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File: 1595625761050.png (617.11 KB, 750x571, 1002175216-photo-u1.png)

No. 100749

Discuss your experiences and opinions regarding pet sites and sims, as well as their communities.

>favorite sites

>stories of cringe users or admins
>most important features to you?
>would you spend money on them?
>how did you make your in-game currency?

>>21336 is for internet nostalgia, this thread is for discussing recent updates or drama.

Some current pet sites
>flight rising

No. 100751

File: 1595625955065.png (2.07 MB, 800x903, da3wby0-59e5be1d-64c7-4e25-a2b…)

Are any of you playing dappervolk? I'm thinking making an account for cross site trading with flight rising (people are making a lot of fr currency from this). The painterly style is cool, but I dislike the avatar head proportions.

No. 100752

Has anyone here played goatlings? is it any good?

No. 100753

Are there lots of other farmers who play Flight Rising? I've been playing since 2013 and I'd love to make friends with farmers who also play since I'm so sick of 99% of the userbase being uwu smol bean they/them fakebois who cry about their disabilities making it hard for them to play the game or whatever bullshit.
(I'm not super active at the moment since I go through periods of spending hours on the game and then abandoning it but I still log on every day to feed my dragons.)

No. 100754

This is different from sites such as neopets but I am obsessed with Howrse even though I don’t care about horses irl lmao. I love the fact there is no random element like the games in neopets. The way you earn money is by training your horse, and winning competitions or growing crops. The aspect of breeding horses, checking their stats and seeing them win is such a rush lmao. Been close tospending money a few times but always stopped myself lol

No. 100756

Is it actually possible to play Neopets on pc anymore? I logged on recently out of nostalgia and none of the games would load, none of the maps, I can't tell if it was my system or the site itself.

No. 100757

I've spent money on Neopets in the past, right around the time customization was first a thing. I'm sure my parents loved that kek

Sometimes I'll log on when I'm drunk to shitpost on the NC. Most of my accounts have been silenced at this point but I still have one that's kicking.

No. 100758

The problem is likely the fact that their site operates mostly with flash. Can you enable flash on your browser?

No. 100759

I don’t play fr for that reason and I am ex friends with a mod who enabled that crap on and off site she was a bit cowish but nothing really special

No. 100767

File: 1595631414651.gif (44.16 KB, 300x300, 330.gif)

After 12 years of playing neopets i finally made to 2 million neopoints, fuck yeah, my child self was too shit at games and capitalism to even enjoy the game, i started playing again a few months ago and found some extremely rare items in my vault, instant bank.

Im also very into neopets lore for some weird reason, the world is actually weirdly dark for a kids game, i wish they would make more serious storylines and content since most of the remaining userbase are adults that are either nostalgic or straight up furries.

a re-run of tale of woe would be awesome.

No. 100768

File: 1595631869016.jpg (59.42 KB, 364x512, unnamed.jpg)

I lost my original neopets account with all painted pets and 3 mill points because i forgot the password. The pain of starting all over is immense.

Curious, as an OG what do you think about the Trudy's Surprise just giving away neopoints?

No. 100770

File: 1595633249219.png (127.34 KB, 300x285, 693.png)

Honestly it feels like an incentive for the economy to not die, alot of my OG neopets friends also came back because with trudy and more generous events it was easier for all of us to achieve our dream goals, still takes a few months lol
They don't give out neopoints enough for everything to be easy, i still had to grind and save quite a bit to get more expensive stuff like a zombie paintbrush.

I also like that Draiks and Krawks aren't a status symbol anymore, it felt a little scummy when people got them just to flex lol

No. 100771

Now UC pets are big status symbols instead. Honestly I would love to see the developers introduce on "old art/new art" toggle for pets just so I could watch the UC autists reee about it.

No. 100773

File: 1595634764314.gif (68.42 KB, 360x450, Lg_0610.gif)

UC shouldn't even be a thing tbh, it just created a toxic environment and economy, an appearance toggle would be perfect "Static/Customizable".

Reportedly Jumpstart understands that the neopets userbase is older and actually bought the site with the older users in mind, so im hopeful that my darker lore focused neopets revival dream will come true, they are working on converting all the flash into html5 and making a mobile version now so the site has been slow and uneventful but fingers crossed a new era for neopets is at dawn.

No. 100774

File: 1595638404335.jpg (78.98 KB, 500x415, fuck your UCs.jpg)

Played a ton as a kid, then grew up and forgot about it until a few years back when I stumbled upon 4chan's /npg/. Managed to sweettalk TNT into giving me access to my childhood account again, and, since I was unemployed at the time, spent months hustling to make my kid self proud. I don't really have much desire to return nowadays, but god damn that was a good time.

No. 100785

Last time I played was maybe 2018. It was pretty boring but the artist community was fun.

No. 100787

File: 1595644626620.gif (13.96 KB, 150x150, so.gif)

Anyone play Marapets? It's a pretty dead Neopets clone but they've been revamping the art lately, and there's a decent amount of cute designs. I basically just shove stuff in my shop and wait so I can buy potions.

No. 100789

Didn’t they purchase them a long time ago? I really wish they’d add more things, I loved the darker themed plots even as a kid. Neopets was truly a cornerstone of my childhood and I still play occasionally. Finally got the Faerie Cybunny I cried over as a kid.

No. 100830


Same here. Tried to contact the support once, but never got an answer, which kinda sucks.

Anyone also played Subeta?

