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File: 1606462466327.gif (1.32 MB, 540x282, b7278a92365647ae160ec5b67b4a36…)

No. 116469

What are some shows, music, movies or books that you would consider "guilty pleasures"? Are they dumb, bad, have a horrible fandom or are controversial? How do you talk about them? Or do you keep it hidden so people don't make fun of you?

Pic related, I liked this show but I think it attracted a lot of degenerates for obvious reasons. Still the thrill got me hooked up while it aired. Wouldn't call it my favorite, but it makes me feel guilty that I did indeed enjoy it.

No. 116507

this shit. Heard it back in 2017 and still slaps.

No. 116519

What anime is this?

No. 116524

Happy Sugar Life

No. 116526

File: 1606500275742.gif (814.12 KB, 480x271, haveagoodweekend.gif)

My forever guilty pleasure and a way to cheer me up is a good can of beer, cider or whatever (nothing too fancy though), french fries or chips and 90 Days Fiance The Other Way.

This whole mix (even without food), makes me feel really relaxed and nice, because nothing is better than watching a cringeworthy reality show while drinking after a long, tiring week.

I found it delightful how there was a nice attempt to make 90DF thread! Sad that it got locked, because there is so much milk going on on Reddit for a long time now, especially the disgusting situation between Paul and Karine. This abuser still managed to fly his way to her homecountry after court, stay there for a month, spamming instagram stories on how he is hanging out with random people, just to take her back. Abusers suck.

No. 116544

I'm not ashamed of anything I like. Are guilty pleasures normalfag culture?

No. 116545

Objectively probably the worst thing you"ll ever hear yet i can't stop fucking listening.

No. 116546

I can feel my IQ points dropping with every passing second of the video

No. 116562

I jam to this driving to work in the morning

No. 116627

What are you talking about? The Lavender EP is a classic. I'm being 100% serious.

No. 116697

can't believe it's been 7 years

No. 116699

I still like barbie movies, at least the ones I watched when I was young. I don't really hide it anymore but during highschool it was always an """ironic""" thing, if it even came up.

The few newer ones I've seen don't hold a candle to some of the older ones (12 dancing princesses can't be topped) but I think princess charm school is pretty fun.

No. 116775


Have you seen Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse? I watched some episodes of it with my nieces and while I probably wouldn’t want them watching it if they were my kids (it felt like Kardashians for children) they make these riffs off the fact that these are all dolls and it had me cackling at times.

> “My flight attendant uniform! That was my 32nd favorite career!”

No. 116777


Not kardashians like they’re mean, but kardashians like they’re all utter bimbos and not exactly role modes.

No. 118767

Sonic and K-pop. Enough said. I'm personally not even guilty myself about these but still

No. 118768


I love that series, even though I definitely was more of a Bratz girl growing up

No. 118769

ayrt, I watched life in the dreamhouse randomly because it came up in my youtube suggestions and i love it. "Sassy the snowman" still makes me chuckle

No. 118793

File: 1608233838916.gif (657.51 KB, 600x314, connie-divorce.gif)

The animation is hideous and most of the jokes are cringe, but I can't stop watching it. I just love John Mulaney and Maya Rudolph and I'm willing to suffer through the shitty parts for them.

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