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File: 1595623631278.jpg (153.69 KB, 970x1390, scarlett-johansson-lucy-2014-R…)

No. 100932

If you google search alamy stock photos and a celebrity you want to see without photoshop, it's there usually. Example: Scarlett Johansson

No. 100933

Just looks like bath lighting to me tbh

No. 100934

File: 1595627918009.jpg (93.11 KB, 866x1390, alamy-stock.jpg)

cool thanks

No. 100935

File: 1595628792772.jpg (129.55 KB, 1300x1147, tess.jpg)

Tess Holliday in the last 6 months.

No. 100936

She looks inches away from death jfc

No. 100937

File: 1595631541584.jpg (147.73 KB, 901x1390, a-rather-camera-shy-lana-del-r…)

I expected worse and I am disappointed tbh

No. 100938

File: 1595631885614.jpg (36.41 KB, 500x727, a8c98163774216016729692af83edc…)

Honestly, I love everything about her face except her nose, and only because it's botched. It looked completely fine before, not sure what issue she had with it (see picrel, her in 2008.)

No. 100939

holy fucking shit. she is massive.

No. 100940

Built like a goddamn coffee table, you can sit anything on her body

No. 100941

Sad because thats such a cute dress. Would look great on almost anyone but since she's the exception, SHE would be the person to go out in it in public.

Wtf thats her??? She looks like a wrestler lol. Not in a bad way, she was cute.

No. 100942

Why is it that whenever I see a person this obese I feel like I’m suffocating

No. 100943

File: 1595642405906.jpg (203.37 KB, 975x1390, beverly-hills-united-states-02…)

is selena ok? she looks dead lmao

No. 100944

Alcohol does that to your skin texture/pigment.

No. 100945

How the hell she keeps her face sort of small even though she is really big? I always thought people with obesity had their faces like Amy Slaton

No. 100946

i genuinely think its a case of the face LOOKING small because the rest of her is so fucking colossal

No. 100947

doesn't she have kidney issues

No. 100948

Probably just one of the few lucky deathfats that doesn't have beluga fat distribution, but also saw an article that said she had laser resurfacing and botox (second Google result for name+"surgery"). I'd wager she's also had lipo, what a BoPo kween.

No. 100949

File: 1595651630770.jpg (115.85 KB, 904x1390, khloe-kardashian-kim-kardashia…)

No. 100950

File: 1595658909600.png (1.44 MB, 1073x1496, Screenshot_20200724-185716_(1)…)

No. 100951

File: 1595659006874.jpg (117.2 KB, 895x1390, santa-monica-ca-august-27-kyli…)

This candid picture of Kylie makes me crack up.

No. 100952

Her nails wtf… she paid someone for those?

No. 100953

Where the FUCK her jaw at

No. 100954

shouldn't this be in /m/?

No. 100955


I've read that she gets lipo around the neck area to keep her face small and "human-like" compared to her whole body. It's really bizarre to look at.



No. 100956

dunno who that is but it's probably jaw shaving. it makes it look like part of their face is missing from the side.

No. 100957

File: 1595668457316.jpg (113.28 KB, 928x1390, 2ARC750.jpg)

No. 100958

File: 1595669605154.jpg (273.52 KB, 913x1390, 2AWW0GF.jpg)

No. 100959

File: 1595669739765.jpg (108.89 KB, 1300x956, WAGYND.jpg)

No. 100960

evil grandma vibes
I'm just joking I love the Cure

No. 100961

Scarlet johannson always looks like she has a cigarette in her mouth. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

No. 100962

I genuinely dk who this is. Gwen Stefani? Rita Ora? Idfk

No. 100963

At first I thought it was Kim K during her blonde phase

No. 100964

File: 1595677883403.jpg (Spoiler Image,203.66 KB, 866x1390, miami-beach-florida-ubergewich…)

why do they have pictures like that on alamy??

No. 100965

AHHAHAHAH I love how this is spoiled even though shes fully clothed

No. 100966

File: 1595679393094.jpg (158.32 KB, 747x1390, hanna-beth-und-uber-hollywood-…)

No. 100967

File: 1595679497119.jpg (128.15 KB, 883x1390, mtv-movie-awards-paris-hilton-…)

This should be on /m/

No. 100968

File: 1595679792538.jpeg (131.61 KB, 903x1390, 721A134B-85C1-4980-824B-4F949C…)

No. 100969

He never works out, has a way bigger ass now yet denies any implants. Press x.

No. 100970

her head looks so abnormally small compared to her body

No. 100971

File: 1595680616406.jpeg (39.4 KB, 455x675, 9E80D9FD-B6CF-496D-9EA4-50ED65…)

Still gorgeous

No. 100972

nightmare fuel

No. 100973

File: 1595681151415.jpeg (120.16 KB, 818x1390, B782A4AA-42E5-46C3-BEC7-09721B…)

there's almost none of her new face that are taken at a close distance or don't seem filtered to hell and back

No. 100974

File: 1595683168176.jpeg (161.81 KB, 1490x1600, WhatsApp_Image_2019-07-25_at_1…)

No way, the head must have been edited smaller. It looks too uncanny.
The dress is really cute btw.