No. 100833

File: 1595691409030.png (59.24 KB, 300x300, unnamed.png)

I have a 198 month account on Neopets, it's very edgy per my 11 year old self. There's this habit I have of picking up Neo for a month or so, and then dropping it for months again at a time.
Since they made it easier to gain np, I've finally accomplished all the things my kid self never dreamed of achieving. The gallery that I've always wanted is almost finally complete and I have all my dream painted pets. I even got a woodland paintbrush just to paint a Uni and I never was even crazy about Unis.
I'm also happy with my customizations for the most part, although I keep mine simple as I think over-customized pets are uggo and tacky.
Overall I'm pretty satisfied, and I'd look forward to it if Jumpstart finally decided to make the website more adult-oriented so I wouldn't have to worry about my account being silenced for posting something 'inappropriate.'

Back in the day I used to go to the Newbie and EMS boards to shitpost and argue. I feel kinda bad because I never made any good neofriends from that website, and it appears the few that I did have are frozen or long gone. Neoboards now just make me cringe. They're a bunch of 100+ month accounts taking matters way too seriously, or their newer side accounts where they act like idiots. I can't really relate to them anymore, plus I don't feel like creating a side account just to post like a retard like I did when I was 13.
And on that note, how the fuck do some of those fags get so good at games? I have a few trophies from events and a couple of times where I got lucky in games, but how tf do people have 50+ first place trophies? I feel like everyone lies about using bot scripts lel. I know they're using them for shop restocks, I doubt Neo ever had a solid system to weed out those users.

>Curious, as an OG what do you think about the Trudy's Surprise just giving away neopoints?
I don't mind it. In addition to helping the economy, it keeps users coming back to play Neopets because of how at the end of the cycle you get 100k. Skip a day and it's toast though, it's happened to me a few times.

>UC shouldn't even be a thing tbh, it just created a toxic environment and economy, an appearance toggle would be perfect "Static/Customizable".
Hard agree. And tbh I just want my royal female lupe to look like a badass queen again.

No. 100837

I play subeta, it's alright. I like the human avatar feature.

No. 100839

File: 1595693089511.png (70.87 KB, 200x200, 663691A2-4508-4F2E-A34D-D8CA7A…)

In middle school, me and my friends played Rescreatu. I remember whenever they had seasonal pets we would stay up for hours at night trying to collect the seasonal eggs and then the next day at school we’d compare how many we got lol. I was weak and always got the least, but I have really fun, nostalgic memories of that site.

No. 100854

Anyone other anons highly inspired by old petsite art? Pic kinda related it’s newer subeta art but still holds true to the feel of the older pieces imo. I just love that classic cel shading.
Was more into subeta and neopets and a handful of really really tiny pet site communities but they really kindled my love for art, I was convinced I was gonna make my own site someday. Maybe still someday lol

No. 100855

File: 1595699984427.png (63.28 KB, 200x200, 5CCB7FCF-E277-4C0B-AE15-A51B6E…)

Please excuse my dumbass dropped the pic

No. 100856

neopets refuses to acknowledge the game is no longer for kids for some reason.

yes, you just have to manually enable flash if you're on chrome. idk about other browsers. They're planning on transitioning from flash to html5 by the end of the year.

Is dappervolk worth signing up for? It really looked cute here >>100751 but the sign-up page has me faced with

>Dappervolk is currently in closed development until early 2019

is it even properly being updated and maintained or is it really an half abandoned project?

No. 100859

There's illegit cheats you can use to get trophies. I've used them to get game avatars on my semi-legit account before. I don't doubt a lot of the accounts that have massive ammounts of trophies, do exactly that. It's remarkably easy to get away with if you're not being dumb or over-confident with it.

I don't really play neopets anymore, but I go on there a few times a year just to enjoy this relic of the past. It's just so different from any other petsites that I played as a child. I feel like you can really tell the staff had a lot of fun building the website and adding stuff in it's early years, like the website's so massive (not the userbase but the website itself) and wacky. I think they didn't take themselves too seriously back then and I love that.

No. 100863

>i learned all about capitalism on neopets

No. 100867

Ah, shit

A local antique shop has SO many neopets

They're overpriced imo,especially since none have seemed to sell
I've still been tempted on buying some. Theyre so cute

No. 100872

>mfw my friend was a popular artist and made a mint winning art contests (you won brushes as prizes and could sell them for 300k-1mil) and selling art for NP while I was stuck grinding dailies, playing games and scratching lottery tickets
I never learned the trade hustle, I tried it for a moment but I was too dumb to understand how to be efficient enough. I made most of my money playing the games but they were real fucking stingy with the NP output, if you spent all day playing those things you could earn maybe 10k at most.

Too bad I lost the password (or got hacked, I don't know) for my almost 20-year old account, I had all sorts of extremely rare shit in my inventory and at least 1mil in the bank. I stopped playing shortly after pet customization became a thing because I hated the thought of putting real money into it and losing all the color-specific poses and art. I don't think I even have the access to my old e-mail so my original neopets account is forever there as a relic of my pre-teen years.

No. 100873

I played it a couple years ago as well, small community and lack of activities didn't appeal to me but it was pretty cute! Wasn't too hard to make money, I think consistent dailies was key. The human avatars were fun, but I wish they were full bodies instead of busts.

I used to play subeta, but after being spoiled by neopets customization, the ugly human avatars, as well as site issues, I stopped playing.

That's really beautiful pet art!

No, it's playable right now. I think others have mentioned it's somewhat of a grind and has gacha elements, I'd look up youtube videos about it.

I thought you weren't allowed to sell art for np?

No. 100877

File: 1595722962135.jpg (1009.77 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200725_181943973.j…)

I love marapets, I checked it out again right around the time they started revamping the art and it completely rekindled my love for it especially since the new looks are so adorable because I remember the way the old pets looked was a little off-putting.

No. 100904

>is it even properly being updated and maintained or is it really an half abandoned project?
Yes, Dappervolk is being maintained. It was in beta in 2018 and then was closed until last month.

