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File: 1604835809269.jpg (811.34 KB, 1983x2560, 91DtLFuipcL.jpg)

No. 114445

Thread to spam all sorts of art from CLAMP

About CLAMP:
>Clamp (stylized as CLAMP) is an all-female Japanese manga artist group that formed in the mid-1980s. It consists of leader Nanase Ohkawa (大川 七瀬, Ōkawa Nanase), and three artists whose roles shift for each series: Mokona (もこな, Mokona), Tsubaki Nekoi (猫井 椿, Nekoi Tsubaki), and Satsuki Igarashi (いがらし 寒月, Igarashi Satsuki). Almost 100 million Clamp tankōbon copies have been sold worldwide as of October 2007.


No. 114447

File: 1604836835681.jpg (237.8 KB, 998x1500, 52027666667dee2fbec73799bd0ca8…)

No. 114448

File: 1604836989860.jpg (244.93 KB, 731x1024, Kamui_Manga.jpg)

No. 114449

File: 1604837076543.jpg (149.52 KB, 677x1000, aa8bfefaa0d20ddbccdbfb75c67d10…)

No. 114450

File: 1604837202491.jpg (1.95 MB, 3532x2210, X.full.2616977.jpg)

No. 114470

File: 1604848774453.jpeg (2.46 MB, 2782x4000, B11B3F6F-2ECA-4360-9628-02DE54…)

I fucking love CLAMP, I wish to own every single one of their works one day

No. 114471

File: 1604849120263.jpg (321.3 KB, 669x1000, chobits-chi.jpg)

Thank u good thread

No. 114476

File: 1604853770887.jpg (90.18 KB, 600x404, Kinomoto.Sakura.600.2393849.jp…)

CCS is my favorite series just because the art is so pretty.

No. 114477

File: 1604854080715.jpg (3.39 MB, 2120x1424, Cardcaptor.Sakura_.Clear.Card-…)

No. 114478

File: 1604854194525.jpg (209.03 KB, 893x1300, f614438d2a31645e354dbd41f2068f…)

No. 114479

File: 1604854289189.jpg (536.42 KB, 1518x2048, D2veGSnVYAAbo7g .jpg)

No. 114480

File: 1604854910261.jpeg (477.01 KB, 950x1200, BBB18E5A-B123-48F1-9A08-0C66F7…)

Love this thread. Going to spam some magic knight Rayearth art! Umi was always my fave

No. 114481

File: 1604854946977.jpeg (200.03 KB, 540x760, D967A0A9-692C-43B5-9FF0-B18EB2…)

No. 114482

File: 1604855064536.jpeg (228.83 KB, 540x768, 5E985655-B8F2-4193-A9C3-67E8F0…)

No. 114484

File: 1604855178122.jpeg (216.3 KB, 540x755, 1BBE2F89-BFCE-4814-A85D-D7237F…)

No. 114485

File: 1604855348280.jpeg (326.81 KB, 722x748, FE132172-A2AA-4626-9063-3619E5…)

I love these outfits, especially hikaru’s

No. 114486

File: 1604855433675.jpeg (141.44 KB, 540x589, FEA713DB-130F-44D6-9DE9-B7016E…)

No. 114487

File: 1604855546814.jpeg (144.03 KB, 540x592, 1100F0EF-B6FE-40AB-8E02-E53EFA…)

No. 114488

File: 1604855696592.jpeg (129.64 KB, 540x617, 1E834EC6-EF05-4797-8D53-B10D4D…)

No. 114489

File: 1604856655030.jpg (43.63 KB, 340x492, Clover_Suu_Manga.jpg)

No. 114490

File: 1604857648761.jpg (144.62 KB, 768x1024, 1h39eFo.jpg)

As much as I was rather meh on the main story I loved the style they chose for Chobits

No. 114493

File: 1604858556550.png (414.03 KB, 831x1300, TJqinca.png)

The more sketch lines in the manga just really appealed to me as someone who still struggles with lineart not looking like shit. I was also more invested in this side story with the persocom and the kid who modeled her after his late sister Who is Kaede from Angelic Layer Chobits acts as a distant sequel

No. 114495

I couldn't finish Chobits because it pissed me off but wt, Kaede dies? Please tell me this is a joke.