No. 100975

Nitpick but wtf does she looks so yellow? Even her eyes? Does she have jaundice?

No. 100976

Somebody said Gwen has morphed into Iggy and its all I see now.

No. 100977

The stuff has leaked out of the legs and stained the pants.
Did they even get the photo's subject's permission to take this?

No. 100978

iirc there have been lawsuits from people who have been put in stock photos without giving permission/getting paid for it, so wouldnt be surprised
big stock companies have good lawyers and a lot of them know their way around having to get permission/give credit to other people unfortunately

No. 100979

File: 1595689248035.jpg (749.76 KB, 1400x1920, Sn-RVYj-ZIAa-A.jpg)

she's pretty (and was pretty as Lizzie as well), but her face constantly changes depending on how her fillers are doing and so on. You can find actual candids with fans on https://lanadelrey.fandom.com/wiki/2020/May and can see how sometimes she looks good and sometimes kind of bloated and dumpy. She looked the best during BtD era for sure.

No. 100980

File: 1595689342612.jpg (165.59 KB, 866x1390, tess2.jpg)

Guess again. This is just what she looks like nowadays. That dress looks great on a normal sized woman, but it accentuates Tess' weird leg-o-mutton arms and makes her look even wider.

Also, can we add who the celebrity in the picture is each time they are posted?

No. 100981

Liposuction like what all the other plus size models do to keep a face shape despite being over 300 pounds.

No. 100982

File: 1595690199768.png (2.03 MB, 991x1228, Screenshot_20200725-101629(1).…)

What the FUCK?!

She looks like she's in that one Kanye Roblox music video

No. 100983

Old woman is old.

No. 100984

This makes me think that maybe it is better to change your style when you get older. She wouldn't look so jarring if she didn't have the exact same makeup and hair and clothes as she did when she was a teenager.

No. 100985

For almost 40 I think she looks good, that's just an unflattering photo.

No. 100986

she's not even 40

No. 100987

I think that some of her styling decisions look a bit harsh on her complexion, which can be pretty unflattering when you first glance at the image.

No. 100988

Tess Holiday thriving!

No. 100989

who is this?

No. 100990

File: 1595701820083.jpg (85.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You can see she's still got some traits of the standard "fatty face" from a head-on view. Her face reminds me of Foodie Beauty (picrel.)

No. 100991

If you Google "alamy" and browse around the resulted pics, there's CP wtf.

No. 100992

I'm not doing that BUT it's probably like """""nudist"""" (closet pedos) pictures and stuff. It's not explicitly pornographic but it's incredibly disgusting to have your naked child on google

No. 100993

How the hell are you getting those suggestions from Google?

No. 100994

It's probably the way p*dos get to find this stuff. Because if you look at the related search terms you'll find stuff like "little girl" "pee" "bath" "beach" "boy

No. 100995

>censors pedo
go back

No. 100996

I think Tess just has good genetics and maybe some lipo. Some people are lucky like that. Her face has always been size for her size. Back when she was 100 lbs lighter I think she had a photogenic face even though her body has been unhealthy.

Ngl, I feel a tiny bit jealous because I'm nowhere near overweight and my face looks just as big as hers in photos.

No. 100997

No. 100998

BTW this >>100992 was me. I don't always censor pedos, I just am inconsistent in life, mostly.

No. 100999

Nta but as a foodie beauty 'viewer' lol it's so sad to look at this. She's fat here but she's gained multiple chins since. If she doesn't lose weight she might honestly suffocate in her sleep.

No. 101000

Goddamn quince cake

No. 101001

Amberlynn Reid healing well after her surgery

No. 101002

That hair sure is something…

No. 101003

File: 1595710336024.jpg (107.75 KB, 848x1390, kendall-jenner-assiste-a-la-va…)

How does she makes sure her genitals won't show?

No. 101004

She might be wearing a c string? I remember seeing them years ago and wondering how they stay in place exactly

No. 101005

File: 1595712478839.jpg (104.7 KB, 683x1024, 7ce3d3147e54d0a7a6f7309bdaccb2…)

No. 101006

hanna beth

No. 101007

but… this pic is not recent

No. 101008

this is what I see when I look in the mirror kek

No. 101009

It almost looks like her head was photoshopped on her body. Nothing looks right.

No. 101010

Wrong undertone foundation will do that

No. 101011

File: 1595725083270.jpeg (82.92 KB, 559x911, D590E53D-9CE4-4379-A913-E671E8…)

She’s so hot, weird looking but yummy sexy lady
He looks like a gnome now

No. 101012

i feel bad for him because he's really a good person and he has struggled with depression and drinking and im sure that contributes to how he has presented himself lately, but i definitely think it goes without saying that famous females dont get near as many passes for not upkeeping their appearance regardless of what they've gone through

No. 101013

man thats such a pretty dress. waste

No. 101014

Lol I that that was Lars Ulrich (1992)

No. 174121


No. 174122


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