Yeah I'm playing DV, and I also trade for FR, but the exchange ratio is getting worse and worse. It's grindy and GenderSpecials: the game. I do like the art sytle and not sure why people say it's ugly. But it doesn't seem like a game with a ton of long term potential.

No. 100905

Pet sites attract so many annoying users. For example I hate Rhea from Flight Rising. Fuck that bitch.

>I am ex friends with a mod who enabled that crap on
Which one? Spill the deets.

No. 100907

ehh I think I'll stay away from Dappervolk. I shouldn't be getting into a new game that I have to learn and grind for.

No. 101100

File: 1595821308742.png (56.26 KB, 200x200, suune_neonnight.png)

Anyone here play Aywas? I really enjoy the art, the custom/breeding aspect, and christ has that site produced a lot of milk over the years.

No. 101213

It seems dead to me. Is it not?

No. 101233

Unfortunately, it mostly is. They've been making some changes recently that I hope will at least prolong it's life, I've been on the site since it started so it's super nostalgic for me.

No. 101493

I've been playing Subeta for over 12 years. Went there from Neopets. It got to the point where I only logged in once in a while to keep my good pet names.
They released an update a few days ago: There can now be multiple pets with the same name. So any name is a go.
I'm fine with it because now I can make memorial pets for my cats. But other old time members are pissed.
The comments section on that news post is hilarious.

No. 101510

File: 1596011445596.jpeg (129.33 KB, 1280x720, 0BBC96AC-CE2D-4A55-B7DD-CC9227…)

Fantage for me! Shut down in 2018. Scammed a lot of people for rare items from the item trading/selling shop.
Also exploited the pets. One of them dropped a very popular item when you would breed it, so I would do that and sell it in the shop for a good amount. Made big banks

No. 101596

Scammers deserve to rot

No. 101669

i recently took up playing dappervolk after seeing it mentioned here and i really dig it so far! it's a cute, fun way for me to kill time and or slack off at work.

No. 101754

Is it just me or are the Dappervolk admins really incompetent? If I was a kickstarter back and had to wait two years I’d be pissed,

No. 101912

Yes! I know for a fact I never would have gotten serious about art without my tween pet site obsession. I was super inspired by official site art and by the art users would make of their pets and put on their profiles/pet pages. (The angsty backstories people would write for their pets got me into writing, too.)

I'd love to make a small pet site with a heavy focus on encouraging creativity in users someday, but that would be a long way off.

No. 101967

File: 1596252282839.png (133.81 KB, 340x179, star cafe.png)

I used Fantage too! I remember going on especially crowded servers just to hang out with people in the Star Cafe. I even learned how to get behind the windows and on the counter.

No. 102000

Honestly agreed, people who scammed others for items in online games probably grew up into absolute opportunistic sociopath assholes as an adult. Even as a 12-year old playing Neopets I despised them because it just didn't make sense to me who could live with themselves after taking away someone else's hard work.

No. 102082

File: 1596299920036.png (815.68 KB, 1201x699, cromimi.png)

Anybody remembers Cromimi? It got somewhat popular as it was done by the team of My Bimbo but quickly lost attention, somehow it's still up but another team is running it since a few years now. There isn't anything much to note except that damned system that forces you to give up you pet by choosing a "carrer" for it if yoyu want to progress the levels.

No. 102100

File: 1596304357793.gif (9 KB, 150x150, 415F1C24-5A2B-45B4-8252-57C082…)

Nonnie let’s make the petsite of our dreams together. If only I knew how to code past neopets pet pages lol

No. 102382

File: 1596422358887.png (901 KB, 971x633, 30ED8FC1-EEA2-4C36-8D00-5DE405…)

Haha me too! Good times. I’m sad the game is gone. Do you remember the dating tryouts or “ppl tyejjping liek ths awesome”

No. 105131

Does anyone else think that pet sites are really tumblr sjw-y? Especially with regards to being full of fakebois/mtfs (but few to none mtfs) and enbies. Hell even Dappervolk has characters who have they/them pronouns and people will get mad if you "misgender" them. Not really sure what attracts these kinds of people to petsites.

No. 105426

absolutely. look at FR's userbase, it's a perfect example. I think it's bc customization-based pet sites attract and are spread especially by word of mouth in the tumblr crowd, and wokeness targets women and kids who would be interested in pet site games. The art and OC aspect also would draw in the artsy, geeky, or roleplaying crowd as well.

No. 105471

I guess "normal" well-adjusted people with mainstream/normy interest aren't typically interested into petsites, so that leaves
largely people like >>105426 said.

Never heard of cromimi but fuck that art's unappealing, I can see why people abandoned it.

No. 111704

File: 1602697833003.png (60.52 KB, 870x430, Untitled.png)

A while back there was some uproar about the site flight rising using wendigo in an item's name, they ultimately changed it to something else. SJW discussion on Native American beliefs here and in general makes it seem like respecting native culture means believing in it. I don't need to believe it's true or censor the name of a monster because of what someone else believes. That's their problem. What, is wendigo a slur? kek.

No. 111740

still have my 18 yr old neopets account kek
Also play lioden, the lion pride pet sim, but that's mostly for the nice art and because I love big cats. The plots/stories on that one are not so great, definetly not as good as the vintage neopets war plots

No. 111764

File: 1602770719004.png (251.65 KB, 461x455, icepets.PNG)

Anyone familiar with icepets? I used to play a lot in 2011-2012 and I even had a custom icon on there. The pets are very cute and it seems like the community is still alive.

No. 111911

I wish you could search for Neopets accounts by their e-mail address. I might still remember my old e-mail address (have no access to it though), but not the account name and password. I just want to see it, it must be 17 years old this year.

No. 111918

If it has been inactive for a long time, chances are it was purged (deleted).. I don't believe they have done a purge in recent years since neopets switched owners, but they used to go through their servers every couple of years and delete accounts that were inactive for 2+ years.