No. 114497

File: 1604860985749.jpeg (1.4 MB, 2048x1536, C9577795-737A-488E-9AA9-429E9F…)

I think this is my favorite page from a CLAMP manga, X in general had really amazing art

No. 114498

yes she is dead by the time Chobits happens

No. 114499

File: 1604861227850.jpg (136.18 KB, 483x353, Tokyo-Babylon-tokyo-babylon-28…)

Tokyo Babylon is probably my favorite CLAMP manga because it was the first manga I read from them. Had a major crush on Subaru lol

No. 114500

She died of an illness prompting Minoru to make Yuzuki as her stand in. I'm not sure what relationship they intended for the two. But it always struck me as Yuzuki acting off the sister programming and knowing she wasn't what he needed regarding his sister's death. Ichiro Mihara is always the 'father' in the Chii and Freya backstory. He made the twins for his wife who couldn't have children of her own. Haaated how they destroyed this gesture by having Freya fall in love with him

No. 114522

None of this was even implied to happen in the future in Angelic Layer, right? It's been so long since I read it but I can't imagine it actually happening. This is just depressing. I wish Chobits was some trashy ecchi shit.

No. 114529

File: 1604875044996.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1676x2400, eaa32915fcd1684fa25e8588b1c15b…)

The fujojo era lol

No. 114530

File: 1604875250253.jpg (845.59 KB, 1492x2205, Wish.full.44764.jpg)

And how WISH is literally just Jotakak AU

No. 114531

File: 1604875610320.jpg (748.69 KB, 1190x1920, _omom55k9SL1qg4a9co1_1280.jpg)

No. 114532

File: 1604875876806.jpg (158.66 KB, 1000x800, magicknightrayearthfull672872-…)

I'm cumming aaaa
They're such underrated magical girls

No. 114535

File: 1604876329898.jpg (2.16 MB, 4200x2935, tsubasachronicle38.jpg)

Tsubasa reservoir Chronicles is best CLAMP mango no cap

No. 114537

Isn't Syaoran like his own father/son by the end?

No. 114556

File: 1604894464303.jpg (790.85 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_o0c4c7jcEP1tghbz4o1_128…)

No. 114557

File: 1604896013939.jpg (1.75 MB, 3182x2800, CLAMP.full.719630.jpg)

No. 114560

File: 1604896972708.jpg (3.97 MB, 2645x3800, aoki_seiichirou arisugawa_sora…)

No. 114562

File: 1604897841753.jpg (4.41 MB, 2668x3800, 98962 clamp kigai_yuuto kusana…)

No. 114563

File: 1604897959868.jpg (1.04 MB, 2500x3684, chobits_001.jpg)

I looooved Chobits when I was young, these days I think it's nasty coomer shit but the art style and fashion were all I needed to obsess over it back then.

No. 114564

CLAMP's art is gorgeous and their manga's been a part of every female anime fan's childhood but I just can't get beyond how creepy Chobits is as a concept. For a manga so beloved in the west, I feel like a lot of female fans ignore the fact that it's about a toddler-brained teen-bodied android who's off switch is inside her vagina, being cared for and falling in love with a loser NEET. A lot of the early humor comes from Chii's sexualization and innocence and she's hardly a character. If not for all of Chii's pretty dresses and the lovely artwork you'd think it was just another ecchi wish-fulfillment seinen for otaku scrotes.

No. 114565

I agree, I think it was their attempt to appeal to more mainstream male audience. The story fits right in with other otaku-pandering romance anime plots of the time.

