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File: 1605300853601.png (561.56 KB, 700x494, Black.and.White.2.full.2182519…)

No. 115078

For the biggest multimedia franchise in the world!!!

Discuss or dump here anything about:
>the games
>the anime
>the pokemon
>the characters
>youtube videos

No. 115080

anons what is your favorite pokemon? mine is ivysaur.

No. 115081

File: 1605301900536.jpg (170.21 KB, 900x700, 9fe20c3d57c5717762e23c90012f0d…)

oh cute threadpic!!!

my copy of shield comes in the mail soon. i'm excited to try out gen 8!

No. 115090

my favorite Pokemon is Xurkitree (I even have a shiny of it too). If we're talking legendaries then Reshiram and Kyuruem (namely White Kyurem)

No. 115091

File: 1605304694264.jpg (80.61 KB, 798x1094, 22bfb79b3b564b22bfe26857e8f2f5…)

Totodile,ever since i got crystal as a kid. He is just wonderful.

No. 115107

my childhood favorite was the whole poliwag line, specially politoed, but nowadays my favorite really is mimikyu.
i just think his whole concept is adorable and tragic, I also love his song

No. 115110

File: 1605312854293.png (344.36 KB, 1566x881, Nurse_Joy_Audino.png)

I think many people's favorite pokemon is their starter pokemon from the first game they played. I am like that too, my favorite is Sceptile, I love grass pokemon and he looks so cool, his tail is like a pine tree and he was so reliable.
Before I catch a pokemon, I always go on bulbapedia to find out which pokemon has the best stats from the type/category of pokemon I need, I don't catch them as I see them in the wild. Am I autistic or does anyone else do this too? Also I never wanted any cutesy pokemon when I was a kid, I just wanted the BIGGEST STRONGEST TOUGHEST ones but recently I like Audino with its fluffy white tail a lot. Even if it looks like a magical girl's companion

No. 115113

who sword here? who playing the expansions?

No. 115114

“etc.”, huh?

No. 115117

Is Sword and Shield really as bad as people make it out to be?

No. 115120

File: 1605322907120.jpg (512.26 KB, 850x1184, sample_145113ceadd80a0b9b0407b…)

Hey is anyone here interested in a lolcow pokemon showdown tournament??
I think it would be fun! If anyone here wants to play, here's a link:

You can just play as a guest or sign up, and if anyone makes a name please let me know cause it would be fun to challenge each other! mine is ehhhokay

No. 115121

File: 1605323704278.jpeg (59.1 KB, 343x475, A63C91FA-E6D2-401E-BD3A-022BCF…)

clefairy has been my favorite pokémon for years now, but alcremie is definitely a close second for me.

i never beat shield although i almost made it through the entire story. i just got burned out one day and didn’t pick it back up. i’m relatively active on pokémon showdown, although i wouldn’t say i’m any good at battling competitively.

No. 115122

I remember the crazy shipping culture back in the day, especially the anime-based ship wars over ash & the girls he was adventuring with. ugh what a time to be alive and 11 on the Serebii forums

No. 115138

File: 1605347917632.jpeg (174.3 KB, 601x457, 3839266D-5CB6-426F-AA9A-4D9735…)

depends on who you ask, the main story is short and fairly easy but i personally really enjoy the game, shiny hunting is easier and i'm having a blast

everytime they include a new mechanism some ppl will cry that it is the worst gen ever, imo you just gotta try it out for yourself bc different ppl expect different things -depends what your favourite gen is, whether you play for the story or to fill the dex or to compete, etc.

personally i really love it, but then again i loved kalos and that's apparently an unpopular opinion so

ps picrel is still best poke

No. 115157

File: 1605366308059.jpg (1.2 MB, 3114x2337, img_7341.jpg)

did anyone ever get any form of the pokemon makeup? I always relate it to kimdao lmao

No. 115161

lmao all the amvs with the song "womanizer"
Hes 10 years old hes not cheating on them theyre just friends

No. 115162

I remember watching so much of that stuff, there was an ashxdawn one to this song that I never found again but I loved it

No. 115169

I just finished it and I found it really fun, the writing and story wasn't that strong but the world, graphics, characters and pokemon were all very enjoyable for me. I don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be and I found it a lot more fun to play than sun/moon was.

No. 115177

I'm in Sheild rn and can't agree anymore. I think a lot of the hate came from them not adding the national dex and reusing models from sun and moon when they said they were building from the ground up. Which to me seems stupid to get pissy over. Until Nintendo goes the shit on everyone Konami route I can't see them being the trash people are screaming they are.

No. 115180

i bought the cushion blush in the peachy color. it was really cute and i liked how it looked on my skin. wore off quickly from what i remember.

No. 115189

File: 1605381099687.jpeg (69.6 KB, 600x600, D06A5A91-A957-4859-AA74-2CA26A…)


same. i was really really really big j to shipping at that age and was active on serebii, although i wasn’t into the anime. i was obsessed with ferriswheelshipping (n/hilda) and i would lose my shit as a kid when people said they didn’t like it or didn’t see it as canon lmao.

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