No. 111983

File: 1602932209265.png (390.11 KB, 601x399, 6411060F-F1DD-4CF3-9877-85999B…)

Has anyone else actually gotten worse at the Neopets games? I was decently good at Faerie Cloud Racers when I was 9 or so, now it just leaves me frustrated with a low score.

No. 112048

I hear Neopets finally has a proper app? Or is getting one

No. 112357

dappervolk players act so entitled and bitchy. a bunch of 30+ female virgins roleplaying as androgynous PG sex elves crying about their lack of masc clothing

No. 112358

samefag but flight rising is slightly better even though there are lots of genderspecials. it's a more mature website despite the theythems and passive aggressive people. Goatlings is pure autism though.

No. 112759

I'm still on Neopets at 22 but kind of lost interest a few months back when I became a multi-millionaire (…in neopoints of course, kek), got my pets painted, and then fell off when I realized that in order to get the wearables I want, I'd have to invest some real money and effort bc trades for the cute ones are competitive. I wanna play again but any advice/tips for getting NC wearables (not in the NC mall) are appreciated!!

Video attached is the story of how Neopets became owned by Scientologists. Turns out that the Scientologist now has pretty full control as the original creators sold all of their shares and dipped out. Since the creators have now left completely, I wonder what's been holding the crazies back from advertising their cult on there. The video is really interesting, I recommend it even to people who haven't played the game.

No. 112760

Lmao anon this is so cute. It sounds like you favor the strategy aspects of pet raising games.
I tried getting my old account back but I kept getting the info wrong and the staff that I emailed didn't believe me. It doesn't matter anyways because I had like 2000 np and nothing valuable. The benefit of having an old account is if your pets still have the old art or if you want to place higher bets in food club. Being an adult and having resources to chat freely like Reddit's r/neopets, the game is a lot easier for me to use. I don't cheat and it took me like less than a month to surpass the prestige of my shitty account from my childhood like >>100833 said.
That's an interesting point anon, I agree. So are pet sites a thing of the past? I speculate kids nowadays would rather play apps.

No. 112762

> I speculate kids nowadays would rather play apps.
Whoops I just remembered that Neopets actually just created an app. But idk if a franchise that's as intricate as Neopets will actually attract children; kKids today seem more into simpler (more digestible) games that are made specifically for apps.

No. 112783

>any advice/tips for getting NC wearables
You can definitely get NC and NC wearables for NPs if you want to, it's obviously against the rules but you can.

Neopets should just rebrand for adults honestly.

No. 140474

File: 1620076718979.png (139.91 KB, 385x179, eyesawyouhadsomesuggestions.pn…)

fr anons you see this shit? took 3 years but staff finally decided to do something! I was salty earlier because I owned some g1 primals with ugly colors but now I'm glad I can get rid of them

No. 140490

File: 1620080690878.jpeg (133.18 KB, 750x750, 410F8309-8B2F-41DB-AF92-4AF93D…)

Anyone ever play Ichumon? I played it a bunch back in ~2014, this thread is making me want to pick it up again.

No. 140512

File: 1620096221132.png (154.81 KB, 350x350, sparkle.png)

Despite the user base I really love Flight rising. I've played Neopets since 2006 and it's fun but I don't like how annoying it is to start making Neopoints.
I really like how easy it is to make treasure in FR. You don't even have to play the flash games to make decent treasure! And gems are totally optional but it's easy to make a decent amount without ever paying.
I also love the dragon breeding aspect of it. Pic is my current favorite dragon. I don't care much about socializing on pet sim sites so maybe that's why it doesn't bother me as much haha.

No. 140560

ppl can find ur acct pretty easily by searching for dragons anon. just lyk.

No. 140599

File: 1620172259046.png (22.68 KB, 567x198, article_shopwiz_01.png)

I just got back from the thrift store with items I plan to resell. I opened my own vintage/antique store because of pic related. I'm not kidding.

No. 140605

The shop wizard brings back so many happy memories kek

No. 140608

File: 1620176741822.png (160.9 KB, 201x417, 150494_167.png)

i discovered bimbo.land early into lockdown and i've been obsessed

No. 140610

I just logged in for the first time in years and my entire account was wiped…

No. 140622

I actually like it! I didn’t expect a game about being a bimbo to be this fun.

No. 140645

File: 1620213063660.png (291.98 KB, 611x777, Untitled.png)

Okay admit it, this is one of you isn't it

No. 140648

File: 1620214893934.png (36.46 KB, 639x543, himbo.PNG)

who the fuck would want a male avi on a site called bimbo land? they look so goofy

No. 140649

File: 1620215708035.png (9.23 KB, 124x112, bimbo.PNG)

I just opened up the site and saw this. Looks fun

No. 140651

File: 1620216480756.png (194.56 KB, 201x417, 6918_12612.png)

Wow you can have doctor who as your boyfriend in this game I like it
Why not? To make the perfect himbo

No. 140655

File: 1620217469819.png (267.07 KB, 853x629, Screenshot 2021-05-05 14.23.00…)

I'm more weirded out by pic related. What the fuck. Is this some neckbeard atheist psy-op?

No. 140656

File: 1620217858710.gif (58.12 KB, 450x425, neopia-central_old_map_06.gif)

oh i love fr. i've been logging in and feeding my dragons regularly since 2013. maybe it's some unresolved guilt for letting my pets starve on my dead neopets account i forgot the password to

fr does this??? or do you think it was hacked

anyway, i would play neopets again if it hadn't gotten that horrid graphic update that made all the pets forced into a similar pose so they can push clothing

No. 140658

File: 1620218028420.png (15.01 KB, 322x317, u78897.PNG)

I never thought Bimbo.land would be discussing gun rights and abortion. It's so surreal I can't help but love it

No. 140662

Ugh, my personal cow played this.