No. 114568

File: 1604900852746.jpg (487.1 KB, 992x1280, original-chobits-281523088.jpg)

>just another ecchi wish-fulfillment seinen for otaku scrotes
I love Chobits but I meannn, it is. I liked Chii's design in TRC when she doesn't look so child-like.

No. 114569

This is why I never watched it beyond the first few episodes. It just seemed like wacky pervert hijinks.

No. 114570

File: 1604901323332.jpg (4.84 MB, 3197x4500, 240298.jpg)

No. 114571

File: 1604901417244.jpg (4.47 MB, 3153x4500, 240059.jpg)

No. 114572

File: 1604901510076.jpg (4.37 MB, 3150x4500, 240057.jpg)

No. 114574

File: 1604902347526.jpg (346.18 KB, 700x955, v2-83a9e27fab964511cff9c79fca2…)

No. 114575

File: 1604902486329.jpg (303.19 KB, 960x1280, 1650d6261f14d14e0.jpg)

When CLAMP drew Saber

No. 114579

File: 1604903471831.jpg (38.99 KB, 335x500, 51CP7AT903L.jpg)

Great thread!

One of my favorite series was Legal Drug, which was put on "haitus" and then re-released under Drug and Drop…. and then put on haitus. I really wish they would continue it! The original Legal Drug books were this matte army green that looked so cool. I really loved how they looked on my bookcase next to all the gloss covers.

Did anyone see they were doing the design work for a Netflix original anime? I'm super excited to see what they do!

No. 114580

File: 1604903505734.jpg (219.88 KB, 849x1200, 71tHwThvoVL.jpg)

The new "Drug and Drop" cover / art.

No. 114595

File: 1604919703720.jpg (181.29 KB, 669x940, sakuratomoyo.jpg)

The almost kiss

No. 114600

ahh, if only it was canon

No. 114612

Arent they siblings or something? I might mistake for other CCS ship

No. 114615

no, they are bestfriends and Tomoyo has a major crush on Sakura - just like her mom was in love with Sakura's mother (if I remember correctly, never read whole CCS)

No. 114616

This is absolutely stunning wow

No. 114623

File: 1604937584870.jpg (116.29 KB, 750x1051, 586c3e1cb9d54c47c3b4136c95a8c4…)

I live for the xxxHolic cover pages
>design work for a Netflix original anime
Wait really??

No. 114625

File: 1604937756766.png (296.88 KB, 900x1301, bt4829-451x.png)

No. 114626

File: 1604937939659.jpg (485.84 KB, 825x1200, k-cfc-25252520xxxholic-2525252…)

No. 114627

File: 1604938079859.jpg (369.31 KB, 800x1170, clamp-fc-xxxholic-116tv-001.jp…)

No. 114635

File: 1604942318950.jpeg (372.94 KB, 1290x1922, 2A4CE7EC-A019-49A8-BD78-1B7AAC…)

I love Syaoran but my god Tomoyo is truly best girl, she deserves worlds!!! I want to love someone the way she loves Sakura.

No. 114637

File: 1604943736135.jpg (525.83 KB, 630x941, Q9GKE2X.jpg)

TBH I always thought they were trying to portray different elements of love and just went about it in the worse way they could. A lot of the creep factors could of been avoided by having the characters different ages. Hideki as a teen could of made his interactions with Chii a lot better instead of the loser NEET we got. Instead of a porn stash he had it's a few dirty magazines every teen has and his reactions to her flipping through them fit better with a hormonal teen. Also age Yumi up the story with her and the baker was sweet at first glance but just extremely creepy with him being 39 and her 17

No. 114666

>A lot of the creep factors could of been avoided by having the characters different ages.
And placing the off switch in a different area.

No. 114669

Yeah, Chii didn't have to look like a middle schooler with her off button inside her vagina.

Chobits is basically anime's take on Born Sexy Yesterday. Chii has the vocabulary of a pokemon and her first attempt at getting a job ends up with her almost doing porn, all while highlighting how innocent and childish she is. Absolute Boyfriend is basically the same plot gender-flipped (and the android is explicitly a sexbot) and manages to not be nearly as suspect. Imagine if the main character of that manga had to activate her robot boyfriend by stimulating his prostate.

