.gif (789.38 KB, 220x169, tenor.gif)


No. 105980

File: 1598549780221.png (234.59 KB, 1216x579, sqvadra.png)

La squadra husbando list

No. 105982

>You know Paris, France? In English, they pronounce it “Paris”, but everyone else pronounces it without the “s” sound, like the French do. But with Venezia, everyone it the English way, “Venice”. Like The Merchant of Venice and Death in Venice… Why though?! Why isn’t the title Death in Venezia?! Are you friggin’ mocking me?! It takes place in Italy so use the Italian word, damn it! That shit pisses me off! Bunch of dumbasses!


No. 105986

But that's not even a true claim!

No. 105990

Are you implying ghiaccio would lie? You're on thin ice

No. 106002

He's right.

No. 106075

File: 1598616388329.png (534.05 KB, 1064x465, my-image.png)

No. 106076

you are so funny ily anon

No. 106080

great taste

No. 106133

File: 1598648576893.png (1.45 MB, 1064x1293, download.png)

fite me

No. 106136

File: 1598652069139.png (731.16 KB, 898x651, yes.png)

anakiss > anasui

No. 106137

>Put Aoi and Monokuma in the same tier
>Placed Juzo in "extremely grating" tier

Anon, when are you free to throw hands?

No. 106138

File: 1598655708278.png (991.74 KB, 855x921, download.png)

No. 106139

File: 1598656010004.png (422.6 KB, 855x651, download (1).png)

No. 106142

>Not in S tier
It's fine to be wrong

No. 106146

kaisa, kat, quinn, lb in wrong tier ma'am

No. 106147

File: 1598660590479.png (117.3 KB, 1064x450, my-image (1).png)

No. 106148

Based. Sims 3 was shit and I can't believe it's most people's favorite. The swatch system was bloated and kinda ugly, sims always looked like blobs, MUH OPEN WORLD was buggy as all hell.

Too bad Sims 2 doesn't really hold up due to poor pathing, builds are extremely limited in it when you've played Sims 4 for a while.

No. 106150

>SIMS 4 in A
>Sims 3 in D
Absolutely no taste.

No. 106152

File: 1598663960021.png (1.18 MB, 1216x811, my-image.png)

No. 106153

sorry anon but ngl before i zoomed image i thought it was a tier of onision pictures

No. 106155

Aside from Daisuke being in average tier and not talent, this is A+ af. Great choices for iconic.

No. 106175

File: 1598684890423.png (1.35 MB, 936x1016, my-image (5).png)

You know I'm right

No. 106177

>inside out in trash
wtf is wrong with you

No. 106179

anon that movie is peak pixar formula, it's boring and all the characters are assholes.

No. 106182

agreed. super over hyped. not a good movie at all

No. 106187

Rapunzel deserved better

Also agreed on what you guys are saying about Inside Out, it's overrated, formulaic, and waaaaay overly sentimental.

No. 106189


Dude Beauty and the Beast deserves better than 'had potential' omg

No. 106193

I feel like I stepped into a bizzaro universe lmfao. IMHO it's the best pixar movie from all of them. Everyone I know also loves it as well.

No. 106201

This is Bing Bong erasure. He didn't die for this

No. 106204

it's just typical imageboard contrarianism tbh

No. 106215

File: 1598720309132.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.76 KB, 958x1385, 1d1a6186-6ba3-4bf4-869a-056fb2…)

meet you in the music room after hours, bring your swimming costume

only thing that lets her down is her absolutely repellent character design sorry not sorry. i do appreciate that they have 1 (one) female character who isn't a waif or tits on a stick but she reminds me of ladybeard

No. 106219

Both Ladybeard and Sakura are sweethearts though. I can def understand being turned off by her character design, but her personality really made up for it.

No. 106228

You've got yourself a deal. Also, if I offer you a donut and you later find out it was poisoned, mind your business.

p.s. Other anon was right to say that Sakura was a sweetheart. Her and Aoi should have had a fairy tail friendship ending.

No. 107248

File: 1599546723166.png (49.5 KB, 1064x621, my-image.png)

No. 107373

im colorblind

No. 107836

File: 1599958782835.png (293.03 KB, 1064x465, my-image (1).png)

I feel like I'm the only one who likes Marie, Jane, and Skyler this much. Every other fan I've met doesn't care for them.

No. 107848

i mean.. did you finish the whole series? jane is amazing though i appreciate that

No. 107901

I love Jane and like Skyler and Marie. You are Valid

No. 107912

File: 1600031259078.png (2.03 MB, 1064x1689, autismusmaximus.png)

I tried hard to stick to my impressions from the books, but some of it might still be tainted by those awful movies and some fanfiction.

No. 107924


I like how Xenophilius Lovegood is in interesting twice

No. 107935

Now that I think of it, I should've put the second pic in "entertaining", kek.

No. 107960

I am appalled the cats aren’t on the top

No. 108055

File: 1600166811897.png (688.02 KB, 855x837, my-image (2).png)

The Umbrella Academy, just finished season 2

No. 108136

I pretty much agree, anon

No. 108502

wow i hate you

No. 108661

I love Marie and Jane as well. Skyler is good too. They are completely over-hated by the fans for sure. Wonder why.

No. 115532

File: 1605673163936.png (793.04 KB, 1064x670, my-image.png)

No. 115535

imagine rating Cinderella Basic and Boring and rating fucking Dinosaur and Up better

No. 115541

File: 1605676811022.jpg (60.09 KB, 464x587, 1587641032410.jpg)

This is the most incorrect taste I've seen in a while.

No. 115544

Most of these characters would be in the "literally who" category for me because I've only seen each movie once, on release. I've read the books many times over but can't do tierlists cause I got no idea who's who.

No. 115561

PLEASE do not use that reaction image where people can see it. you're literally going to make me kill myself

No. 115601

File: 1605717226474.png (1.05 MB, 1007x811, barbie movies tier list.png)

No. 115603

File: 1605719548928.png (1.64 MB, 1956x1172, Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 12.1…)

I said what I said. Also, not including Vincent Adultman is a crime.

No. 115633

I would move PC down one tier just because she can be kinda manipulative at times but it usually comes from a good place. She's still my fave tho.

No. 115634

You're probably right. I just have a super soft spot for her kek. I feel like she was backed into a corner a lot and no one ever really gave her room to decompress (besides Todd, who tried his best).

No. 119755


decide who's the most pussy lickin' good nonnies

No. 144813

File: 1621868019412.png (730.8 KB, 1140x556, my-image (5).png)

I only watched the finals forgive me nonas

No. 144844

I wanted to do mine but I've realized I could just copy yours, great taste!

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