No. 140663

oh yeah I'm not too concerned. thank you though anon

No. 140668

What the fuck. Is this something that players created or put in by the creators? I understand nothing

No. 140673

I just think that the game is a huge oxymoron, whether it was on purpose or by accident, we might never know.

No. 140772

yeah, i think it's more like a purposeful irony. with other sim sites (especially pet ones) it makes sense for there to be a fantasy world for you to be a part of, but it's like, what kind of world is only populated by bimbos and himbos? so dividing it up into states with senators and elections and stuff brings a "serious" structure to a silly game. i'm the original anon who brought up bimbo.land itt and i genuinely think that part of what made it so appealing to me this past year was the humorous way it deals with politics (escape from the Very Real politics). the Prime Bimbo (like the prez) even earns a percentage of the cash profits, so it's kind of cool that the person "in charge" is actually being compensated for that. gives other users a reason to want to be in charge, too.

also, i find the general vibe of the site users to be fun. you're rewarded for liking and commenting and interacting with the other players, so everyone has this fake-nice-but-actually-real-nice bimbo charm. i feel like with all the other internet sim games i play, i'm just doing my own thing and not interacting with other users, but on bimbo.land i'm joining fashion contests and complimenting people's outfits and it's so superficial but still fun (again, bimbo charm)

No. 161819

File: 1632612382345.jpg (60.04 KB, 975x325, Neopets_Neopets_Launches_its_F…)

If the site were well managed I could probably turn a blind eye to the dumb Neopets NFT Metaverse thing, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back for me- as I know it is for a lot of other users as well.

I hope JumpStart burns to the ground. They've been running Neopets into the ground for so long now. I've tried to be optimistic, I even believed in and defended them, told myself they just needed more time. But it's clear to me now how naive I was. They just want to milk Neopets for everything it's worth for as long as they can and care nothing for their passionate veteran userbase.

Also, the randomly generated pets/customizations are hideous but I suppose that fits perfectly within the NFT "art" sphere.

No. 161834

Yup, I used to be an artist on there. Did a bunch of commissions, was something of a rising star, but the whole "we'll take 15% of your commission" bullshit made me leave. I fucking hated the admin and staff. The drama tumblr was great.

No. 161835

Got me right in the nostalgic bone. I remember waiting for the sales to hit and refreshing in the magic shop just to get a fucking bottled faerie…

No. 161850

File: 1632641980386.gif (3.64 KB, 80x80, ona_plushie.gif)

wtf is up with inflation on neopets man. I started doing dailies a few months ago planning to save enough for a lab map, it was like 2.5 mil then and now it's more like 3.5 mil. I'm up to 2.7, back on my grind I guess but I'm unwilling to put in more effort than this kek.

Anyway I'm in love with my new petpet pic rel, it's not rare or expensive or anything but it's so cute.

No. 161860

I hate NFTs but it's kinda refreshing to see the new owners actually undertake things, even if it's just to milk money? Transition to mobile layout (which is awful on desktop btw), merch, now this. That's more than happened in like 10 years. On the road they were previously on, the website was on a steady road to shutting down too, now it's at least interesting to see how it'll fare.

On a sidenote, does sunnyneo not update on this type of news? I haven't been logging in for months so sunnyneo is my only source for updates, but they didn't mention anything about NFTs.

No. 161876

I'm not sure about SunnyNeo but I know Jellyneo posted about it in their news.
As far as I know I don't think SN would update on that type of thing because it's not an actual feature on the site.

No. 161891

I can't access neopets right now, anyone else?

No. 161919

File: 1632692257120.jpg (486.95 KB, 1080x2178, Infe.jpg)

People are just dicks and throw off the market every now and then esp gearing towards holiday seasons.
One of the lab map pieces is inflate by 1000% right now alone. With time it'll go back down I promise you, but if you want it now…yeeeah.

No. 162182

File: 1632858404680.png (39.61 KB, 150x150, sign_up_aisha.png)

Have you guys heard of Neopets Classic? It's like a private server (if you're familiar with World of Warcraft) where they emulate an older version of a game. It's like legit early 2000s neopets.


Join their discord to see what the features are and their mods are constantly adding more content and upgrading the site. It's like Leopets without all the custom shit in a way

No. 162251

What do you even want the lab for? Seriously it's pretty useless. I don't understand why people fork out millions for that thing just to get striped or spotted after 31 days of stat changes.

No. 162254

Looks interesting! Are the sign-ups closed right now? I get a 400 error on the page that should lead to the signing up page

No. 162260

That's annoying but I can wait.

The only fun aspect of neopets for me is the gambling, lab ray is just another gamble with potentially more fun results. I only spend like 10 mins playing per day, idk what else I could spend the money on to improve those 10 mins. Also I finished the map when I was young just before my account was frozen and I just set it as a goal because I never really got to use it before.

No. 162313

I still can't access neopets, everything else is fine, is this something on my side?

No. 162331

File: 1632942894301.png (140.98 KB, 582x765, kisspng-neopets-fairy-game-hom…)

Sign ups are closed. join their discord. They open them up once a month so just keep an eye on it.


No. 162400

It's been fine for me. Sorry I can't be more helpful, Anon. It sounds like something on your end but I'm not sure what would cause that.

No. 162415

i used to play neopets after school as a kid, kind of missing it, is it worth playing these days?

No. 162538

I love Neopets and play everyday, but tbh I don't know if I'd actually recommend it to anyone as a new user.

JumpStart has completely failed to maintain the site. The features and events that once engaged users have been steadily dying off over the years while JS does nothing to fix, update, or replace them. Microtransactions are the only things they seem to care about.