No. 114675

I always thought the switch was placed there for the express reason of making her asexual or unable to sexually fulfill her person? Not just as a joke or lewd detail. The act of penetrative sex would turn her off (literally) and render her limp and despondent. It's implied that her previous owner attempted this, she malfunctioned and was hastily clothed and thrown out in the alley. I heard a theory that it's a "test" designed to help her find "The One" that won't use her and put their desire and lust above her well-being and stability. "The One" would have to love Chii for everything outside of that to keep her around for the rest of her life. It absolutely is creepy, please don't think i'm a scrote, this is just my personal takeaway. It makes sense and adds to the lore but also makes me feel like i'm committing a federal crime just talking about it.

No. 114681

Anon… the dudes who read this are definitely not thinking what you’re thinking

No. 114685

In order for Chii to find Her One she has to remain a vaginal virgin, lest she be taken advantage of a reset over and over. It would be one thing if Chii didn't have the mind of a puppy and had some sort of sexual agency, that would be one thing. But her robo father intentionally designed her with a memory wiping killswitch in her vagina. It's basically a purity ring. It's a shame that she's one of the cutest, girliest anime characters there is yet there's this weird sexual stuff surrounding her. I'd say Chobits is hard to believe considering it was written by 4 women, but Kodomo no Jikan was also written by a woman so maybe Japan is just different.

No. 114695

File: 1604981141356.jpg (677.87 KB, 1450x2048, bbb1f31a39c40a0d444dd980249222…)

No. 114700

File: 1604988173082.jpg (115.72 KB, 596x835, tA8l7mH.jpg)

Yea but it doesn't work with a robot, even her previous owner her 'mother' had a back up of her memories. Hideki's just a fucking moron and didn't see it fall out. And the asexual element doesn't work cause when it is touched by someone else Freya takes over and tells him that he is not the one and only the one can touch Chii there. It's just Hideki decides to not have sex with her no more no less.

No. 114707

That is the story Clamp was trying to tell though, even if hamfistedly. A lot of people judge Chobits without reading until the end or make impressions after the first episode and go off that. I know this board heavily leans radfem but I'm surprised anons are acting like you're not allowed to be a woman and like Chobits when it's a lot more popular with women (and not just pickmes) than it's ever been with scrotes.

For Clamp it's a weird manga but for the genre of coomer manga it's one of the best because at least it has a feminine touch, other subplots to care about and attempts to subvert it at the end with a more romantic focus. Not that the bar is very high. Try to watch DearS or Heaven's lost Property which have a similar theme and you'll see what I'm talking about.

That said Clamp having a creep factor is not a surprise, do people not remember the 11 year old being proposed to by a teacher in Sakura?

No. 114725

File: 1605040559169.jpeg (4.95 MB, 2308x3343, BC761B4C-7C85-4D0B-BA3F-DDAC15…)

M-m-maybe he’s a really good hearted lolicon who can’t exist irl…
Lol defffinitely sus as hell now but I remember shipping it because I was 10 and constantly crushing on young teacher and the college student tutors who were nice to me.

No. 114728

>I remember shipping it because I was 10 and constantly crushing on young teacher and the college student tutors who were nice to me
This is why shit like this is so dangerous and unucceptable in comics for children. It's literally grooming readers by normalizing pedophilia.
Don't get me wrong, I love Clamp but this was the worst thing they did and it never should have happened (unless it was downplayed like in the anime, in which it's a one-sided crush).
I really hope the Clampettes were just fucked in the head and not consciously pushing that kind of shit on little girls.

