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No. 102859

I haven't seen one of these and I Ctrl+F'd in catalog.

>Who are your favorite characters?

>Least favorite characters?
>Thoughts on latest season?

Pic related is my favorite character

No. 102863

Nothing to say except Klaus deserves better and Number 1 is a shit head sister-fucker.

No. 102905

Number 5 is a cutie pie

Also all the wigs in this show are terrible

No. 102930


I HATE the lace front wigs and stuff. But at least Season 2 Allison isn't wearing a mop on her head.

No. 102931

you’ve encapsulated my entire thoughts on the show in one sentence ! well done

No. 102955

I’ll watch this this weekend so I can contribute

No. 102969

Binged the entire second season in a day, liked it better than season 1. I don't know the character names besides Vanya and Klaus but I do have opinions!!

For a moment I thought they were going to take away Rumor Lady's powers when the Swedish dude jabbed her throat and she couldn't speak for a bit during the fight at her house which I thought would have been an interesting development since they're unable to use that character in most situations due to how overpowered she is. Arguably more powerful than Vanya since she isn't an unstable retard. Remember in the opening scene where she rumors she "blew their minds" and their heads just explode? What the fuck kinda power is that??? It's not just mental manipulation, she can just say whatever magic thing and it will apparently happen. Dumb.

This season had a pretty serious tone and pacing problem imo. Tons of scenes with emotional weight get interrupted so they can do a comic relief moment with different characters, or likewise change the subject within the scene. It's like they were afraid of taking the subject seriously, even though _some_ emotionally candid moments would enhance the story imo. I've distinctly felt whiplash several times watching the show due to how unwilling they were to commit to a heavier scene. They just kept cutting away to an unrelated, lighthearted scene constantly.

Ending twist was very cool and makes me wanna see season 3 IMMEDIATELY.

No. 102980


Vanya is more powerful due to sheer destruction power, also because her power is hard to control, she goes ballistic with strong emotions.

Allison's power can only affect the people she's speaking to, and apparently it has a cap size of like 2 to 3 people, so she can't nuke the moon or kill multiple people at once.

No. 102982

klaus is anoying

No. 103000

File: 1596817902512.png (381.4 KB, 707x364, Nerdist_UmbrellaAcademy_TheSea…)

The only characters I actually like are Klaus, Ben, and Five. Everyone else is bland and annoying, especially Vanya, though I appreciate the more in-depth look this season into why she's so fucked up as an adult.

Also, I wish they had kept Klaus' ability to levitate and possess people like in the comics. I don't know why, but it really bugs me that they nerfed him for the show.

No. 103008

I really like Number 5 but the dolores shit is kinda weird. He's basically just a 70 year old man who thinks his sex doll is his girlfriend.

Also, wouldn't this fit into the tv show thread?

No. 103009

Uhm, yes and no. It's got a TV show but I figured some ppl were bound to discuss the comic. I saw a Naruto thread and UA could have its own thread. Farmhands feel free to move it or whatever.

No. 103082

I hate vanya more than ever. Extremely disliked her in season one and they managed to make me hate her even more this season. Everytime shes on screen i wanna skip. Really wouldnt miss her.

Love number 5 he is such an asshole

No. 103102

Yeah… She's a whiny character who definitely deserves to be so sad due to how she was brought up but it's annoying from a spectator standpoint regardless.

No. 103103

For me, part of it is Ellen Page's performance. Or lack of performance, she's basically Ellen Page but speaking slower than usual.

No. 103104

I will admit I've never seen Ellen Page is anything else besides Umbrella Academy so idk lol

No. 103105

wait no i did see her in inception but idr her performance

No. 103121

The Last of Us, that …Rain game (David Cage), Juno….

No. 103144

she was not in tlou (naughty dog made ellie her skinwalker kek) or heavy rain. she was in beyond two souls though

No. 103148

File: 1596897037129.jpg (16.31 KB, 340x255, Treena_Lahey.jpg)

And her most iconic role playing Treena Lahey

No. 103150


I find Vanya's aesthetic very bland and sweaty and uninteresting to look at. It's really amazing how they managed to make someone who powerful be sooo boring oh my god. It's like, I get it, she's strong and mentally unstable, let's move on.

Luther is dumb & fun, I like him. He's even more immature this season, and I enjoy that. It doesn't seem like the show takes him seriously.

Number 5 is so great and such an asshole I love him!!! And he is flawed - he's very arrogant, constantly underestimates everyone, impulsive, but also really capable, charismatic, and overall so interesting. The actor playing him is amazing. He manages to show the mannerisms of an older person, I'm amazed.

Klaus and Ben are whatever. Allison's BLM thing was boring.

Diego and Leila's problems are so romantic comedy, like, if they have just communicated properly fucking once!!! Nothing bad would've happened. Surprisingly really enjoyed Leila.

Was a good season, albeit cheesy.

No. 104717

Cant stand when they talk Swedish in the show but that’s because I am native swede and I can tell the actors don’t speak it. Plus the öga föröga gag pissed me off. Its öga för öga how could you think it’s a name. I’m just unlucky with the fact I do speak the language lol

No. 104733

i've seen tons of other people say this. not sure why they didn't check and make sure the swedish sounded decent. it would've made me crazy having to listen to that.

No. 104738

Did you also wanna throw up when The Director started speaking that awful swedish??? Why didn't they just make her speak english. It was super shitty and I wish I could unhear it.

No. 104739

My 15-year old sister likes this show but won’t listen to my chemical romance, the little hypocrite


No. 104791

God what is even the point

No. 104955

I have a feeling they didn't intend for the Swedes to speak at all, but felt they had to because "you can't have 3 characters who don't speak!!" But they were way more menacing when they just swooped in and killed without words. Then maybe have them speak English when the Handler comes in speaking shit Swedish as a fun goof like "you sound like shit, speak English"
Also I feel like the minority here in that I actually like Vanya. I think her mild manner is a great way to show that she's been forced to suppress her emotions forever and now can't properly emote. Kinda like Teen Titans cartoon Raven. But maybe it's my love of Ellen Page blinding me
Diego is the worst character tho. Both seasons

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