No. 162600

I wouldn't invest time in it no. It's a sinking ship really and like >>162538 said, a continues stream of content paid for by micotransactions but in the meanwhile the website is absolutely all sorts of broken. It really feels like they're just trying to milk as much money out of it as possible during it's limited remaining timespan. You'll probably get frustrated if you haven't played in many years.

No. 162694

Lmao anon thanks, because of your post I checked on my phone and it works perfectly fine there, also on a different browser on desktop. For some reason I can't access neopets on google chrome on my laptop and it's the only thing I can't access. Quite annoying and I have no idea why.

New month, don't forget your freebies: http://www.neopets.com/freebies/

No. 162822

No problem, I'm glad you got it to work! And thanks for the freebies reminder.

No. 163201

Anyone know of any games in development? I've always craved the experience of getting in on a pet site early and being rich for life from the limited items kek.

No. 163281

Like virtual pet games? Since you're asking it in the Neopets thread. I doubt there are any considering virtual pets is an outdated concept and even if there are any I doubt they'd take off like that.

No. 163306

File: 1633652604043.gif (8.98 KB, 150x150, pteri_faerie_baby.gif)

nonas, what neopet did you desire the most but never were able to get?

this was my dream pet. so freakin cute. RIP the charming old avatars.

No. 163349

File: 1633666962808.png (36.96 KB, 300x300, UC_Faerie_Xweetok.png)

Oh my god, same. I was saving up for this one and a fairy Xweetok when that awful change went through and killed all interest in me. I loved all the super girly pets, like the baby, fairy, plushie, and royal ones, and conversion just decimated them.

No. 163387

FR and Dappervolk are pretty new and still active, virtual pet sites aren't completely dead.

No. 163416

I always wanted an UC sponge aisha. Months ago there were talks about TNT having plans to bring back UC pets, did anything came off that?

what is FR?

No. 163422

I think anon means Flight Rising

No. 163470

File: 1633747549358.gif (6.99 KB, 150x150, cybunny_halloween_baby.gif)

My favorite as a kid was the Halloween Cybunny, and when I was in high school I actually managed to get one (got a really good deal on an MP at the TP.)

As an aside, the UC drama is killing the site, TNT seriously needs to get rid of them or make them obtainable. The drama around UC hacking and trading wastes so much of everyone's time and energy.

If you've stolen someone's account or spent real money to get a UC pet, you're a gargantuan faggot and you need to reevaluate your priorities.

No. 163473

Seeing as this is about pet sites maybe one of you anons can help me find something.

When I was growing up, there were collectable cards you could get from tot stores. I don't remember what types there were but I bought dog cards. Their gimmick was that they also had a website where you could have a little pet character and it was almost like an MMO but with your little pet. Looking back, there was a dinosaur alternative to the dog game.

This would have been sometime around 2008-2010

No. 163548

File: 1633801846188.jpg (14.15 KB, 175x177, draik.jpg)

I've gotten all the neopets I've wanted except for a mutant draik. I've already got the pirate transmog potion to convert a neopet to a draik, just waiting to catch a fountain quest to dip the draik when the time comes because I don't want to spent 10+mil for the actual potion.

No. 163613

Ok I got the lab map for about 2.75 mil, I'm fine with that. I got some very exciting movement points for my first zap kek, not surprised.

No. 163614

I haven't played them all myself but I've heard people recommend Subeta, PonyIsland, Lioden, Flight Rising, and Goatlings

No. 163684

Well it's fucking difficult to get in. They posted invite links yesterday, the first round was gone by time I saw it (less than 20 minutes after posting) and the other two rounds where posted as I where asleep. "will be posting more throughout the day" my ass.

No. 164202

I got to the links 7 minutes after they got posted: all gone. I'm done trying. They're not even posting during my daytime either.

No. 164209

I managed to snipe a link and I must say, I'm enjoying it but I'm sad that there aren't any games yet. There are a few that I really miss, also I need money

No. 164253

File: 1634180270759.png (1.03 MB, 800x800, 5F5ECA8D-D605-4930-94EA-0F3BD1…)

No. 164264

toy (?) or depressed (?) cybunny and fairy ixi. i'd still love em.

No. 164334

oh god I forgot to go on neopets for about a year, and I look back and there's some NFT-pocalypse? anyone well informed care to summarize, jellyneo comments aren't quite helping

No. 164607

File: 1634380147407.png (25.12 KB, 876x289, jn.png)

from jellyneo, UC pets and paid petslots are coming. Thoughts? The new owners are really going all-in on the microtransactions.

No. 164627

File: 1634395963749.jpeg (369.73 KB, 750x1132, AAEB7F72-32BD-450D-82B8-B2D5CC…)

This isn’t that surprising. It’s sad but I think Neopets is effectively dead as we know it, the team organizing the NFT stuff released a roadmap (picrel) where they talk about how they want to reimagine the Neopets game as a new “blockchain” experience where everything in the game would be purchased with crypto.

I would sympathize more if they had tried traditional monetization in the past and listened to their userbase. I know it’s changed hands a lot, but the lack of transparency about their projects doesn’t even make investing in these NFTs a good idea even if you like that kind of thing. Who’s to say that they won’t just quietly retire this feature when it inevitably fails when the site has a history of doing that even with popular components like Keyquest? There’s also the fact that the NFTs were generated using a fan site (Dress to Impress) without giving credit. Just a mess.

No. 164669

I get the point your making but didn't Kequest's code "break" beyond repair during a server transition or something like that

No. 164670

>There’s also the fact that the NFTs were generated using a fan site (Dress to Impress)
damn that's toptier cringe

I don't really get the NFT Metaverse, can someone explain it to me in normal words lmao. I don't know what metaverse means let alone how those nft thingies work.

No. 165886


Sorry for the late reply but I found this post that summarizes the key points of controversy in a timeline, I hope it helps.