No. 114738

My main worry is that reading things like this would make kids more receptive to the idea of accepting the affections of adults. I know people are "Hurr durr fiction doesn't affect reality you pearl-clutching fancops!" which is all well in good until you consider that CCS is for children and even mature children are extremely impressionable. It would be one thing if it were in a seinen like Chobits, but CCS is shoujo and a very girly, young-skewing one at that.

No. 114739

arent they like cousins?? sakura's mom was tomoyo's mom cousin or something, I remember they were distantly related

God, I really miss the gothic lolita aesthetic from xxxHolic, nothing nowadays fills that itch. Has anyone here finished reading it?? I've heard the ending is sad so I kind of dont want to finish but I'm curious since CLAMP usually sticks with happy endings.

No. 114740

File: 1605060155727.jpg (140.89 KB, 500x713, 43209763406.jpg)

Even Sakura's parents were an example of this. Sakura's mom was sixteen when she married her 25-year-old teacher. Really don't know what CLAMP was doing there.

No. 114742

File: 1605060544238.png (149.89 KB, 1697x603, clamp netflix collab.png)

No. 114744

File: 1605060620580.jpg (278.72 KB, 1294x1893, 85057207_868377693622458_68500…)

No. 114745

File: 1605060808953.jpg (562.38 KB, 1607x2000, 266e1147e23d74ab28b031d5b8befd…)

everything is just so damn pretty

No. 114750

File: 1605063454876.jpeg (3.18 MB, 3452x2500, 9CA25568-95C9-4B06-A41B-A2DC65…)

One of them definitely has an age gap fetish. I‘m obviously biased but I appreciate them making it so idk uwu pure soul bond “I’ve loved you through100 lives” thing though, and not masturbating itself on the teehee so taboo edge like many age gap ships tend to do. The fantasy worlds i think make these relationships feel larger than life thus exist above daily life’s conventions. I do agree that children looking at these content more often than not might take up the wrong message. Japanese women just seem extremely desensitized to such tropes in media… so we get beautiful popular stories featuring sketchy age gaps like After the Rain or Shiota-sensei and Amai-chan.

No. 114751

RG Veda was one of my favorites, along side Tokyo Babylon. I wish CLAMP was more focused on one series at a time though. I remember both RG Veda nor Tokyo babylon never officially ended.

No. 114752

File: 1605065149179.jpeg (391.33 KB, 989x1280, B337BE98-EC56-40AA-B4CE-6CA17E…)

I think their moms were cousins? That would make Sakura and Tomoyo second cousins. It came up in a few chapters of the manga but I’m not sure if it was emphasized in the anime series as I only watched a few episodes sporadically
Anyways here’s some cute Sakura/Tomoyo art

No. 114753

File: 1605065185673.png (690.84 KB, 728x700, 02680D7A-1BAD-47E5-A7D8-74E5DA…)

No. 114754

best thread. good taste, op.

No. 114756

File: 1605066486281.jpeg (839.72 KB, 1550x2307, 317939C4-C6BC-4BE8-9E4B-633D07…)

No. 114759

TB ended, but X and Clover did not.
Not sure about RG Veda, I think it was finished but maybe I remember wrong.

No. 114764

File: 1605076972490.jpg (1.72 MB, 2730x3800, CODE.GEASS_.Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

Dumping some of CLAMP's Code Geass art.
What was even the point of them getting CLAMP to do character designs if they were just gonna animate the series in that ugly, unappealing style where everyone looks like a damn frog? It's a shame that the character designs were wasted on a series as badly written and ugly as Code Geass.