No. 165901

Pet simmer julie has some excellent vids examining the whole debacle!

No. 167798

I'd agree Neopets would retire the NFT shit quietly if it weren't lucrative, but I think they'll end up making a decent amount from it. NFTbros will jump on any kind of NFT; that's why they're hacking old neo accounts and all. Neopets players aren't their demographic with this move.

I'm still waiting around to see what'll happen, though, I imagine the crypto Neopets will be a separate project to the main site seeing as the team involved with it aren't even JS iirc.

In the meantime, I managed to snag a sign up to neopetsclassic. It's buggy as shit and I don't really have time to RS right now.

No. 168360

I also got an invite recently but what the fuck do you do on there? The neoboards throw an error every 2-3 pages and there are no games. Is there any way to earn neopets besides RSing? I don't want to RS.

No. 168381

Personally I do dailies and try to do the basic jobs for money. Right now there's a halloween event going on where you get candy to eventually trade in for tickets and then prizes. But the amount of candy needed for even one ticket is so much. I don't know, I just hope I get a paintbrush from fishing that'll make my day

No. 168382

In light of the recent NFT drama, I would just like to point out OP image was actually a prophecy all along.

No. 168389

Keep up with your dailies, I got a faerie pb and 25k on the faerie caves last week

Meanwhile not a single good zap from the lab ray, I've been stuck with a fucking red buzz for weeks now.

No. 169955

i understand it's an independantly ran, tiny website but neopetsclassic is a snore, sorry

No. 170397

File: 1637265891421.gif (4.52 KB, 150x150, unnamed.gif)

Sadly I feel the same way. I feel guilty for getting in and taking a spot form someone else because I've barely used my account, but it's so hard to get into it when hoping for a good random event seems to be the only way to really get NP in the beginning.
Restocking and maintaining a shop have never really been a part of the fun for me, but that seems to be all there is to do on Classic.

No. 170591

>I feel guilty for getting in and taking a spot form someone else
Nah don't feel bad, you can literally purchase a sign up link through supporting the patreon for a $1. If someone has time enough to spend on neopetsclassic they can afford a single dollar lol.

No. 175569

Does someone want my neopetsclassic account? I played for like 3 days in october and haven't logged in since. I'll just change the email to a throwaway one. If you post your email or discord before this thread gets bumped (so it goes to someone who checks this thread and actually wants it) I'll send you the login info.

No. 324310

File: 1695999940890.jpg (482.04 KB, 1080x1609, IMG_20230929_170410.jpg)

So I haven't played in years but recently I keep getting newsletters and I got this one today. If this is actually true and effective I'm gonna try get my frozen account back.

No. 335887

File: 1700091474311.jpeg (162.52 KB, 750x879, IMG_2667.jpeg)

Holy shit the toy poogle design is so cute. Losing my goddamn mind.

No. 335890

File: 1700091708323.png (163.73 KB, 606x601, 3dc5y4mi5f0c1.png)

The new Maraquan color for the Vandagyre is so cute. I know most people hate Vandagyres but I love sea angels! It's even semi transparent. Now I wanna make one…

No. 335921

they haven't been pushing the pose for new maraquan pets, it's so disappointing. the colors are beautiful but if they'd made it more dynamic it'd look so much better.

No. 335929

File: 1700102134502.gif (27.42 KB, 300x250, birthdaypage_cake.gif)

If any nonas are wondering, the free item code dropped in today's stream is "BIRTHDAY25LIVE" and it gives out a no-trade book. Also, you can claim the free Neocash and NC Mall gift on both your main and sides.

No. 335930

I bet it's because it makes it easier for them to draw the wearables. Just speculation, though.

No. 335980

I wish they'd give you an option to choose either the wearable pose, or a dynamic "naked" pose with at most minimal options (like maybe a bow or hat would still be fine). I'm not that into dressing up my neopets and I like the designs on their own better.
I'd like it if naked neopets was the standard, and the dress up was just like a little side game, like a gallery of model photos you could display.

No. 336705

They're planning on implementing that but from what I read it's going to be some sort of paid with real money feature (of course)

No. 337152

now this one is actually cute because it resembles an actual toy.. all the other ones are ugly and/or don't even look like a toy

No. 337167

File: 1700504892227.jpeg (458.44 KB, 705x1137, IMG_2728.jpeg)

Neo was having a serious glitch where you could see data on other accounts (but not make any changes) before they took the site down. I hope it's resolved soon, but I have a bad feeling about this.

No. 349412

File: 1705548444985.png (40.1 KB, 1017x234, i tried so hard and got so far…)

Anons, TNT just announced that they're re-releasing UC pets and converting all of the existing ones, and the salt in the pet trading Neoboards and Discord has been fucking glorious. The few moids who play the game primarily for pet trading are malding particularly hard because they're the ones most obsessed with UC pets as status symbols. Delicious.

No. 349417

lol serves them right. i know some people spent a ton of real-life money for that shit.
ngl though my heart aches whenever i think about how much i miss the old neopets site.

No. 349418

What a bunch of retards, spending three figures on literal still images and ruining the game they claim to love by encouraging an account-theft-based economy. They reap what they sowed, and I like to watch them suffer.

No. 349419

File: 1705549946046.jpg (147.91 KB, 1662x881, 20240117_214310.jpg)

the ones that got touchups look sooooo much better too, but there's nothing in the world autistic people hate more than change

No. 349423

That old linework looks so shitty. There's no line weight variation, making it stiff, and sometimes it looks like it was drawn with the line tool in Photoshop with a mouse. The bottom ones look so much nicer, like they were done with an actual tablet pen. The autists squawking about this have horrible taste and are allowing nostalgia to cloud their better judgement. I'm going to be pissed if TNT goes back to the shitty old linework. I want the new art.

No. 349450

I don't like the black outline next to the pastels, especially on the ixi. The chia is ugly full stop in both versions. But I wish they had used darker colors instead of blacks like they did on the kyrii

No. 349451

>converting all of the existing ones, and the salt in the pet trading Neoboards
THEY ARE CONVERTING ALL UCS? KEKKKKKK. Now that I didn't see that coming but I'm glad they're finally evening the playing field.

No. 349452

Samefag but I can't believe they're actually converting all UCs, the upset on the neo boards is beautiful and hilarious. They're so upset they're losing their little elite trophies kek.

No. 349461

cringe to admit I agree with the autists, i think it looked better and softer before. the thick outlines look too clunky in places

No. 349464

I also don't like the black outlines.

No. 349468

From what I gather from the boards, everyone who has an UC pet now will get to keep it in it's new form, so it'll be a converted pet with the NC wearable item automatically attached to it, but they're still soooooo upset they're losing their special status lol

No. 349593

File: 1705620696154.png (196.95 KB, 1800x1800, cybunny_plushie.png)

The bottom ones match the style of the rest of the UC pets, though. Most UCs have thick linework like picrel.

No. 350123

File: 1705789770064.png (14.07 KB, 96x96, 940323101332373574.png)

Does anyone play Lorwolf? There has been some drama about it recently, but the gameplay loop is smooth and the CA system means it's very easy to get into dressing the wolves. Recently, the devs surprised us with a music player with songs they composed themselves. The game is very cute.

The current community lolcow called someone "nonna" in a comment on the salt blog and that inspired me to see if any other nonnas were talking about the game here.

No. 350271

This looks horrible. I wanted to go back to neo because i like UC better, but these are absolute dogshit. Reminds me of the original PPG versus the ugly reboot one.

No. 350273

there's a site called grundos cafe that's based on old neopets, you might like it but i don't know how getting in works. it's okay with TNT too!

No. 350303

Decided to make an account after seeing this post and it's pretty fun! What's the drama about? The game seems like it would attract a lot of really cringe wolf girl types, so I'm interested in finding the salt blog.

No. 350313

The differences are abysmall though. It's just the lineart and some minor fixes like the wings on the chia.

I'd argue that a lot of UC art is funky to begin with but people refuse to see it out of blind nostalgia and elitism. Like the fae chia has a hideous colour pallete and wtf is the left back leg/hip on the fae ixi doing?

No. 350315

File: 1705832830388.png (237.76 KB, 877x623, tumblr_835f54080231ba5c4893872…)

I was very active on Neopets as a tween during the curse of Maraqua story and I really miss it and my pets. It got me interested in digital art, comics and making adoptables and sites.

I wish I could get back into it but my main drive was getting the brushes because you could enhance the art of your pets with that since some brushes changed the pose and art from the older uglier default… but now every character looks the same and I don't really like them wearing clothes.

Did anybody else love visiting Suta-Raito and the oekaki boards?

No. 350318

I loved suta raito so much, this made me so nostalgic. I didn't know it was supposed to be a japanese accent saying "star light" so I just said it with the most American accent "sue-tah right-o" and I couldn't correct myself even after finding out so that's how I still read it kek

No. 350867

Neopets is back up for the NC UC release and is incredibly slow, learned the sale on NC UCs goes until February 14th so that's good with all the lag. I won't try getting on until later tonight.

No. 350873

File: 1706064696228.gif (43.8 KB, 450x450, dvgkh-128a5e2b-f160-44cb-8187-…)

have some nostalgia in return, were you obsessed with chaka like i was?

No. 350889

>Styling Studio Supplies (600 NC): Use at the Styling Studio to receive a RANDOM currently available Alt Style for your Neopet.
>Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies (1400 NC): Use at the Styling Studio to select from any of the currently available Alt Styles for your Neopet.
>SPECIAL PRICING: Jellyneo has confirmed that at launch, both of the Styling Studio Supplies above will be sold for an introductory 50% off, for 300 NC and 700 NC respectively. Even though only Faerie, Darigan, and Grey will be available at release, you CAN stock up on Style Studio Supplies at the discounted price for future colour releases!
The "pay 600nc get a random color" is so shitty holy shit.

No. 350917

You can pick the species, so it's only random between the two or three colors available. So if it's a pet with only one available color like the Xweetok, it's not random at all. Plus it's currently on sale for 300nc.

No. 350918

Yeah but there won't be species with only one available as they release the rest of the colors so it's only a temporary loophole. And there's no guarantee they'll keep the pool of available colors to only 2-3 as they release more colors.

The "get the color you want" option is more than DOUBLE the price

No. 351755

Tokens are trade-able. If you get a token you don't want, just trade with another player.

No. 358012

File: 1708701069635.png (37.01 KB, 871x207, hs.png)

Can you believe this shit?

No. 358116

File: 1708737674029.png (419.07 KB, 598x597, y2397r92.png)

I'm having fun with the "progressive" items like in picrel.

The description for the baby muslim headscarf is absolutely unhinged though. No one really thought that through huh?

No. 358228

Imagine a pet like that, call it something like true_MtF, make it your active, hang out on the newbie or general discussions boards (full of gendies) and see how fast you get reported and banned KEK

No. 358245

God western culture is retarded - “it’s a choice!” I’m sure all those women murdered for not wearing it sure saw it as a choice.

No. 358420

I fucking miss old neopets so badly

No. 359080

this is so accurate KEK

No. 360025

File: 1709531609157.png (65.2 KB, 760x446, mDdPfXV.png)

No. 367116

File: 1712033061080.png (233.42 KB, 600x500, a90d5a4830e4.png)

Reminder to go get your April Fool's avatar if you haven't already!

I am having a blast with some of these posters

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