No. 114765

File: 1605076995820.jpg (5.31 MB, 9884x4640, CODE.GEASS_.Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

No. 114766

File: 1605077039140.jpg (165.7 KB, 1024x768, CODE.GEASS_.Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

No. 114767

File: 1605077104340.jpg (8.24 MB, 4912x3473, CODE.GEASS_.Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

No. 114768

File: 1605077136988.jpg (4.13 MB, 3523x4690, CODE.GEASS_.Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

No. 114769

File: 1605077274687.jpg (4.62 MB, 2491x6278, Euphemia.li.Britannia.full.780…)

No. 114770

File: 1605077326714.jpg (5.43 MB, 4915x3482, Nunnally.Lamperouge.full.77995…)

No. 114771

File: 1605077350306.jpg (5.29 MB, 4902x3453, CODE.GEASS_.Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

No. 114778

File: 1605082990496.jpg (277.82 KB, 850x1315, __lelouch_lamperouge_and_kurur…)

You don't have to be mean ;_;

No. 114779

File: 1605083101721.png (5.25 MB, 2042x2538, Ch24_Red_Judgment_costume.png)

No. 114780

File: 1605083312480.png (9.03 MB, 1710x2747, Ch43_Pink_and_Black_Star_Final…)

>tfw irl fashion will be anime good

No. 114781

File: 1605083578868.jpg (331.1 KB, 834x1200, 032.jpg)

RG Veda was finished. Spamming some for you anon!

No. 114782

Tokyo Babylon ended with a cliffhanger or tragic end, and even that gets resolved in X right before the infinite hiatus. No idea about RG Vega I never read it.

No. 114783

File: 1605083648732.jpg (734.51 KB, 977x1500, RG.Veda.full.43927.jpg)

No. 114784

File: 1605083803469.jpg (161.46 KB, 700x1128, rg_veda_09.jpg)

No. 114785

File: 1605083918867.jpg (64.05 KB, 801x945, Ashura13.jpg)

No. 114786

File: 1605084260302.jpg (1.03 MB, 1725x2500, 591380.jpg)

No. 114787

File: 1605084364810.jpg (737.67 KB, 1500x1054, Kendappa-ou.full.43983.jpg)

No. 114789

File: 1605087096059.jpg (897.73 KB, 1920x1080, Halloween.jpg)

Love this thread! Late spooky Halloween~

No. 114792

File: 1605090927771.jpeg (199.29 KB, 1280x1837, EQYB79RUUAAjhOi.jpeg)

Clover is peak Clamp IMHO, along with X/TB

No. 114793

File: 1605090964145.jpg (1.44 MB, 2637x3800, 25bf1304838b128a297a476181e85d…)

No. 114794

File: 1605091019367.jpg (211.33 KB, 561x1280, 7a708864146357dbd1d8b9ebdedfe7…)

No. 114796

File: 1605092710876.jpg (1.84 MB, 5294x3600, 266667.jpg)

No. 114797

File: 1605092804419.jpg (3.93 MB, 3500x2427, chii clamp dress tsubasa_reser…)

No. 114806

File: 1605106414334.png (58.91 KB, 339x200, tumblr_oi7m1aSvnY1s2kojso1_400…)


thanks to this Kakyoin egg doujin, I've discovered the existence of Clamp lol

No. 114810

Shugo chara?

No. 114852

I love the fact that Clamp predicted Jotaro being a terrible parent lmao

vid related is a tl;dr of the doujin if anyone is interested

No. 115359

File: 1605539281850.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1664x2500, 2009-02-25-145782.jpeg)

No. 115360

File: 1605539462661.jpg (1.05 MB, 1381x1977, X.full.25681.jpg)

No. 115444

File: 1605620691945.jpg (894.89 KB, 2885x1972, Pink_Kitty_Costume_Settei.jpg)

No. 115446

File: 1605621503261.jpg (708.43 KB, 2890x1975, Platinum_Star_Dress_Settei.jpg)

No. 115456

jesus please don't share her videos.

No. 115487

File: 1605648502097.jpg (3.61 MB, 2594x3800, yande.re 52740 c.c. clamp code…)

Kek. I do wish the anime's designs were more stylized to flatter the original character designs. The anime made everyone look like deformed noodle people.

No. 115501

did she do something milky?

No. 115523

honestly, you could barely even tell it was a CLAMP design in the anime, and the designs are so good.
I don't even like CG but I've been tempted to buy some figures because of just how pretty they are

No. 115609

selfposts on 4chan. a lot. she made a thread for herself about wanting to bang herself too and "mysteriously found" it.

No. 115662

File: 1605775638176.jpg (40.68 KB, 613x533, 10034786a.jpg)

No. 115677

File: 1605796429754.jpg (343.85 KB, 1000x433, cropped-Rayearth_Artbook_Vol.1…)

that's fucking hilarious holy shit. why are so many youtubers attention whores

No. 115743

File: 1605834748932.png (1.22 MB, 900x1353, 151E6120-128C-4CF1-AACE-0E2298…)

No. 115744

File: 1605835168303.png (1.55 MB, 1087x836, 32E66C9B-4148-49E8-8FBA-2CEF09…)

No. 115745

File: 1605835196597.png (1.53 MB, 720x1060, 41483683-674D-4608-90EB-29F1B7…)

No. 115746

File: 1605835230497.png (4.09 MB, 1280x1648, 30D7E578-59A4-45A4-A504-C9EE1C…)

No. 119629

File: 1609101828799.png (284.27 KB, 822x531, r6PGxTu.png)

She's barely milky enough to have her own thread, but Redbard is pretty obnoxious. Also, her face looks exactly like what her voice sounds like.

Back on topic, did Clamp do any other doujins?

No. 122883

File: 1611104669060.jpg (812.25 KB, 1700x2050, CardCaptor_Sakura_Blu-ray_BOX_…)

No. 170655

File: 1637379554726.jpg (1.84 MB, 1000x1431, 715072.jpg)

Everyone makes fun of the noodle people, but I think the TRC era was their art at its best.

No. 170656

File: 1637379601478.jpg (2.51 MB, 4000x2819, 202396.jpg)

No. 170657

File: 1637379826832.jpg (7.46 MB, 5431x8499, 491363.jpg)

No. 170658

File: 1637379930055.jpg (6.25 MB, 4938x3500, 502488.jpg)

No. 170660

File: 1637381129274.jpg (134.58 KB, 422x600, Cardcaptor.Sakura.600.2070394.…)

No. 170661

File: 1637381210190.jpg (84.12 KB, 423x600, Cardcaptor.Sakura_.Clear.Card-…)

I love her so muuuuch

No. 170662

File: 1637381281797.jpg (436.87 KB, 1500x1165, yande.re 611377 sample card_ca…)

No. 170718

Aw thanks for bumping this thread. Clamp art always makes me comfy and happy. Does anyone knows where to buy some nice prints?

No. 170720

File: 1637444840188.jpg (519.9 KB, 1650x1200, 426352.jpg)

watanuki deserved better than being stuck in the shop forever waiting.

No. 170721

File: 1637445029969.jpg (720.18 KB, 1964x1420, xxxholic-sample.jpg)

also domeki deserved better than a weird marriage of convenience to produce generations of errand persons. holic is probably my favourite clamp work but it still stings!

No. 170723

xxxholic makes me so nostalgic because my mom loved it and she watched it with me at my peak weeb phase. She even read a couple volumes of the manga that I managed to buy as a kid

No. 289891

File: 1681646611218.jpg (3.26 MB, 7255x3396, CODE.GEASS .Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

No. 359481

File: 1709285398669.jpg (249.65 KB, 905x1279, 624042.jpg)

I wish they had more respect for their readers and actually finished works they had started.

No. 363714

File: 1710809352162.jpg (447.22 KB, 715x674, 4567687894_bf7009987a_b.jpg)

same, chobits was the first anime i watched on my PC and back then it influenced my art a lot because i just loved the illustrations so much, this one was one of my favorites, it felt so fresh and cute, can't find the one with the white background but the cherry one you posted was my second favorite

No. 363716

The excessive ruffles on the outfits were like catnip to me, ugh. I printed out so many chobits color illustrations back in the day to put on my walls

No. 363817

I wish clothes like that existed back when I was a big weeb. Zoomer teens have it so easy now

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